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The Minnedosa

Since 1883
Volume 135 Issue 27 Friday, September 22, 2017 90 cents plus tax

this week
Warming Up To Run

Cup Champs

$4,000 For
New Clinic

Photo by HIllary Miller

Participants warm up with stretches and excercises in front of the Community Conference Centre before
hitting the streets for the 2017 Minnedosa Terry Fox Run last Sunday.

By HILLARY MILLER all counts, said Jan Macey, an extra $200 is definitely a nations, showing that this participate, a little bit of fall
one of the organizers for bonus. cause is still very much weather will not keep them
If your label reads
T his years Terry Fox the run. This year, there was a alive and well. away, said Macey.

17 /09 /30
Run can be summed The run began at 10 good variety of men, wom- With the cold, windy, After the run was com-
up in one word: success. a.m. with a warm up in the en, children, Minnedosans sometimes rainy weather plete, and people returned
With 69 participants, made front yard of the Minnedo- and out-of-towners. There on Sunday, there was con- to the MCCC for a bar-
Its time to renew up of volunteers, donors, sa Community Conference was even a group who cern that fewer people may beque where they could
your subscription! and runners alike, the run Centre which was led by drove down from Erickson have participated in the make an additional dona-
raised $2,700 this year. If Karen Bramley. for the run. Many people run, but Macey said this tion for the food supplied.
204-867-3816 people come in and make
a donation, they are con-
Macey noted that
$2,500 is the average raised
who showed up simply
brought in pledge forms,
was not the case.
I feel that if people Continued on
sidered participants, and it in Minnedosa, so raising and made their own do- are going to come out and Page 3

75% 75% of Canadians reply on newspapers for LOCAL community information.
Reach those readers with a newspaper ad.
Source: Newspapers Canada
2 Friday, September 22, 2017 The Minnedosa Tribune

Another Five Blooms Earned By Minnedosa

By HILLARY MILLER and attendees were given previously attended, to Bertram said that she to get that information. I be fixed for next year. They
the opportunity to listen where the monarchs fly in would like for the results think that would be a good also commented on the

T he Communities in
Bloom group has re-
ceived the evaluation for
to a forum that featured
speakers from some of the
communities, who talked
Linda Bertram, from
Communities in Bloom
to be shared with the Town
and the Municipality so
that if there are areas that
avenue to explore because
I do think there needs to
be more understanding in
potential for a zero-waste
gasifier, which is already in
the works for Minnedosa,
their efforts in making about areas where their commented that they were the Town should be aware terms of what is happen- and will likely not be an
Minnedosa beautiful this own community thrived. taken on a tour and shown of where there is need for ing. issue the next time they
summer. Minnedosa has These topics included where trees had been improvement, they can de- Another suggestion come to town. The judges
again earned a five bloom composting, volunteerism, planted to replace previ- cide how to go about this. for future years is to incor- also hoped to see more of a
rating with a special men- and other aspects. Addi- ous trees, and they stopped I think they made porate milkweed, which composting effort in future
tion for the walking paths tionally, they listened to a at the music camp where some good suggestions, would help to attract mon- years, although Bertram
to encourage active living. presentation on the differ- kids play in the summer. It said Bertram. One such arch butterflies. notes that for a town-wide
The evaluation was held on ent varieties of cacti that was the dorms at the camp suggestion is to have plants One thing that Ber- effort, this would be dif-
July 25th, when two judges, are featured in the area, where some of the CIB and flowers that are native tram stressed is that this ficult to achieve at pres-
Cathy Shaluk and Hugh and other varieties that members stayed overnight to the area planted around is not a win/lose scenario. ent. They wanted to see
Skinner graced Minnedosa have been lost, that they during the conference. town. Another idea is to Minnedosa did not com- more trees planted at the
with their presence. are still seeking. Shaluk All in all, the evalua- incorporate some of the pete against other towns, cemetery, which would be
The CIB conference gave a presentation on the tion was very positive, with indigenous culture and but rather this was an eval- helpful for those who visit,
was held at the Peace monarch butterfly, and its a few pointers for next year history from the area into uation. In past years, towns giving them some shade
Gardens south of Bran- cycle, and spoke of a trip because there is always the town, we certainly were rated on a five Bloom for contemplation.
don earlier this month, to South America that she room for improvement. dont have to go very far scale, with five blooms be- It was a great day,
ing the highest evaluation. said Bertram, we are very
There were a few issues happy for our community,

RCMP Apprehend Fleeing Driver that the judges felt need-

ed to be addressed. One
comment was that of a lo-
cal business with a broken
and this always does leave
room for improvement.
Looking towards next year,
the CIB committee will
front step on Main Street. consider all recommenda-
RCMP Media Release shoulder of the roadway came to a stop, forcing the by Crime, Flight from Po-
Another comment was the tions, and hopefully will
with the motor running. As driver to flee on foot. Of- lice, Resisting Arrest, and
weedy yards at other busi- have the backing of the
O n Friday, September
15th at approximate-
ly 8:00 p.m., Minnedosa
the officer turned around
to approach the vehicle,
it began to drive away.
ficers from Minnedosa,
Neepawa, Brandon, and
Westman Traffic Services
Mischief. Several charges
were also issued under the
Highway Traffic Act.
nesses in town. These are
changes that can so easily
community in addressing
any concerns.
RCMP received a report The officer attempted to attended to the location This is the third
of a suspicious vehicle. conduct a traffic stop but and secured the perimeter. time in just over a week
The caller indicated that the vehicle sped from the With the help of Police that Police Dog Ozzy has
the vehicle was similar scene. The officer did not Dog Ozzy from Portage helped track and capture
to one that was posted initiate a pursuit but pro- la Prairie, the driver of the a suspect said Sgt. Paul
and shared on social me- vided its last known loca- vehicle, 42-year-old Jayson Manaigre of the Manitoba
dia as reportedly stolen. tion to other officers in the Alexander Balodis of Ri- RCMP. It truly shows the
At approximately 9:30 area. verton, was located and ar- value and importance of


p.m., an officer patrol- The vehicle was later rested. He was remanded our police dogs, they are
ling in the community of spotted leaving Provin- into custody and appeared so integral to our front-line
Minnedosa observed the cial Road #262 and into in Brandon Provincial members and police op-
vehicle stopped on the a swampy field where it Court on September 18th, erations.
facing charges of Posses- Minnedosa RCMP
Saturday, September 30th
sion of Property Obtained continue to investigate. 9:00 am1:00 pm
The Minnedosa Chamber Come & stock up just in time for Thanksgiving!

of Commerce will be having

Mr. Matt Bolley, CPA, CA,
a Partner in the Specialty Tax group The Rolling River School Division
at MNP LLP to discuss the tax Board of Trustees
changes for small businesses. interested individuals to present their views on
educational and budget priorities for the Board of Trustees
September 28th, 2017 to consider in setting the 2018-2019 budget.
from 12 to 1:00 p.m. at the You may do this through
written submission Concert with
Minnedosa Golf and or Saskia and Darrel: The Great Plains
making a presentation at a Board meeting.
Country Club. Wednesday, October 4th at 7:00 p.m.
at St. Marks Anglican Church
$15 for lunch. Please submit a written submission or forward
a letter / email requesting Minnedosa
to make a presentation at a Board meeting This is real Canadian Folk Music, woven around
Please RSVP by Monday, to the attention of: exquisite melodies, drenched in our culture and
September 25th, 2017 heritage delivered in comfortable highly skilled sets
to Dr. Beth Melendy at Rolling River School Division with oodles of self-poking humour.
c/o Kathlyn McNabb, Secretary-Treasurer
204-867-5290, Box 1170 $15.00 per person
or Minnedosa MB R0J 1E0 Tickets available at enJoy Salon and Spa or from church members. For more information call Pat Menard at 204-867-3751
The Minnedosa Tribune Friday, September 22, 2017 3

Minnedosa Low Lake Levels Concerning

stream from us who rely more information on this Mayor Orr is hop-
on this system as well, and soon. Unless we get the ing that come spring, the
we are always told that you courtesy of some answers water will return, and the
cant stop it completely, soon, I have just got start- problem will be solved,
said Mayor Orr. ed, he added. We are just going to have
Brian Martineau, a Martineau has con- to wait it out until spring
resident of the area, has sidered the possibility of and see what comes with
noticed that all season the forming a local commit- it, he said.
lake levels have been low- tee made up of different One benefit to the low
er than in previous years. stake holders to deal with lake levels is that when the
Last fall the lake went the various levels of gov- time comes to put in the
down significantly over a ernment who are involved new dock and boat launch,
short period of time and in the matter. If a viable they will not need to drain
some had to scramble to common sense plan is the lake to do this. Hope-
get their boats off lifts - but presented, then we can fully the rain in recent days
nothing like this year, said discuss the matter further, will have begun to ease the
Martineau. He worries and decide going forward concern that community
that the lake is deteriorat- if we need such a commit- members are feeling over
ing, and is hoping to hear tee. their beloved lake.

