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JAIPUR 302004

Phone : 0141-5152340, 5152576 email-

0141-5152572, Fax: 0141-2711582

No: 10/12/PUR/AP&M/2017-18 Dated: 19.9.2017

1. Bid security Deposit (Refundable ): 4,80,000/=

2. Cost of Tender Document : 1000/=
3. Estimated cost of the project. Rs. 1, 60, 00,000/- (approx.).

M/S Dear
Online bids are invited on single stage two bid system for carrying out core drilling work under
project titled General exploration for copper and associated metals in Dariba North Block,Sikar
district,rajasthan , for 3208m drilling, consisting of 11 nos. of second level boreholes of approximate
200m (15%) depth and 02 nos. borehole of 500m(20%) depth. The invitation to tender is subject to
fulfillment of instructions and conditions as per schedules below:
1. Chapter 1: Instruction/Information to Bidders
2. Chapter 2: Contract terms & conditions.
3. Chapter 3 Specification & scope of work.
4. Chapter 4: Bid evaluation criteria (annexure I, II, III & IV)
5. Chapter 5: Technical Bid Format
6. Chapter 6: Price Bid format.
7. Annexure -: V & VII
8. Integrity pact - Annexure- VI
9. Site visit certificate Annexure - VIII
(Please note that site visit is mandatory)
1. Tender documents can be downloaded from CPP Portal site as per the schedule given in critical date sheet.
2. The tender schedule can also be downloaded from the GSI, website
3. For any corrigendum/addendum please be in touch with our portal.
Published Date 19.09.2017
Bid Document Download/Sale Start Date 19.09.2017
Clarification Start Date 19.09.2017
Pre-bid conference date 29.09.2017
Clarification End Date 06.10.2017
Preferable Site Visit Date 22.09.17 to 03.10.17
Bid Submission Start Date 22.09.2017
Bid Document Download/Submission end date. 09.10.2017
Bid Opening Date 10.10.2017

Yours faithfully,

For Additional Director General & HOD

GSI, WR, Jaipur.

JAIPUR 302004

Phone : 0141-5152340, 5152576 email-

0141-5152572, Fax: 0141-2711582


No: 10/12/PUR/AP&M/2017-18 Dated: 19.9.2017

Sl.No. Description of work Unit Qty.

1. Outsourcing of core drilling work under project titled General exploration Mtr. 3208
for copper and associated metals in Dariba North Block,Sikar
district,rajasthan , for 3208m drilling, consisting of 11 nos. of second
level boreholes of approximate 200m (15%) depth and 02 nos. borehole of
500m(20%) depth, with GI core boxes as per terms and condition of this
inclusive of all taxes/levies and transportation of filled core boxes to
the nearest GSI camp in vicinity of 4-5 kilometer.

For any corrigendum/addendum please be in touch with our portal/OCBIS.

