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Take sides, keep/ have a foot in both camps, serve two masters, Remain/ stay aloof
Have a finger in every pie,

#disconnect, end involvement

Out(9): he'll be out on bail in no time, Lee goes on to the semifinals but Brown is
out, he gets out of the army in a few weeks, an awful job I'm glad that I'm out of
Uninvolved: my mom looked cold distant and uninvolved with/ to my life.
Estranged(3): he felt estranged from his former existence.
Disconnected: disconnected images/ thoughts/ ideas, I felt disconnected from the
world around me.

Jump the ship,

Wash your hands of sth: when her son was arrested again she washed her hands of
him, I washed my hands of all sordid business.
Have got a lot/ nothing/ something to do with sth.
Be/ have to do with sth: it's to do with the letter you sent me.
Have / want no truck with sth: we have no truck with illegal
organization, we want no truck with that sort of gutter journalism.
Have/ want/ play/ take no part in sth:
Not touch sth with a bargepole/ teen-feet pole: personally I won't him or his
business with a bargepole.
Renounce: to renounce your son.
= repudiate: he repudiated all his former associates.
= disown: the disowned their daughter for marrying a foreigner.
Break with sth: to break with old habits/ tradition/ the past, he broke with his
party on the issue of Europe.
Distant(v): it's no easy for nurses to distance themselves emotionally, he used to
distance himself from politics.
dissociate: he tried to dissociate himself from the party's extreme views.
Disinterest: I don't claim any scholarly disinterest with this book.
Disaffiliate: the local club disaffiliated from the the National Athletic
Secede: the republic of Panama seceded from Columbia in 1987.
Withdraw(3): there has been calls for Briton to withdraw from the EU, he was forced
to withdraw from the competition because of an injury, the horse was withdrawn for
the race.
Want out of sth: Jane was fed up she wanted out of it.
Break/ cut/ teat sth loose from sth: he cut himself loose from his family, the
organization broke loose from its sponsors.
Drop out of sth: he dropped out of active politics, a word that had dropped out of
Pull out of sth= withdraw: the project became so expensive that we had to pull out.
Pull sth out of sth='withdraw: they're pulling their troops out of the war zone.
Cut sth out from sth:
Let sb out: They think the attacker was very tallso that lets you out.
See: in the clear.

#concerned directed towards

To(11): he was a threat to world peace, she made a reference to her earlier book.
With(6): be careful with the glasses, are pleased with the results, don't be angry
with her, with these students it's the pronunciation that is the problem.
For(3): fortunately for us the weather changed, they were anxious for her safety.
About(prep): it's about flowers, tell me all about it, what's she so angry about ?
I don't know what you're about now.
Over(prep,12): an argument over money, a disagreement over the best way to proceed.
Towards(4): he was warm towards her, our attitude towards death.
Concern(1): don't interfere in what doesn't concern you, the loss was a tragedy for
all concerned, to whom it may concern, please pay attention because this concerns
all of you, the individuals concerned have some explaining to do, everybody who was
directly concerned in the accident has now resigned, where our national security is
concerned no compromise is acceptable.
Concern(2): the story concerns the prince's efforts to rescue Pamina, the book is
concerned with the Soviet-American relationship during the Cold War era, this
chapter concerns itself with the historical background, wherein lies the difference
concerns the way in which the two systems store the information.
Appertain: these figures appertains to last year's sales, rights appertaining to
the property.
Pertain to sth: the laws pertaining to adoption.
-Wise(2): this isn't good businesswise.
In the way of sth: There isn't much in the way of entertainment in this place.
Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary 9th edition Oxford University Press, 2015