By Hillary Miller The lake levels are

Photo by Brian Martineau

order to slow the water

Terry Fox Run
probably as low as Ive that is passing through, but Continued made cookies and choco- teering. I am the contact

T ake a look at the lake in ever seen them, other than they cannot stop the flow From Page 1 late cake. person, but I certainly have
Minnedosa. You might when weve been draining entirely because of the ar- Macey wanted to give not done this by myself, not
not see much of it. The the lake, said Mayor Ray eas downstream that rely Much of the food that her heartfelt thanks to all by a longshot, so I would
sole reason for this: the Orr. However, there is not on the water, such as the was supplied for the bar- who came out and sup- like to thank everyone who
dry summer we have had. much that can be done to golf course, and various beque was donated by ported. Thank you to the came out and participated
However, it is a cause for fix this. cattle farmers. various merchants around community as a whole in anyway to make this a
concern, as multiple com- Manitoba Infrastruc- It is almost sealed off town, and Minnedosa UCT and anybody who helped successful terry fox run,
munities rely on that water ture and Transportation completely, which I am a members made home- in anyway with the volun- Im very appreciative.
system for recreation as (MIT) has recently put little surprised at, because
well as agriculture. plastic on the spillway in there are people down-

Bridge Club Grant Application

Results for 2017
Minnedosa and District Foundation Inc.
1st Cliff Lentz/
The Minnedosa and District Foundation Inc. is committed to enhance
Jane Clark the quality of life for our citizens, by promoting charitable, educational,
2nd Jim/Lynne Burgess, and cultural endeavors: to encourage and inspire donors in charitable
Carol Longsdale/ giving for the benet of the community and to
3rd Wilf Taylor/
Mel Harvey Deadline October 1, 2017
4th Barrie Brooking/
Gwen Hoffman
The Minnedosa and District Foundation is currently accepting
applications for grants for the calendar year 2017. The Foundation will
entertain applications on an annual basis to be allocated by
TRIBUNE DEADLINE December 31, of the current year.
Tuesday at 12 noon A grant application is required along with:
1. A brief history of the organization and project
2. Most recent nancial statements
3. Anticipated budget
4. Purpose of the request
5. Timeline for completing your project
Applications are available from
Minnedosa Insurance Services.
Applications are also available on-line at
Applications are to be mailed by October 1, 2017 to:
Minnedosa and District Foundation Inc.
PO Box 1980
Minnedosa, MB
R0J 1E0
4 Friday, September 22, 2017 The Minnedosa Tribune

Darryl a.Holyk - PublisHer anD eDitor

MLA Will Hold Pre-Budget Town Hall Consultation

Balancing the budget, including questions about Manitobans to look at each of these options and have
the path government should take to balance the bud- their say on what should be done to improve the gov-
Under The Dome get and ways to reduce government spending; and ernments finances.
By Sustaining health care, with questions about how On marijuana, the federal government intends to
to sustain services and the possibility of introducing make consumption legal on July 1, 2018. We have con-
GREG NESBITT health-care premiums. cerns about that arbitrary deadline. Nevertheless, we
Riding Mountain MLA These are the same issues we will talk about at the need to be ready.
in-person consultation. There are important questions to answer about
As your government, we have to make choices distribution, public safety and health that we want
about how we spend your tax money to best benefit all your input on.

P remier Brian Pallister and Finance Minister Cam- Manitobans. Our government inherited a serious neg-
eron Friesen announced earlier this month that ative fiscal situation from the previous government.
on-line and in-person pre-budget consultations would
The Minister of Finance will be holding open town
halls to get input from Manitobans in several locations
Health care is the largest spending item by the pro- across the province, including Brandon and Dauphin.
be held this fall to allow Manitoba families to share vincial government, and record spending levels have The ministers of Finance, Health and Justice will be
their views on three key issues for Manitobas future not meant better results for patients, seniors, and fami- holding telephone town halls with thousands of Mani-
sustaining health care, controlling marijuana use and lies. tobans.
balancing the budget. Now, the federal government is reducing the And as your MLA, I am holding a public town hall
I believe in deliberative democracy. I believe in a growth rate in health care transfers to provinces from to get your feedback on these important issues.
government that listens to the people because it trusts what was planned starting next year. That creates a $2 Our government was elected to serve the people.
the people, said Premier Pallister. This pre-budget billion gap in what we expected to receive and what we To do that, we want your input, your ideas, your sug-
consultation is an exercise in listening. Your Manitoba will receive over the next 10 years. gestions for a stronger Manitoba.
government needs to hear from you. I want to emphasize that this is truly a consultation I encourage you to make your views known by go-
To that end I will be hosting a pre-budget consul- process. No decisions have been made. ing on-line to and
tation in the form of a town hall meeting for residents I know Manitobans are already heavily taxed. That completing the short survey. If you dont have access to
of the Riding Mountain constituency at the Shoal Lake is why the Trudeau governments backing off from a computer and the internet, please stop by my office
Community Hall on Monday, October 2nd beginning their obligation to fund health care is frustrating and a at 515 7th Avenue in Shoal Lake and my assistant will
at 7:00 p.m. serious abandonment of their responsibilities. load the survey for you to complete.
To ensure every Manitoban has the chance to give Balancing the budget is essential to live within our I look forward to seeing many of you in person on
their input, the province has launched an on-line sur- means, keep taxes low, and provide an inviting busi- Monday, October 2nd.
vey at Manito- ness environment for new investment. In order that we have some idea of how many peo-
bans are encouraged to take the survey and have their Balancing the budget too quickly by deep spend- ple to expect, we are asking citizens to pre-register if
say on a number of issues including: ing cuts risks services people rely on, and balancing they can (not mandatory) by calling 204-759-3313 or
Controlling marijuana use, with questions about the budget more slowly by reducing spending growth stopping in at our office.
the legal age of consumption, price, availability and leads to higher debt and taxes on future generations,
public safety; said Finance Minister Cameron Friesen. We want

MLA Pleased With $28.5 Million Investment In Highways

SUBMITTED the Riding Mountain con- Provincial Trunk Service roads are un- Highway #16 and #16A: pleted on 20 out of 25 kilo-
stituency, said Nesbitt. I Highway #10: Work is tak- der construction and the Work is taking place on metres.

M LA Greg Nesbitt has

provided an update
on some of the major high-
am pleased that our gov-
ernment has undertaken
major projects to improve
ing place on a 10-kilometre
section north of PTH 24.
All grade widening, in-
subgrade is partially com-
plete in several areas.
This contract also in-
PTH 16 between Pro-
vincial Road (PR) 250 at
Newdale and PTH 10 near
25 per cent of paving
on PTH 16 has been com-
way upgrades underway in these important road cluding two passing lanes, cludes repaving the inter- Minnedosa. Expected completion
the Riding Mountain con- links, especially Provincial is nearly complete. section of PTH 16 and the All work on PTH 16A of this project is the end of
stituency. Trunk Highways (PTH) 10, Road curves have south junction of PTH 10. and PR 355 has been com- October 2017.
The highways that 16 and 16A. been constructed and are Expected comple- pleted, with the exception The total value of these
connect our communi- The status of these being gravelled, with pav- tion of the entire project is of gravel on the shoulders. major highway projects is
ties are vital to everyone highway infrastructure ing and entry into service summer of 2018. Pulverizing operations $28.5 million.
who lives and works in projects is as follows: possible this year. Provincial Trunk on PTH 16 have been com-

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The Minnedosa Tribune Friday, September 22, 2017 5

Remembering Senator Harris

Dear Editor:

Letters to
could call him my friend
for so many years. He is
Ye O l d
I would like to make truly one of Minnedosas

note of the recent pass- greatest citizens and his

the Editor
ing of Ken Harris. When I legacy continues to live on
moved back to Minnedosa for the coming generation
to take over publishing of to experience and enjoy.
The Tribune in 1989, Ken Believe me when I say that
was one of the first people Prime Ministers, Sena-
I bumped into. It was the work together on many projects in the town. tors, Premiers and many
end of October and I took community projects. Just Together we found Cabinet Ministers knew
a drive out to the beach to name a few that Ken seed funding for our proj- and were familiar with the 1887 A lawsuit is threatened over the recent massacre
and there, down by the and some of his cohorts ects through the kindness name of Ken Harris. of chickens at the livery stable.
boat lagoon was Ken Har- came up with was the Bi- and fore-thought of then I only hope that our
ris, all alone, pulling piec- son Compound, Heritage Mayor Terry Drebit and present Mayor and Coun- 1897 Minnedosa must be in it. The settlers of this dis-
es of telephone pole out Village, Heritage Walking our MLA Harold Gillesh- cil may at some point see trict have discovered gold on their farms of the value, at
of the Parks Board truck Tour, Lions Lookout Tow- ammer. Harris took care fit to forever enshrine his least, of $5 per acre.
and placing them in the er, Rotary Swinging Bridge, of raising the rest of the name in this community
ground to make a vehicle saving the railroad station funds as his friends well by naming a street in his 1907 It is not commendable that men should sneak
barrier. He was in his late and several ongoing im- know. Ken was relentless honour. I would be proud around peering into windows of homes. A resident was
60s at the time and there provements to the beach when it came to fundrais- to make my residence on bothered in this way for some time until recently pa-
he was, putting his back pavilion. In addition, he ing and the number of do- it. tience became exhausted and the offender was shot at.
into the improvements at spurred me on to writ- nor plaques spread around Thank you Kenny for
our lake. As a councillor, ing and publishing three Minnedosa hold testament all that you have done to 1937 A three-year-old Clanwilliam boy was instantly
he had started the Lake books, one on the history to his amazing success. make Minnedosa a better killed early Friday morning when he was run over by a
Rehabilitation committee of early Minnedosa, the Ken was mainly re- place for all of its citizens. grain wagon on the street within 50 yards of his home.
and that was just a small story of the collapse of the sponsible for the lake im- The boy had tried to hop a ride on the wagon, jumped for
part of what was accom- Minnedosa Spillway and provements for the Pan Bob Mummery the side, missed his grip and fell beneath the rear wheels.
plished that year and over finally, the history of rail- Am Games, resulting in
the years to come. roading in the Minnedosa over $1 million in funding P.S. Somehow I know 1947 - The Canadian Forestry Associations tree planting
For the next twenty area. All monies from coming into our commu- that as soon as Ken is fin- car will be in Minnedosa and Franklin in the upcoming
years, Ken and I would those books went to fund nity and used for lake and ished raising funds from weeks. The purpose of the tour is to encourage the plant-
infrastructure improve- his Liberal friends up ing of trees as windbreaks.

Try To Avoid
there, there will be a new
I am thankful that plaquesoon on St. Peters 1957 Town Council has appointed Keith Wishart as the
I knew Ken Harris and pearly gates. new Secretary Treasurer for the Town of Minnedosa. Pre-
viously, Wishart was the Secretary Treasurer of Balmer-
town, ON.

