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Horace Silver Tribute 1. Mayreh 2 2. Creepin’ In 3 3. Diggin’ on Dexter 6 4. Nica’s Dream 10 5. Doodlin’ 14 6. Opus de Funk 15 7. Peace 18 8. Pretty Eyes 20 9. Quicksilver 2 10. Sayonara Blues 24 11. The St. Vitus Dance 25 12. Strollin’ 28 13, The African Queen 20 14. The Preacher 30 15, Out of the Night Came You 31 16. Soulville 32 17. Song For My Father 36 Piano Most of these tunes have been transcribed and/or arranged by Rich Willey. (At the very least, they have been prepared for jazz quintet by Rich Willey.) This ror is for educational purposes only courtesy of Boptism Music Publishing, 23 Oakwood Road, Candle, Nc 28715, Rhythm Mayreh written & arranged by Horace Silver transcribed & slightly modified by Rich Willey Am? D7 Gm? C7 AD D7#9 BO E7#9 Am? D793 Gm? C7 FA E® ATES Dn? G7 C7 Am? 7 Gm? C7 — Am? D7 Gm? C7 Am? D7 Gm? C7 AD D7#9 BO E7#9 Am? = D8 Gm? C7 FA G7#tt C7#u “An? DT Gn? C7 FA. soto break! After blowing: D.C. al Fa BQ Bb? An? Abn? Ga FA Rhythm/Lead Sheet Creepin’ In written by Horace Silver transcribed by Rich Willey Nice & slow & relaxed — J = 88 BbD Eb7b9 Abm? = BL®_~—EB7b9- Abm? Cm? F7#2— Bbm? BbD EBT |’ Abm? =|’ Abm? Eb7bs Abm7 Eb7b9 _G/Ab Eb7b9 Abm? F7#9 = Bb® Eb7b — Abm? BbD = Eb7b9— Abm? BhO —Eb7bS_—— Abm? Cm? _ F7ES Bbm? Bb® Eb7b9 — Abm? © Sithouette Music Corp. 1956 Creepin’ In — Rhythm/Lead Sheet — Page 2 Blowing changes Bb® Eb7b9 Abm? F7#9 Bb® Eb7b9 Abm? Eb7Db/ Cm? F7#9— Bbm7 BbD Eb7b9 — Abm7 Bb® Eb7b8— Abm?7 F7#9 = Bb® Eb7b9— bm? Eb? Db? Cm? F7#9— Bbm7 Bb® Eb7b9 — Abm7 Eb7bs Abm7 Eb7b9 Abm7 Eb7b9 Abm? F7#9 = Bbh® Eb7b9 — Abm7 BbD Eb7b9 Abm? F7#9 = Bb® Eb7b9 — Abm? Eb? Db? Cm? F7#9 — Bbm7 Bbh® Eb7b9 Abm? ast x only Creepin’ In — Rhythm/Lead Sheet — Page 3 Bb® Eb7b9 Abm7 Bb Eb7b9 Abm? Cn? F7#9 Bbm? Bb Eb7b9 — Abm? BbD Eb7b9 Abm7 Bb® Eb7b9 Abm7 Cm? F7#S Bhm7 BbD Eb7b9 — Abm? Eb7b9 Abm7 Eb7b9 _G/Ab Eb7b9 Abm? F7#9 == Bb® Eb7b3— Abm7 BbO —Eb7b9 Abn? BbO ELT Ab? Cn? FHS Bhi? axBbD EBT Ab? Bh Eb7b9 Abn7bs Rhythm Diggin’ On Dexter written by Horace Silver arranged by Rich Willey Dm? Dm7b6 Dmé Dr? Dna? Dm? Dmd7 E13 Are Dm? Dm? Dm7bé Dn? Dm? Dm? £3 Ars Dn? AD; Dibs Gm? GO , C7#it FO — Boren A7b9 Dm? Din7b6 Dn Dm? Dma? Dm? = DmA7 af 7 7 E13 Arbo Dm? GRP Records In. 1996 Diggin’ On Dexter — Rhythm — Page 2 Open for Solos Dm? (opt. b/g’s) Gd C7#it FA Bb7#i — A7bs GRP Records