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Promotional Copy issue #3/#4 Winter/Spring 1995} -Not For Resale- Reproduced by Stiggybaby's with permission of the copyright holder. In This Issue: SNew Tamnlks! Nev Slips Y New Fighters’. The Official Newsletter of the RENEGADE LEGION Universe! [JPENE GADFE TRANSMISSIONS RENESABE TRANEMISSARNS NEWS FRow tHe FRONT Greetings! Again let me apologize for the lateness of these issues. We've had a lot oF things going here at Nightshift Games (and our sister company Crunchy Frog Enterprises). and that has made hitting the schedule difficult. We are now almost back on schedule with issue #5 being released by the end of July. issue #6 will then ship as originally scheduled on October 1st. Welcome! Everyone should welcome our new newsletter editor. Rick ‘Anderson. He comes to us from America Online, where ne has been sharing his twisted game designs for the last year or more. Rick nas shown great enthusiasm for the newsletter, and it was due to him that, this issue was available as soon as it was. Tharks, Rick! fF you have any submissions you'd like to make, be sure to contact Rick at "Voidrider@aol. com. We Need You! Consider this a Call to Arms! Many stores and distributors are lowering the amount of Renegade Legion product they carry. if they aren't just cutting it out all together. This is Because we dont have enough new players coming into the games! Loyal Players! IF you don't want to see Renegade Legion Fade into the susnset. we need your help! If youre going to a convention, run a game of CENTURION, INTERCEPTOR. or LEVIATHAN. Offer to run a emo at a local store! And try to convert all your Friends! We are starting an agressive policy of Convention Support. F you can run a game at a Convention, welll provide catalogs. propaganda, and PRIZES! The same with In-Store Demos! Just get a responsible person in charge to write us a letter on the Convention or Store stationary. and well send it right out And, as an added Bonus -- players that run more than 5 Official Games in the next year will get a special RENEGADE LEGION NIGHTSHIFT LEGION T-Shirt? So write to us, and help the Legions! Hail Caesar! Paul Lidberg Publisher Page 2 “TRENEGADE TRANSMISSIONS #3/#4 is a (more-or-less) quarterly publication of Nightshift Games, a division of Crunchy Frog Enterprises, in support of the RENEGADE LEGION game series. It is available by subscription For $10 For 4 issues (US), $12.50 For 4 issues (Canada & Mexico), and $15 (all other foreign destinations). __ RENEGADE LEGION CENTURION INTERCEPTOR. | LEVIATHAN. LEGIONNAIRE, and PREFECT are registered trademarks of FASA Corporation, used under exclusive license. RENEGADE TRANSMISSIONS is a trademark of FASA and Paul Arden Lidberg, Nightshift Games & Crunchy Frog Enterprises are trademarks of Paul Arden Lidberg Nightshift Games 889 Mowry Ave. #105 Fremont. CA 94536, Credits « Editor ~ Rick Anderson Turbo Centurion ~ Ken Young Three-playerscenarios ~ Ken Young New CenturionVehicles ~ Alexander Williams & Frank Crull New KessRith Vehicles ~ Alexander Williams, New interceptorFighters - Oliver Bolan Mortarsfor ‘Armor in Centurion ~ Chance Paimer New LeviathanShip ~ Frank Crull Publisher ~ Paul Arden Lidberg Winter/Spring 1995 RENEGADE TRANSMISSIONS CENTURION This is a rules simplification system. Centurion tends to take a while to piay. but the rules can be streamlined to speed play and increase excitement without losing the detail or Flavor of the game. Turbo Centurion plays twice as fast as the standerd version and, thus, has twice the tempo and excitement The shorter play time permits more frequent games and a wider range of players. kis, the perfect way to introduce new players to the game. General rules Dont use complex rules unless necessary for the scenario. This includes things like altitude. digging cannon. etc. In any case. only use them by mutual consent Order of turn: 1) Roll For initiative. 2) Move all tanks by altemating platoons. 3) Fire all tanks by alternating platoons. Movement Rules Use an egg timer to keep movement going. anything you dont move doesnt get moved. le. costs an extra velocity point to move uphill and it costs one less to move downhill Instead of the 0-5-10-19 sequence, use the easier to remember 5-10-20 sequence. Vehicles that exceed the speed automatically crash, Shooting Rules Opportunity fire is okay if both sides start out with more than one vehicle limit Winter/Spring 1995 Turbo Centurion Rules Explained For Beginners ‘The game is called “Centurion” and itis Fast. easy and fun, It is a science fiction “flying tank” game where yOu cruise around in a hovertank hiding behind hil, Zooming down them, crashing through trees, and blowing the stuffing out of the guys on the other team, fF you know how to drive a car, you can learn the rules in about a minute. Play time is One hour unless ur tank gets shot out From under you. These tanks take a beating. so you won't be destroyed if you make a mistake. Detailed Rules How to Move Your tank flies about three Feet off the ground and can fly over water. Like a car, the Faster you go the wider you turn You slow down when you go uphill and speed up when you go downhill You keep going at your current speed unless you speed up or slow down Your tank's thrust is how much you can speed up or slow down by. FF you are headed for something too Fast to stop ‘or turn in time, you will crash. Maximum safe speed is 20 on the flats and 8 in the trees. Each hexagon is one kilometer across and you use one of your speed points For each one (iF your speed is eight. you move eight hexes), Trees cost an extra speed point (you have to dodge them), going Uphill costs one extra and going downhill costs one less (moving downhill is free}, Like a car, the faster you go the wider you tum You can sit still anc take OpportunityFire (waiting For someone to drive into your sights & blast