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The Ovation Control System

Advanced technology for secure operations and best-in-class performance

Precise Control

Gaining A Competitive Keep Pace with the

A key component of Emersons Advantage Latest Technology
digital architecture, the Ovation The Ovation system was designed By incorporating commercial
distributed control and SCADA from the ground up to help you off-the-shelf technology throughout
achieve operational excellence and the system, Ovation provides a
system gives users higher levels
create a sustainable competitive powerful yet adaptable platform
of plant availability, reliability advantage. that gives you greater operational
and environmental compliance. flexibility than other systems while
Ovations field-proven control also protecting your engineering
Optimized for the global power
design techniques developed investment by allowing you to
generation and water/wastewater over the last five decades provide continually modify and expand the
industries, Ovation embodies tighter, more precise and system to meet new challenges.
predictable control while a host
Emersons five decades of unsur-
of advanced control and process This means your Ovation system
passed expertise in the control optimization software allows you can evolve incrementally as your
and management of these com- to further enhance operations by process grows or as technology
automatically balancing the process progresses. Ovation eliminates fears
plex operations.
for the optimum results. of rapid system obsolescence by
allowing you to stay current with
From basic control and monitoring state-of-the-art developments in
to fleet or district-wide integration, communications, processing and
Ovation offers seamless advanced applications.
communication with fieldbus
networks, intelligent field devices
and integrated asset management
solutions to deliver the power of
predictive intelligence to operations
and management personnel.

The Ovation Evolution
Built using industry standard hardware platforms, operating systems and network architectures,
the Ovation system stays new in the face of rapidly advancing computing technology.

Ovation reduces maintenance costs and preserves your investment by incorporating industry-
standard components as opposed to the proprietary structures of the other systems. Over time,
your Ovation hardware can evolve incrementally, incorporating new operating systems, hardware
platforms and network topologies while preserving your vital engineering investment in control
logic, graphics and operator training.

FDDI Fast Ethernet Gigabit Wireless

ec y
3rd Party Express

X Terminal Remote Web Process Windows Mobile Fleet
Objects Server View

Pl tform
Solaris Windows Solaris Windows Windows Windows
2.5 NT 8 2000 XP 7

Application Tools
Power Smart Developer AMS Process Alarm Embedded
Tools Process Studio Suite APC Diagnostics AI / ASP Management Simulation

Digitall Busses
Foundation Wireless
HART Fieldbus Profibus DeviceNet IEC 61850

ntrrol err & I/O
e I/O
Q-line & Ethernet Integrated
400 MHz Integrated Virtual SCADA Ethernet 1100 MHz Electronic
Link Safety
Ovation I/O Processor NIC Controller Server Remote I/O Processor Marshalling
Controller (SIL)

u rity
r y
Role-based Antivirus Workstation Backup & Intrusion
Firewall Security
Authorization Hardening Recovery Detection

Leading Performance

Ovation includes embedded Ovation also provides seamless

applications such as fully integration with intelligent field
The Ovation system is optimized coordinated boiler/turbine control, devices and widely adopted bus
to meet the unique needs of the emissions monitoring, economic standards such as HART, FOUNDATION
dispatch and fleet management Fieldbus, Profibus DP and
power generation and water/ for power projects. For water, DeviceNet.
wastewater industries. More wastewater and renewable
than five decades of Emerson applications, Ovation incorporates Using the rich data provided
a SCADA interface for wide-area by smart devices, Ovations
experience covering thousands monitoring and control, seamless native application of Emersons
of power generation and water PLC integration and comprehensive AMS Suite: Intelligent Device
treatment projects allowed us diagnostics programs. Manager allows you to implement
a predictive maintenance program
to tailor the Ovation system Coupled with Emersons digital that continually analyzes device
exclusively for these demanding architecture, the Ovation system health, identifying problems before
processes. provides powerful technology for they impact the process while
secure operations and best-in-class avoiding costly and unnecessary
performance. maintenance on healthy devices.

Tighter, More Reliable Ovation System Alerts

Control Ovation alerts generate alarms
The Ovation system is renowned notifying you of performance issues
for delivering precision control with in field devices. Ovation system
outstanding performance. That alerts include advisory alerts to
precision begins with the Ovation assist in maintenance planning,
controller. With an Intel-based maintenance alerts that indicate
processor at its heart, the Ovation that immediate maintenance is
controller provides full-redundancy required, and failure alerts that
to assure the reliability and security indicate a device has failed, allowing
necessary for even the most plant operators to react accordingly.
demanding application.

