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ADN- Associates BSN- Bachelor of

Degree in Nursing Science in Nursing

Need fewer credits to Similarities Need more credits to
graduate - 2 years graduate - 4 years
Lead to getting your
Once you graduate: simple More courses in nursing
nursing care (recording theory, nursing research,
Courses include: adult
patient's symptoms, and nursing informatics
health, maternal and
working w/ simple medical Once you graduate: nurse
newborn nursing, and
equipment, educating educator, public health
patients on diseases & nurse, or specialize in
Start at similar salaries
illnesses, working closely specific age groups disease
w/ other nurses and doctors types
Median wage earned after: Is a stepping stone for
1-4 yrs: $61,360 becoming a nurse
20+ yrs: $69,697 practitioner, nurse midwife,
or clinical nurse leader
Median wage earned after:
1-4 yrs: $71,567
20+ yrs: $82,747


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