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Specification Sheet

Key capabilities and descriptions:
Requisition Management
Candidate Management
Candidate/Resume Search
Mobile Recruiting
Recruiting Reporting/Analytics
Third party integration

KEY Requisition Management

Requisition Management is the ability to create and approve requisitions that track job openings and the candidates that ap-
ply for them. Key capabilities of Requisition Management include:

Key Feature Description

Create & Copy Requisitions The ability to create a new requisition by selecting a job code or role from a job template
library (which will pre-populate some fields), or copy an existing requisition to create a new

Custom Fields Requisitions support the use of customer-defined fields

Confidential URL The ability to create a URL that can be used for a candidate to apply directly to a position
without it being posted (on a career site or elsewhere).

Competency Library SuccessFactors includes a standard competency library, or a library can be created or
imported from a third party such as DDI*. These competencies can be used to populate
requisitions when they are assigned to roles.

Requisition Approval Workflow Configurable workflow for requisition approval supports iterative, collaborative and
consecutive workflows, where routing options can be mixed and matched, and where ad
hoc approvers may be added into the route map

User permissions Permissions limit who can view requisitions and what fields they can view and edit.
KEY Candidate Management
Candidate management provides the ability for candidates to apply to open/posted jobs and then tracks the progress of each ap-
plicant through a series of defined steps of the selection process, supporting compliance and communication with the candidate
and the hiring team. Key capabilities of Candidate Management include:

Key Feature Description

Career sites Ability to create external career page that can be linked to a corporate careers website
and hosts the list of open jobs (posted requisitions), and allows candidates to fill out an
application to show their interest in a particular job. Topic sensitive microsites available.

Job Alerts Candidates may save job searches and schedule regular email notifications to inform them
of all or newly matched jobs

Configurable Workflows Ability to setup stages in the application workflow, and define features such as automatic
email notifications, candidate-facing labels, and visibility into applicant data for each stage.

Bulk Actions The ability to take the same action on multiple applications at the same time. Includes
emailing candidates, moving candidates from one stage to another.

Correspondence Templates/Of- Ability to create customized email templates for communicating with candidates
fer letters and internal participants in the recruiting process. These templates can be setup to
automatically go out at configured stages of the selection process, or be sent manually.

Selection Permissions The ability to set permissions to limit who can view and change the status of candidates in
each stage of the selection process.

Assessment Ability to create online pre-screening questions as part of the application process,
optionally set up weightings to rank the candidates based on total prescreen score.
Includes support for automatic disqualification of candidates based on their answers.

Competency-based candidate Ability to base candidate interview ratings on competencies, as defined by the job in the
ratings requisition. Also allows for an overall candidate rating and interviewer comments.

Social Collaboration Ability to create a chat or discussion group to track collaboration on interviewing and
selecting candidates for a particular job. This group can be created from within the
requisition function, and is automatically associated with a particular requisition. The group
is automatically private only available to those invited by the recruiter, and includes the
applications (resumes) of the candidates associated to that requisition.
KEY Mobile Recruiting
Mobile Recruiting is the ability to do certain steps in the recruiting process from a mobile device. Key capabilities of mobile recruit-
ing include:

Key Feature Description

Requisition Approvals Ability for users with mobile access and proper permissions (as defined by the system
admin) to view and approve requisitions via a mobile device (see platform support below).

Interview Feedback Ability for interviewers to rate candidates based on competencies associated with the job,
as well give a thumbs up or down rating and free form comments via a mobile device,
which are then pushed back into the SuccessFactors recruiting system where they can be
viewed by those with the proper permissions.

Offer Approvals Ability for users with mobile access and proper permissions (as defined by the system
admin) to view and approve candidate offers via a mobile device
(see platform support below).

Support for multiple Mobile Recruiting features are supported on iPhone, iPad, Android and
mobile platforms with Blackberry platforms.
native mobile applications

KEY Search
Search is the ability to search for candidates that have either previously applied or submitted a profile into the SuccessFactors
recruiting system. Key capabilities of search include:

Key Feature Description

Boolean Search Ability for users to search for candidates using advanced Boolean criteria

Wizard-style search builder Ability for users to create, save and share (with other users with proper permissions)
candidate searches using a wizard type of interface.

Tags Ability to tag candidates with customized attributes and to search for candidates with
those tags

OFCCP compliance Ability to create, save and report on candidate searches in a way that is designed to be
OFCCP compliant.

OFCCP = Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs which are used by companies
doing business with the US government.
KEY Recruiting Reporting/analytics
Recruiting reporting is the ability to view and print key information as gathered in the SuccessFactors Recruiting solution. Key
capabilities of recruiting reporting and analytics include:

Key Feature Description

Standard Reports 9 out-of-the-box, standard recruiting reports including OFCCP supporting information.

Ad Hoc Reports Standard and custom fields are available via an ad hoc report tool, where users with
appropriate permissions may construct their own reports by selecting various columns and

Custom Reports The ability for users with the proper permissions to create their own custom recruiting
reports based on the SuccessFactors Recruiting data

Print and Go Pack Ability for interview team members to print a selection of candidate and competency
information to be used during the interview process.

Audit Trail Reports Tracks changes to candidate and requisition and offer status the user, date and time of
the change and the before and after state of the data

KEY Third Party Integration

Third party integration is the ability to pass data between SuccessFactors Recruiting and third party systems. Key capabilities of
third party integration include:

Key Feature Description

Assessment Integration Ability to integrate, using the Boomi integration platform* to third party assessment

Integration to Verifications, Inc. Ability to integrate to Verifications, Inc.* for background checking

Integration to other Back- Ability to integrate, using the Boomi integration platform*, to third party background
ground Checking platforms checking providers.

Job Board Integration Ability to post requisitions to selected job boards via eQuest*

*This feature is in addition to SuccessFactors standard Recruiting Product and can be subscribed by Customer for an
additional fee.

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