Relate to sth: the second paragraph relates to the situation in Scotland, we shall
discuss the problem as it relates to our specific case.
Refer to sth: this paragraph refer to last year events, the term "accent" refers to
pronunciation while the term "dialect" refers to grammar and vocabulary.
Related: stress related Illness, closely related issue/ question, crime is closely
related to drugs.
Relative(4): facts that are relative to the case.
As to sth= as regard sth: as to tax it will be deducted from your salary, I have
little information as regard her fitness for the post, as regard the first point in
your letter.
Regarding: she had said nothing regarding your request, call me if your have any
problems regarding your work.
Respecting: information respecting the child's whereabouts.
Concerning= involving, about: he asked several questions concerning the future of
the company, all cases concerning children are being dealt with in special courts.
In this/ that regard: I have nothing further to say in this regard.
In/ with regard to sth: the company's position with regard to overtime is made
clear in their contract.
In respect of sth: a writ was served on the firm in respect of their unpaid bill.
With respect to sth: two groups are similar with respect of status.
On this/ that score: you don't have to worry on that score.
In/ with reference to sth: I'm writing to you in reference to you letter Of July
In this/ that connection: of value in this connection was the work done by the
state police.
In connection with sth: I am writing to you in connection with your tion, a man was
arrested in connection with the teenage murder.
Apropos of: apropos of what your were just saying.

Relational: power is a relational concept that can only be understood in terms of

interaction between individuals and groups.
Respective: they're each recognized specialist in their respective fields, the
respective role of man and woman in the society.
Associative: an associative nonlinear mode of thought.
Correlative(adj,n): rights wether moral or legal can involve correlative duties,
the child's right to education is correlative to parents' duty to send him to
Apply(4): some conditions apply if you're under 18, most of what I said applies to
all of you, the word "unexciting" would never apply to her novels. n/a
Go for sth: what I told him goes for you too, they have problems but the same goes
for many other countries.
Hold good: the same argument doesn't hold good in every case.
Complementary: the school's role must be complementary to that of the parents.
Couple sth with sth= combine with: overproduction coupled with prices drop lead to
a huge loss.
Vis--vis: Briton's role Vis--vis the US.
Hereof= of this document: a period of 12 months from the date hereof, in accordance
with section 17 hereof.
Thereof: is the property or any part thereof is used for commercial activities ?
Hereto= to this matter or document: please see the policy appended hereto, hereto
is appended the estimate costs, the written consent of a parent hereto.
Thereto: the lease entitles the holder to use the building and all the land
attached thereto.
Hereby: the port authority herby solicit proposals from developers.
Thereby: regular exercises strengthen the heart and thereby reduces the risk of a
heart attack.
Herein: no one is willing to compromise and herein lies the rub.
Therein: the insurance policy covers the budding and any fixtures therein, in court
she denied any knowledge of the report and all allegations made therein.
Hereafter= hereinafter: this contract is between Mr Green (hereinafter is referred
to as the vendor) and Mr. John (hereafter is referred to as the purchaser).
Thereon: the meeting will discuss the accounts and the auditors' report thereon.
Thereupon: a large notice with black letters printed thereupon.
Herewith: I enclose herewith a copy of the policy.
Therewith: documents lodged therewith.
Therefrom: the committee will examine the agreement and any problems arising
Thereunder: this saving plan is only available under the finance act 1990 and all
regulation made thereunder.

Based on: the movie is based on real story, these reports are based on figures from
different countries.
Bedrock: poor suburbs forms the bedrock of the party's support, honesty is bedrock
of any healthy relationship.

To(10): a solution to the problem, a key to the door, the French ambassador to
Japan, she's married to an Italian.