Yours faithfully

for Addl. Director General & HOD



1. Bids shall be submitted online only at CPPP website:

Bidder/contractor/tenderer are advised to follow the instructions provided in the 'instructions to
the bidder/contractor/tenderer for the e-submission of the bids online through the Central Public
Procurement Portal for e procurement at
2. Intending tenderers are advised to visit again GSI website or/and CPPP
website at least 3 days prior to closing date of submission
of tender for any corrigendum/addendum/amendment
3. The bidders who are desirous of participating in e-procurement shall submit their Technical bids,
commercial bids etc. in the standard formats prescribed in the Technical documents, displayed at The bidders should upload the scanned copies of all relevant certificates,
documents etc. in in support of their Technical bids. The bidder should
sign on all statements, documents etc. uploaded by him, owning responsibility for their
correctness/authenticity by his Digital Signature Certificate (DSC).
4. The duly self-attested, technical bid documents, with company seal, uploaded on CPP
portal should also be submitted in hard copy to this office up to the date of opening of
technical bid.
5. In preparing the Tender/bid, bidders shall have full regard to the contents of the clauses given
in chapter 1, 2 & 3 since all bids will be deemed to have been made after taking into account all
the provisions thereof. The agreement as finally executed will include Geological Survey of India
Western Regions (here in after also referred as GSI WR) e-tendering document package and the
bidders tender.
6. GSI WR reserves to itself the right to accept or reject any tender/ bid in part or parts only with
such conditions as it may prescribe.
7. Canvassing in any form by the bidder or by any other agency acting on behalf of the bidder after
submission of the bid, may disqualify the said bidder. The GSI WRs decision in this regard shall
be final and binding on the bidders.
8.1 The BID SECURITY (EMD) amount is Rs. 4,80,000/- (Rupees: four lac eighty thousand
only) in the form of FDR/Demand Draft/Bank Guarantee issued from any reputed
commercial Bank in favor of Additional Director General, GSI, Western Region, Jaipur,
valid for 180 days from the date of opening of the technical bids. The scanned copy of the
EMD should be enclosed with the on line technical bids. The original EMD along with the
duly self attested technical bid documents, with company seal in hard copy should
reach to this office of the Addl. Director General, Geological Survey of India, Western
Region, Jaipur, Kind Attn.: Director & OIC, AP&M Division, up to the date of Closing
of the tender. Non receipt of the Original EMD / Tender Fee, the tender shall be liable
to be rejected. Exemptions and benefits for the NSIC/MSME/DGS&D registered firms shall
be applicable under the rules of Government of India.
8.2 No interest is payable on the BID SECURITY DEPOSIT AMOUNT. In case of
withdrawals or amends or impairs or derogates or non-compliance of Bid/Tender
condition(s) of the offer in any respect within the validity period of the tender or refusal of
furnishing Contract/Job Order, the BID SECURITY amount is liable to be forfeited.
8.3 The validity of the D/D submitted as the BID SECURITY, should be suitably extended by
the Bidder, if need be, beyond validity of the tender.
8.4 The BID SECURITY will be returned to the all unsuccessful Bidders after finalization of the
8.5 Once the Tender/bid is selected for award of contract and until an agreement is signed or order
is placed/ executed, this Bid security bond shall constitute a binding contract between GSI
and the bidders. If they fail to sign the contract, or to submit a performance security before
the deadline defined in the work order, they will be suspended for the period of 2 years from
being eligible to submit Bids for contracts with the entity that invited the Bids.
9.1 The successful bidder, within 15 days of the date of issue of Letter of Award/ intent of
Order/work order, will be required to furnish Performance Security Deposit for Rs.10% of the
total order value as per the prescribed format in the form of a Bank Guarantee for the due
performance of the contract
9.2 Failure of the successful Bidder to comply with the terms and conditions of the contract,
constitute sufficient grounds for the annulment of the award and forfeiture of the Bid Security,
in which event the GSI WR may award the contract to the next lowest evaluated bidder or call
for new bids or any action as deemed necessary.
9.3 This Performance Security Deposit BG should remain valid for a period of 60 days beyond
the date of completion of all contractual obligations of the supplier including warranty period.
9.4 In case of non-performance of the contracted job in time or/and for any other bad job
performance or/and failure to render contracted service during the period of contract
(summarily non-compliance of due performance of contract by the supplier to whom order has
been awarded), the Performance Security Deposit will be forfeited.
9.5 The Performance Security Deposit amount will be returned to the Supplier after satisfactory
completion of the job (whole contract) as well as the warranty period of the delivered works as
per terms and condition of the Job Order.
9.6 No interest is payable on the PERFORMANCE SECURITY DEPOSIT AMOUNT.
10.1 The bids can only be submitted online through in the name of the bidder in whose name the
final order will be awarded by GSI. The Tender papers shall be filled complete in all respects
and shall be submitted together with requisite information and Appendices, if any. It shall be
complete and free from ambiguity, changes or interlineations. Any additional information that
the bidder wishes to submit must be attached to their documents as an addendum.
10.2 The complete bid including the prices must be clear.
10.3 Bid/Tender is to be submitted in the Tabular format given in SECTION _ IV &V.
10.4 Bidders shall set their quotations in firm figures and without condition. Tenders
containing qualifying expressions such as subject to availability, subject to minimum
acceptance, etc. shall be liable for disqualification and may lead to rejection.
10.5 If the space in the Tender form or in the Appendices thereto is insufficient, additional pages
shall be separately added. These pages shall be consecutively numbered and shall also be
signed by the bidder with seal. In such cases reference to the additional page(s) must be made
in the bid.
10.6 The Tender/bid shall be kept unconditionally valid for acceptance for a minimum period of 180
days from the date of opening of price bid. If any bidder desires to offer a longer validity
period, it should specifically be mentioned in the Tender/bid.
10.7 Each Tender shall be signed by duly authorized employee/Executive of the bidder.
10.8 Any interlineations, erasures or overwriting shall be valid only if they are signed by the person
or persons signing the bid.
10.9 Bidders are advised in their own interest to prepare their tenders in strict conformity with the
tender enquiry documents and to avoid exceptions as much as possible as tenders are to be
In case of any deviation the GSI WR has the right to reject the tender.
10.10 Tender must be submitted complete in all respects. The offer would be summarily rejected
without assigning any reasons, if found incomplete.

11.1 It is indicated to the bidders to be confirmed about submission of their bids as no modifications
are possible for e-tendering process after the closing due date and time of the tender.
11.2 The Tender is to be submitted under TWO BID_ system.Viz. Two separate covers as per
e- tendering process. One should contain Techno Commercial bid in .pdf format (except
price) and other should contain commercial bid in .xls format as per BOQ.
11.3 Technical Bid must contain
(a) Documents to establish technical, financial and Infrastructural capability of the bidder
(b) Scanned copy of EMD, and scanned copy of DD towards tender cost.
(c) Un- priced offered job details, credentials etc. The Price/ Commercial bid must
contain offered price per meter including taxes.
(d) Signed and scanned copy of valid registration certificate, experience certificate.
(e) Signed and scanned copy of previous three-year income tax/ VAT tax return
and latest vat clearance certificate
(f) Mandatory site visit confirmation certificate duly signed by the representative of
the GSI as per Annexure-VIII. Bids of the contractors, who have not visited the site,
will be rejected outright and no correspondence will be entertained
11.4 The Technical bid should be accompanied by the scanned copies of the following:
(a) Write up on description and facilities of the bidder firm for the offered job,
(b) Instruments/ equipments / machineries (including Details of rigs possessed as per
the table in Annexure-I) possessed by the biding firm for the offered job,
(c) Experience details for the last 5 years in reputed organization, in the format given in
Annexure-II. Copies of (i)Work order (ii) Satisfactory completion certificate indicating no of
rigs deployed, Scheduled date of start and completion and actual date of completion and
gross value of job completed issued by the Client for whom the work was carried out should
be attached.
(d) Solvency certificate
(e) Audited Balance sheet showing annual Turn Over
(f) Any additional information in support of merit of the bidder firm
(g) An undertaking as per the format given in Annexure V
(h) Bidder should sign and submit the PRE CONTRACT INTEGRITY PACT along with
the technical bid without signing of integrity pact, the bid will be summarily rejected, format
given in the annexure VI.
11.5 The right to ignore any offer which fails to comply with the above instructions is reserved.
11.6 In any unforeseen circumstances, the tender will be opened on the next working day.
11.7 GSI, WR reserves the right to cancel the tender/entire tender process without assigning any
In case certain clarifications are sought by GSI after opening of Tenders, then the reply of the
bidder should be restricted to the clarifications sought. Any bidder who modifies his bid
(including a modification which has the effect of altering the value of his offer) after the
closing date without specific reference made by GSI shall render the bid liable to be ignored
and rejected without notice and without further reference to the bidder.
The GSI WR has to finalize the award of contract within a limited time schedule. Therefore, it
may not be feasible in all cases for GSI WR to seek clarifications in respect of incomplete
offers. A prospective bidder is advised to ensure that their bids are complete in all respects
and conforms to the terms & conditions. Bids not complying with the requirements may be
rejected without seeking any clarifications. Conditional Bids indicating exceptions/deviations
to the Tender enquiry clauses will be summarily rejected.
A. There will be a Pre-Bid Conference between buyer and the seller before opening of the
Technical Bid.
B. Tender documents must be downloaded before Pre-bid conference.
C. The Bidders designated representatives may attend the Pre-Bid Conference, before submission
of their Bid, at their own cost, which will be held at the following venue and time: -

Venue: Geological Survey of India, WR, Aravali Hall, 15-16, Jhalana Doongri, Jaipur.

