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2017 NCU English Proficiency Test for new Master Degree Students

on October 28th 2017 (Saturday Morning)

1. The Date:
October 28th, 2017 (Saturday morning)
2. Location: Management Building2, Hong-Jing Hall, Science Building2.
3. Please take seat according to your department and student ID number. The Test Location
Distribution Sheet would be announced one day earlier, on October 27th, on the webpage of
Admission Division( of NCU Academic Affairs office, and
also be pasted in front of those three buildings(Management Building2, Hong-Jing Hall, Science
Building 2.)
4. Examinee:
(1)The examinees for this test are the new master degree students of each department who enrolled
in NCU in 2017. Students of In-Service Master Program and students of Industrial Technology
R&D Master Program are not included. If the freshman of graduate school already has the
English certification and has reached the condition of the department (more information of
the condition of the department, please check:
Theres no need to attend the exam. The freshman of graduate school should provide the
certification to the department if he/she is qualified.
The subject and regulations about this test are as follows:
Remedial Course if
Department Other Regulations
1. Students admitted to graduate
Chinese Literature, Philosophy, History,
institute of art studies through
Learning& Instruction, screening test are not required to take
Art Studies, Physics, Biophysics, the English Proficiency Test.
2. Student admitted to the legal group
Mathematics, Chemistry, Optics &
of graduate institute of industrial
Photonics, Lighting and Display economics are not required to take
Science, Statistics, Astronomy, Take English for the English Proficiency Test.
Chemical & Materials Engineering, Graduate Students 3. A guided self-learning scheme will
be provided to students who did not
Civil Engineering, Construction and obtain the pass pass this test belonging to general
Engineering & Management, Business grade physics and biophysics programs of
Administration, Information graduate institute of physics from
their home department.
Management, Finance, Economics, 4. A guided self-learning scheme will
Accounting, Industrial Economics, be provided to students who did not
Electrical Engineering, pass this test of graduate institute of
astronomy from their home
Computer Science & Information
Engineering, Software Engineering, 5. Those from graduate institute of
network technology and fail the tests
Communication Engineering, Network
should be assigned for readings and
Learning Technology, Atmospheric pass the assessment the other day.
Physics, Graduate Institution of Hakka 6. Master students of Graduate Institute
Social & Cultural Studies, Graduate of Systems Biology and
Bioinformatics. Those students who
Institute of Hakka Political Economy, did not pass this test must take
Graduate Institution of Hakka Language another English proficiency test
& Literature, Law & Government, Life and provide evidence of English
proficiency to your institute. For
Science, Systems Biology & more details about approved tests and
Bioinformatics, Biomedical their minimal requirements, please
Engineering, Master of Science Program contact your institute.
in Remote Sensing Science and
English, French Language & Literature,
Machanical Engineering, Opto-
mechatronics Engineering Program of
Mechanical Engineering Graduate
Institute, Energy, Environmental
Material Science and Engineering, Not required to participate these two Proficiency Tests
Industrial Management, Human
Resource Management, Geophysics,
Applied Geology, Space Science,
Hydrological & Oceanic Sciences,
Cognitive Neuroscience
(2) Students entering in (or before) academic year 2016 and applied for leave of absence from the
tests or students who re-enrolled in this (2017) academic year due to suspension or status
detainment should all participate in the tests.
(3) New NCU foreign master degree students are required to take English Proficiency Test based on
the regulations of each department or institute. Students who could not meet the standard would
need to take remedial courses or learning according to each department or institute.