In addition to a comprehensive set Clear, Concise

of over 100 standard algorithms,
Ovation also provides the ability to
embed advanced control algorithms Providing plant operators with
that leverage the ever expanding a clear, concise, easy to navigate
computing power of the Ovation window to the process is vital
controller. This capability allows to successful operations. The
you to take control to a higher level Ovation operator workstation
by incorporating model predictive accomplishes that mission with
control and industry specific crisp, high-resolution process
advanced applications to reduce graphics, built-in trending data,
process variability and optimize advanced system diagnostics
performance over the full range of displays, user-friendly help
plant operating conditions. screens and a sophisticated alarm

management and analysis package The Ovation network is an Ovation Security
that prioritizes alarms to quickly unaltered fast Ethernet that
isolate and address problems. serves as both a control and
information highway providing The Ovation system addresses
easy connectivity to virtually security concerns such as machine
any Ethernet enabled device.
Intuitive Programming Ovation also offers a multi-
authentication, password
management, workstation
Tools network capability allowing you hardening and disabling prohibited
The Ovation engineer to integrate multiple Ovation activities. Antivirus software
workstation provides an intuitive, systems both within an individual solutions complement Emersons
easy to use graphical interface plant site, or throughout a number existing cyber-security measures
that allows your personnel to of geographically disperse sites, allowing deployment of regularly
focus on the plant or control streamlining the collection and updated virus definitions.
process at hand, rather than the correlation of information from
base program. It combines all various units. The Ovation Security Center offers
of the functions of the operator additional security functions and
workstation with the tools needed The Ovation Process Historian services that have the ability to
to create, configure and maintain collects and organizes the vast enhance and manage the cyber
Ovation control logic, graphics, amount of process data from the security of an Ovation system.
point records and system-wide system making it available via the
configurations, including security. Ovation network to operators,
engineers, maintenance personnel
The engineer workstations and plant management. The
Developer Studio is a graphical Process Historian is designed
menu-driven interface using for interfacing with business
standard drag and drop databases and spreadsheet
functionality to easily move or copy applications allowing raw process
elements from one application data to be easily converted to
to another. The object-oriented valuable information.
approach to system configuration
provides a familiar operating
environment, thus reducing Connectivity
the learning curve, simplifying
development and ultimately saving The Ovation system also includes
significant engineering effort. direct connectivity to PLCs and
OEM control systems. Ovation
incorporates many standard data
exchange protocols such as OPC
Leveraging the Power and its predecessors, NetDDE and
of Information ODBC. EDS offers a web viewer
for remote visualization of real-
Ovation offers a host of capabilities
that fully integrate field devices,
time process graphics.
third-party systems and corporate
networks, providing accurate
process information when and
where it is needed.


Operators Workstation
Off-the-shelf desktop PC workstations with
a standard Windows operating system

The Ovation system is

a product of our five decades of
experience in process control for AMS Suite: Intelligent
the power generation and water/ Device Manager
wastewater industries. Ovation
utilizes commercially available,
off-the-shelf technology to
provide a powerful and secure Ovation
architecture while allowing your Process
system to easily progress with
rapidly advancing computer
technologies. It provides a
seamless interface with the most
widely adopted bus-standards Ovation Controller and I/O
Fully redundant Intel-based controller
allowing you to incorporate and I/O assembly with compact
modular design for reduced footprint
smart device technologies into and power consumption.
your process. And Ovations
embedded advanced algorithms
and proven industry-specific
control routines assure that you Conventional
4-20 mA
can optimize your operations to
maximize efficiency, productivity
and profitability.

Digital Bus Standards

Ovation provides direct,
seamless access to the most
widely adopted digital device
Foundation communication standards:
Fieldbus HART, Foundation Fieldbus,
Profibus, DeviceNet

Fast Ethernet
An unaltered fast Ethernet
control & information network

Widely adopted commercial

technologies are the
fundamental building blocks
SCADA Master
of the Ovation system. By
incorporating these technologies
Ovation provides an easy to
Ovation Engineer use, easy to maintain system
Developer Studio architecture that allows you to
modify, expand and evolve the
system as your needs change
or as other, more advanced
Embedded Applications technologies are introduced.
Ovation incorporates a host of applications to
speed system engineering and maintenance,
provide advanced diagnostics, facilitate
communications and optimize process operations.
Easy-to-use control builder
Highly flexible graphics builder
HART Embedded security builder
AMS Suite: Intelligent device manager for
predictive maintenance
OPC connectivity to business systems
Industry specific advanced control algorithms to
allow on-line process optimization