Date and Time: 29.09.2017 at 14.30 PM.

D. The purpose of the meetings is to clarify issues and to answer questions on any matter that may be
raised at that stage. The Bidder is requested, to submit any questions for clarifying issues and
clearing doubts, if any, about the terms & conditions, specifications/ scope of work and other allied
technical details of the equipment and machinery projected in the bidding document.

E. They may send their queries through Central Public procurement Portal i.e.
or in writing to this office before the Pre-Bid Conference.

F. The buyer (GSI) will decide for issuing necessary Amendment/ Addendum to the Tender
Document clauses or Specification as outcome of the deliberation of Pre-Bid Conference.

G. It may not be practicable at the Pre-Bid Conference to answer questions received late.

H. Non-attendance at the Pre-Bid Conference will not be a cause for disqualification of a Bidder.
But, no individual query will be entertained after the Pre-bid conference is over and necessary
Amendment/ Addendum is issued as outcome of the Pre-Bid Conference.

I. Maximum of 2 authorized/ accredited (by the bidder) persons from each bidder would be allowed to
attend the conference
14 Site Visit:
Site visit is mandatory: Before submitting the bids, the contractors should visit the area to
understand the topography and to ascertain the logistic supports and facilities available or to
be generated for carrying out drilling operations. Bids of the contractors, who have not
visited the site, will be rejected outright and no correspondence will be entertained. The
bidders should obtain a certificate from the representative of the Addl. Director General, GSI,
WR, Jaipur and enclose it along with the technical bid.
Dates for site visit: A representative of the department will be available in the area from
22.09.2017 to 3.10.2017. Bidders are advised to plan the site visit preferably on these
Contact Person(s): The bidders may contact the following officer(s) of GSI, WR for
any Clarifications and for visiting the proposed drilling area.
Dr Sukesh Jakhar, Geologist Project BM-II, GSI WR, SU Rajasthan,
Mobile no. 09470586950 & E-mail ID- Or
Shri P K Jena, Director, Project BM-II, GSI WR, SU Rajasthan, Mobile no.
09414008594 & E-mail ID-
The bidders can also contact to the Director & OIC, AP&M Division, GSI, WR, Jaipur
302004, Phone No. 09414049931, 0141-5152340, Email:,
Fax no. 0141-2711528.




Joint Venture: Two or more companies/contractors may enter into a joint partnership and the lead
contractor may submit the bid(s). In that case copy of legal agreement of forming a consortium is to
be provided along with Tender (Technical Bid).

(a) Minimum of 4 core drilling rigs of required capacity (3drilling rigs capable of
drilling upto 250 m and one drilling rig should be capable of drilling upto 500m all
in HQ/NWT size) is necessary as mentioned in the NIT to be eligible for
consideration. The party also must possess spare rigs to meet out the exigency. It is
mandatory for the bid participating firms to submit copies of the vouchers and
documents in proof of purchase of the drill machines. In absence of necessary
supporting documents regarding availability of drill machines with the firms, the bid
will not be considered. The firm should provide the list of the machine to be deployed
are ready to deploy in the parts, its purchase of year
(b) Experience in core drilling for mineral/exploration. Experience of successful
Completion of work of similar drilling operations (minimum 200-500meter depth)
during the last 5 years in reputed organizations. Documents to substantiating the
claim should be provided with tender.
(c) The firm should also provide the list of those machines which are likely to be
deployed for the project and their present status like:- Ready to deploy, Deployed
and likely to be free from the present deployment, its purchase of year ( copy of
invoice/delivery as a proof of purchase from the manufacturer is required) The
machines should not be in any case more than 8 years old.
(d) No reconditioned machine shall be considered for evaluation.
(e) The vendor has to submit work plan for achieving the assigned work.
(f) Geophysical bore hole logging is generally to be completed within four days of
closure of bore hole. However in case of mise-a-la-masse survey also the geophysical
logging will be normally completed within seven days of closure of bore hole.

(a) Adequate solvency to take up the offered project.
Most current Solvency certificate from Financial Institute of repute/ Charter
accountant/ Chamber of Commerce/ Commercials Bank is to be provided with
Technical Bid of the Tender.
(b) Average annual financial turnover in the last three financial years should be at least
similar to the project cost. Annual financial turnover in the last three financial years
should be provided with Tender with substantiate documents.
(a) The bidders should furnish the complete profile of employee deployment, in the firm
clearly sighting their date of employment, experience, qualification, competency of
work etc. while submitting the TECHNICAL BID.

If the service of contractor / Bidder Company, after awarding contract, at any stage is found
unwilling or unsatisfactory, GSI may terminate the contract without assigning any reason
compensation and notice to the contractor. The performance security deposit will be forfeited,
in that case.
Payment will be made after satisfactory completion of each bore hole of Drilling operation in
project. The Payment term is negotiable before awarding contract. But in any case
advance payment will not be allowed.
All statutory Tax rules/Service tax including TDS towards Income Tax in case of services, as
per Govt. rules, will be applicable


The Schedule for completion of Drilling work as per contract/ Job order is to be
strictly adhered to by the firm. Liquidated damage will be charged for every case of delay in
completion of drilling job at the rate of 2% per month or part thereof for the total contract
value (including taxes etc.) from the date of delivery mentioned in the Job Order. The
maximum limit of such deduction of the contract value of delayed services shall be 10%. This
amount will be deducted either from the pending bill of the company or from the Performance
Security deposit. The entire drilling work is to be completed up to 28.02.2018.


