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Josh Nicholls Regional Manager 250-327-3973

Ladysmith, BC, V9G 1V5

5 Years of management experience in Janitorial
Worked in very high stress situations that required a level head.
Bringing teams together to resolve a common issue.

Industry: Property Maintenance July 2010-July 2017

Position: Regional Manager
Duties: Managing staff and payroll
I managed Winners, The Bay, HomeSense, Rexall and Home Outfitters.


Hiring and firing employees
Work with store management to resolve issues
Monthly supply budget for 15 stores
Managed a team of 30+/- employees

Operating Systems : Windows Server, XP/Vista/7,8,10, Linux
Networking technologies:, Squid, Exchange 2003, Backup-exec, N-able, and Vmware.
Protocols : TCP/IP,SSH, RDP, IMAP

Professional Experience:

Industry: Computer/network Support Mar 2007-2010

Position: Support Consultant
Tools & Environment: Linux, Windows XP/Vista/7
I offer services to local businesses, I manage their networks and implement new ideas etc. Over
the years I have built a relationship with these businesses and have suggested improvements.
Ive also worked with home users on occasion.


Managed billing of customers

Make recommendations
Warned if software licenses are about to expire (if needed)
Installed serial interface for local seafood company, previously they used two phone lines
for connection to their temperature monitoring unit.

Josh Nicholls Regional Manager 250-327-3973
Ladysmith, BC, V9G 1V5

Industry: MicroAge, Fort McMurray, AB Jan 2006-Mar2007

Position: Field Technician
Tools & Environment: Windows XP/Vista/7/ Linux etc.

Description: The MicroAge location in Fort McMurray has a unique position simply because they
are located so far north. This allows for some very serious contracts with larger companies. Here
in Fort McMurray I had the opportunity to implement an exchange 2003 setup with the Blackberry
Enterprise server. The hardware setup was completely IBM in nature except for the Quantum
tape backup unit. I was responsible for migration of all email from outlook to the exchange server
as well.

Managed many business clients all over Fort McMurray including up in the oil sands.
Responsible for implementing new systems
Being on call for Superstore, Shoppers Drug Mart.
Handling all levels of paper work and billing.
Scheduling my day every morning.
Removed virus infection from local Canada Post office
Recovered local taxi company from lightning strike
Installation of configuration of Symantec Backup-Exec
Installation and configuration of Symantec Firewall/routers
Installation and configuration of Exchange 2003 server
Installation and configuration of Exchange OWA using RPC over HTTP.
Installation of SCO Unix and GPS software
Installation of Rack hardware, including rails and Rack tower itself, converting IBM
servers from tower position to rack position.
Installation and configuration of Cisco VPN routers (basic Cisco IOS)
Installation and configuration of DHCP and DNS servers in Windows 2003 server
Installation and configuration of Point of Sale hardware/software, including scales,
barcode scanners, cash dispensers.

Industry: ANMS, Durant, Oklahoma, USA Mar2005 -Jan2006

Position: Network Technician
Tools & Environment: Windows XP/Linux
ANMS at one point was an ISP but the owner sold off that part of the company to focus on
managing the local school district networks. The scope of work here was huge and always a
great challenge, but this made the position more enjoyable. I did have the opportunity to work
with some very interesting software/hardware working at this company, including Polycom video
conferencing units.

Maintaining existing networks
Maintain current customer base (routers, proxy filters etc)
Keep office building clean
Make sure office router and email server was running at all time
Maintain company backups.
Installation and configuration of Dansguardian and squid proxy in a transparent
configuration for a local car dealership to filter internet content.
Installation and configuration of IPtables in a hotel environment creating two subnets, one
for management and one for guests.

Josh Nicholls Regional Manager 250-327-3973
Ladysmith, BC, V9G 1V5

Create an online classroom using Atutor with in-house custom made PHP and SQL.
Configuration of BIND and SENDMAIL for in-house email.
Migration of Win2k3 domain to another domain within same school network.
Installation, configuration and documentation of IPcop firewall.
Configuration and installation of managed switches
Installation of CAT-5 cable

Industry: Mainframe Associates, Nanaimo, BC Jul 2001- Jan2003

Position: Field Technician
Tools & Environment: Windows NT/2000, Theos 4.2/Corona/Linux
Mainframe Associates is a software development company, they make Point of Sale/inventory
control software. This company is very unique since they use the Theos operating system made
in Spain. My last major project implementation was within 1 hour of quoted labour costs.

Implement new systems locally and abroad. (Canada and USA)
Maintain existing clients (maintenance contracts)
Write documentation and keep track of changes
Write scripts for system maintenance (End of day routines etc)
Be on call at night and on weekends
Manage company network
Installation, configuration, documentation and implementation of Theos 4.2 for new and
existing clients, install company Point of Sale software.
Recover lost sale data for clients after failure using secondary backup.
Installation of Digi 16 port serial interface
Installation of dumb terminals including DEC and AXEL
Installation of serial and cat-5 cable.
Installation of RAID 5 arrays using ADAPTEC SCSI cards
Installation of Okidata dot matrix printers
Installation and configuration of scales, display poles, cash registers, barcode scanners.


Compu-College Network Engineering 2000-2001

Compu-College Victoria

References available upon request