them), This Page 3 RENCCABE TRANSMISSIONS can make you a sitting duck You can sit and spin which can also make you a sitting duck Speed 1-5: You must move straight one kilometer (hex) before each tum. Speed 6-10: You must move straight two kilometers before each turn. Speed 11-20: You must move straight three kilometers before each turn. Remember this as the 5-10-20 rule. Tips You can use the streams like a road through the trees, You dont have to decide how much you are going to speed up or siow down until you decide What you are going to do. So first figure out what yOu want to do and then see if you can speed up or Slow down enough Questions and Answers: Can you go backwards? - NO. Can you go under water? - NO. Can you go Faster than 20? - NO. How do | drop off infantry? - The vehicie must be completely stopped. How to Shoot Your tank has weapons in the turret that can shoot any direction and weapons in the hull that can only shoot at things in Front of you The turret can shoot at a different target than the hull weapons. F there are many targets in a hex you may divide your Fire between them. You cantt shoot at things on the other side of a hill. You can shoot into trees anc out of trees but not at things behind trees. You can shoot over the top Of trees at a lower elevation. Hiding in trees makes you slightly harder to hit Every vehicle has an undocumented weapon, probably your best one’ the painting laser. It tries to time the frequency of the other guy's force shields. If it does so, your tank radios this io to your buddies and everyone can paste him, ignoring his shields Everything except missiles has unlimited ammunition. The order you fire your weapons can sometimes be important, so remember this little rule that never fais: "Paint prior. lasers last” Cannons get choice of ammunition, so. always choose “hammerhead”. F your cannon can't shoot hammerhead ammunition, choose “HEAP”. There are certain smart weapons you can just Fire up into the air. F it sees a painted target. it will home in on a roll of six or less. Missiles, artillery, and mortars are smart weapons. Tips Save your missiles for when you can get a guaranteed hit. Dontt waste your missiles oy using indirect Fire. How to Use Infantry: Infantry always moves one, two, or three spaces {trees count as two spaces). They die like flies, 50 have them hide in the trees most of the time They can choose one of the Following attacks: Painting lasers: Range six Painting the other guy So your tanks can kill him is usually your best bet. Laser rifles: Range three Nuisance weapon Bonus attack versus siting ducks. Bonus attack at target in same hex. Heavy Weaponry When you took the infantry you had to choose one of these two, TVLG Missiles Can fire all four at once. This will blow all the armor off a painted target. Mortars Nuisance smart weapon. Just hide in the trees and shell the other guy. When he gets irritated enough he wil come after the infantry. This is a good way to lure him into the other squad's TVLGs. Page 4 Winter/Spring 1995 RENEGADE TRANSMISSIONS Three players are always a problem for a two-player game. Here are several suggestions to cure that Scenario1 The Party Game: ‘One tank each for any number of players This scenario can handle players of unequal skill level Beginners receive a heavy tank and average players receive a medium tank, APC or engineering vehicle (no artillery). Advanced players get any light vehicle or ten Scenario points In the three player (two against one} variation the lone player takes either elite crew or twice as rnuch stuff Scenario 2 Two-Against-One: The lone player gets two heavies, three mediums or four light vehicles The other two players get one heavy, two light or three recon vehicles Any artillery vehicle counts as a heavier vehi Scenario 3 Centurion Rule Book Scenarios Modified For Three Players Chance Meeting Player |: Renegade Ist platoon Player 2: Renegade 2nd & 3rd platoon Player 3: All TOG forces High Risk Delay Player 1: All Renegade forces Player 2: TOG Ist & 2nd platoon Player 3: TOG 3rd platoon & artilery Defense of Urbs in Horto Player 1: All Renegade Forces Player 2: TOG Ist & 2nd platoon Player 3: All other TOG Forces Scenario 4 Kill The Custom: The lone player gets a custom tank and the other two each receive a standard vehicle of similar size. Any artilery vehicle counts as a heavy. IF the custom is a heavy artillery vehicle the other two can take two mediums each, Winter/Spring 1995 Page 5 RENGSALE TRANEMISSIERS Aw Centurion Vehicles Like any product. weapons of war are constantly being improved, modified and invented. Here are several new and modified vehicles for the Centurion game rules. Aculeus Name: Aculeus __ Type (Allegiance}: Light Non-Grav Tank(TOG) Class: Light Non-Grav Shields Armor: Cost26850 Front 0 Front 10 Mass: 17 Right 0 Rignt 10 Engine: 50 left 0 Left 10 Thrust: 3 Stern 0 Stem 10 Scenario Points: 0.269 Bottom Bottom 10 infantry Squad: No Turret 10 Digging Cannons: No Weapons: Type Location Damage Range 15/1 Laser Hull 1 2 20 History: The Aculeus is a very old design, a ground tank of very limited equipment. ts seventeen tonnes is a third engine. the rest split between the armor (a paper thin tonne on ail facings), the turret with the spotting laser and frame. and a single 1.5/1 laser. Despite the question of whether the Aculeus is battleworthy in the strictest sense of the word, it has made some very important contributions in defensive actions over its many centuries of use. Used as a defensive perimeter. a series of Aculei and larger non-grav bretheren can be Of great use to a Defensive Installation The speed of 2.7 kph is slow compared to gravitic vehicles. but it is Certainly enough to duck around line-of -sight-blocking obstructions, making the job of targeting them somewhat problematic. The lack of a gravitic signature also makes the survival of these vehicles