A team of GSI Officers comprising of Geology and Drilling will constantly monitor progress
of contracted drilling operation and the GSI team will certify the satisfactory completion of
the same or otherwise. A daily progress report should be maintained by the firm and signed by
the field Geologist and counter signed by the project Director/Superintending geologist.

GSI will enter into the contract or issue Work Order for the Drilling work as required to them
to the finally selected vendor in respect of any numbers (any volume) of Bore holes at a time
in one order. The work can be undertaken simultaneously or one after another as per need
basis with mutual consent. Payment will be made in a negotiated term but in any case not in

In case of any dispute arises in executing the contract (after issue of job order/ contract) on
either side, the Additional /Addl. Director General, Geological Survey of India, or his
nominated officer will stand as the arbitrator to address the dispute.

The quoted/ offered rate will be firm and final for the entire project period and the order will
be issued based on the quoted rates. No escalation of the ordered rate or the quoted rate will
be allowed during one project or execution of one work. Changes in statutory taxes shall be
The Contractor shall, enter into and execute a Contract Agreement, to be prepared and
completed at the cost of the Contractor, within 15 days from the date of acceptance of work



1. Location: Operation fall in Dariba North Block, Tehsil-Neem Ka Thana, Sikar

district, Rajasthan , for 3208m drilling.
a) Toposheet No: 45M/14

b) Location: Between latitudes & longitude non forest area in Sikar district
Latitudes Longitude
27 43 45 N 75 54 48 E
27 43 35 N 75 55 20 E
27 42 45 N 75 55 20 E
27 41 46 N 75 55 20 E
27 41 00 N 75 54 41 E
27 41 00 N 75 53 51 E
27 41 28 N 75 53 52 E

c) Total Drilling: 3208 meters , consisting of 11 nos. of second level boreholes of approximate
200m (15%) depth and 02 nos. borehole of 500m(20%) depth
d) Minimum Core Size required: 56mm and Borehole size 76mm.
e) Angle of the borehole: Inclined
f) Core Recovery: - 100% is required in mineralized zone and 90 % or more is required in non-
mineralized rock formations.
g) Maximum Deviation & Drift-1-2 is permissible

h) Type of Mineral to be explored: Copper and associated metals

i) Number of Rigs: Deployment of minimum of 4(3 rigs for 2nd level and 1 rig for deeper level)
core drilling rigs of required capacity is necessary as mentioned in the NIT to be eligible for
consideration. The party also must possess spare rigs to meet out the exigency. The details of
rigs possessed by the party and to be deployed in the block should be given in table as per
j) Formations to be drilled: Carbon phyllite, ferrugnised breccia and impure dolomite marble
of Kushal garh Formation of Delhi Super group
1. Core should be preserved in covered G.I. core boxes with a minimum of 22 Guage GI
sheet. Core in Core boxes are to be arranged by the contractor with proper numbering
and display pattern. Arrangement of core boxes shall be the responsibility of
2. If the bore hole is stuck up before the desired drilling depth, then the borehole will be
declared abandoned and no payment will be made to the contractor. However, GSI will
provide another borehole location in lieu of abandoned borehole.
3. No payment will be made if the above terms and conditions are not fulfilled.
4. Contractor must ensure that the work should start within 30 days of receipt of work order.
Penalty @1% of the total contract value per week or part thereof towards delay in the start of
work will be charged from the contractor to the maximum ceiling of 10%. It is absolutely
separate from the liquidated damage and its maximum ceiling of 10% (refer to clause D
under chapter -2).

k) The compensation to the land owners for the drill site and making of approach road/track
should be directly negotiated and paid by the contactor.
l) The contractor should be adequately equipped with regard to all drilling inventory such as
casing, rods, bits etc. of appropriate requirement.

m) A minimum rate of progress of 1000m per month, by 4 nos. machine should be ensured.

n) On acceptance of the contract, GSI will give a certified plan indicating borehole locations. The
HOD or his representative however, reserves the right to modify the drilling plan during the
course of drilling operation based on the results of drilling but confining the drilling within the
area specified. The changes in the location and depth of the boreholes will, however be notified to
the drilling agency well in advance in order to avoid delay in preparation of the borehole sites and
to provide sufficient time for shifting of the rigs and other materials.

o) Boreholes drilled should conform to the following standards:

Minimum size of borehole till its completion is 56 mm minimum core recovery should be
more than 90 % in non-mineralized rock formation and 100% in the mineralized zones.
Deviation and drift maximum 1-2 will be allowed. Borehole deviation will be checked by
the vendor either by borehole camera or HF test.

p) Drilling shall normally conform to the above standards. However, considering the litho logy,
structure of the rock and in-hole conditions, core diameter. the standards on core recovery,
deviation and drift may be assessed as per site conditions and relaxed by the HOD after ensuring
that the bore hole has served the purpose. Accordingly, payment will be made. The decision of the
HOD, GSI in the matter will be final.

q) The contractor/drilling agency should make efforts and exercise due caution during the course of
drilling so as to obtain minimum more than % core recovery and 100% in the mineralized zones.
On completion of every run, the core should be placed in the core boxes properly marked as per
the guidelines provided by the Area Geologist, GSI. The GI core boxes containing drill core is to
be shifted to the nearest geologist site (camp). Empty core boxes to be arranged by the contractor
as per the requirement. The contractor /drilling agency shall be responsible for upkeep and safety
of core boxes till closure of the concerned borehole and the core boxes are to be handed over to
the area geologist.

r) No borehole should be closed until geophysical logging is completed. Geophysical party will
normally commence BH Logging within 4-7 days of completion of a single borehole.
Accordingly, the borehole should be kept ready and prepared for hassle free GP Logging of the
complete borehole. The Geophysical logging of the boreholes should be done only during the day
time. Approval of the RMH/Project Director should be taken before closure of the borehole.
Every effort will be made by the Area Geologist to have the core logging completed within 4 days
after the completion of the borehole.