Inc. 1996 Diggin’ On Dexter — Rhythm — Page 3 A Bb7n be Dm’? Ae AN Bb7tu he Dm? R= Ae AD Dis Gm? Gd C7#u FA — Bb7#u — A7b9 abe AT Dm? AN a A en o 5 6 GRP Records Inc. 1996 Diggin’ On Dexter — Rhythm — Page 4 Dm? Dm7b6 Dmé Dm? = D7 Dm? D7 A A= A £13 Azbe Dm? A Dm? Dm7bé Dm? = DmA7_— Dm nn A =A E13 Ars Dn? A AD. Dis Gm GO , c7#it FA — pprgu A7b2 Dn? Dma? Dm? DmA7 Dm? Dm7b6 Dmé A E13 Ares Dn? A Bb7 AT, ABT G7 ED rhg = Dit? A a A © GRP Record, Ine. 1996 Rhythm Nica’s Dream composed 8 arranged transcribed by Rich Willey Imo BbmO7 — Abm&7 __GhmA7_ Chit Latin-Jazz Feel Bbm47 Abm47 BbmA7 Abm47 Top of form Bbm47 Abm7 BbmA7 Abm? Db? Abn? Db? GbA Db? C7bs Flr Flaur Swing feel ‘ . ° Ebm7/Ab Ab7 DbA Bbt3b5 Eb7#ut Ebm? Ab? —-DbA Em? A7 © Ecaroh Music 1956 Nica’s Dream — Rhythm — Page 2 Ebm7/Ab Ab? DbA BbI3b5 Eb7#it Ebm? Ab7 DbA F7b9 Latin-Jazz Feel BbmA7 Abm47 Bbm47 Abm? Db? Abn? Db? GbA Db? Cis CO/F F7b9 BbmA7 End of form ” plu to 8-bar send-off Bbmd7 AbmA7 GbA C79 Flr Bbm a7 Solo break (Solo form bars 1-49) % 6 7 © Ecaroh Music 1956 Nica’s Dream — Rhythm — Page 3 Bbm AT Shout/Out-chorus Abm47 Bbma? Abn? Db? Abm7 22 2e0i, Db GbA Db? C79 Flr Fur Swing feel Ebm?/Ab Ab? Dba Bbi3b5 Eb7#it Ebm? Ab? Dba Em? A? Ebm?/Ab Ab? DbA Bbi3b5 Eb7#ut Ebm7 Ab7 DbA F7b9. Latin-Jazz Feel © Ecaroh Music 1956 Nica’s Dream — Rhythm — Page 4 BbmA7 Abm47 Bbm47 Abm? Db? Abn? Db? Gba Db7 79 CO/F F789 Boma? Bbm47 Ebm? Ab? DbA Cm? F7bS Cn? F7bS Chri BhmllA7 a A © Ecaroh Music 1956 , Pa) composed & arranged Piano Doodlin by Horace Silver transcribed by Rich Willey Db, 2x both x Gb? , Db? Bb? Play melody twice on D.C. before jumping to Coda © Ecaroh Music 1956 Doodlin’ — Piano — Page 2 Db? Gb? Db? Bb? Ebm7 Ab? Db? Abl3 Db7 Blowing Gb? Db7 Bb7 Ebm7 Ab? Db Abl3 pru last X only After blowing D.C. al > ® py , Abl3 G7 1 Fearch Music 1956 Rhythm Opus de Funk written by Horace Silver arranged by Rich Willey ELA Eo Bb/F G73 Cm? F7 BbA Cm? FZ % BoA Frid Bh7 EbA Ev BbA Dm? G7 Cm? F7 BLA F7 BbA) * gba D7bs “Gri Gb7#i Fd , Bb? Eb? Ev Bb/F Dm? G7 Cn? F7 Boa & f7 | . F7 BbA) © Ecaroh Music 1956 Opus de Funk — Rhythm — Page 2 Blowing ===-----—~ chelltges TTT 1 “ i BA (D7b9 Gm? __Gb7#tl)_ Fn? Bb? EbA Eo BbA “Dn? G7 “nd “FZ "BbA “Cn? f7 After blowing: + Cm? F7 ELA Ev BL/F G7bs Cm? F7 BLA Bb7#ut (trumpet and saxophone only) © Ecaroh Music 1956 composed & arranged Rhythm Peace by Horace Silver transcribed