a bt longer on the modern battlefield Homing missiles have no ability to track or target them in any way. thus strengthening their place as a defensive perimeter. One typical allocation of the Aculeus is to create a defensive perimeter of the tanks at the very fringe of the defended Installation's range of attack via indirect fire. When the Aculeus is readied, in clumps of trees, scrub or in craters created by other vehicles or infantry squads. the commander waits For the Opportunity to gain line-oF sight to encroaching enemy units. then begins to callin indirect Fire From neighooring units. Variations on the Aculeus exist which vary the armor allocation slightly. even adding CFPD-S and CFPD-€ armor in an attempt to increase the lifespan of the vehicle. in large part. this works, because attacking units are loath to use more than the lightest weapons on the Aculeus when there are more targets than attackers, Legionnaire Note: While the Aculeus seems a fairly useless vehicle at first glance outside its defensive role and /only/ that. another good use is as an affordable vehicle for Legionnaire characters to requisition For a little extra armored help with all those Prestige points Page 6 Winter/Spring 1995 RENEGADE TRANSMISSIONS Zamiel APC Name: Zamiel_ Type (Allegiance) Light APC (TOG) Class: Light APC Shields: Armor Cose242610 Front 0 Front 0 Mass: 100 Right 0 Right 30 Engine: 750 Left 0 Left 30 Thrust 7 stem 0 Stern 40 Scenario Points: 4 Bottomd Bottom 10 infantry Squad: Yes Turret 20 Digging Cannons: Yes Weapons: Type Location Damage Range 3/6 Laser Hull 8 20 SMLM (2) Hull 2 T 10 ‘SMLM (2) Hull 2 T 10 History: TOG planners, aware that grav vehicles are expensive and costly to transport. sat down with the Corpa Calosus Corporation to design an extremely light-weight combat chassis designed purely to get the infantry in and out quickly, with a minimum of concern for the safety of the vehicle. The Zamiel was the result of those deliberations. No weaponry was placed in the turret area, turning it into what became known as the “command bubble” even though the commander was located further back in the vehicle. in fact. what emerged was not a tank at all, ut a high-speed hover vehicle with rows of ejection doors along either side. ‘While the 3/6 laser mounted on the Front of the Zamiel is far from weak, its power is limited by the fact of its fixed mounting. When pressing in for the assault. the Zamiel is a destructive animal but, once it turns its back, itis relatively helpless, The armored hover skirt of the Zamiel is particularly prone to taking damage, being only lightly armored ‘oy necessity. Mining 's the bane of Zamiel commanders across the board. The sides are not much more protected, making the Zamie!’s pejorative nickname ("the Deanie-powered coffin’) Frighteningly apt all too often Winter/Spring 1995 Page7 RENESAS TRANSMISSIENS Trajan Name: Trajan i Type (Allegiance) Heavy Grav (TOG) Class: Heavy Grav Shields: Armor Cost 2339900 Front 90 Front 100 Mass: 341.99 Right 80 Right 90 Engine: 2500 Left 80 Left 9 Thrust: 438 Sten 90 Stem 90 Scenario Points: 24 Bottom60 Botton 70 infantry Squac: No Turret 100 Digging Cannons: No Weapons: Type Location Damage sage 75/6 Turret 10 20 75/6 Turret 10 20 ‘SMLM (2) Turret T 10 Vulcan-4 Turret NA AP-Laser Turret s 3 AP-Laser Turret s 3 200 mm Hull 1 T 15 TVLG (12) Hull 2 T 6 History: No one is certain where this variation was first tried, but it has proven effective in several battles, Page 8 ‘Winter/Spring 1995 RENEGADE TRANSMISSIONS Bradson Name: Bradson Type (Allegiance Med Grav (Commonwealth) Class: Medium Grav APC Shields ‘Armor Cost: 1.643.450 Front. 70 Front 90 ‘Mass : 237 Right: 60 Right 70 Engine : 2350 Left. 60 Left 70 Thrust:8 Stern: 70 Stem 70 Scenario Points : 16 Bottom50 Bottom60 infantry Squad: Yes Turret: 90 Digging Cannons : Yes Weapons Type Location Damage Range 5/6 Laser Turret 9 20 5/6 Laser Turret 9 20 5/6 Laser Turret 9 20 Vulcan Iv Turret s NA TVLG (6) Hull 1 T 6 Overview : The Bradson APC was designed for long-range recon and guerilla warfare. SoiNarm Corp won the bid to build the new vehicle in 6833, and named the Bradson after a hero of the battle For Brix, Starting with the popular Spartius APC as a jumping off point. SolNarm proceeded to strengthen the design in several key areas. Eight months after the awarding Of the contract. the first of the new design glided off the assembly line, and into Commonwealth units Capabilities: Designed to operate away from supplies for an extended period. the Bradson's design is centered around the three Distrak 5/6 Lasers in the turret. While not as finely accurate as the Herring Model IV. the Distraks are a rugged. reliable design that gives the Bradson the ability to damage rmost vehicles seriously at long range. The Resad TVLG-VI system is remarkable only that the launcher system can use most Commonwealth and TOG designed TVLG missiles. The Dowser TE-3) ADS can track and destroy several missiles in a short period of time, and is designed to be easily maintained The Bradson’s armor and shields compare to the Spartius, but the Bradson’s larger Miitack 2350 grav engine gives the vehicle a superior thrust over most Grav vehicles its size. This allows the Bradson to conduct hit and run raids. and to outrun anything too heavy For it to Fight. The Infantry section of the vehicle is somewhat cramped, but comfortable For extended rides. Deployment: As of this time, the largest number of Bradsons are in the 2492th Biekka Light Assault Legion on DeGaul. the 4683tn Renegade Legion (Thorns of Liberty) on Jasod, and the 7249th Commonwealth Legion on Kassis. There is a number of Bradsons unaccounted for. though rumors of an ‘Operation Sandkey’ has something to do with it Winter/Spring 1995 Page 9 RENESAS TRANSMISSISNS Bengal Tiger Name: Bengal Tiger Type (Allegiance): Med Grav Tank (Commonwealth) Class: Megium Grav Shields: ‘Armor Cost 1,705,450 Front. 