The Snakes Tribune Printing

1967 Minnedosas Centennial Committee will honour
all pioneers 95 years and older form Minnedosa and sur-
Dear Editor, rounding district. Each will be presented with a com-
memorative scroll. Couples who have celebrated their

H Letters to the Editor

aving recently driven through the Interlake and 60th anniversary will be honoured as well.
western Manitoba, I wanted to write to express my The Minnedosa Tribune welcomes Letters to the
dismay at the large numbers of dead Garter Snakes and 1977 C.L. Lem Shuttlesworth will soon return to the
Editor. All letters must include the writers full name,
Tiger Salamanders on the highway. I also witnessed a two family farm south of Minnedosa, to resume farming af-
address, and telephone number. Only the writers
or three foot Garter Snake being run over by a motorist ter a distinguished career in politics. Meanwhile, George
name will be published; address and phone number
even though it was plainly visible and the motorist made Lillie has retired after 20 years with the Royal Canadian
are required for confirmation. Anonymous letters will
no effort to avoid it. Mounted Police.
not be published. Letters that are deemed libelous,
These animals are now involved in their fall migra- in bad taste, or describe an incident involving other
tions. Both play important roles in the ecosystems of 1987 Manitoba Housing and Renewal Corporation has
people, will not be published.
these regions. We should be happy to have them in our announced plans to build three duplexes in Minnedosa.
The Minnedosa Tribune reserves the right to
midst. Please be attentive and humane and slow down They will be located along 3rd Street N.W., 5th Street
edit letters based on taste, legality, clarity, and
wherever possible so as to avoid hitting them. Thank you. N.W. and the corner of 1st Street and 4th Avenue S.W.
length. Letters to the Editor can be submitted in
person, sent by mail to Box 930, Minnedosa, MB
John Krowina, 1997 Rick Everett and Dave Proven have released their
R0J 1E0, by fax (204) 867-5171, or by email to
Saskatoon, SK second album, Odanah Pass containing 11 songs writ-
ten with local historical perspective.

6 Friday, September 22, 2017 The Minnedosa Tribune

Sour Cream Substitutes

Combine four drops of Feedback In a double boiler stir Note: Every user as-
lemon juice with one cup from Reader together: Half cup sugar, 3 sumes all risks of injury
Solutions and whipped cream. Let sit for tbsp. unsweetened cocoa or damage resulting from
Substitutions 30 minutes. Or use plain or
vanilla yogurt, depending
Re: Dishwasher Woes
- I just read your advice re-
powder, one quarter cup
cornstarch and a pinch of
the implementation of
any suggestions in this
By on what you are making. garding Alberts dishwash- salt. Set the temperature column. Test all products
er not working properly.
Alberts dishwasher will
to medium heat; stir in
two and three quarter cups
on an inconspicuous area
I have an Under Ar- work better and last lon- milk. Stir constantly and Reena Nerbas is a
mour athletic garment that ger if he scrapes the food bring to a boil until mix- popular motivational pre-
Hi Reena, Hi Evelyn, has bad body odour smell off his dishes first. I rinse ture is thick enough to ad- senter for large and small
Firstly, I recently First question: Pur- in the armpits. I wash it mine well, and theres no here to the back of a spoon. groups; check out her web-
boiled a stainless-steel pot chase a bottle of Goo after every use; however, problem. After 30 years, I Remove from heat and add site: Ask a ques-
completely dry. When I Gone, apply a thick layer I cannot get the foul smell just got a new one. Works 2 tbsp. butter and one and tion or share a tip at reena.
took it off the hot element of the product onto the out. Any suggestions? great. I am horrified at a half tsp. vanilla. Cool and ca
I put the pot on a dishcloth steel pot. Using a razor Chloe what some people put in serve warm. Refrigerate to
that must have had a lot blade, gently scrape the their dishwasher and say it store.
of synthetics in it, most of melted cloth off the pot. Dear Chloe, should handle it, they are
which melted and adhered Without much effort, the Soak Under Armour dishwashers, not garbura-

to the bottom of the pot. Is pot should be good as new! in 50/50 white vinegar tors.
there a way I can remove Second question: Using a and water for a few hours Smart Tip from Lily
this hard, black mate- soft toothbrush wipe the before tossing the entire - The best way to remove
rial? Secondly, my white brown spots with a mixture contents into the washing tape and grease residue
lamp shades have little
brown spots left behind
of dish soap and baking
soda or non-bleach, non-
machine. Wash with HOT
water and machine dry, so
from items; put paint thin-
ner on a cloth and rub till
Rubber or
by insects. Is there a way
to remove them without
gel toothpaste. Rinse with
plain vinegar.
that fabric dries quickly. I
also contacted the Under
its gone, wont harm the
item. Self-inking
damaging the taut fabric Armour Company and

The Minnedosa
of the lamp shade? I have Dear Reena, they recommend; soaking Comfort Food:
derived many helpful tips Do you have any ideas the gear thoroughly for 30 Homemade Chocolate Since 1883

from your column. Thank of a good substitute for to 60 minutes in a solution Pudding!
you for sharing your wis- sour cream? Ida of half cup of baking soda
dom! Evelyn mixed with two quarts of Makes four Delicious
Dear Ida, water. Servings 204-867-3816



Pursuant to subsection 367(7) of The Municipal Act, notice is hereby given that unless the tax arrears for Public Notice is hereby given that the 2018 Assessment Roll for the Rural
the designated year and costs in respect of the hereinafter described properties are paid in full to the Municipality of Oakview has been delivered to the Oakview municipal office at 10
Municipality prior to the commencement of the auction, the Municipality will on the 10th day of Cochrane Street, Oak River, MB and is open for public inspection during regular
October, 2017, at the hour of 10:00 AM, at Town of Minnedosa, 103 Main Street South, Minnedosa, business hours. Applications for Revision may be made in accordance with Sections 42 &
Manitoba, proceed to sell by public auction the following described properties: 43 of the Assessment Act.
Roll Description Assessed Amount of Arrears
Number Value & Costs for Which 42(1) A person in whose name property has been assessed,
Property May be a mortgagee in possession of property under subsection 114(1) of The Real Property Act,
Offered for Sale an occupier of premises who is required under the terms of a lease to pay the taxes on the
property, or the assessor may make application for the revision of an assessment roll with
54600 L -$17,100 $8,090.26
SS PLAN 52151 NLTO IN NE 1/4 2-15-18 WPM - 249 respect to:
B -$66,500
MAIN ST N (a) the liability to taxation;
(b) the amount of the assessed value;
The tax sale is subject to the following terms and conditions with respect to each property: (c) the classification of the property; or
The purchaser of the property will be responsible for any property taxes not yet due. (d) a refusal by an assessor to amend the assessment roll under
The Municipality may exercise its right to set a reserve bid in the amount of the arrears and subsection 13(2).
If the purchaser intends to bid by proxy, a letter of authorization form must be presented prior to 43(1) An application for revision must
the start of the auction.
(a) be made in writing
The Municipality makes no representations or warranties whatsoever concerning the properties
(b) set out the roll number and legal description of the assessable
being sold.
The successful purchaser must, at the time of the sale, make payment in cash, certified cheque property for which a revision is sought;
or bank draft to the Town of Minnedosa as follows: (c) state the grounds on which the application is based; and
i) The full purchase price if it is $10,000 or less; OR (d) be filed by
ii) If the purchase price is greater than $10,000, the purchaser must provide a non- (i) delivering it or causing it to be delivered to the office
refundable deposit in the amount of $10,000 and the balance of the purchase price must indicated in the public notice given under subsection 41 (2), or
be paid within 20 days of the sale. (ii) serving it upon the secretary, at least 15 days before the scheduled
The risk for the property lies with the purchaser immediately following the auction. sitting date of the board as indicated in the public notice.
The purchaser is responsible for obtaining vacant possession.
If the property is non-residential property, the purchaser must pay GST to the Municipality or, if The Board of Revision will sit on Tuesday, October 24th, 2017 at 8:00 p.m.
a GST registrant, provide a GST Declaration. in the council chambers of the Rural Municipality of Oakview in Oak River to hear
The purchaser will be responsible for registering the transfer of title in the land titles office, applications. The final date on which applications must be received by the Secretary of the
including the registration costs. Board is Tuesday, October 10th, 2017 at 4:30 p.m..
Dated at the Village of Oak River, in the Province of Manitoba, this 16th day of
Dated this 21st day of August, 2017. September, 2016.
Managed by: Diane Kuculym, C.M.M.A.
Ken Jenkins Board of Revision Secretary
Chief Administrative Officer Rural Municipality of Oakview
Town of Minnedosa Box 179
Phone: (204) 867-2727 OAK RIVER, MB R0K 1T0
Fax: (204) 867-2686
The Minnedosa Tribune Friday, September 22, 2017 7