Linkage='connection: this books explores the linkage economic development and the
Connection= link: how did you make the connection ? His resignation must have a
strong connection to the recent scandal, the scientists have established a direct
connection between cholesterol levels and heart diseases.
Connectivity: isdn connectivity.
Connector: cable connector.
Continuity(2): the novel fails to achieve narrative continuity, there're obvious
continuity between diet and health.
Bearing: exercise has direct bearing on the health, her comments had little bearing
on the subject, the recent events had no bearing on my decision.
Relation: the relation between the crop and the amount of rain, the relation of the
farmer to the land, the fee the pay bears no relation to the amount of work, I have
some comment to make in relation to this issue, his head is small in relation to
his body.
Interlink: a series of short interlinking stories, the two processes are
Interrelate: a discussion of how the soul interrelates with the body, a discussion
of how the soul and body are interrelated, interrelated problems.
Interconnect: the interconnection between the parts of the brain.
Correlate: those figures don't seem to correlate, high-fat diet correlates with
higher risk of heart do ease.
Correlate(2): scientists are trying to correlate these figures.
Correlation: there's a direct correlation between exposure to sun and skin cancer,
the correlation of social power of health.
Correspondence(3) there's a close correspondence between the two extracts.
Link(n): Police suspect there may be a link between the two murders.
evidence for a strong causal link between exposure to sun and skin cancer. SEE
ALSO missing link
Link(v2): link A to/with B Exposure to ultraviolet light is closely linked to skin
link A and B The two factors are directly linked.
The personal and social development of the child are inextricably linked (= they
depend on each other).
Associated: risks associated with taking drugs, salaries and associated costs have
risen substantially.
= connected: the fall in retail prices is closely connected with the drop in
Allied(2): in this job you'll need social skills allied to/ with technical
Association(3): the cast soon made the association between humans and good food,
incense always had associations with religion for him.
Association(4): a proven association between passive smoking and cancer.
Attendant(adj): attendant risks/ circumstances/ problems, she hated the award
ceremony and all the attendant publicity, we've encountered all sorts of problems
attendant upon starting up a new business. see here: consequent upon
See: time: concomittant, accompany.
Surround(3): the publicity that surrounds their divorce.
Companion(fig): fear was the hostages' companions.
Conflate: The issues of race and class are separate and should not be conflated.
Tie-up: the tie-up between politics and economy.
Tie(n,5): economic/ family/ emotional/ friendship ties, the firm has close ties
with China, both sides agreed to strengthen the political ties, although he was
raised as a Roman Catholic but he has cut his ties with the church.
Bond: a bond of friendship forged between them, the agreement strengthened the
bonds between the two countries, the bond between the mother and the child.
Link(n2): link (with something) to establish trade links with Asia
The department is interested in developing closer links with industry.
link (between A and B) Social customs provide a vital link between generations.
Affiliated: a government-affiliated institute, all affiliated members can vote.
Affiliation(1): he was arrested because of his political affiliations.
Affiliation(2): trade unions have a long history of affiliation to Labour Party.
Affiliate(n): an affiliate of the world bank.
Associate(adj): an associate company in Japan.
Associate(n): business associates, my associates.
Affiliate(v,1): the hospital is affiliated with the university, the student is not
affiliated to any political party.
Affiliate(v,2): the don't affiliate themselves to any religion, the doctors are
affiliated with a relief fund.
Associate: you wouldn't normally associate those two writers, most people
immediately/ closely associate addiction with drugs.
= connect: I was surprised to hear them mentioned together I've never connected
them before, there's nothing to connect him with the crime.
Link(v3): SYNONYM associate
Detectives have linked the break-in to a similar crime in the area last year.
Newspapers have linked his name with the singer.
Identification(5): the voters' identification of the democrats with high taxes.
Identify sth with sth: the church is being increasingly identified with opposition
to the government.
Attached: the research unit is attached to the university.
Attach(4): nobody is suggesting that any health risk is attached to our product, no
blame attaches to you, this doesn't attach any blame to you.
Relate= connect: I can't relate the two ideas, payment increases will be related to
Bear on sth= affect:
Tie(5): payment increases is tied to inflation, the house is tied with the job so
we'll have to leave when I retire.
In line with sth: annual pay increases will be in line with inflation.
Tie sth up: her behavior is tied up with her feeling of guilt.
Yoke(v): the hong Kong dollar was yoked to the US dollar, they were yoked together.
see: (figurative) In some areas, the poor feel harnessed to their jobs.
Referable: these symptoms may be referable to viruses rather than parasites.
Attributable: their illnesses are attributable to poor diet.
Ascribable: their success can be ascribable to their quality goods.
Attribute to, ascribe to, point to, accredit,

Bridge(n,2): cultural exchanges are a way of building bridges between countries,

the book serves as a bridge between old wisdom and current science.
Interconnect: bedrooms that are interconnected, the kitchen interconnects with the
dinning room.

Nexus: the nexus between the industry and political power, a nexus of interests.
Entanglement: political/ emotional entanglement.

Map sth onto sth: grammar help students to map language structure onto their own.
Match(v,3): the aim of the competition is to match each quote to/ with the person
who said it.
Match sth up with sth: she spent the morning matching up orders with the invoices,
now I need to match up a skirt with this blouse.
Tie sth in with sth:
Horses for courses.
Reassign: the case was reassigned to a different court.