60 Front 60 Mass : 270 Right SO Right 50 Engine : 2000 Left 50 Left 50 Thrust : 6 Stern: 60 Stern: 60 Scenario Points : 17 Bottom50 Bottom50 infantry Squad: No Turret: 60 Digging Cannons : No Weapons Type Location Damage Range 200 mm Turret T 15 3/6 Laser Turret 8 20 3/6 Laser Turret 8 20 Vulcan tt Turret Ss NA TVLG (12) Hull 1 T 6 Overview: The Bengal Tiger is an example of a company's commitment to a project. COPGOV. in 6824, put out a bid for a medium weight grav tank that could be used to either exploit Commonwealth /Renegade ‘breakthroughs in TOG iines.or plug up a hole in their own lines. Eastenwood Ltd was among the first to submit their design For the project. only to have COPGOV choose another design. Undaunted, Eastenwood stored away the design for another day. Their chance came three years later. when COPGOV threw open the bidding again. on the same contract. Delays. inferior materials. and sloppy construction by the first contractor forced COPGOV to look somewhere else. Again. Eastenwood submitted the Bengal Tiger. and again COPGOV chose another design over it Stil, Eastenwood bided their time. Twice more. the contract was thrown open for bids, and twice more. Eastenwood lost out. Each time. the company simply kept the design and waited for the next contract. Their patience finally paid off in 6833, when on the fifth round the COPGOV accepted the Bengal Tiger as the new design. Within six months, the Tigers were undergoing the COPGOV testing process. which tt passed with Flying colors. The design that had been rejected Four times before was now the newest weapon in the Commonwealth's arsenal Capabilities : Because of the numerous rejections, the designers had plenty of time to refine the Tiger's design Starting with a Vixa 2000 engine as the heart of the vehicle. the designers gave the Tiger somewhat lighter shielding and armor than a Liberator. the main reason For the numerous rejections. However, the main strengths of the Tiger is its weapons. A massive RAC Slayer 200mm Gauss cannon makes the Tiger a nasty opponent. Mounted Coaxially with the Slayer are two DES Mk 4 3/6 Lasers as secondary support.A Sidis VE TVLG-12 system allows the Tiger to finish crippled opponents A Valk 45-w AntiMissile system does somewhat offset the weak armor and shield. but the commander of a Tiger is taught early in his training that speed is life Deployment At the present time, the 440th Renegade Legion (The Stonewall) has several platoons of Bengal Tigers in use on Sorric. The current TOG invasion of Sorric. however, has made communications impossible at the present time. Page 10 Winter/Spring 1995 RENEGADE TRANSMISSIONS Bushwacker Name: Bushwacker Type (Allegiance): Med Grav (Commonwealth) Class: Medium Grav Shields: ‘Armor: ‘Cost : 1,820,700 Front: 90 Front: 90 Mass: 287 Right 80 Right: 90 Engine : 2500 Left 80 Lett 90 Thrust: 5 Stern 90 Stem 100 Scenario Points : 18 Botton 70 Bottomn80 infantry Squad: No Turrer. 100 Digging Cannons : Yes Weapons Type Location Damage Range GMDC - 15 Turret T 20 GMDC - 15 Turret T 20 1.5/6 Laser Turret 7 20 15/6 Laser Turret 7 20 HM -3 Hull 1 T o HM -4 Hull 1 T TT HM -3 Hull 2 T eo HM -4 Hull 2 T Tv * - RANGE IS IN TURNS Overview: ‘The Bushwacker is a new design using several new sets of technology. Designed to be a grav vehicle killer, i has been a nasty surprise For the TOG forces in Shannedam, Pembroke, and Birchshire Counties. in the eighteen months the Vehicle has been operating. the TOG Grav vehicle losses in Pembroke and Birchshire have risen 13.4 %. while the losses in Shannedam are somewhat less. The vehicle is the brainchild Of Dr. Anton Morbies and the CATT (Commonwealth Advanced Technology Team). A group of designers and technics charged with the task of incorporating new equipment into the Commonwealth/Renegade units, Deciding to take Full advantage of the new grav homing missiles, the team build the design around four of the missile systems. With fourteen missiles, a single platoon can inflict significant causaiities on a century in a very short period of time. Capabilities : The entire design centers around the two DES mk 23 and two DES mk 34 GHMS (Grav Homing Missile Systems), By using two different systems. the tank commander has greater Flexibility in weather to use the greater range, out less powerful mk 34s, or the bigger warhead of the mk 23s. For secondary weapons the Bushwacker has two B'Tagret 2e GMDC - 15 and two Fresa Model G 1.5/6 Lasers. These allow the vehicle to engage targets at an extended range with reasonable chances of wiming The effectiveness of the design is seriously diminished, however. if the turret iS knocked out. The RES 2500 engine. combined with strong shields and armor. makes the Bushwacker a formidable opponent in most battles. Deployment : ‘At the current time, the Bushwacker is in most of the Legions in the three counties in at least platoon strength. Three units, the 973th Commonwealth Legion, the 6354th Renegade Legion (Freedom's Light), and the 1144th Renegade Legion (Warlord's Bane), have the Bushwacker in century strength. much to the regret of the opposing TOG Forces. Winter/Spring 1995 Page 11 RENESAS FRANEMISSIERNE Ravage: Name: Ravager Type (Allegiance}: Heavy Grav (Renegade) Class: Heavy Grav Shields: Armor Cost: 2.579.250 Front 100 Front: 100 Mass : 374 Right’ 90 Right 100 Engine : 2500 Left 90 Left 100 Thrust: 3 Stem 100 Stern: 100 Scenario Points : 26 Bottom70 Bottoms0 infantry Squad: No Turret. 