MP Back To Ottawa Lions Give Back

F or children, September
means back to school.
For Members of Parlia- View From M innedosa Lions Club
recently supported
two local projects. Pictured
ment, it means back to Ot-
Parliament Hill at left is Lions member Mi-
I have enjoyed the gor- By chael Kingdon present-
geous Manitoba weather ROBERT SOPUCK ing Food Bank Chairper-
son Linda Bertram with a
and many interesting op-
portunities that summer cheque for $3,000. These
2017 presented me with. funds represent proceeds
My staff and I participated also increased difficulty in hard working Canadians. from the 2017 Fun Fest
in a myriad of parades, their ability to pass down We know that the proposed pancake breakfast in July.
celebrations and meetings their family farms to the changes to small business
around the constituency. next generation. Our cau- taxation will negatively
In July, I was fortunate cus also met with a num- affect the entrepreneurs
to be able to travel from ber of business and indus- who are working hard to
Nain, Labrador to Iqaluit, try groups and Manitobans create new jobs and build
Nunavut on an icebreaker from all walks of life, to great businesses right here
as part of the Canada C3 make sure we are in touch in our area. We also know
expedition, a Canada 150 with the needs of folks on that Liberal backbenchers
signature event. To top it the ground. have been hearing from
all off, I have been able to
spend time with my wife,
Caroline, and our grand-
Additionally, over the
summer, Andrew Scheer
has put together a fantas-
Canadians and they do not
all agree with the changes
that their government is
P ictured at right are Li-
ons members Lorna
Hislop (R) and Jim Coo-
kids, which included tic shadow cabinet team proposing. per (C) donating $400 to
teaching the 4-year-old to hold the Liberal gov- As a Conservative Activities Director, Lori
twins to fish. ernment to account. I was team, we will continue to Birch (L), for the purchase
This summer has also pleased to be named the stand up for farmers, doc- of a water fountain for the
seen some incredulous Deputy Shadow Minis- tors, and all small business Minnedosa Personal Care
political issues come to ter for Environment and owners. We are primed home patio.
light: the Liberals plan for Climate Change, Wildlife and ready to hold this Lib-
carbon tax; the $10-million Conservation and Parks eral government respon-
payout to Omar Khadr; the Canada. I am happy to be sible for their terrible tax
continued influx of asy- able to continue work- change proposals to pay
lum seekers; the plan to ing on the files of Parks for their reckless spending
legalize marijuana by next Canada and wildlife con- habits. Conservatives are,
Canada Day; the consulta- servation, and am looking and will continue to be, a
tion, or lack thereof, on the forward to joining Shadow strong voice for Canadian
proposed elimination of Minister Ed Fast on the En- taxpayers.
cash purchase ticket defer- vironment Committee this If you have any ques-
rals for farmers; and now fall. tions or concerns, please
proposed changes to the Now that we are back contact my constituency
Small Business Corporate in Ottawa, the Conserva- offices by phone at 204-
Tax Structure. My offices tive caucus is ready to hold 848-7000 or 1-877-405-
have received countless the government to account 8946 or by email at info@
phone calls, emails and so- on the issues that matter to
cial media comments from
constituents expressing
their continued frustration
with this Liberal govern-
At the beginning of
September, I joined our
new leader Andrew Scheer
and the rest of our Conser-
vative caucus in Winnipeg
to discuss the upcoming HYDRANT FLUSHING PROGRAM
Parliamentary session. A 17094gm3
The Town of Minnedosa will be conducting a
caucus retreat happens be-
Hydrant and Water Line Flushing Program
fore every session and the
commencing the week of September 18th
Leaders office agreed with
until the end of October.
the Manitoba Members of
Parliament, including my- The Flushing Program will be conducted from
self, that it would be great 7:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.;
to hold this one in friendly Mondays through to Thursdays.
Many of my colleagues Residents may notice periods of low pressure and
took advantage of the op- discolouration during this time. Residents may also
portunity and met with notice temporary disruption of water service.
Manitoba agriculture or-
Residents are advised to check your cold water
ganizations while they
supply for discolouration prior to using
were here. The meeting
washing machines, dish washers etc.
focussed on the negative
impact that the proposed We apologize for any inconvenience that this Program
tax changes will have on may cause; however it is critical that the lines be
businesses and families in flushed on a regularly established schedule.
the agriculture industry.
Farmers will not only see Town of Minnedosa (26-2)
hikes to their taxes, but
8 Friday, September 22, 2017 The Minnedosa Tribune

Westman Boys Win Cambrian Cup Challenge

By AngelA ChAmBers no additional goals. In The top 6 teams in the team sports doesnt affect
Westman FC boys under 15 the shootout with pen- WYSA league advance to his players.
soccer manager alty kicks Westman was the Cambrian Cup. The Thunder Bay was the
victorious with Camilo boys started this season one of the few teams that

O n Saturday September
16th, the Westman FC
Boys Under 15 Premier
Rodriguez, Josh Camer-
on, Gerardo Chorro, Will
Miller Harms and Isaias
wanting redemption fully
focused wanting to get to
this point again and win
gave these boys any com-
petition this year. This is
the one team they tied dur-
Two Soccer Team Won the Pineda all scoring. Thun- the Cambrian Cup after ing the regulation season.
Cambrian Cup Challenge der Bay made four-out-of- such a close loss last year Josh Cameron scored 19
Finalin dramatic style over five shots in the shoot out in the final against Winni- goals in the regular season
Thunder Bay Chill. while Westman made five- peg South End United (3- of 14 games.
The Westman FC boys out-of-five shots. 2). A win this year meant These boys had a lot
under 15 soccer team These boys played in so much. of fun this season even
is made up of 18 West- the Winnipeg Youth Soccer Coach Diego Rodri- in some very lopsided
man boys 13-15years old Association League play- guez is a former profes- games Diego and assis-
from Brandon, Neepawa, ing all games in Portage sional soccer player from tant coach Alejandro Ro-
Minnedosa and Carberry. or Winnipeg finishing Columbia who has taught driguez made sure that
The game went to a with a 13- 0-1 record good the boys so much. He is the every player scored goals
shootout after ending 2-2 enough to win the Win- calmest most level-headed no matter what position
in regulation time with nipeg League Title for coach in the league. He they normally played
goals by Josh Cameron the second year in a row. never gets rattled and has boosting everyones con-
(Minnedosa) and Isaias Teams from Winnipeg, worked hard as a role mod- fidence. The boys worked
Pineda and completing Pembina Valley, Steinbach el making sure his players well together with strength
two 10 minute additional and Thunder Bay compet- stay calm and dont let in every position on the
halves of extra time with ed in this league this year. the drama that goes with field.

Town Council Notes

By DARRYL HOLYK Johnson has been wel- was $2.24 million and that resentative and that EDO
comed as a new board has now been realigned to Chantelle Parrott is look-

Photo submitted M innedosa Town

Council met for its
regular September meet-
member of the Minnedosa
and District Foundation.
The Foundation is now ac-
$2.16 million and the com-
mittee continues to look
at areas where more cuts
ing at options for upgrad-
ing the Minnedosa sign
near Portage la Prairie
Josh Cameron with the Cambrian Cup. ing on Tuesday, Septem- cepting grant applications could be made in order to make it readable from
ber 12th. In Mayor Orrs for its annual grant intake to get the new clinic con- Highway #1.
absence, Deputy Mayor and is working to co-ordi- structed as soon as possi- A resolution was
Wedgewood chaired the nate some local projects ble. She also reported that passed to accept the annu-
meeting. Councillors Luk- for Random Acts of Kind- the committee continues al update to the Municipal

AUDITION er, MacDowall, Skacth,

Saler and Taylor were in at-
ness Day in November.
Councillor Skatch
reported the latest hap-
to look at new fundrais-
ing opportunities such
as a possible wine tasting
Emergency Operating Plan
which has been completed
by local Emergency Mea-

for In his Council report,

Deputy Mayor Wedge-
penings with the Primary
Care Centre (new clinic).
From a recent Com-
sures Co-ordinator, Barrett
wood stated that Gaylene The original estimated cost munity Development Cor- Council authorized
poration meeting, Coun- the Assistant CAO to add
cillor Skatch reported that an outstanding bill of
Shannon Alexander has $157.50 to the properties
come on board as the new tax bill.
tourism committee rep-

Fall Special!!!
Presented through special arrangement with Music Theatre International (MTI). All authorized

Don't be left out

performance materials are also supplied by MTI.

As presented by Strathclair Drama Club April 16-21, 2018

Friday, September 29th
SSS SSSSSS September
SSSSS in the cold!!! vs.
SSSSS Theatre,
SSSSS SSSStrathclair
Electric Furnace inspection and Red Deer
There are 16 principal roles (nine male, seven
female) and many ensemble roles for singers,
blower cleaning starting at $55.00 Saturday, September 30th
non-singers, dancers and non-dancers alike. People
of all ages are welcome to share their talents with us. (Plus applicable taxes) vs.
SSS book an audition
SSS timeSSor
S SS past
Swift Current
cast members to sign up, call Sheila at
204-328-7494 or 204-328-7693
For specific information about parts,
visit our Facebook page: To schedule your appointment today! (26-5)
The Minnedosa Tribune Friday, September 22, 2017 9

Sandy Lake News Dinner Raffle Raises $4,000 For Clinic

By Diane Bachewich hak, nieces Stacy Derhak, By Hillary Miller all of his tickets already.
Laura and Ryan Farewell He wins for the most en-

I da Andreychuk had her

granddaughter Saige
of Calgary, AB spend the
and children Scarlette and
Sympathy to the fam-
T he Raffle Draw for the
dinner for eight has
come to a close. All 200
thusiastic, said Glasgow.
The raffle winner
is Irene Kostecki, who
night with her, as Saige and ily of Elsie Stadnyk who tickets were sold, the last grew up in Clanwilliam,
her girlfriend were on their passed away at the per- being sold about ten min- and attended school in
way to Kingston, ON where sonal care home. Funeral utes prior to the draw. Minnedosa. Her husband,
they are enrolled at the was held at Olha Ukrainian With all tickets being Ed Kostecki and his father
university there. Saige is Catholic Church. sold, the full $4,000 po- ran the General Store in
the daughter of Mark and Glenda and Daryl tential was reached, all of Bethany. She purchased
Jane Andreychuk. House of Sherwood Park, which will go towards the her ticket from Robert
Our condolences go AB spent some time with new Dr. Ajai Khandelwal Lane, and she has many
out to the families of So- mom Ida Andreychuk and Clinic in Minnedoa. friends and relatives in the
phie Ellchuk who passed other family members. Susan Glasgow was Minnedosa community,
away at the Minnedosa Dennis and Dorothy very pleased with the although she currently re-
Hospital. Funeral service Johnson had son Ryan of community uptake on the sides in Brandon.
was held on Saturday af- Vancouver, BC visiting for fundraising effort. Tickets Kosteckis prize is a
ternoon at the St. Nickolas the past week. They all went on sale at the start four-course dinner for
Orthodox Church (North). motored to Regina, SK to of July, and were avail- eight people at the home
Marla Rae Lewandoski spend the weekend with able until September 15th. of Theresa Wareham, to be
has returned to Denver, daughter Michelle and her Having been on sale only prepared and cooked by
Colorado after spending husband. Ryan flew back for a short time, she was Theresa and Maxine. They Photo by Hillary Miller
some time here at home home to Vancouver from happy to have sold out. will also pair wine or beer
with family and friends. there. Tickets were being with each course. They will Maxine laws and Susan Glasgow.
The three sisters Helen Happy 92nd birthday sold by members of the be in contact with Kostecki and beverages, it is really community involvement
Lewandoski, Pat Bobiak to Mike Buhay and to his board, and community prior to her gourmet eve- great because it means we in the project. There are
and Sonia Hasuik along sister Mary Slashinsky of members who were in- ning to discuss a menu. can contribute the entire plans in the works to host a
with Helens daughter Na- Minnedosa on her 91st volved in the raffle, like All of the food and amount raised for the proj- beer and wine tasting eve-
tasha and her friend are on birthday. A family supper Maxine Laws. One mem- beverages for the meal ect, said Laws. ning this winter, so be sure
a three-week vacation to was held on Sunday eve- ber who was particularly have been paid for by Dr. According to Glasgow, to watch out for that event,
different places in Ukraine. ning at Minnedosa to cel- enthusiastic was Dr. Khan- Val St. John and Dr. Dan they hope to break ground and help support our new
Sympathy to Marlene ebrate the occasion. delwal himself. The morn- Onyshko. With them this fall, but failing that, clinic!
Porteous (nee Kologinsky) Nice to see Cliff Lungal ing after the tickets were stepping forward and cov- they are aiming for spring
and family on the passing home from hospital. Hope printed, he showed up to ering the cost for the food 2018. This all depends on
of husband Dave. youre feeling better Cliff. see Glasgow, and had sold
Diane Bachewich,
Francis Kuzmak and Jan-
ice Duchominsky returned
home from a ten-day holi-
Minnedosa & District Recreation
day event with family and
Commission Sports Dinner will be taking
friends. In Calgary Francis
nominations for our annual Outstanding
spent time with her daugh-
Dedication to Sport and Recreation Award