Direct: a direct link/ cause/ experience / contact, the information has a direct
bearing on the case.
X indirect
Direct(adv): i prefer to deal with him direct,
Intimate(adj,5): intimate connection.
Close(adj,5): he has close links to the company, he's the prime minister's closest
advisor, we keep in close touch with the police, she kept in close contact with the
families of victims.

#not related
A monkey/ piggy in the middle.
Crossfire: The doctor was killed in crossfire as he went to help the wounded.
(figurative) When two industrial giants clash, small companies can get caught in
the crossfire (= become involved and suffer as a result).
Unrelated= unconnected: the two crimes are apparently unconnected, my resignation
is totally unconnected with the recent events, in my free time I like to do things
that are unrelated to my work.
Decouple: gasoline prices have been decoupled from the crude oil price.
Separate(2): it happened in 3 separate occasions, for the past years they've been
leading totally separate lives.
Have your head in the clouds,

On topic: keep it short and on topic, let's get back on topic.

To the point. See: topic in hand. At: ActSpecial.
Off topic: her comments are completely off topic.
On point: none of the replies were on point, let's stay on point, the quotation was
directly on point.
Topical: a topical joke/ reference/ events, because of the recent events the
program has taken on an unexpected topicality.
Tangential:'a tangential argument.
Drag sth into sth: do you have drag politics into everything ?
Extraneous: we don't want any extraneous information on this page, coughs and
extraneous noises can be edited out, extraneous comment to the subject.
= irrelevant= immaterial.
Pertinent: a pertinent fact/ question, keep your comments pertinent to the the
topic under discussion, the report examines the causes of the rising unemployment
and more pertinently offers some solitons.
= relevant. see: confine comments to the topic in hand.
Applicable= related: give details about children where applicable, much of the form
wasn't applicable to me, the new approach has wide applicability to all sorts of
problems. n/a
Inapplicable: These regulations are inapplicable to international students.
OPPOSITE applicable
Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary 9th edition Oxford University Press, 2015

More on this in : "aim target act special way."

Inextricable: an inextricable connection between the past and present, knowledge

and power have become inextricable.
Inseparable: our economy is inseparable from the US.
Intertwine: their political careers had become closely intertwined.
Entwine: their lives are entwined, her destiny was entwined with him.
Be bound together: communities are bound together by traditions and customs.
Synonymous: wealth isn't necessarily synonymous with health,
Collateral(adj): collateral ligament, collateral benefits, it's collateral to the
main contract.

Go with= go together: poverty and disease often go together.

Tie sth in with sth: the concert will tie in with the dance festival taking place
the same weekend.
Interconnect: bad housing and poverty are interconnected, debt is interconnected
with bad housing.
Causal: there's a casual relationship between diseases and poverty.
Causality= causation:
Hand in hand: poverty and poor health often go hand in hand.
Embed(fig): these attitudes are deeply embedded in our society.
Intrench: intrenched sexism/ attitude/ interest, the idea has firmly intrenched
itself in his consciousness.
Implant: prejudice can easily become implanted in sbs mind.
Ingrained= deep-rooted: the belief that we must do our fob is ingrained in most of
Harness(v,1): in some poor area the people feel harnessed to their jobs.

Outside(adj,3): we felt we were cut off from the outside world, we decided to hire
an outside firm of consultants, she has a lot of outside interests.
Outsider: she felt she would always be an outsider, to an outsider it may seem a
glamorous job, he hired an outsider for some key positions.
External: external/ internal factors/ pressures/ influences, information come from
a reliable source external to the government, external wall/ use, external
examiner/ assessor/ auditor will verify the accounts.
Extramural: the hospital provides extramural care to patients who don't need to be
admitted, extramural researchers, extramural activities. See: outwork.

Independent(2/3/4/7): independent inquiry/ witness/ advice, police is independent

from the government, independent research bodies reached same conclusion,
independent counsel/ tv/ school/ sector/ candidate.
= Unaffiliated: unaffiliated voters, he was unaffiliated with any party.

Foreign(4): tears are useful to expel any foreign bodies.

Foreigner: I was regarded as a foreigner by the local folk.
Interloper= intruder: she felt interloper inside her own family.

