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Republic of the Philippines

Regional Trial Court

Baguio City, Philippines

OLIVE LANGIS Docket No: _______


-versus- For: Violation of RA 9262

Violence Against Women
and their Children with Conspiracy



I, OLIVE LANGIS, of legal age, married, Filipino, and a resident of

108 Sumulong St., Baguio City, after having been duly sworn to in
accordance with law hereby depose and state that:
I am formally filing a criminal complaint against SPO1 BRUTUS
LANGIS of the PNP-Police Regional Office-Cordillera for VIOLATION
OF THE PROVISIONS OF RA 9262 CONSPIRACY. The pertinent facts are
as follows:
a. After five (5) years of cohabiting as common law husband
and wife, I and Respondent were married on July 10, 1990
and the facts of our marriage were duly registered with the
Local Civil Registrar of Baguio. A copy of our Certificate of
Marriage as issued by the National Statistics Office (NSO) is
hereto attached as Annex A and made an integral part

b. Out of our cohabitation and marriage, we begot one (1)

child, who we named, POPEYE born on July 1, 1986. A copy
of his Certificate of Live Birth as issued by the NSO is hereto
attached as Annex B, and made an integral part hereof;

c. In 1985, Respondent entered the government service as a

member of the Philippine National Police. As such, I
accepted the fact that his service comes first over his family,
so that we did not have issues on his assignments as a police
officer. At that time, we were still living with my parents in La
Trinidad so that Respondent would be home every time he
gets a break from work;

d. Because my in-laws discouraged me from continuing my

studies, I engaged in buying products which I sold in the
barangays of Baguio. Respondent, at the onset, had been a
loving and caring husband and father and had always been
supportive of his family. We had our share of problems as a
family but we overcame it as a family;

e. Like when he continued his college studies so that he would

be promoted, Respondent had a girlfriend; however, when
the girl learned that Respondent was married, she ended her
relationship with Respondent. I forgave Respondent and
never talked about the incident thereafter;

f. Respondent was promoted after he graduated in college

and then several other promotions followed. Our life as a
family was becoming better despite our early family life as
he was doing well in his work and my small business was

g. Then, sometime in 2004, Respondent was assigned as a body

guard of one of the politicians of Abra, so he had to stay in
Tineg, Abra for said purpose. Thereafter, I started to observe
and feel that he became cold and his usual happy, loving,
and caring self was gone. During several occasions, I
observed some of the body guards of the politician whom
Respondent is assigned with, to be coming home for
vacation, while Respondent seldom came home, and when
at home, he would always be irritable and angry;

h. When I had the occasion to speak with the politician, I asked

if Respondent could not be home as regular as the others
and I was surprised when he told me that he gives equal
breaks by rotation to all his bodyguards;

i. Early sometime in January 2005, Respondent informed me

that he would be availing of a loan from the AFPSLAI for
purchasing additional materials for the house we were
building. When I asked when we would be going to Baguio
City for the loan so that I could also prepare, as he usually
brings me along, he said he would travel alone and come
back immediately. When he came back days later, he said
he loaned the amount of Php 100,000.00. However, I later
learned that he actually loaned Php 300,000.00. I asked him
about it but Respondent just got angry at me;

j. Then, I learned that Respondent was having an affair with a

married woman named ANGELA MESANIB (ANGELA for
brevity). I confronted Respondent about it but he denied
having illicit relations with her, then he hit me on my face.
Respondent would shout at me telling me that I should not
be listening to rumors and would insult me for believing
baseless rumors. From then on, he would physically harm me
whenever we had an argument such that he would push
and even slap me, something he never did before;

k. However, I was later informed that the husband of ANGELA,

Police Insp. Gabriel Mesanib (P/Insp. Mesanib for brevity)
was filing an administrative case against Respondent and
ANGELA as he has proof to show that they are actually
maintaining an illicit relationship;

l. When I saw a copy of the complaint of P/Insp. Mesanib,

there were copies of pictures of Respondent and ANGELA
together, arms around each other and there were copies of
their love letters to each other attached to the complaint. I
was not able to get a complete copy of the administrative
complaint but I was given photocopies of some of the
evidence attached thereto. Attached hereto and made an
integral part hereof are copies of their pictures, a love letter,
and the judicial affidavit of ANGELA, marked as Annex C,
Annex D, and Annex E and series, respectivley;