ters Rose Ann, Mavis and
which will be presented at the Sports Dinner,
Suzie also son Steven and
October 21st, 2017
their families. She was
happy to visit Rose Ann
Call 204-867-2250
and husband Mike and
Mavis and husband Don or email Looking for a higher rate of
for nomination forms or more information.
before they leave for their
holiday to Italy and other interest but want to access to
Eastern places. Diane and
Janice spent some time DEADLINE
DEADLINE FOR NOMINATIONS your funds any time?
with brothers Gary and IS SEPTEMBER
IS MARCH 129th,
sister-in-law Doreen Der-
Our CashBuilder Account is
ideal for setting aside savings on
a regular basis with convenient

pre-authorized transfers.
A great alternative
867-2416 867-7558 to Canada Savings

Lakeside Septic Service Customer Appreciation Available Only

We would like to thank our customers for their continued business.
During the months of September and October septic load customers will be in October
entered for a chance to receive their next load free.
There will be five random draws made during the first week of November. 2017 rate is 1.40%
10 Friday, September 22, 2017 The Minnedosa Tribune


BY PHONE Call 204-867-3816
Hours to place, correct or cancel ads: Beyond the Gates of One level 4 plex suite Minnedosa Adult Learn-
Monday - Friday 9 a.m. - 4 p.m. Lower Fort Garry R.M. of St. available to rent. 265 2nd ing Centres Computer cours-
Andrews community his- Street N.W. 1,100 sq./ft., es start the week of Septem-
BY MAIL CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING tory book. Green hardcover, 2 bedroom, full laundry
The Minnedosa Tribune, P.O. Box 930, 545 pages, published in 1981. (washer, dryer), stove, fridge,
ber 25th. Contact: Val Gawel 400+
Minnedosa, Manitoba R0J 1E0 at 131 Main St. South or call FREE ARTS & CULTURAL
$25.00. Call The Minnedosa microwave, dishwasher, air 204-867-2519. (26-2) x EVENTS ACROSS
BY FAX 204-867-5171 Tribune 204-867-3816 or conditioning, 30 x 40 fenced MANITOBA
email editor@minnedosatrib- in backyard with shed. Call Minnedosa Minor Ball
BY E-MAIL (204) 210-2910 for more de- AGM Monday, September 400+
tails. (27-2) x 25th at 7:00 p.m. at Minnedo- ACTIVITS CULTURELLES
Kitchen renovation! (do it GRATUITES AU
sa Library. x
The Minnedosa Tribune Ltd. reserves the right to now) In-stock cabinets or De- BIRTH MANITOBA
delete any words or phrases deemed by The Minnedosa
Tribune Ltd. to be objectionable, or to refuse to publish any
cor factory orders! Five weeks ANNOUNCEMENT The Annual Meeting for SEPT 29, 30
lead time. Low overhead = You the Minnedosa Centennial & OCT 1, 2017
advertisement. The Minnedosa Tribune Ltd. shall not be Save! Fehrs Cabinet Ware- Handivan will be held Mon-
responsible for any loss or damage to any advertiser or third house 1-800-758-6924 office@ day, October 2nd at 7:00 p.m. /
party resulting from the failure of an advertisement to appear
at the Minnedosa Hospital
in The Minnedosa Tribune Ltd. or from any error or omission in
Board Room. (27-2) x
any advertisement which is published. Have something to sell?
Let The Tribunes readers
Albert Parsons will sell
RATES know. Ads starting at $9.00 Thanksgiving baskets of
plus tax. Call 204-867-3816 or mini-pumpkins/gourds at the
$9.00 for first 40 words, additional words .10 each. MEDICAL TRANSCRIP-
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Repeat ads - Half Price. on Sunday, September 24th. TION! In-demand career! Em-
Classified Display - $9.00/col. inch each insert. (Incl. logo, box & Also dried flower designs in- ployers have work-at-home
bolding, and centering). cluding Chinese lantern ar- positions available. Get online
KDL Furniture 4 Day Tent Sale, rangements, veggies, baking, training you need from an em-
Happy Snaps: (Birthday, Engagement, Wedding, Birth, & September 21st to 24th! Clear- ployer-trusted program. Visit:
Graduation) - $16.00 for the first 20 words and the picture. Kendra Crooks & Bryce plants, and canned goods...
ance specials in mattress sets, even toys! Going to church? or 1-855-
Obituaries: - $6.50 per col. inch. bedroom furniture, bunks, Emerson and big sister 768-3362 to start training for
Teagan would like to No problem as we open at
occasional sets and fabric and 10:00 a.m. and stay open until your work-at-home career to-
Reach the entire province (50 weekly newspapers) $189.00 announce the safe
leather furniture. Savings from 2:00 p.m. All proceeds of Al- day!
Westman and Eastman: $119.00 arrival of their daughter,
25-75%. A few specials in-
All Ads plus 5% G.S.T. clude; double 725 pocket coil ELIZABELLA DYLAN berts table go to the Village. x REAL Industries

pillow top mattresses $395, EMERSON.
Born July 1st, 2017,
Cadurcis Community Help
queen 1,035 pocket coil pillow Fall Supper. October 1st
top HOTEL MODEL mattress- weighing in at 8lbs, 8 oz.
Classified advertisements must be submitted no later at Basswood Hall. Adults -
Grandparents James and Lori
than noon Tuesday for insertion in the following Fridays es $599, single over single sol-
Crooks , great grandparents
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edition. All classified advertisements must be prepaid BEFORE id wood espresso and natural
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ral bunks $795 (set of drawers and capable
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#1 Hwy., Brandon.
The Minnedosa Tribune Friday, September 22, 2017 11