The borehole opening should be closed be covered by a concrete pillar with the borehole
number engraved on it before removing the Rig from the borehole case it is not
possible to construct the concrete pillar due to the objections from the land owner(s), the
borehole mouth should be properly sealed.
t) In case where considerable collapse is noticed and it is difficult to keep the borehole clear for the
purpose of geophysical logging, casing of the borehole would become necessary. In case drilling
engineer fail to close the borehole, resulting in non-completion of geophysical logging, 10% of
the particular borehole amount (i.e. 10% of the total cost of one borehole) will be deducted from
the bill.

u) The location map of the boreholes, specification of drilling, drawing will be provided by the Area
Geologist of GSI. Any alteration, omissions, additions to or substitutions for the original
specifications, drawings, designs, borehole, location map and instructions, that may appear to GSI
to be necessary during the progress of the work and the contractor shall carry out the work in
accordance with any instructions which may be given to him.
w) MATERIALS / STORES/ ACCESSORIES including Capital, retail, consumable
nature OR PERSONNEL required for the contracted drilling operation will be
arranged and used by the Contractor at their cost, risk and responsibility. GSI will
be free from providing man and materials and ipso facto to provide amenities or
welfare or any kind of liabilities to the personnel to be deployed by the contractor.
x) Observing of necessary safety measure during the operation and the whole project will be
the responsibility of the contractor at their own cost.
y) Movement of man and materials from one location to other location will be the
responsibility of the contractor at his own cost and risk. GSI will not provide any logistic
for that purpose.
z) Standard Force Majeure clause will be applied.



1. One company/ Contractor/ bidder will be selected for the Job of Drilling Operation.
2. Companies will be selected on the basis of (a) capacity and capability of their organization in
the context of the tendered work (b) equipment machineries possessed by the Company (c)
man power available in the Company (e) past experience for similar job (e) financial
prudency of the company AND (f) lower price quoted - while lower price will be determined
at large and as package for a probable Drilling job.

Sl Sl No of Make Drilling Drilling Type of Type of Year of Present
No the drill & Capacity Capacity mechanism application purchase condtion
Model in mts in size (mechanical/ (core) (bill of
hydrostatic) purchase
should be
by the

ii) No reconditioned machine shall be considered fit for deployment.


Sl Sl No of Make Drilling Drilling Type of Type of Year of Present

No the drill & Capacity Capacity mechanism application purchase Condition
Model in mts in size (mechanical/ (core) (bill of
hydrostatic) purchase
should be
by the


1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
Sl. No Name & Brief Work Drilling Completion Value Of Start
address Description Order Quantity Time Work Date
of the Of Work No Awarded
client Awarded and date

9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16
End No. Of No. Of Depth Quantum Value Of End No. Of
Date Rigs Bore Range Of of Executed Date Rigs
Deployed Hole The Bore Drilling Work Deployed
Drilled Holes Work
Drilled Executed


1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
Sl. No Name & Brief Work Drilling Completion Value Of Depth
address of Description Order No Quantity Time Work range
the client Of Work and date Awarded

9 10 11 12 13 14
Start No. Of No. Of Quantum Value Of Expected Date of completion
Date Rigs Bore of Executed
Deployed Hole Drilling Work
Drilled Work



Status of the Tenderer

Name of the Bidder :

Full Address:
Telephone No.
Fax No.
E-mail Address
List of Technical details (Enclosures)

S.No. Contract Client Details of Order Compilation Actual date Nature of

No Details work value period of compilation
and Date of work in Rs. as per contract compilation

Note : Every page submitted along with bid sign by the authorized person.

Note: (Whether the firm is joint stock Co., HUF, individual, Partnership firm attested copies of
Articles of Association to be enclosed)
Details of Machinery deployed for the works executed by the bidder:
Make & size
Number Drilling Machines
Electro logger
Particulars of skilled manpower deployed
on Geologist (If )
Surveyor Drilling

Drill Operators


Bidding for: 3208Mtr. consisting of 11 nos. of second level boreholes of approximate 200m (15%)
depth and 02 nos. borehole of 500m(20%) depth drilling of GSI (at below area).

Name & address of Bidder : -------------------

Dear Sir/Madam
I submit the price bid for ------------------------ and related activities as envisaged in the bid
I have thoroughly examined and understood all the terms and conditions as contained in the
bid document and agree to abide by them.
I offer to work at the rates as indicated in the price bid inclusive of all applicable taxes and
service tax.
Yours faithfully

Signature of authorized representative

Schedule of price bid in the form of BOQ- XXXXX.xls
The below mentioned financial proposal/commercial bid format is provided as
BOQ-XXXXX.xls along with this tender document.
S.No Nature of Work Quoted rate in Rs Remarks
per meter drilling.
(including all taxes
and service tax )
1. Outsourcing of core drilling work under project titled
General exploration for copper and associated
metals in Dariba North Block,Sikar district,rajasthan
, for 3208m drilling, consisting of 11 nos. of second
level boreholes of approximate 200m (15%) depth
and 02 nos. borehole of 500m(20%) depth with GI
core boxes as per terms and condition of this offer
inclusive of all taxes/levies and transportation of
filled core boxes to the nearest GSI camp in vicinity
of 4-5 kilometer.
1. The rates shall be quoted in Indian Rupee only.
2. The cost should be inclusive of GI core boxes to preserve extracted core and their shifting
to nearest GSI camp.
3. The rates will be inclusive of all taxes, service tax, fees, levies etc. and any revision in the
statutory taxes, fees, etc will be the responsibility of the bidder.
4. In case of any discrepancy/ difference in the amount indicated in figures and words the
amount in words will prevail and will be considered.
5. The quoted rates shall remain firm throughout the tenure of the contract and no revision is
permissible for any reason.
Place :
Date : Signature of the bidder ( Authorized signatory)

(With seal )



I _____________________________Partner/ Legal Attorney/ Accredited Representative of

M/S. _____________________________________________________, solemnly declare that :

1. We are submitting bid on line for Exploratory core drilling in ___________________

area,________________District, State of____________________ against Tender
No.________________ of NIT No.______________________________________

2 None of the Partners of our firm is relative of employee of Geological Survey of India
3 All information furnished by us in respect of fulfillment of eligibility criteria and
Qualification information of this Tender is complete, correct and true
4 All documents/credentials submitted along with this Tender are genuine, authentic, true
and valid.
5 If any information and document submitted is found to be false/incorrect at any time,
GSI may cancel our Bid and action as deemed fit may be taken against us, including
termination of the contract, forfeiture of all dues including Earnest Money Deposit and
banning/de listing of our firm and all partners of our firm etc.