m. ANGELA was a casual employee then at the Provincial

Capitol of Abra and that was where Respondent and
Angela met. I decided to speak to both of them and try to
save my marriage. However, I had the surprise in my life in a
restaurant in Abra when Angela and Respondent,
themselves, told me that they love each other. They
admitted that they went to Baguio City and had their
pictures taken at Burnham Park as the background would
suggest. ANGELA added that they had been living together
as husband and wife and they did so freely because
ANGELAs husband was assigned in another place.
Respondent blatantly said I should not expect him back
anymore and ANGELA herself told me that the two of them
already decided to leave their past relationships behind and
stay together;

n. I was speechless; I lost all the things I wanted to tell ANGELA

regarding the welfare of our respective children and the
sanctity of both our marriages. I did not know what to say
nor do, I felt so hurt and betrayed. I did not know how to
react because I did not expect their revelation after
Respondent initially denied having an affair with ANGELA. I
wanted to scream and cry but I did not want to humiliate
myself. I left them at the restaurant while I was crying;

o. Thereafter, I decided to file a concubinage case against

them and was in the process of preparing all the documents
I needed when Respondent pleaded to me not to continue
with the case as it would lead to his incarceration in jail and
removal from service which would consequentially affect
the studies of our child. It was also the advice of the elders.
For the benefit of our child, I desisted from continuing the
case with the condition that Respondent and ANGELA
would end their illicit affair;

p. During the investigation of the administrative case against

Respondent, he was suspended from duty and then
information came out that Respondent would be removed
from the service because of the case. Respondent then
came to me again and pleaded that I execute an affidavit
stating that I was with Respondent and ANGELA when the
former went to get his loan in Baguio City, when they went to
Vigan City, and that I state that Angela and I are friends. He
said if I would not execute the same and he would be
removed from work and it would be our child who would
suffer. He also promised to come home so that we could fix
our family. He promised that he would end his relationship
with ANGELA and that we would start anew. Since the last
time that I met with him and ANGELA in the restaurant, this
was the only time he came home to talk to me or his child;

q. I was again put in a very difficult situation because our child

was going to school so I wanted us to fix our family although I
had doubts about his sincerity. But then again, upon advice
of elders, I executed the said affidavit with a heavy heart
and against my will hoping that Respondent would make
good his promises;

r. After sometime, I learned that Respondent was demoted

one (1) rank lower because of the administrative case filed
by ANGELAs husband. I thought everything would go back
to normal, but I was wrong;

s. In 2007, Respondent would seldom be home and when I

confronted him about it, he would reason out that he was
processing his travel papers to Maldives and when he came
back from Maldives, we would start anew. I again believed
him for the sake of our child;

t. Nine (9) months after Respondent left for Maldives, he came

back to the Philippines; but he never came home. From then
on, that is from 2008 to present, he cohabited with ANGELA
and he failed to support us. I would always send word for him
to send support but he ignored all my demands. I, our child,
and our grandchild survived with the help of my mother and
siblings. I even had to file for solo parents benefits with the
DSWD just to make ends meet;

u. There was a time that he came to our house with ANGELA to

get his things and when I started to ask him about our
situation, he brought out his firearm angrily, pointed the gun
at me and shouted, Ayaw ko na sa iyo! Bakit ka ba
nagpupumilit!?! Si Angela ang gusto kong asawa!!!!. I asked
him where I had gone wrong and he answered, Wala kang
nagawang kamalian, bastat ayaw na kita!. ANGELA then
pushed me away saying, Lumayo kang desperada ka, akin
lang si Brutus, wla ka ng karapatan sa pera nya, and then
they left. I cried alone and did not want to tell my siblings
about what they did, I was ashamed and afraid and I did
not know what exactly to do. I did not report what
happened to the police because the police officers in our
city are all his friends having been assigned thereat;

v. In 2012, I again started to process papers to file charges

against Respondent and ANGELA since it is known in the
community that they are still living together with the children
of ANGELA. While I was going over documents, I chanced
upon his old wallet and saw a picture film strip (negative) of
a picture of a woman naked and seated who turned out to
be ANGELA. But then again, Respondent came to me, and
arrogantly said that if I push through with the case, he will
not send our youngest child to school. Because I was afraid
that he would do that, I did not again file the case but I kept
all the copies of the evidence I gathered including the
picture film strip and the developed picture of it which is now
attached and marked as Annex F and made an integral
part hereof;