100 Digging Cannons : No Weapons Type Location Damage Range 150mm Turret T 15 150 mm Turret T 15 TVLG (6) Turret T 6 Vulcan Ii Turret s NA AP Laser Turret S 3 75/6 Laser Hull 1 10 20 75/6 Laser Hull 1 10 20 TVLG (12) Hull 2 T 6 Overview : The Ravager is an older design that has seen little use in the past. but due to the lack of heavier grav vehicles in some legions. it has been making its way into the Fount ines. Built by MantRiz corp. the Ravager is an average design all around. with very few strengths, but no glaring weaknesses. Capabilities: The best way to describe the Ravager is Average. While it is slow, The shielding ana armor makes it tough to kill. The twin Foster R-17 150mm Gauss Cannons are solid, though not outstanding. The two DES F45 and F46 TVLG systems give reliable service. as does the twin Haskin mk 21 Lasers. The Gastin Antimissile system does have a Small problem with multiple targets. but is easy to maintain Deployment: The only units at this time that have the Vehicle are the 2062th Renegade Legion (Shockers) on Gasysid. the 5545th Commonwealth Legion on Kas, and the 4086/th Renegade Legion (Defenders of Honor) on Mazison Page 12 Winter/Spring 1995 RENEGADE TRANSMISSIONS Knox Name: Knox Type (Allegiance): Grav Artillery (Commonwealth) Class: Grav Artilery Shields: ‘Armor Cost : 2.464350 Front. 70 Front 90 Mass 321 Right: 50 Right 70 Engine : 2400 Left 50 Let 70 Thrust 6 Stem 70 Stern: 90 ‘Scenario Points : 25 Bottom:40 Bottom:70 infantry Squad: No Turret. 90 Digging Cannons : Yes Weapons Type Location Damage Range GPA\E Turret Artilery 2 Vulcan IV Turret s NA AP Laser Turret Ss 3 AP Laser S 3 3/6 Laser 8 20 3/6 Laser 8 20 Overview : The Knox is used as a medium artlery piece in areas with litle or no chance of running into TOG vehicles. Designed as a more mobile companion to the Pedden, the Knox has yet t0 live up to the reputation of it’s better known cousin Capabilities: As with the Pedden, The Knox mounts a GPAS Artilery piece as the major weapon. While the GPAS has ‘not had major problems, continuous firing of the piece can cause the turret to vibrate off its ring. Several attempts have been made to correct the problem, but none have been completely successful to date The most unusual thing about the Knox is the twin Jancen G heavy lasers carried in the hull. Designed as an secondary weapon, they have been a nasty surprise to TOG tankers several times in the past. The two FSR 3 AP Lasers, combined with the Besing AntiMissile system and the heavier armor. gives the Knox a chance to withdraw From any TOG assault before being overwhelmed, Deployment: Units that have this Vehicle include the 2272th Renegade Legion (Sudden Fury) on Gyd. the 3573th Commonwealth Legion on Deaaas. and the 8188th Renegade Legion (The Death's Angels) on Nabivao. Winter/Spring 1995 Page 13, RGNGPARE TRANEMIESSISNS Although it is both an important element in the politics of the Renegade Legion universe and a potent warmachine, unto itself, the KessRith empire is often overshadowed by the TOG, Renegade Legion Forces and the Commonwealth, at times. This is especially ironic in the area of warfare. considering that the KessRith are an actual warrior race, with a culture devoted to battle and honor. While many players help to portray events that occur along the borders of Commonwealth and TOG space, often associating with and sometimes using equipment and vehicles designed by the KessRith, there is another major theater of conflict that is being Overlooked: the border of the KessRith and TOG empires. Below we are featuring new KessRith vehicles and fighters devote to the extermination of the TOG. Sit back and enjoy! Ch’fath (Venture) Name: Chifath_ Type (Allegiance) Heavy Grav (KessRith) Class: Heavy Grav Shields: Armor: Cost: 2.194294 Front 120 Front 100 Mass: 296 Right 90 Right 80 Engine: 2500 Left 90 Left 80 Thrust 2 Stern 80 Stem 70 Scenario Points: 21943 Bottom 80 Bottom 60 infantry Squad: Yes Turret 60 Digging Cannons: Yes Weapons: Type Location Damage Range 50mm Turret T 6 5/6 Laser Turret 9 20 15/6 Laser Turret 7 20 AP Laser Turret s 3 75/6 Laser Hull 10 20 75/6 Laser Hull 2 10 20 TVLG (4) Hull 2 T 6 History: The Chath is recognized by the TOG as the Venture, as its introduction was done amidst a reorganization in military production Unities along the area of the border in which the Chifath First appeared The Urobos Unity introduced the Chath amidst Several changes of position in smaller clans that made it up. as a minor manufacturing clan sucessfully challenged a larger member of the Unity For its contracts and suceeded, resuiting in the success of the ChOfath as put forward for testing. The sheer mass of the Venture's systems is a significant hinderance in most terrain. Even the largest engine placed in grav-tanks strains under its bulk. resulting in a piddling 52 kph acceleration on perfectly clear terrain, Far less if there are obstructions, The front shields are almost the largest that can be mounted on a grav vehicle. drawing immense loads off the powerplant. Page 14 Winter/Spring 1995 RENEGADE TRANSMISSIONS Despite this and the great armoring found on most of the vehicle. firing from the rear is the best means of attack, especially if a turret hit results. The mounting Of the turret weaponry is very exposed, decreasing the cost and time for maintainance but decreasing the amount of armor that can be layered there, The stability Of the Urobos Unity is in some doubt. as the Chifath’s vulnerability to Fast weapons which can score stern shots comes to light. Internal squabbling may weaken the Unity enough to hamper production all along the Front. Chnud’wae (Storm) Name: Chnudwae Type (Allegiance): Mecium Grav (KessRith) Class: Medium Grav Shields: Armor: Cost: 1.406.668 Front 100 Front 80 Mass: 177 Right 80 Right 70 Engine: 1500 Left 80 Left 70 Thrust 3 Stem 90 Stem 70 Scenario Points: 14067 Botton 60 Bottom 50 infantry Squac: Yes Turret 80 Digging Cannons: Yes Weapons Type Location Damage «Range 15/6 Laser Turret 7 20 15/6 Laser Turret 7 20 15/6 Laser Turret 7 2 3/6 Laser Turret 8 20 3/6 Laser Hull 1 8 20 TVLG (2) Hull 2 T 6 History: The Chnud'wae was nicknamed the Storm by the TOG Legions that First opposed it. As @ medium grav tank, it Carries extensive armoring and. thanks to the