Place: Signature of the bidder

Date Authorized Signatory

Annexure VI





This pre-bid pre-contract Agreement (hereinafter called the Integrity Pact) is made on ------------
--- day of the month of ---------------------(year), between, on one hand, the President of India
acting through Shri (Designation of the Officer), Geological Survey of India, an
Attached Office of the Ministry of Mines, Govt. of India (hereinafter called the BUYER, which
expression shall mean and include, unless the context otherwise requires, his successors in office
and assigns) of the First Part and M/s----------------------------- represented by Shri ------------------
-, Chief Executive Officer (hereinafter called the BIDDER / SELLER, which expression shall
mean and include, unless the context otherwise requires, his successors and permitted assigns) of
the Second Part;

WHEREAS, the BUYER proposes to procure (Name of the Stores/Equipment/Item)

and the BIDDER/SELLER is willing to offer/has offered for the stores; and

WHEREAS, the BIDDER is a private Company/public company/Govt.undertaking

/partnership/registered export agency, constituted in accordance with their relevant law in the
matter and the BUYER is Geological Survey of India, an Attached Office of the Ministry of
Mines, Govt. of India, performing its functions on behalf of the President of India;

NOW THEREFORE, to avoid all forms of corruption by following a system that is fair,
transparent and free from any influence/prejudiced dealings prior to, during and subsequent to
the currency of the contract to be entered into with a view to :-

Enabling the BUYER to obtain the desired said stores/equipment at a competitive price
inconformity with the defined specifications by avoiding the high cost and the distortionary
impact of corruption on public procurement, and Enabling BIDDERS to abstain from bribing or
indulging in any corrupt practice in order to secure the contract by providing assurance to them
that their competitors will also abstain from bribing and other corrupt practices and the BUYER
will commit to prevent corruption, in any form, by its officials by following transparent

The parties hereto hereby agree to enter into this Integrity Pact and agree as follows:
Commitments of the BUYER

1.1 The BUYER undertakes that no official of the BUYER, connected directly or indirectly
with the Contract, will demand, take a promise for or accept, directly or through intermediaries,
any bribe, consideration, gift, reward, favour or any material or immaterial benefit or any
other advantage from the BIDDER, either for themselves or for any person, organization or third
party related to the contract in exchange for an advantage in the bidding process, bid evaluation,
contracting or implementation process related to the contract.
1.2 The BUYER will, during the pre-contract stage, treat all BIDDERS alike, and will provide to
BIDDERS the same information and will not provide any such information to any particular
which could afford an advantage to that particular BIDDER in comparison to other BIDDERS.

1.3 All the officials of the BUYER will report to the appropriate Government office any
attempted or completed breaches of the above commitments as well as any substantial suspicion
of such a breach.

2. In case any such preceding misconduct on the part of such official(s) is reported by the
BIDDER to the BUYER with full and verifiable facts and the same is prima facie found to be
correct by the BUYER, necessary disciplinary proceedings, or any other action as deemed fit,
including criminal proceedings may be initiated by the BUYER and such a person shall be
debarred from further dealings related to the contract process. In such a case while an enquiry is
being conducted by the BUYER the proceedings under the contract would not be stalled.

Commitments of the BIDDERs

3. The BIDDER commits itself to take all measures necessary to prevent corrupt practices, unfair
means and illegal activates during any stage of its bid or during any pre-contract or post contract
stage in order to secure the contract or in furtherance to secure it and in particular commit itself
to the following:-

3.1 The BIDDER will not offer, directly or through intermediaries, any bribe, gift,
consideration, reward, favour, any materials or immaterial benefit or other advantage,
commission, fees, brokerage or inducement to any official of the BUYER, connected directly or
indirectly with the bidding process, or to any person, organization or third party related to the
contract in exchange for any advantage in the bidding, evaluation, contracting and
implementation of the Contract.

3.2 The BIDDER further undertakes that it has not given, offered or promised to give, directly or
Indirectly any bribe, gift, consideration, reward, favour, any material or immaterial benefit or
other advantage, commission fees, brokerage or inducement to any official of the BUYER or
otherwise in procuring the Contract or forbearing to do or having done any act in relation to the
obtaining or execution of the contract or any other contract with the Government for showing or
forbearing to show favour or disfavor to any person in relation to the contract or any other
contract with the Government.

3.3 BIDDERs shall disclose the name and address of agents and representatives and Indian
shall disclose their foreign principals or associates.

3.4 BIDDERs shall disclose the payments to be made by them to agents/brokers or any other

Intermediary, in connection with this bid/contract.

3.5* The BIDDER further confirms and declares to the BUYER that the BIDDER is the original
Manufacturer/integrator/authorized government sponsored export entity of the defense stores and
has not engaged any individual or firm or company whether Indian or foreign to intercede,
facilitate or in any way to recommend to the BUYER or any of its functionaries, whether
officially or unofficially to the award of the contract to the BIDDER, nor has any amount been
paid, promised or intended to be paid to any such individual firm or company in respect of any
such intercession, facilitation or recommendation.