Designed for your

unique needs
and applications

Powers Digital Architecture

Emersons digital architecture is an by boosting plant availability,

automation solution that delivers capacity and response while
As a key component in reducing operations and
asset management, process control
Emersons digital architecture, and management execution maintenance costs through the life
Ovation offers a growing through intelligent field devices, of the plant.
industry standard platforms and
and unequaled array of fully
integrated modular software. It
integrated products and provides seamless connection to
widely adopted digital smart device
Leveraging Digital
capabilities to help you gain Intelligence
communication protocols including
and maintain a competitive
HART, Foundation fieldbus, Profibus The Ovation digital plant
advantage for many years to DP and DeviceNet. architecture begins with
come. a strong foundation of intelligent
field devices from industry leaders
New Project Benefits such as Fisher and Rosemount.
With their digital capabilities
An Ovation architecture can reduce including onboard microprocessors,
project installation costs over embedded software and open-
36% through significant savings in standard communications these
wiring and conduit requirements, field devices can:
reduced engineering expense
during system configuration and Deliver precise measurement
commissioning and earlier, more and control to reduce process
Increased trouble-free plant startup. In fact,
Output variability
an independent study showed Handle multiple variables to
that on a new 2 x 1 combined reduce the number of devices
Availability Capacity Response cycle plant, the implementation of required
Ovation architecture can result in Perform diagnostics to monitor
Maintenance Emissions Safety Fuel, Energy, $7 million of savings in equipment, device health, predict problems
engineering and construction costs, and avoid downtime
plus a six week reduction in startup
Lower schedule.
Costs Connecting Your Plant
Operational and Ovations digital architecture uses
open communication standards
Maintenance Benefits to link field intelligence, systems
Increased output. Lower costs. With
Ovation, you can have both. These standard platforms have and applications in a plant wide
been field-proven in hundreds network that delivers information
of applications to improve plant when and where its needed. Open,
efficiency by as much as 2% industry-proven communication

standards let you select the best Advanced control solutions
components to meet your needs, are available for environmental
compliance to support NOx,
Ovations field-proven
integrate them with other plant
and business systems and add SO2 and CO2 reduction and control applications design
more products or capabilities in process efficiency including techniques developed over
the future. pump sequencing, combustion
optimization, energy management
five decades of experience in
Besides supporting popular and chemical usage optimization. the power generation and
protocols from fast Ethernet water/wastewater industries
to DeviceNet, Profibus DP, Other available Ovation
advanced control packages
provide tighter, more precise
and Modbus protocols, the
architecture provides a single, include sootblower, SCR and FGD and predictable control.
integrated environment that optimization, steam temperature
delivers the full capabilities of optimization, and fleet emissions
HART, Foundation fieldbus and optimization.

From fully coordinated boiler- Ovation Simulation

turbine control to wide area
SCADA controls, Ovation controls Emerson offers Ovation simulation
are successfully employed in solutions using virtual technology
thousands of applications. Ovation that faithfully replicates the
also features fully automatic Ovation DCS within a simulator
startup/shutdown sequencing, configuration by using a few
intelligent alarm management and desktop workstations. This
automated loop tuning to align approach reduces hardware
the process with current plant costs and footprint, allows easy
conditions. portability for use throughout
the facility, and greatly simplifies
ongoing simulator maintenance
Advanced Controls and upgrades to track ongoing
control system modifications.
A wide variety of advanced
Ovation control software Ovation simulation is a valuable
incorporating model predictive and flexible tool to improve plant
control and other tools, are operations. Typical applications
available to meet the specific include DCS validation prior to
control challenges of power its installation, operator training
generation and water/wastewater programs, engineering upgrades,
facilities. and control changes to improve
plant performance.


Comprehensive Support specific needs. SureService includes

Behind every Ovation system

for the Life of the 24-hour telephone support, remote
System systems diagnostics, software
stands an array of service and updates, antivirus updates,
support capabilities to ensure That support begins with our scheduled on-site visits, emergency
customer training programs. service calls, and coverage for
your system provides the utmost Conducted by experienced critical components. Packages can
in performance and reliability. engineers at your facility or ours, also include training programs as
our training programs provide refresher courses for experienced
your operators, engineers and personnel or introductory courses
technicians with the knowledge for new personnel. We also offer
and skills they need to effectively periodic audits and assessments
operate and maintain your systems. of system configuration based on
Our training programs are tailored process requirements to identify
for your needs and can include opportunities for improvement.
custom-designed plant simulators
that employ the same software and As an additional service, our
graphics used on the actual system. secure, internet-based program
provides off-site archiving of system
We also understand the pressures software, online tutoring programs,
to minimize plant staffs while remote system diagnostics and
maximizing plant performance. custom application enhancements to
With that understanding, we have increase the efficiency of your control
structured our service and support software.
programs to provide the flexibility
and responsiveness necessary to And our unique SureService
meet your needs. Evergreen program is designed
to provide scheduled, periodic
Our SureService program allows hardware and software upgrades to
you to customize a service and keep your Ovation system current
support program to meet your with rapidly advancing technology.

and support

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