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18/9/2017 Physical & V-Ray Physical Camera | Learn V-Ray

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Physical & V-Ray Physical Camera

Lesson by Ciro Sannino | Official 5SRW study material

LANGUAGE: English only

If you are working with 3ds Max 2016 (or sup.) V-Ray doesnt show V-Ray Physical Camera anymore
The Camera tool you have now is called PHYSICAL:

Well, this tool has been written using the Chaos Group source code, and its an official cooperation
about Autodesk and Chaos Group! You can trust it ;) The concept are exactly the same, basically its
always a camera

Here 3 suggestions about:

V-Ray Physical Camera had a perfect setting to works fine in exteriors by default!
Unfortunately Physical doesnt. Follow this to get the same exposure, for exteriors:

f =8 / Shutter = 1/200 / ISO = 70 / white Balance Daylight 6500K (= D65)

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Obviously, you can keep ISO to 100: more or less is the same. Just keep ISO on 70 to have a perfect
correspondence with the V-Ray Physical Camera. Anyway as I said, it doesnt make any different in the
workflow. 1/2
18/9/2017 Physical & V-Ray Physical Camera | Learn V-Ray
If you use Neutral in V-Ray Physical > just use Custom / White to do the same with Physical:

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How to get the Classic V-RAY PHYSICAL CAMERA

Are you missing it? Type this simple script in the pink field (bottom-left), then press enter
This script creates a classical V-Ray Physical Camera in the [ 0,0,0 ] coordinates:


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