July 24th, 1927 September 16th, 2017 LORNA WETTELAND
March 5th, 1928
Invitation to Tender
Kenneth Raymond Harris was born July 24th, 1927, a life September 26th, 2012 The farm land listed below in the R.M. of Rosedale is available for sale:
long resident of Minnedosa. Passed away peacefully at home sur- ***Note Highest or any tender may not necessarily be accepted.
rounded by family on September 16th at the age of 90. A silent thought, a secret tear Land Acres - Apporimately
He was one of six children born to James and Madeline keeps your memory ever dear. SW 1/4 33-16-15 WPM 160
Harris, born at home on the corner of Main Street & fourth av-
enue Minnedosa. Ken received his education in Minnedosa North SE 1/4 24-16-15 WPM 156.81
Lovingly remembered by
and South schools, completing grade 11. He started working at Terry and family.
NE 1/4 6-16-15 WPM 160
the age of sixteen, first as a delivery boy on a bicycle and then as x NW 6-16-15 WPM Exc Sly 300of Nly 1650 of Wly 300 163.97
a clerk for the New Store. He started on the C.P.R. as a wiper then SW 6-16-15 WPM 166.96
transferred to the running trains as a train man. He retired from the In Loving Memory of There is a home, garage, Quonset and cattle shed located on NW 6-16-15
railway as a conductor in 1986 after 36 years. On August 28, 1954 Ken WAYNE SANDSTROM WPM. The property is serviced with a holding tank.
married Ava Christiansen of Onanole, they have three daughters. His March 31st, 1939
running trips on the C.P.R. were between Bredenbury - Minnedosa, and Win- September 16th, 2015 Sealed Tenders to purchase the land will be received by: TAYLOR LAW
nipeg. When laid off from the railway he sold cars for Stewart Motors. Since retirement, Ken and OFFICE, 269 Hamilton Street, P.O. Box 309, Neepawa. Manitoba
Ava have spent over 25 years wintering in Victoria, British Columbia. They built a home together A wonderful husband, dad, R0J 1H0 until October 31st, 2017 at 11:00 a.m.
at Minnedosa lake and enjoyed many celebrations with family and friends. grandpa, poppa,
Ken was predeceased by his parents, brother Clayton, sisters Marjorie & Bernice. He leaves great-grandpa, Terms and Conditions:
to morn his passing, his wife Ava, daughters Pamela (Phil) Lewis, Gwendoline (Claude) Jolicoeur, neighbor and friend. 1. Each tender shall be in writing in a sealed envelope, clearly marked
Corinne (Ken) Lochhead. Grandchildren Andrea (Brian) Shackel, Brent (Michelle) Lewis, Jen- as to contents and shall be submitted with a certified OR bank draft
nifer Lochhead (Jeffrey Chevalier), Renee & Michel Jolicoeur. Great Grandchildren Emma & Always missed, always loved, payable to Taylor Law Office in trust in an amount equal to 5% of the
Norah Shackel. Sister Gwendoline Sloane & brother Donald Harris. Brothers-in-law Rae (Karen) Connie and family. Tender price;
Christiansen & Ole (Kathy) Christiansen. He has many special nieces & nephews that were very x 2. If the tender is accepted, the cheque or draft shall constitute a
close to his heart.
non-refundable deposit. If the Tenderer fails to complete the
Ken had an unparalleled love of service to his community. He started with the Junior
Chamber of Commerce, then Kinsmen, Trustee Elementary School District 234, Councillor for
MOBILE HOMES purchase of the property. The Seller shall herein retain the deposit
the Town of Minnedosa, Hospital Board when the Personal Care Home was built, Parks Board as liquidated damages;
member for twenty years, Lake Rehabilitation committee which saw the refurbishment of the LAST CHANCE, 1 ONLY 3. The balance of the purchase price shall be paid by certified cheque,
beach pavilion and the current location of the campground, & lake clean up, these helped to 16 x 80, 3 Bed, 2 Bath. Start- bank draft or lawyers trust cheque and trust conditions on possesion
re-establish the Minnedosa beach as a prime tourist attraction. Railroad Centennial committee ing at $92,000. Altona Mo- date;
(instrumental in having the engine and caboose placed in Tanners Crossing Park), member of bile Homes, 1-800-582-4036, 4. Possession date to be 30 days after acceptance of Tender;
Community Housing, Minnedosa Foundation, Town View Manor Board, Minnedosa Air Cadets 1-204-324-6776 Email amhl@ 5. Vendor will pay the 2017 property taxes;
#12 Manitoba Dragoon, Royal Canadian Legion, Masonic Lodge 50 years, Treasurer of Brother- 6. The tenderer will pay the applicable GST or provide acceptable
hood of Railroad Trainmen Local 1234, United Transportation Union, Minnedosa Handi-van,
undertaking to self-access;
Minnedosa Industrial Commission, Manitoba Purple Martin Club, Canada Day committee,
Shrine Club Khartum Temple, Shrine Oriental Band, Heritage Committee Walking trails, plaques PAINTER 7. Highest or any tender will not necessarily be accepted;
and School Cairns. Other committees that Ken has been instrumental on are the Bison Com- 8. The tenderer shall be deemed to have relied on the Tenderers
pound, flags and light standards across the dam and as a member of the Minnedosa town coun- Call Terry for Paint and
own inspection and knowledge of the land and the titles for the
cil, was part of the committee that established renovated, refurbished the former post office as repairs to painted surfaces. properties, its true condition, possible liabilities and the status of
the new Civic centre and thus played an instrumental role in saving that heritage building. The Washing exterior siding. Still the title hereto independent of any representations by or on behalf
Railway was a career and passion, his current committee service had been with the Save the Sta- time to book! 204-868-8088 of the seller.
tion committee. There effects are to secure a railway station in our heritage village. He held a Life or Plan ahead
Membership of the Liberal Party of Manitoba. Ken has received many awards including the Cer- The owner will consider tenders on all parcels as a package
for interior work! (24-13) x or individual parcels.
tificate of Appreciation for the Town of Minnedosa. Certificate of Service Centennial Year 1983,
The commemorative medal for the 125th anniversary of the confederation of Canada, For service (27-2)
to the community. He received the rural economic leadership award, for his volunteerism. His AUCTIONS
legacy of service is everywhere in our community.
A celebration of life will be held Friday September 22nd, 2017, 11:00 a.m. at St. Marks HELP WANTED
Anglican Church. In lieu of flowers donations can be made to the Manitoba Kidney Foundation, McSherry Auction
Minnedosa Foundation and the Shriners Childrens hospital. #12 Patterson Drive
Minnedosa Funeral Service in care of arrangements. Stonewall, MB
Messages of condolence may be placed online at Estate & Moving Auction
Wed Oct 11 @ 4:00 PM
April 23rd, 1931 - September 9th, 2017 Consignment Sale
Sat Oct 14 @ 10:00 AM
Moira Jean Thomson was born in Minnedosa, Manitoba. Moira graduated from St. Pauls Gun Auction
Hospital School of Nursing in Vancouver in 1953. She is survived by one daughter, Debra (Sum- Sat Oct 21 @ 9:30 AM ACCOUNTING TECHNICIAN
ner) Vallee, and two sons, Gregory Thomson and Randall (Katalina) Thomson, one granddaugh- Consign Your Guns Now To
ter, one great-grandson, two great-great-granddaughters and one sister, Marjory Birley. Moira Take Advantage of Coast MNP is looking for an enthusiastic individual to join our team in our
is predeceased by her parents Hamilton and Annie Shuttleworth, two brothers: John and Gavin to Coast Advertising! Neepawa office as a full-time Accounting Technician.
Shuttleworth; four sisters: Alice Varner, Clarice Midnight, Elsie Blake and Ina Shuttleworth. Vintage Service Station Responsibilities include:
Interment will be at Forest Lawn Memorial Park, Burnaby, BC in the spring. Donations in lieu of & Coca Cola Sale Provide accounting services to our clients including preparation
of financial statements, working papers as well as personal and
flowers may be made to the Canadian Alzheimers Society. Sat Oct 28 @ 10:00 AM corporate tax returns.
Consign Now!
The ideal candidate:
Stuart McSherry
GOT (204) 467-1858 or
Knowledge of personal and corporate tax, A/P, A/R and
reconciling bank accounts

Karen Lewandoski along Terry Fox Marathon of D YOUR (204) 886-7027
Has an understanding of bookkeeping and record keeping
Has experience with Microsoft Office (Word and Excel),
with her family would like
to thank everyone for their
Hope Minnedosa UCT wish-
es to thank all those who sup- V ATTENTION? experience with QuickBooks/Simply Accounting and payroll is
considered an asset

support during her medical

problem that she has encoun-
ported this years commun-
ity event. Thank you to the E Book this

Our firm has been built on our core values of open communication, a

balanced lifestyle and the notion that we expect to have fun at work.
tered.A special Thank you to participants, those who gave
Heritage Co-op and their staff pledges, the many volunteers, space for IS EXPENSIVE?
for everything they have done,
knowing the support Karen
those who helped advertise
(The Minnedosa Tribune, The T your next ad A simple Classied
has through her work and
community will help with her
Minnedosa Library, The Rec
Office) and our local mer-
I Call
ad starts at

ONLY $9.00
recovery. Thank You to every- chants (Kims Quality Foods,
one .x Heritage Coop) for donations
204-867-3816 TRY ONE TODAY!
towards the BBQ. With your
support we were able to raise
E for more

over $2,700.00 for cancer re-

search. See you next year.
12 Friday, September 22, 2017 The Minnedosa Tribune


Child and Family Services

Minnedosa Credit Union is seeking experienced, enthusiastic and outgoing individuals who thrive in a results driven
of Western Manitoba
The Organization: strengthening families and protecting children since 1899
Minnedosa Credit Union is a very successful single branch fullservice financial institution with 3,700 members and assets of CARD OF THANKS
Family Service Social Worker
$125 million. We have been providing the Town of Minnedosa and surrounding communities with high quality service and
products since 1947. For further details see: Erickson and Rapid City, Manitoba area ~ Full-time term position
The Community:
Manitobas Valley Paradise, Minnedosa is a community of 2,500 with many amenities including a daycare facility, K-12 schools, Child and Family Services of Western Manitoba is accepting applications for a Family
hospital, 18 hole golf course, ski-hill and beautiful Lake Minnedosa. Service Social Worker position in the Erickson and Rapid City, Manitoba area. This is a
MCU is currently hiring individuals for the following positions: full-time term position until the beginning of September 2018; this term may expire sooner
than September 2018, subject to a minimum two-week notice period.
You will be responsible for providing a wide range of services, including the provision of
The Loans Officer I is a key member of the lending team and is responsible to meet Consumer member needs by establishing
strong business relationships, provide quality lending products and services and cross-sell deposit services. The Candidate will family counselling and child protection services and, where appropriate, services to children
ensure that all loan activities are in compliance with relevant legislation, regulations, policies and procedures. in the Agencys care.
The Person: Qualifications:
Reporting to the Manager of Lending, the ideal candidate will possess a minimum Grade 12 Diploma plus one year of formal
education and 1 to 3 years experience. A combination of education and experience will be considered. Bachelor of Social Work, Masters of Social Work, or eligible to become a Registered
Social Worker through the Manitoba College of Social Workers. (Applicants who are
not registered and who do not have a B.S.W. or M.S.W. should visit the
The Administrative Clerk is responsible for balancing of the daily clearings, ensure compliance with AML Grandparenting Application section at to confirm whether they would
requirements by use of Verafin, balancing of the ATM and Cash Machine, maintain and balance the treasury, and handle cash be eligible to become registered);
orders and shipments, provide over the counter deposit services such as accepting deposits, cashing cheques, processing loan Child welfare experience;
payments, calculating foreign exchange and selling money orders, recognize members needs and promote and cross-sell credit
Knowledge of the Child and Family Services Act, CFSIS, and Child and Family
union deposit services, answering basic questions and referring more complex requests for information to appropriate staff,
ensure compliance with policies, procedures and legislative requirements Service of Western Manitobas family strengthen programs;
The Person: Excellent oral and written communication skills;
Reporting to the Member Service Manager, the ideal candidate will possess a minimum Grade 12 Diploma, have exceptional Effective assessment, interviewing, relationship building, problem solving and
interpersonal and communication skills, provide a high degree of accuracy and attention to detail, possess a strong advocacy skills;
commitment to quality service, positive attitude, ability to work in a team environment and possess excellent computer skills Ability to provide parent education and skill training;
MEMBER SERVICE REPRESENTATIVE PART-TIME Ability to work in a team setting;
Successful completion of a Criminal Record check, Child Abuse Registry check, Prior
Minnedosa Credit Union is looking for people focused individuals to join our member service team. Contact check and a Drivers Abstract check is required.
The selected candidates will provide members with a variety of services at the front counter with courtesy and accuracy.
The position responds to member inquiries on all credit union products and services and identifies opportunities to improve Please express your interest in this position, or in any position which may become open as a
the members relationship/experience with Minnedosa Credit Union. Other duties outside the member service area may be result of this competition, by way of resume and cover letter by Sunday, October 1st, 2017
assigned as required. to:
Hours will be scheduled Monday through Saturday. Candace Kowalchuk
The Person: Human Resources Specialist
Reporting to the Member Service Manager, the successful candidate will possess a minimum Grade 12 Diploma, qualifications 800 McTavish Avenue
should include exceptional interpersonal and communication skills, strong commitment to quality service, a positive attitude Brandon, MB R7A 7L4
and ability to work in a team environment. Email:
For further details see: Website:
Please send your resumes concerning all positions, in confidence, by October 10, 2017 to: We thank all applicants for their interest. - Only those individuals selected for an interview will be contacted.
Brad Ross
General Manager
Minnedosa Credit Union Limited
Box 459
Minnedosa, MB R0J 1E0
We thank all candidates for their interest, however, only those selected for an interview will be contacted. (27-2)