by Rich Willey Instrumental version. A oD , D7bs Gm7 C7 i 3 3 Cha , CO FS BhA ——, Bm? E7 AA F#m? ELD Abl3 Ab7b13, DbA c7#9 C9 B7#9 B7#il |' BA *BbA wa be = — * Piano (male vocal key) Peace composed & arranged 1y Horace Silver transcribed by Rich Willey Piano and Vocal FED B7b9 Em? Av oS —— 3 AbA AD D9 GA 3 — G#n7 c#7 FHA D#m7 co FIZ F713 BA A7#o AS Ab7b9 Ab7#iL ‘CA ‘GA Bb7#u oj oS (to instrumental) a = © Ecaroh Music 1961 Rhythm Section Pretty Eyes Ebm7 Dbm? , Ebm7 Dbm? Ebn? sb. Ebm’ Dhn? Ebn? Db? Ebn? Dbm? Ebm7 Dbm? Ebm7 Dbm7 3 Ebm? bm? Abn? % Ebm7 Dbm7 Ebm? Dbm7 . Ebm7 Dbm? Ebm7 Dbm?7 ” Ebn Dbnv ” Ebmi Dbm? “Eb? Db? Eb? Db? Pretty Eyes — Rhythm Section — Page 2 Bn? E7 AA piano/bass unis.- ~~ piano/bass unis.- ~~ > FO Bb7#9 Ebm7 Dbm? Ebm7 Dbm? = Ebm? = Dbm? Em? Dbm? For blowing: D.S. For ending: D.C. al fine © Ecaroh Music 1964 Rhythm Quicksilver written by Horace Silver AbA Gd c7#9 Fm? Bb7 Eb7#S AbA F7 Bbm7 Eb? AbA Bbm? Eb? AbA GO c7#9 Fm? Bb’ Eb7#S AbA F7 Bbm7 Eb7 Abd, GO c7¥8 Quicksilver — Rhythm — Page 2 Fm? C7b9 Fm? GO C7 Abm? Db? GO C7 Fm? C78 Fim? Bb7 Bbm7 Eb? AbA GO C7#9 Bbm7 Bbm? Eb? AbA Bbm7 Eb7 = AbA © Ecan Rhythm Section Sayonara Blues composed & arranged transcribed by Rich Willey Horn piu D7#3 Gm? D?#2Gm7 “ETT p** (piano & bass) t > (drums) D7#2Gm7| D7#2 Gm? grr op °* “OTT po* D7#3Gwi| D7#3 Gm? grr op “Orr op" D7#9Gn/| D7#2 Gm? “arr p* “OTT p.* Gm? Chord ehythm — AbA#IL Gn7 AbAgI Gnd Ponty) Faster ° (piano'& bass) Sayonara Blues — Rhythm Section — Page 2 Gn? AbA#IY Gm7 AbA#iL Gm? AbA# Gm? AbA#I Gm? AbA#t Gm7 AbA#t Gm? AbA#t Gn ' AbA#H > AbAgi *During blowing these can all be Ab7#1 © Ecaroh Music 1962 Rhythm St. Vitus Dance written by Horace Silver arranged by Rich Willey Gb7# = Fm? = Ebm? Ab? DbA GD Cur Fm? DO Db Clr Fm? Gb7#ut Fm? Ebn Ab? DbA GO Cur Fm? DO Db7tu Clr Fm? Bby? Ebvar Ab A Abm? Db‘ur Gba Car Gb7#t Fm? Ebm? Ab? DbA GO Cir Fm? DD Db Cir Fm? ey Go _C7# Fri Bhs “CO “ores En? fine * b/g only © Eearoh Masic 1950 Blowing section St. Vitus Dance — Rhythm — Page 2 (shout chorus figures) GbR Fy? Ebn?_ Ab? Dba GD Cur Fm Dd Db7#t Clr Fm? _GbTe Fre? Ebn?_ Ab? Db GD Cur Fm’ Do Db7#1 CZur Fm? Bbm7 Eb/ur AbA Abm? Db/ar GbA C7ar _Gbrpit_ Fin? Ebn?