KessRith taste for heavy infantry. sports an interior infantry compartment as most Of their designs tend toward. The integral digging cannons aid in the placement of cover For infantry attacks. Aheavy complement of lasers is sported by the Chnud'wae. all but one located in the turret. This Fits with Kessith tactical deployment. which Favours the use of energy-hungry laser weaponry in preference to slug and particle throwers. The only concession is the forward-mounted small TVLG system, used to support the infantry with indirect Fire before charging through the concealing cover nearby and overrunning the enemy positions Used in such a leapfrog attack with KessRith infantry, the Chnud'wae can be quite effective, Winter/Spring 1995 Page 15 RENESABSE TRANEMIESTSNS Lahra’ha Cephyr) Name:Lahraha Type (Allegiance}: Light Grav APC (KessRith) Class: Lignt Grav APC Shields: ‘Armor: Cost: 646,012 Front 60 Front 70 Mass: 101 Right 50 Right 60 Engine: 650 Left 50 Left 60 Thrust: 4 Stern 50 Stern 60 Scenario Points: 6.46 Bottom 40 Bottom 40 infantry Squad: Yes Turret 50 Digging Cannons: Yes Weapons: Type Location Damage Range 15/4 Laser Turret 5 20 15/4 Laser Turret 5 20 15/6 Laser Turret 7 20 SMLM (2) Hull 2 History: The Lahraha's basic design is centered around being more heavily armored than equivalent opposing forces. though this is paid for in being slower than those forces. To compensate, the stern armor is not quite as thin as seen in most modern KessRith designs. Like them, however. the bottom armor is distinctly lacking. resulting in a vehicle vulnerable to hidden mining of the battlefield Nalr Unity produces the Lahraha for the KessRith forces. and several rival Unities and fringe clans have been making jealous noises at the pull which Nalr accumulates by right OF corporate conflict. The head of the Unity is rumoured to be a master OF the art of Malvoqua. accounting For some of the Oruised egos, Page 16 Winter/Spring 1995 RENEGADE TRANSMISSIONS Vash’dah (Walker) Name: Vashidah Type (Allegiance): Medium Grav APC (KessRith) Class: Medium Grav APC Shields: Armor Cost. 826.036 Front 70 Front 70 Mass: 115 Right 50 Right 50 Engine: 800 Left 50 Left 50 Thrust 5 Stem 60, Stern 50 Scenario Points: 8.260 Bottom 50 Botton 40 infantry Squad: Yes Turret 40 Digging Cannons: Yes Weapons: Type Location Damage Range Vulcan-3 Turret s NA 15/6 Laser Hull 1 7 20 15/6 Laser Hull 2 7 20 15/4 Laser Hull 7 20 AP Laser Hull 2 s 3 HISTORY The Vashidah was given the TOG designation Walker thanks to the peculiar deployment that was used in the First encounters with the KessRith officers. The Vashidah would offload its carried bounce infantry and then move forward in the corridor made by a double line of infantrymen The Vash’dah would seem to be caterpillar-like, “walking” along on sixteen legs per side. The deployment made some sense, the totality Of the Walker's weapons pointed forward where major threats would come while the infantry would attack threats from side and rear with sidearms, being able to retreat to the safety Of the Vash'dah’s armor threatened in any major way and speedily whisked away with a thrust of 137 kph This led to what amounted to hit-and-runtactics For the KessRith. A Vulcan system mounted in the turret defends the infantry squad as it moves with the Vash‘dah, protecting it From devastating missile attacks. As usual with KessRith designs, the system is totally without projectile weapons, eschewing even a small missile pack here. This can be a problem when the grav is not escorting a squad. no indirect fire can be drawn When traveling with a squad, however. their painting lasers can be a deadly combination with its laser barrage ‘A weakness in this design is the relatively weak bottom armor. A real bane of the Vash'dah’s existance is mixed infantry and vehicle mine fields. Stumbling into one by accident can lead to horrid consequences and heavy casualties Winter/Spring 1995 Page 17 RENGSABE TRANSMISSIONS Ney heeeeeeees Pep eene Na’Ctkha Moguka II Type: Heavy Fighter Engines: Thrust: 5, Mass 243 Right Engine 800 Cost: 051.500 Center Engine 900 Left Engine 800 Streamining: No Antgray: Yes Shields: Armor: Bow 70 Bow 100 Right 60 Right 100 Left 60 Left 100 Stern 70 Stern 100 Weapons Type Location 1230 46 710 11-15 75/5 Laser Uwing 9 8 7 6 5 75/5 Laser UWing 9 8 7 6 5 Link Uwing 0 0 0 0 0 Hard Point Uwing 0 0 0 oO 0 75/5 Laser R/Wing, 9 8 7 6 5 75/5 Laser R/Wing, 9 8 7 6 5 Link RvWing 0 0 0 0 90 Hard Point R/Wing, 0 0 0 0 9o Hara Point Bow 0 0 0 oO 90 5/4 Laser Turret 7 6 5 4 0 5/4 Laser Turret 7 6 5 4 0 5/4 Laser Turret 7 6 5 4 0 5/4 Laser Turret 7 6 5 4 0 Link Turret 0 0 0 0 oO Turret Special 0 0 0 0 oO Overview: This Fighter, imaginatively named the Na'Ctka Moguka Ill by the Commonwealth engineers is the fighter spawned from the early experiments by the design team responsible for the VrakTar fighter. Using the exact same structure and virtually identical components as the standard Fluttering Petal. the only difference lies in its weapon systems. Having removed the MDCs and one of the hardpoints, the Petal-ll is armed exclusively with lasers, much as the prototype was, only these lasers are fitted with a “link system.” Capabilities: The “Link System’ is the complicated set of electronics that was being developed by the design team who ultimately worked on the Vrak'Tar. It consists of a series of concurrent targeting servos coupled to a sophisticated fuzzy-Al which work in conjunction in an attempt to Focus the impact of the linked weapons at a single location. itis an obscenely complicated system, hungry in power and requiring much mass to house Page 18 Winter/Spring 1995 RENEGADE TRANSMISSIONS the targeting computers. It was these limitations that forced the design team to look elsewhere in their design OF the VrakTar--the systems were just getting far to large and complex to achieve the destructive power they