3.6 The BIDDER, either while presenting the bid or during pre-contract negotiations or before
signing the contract, shall disclose any payments he has made, is committed to or intends to
make to officials of the BUYER or their family members, agents, brokers or any other
intermediaries in connection with the contract and the details of services agreed upon for such

3.7 The BIDDER will not collude with other parties interested in the contract to impair the
transparency, fairness and progress of the bidding process, bid evaluation, contracting and
implementation of the contract.

3.8 The BIDDER will not accept any advantage in exchange for any corrupt practice, unfair
means and illegal activities.

3.9 The BIDDER shall not use improperly, for purposes of competition or personal gain, or pass
on to others, any information provided by the BUYER as part of the business relationship,
regarding plans, technical proposals and business details, including information contained in any
electronic data carrier. The BIDDER also undertakes to exercise due and adequate care lest any
such information is divulged.

3.10 The BIDDER commits to refrain from giving any complaint directly or through any other
manner without supporting it with full and verifiable facts.

3.11 The BIDDER shall not instigate or cause to instigate any third person to commit any of the
actions mentioned above.

3.12 If the BIDDER or any employee of the BIDDER or any person acting on behalf of the
BIDDERS, either directly or indirectly, is a relative of any of the officers of the BUYER, or
alternatively if any relative of an officer of the BUYER has financial interest/stake in the
BIDDERs firm, the same shall be disclosed by the BIDDER at the time of filing of tender.

The term relative for this purpose would be as defined in Section 6 of the Companies Act 1956.

3.13 The BIDDER shall not lend to or borrow any money from or enter into any monetary
dealings or transactions, directly or indirectly, with any employee of the BUYER.

4. Previous Transgression

4.1 The BIDDER declares that no previous transgression occurred in the last three years
immediately before signing of this Integrity Pact, with any other company in any country in
respect of any corrupt practices envisaged hereunder or with any Public Sector Enterprise in
India or any Government Department in India that would justify BIDDERs exclusion from the
tender process.

4.2 The BIDDER agrees that if it makes incorrect statement on this subject, BIDDER
can be disqualified from the tender process or the contract, if already awarded, can be
terminated for such reason.

5. Earnest Money (Security Deposit)

5.1 While submitting commercial bid, the BIDDER shall deposit an amount ---------- (to be
specified in RFP) as Earnest Money / Security Deposit, with the BUYER through any of the
following instruments: (i) Bank Draft or a Pay Order in favour of .................
(ii) A confirmed guarantee by an Indian Nationalized Bank, promising payment of the
guaranteed sum to the BUYER on demand within three working days without any demur
whatsoever and without seeking any reasons whatsoever. The demand for payment by the
BUYER shall be treated as conclusive proof of payment.
(iii) Any other mode or through any other instrument (to be specified in the RFP).

5.2 The Earnest Money/Security Deposit shall be valid upto a period of five years or the
complete conclusion of the contractual obligations to the complete satisfaction of both the
BIDDER and the BUYER, including warranty period, whichever is later.

5.3 In case of the successful BIDDER a clause would also be incorporated in the Article
pertaining to Performance Bond in the Purchase Contract that the provisions of Sanctions for
Violation shall be applicable for forfeiture of Performance Bond in case of a decision by the
BUYER to forfeit the same without assigning any reason for imposing sanction for violation of
this Pact.

5.4 No interest shall be payable by the BUYER to the BIDDER on Earnest Money/Security
Deposit for the period of its currency.
6. Sanctions for Violations

6.1 Any breach of the aforesaid provisions by the BIDDER or any one employed by it or acting
on its behalf (Whether with or without the knowledge of the BIDDER) shall entitle the BUYER
to take all or any one of the following actions, wherever required:-
(i) To immediately call off the pre contract negotiations without assigning any reason or giving
any compensation to the BIDDER. However, the proceedings with the other BIDDER(s) would

(ii) The Earnest Money Deposit (in pre-contract stage) and/or Security Deposit/Performance
Bond (after the contract is signed) shall stand forfeited either fully or partially, as decided by the
BUYER and the BUYER shall not be required to assign any reason therefore.

(iii) To immediately cancel the contract, if already signed, without given any compensation to

