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Medicinal plants and their uses

1. Abis Pindrow Royal The Leaves are dried and powdered and used with water
in stomachic pain
2. Aconitum heterophyllum.The dried powdered rhizomes of Aconitum are cooked
in goats small intestine then crushed and mixed with local gee then eat for all kind
of back pain and consider as high body tonic.
3. Acorus calamus L.The Rhizomes are crushed and powdered and mixed with sugar
and used with water for abdominal pains and Diarrhea
4. Alliumgriffithianum .The clove is crushed and extracts water and used against as
anti-bacterial and aphrodisiac tonic
5. Artemisia vulgaris.The floral parts are used as powdered with glass of water as
Antispasmodic and Stomachache.
6. Arisaema utile Hook.f.ex Schoot.The Root and leaves are powdered and mixed
with sugar or in flour eat to Animal for pain and also used as powdered form for
Blood purification as Analgesic in human
7. Achillea millefolium .The powder of whole plant is used as Rheumatism. Pain of
teeth, Pain of Ear and also used as sexual disorder
8. Adiantum capilus veneris. Leaves are crushed and extract of the leaves mixed
with sugar and used a Fever, Backache and extract mixed with other plants for
sexual disability.
9. Ajuga bracteosa wall.ex.Benth. Decoction of the plant used in fever and its
powder is used with water throat infection and also used in epilepsy.
10. Asparagus filicinus Bunch .The Plant is used as General tonic and also used in
powder shape in Stomachache
11. Atropa acuminate Royal its leaves are crush and feed to human caused sedative
12. Betula utiliss D.DoLeaves are used to treat gout and rheumatism disease
13. Berberis lyceum RoyleUsed in hepatitis and berries are general tonic
14. Bistorta amplexicaule The fresh rhizomes of Bistorta amplexicaule is taken orally
with a glass of water for The treatment of Rheumatism and Gout.

15. Bergenia ciliata Haw. The dry Rhizome is crushed and makes a powder and
teaspoon is used daily as Anti-diabetics and Expectorant.
16. Cannabis sativa L. The green leaves are heated and make a bandage and keep the
bandage on those wound which has no blood outed as a healing. In powdered form
leaves are used as Anodyne.
17. Caltha albaUse the green leaves are used as vegetable and its roots are dried and
used to improve digestion.
18. Chenopodium botrys The dry leaves are used in cough
19. Cichorium intybus linn the roots are dried in shade which is crushed and make a
powder and use with water toImprove digestion and also use in Asthma
20. Colchicum luteum.The clove is heated in water then dried and crushed and Used
as general tonic and carminative too.
21. Corinadrum sativum linn people take in equal ratio both Corinadrum and
Foeniculum vulgare (sonf) then crushed and make a powders and eat after meal to
cure heart burn and also used in a spice
22. Corydalis govanianaThe rhizomes of C. govanianaare used to improve eyesight
and to treat all kinds of eye diseases.
23. Crataegus oxyacantha the fruits of the plant is heart tonic and people used for
heart disease and also best food of monkeys
24. Datura stramonium L. The decoction of fresh roots is taken Orally for the
treatment of Fever And leaves are smoked for treatment of asthma.
25. Dioscorea deltoidea wall The roots dried and crushed make a powder and
used to expel tap worm.
26. Dryopteris jaxtaposta Chirt. It is commonly used as Vegetable and believed to
Enhance Digestion and also used in cancer disease.
27. Diopyrus lotus .The fruits are used to Enhance Digestion
28. Elscholtzia fruiticosa (Roxb.ex D.Don) Rehder The Plant is used in Powder form
and used as Laxative.
29. Euphorbia wallichii Hook. Dried Leaves and Seeds are given to Children in urine
complains. Juice of plant is used for Ringworms eradication.
30. Euphorbia helioscopia L. Locally consider as Poisonous but Hakims use it for
31. Ficus racemose linn Root bark decoction is used as antiseptic.