wanted. However. while such a large system was prohibitive, they decided to adapt their esearch into producing a smaller scaled version. that would stil significantly improve the damage potential Of the linked weapons. For a test vehicle, they naturally turned to the best (in their opinion, anyway) Fighter ever produced. the Na'Ctka Moquka in its original configuration. The Petal-l is, as mentioned, armed almost exclusively in lasers, Four large 7'5/5s and Four smaller 5/4s. The 75/5s occupy their rightful position in the wingtips of the craft, with the downgraded linking system ‘mounted in the extra space originally taken up by the larger MOC 8s, The turret of the standard model was altered slightly. reducing the 5/5s lasers to 5/4 models, and losing the hard-point to accommodate the linkage controls. To make the craft more palatable to the Commonwealth forces (the designers remembering how the Na\Ctka Moquka was originally butchered) the design team found they could mount two more hard-points without losing any performance. The new hardpoints tuck neatly under each wing right where it makes its turn downward to support the lasers. The Petal-l Keeps its original bow-mounted hardpoint as well. in the end, the new NaiCtka Moguka weighs in two tons short of the original. and keeps the same thrust rating. Shielding. armor. controls, and everything else remain unchanged from the standard version, keeping overall complexity down with fewer number of replacement parts needed to be manufactured and lttle retooling needed to be cone. Deployment: In combat trials, the linkage system is proving to be a success. Tests show that multiple hits to the same area by a set of linked weapons is up 20% over a set Of non-linked ones. Test pilots predict that in actual combat, the chance to quickly gain internal hits would certainly put the enemy pilot on edge. if not destroy vital systems quick enough tO take the fighter out of commisson. While obviously not as effective as the spinal mount system, the buiky link controls seem to be living up to their worth. There is, however, one major drawback to this fighter: its cost. At a whopping 5,051,500 credits per unit, the Petal-il is the most expensive fighter ever to be Considered for production. The design team points to its virtues. with its many lasers (think of the strafing runs!) and the added chance of lining the lasers up to “reach in and tear the Fighter up from inside.” as well as its success in dogfights against the original model as proof OF its destructive potential. and which they say shows why itis well worth the extra cost. As well. they note its ease oF integration, production and use of existing parts, which would reduce overall cost. As of yet. the Commonwealth Forces have yet to make up their minds whether or not to accept the new Petal. Thé Renegades have shown their support. as have the KessRith element in the Commonwealth. For the moment, only one squadron of Petal-lls is operating in the main combat theatre. on the KessRith Cruiser lraak’Aar. The craft has performed superbly so Far. making a mess of all TOG adversaries, and itis likely that the Petal-Il will be given the go ahead For at least a limited production run. Winter/Spring 1995 Page 19 RENCCABE TRANEMISSIENS Veak’Tar Type: Heavy Fighter - Exp Engines: Thrust: 5 Mass: 245 Right Engine 850 Cost: 4.750.500 Center Engine 800 Left Engine 850 Streamiining: No Antigray: Yes Stieias: Armor: Bow 80 Bow 100 Right 60 Right 100 Left 60 Left 100 Sten 70 Stem 100 Weapons: Type Location = 12-3 46710 11-15. 16-20 75/2 Laser UWing 6 5 4 3 2 75/2 Laser R/Wing 6 5 4 3 2 Spinal 15/15 Bow 3B 2 2 ® 9 1B Hardpoint Bow o 0 0 0 oO Overview: The Vrak'Tar is a new KessRithian design currently under consideration for use by the Commonwealth and Renegade forces. The result of one very odd brainstorm, the Vrak"Tar is perhaps the most radical attempt at increasing the Firepower available to fighters. Borrowing a page From capital ships. itis the only Fighter in existence to sport a spinal mount. After the design of the NalCtka Moguka, the KessRith engineers were having difficulty improving the hitting power of their heavy fighters. The quickly realized that there was a limit to how much punch multiple weapon systems could achieve. Tests in bundled lasers and sophisticated targeting devices in an effort to better group weapon impacts (thereby increasing relative damage) were ultimately proving unsuccessful simply due to the Overwhelming complexity of all the systems involved. By chance, several engineers working on the project stumbled upon some plans for a new capital ship, each noticing the spinal mount and each coming to the same conclusion at once. Why not on a fighter? The VrakTar is stil a classic example of KessRith design Graceful and elegant, its design hides the Firepower and strength contained within Capabilities: The backbone of this fighter lies in its unique spinal mount. A single capital scale 15/15 laser runs the length of the ship, poking its nose out the front. The laser actually rests alongside the spine. allowing the ‘one-pilot cockpit to remain on the centerline. Secondary weapons were not ignored. and consist oF two 75/2 lasers mounted in the craft's stubby wings. A single hardpoint mounted on the underside rounds Out the weapons complement. Shield values are very high, with an astounding rating of 80 on the Front. A 70 rated shield protects the stern, while 60 shields are mounted to the sides. Armor is also very high. with 10 tons per side, the maximum possible. Despite the heavy energy drain and the weight of the laser spinal, the \Vraktar still manages to maintain a Sg acceleration The Vrak'Tar is designed to head straight in and simply hole TOG fighters. The 15/15 is well hidden, being ‘mounted internally, and the Vrak Tar has Often managed to surprise its opponents who see what appears tO be a very lightly