(iv) To recover all sums already paid by the BUYER, and in case of an Indian BIDDER with
interest thereon at 2% higher than the prevailing Prime Lending Rate of State Bank of India,
while in case of a BIDDER from a country other than India with interest thereon at 2% higher
than the LIBOR. If any outstanding payment is due to the BIDDER from the BUYER in
connection with any other contract for any other stores, such outstanding payment could also be
utilized to recover the aforesaid sum and interest.
(v) To encash the advance bank guarantee and performance bond/warranty bond, if furnished by
the BIDDER, in order to recover the payments, already made by the BUYER, along with
(vi) To cancel all or any other Contracts with the BIDDER. The BIDDER shall be liable
to pay compensation for any loss or damage to the BUYER resulting from such cancellation/
rescission and the BUYER shall be entitled to deduct the amount so payable from the money(s)
due to the BIDDER.
(vii) To debar the BIDDER from participating in future bidding processes of the Government of
India for a minimum period of five years, which may be further extended at the discretion of the
(viii) To recover all sums paid in violation of this Pact by BIDDER(s) to any middleman or
agent or broker with a view to securing the contract.
(ix) In cases where irrevocable Letters of Credit have been received in respect of any contract
signed by the BUYER with the BIDDER, the same shall not be opened.
(x) Forfeiture of Performance Bond in case of a decision by the BUYER to forfeit the same
without assigning any reason for imposing sanction for violation of this Pact.
6.2 The BUYER will be entitled to take all or any of the actions mentioned at Para 6.1(i) to (x) of
this Pact also on the Commission by the BIDDER or any one employed by it or acting on its
behalf (whether with or without the knowledge of the BIDDER), of an offence as defined in
Chapter IX of the Indian Penal code, 1860 or Prevention of Corruption Act,1988 or any other
statute enacted for prevention of corruption.
6.3 The decision of the BUYER to the effect that a breach of the provisions of this Pact has been
committed by the BIDDER shall be final and conclusive on the BIDDER. However, the
BIDDER can approach the Independent Monitor(s) appointed for the purposes of this Pact.
7. Fall Clause
7.1 The BIDDER undertakes that it has not supplied/is not supplying similar product/systems or
subsystems at a price lower than that offered in the present bid in respect of any other
Ministry/Department of the Government of India or PSU and if it is found at any stage that
similar product/systems or sub systems was supplied by the BIDDER to any other Ministry
/Department of the Government of India or a PSU at a lower price, then that very price, with due
allowance for elapsed time, will be applicable to the present case and the difference in the cost
would be refunded by the BIDDER to the BUYER, if the contract has already been concluded.
8. Independent Monitors
8.1 The BUYER has appointed an Independent Monitor (hereinafter referred to as Monitor) for
this Pact in consultation with the Central Vigilance Commission. The name & address of the
Monitor is as follows:-
Dr .Manabendra Nath Roy,IAS(Retd.)
Ex-Addl. Chief Secy. & Head of Administrative Training Institute (WB)
Flat -5, Plot KB-2, Sector III,
Salt Lake, Kolkata-700098.
8.2 The task of the Monitors shall be to review independently and objectively, whether and to
what extent the parties comply with the obligations under this Pact.
8.3 The Monitors shall not be subject to instructions by the representatives of parties and
perform their functions neutrally and independently.
8.4 Both the parties accept that the Monitors have the right to access all the document relating to
the project/procurement, including minutes of meetings.
8.5 As soon as the Monitors notices, or has reasons to believe, a violation of the Pact, he will so
inform the Authority designated by the BUYER.
8.6 The BIDDER(s) accept that the Monitor has the right to access without restriction to all
Project documentation of the BUYER including that provided by the BIDDER. The BIDDER
will also grant the Monitor, upon his request and demonstration of a valid interest, unrestricted
and unconditional access to his project documentation. The same is applicable to Subcontractors.
The Monitor shall be under contractual obligation to treat the information and documents of the
BIDDER/Subcontractor(s) with confidentiality.
8.7 The BUYER will provide to the Monitor sufficient information about all meetings among the
parties related to the Project provided such meetings could have an impact on the contractual
relations between the parties. The parties will offer to the Monitor the option to participate in
such meetings.
8.8 The Monitor will submit a written report to the Director General, Geological Survey of
India, within 8 to 10 weeks from the date of reference or intimation to him by the
BUYER/BIDDER and, should the occasion arise, submit proposals for correcting problematic
9. Facilitation of Investigation
In case of any allegation of violation of any provisions of this Pact or payment of commission,
the BUYER or its agencies shall be entitled to examine all the documents including the Books of
Accounts of the BIDDER and the BIDDER shall provide necessary information and documents
in English and shall extend all possible held for the purpose of such examination.
10. Law and Place of Jurisdiction
This Pact is subject to Indian Law. The place of performance and jurisdiction is the seat of the
11. Other Legal Actions
The actions stipulated in this Integrity Pact are without prejudice to any other legal action that
may follow in accordance with the provisions of the extant law in force relating to any civil or
criminal proceedings.
12. Validity
12.1 The validity of this Integrity Pact shall be from date of its signing and extend upto 5 years
or the complete execution of the contract to the satisfaction of both the BUYER and the
BIDDER/Seller, including warranty period, whichever is later. In case BIDDER is unsuccessful,
this Integrity Pact shall expire after six months from the date of the signing of the contract.
12.2 Should one or several provisions of this Pact turn out to be invalid, the remainder of this
Pact shall remain valid. In this case, the parties will strive to come to an agreement to their
original intentions.
13. No official of a procuring entity or a bidder shall act in contravention of the codes which is
described under Rule 175 (1) of GFR 2017.
14. The parties hereby sign this Integrity Pact at .......................on ........................


Name of the Officer CHIEF EXECUTIVE

OFFICER Designation
Geological Survey of India

Witness Witness :

2.________________ 2._____

*Provisions of these clauses would need to be amended / deleted in line with the policy of the
BUYER in regard to involvement of Indian agents of foreign supplier.



Whereas____________________________________________ (Hereinafter called the tenderer)

has submitted their offer dated _______________________________________________ for the
supply of _______________
______________________________ (Hereinafter called the tender) KNOW ALL MEN by these
presents that WE ___________________________________ Of
________________________________________ having our registered office At
____________________________________ are bound unto ___________________ (hereinafter
called the Bank) ________________________________________in the sum of
____________________ (hereinafter called the Purchaser) for which payment will and truly to be
made to the said purchaser, the Bank binds itself, its successors and assigns by these presents .
Sealed with the Common Seal of the said Bank this ____________________________Day of 2017.


WE undertake to pay the Purchaser up to the above amount upon receipt of its first written demand,
without the Purchaser having to substantiate its demand, provided that in its demand the Purchaser
will note that the amount claimed by it is due to it owing to the occurrence of one or both the two
conditions, specifying the occurred condition or conditions.

This guarantee will remain in force up to and including 45 days after the period of tender validity
and any demand in respect thereof should reach the Bank not later than the above date.

(Bankers Signature)



TENDER NO: 10/12/PUR/AP&M/2017-18

(Core drilling for 3208 m in Dariba North Block,Sikar district)

As per the conditions of above NIT Sri _________________________ representing M/s.

_______________ _________________________ has visited the proposed drilling site at in metals
in Dariba North Block,Sikar district, district on ___________.

The proposed borehole locations have been physically shown and the site conditions, drilling
requirements and specifications have been explained to the firms representative.

Signed By

Representative of the Firm Representative of GSI

Name: Name & designation

NOTE : This certificate should be attached with the Technical Bid by the firms

Signature Not Verified

24 Digitally signed by RAJARSHI DHAR
Date: 2017.09.19 13:35:17 IST
Location: eProcure