The Minnedosa damOPERATIONS
walkway will DEPARTMENT
be closed to
Heritage Co-op allow installation
is presently inviting applications for EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITYwalkway.
of a new pedestrian
The works are expected to be completed by
looking 15/2014.
for a team orientated individual who
For our Agro Department located in Minnedosa, MB will be An
to provide physical support and assistance in the day to
route has been opened from the
day delivery of services and to operate
east side of the dam, proceeding a variety
to of
Rotary in the
MNP is looking for an enthusiastic individual to join our team in our
Minnedosa office as a full-time Receptionist/Administrative Assistant. Length of employment may vary from 1-2 months. Applicants must possess a construction, care and maintenance of the Towns
Bridge and along the east side of the Bison infrastructure and a
minimum Class 3 drivers license.
Responsibilities include:
wide range of delivery of services.
Manage reception switchboard answer and direct incoming calls
Provide polite and courteous customer service to incoming guests Applicants must possess the following: The successful applicant
This trail will bewillmaintained
possess: during construction,
Accountable for implementing the day-to-day administrative Excellent customer service skills Grade 12 Diploma weather
or Equivalent Education and/or Experience
operations of a busy, dynamic team. Highly motivated permitting.
Previous agriculture experience an asset Valid Class 5 Drivers License
The ideal candidate:
Administrative experience including the ability to prepare and
Proven record of team work
To become a member of our team, please submit your cover letter and Experience in the safe operation of various types of equipment and

generate a variety of professional documents
A team player who enjoys working in a fast-paced, deadline driven resume to:
Excellent time management, customer service, organizational and The physical requirements to perform the work
communication skills with attention to detail
Computer proficiency including effective working skills of Microsoft Mail to: Box 1050, Minnedosa, MB R0J 1E0
Word, Excel and PowerPoint Attention: Annette Haywood, Human Resources Manager This is a full time (40 hours per week) entry level laborer focused position.
For additional information you may contact the Public Works & Operations
Or apply in person at our Minnedosa Agro located at 100 Manager, Kevin Marcino at 204-867-0037.
Heritage Way in Minnedosa, MB
Resumes will be received until 4:00 p.m. on Friday, October 6, 2017 at the Town Office located at 103 Main Street (Box 426) Minnedosa, MB R0J
1E0. Email: Fax: 204-867-2686.
We thank all applicants for their interest in this position;
however only those selected for an interview will be contacted.

The Minnedosa Tribune Friday, September 22, 2017 13


Southquill Health Services of Rolling River First Nation Southquill Health Services of Rolling River First Nation
Rolling River School Division Employment Opportunity 4 Full Time Positions Employment Opportunity Full Time Position
Jordans Principal Child First Initiative Jordans Principal Child First Initiative
Rolling River School Division is located in Developmental Workers Administrative Support
Position Summary: Position Summary:
southwestern Manitoba, Canada in close proximity to The Developmental Workers will work under the supervision of the Provide administrative support to the Jordans Principle Child-First Initiative,
Riding Mountain National Park and Brandon. Jordans Principle Child-First Initiative Case Manager to provide support Southquill Health Services of Rolling River First Nation under the direction of
and respite services to families with children who have disabilities, the Case Manager. Administrative duties will include data entry, clerical, office
Full-Time TEACHER required complex needs and short-term health conditions. The Developmental management, scheduling of staff/clients around program delivery as directed by
Workers will be hired for a period of one year with opportunity for the Case Manager. The Administrative Support will be hired for a period of one
Westview Colony year with opportunity for extension of employment based on further funding
extension of employment based on further funding and excellent job
(approx. 20kms north of Rivers) performance.
and excellent job performance.
Multi-level Qualifications:
Qualifications: Grade 12 education
All subjects Certified Health Care Aide, ECE or EA Demonstrated knowledge and proficiency with Microsoft programs
For more details and application information, Ability to work independently and as a team member (Outlook, Word, Excel, Access and PowerPoint), as well as Internet
please visit our website at select Demonstrated written and oral communication skills applications and other Information Technology
Ability to apply critical thinking skills required Accurate keyboarding skills
Employment then Teaching Positions. Ability to respect and promote confidentiality Demonstrated organizational skills, and the ability to work independently
Thank you to all applicants for their interest in CPR and First Aid Certification Demonstrated communication skills
Valid Manitoba Drivers License Ability to respect and promote confidentiality
Rolling River School Division. Valid Manitoba Drivers License
Own means of transportation
Only those candidates selected for Subject to Criminal Record Check and Child Abuse Registry check
Own means of transportation
interviews will be contacted. Subject to Criminal Record Check and Child Abuse Registry check
Others as deemed necessary Others as deemed necessary
Salary: Based on Qualifications Salary: Based on Qualifications
Southquill Health Services of Rolling River First Nation Closing Date: September 29th, 2017 at 2:00 p.m.
Closing Date: September 29th, 2017 at 2:00 p.m.
Employment Opportunity Full Time Position Please forward resume with cover letter stating your qualifications to
Please forward resume with cover letter stating your qualifications to the
Jordans Principal Child First Initiative Case Manager the attention of: attention of:
Position Summary: Ms. Natasha Wilson, Director Ms. Natasha Wilson, Director
Under the supervision of the Health Director, the Case Manager will Southquill Health Services Southquill Health Services
oversee the development of a community specific child-first program P.O. Box 246 P.O. Box 246
that will provide support and respond to children with complex needs Erickson, MB R0J 0P0 Erickson, MB R0J 0P0
and short-term health conditions. The Case Manager will work with Fax: 204-636-2307 Fax: 204-636-2307
the children and their families in partnership with service providers and We thank all those who apply; however only those We thank all those who apply; however only those selected
agencies. The Case Manager will provide supervision to 4 Developmental selected for an interview will be contacted. for an interview will be contacted.
(26-2) (26-2)
Workers and 1 Administrative Support. The Case Manager will report to
the Health Director of Southquill Health Services of Rolling River First
Nation. The Case Manager of the Jordans Principle Child-First Initiative
will be hired for a period of one year with opportunity for extension of
employment based on further funding and excellent job performance.
Home Routes
Post-secondary education (BSW, RN, LPN) in a health discipline
with experience working in Aboriginal Health field
Minimum 3 years working experience
Strong group facilitation, presentation, and engagement skills
A Second Season in Minnedosa
Ability to work independently and as a team member SUBMITTED it was really popular, and or the kitchen jams on me through That Cooper
Demonstrated written and oral communication skills people saved-the-date, as the East Coast, and figure House on facebook. I need
Ability to apply critical thinking skills required
Ability to determine priorities and deadlines, as well as flexibility S ome old-timers from
Minnedosa might be
familiar with That Cooper
they say. Home Routes is
still sending shows up that
we can have a great show
here. I set up the chairs to
check, and we can easily fit
a list ahead of time, but
folks pay when they ar-
rive. Admission is $20 and
in adjusting to changing priorities and deadlines
Ability to respect and promote confidentiality House. It is a 1908 mod- Last year, Home twenty-five, and the kitch- all proceeds go to the art-
CPR and First Aid Certification est two-story home in the Routes contacted the 50+ en is really big, for refresh- ist.
Valid Manitoba Drivers License south-west part of town, Activity Centre to see if ments during the break. I And in Season 2, all of
Own means of transportation much like dozens of others they were interested in think the house concerts Minnedosa is embracing
Subject to Criminal Record Check and Child Abuse Registry check that were built in the early hosting shows here in here will be super. Home Routes. The 50+ Ac-
Others as deemed necessary years. A relative new-com- Minnedosa. McLennan tivity Centre is hosting the
Salary: Based on Qualifications er to town, Nancy McLen- came on board to host the The test of That Coop- February show, and In-
nan took over That Cooper artists overnight, and the er House happens this Sat- spire Studio is hosting the
Closing Date: September 29th, 2017 at 2:00 p.m.
House at the end of 2011 shows were held at the Ac- urday night, (September April show.
Please forward resume with cover letter stating your qualifications to
and started to tidy up the tivity Centre. 23rd) featuring Brazilian Hopefully, as time
the attention of:
house and the yard. It was the first year guitarist, Marco Castillo passes we can share
Ms. Natasha Wilson, Director
Before she moved to for Home Routes here, from Winnipeg. the show over even
Southquill Health Services
Minnedosa, McLennan said McLennan. Attend- Im glad the first more venues, said
P.O. Box 246
was living up in the Swan ance was good and the show is a solo artist. Marco McLennan. It is nice to
Erickson, MB R0J 0P0
River Valley where she had shows were all terrific, but has been in the entertain- really get to know the art-
Fax: 204-636-2307
a different old house an it unfortunately was too ment business his whole ists, and hosting does
We thank all those who apply; however only those
old store front where much of an evening volun- life. His dad played with make that happen.
selected for an interview will be contacted. (26-2) she was one of the first teer commitment for the Nat King Cole. Hes a real Besides Castillos Bra-
Manitobans to host Home members, so we decided showman. zilian guitar styles, this

Business Cards
We print business cards
Routes House Concerts
over the fall and winter
to simplify the shows this
year. McLennan will host
the shows in That Cooper
Because That Cooper
House is a small venue,
McLennan is taking calls
seasons shows include
Celtic, Blues, Americana
Jazz, Folk, and Roots
in all styles and quantities. Colour Cards It was fun, said Mc- House. (204-210-0754) and emails shows.
Stop in today prices starting at Lennan. At first, people It will definitely be (
or call us 250 500 1000 werent sure about the cozy, she said. I imagine as reservations, or, she
for details. $45.00 $70.00 $110.00 idea, but after a few years, the cilidhs out in Ireland, said, you can message
The Minnedosa Tribune
Minnedosa, MB 204-867-3816
14 Friday, September 22, 2017 The Minnedosa Tribune


Living in your
Proud Supporter
Rick Taylor 867-7551
Catharine Warrener
M Gijsbers
Chartered Professional
Available for:
Accountant Inc.
Indoor Renovations
Decks Landscaping
213 2nd St NE - Box 385
Soffit, Fascia, Siding
T: 867-3884 C: 867-0190 Specializing in water & sewer
Email: 204-210-1274 installation & repair
All types of excavation
Minnedosa, MB Basements, Demolition
31 - 5TH AVE. N.W. 246 2ND AVE. S.W., 339 - 4TH AVE. S.W. Snow removal
Gravel, Topsoil
AUTO Sales of septic tanks
- 840 sq. ft. bungalow - 1,800 sq. ft. 3 bedroom 2 - 1,040 sq. ft. bungalow
Van Veen
Kirk 867-0180
CL Carpentry Ltd.
- 2 bedrooms and many - 3 bedrooms, 2 baths