Membership: who is eligible to apply for membership of the association? Membership

card/ fee.
Membership(2): the membership hasn't het voted, it has a membership of over 20000.
Belong to sth: have you ever belonged to a political party?
Join(4): it cost 25 to join, she'd joined the army last year, to join the ranks of
Unique(3): kuala is unique to China, atmosphere that is unique to LA.
On(prep,8): whose side are you on ? To be on the panel/ committee/ group.
On the inside: the thieves must have someone on the inside helping them.
Insider: the situation was described by an insider as "absolute chaos", an
insider's view of the film.
Inside(adj,3): inside information, any newspaper would pay big money to get the
inside story of their marriage, the robbery seems to be an inside job.

Let yourself in for sth: I volunteered and then I though what have I let myself in
for ?
Walk into sth: I son realized I'd walked into a trap. see: blunder into sth
Fall into trap of sth:
Tangle with sth: last time I tangled with him he won.
Take sth to the mat, go to the mat.
Lock horns with sb over sth: the company locked horns with the unions over
Volunteer(v4): They volunteered me for the job of interpreter.
Entangle: she didn't want it get entangled with him, he became entangled in a
series of conflicts with the management.
Enmesh: he enmeshed himself in a web of lies and deceit.
Embroil: he became embroiled in a dispute with his neighbors, I'm reluctant to
embroil myself in his problems. see: ensnare.
Be implicated in sth: senior officials were implicated in the scandal.
Implication= involvement; he resigned after his implication in the scandal.
Involve(4)= implicate: his confession involved a number of other politicians in the
Be/ get mixed up with sth: don't tell me you're mixed up with all of this?
Mess with sth: don't miss with him/ fireworks. See: get into hassle with.
Entrapment: There is no defence of entrapment in English law. see: agent

Part(10): he had no part in that decision, I want no part of this sordid business,
alcohol plays part in 70% of divorce cases.
Be a party to sth: he refused to be a party to any violence.
Hand(4): evidence suggest the hand of rebels in the bombings, many of his friends
had hands in his downfall, to a measure to strengthen hen hand in the department.
Interest(7): I should at this point declare my interest, America has an interest in
keeping the situation as it is.
Interested: as an interested party I wasn't allowed to vote. Vested interest: They
have a vested interest in keeping the club as exclusive as possible.
Vested interests (= people with a vested interest) are opposing the plan.
She thinks that lawyers have a vested interest in making the legal process move
slowly. see: have an axe to grind at: reason.
Self interest,
Stakeholder: all our employees are stakeholders in the company, the government has
said it wants to create a stakeholder economy wherein all people have an interest
in its success.
Draw sb into sth= draw sb in: youngsters drawn into life of crime, the book starts
slowly but it soon drags you in.
= suck sb up into sth= suck sb in.
Co-opt sb into sth
Involve sb in sth: you've involved me in a great deal of extra work.
Indulge(4): I don't indulge in idle gossip.
Be/ get in on the act: more companies want to get in on the act an develop cables.
Be/ get in on the ground floor.
Be/ get in on sth: I'd like to be in on the plan, is she in on the secret ? He'd
like to get in on any discussion.
Come in on sth: I'd you want to come in on the deal you need to decide now.
Be in at sth: they were in at the start.
Deep(14): to be deep in thought/ conversation, he is so deep in his books that he
often forgets to eat, the company was deep in debt.
Immerse(2): he immersed himself in work, they were immersed in a conversation in
the corner. see: submersion.
See: AttentionAwareness: Engrossed, distracted, absent, throw himself in work etc.
In full spate: she was in full spate. see: sunk in sth, lost in thought etc.
Be bound up in sth: he's too bound up in work too pay attention to his kids.
Be wrapped up in sth= engrossed= absorbed: they're completely wrapped up in in
their children, she was so wrapped up in her work that she didn't realize how late
it was.
See: these and: be taken up with sth At: Busy.
See: engrossed at: attention
Plunge(n,3): the company is planning for deeper plunge into the Asian markets.
Plug into sth: the company has doubled its profits since plugging into the
lucrative Asian markets.
Active(2): he want politically active, he was active in his campaign, active
involvement/ participation/ resistance/ support, she takes an active part in school
life, they took active steps to combat the spread of the disease.
In/ out of the picture.
Touch(9): anything she touches turn into a disaster, his last two movies were flops
and now no studio will touch him.
Stand aside: don't stand aside and let others do all the work.
Stay out of sth: I wish you'd stayed out of my business.