armed ship. Furthermore, the laser has a far greater range than the 7.5 series. giving the VrakTar another nasty surprise and a very big advantage. In a dogfight. especially in conjunction with the Page 20 Winter/Spring 1995 RENEGADE TRANSMISSIONS secondary lasers, the Vrak’Tar can sometimes disable an opponent with a single shot, the laser often passing right through the unfortunate target. No form of atmospheric controls were added to this craft, though this is not seen as a disadvantage. While the spinal mount performs very well in its intended role. its high power consumption makes it unsuitable for strafing runs, and the VrakTar simply does not have enough secondary weapons to make it a viable strafer, Deployment: The Vrak Tar is still under development. though there have amazingly been few problems. perhaps due to the “off the shelf” use of a standard leviathan 15/15. fF the testing continues at its current rate, Commonwealth forces could begin seeing this fighter deployed in a Few years. Despite its unusual design and the spinal mount, the VrakTar remains within the same price bracket as the Na'Ctka Moquka. Though rejection is unlikely to be needed. this will certainly help in tipping the scales towards acceptance. Several Units with in the CAF and Renegade forces have expressed interest in combat testing this design. and this new fighter could see its First TOG kil within a year Winter/Spring 1995 Page 21 RENESABE TRANSMISSIONS Mortars F The light infantry mortar is often the most Overiooked piece of battlefield equiptment in the game. It is voth indirect and direct fire capable. it has Both anti-armor and anti-infantry capabilities. t has the range of a mass driver cannon and better damage capabilty than a 25 mm gauss gun All of this in.a weapon small enough that 3 infantryman can tote it. i's ammo and set up and use it effectively in the ultra mobile RL:C combat enviroment. This weapon belongs on tanks. The light infantry mortar may be mounted anywhere on the tank, if hull mounted it may only be direct fired in the mounting direction fF turret Mounted it may direct fire in any direction unless the turret becomes locked up for some reason Regarcless of mounting the mortar may be fired in Light Mortar Qamage Max Range Template 20 7 CENTURION r Armor in indirect mode at any target within range that is Painted. Mortar shells are unaffected by shields, A light mortar may fire three kinds oF shells: Anti- Armor Laser Guided Mortars(AALGM), Anti- Persone! Mortars (APM) and Smoke Mortars (SM), The standard AALGM does damage from the IFW-7 template. The APM kills infantry as per the Infantry casualty chart. The SM lays down smoke that is not tactically signifigant For Centurion purposes but is used for marking positions or potential targets Ammmuntion is considered to be unlimited For tactical purposes. The Light Mortar has the sare mounting profile as the standard 25mm Gauss Gun. This is deliberate The light mortar can be substituted on any vehicle for the 25 mm Gauss Gun at a 1:1 ratio. Bower Mass Cost 14 65000 talents Page 22 Winter/Spring 1995 RENEGADE TRANSMISSIONS Rey Seen Sy Parmaron Class: Destroyer Transport Cost : 2.734 140.640 Mass : 610.356 Ergines Right Engine : 25,000 Left Engine : 25000 Thrust 5 Shields Armor Front Right Front: Left Front Right Aft Left aft Stern Weapons Type Location 1 A Spinal mount F 5 100 225/10 RS f 100 225/10 Ls. 1 50 375/5 RS 8 50 375/5 us 8 4 4 3 1 1 Front 50 Right Front: 50 Left Front: 50 Right Aft: 50 Left aft 50 Stern 50 a S 16-20 2575/30 2575/30 Turrets: 0 Ro 3 Lt 3 Fighters : 6 at 300 tons ‘Small Craft: 18 at 1,000 tons Cargo : 40,000 tons Crew : 485 Passengers : 500 Marines : 100 Extras: Thrust Option, Streamiining. Anti-Grav Drives couu@oor conruucy cowwooo ©0--c005 Overview: (One of the real problems in the Commonwealths fight with TOG has been the inability to supply guerilla and Narm Special Forces units operating behind the TOG lines. Late in 6825, a call went out for a design that could sip into a TOG controlled system, avoid or Fight off any local opposition. and deliver needed supplies and Personnel to an area. The Keys stressed were speed and cargo space. Foster Shipoullders submitted the design for the Parmaron, and it was immediately accepted. in the time since, the greatest Fear For a TOG System Commander is the sighting of a Parmaron anywhere near his sector. Winter/Spring 1995 Page 23 RENESASE TRANSMISSIONS Capabilities: The Parmaron fulfills its role admirably. k's speed can be matched only by very few vessels. Those it cannot outrun, the two Nisha 10022.5/10 bays and two Nisha 50 37.5/5 bays can fend off. The bow and stern are each defended by a Nisha 25 75/30, and a Foster Cracker A Spinal Mount makes a head on approach difficult at best. The placing of Armor and shielding makes sure there are no weak points to exploit. The ample cargo space allows the Parmaron to resupply several planets in one mission. The passenger space is designed for replacements or others that have to go into TOG held territory. The vessel can land on Planet or use its small crafts to ferry down supplies There are two drawbacks to the Parmaron. however. The first is a lack of a missile system. The designers argued that since it's main purpose was resupply. not combat, the lack oF a missile system would ‘not hamper it. The second, and more serious, is the abilty OF the Parmaron to only Field a single squadron of fighters. To increase the number of fighters would involve reducing the size of the laser bays, removing cargo space. or both At the present time, there is no real answer to this problem. Deployment: In order to keep the TOG guessing, there are no Firm numbers on how many Parmarons are in operation The best estimate is between fifteen and twenty. of which only Four have been Firmly identfied at this time, Nightshift Games 889 Mowry Ave. #105 Fremont, CA 94536