- Many updates in past 3-6
upgrades years - Numerous updates and newly
- Fenced yard, attached garage, - Great condition and ready to nished garage Full-service construction
paved driveway company specializing in CONSTRUCTION LTD.
move in $258,900 MLS # 1715248
$189,900 MLS #1720588 $224,900 MLS # 1720034 AC Residential, Commercial GENERAL
and Farm building.
M&M Leo or Cherry van Veen
Office: 204 826 2292
AUTO BODY 867-0400
All Auto Body Repairs 0r
Ph: 867-2083 867-7506
5 Main St. North
NEWDALE MINNEDOSA - Character home on 14.5
Parish Backhoe
- 1,330 sq. ft. 1 storey
- Extensive renovations
- 1,480 sq. ft. bungalow acres
- 2,970 sq. ft., 4 bedroom, 2
- 3 bedrooms, 2 baths Septic Systems Weeping tiles
and upgrades bath
- 88 lot with double attached PRAIRIE REDI-MIX Water Systems Basements
- Appliances included garage - Overlooks Little Minnedosa - 867-3853
Saskatchewan River Valley R eady Mix Conc rete All types of excavation
$63,900 MLS #1704594
$209,900 MLS #1710390 $354,900 MLS #1719531
Concrete forms, Rebar, Wire Mesh, Certified in waste
Weeping Tile, Concrete Sealer, Snap Ties
Considering listing your Property? All at Competitive
water management
Call me today for great service at great rates! prices Call: Ian
874-2134 or 867-0383

Prairie Mountain Ph: 204-867-4657

Gwen Usick Fax: 204-867-2150
Independently Owned
and Operated Broker Realtor Book this spot
EW R ED LIS Call 204-867 3816

NEWDALE Extensively renovated 2 bdm 1 1/2
bath home features all new kitchen
cabinets, countertops, backsplash, This 3383 sq ft solid river front
1976 Portage Mobile 3 bedroom 1 office building is brick & stucco Recently renovated 12x52 2
1/2 bath home, double car garage island, LED lighting, sky light in bedroom 1 bath 1970 Dutchess
master bath, new HE gas furnace, with metal roof & features 2 side by
with metal roof on a large lot side separate businesses each with Imperial Mobile Home on rented lot
that backs onto an open field on HWT 17, new plumbing, newly in trailer park. Includes vinyl siding,
attached single car garage with wheelchair accessible entrances.
outskirts of town. Home has some
newer flooring, 2 newer toilets and GDO & remote, vinyl siding, Paved parking lot for up to 20 deck, flower beds, laundry, shed,
appliances. All the work is done,
insulation, shingles, roof vents, cars. West side is 2208 sq ft with
comes with fridge, stove, washer 6 mirrored offices, east side is 1175 just unpack your bags and move in.
& dryer. windows, landscaped front yard,
sq ft more offices. Both sides have Deals like this dont last long! Roofing Decks
drainage & much more. Call listing Fencing Exterior Finishing
agent for detailed list. there own waiting room, reception,
Mls#1624538 $64,900 MLS#1713668 $229,900
gas furnace with central air, central
MLS#1723284 $40,000 Renovations Repairs
$49,900 MLS#1705709 $279,000
204-868-5980 or 204-867-5544 INSURANCE
Take a tour on or our website www.remax-prairie
Drivers Licenses, Autopac
BDO Canada, LLP BURTON PAINTING General Insurance Enterprises Ltd.
Cheri McTavish Broker Refridgeration
Chartered Accountants 867-3946 Air Conditioning,
and Advisors Myrna Alexander
Myrna Charles Heating & Electrical
George Allard, FCGA* Cell: 868-5503
Cell: 868-5503
Gateway Street Farm, Business & Individual
30 Years
Onanole, MB Open Professional Services:
Book Ex perience!!
204-848-7413 ~ Tax
8:30 -6:00 This
Howard Wirch, C.G.A* ~ Accounting Bus : 867-3950
9-515 4th Ave. 116 Main Street
110A ~ Farm Programs Spot Fa x: 867-2340
Shoal Lake, MB
Sarah Campbell, CGA Book this spot
204-759-2680 Minnedosa for
Dauphin Office -
39 Main Street South $5.52/week only
15 1st Ave. S.W.
204 867-5550 Minnedosa 867-2957
Call 204-867 3816
Phone: 204-638-3005 $11.07
Fax: 204-638-5817
*Denotes Professional Corporation
week! Call Gregg
The Minnedosa Tribune Friday, September 22, 2017 15



Septic Service
L a w O ffi c e
5 AND 6 continuous TV AND APPLIANCE
Norman H. Sims, Q.C. SALES AND SERVICE Potable water Lawn Mowing & Trimming
7 6 Ma i n S t r e e t S o u t h Your Shaw Direct, Dandelion Spraying -
Siding Roofing MINNEDOSA 867-2717 LG, Samsung, Bell delivery. Licensed Pesticide Applicator
Soffit Fascia
Closed cell Polyurethane Spray foam
Danby Dealer Book your portable Fertilizer Application
Glen Burgess Blow in Attic & Wall Fibre Insulation
Computer Sales and Service
Systems, Monitors &
Erle Jury & Family
Licensed Arborist Service
Hedge Trimming
Fire Retardent Coating Accessories
204-867-3738 PLUMBING Minnedosa, MB 867-2416
Yard Clean Up

204-868-5211 Email:

Phone 867-3164
Cell: 867-7558
Cory Johnston Minnedosa

WAHOSKI E-mail: (204) 476-4705
Sewage Service Prairie Mountain HVAC/R


Anxiety Disorders
Air Conditioning

867-0145 867-5551
or of Manitoba Cell: 476-6591 Kitchen Equipment
Commercial Gas Fitter
Support Group Dennis: 476-2766
Gently Used Furniture 204-476-5185 Commercial & Residential
service specialist
FINANCE Clothing & Misc. Items Meetings are held at 23 Hour Service
Donations Neepawa Library 3rd Tuesday of Kent Brown
Minnedosa Estate Sales HILLSIDE the month 1 p.m. to 2:30 p.m. 1-204-867-7346
Credit Union Pick-up & Deliveries Plumbing & Heating
For more info call:
Debbie Fisch
(204) 725-8550 LEONAS
Ty Burton St. Alphonsus Studio Of Image
Main line FERTILIZER ALCOHOLICS Family Hair Care
204-867-6350 204-868-5358 Catholic Church Eminence Facials
142 4th
4th St, NW.
St, NW.
Brad Ross
204-867-6366 Custom If you like to drink and can Minnedosa,MB
Minnedosa, MB 867-3831
& Product
Pedicures & LCN Nails
Carol Taylor Fertilizer That's your business
If you want to stop and can't Mass Sunday 9:00 a.m. Spray Tanning
Terry McLenehan Floating That's our business. Piercing
Eyelash Extensions
204-867-6363 Call today to book your
Plumbing & Heating P.O. Box 36
Susan Glasgow spring oating needs!
Construction or 867-3966 204-867-2287
204-867-6353 Alanon - 210-0433 67 Main St.
Debbie Strelczik Darvin - 204-868-5869 MAIN OFFICE Alateen - 867-5121
Dan Quesnel
Robert - 204-867-7113 204-867-5458
867-3401 Minnedosa
Mtg. Times: 8:00 pm Tuesdays People Helping People TAC
204-867-6359 PLUMBING & HEATING - Committed to Caring - Ventures Inc.
Sylvia Firby
Russ Huyghe
204-868-6376 Drug Problem? Phone (204) 857-6100 Waste
Candice Brown CONSTRUCTION Narcotics Fax (204) 857-8389 Management &
Alayna McTavish
Cody Huyghe
204-210-0502 Anonymous can help
www.centralplainscancer Contracting
204-867-6354 (48-4) OFFICE MANAGER Meetings every (204)476-0002
Kim Robinson Matt Saler
204-867-6352 204-868-6886 Tuesday & Waterpals
Garbage Removal
Bin Rentals
Tera Popien LEGAL Saturday at 7 p.m. Potable Water Delivery
Construction Demolition
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16 Friday, September 22, 2017 The Minnedosa Tribune

Newdale News
By Ravens Glen WI Pederson and family on 8th. The September 15th ert (Cheryl) Davies, three working and retiring in year.
the untimely passing of her service was taken by Helen grandchildren and four Winnipeg. The Sunday morning

G et well wishes to Syl-

via Sawchuk, young-
est daughter of Pete and
cousin Gloria Kroeker of
Stonewall. Barb travelled
to Stonewall and joined
Wed like to send
sympathy to the family of
great grandchildren. New-
dale relatives attending the
funeral in Winnipeg, were
Were sending birth-
day wishes to two for-
mer Newdale residents,
coffee crowd enjoyed free
coffee and warm cinna-
mon buns courtesy of Sha-
Mary Sawchuk who spent her family members to at- Lloyd Davies who passed members of the Davies, Don Graham in Winni- ron at the Leisure Inn who
her growing up years in tend the funeral service. away August 30th in Win- Osborne and Welbourne peg for September 17th was celebrating her birth-
Newdale. She is currently Newdale United nipeg, age 91, at the Vic- families. Lloyd took his and to Clara Blackwood day. Now that was indeed
living in Tennessee near Church has begun another toria Hospital. He leaves schooling at Mount Calm at Minnedosa Personal yummy on a very cold
her daughter Camile. season of worship with to mourn his wife Susan, School then graduated Care Home. Your Newdale morning! We all wish you
Wed like to send con- Dan Jardine providing the daughter Sharalyn (Leend- from Providence Bible friends all wish you both many more Sharon along
dolences to Barb and Rod message on September art) Van Beveren, son Rob- College before moving, good health for the coming with good health!

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Planters dry roast peanuts/salted cashews...225-600g ...... $4.49 OPEN 9:00 AM - 9:00 PM, 7 DAYS A WEEK 70 Main Street South, Minnedosa 867-2821