_ Ab? DbA GD Cur Fm’ DO Db7#it CZur Fim? after blowing Rhythm Strollin’ % Dba Dba Abn? Db? Gn? C7 “Fn? BbTHS * En? Abi “Dba ee Ab? Dba Em7 Ebm7, A7 “Dba t*~*~stsS*sCSO GCF Fr? Bb? Eb7#II Fin? 87 Fm? = Bb? = Ebm? Ab? = DbA Fm? — Em?" AL? D.Swal BF n7 Bh? ["Ebn? ABT ['Ebm? Ab? Dba GbrHu IS Sa ee "Fr? BBS. Ebm7 — Ab7#S Dbati composed @ arranged Rhythm Lead Sheet The African Queen by Horace Silver 4bar intro transcribed by Rich Willey Coil G7aur/F Coil GZaur/F Svb locom Top mil GZaur/Fo Cri Gar /F Cm! Glaur/F Cll Glau /F — Coil G%aur/Fo Cm Glar/Fo Cm! Glar/F Cm! G7ar/F ——— Bb | Al3 Ab7# Gur Coll Glur/F Coll G7ur/F Cm!l Glar/F = Cm! GZaur/F Play head 2x Rhythm section long vamp to end Coil G7ur/F © Ecaroh Music 1961 Rhythm The Preacher written by Horace Silver transcribed by Rich Willey S Fa F7 BLABY FA FA Dwi G7 c7 FA F7 BA Ar BhA BY FA__ D7 -@Gm7 C7 [FQ Horn b/g’s — last piano choruses BLA BY FA FA Dm? G7 C7 FA F7 BbA AZ, BbhA BY FA dD? Gm? C7 FA ps. {last X only) ® Gn? C7 F 13g Rhythm Out of the Night Came You written by Horace Silver arranged by Rich Willey Medium Groove — Two-beat feel feebloning” Db . C7 FeTH Gm? (7 fe . 2 5 FA Eb «=. Dn? Gish A 5 6 7 3 — C7sus C7 FA "Bhn? Eb7 AbA Gm7_ C7 Dba C7 “FH Gn? C7 A Fa Ebru Dp? Gish C7sus Bb HATH Dar A 2 3, 3 2 DS. al Coda © Ecaroh Music 1976 Rhythm Section by Horace Silver & Walter Bolden. Soulville sranstrined & aranged by Rich Willey Bbm7 Ab? G7 Gb°7_— Bbm?— Eb°7—— Bb 7b Ebm? FO? = G97_ GBT Bb? EBO?. =D? O?. CO Bho? Ac? F751 Bm? GD 1 2 Bbm? Ab? 2 FO Bbi#2 Ebm? ELD Ab7#s Dbm7 CD OF 7S Soulville — Rhythm Section — Page 2 Bbm? Ab? G7 G7 Bbm?_—Eb°7 Bbrle ns Ebn? — F°7 G°7Gb°7,— ss Bbm?_—sCE°7 D7 ~~ DBT co Bbo7 AST F7bS Bbm? GO CH OF TbS & Blow over minor blues with bridge _Bbn? __ GO Co Fite FO Bite El br co Fibs Bbm?__ Eb? Abm? __Db? Gb7#iL CO Fibs Bbm? GD co Fibs 1 FO Bbi#3 Ebm7 ELD Ab7#s Dbm? co F7b5 Bbm? GD co Fibs FO Bbibe Ebm7 co Fite Bbm? _Eb? Abm? Db? Gb7#iL co Fits Bbm? __ GD co F7bs D.S. for more blowing Out-chorus (piano unis. w/horns) Soulville — Rhythm Section — Page 3 Bbm? Ab7 G7 Gb? Bbm? = Eb°? BLT Ebr? FO? G97 GE? Bln? Eb? DO? ho? co Bboy AR F7bs FO Bbi#s Ebm7 EL® Ab7#9 Db? CH OF Tb Soulville — Rhythm Section — Page 4 Bom? Ab? G7? GBT Bbm?_— E97 Bbrle Ebm? = F°7 G7 Gb Bbm? — Eb°7 D7 ~~ sODb co Bboy AS? F 7S Bbm? = GD CH OFS IGbA/F { (piano does lots of up and down arpeggios) a bass repeats last 3 notes after hold (© Bearoh Music 1959 Rhychm Song For My Father writen by Horace Silver bass line continues * Db7#it C7#9 Eb? Fm7 Eb? -Dbv#u C7#s F ml © Ecaroh Music 1966