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TeachLive Reflection

The TeachLive experience really helped me to grow in confidence as a teacher and refine my skills. I was able to see what strategies were successful and learn from my mistakes in a safe environment.


I hope to continue growing in confidence as I gain more experience and this should help me

to improve my presence in the classroom. My introduction to the topic engaged the students by relating it to their favourite songs and something that interested them. If I could

repeat the TeachLive experience I would improve the ending of the lesson. I ran out of time during the lesson so I could not conduct the conclusion as I would have liked.

Student’s Interest

I was able to gain the students' interest at the beginning of the lesson and generate a class discussion. I used questions throughout the lesson to establish whether they understood the concepts or not. There were a number of statements that the students made that I would have responded better to if I could take the lesson again.

Student Engagement

I aimed to vary my tone and expression during the lesson to make it more engaging. I

introduced new vocabulary in a way that the students could understand by relating it to words that they already knew. For example, I explained that the word ‘simile’ sounds like the word ‘similar’, so this can be used to describe what a simile is.


I aimed to use questions throughout the lesson to ensure that the students understood the

concepts. I used both convergent and divergent questions to deepen their knowledge of the topics. I also encouraged students when they participated and commended them for their efforts. The skill of redirecting off-task behaviour is one that I will continue to work on.

Interaction with Students

I aimed to demonstrate a positive attitude towards learning and engage with all of the

students. I used their names throughout the lesson and encouraged them to participate. The TeachLive experience helped me to see the diversity that exists in the average

classroom and the teacher’s important role to support this.

Benefits of TeachLive The benefits of using teach live for pre-service teachers include the ability to practice classroom management and teaching styles in a safe environment. Pre-service teachers can experiment with different techniques and grow in confidence without needing to visit a real class. This means that when they graduate, they can be more prepared for different classroom situations and have the skills to handle them.