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Basketball Task Sheets Lesson # 2 Date: March 7, 2017

Lesson Title:

Emelie Comtois Physical Education 5/6

Name: Subject: Grade(s):

Rationale: (lesson context and reasons why lesson matters)

It is important to budget time each day towards physical activity to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Spending time at accomplishing
unique tasks that relate to a skill already known allows for creative and ability expansion.

Curriculum Connections :

Big Ideas
Daily physical activity enables us to practice skillful movement and helps us develop personal fitness.

Curricular Competency
Develop and apply a variety of fundamental movement skills in a variety of physical activities and environments.
Develop and demonstrate safety, fair play, and leadership in physical activities.

Movement concepts and strategies.

Learning Intentions Activity Assessment

I can do various tasks with a basketball. Work through basketball task sheet. Engagement and technique at each task
in correspondence with skill level.

Prerequisite Concepts and Skill :( for student success)

- Collaborative, listening, thinking, and communication skills
- Exposure to basketball and dribbling

Materials and Resources with References/Sources:

For Teacher For Students

Task sheets (25 copies) Gym shoes / clothes

Scarves, scooters, hula-hoops, tape,..
Music (freeze song)

Differentiated Instruction (DI): (accommodations)

- Allow students to sit out for a minute to catch breath or have a break before re-entering activities
- Adjust tasks for students dependent on their skill level

Organizational/Management Strategies: (anything special to consider?)

- If you can hear me, touch your ___

- Whistle: 1 blow - stop and listen, 2 blows - stop drop & sit
- [My] back to the wall

Possible Aboriginal Connections / First Peoples Principles of Learning and

Plan for Experiential Learning

- support hands on learning and risk taking
- provide opportunities for reflective thinking
Lesson Activities:
Teacher Activities Student Activities pacing

Introduction (hook/motivation/lesson overview)

Instant Activity Grab basketball & dribble around gym to song 5 mins
- dribble to song, stop whenever it says freeze Freeze / stop dribbling when song says

Body (lesson flow/ management)

Task Sheets Work through task sheet at own pace in whatever 20 mins
- give instructions then hand out order

Closure ( connections within lesson or between

lessons, sharing successes, summaries)
Clean up station theyre at 5 mins
Clean up and ending game (if time permits) Play closing game

Reflections: (over)

- Engagement and participation levels

- Instruction and demo techniques and next steps