w. In 2014, I went to Camp Crame to try to settle with him

through the assistance of his superiors however, despite his
being notified to report thereat, Respondent continuously
refused to heed to the order. He said, he would be sending
me Php 2,000.00 a month for support, but he only did so for a
very few months. I said it was not sufficient as Respondent
knows that our child and grandchildren are still living with
me, but he ignored my pleas;

x. In 2015, I went to seek the legal assistance of the Public

Attorneys Office (PAO for brevity) at Baguio City where
Respondent and I were scheduled for a pre-litigation
conference. Before the scheduled conference, I learned
that my mother-in-law was sick in Vigan, Ilocos Sur so I went
there to visit her. While there, Respondent arrived and upon
seeing me, he shouted saying Anya aya ti araramidem?!?
Kunak nga talnaan dakon! (What are you still doing? I told
you to leave me alone!), he attempted to kick me saying,
Kinogtaran kan tupay! and then he took and crumpled
the pre-litigation notice from the PAO and threw it at me. He
did it in front of his mother, his brother, our daughter, and our
son-in-law. While there, Respondent and ANGELA would
overtly show their affection to each other by kissing and
flirting with each other in front of me and our daughter.

y. On the scheduled pre-litigation conference sometime in

June of 2015, Respondent again insulted and humiliated me
when, in front of Atty. Cabu, Respondent said, Haan ko met
nga asawa dayta! (Shes not my wife!). He would not even
answer Atty. Cabu properly and insisted that I was not his
wife as we had not been living together for a long time. We
did not enter into any settlement as Respondent insisted that
he would be filing an annulment case anyway and that he
could afford to pay a private lawyer to file it immediately. He
said he would file the annulment case so that I would not
have any reason anymore to ask for support from him;

z. I went home insulted and betrayed. I could not go to

Respondents home in Vigan, Ilocos Sur to seek assistance in
putting sense into him because Respondent might be there
again and hurt me;

aa. After sometime, Respondent called our youngest child

and told her that Respondent was willing to give support so
long as I would not file any case against him, but, as it has
been before, he never did. Respondent would always take
advantage of my weakness in believing what he says every
now and then despite the fact that he never fulfills any of
what he says;

bb. Despite the fact that Respondent was demoted in rank in

2005 for his illicit affairs, he still continued living with his
mistress and ignoring his spousal and paternal obligations.
This clearly shows that he does not respect the rule of law
which he himself took an oath to uphold;

cc. Additionally, Respondent and ANGELA were then renting

a place, but now, they have built their concrete house in
Irisan, Baguio City while our house in Sumulong is already
dripping and needs repair. They are living together thereat
with two children of the ANGELA. They also have a second
hand clothes selling stall at the public market of Baguio City.
And I know that the house and the business all came from
Respondents money because Angela does not have any
source of income;

dd. I endured all the insults, the threats, the harsh words, the
wrongs he did and failed to do, all for the sake of my child
and in the hopes that he would soon realize his mistake and
rebuild our family, however, he continues to cause me
physical abuse, psychological abuse and economic abuse;

ee. It may be deemed from the actions of the Respondent

that he does not have any respect for women having
treated me as such and having illicit relationships. He does
not mind if anybody gets hurt so long as he could go on with
what he wants, aggravated by the facts that he is a law
enforcer and despite the disciplinary measure he already
received through demotion;

I am executing this affidavit to attest to the truth of the

foregoing facts, to support my CRIMINAL complaints against SPO1
BRUTUS LANGIS of the PNP-Police Regional Office-Cordillera and
Conspiracy, and for all intents and purposes this may legally serve.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have hereunto set my hand this 4th day

of May 2017 at Baguio City, Philippines.

POSTAL ID: 1234567 Valid until January 31, 2018
DSWD Solo Parents ID no: 001

SUBSCRIBED AND SWORN to before me this 4th day of May 2012

at Baguio City, Philippines. I hereby certify that the affiant had
executed the foregoing complaint freely and voluntarily and
understood the contents of the same. She has also exhibited her
identification cards as indicated below her name containing her
name, signature, and picture as sufficient proof of her identity.