32. Foeniculum vulgare Used in heartburn in powder shape also use in digestion.
33. Fragaria nubicola Lindle Fruit is edible. Powdered root is useful in the disease
of Urinary tract.
34. Fumaria indica Husskn. Powdered from shoot parts is mixed with honey and milk
used for Jaundicedisease. Also used as Blood purifies.
35. Geranium wallichianum D.Don.ex sweet. Root decoction is used for Curing
kidney diseases.
36. Geranium ocellatum Camb.Shoot powder is used as Diuretic and also Analgesic.
37. Grateola officinalis L. The root is used as Anthelmintic in powdered form.
38. Hedra nepalensis Use as anti-diabetic
39. Heracleum candicans Use in a cough, stomach pain, and feed to female animal to
40. Hypericum oblongifolium Choisy.The shoot parts of the plant are used as
Purgative in powdered form.
41. Hypericum perforatum L. Used as Diuretic and its tea is Stimulant and used for
42. Hyoscyamns nigerLocally it is considered as a poisonous plant while some local
hakims use its fruits for curing of epilepsy. The leaves are boiled the decoction is
then cooled and kept for a night and then use against pain.
43. Indigofera heterantha. The dried powdered root is taken with water Scabies.
Leaves are used as Stomach poisons.
44. Inula grandiflora Used as improve appetite
45. Jasminium officinale L. The Root is used as Anthelmintic in Powdered form.
46. Juglans regiaDried fruit mixed with coconut and honey used as tonic; bark
used(locally called Dandasa) for cleaning and sparkling of teeth; decoction of
leaves used against eczema and intestinal worms
47. Lamiumalbum L. The shoot is used in Powder form as Laxative and also
48. Melia azedarach.The green un mature fruits is used against fever and birth control
49. Morchella spp. Use as General Body tonic and usedin many recipes of diseases
50. Mentha arvensis L. Used as Carminative.
51. Mentha longifolia The leaves and young stem of Mentha longifolia are locally
administered for curing of diarrhea, dysentery and for aiding digestion

52. Nepeta erecta Benth. The young shoots of Nepeta catariaare mainly collected for
commercial purposes. The locals also use the powdered stem for external wound
53. Nasturtium officinale R.Br. Locally it is a Pot herb also used in constipation and
54. Olea ferruginea.Leaves are used to treat throat wounds
55. Onosma dichroantha Boiss. Roots are used to color Mustered oil which is applied
for Smoothing Hair. Nectar of flower and Petals are edible.
56. Oxyria digyna L. The Rhizome is used as Poultice for healing of wound. Leaves in
powder form are Laxative.
57. Paeonia emodi.Tuber is Use in uterine, and epilepsy disease and seed is use in
58. Phytolacca acinosa Roxb. Leaves in Powder form are used in Dysentery. Healing
59. Polygonatum verticilatum L. The decoction of fresh Rhizome is mixed with Sugar
and used for the treatment of Joint disease.
60. Podophylum emodi Wall. The powdered Rhizome with some other plants is used
to control Jaundice and other Liver diseases.
61. Plantago lanceolata L. Leaves are applied to wound particularly of Feet. Leaves
are applied to wound Sores and inflamed surface and Candidacies particularly of
62. Polygonum aviculare L. The Root in Powdered form is tonic for female.
63. Persea duthiei King ex Hook f. Roots in powder form used to treat Cough and
64. Picea smithiana Wall. Tea made from leaves and used for kidney stones and
65. Pinus willichiana Wood is used in asthma cough ,resin is used to treat facial acne
66. Platanus orientalis.Boiled in water used to control tooth ache
67. Primula denticulate smith.Use in eye washing and eye disease.
68. Plectranthus rogosus Linn. The dried leaves are put in mouth as Remedy for
69. Quercus incana Locally used to treat the kids to control urine in bed
70. Rheum emodi Wall Use as tonic

71. Rumex hestatus D.Don The leaves are used to Enhance Digestion.
72. Rumex dentatus L. The Rhizome and leaves are used a Poultice of wounds.
73. Rosa webbiana Use as astringent
74. Senecio chrysanthemoides Used to treat Piles and Constipation. Also used in
75. Skimmia laureola Dc.Sieb and Zucc.ex walp. Its leaves are burnt as incense and to
expel Evils and Evil eyes. Tea made from the leaves used for Dyspepsia. Smoke is
considered as Antiseptic
76. Solanum nigrum var. nigrum L. Leaves in past form is applied to Skin to treat
Eczema. Fruit edible and are used in Fever.
77. Salvia moorcroftiana Wall. Brassica compestries oil is applied to fresh leaves and
tight around the wounds for heeling Seeds are used as refrigerant.
78. Sonchus asper L. Shoot are fed to livestock for enhancing Lactation.
79. Taxus wallichiana. Powdered bark is used as Antispasmodic. Dried leaves are sold
for its use of Shampoo. Its leaves also reduce sugar level and also anti-cancer
80. Thymous linears Benth. Tea of its shoot is advised for treating Pain and Fever.
81. Taraxacum officinale as an effective laxative and diuretic, and as a treatment for
bile or liverproblems
82. Trillium govanianum Wall.ex.D.Don. The powdered Rhizome is used for induce
sleep. Reduce pain.
83. Urtica dioca Linn Leaves are boiled and boiled water are used for kidney stone
84. Verbascum thapsus L. The worm leaves are tide on swelling as Poultice. Also
known for its Antibiotic activity.
85. Valeriana jatamansi . Used as cooling agent also used as Carminative and
86. Viola canescens . Used for throat sore and it is collected for earning Cash. It is a
good Carminative agent.
87. Xanthoxylum armatum The fruit is used as Condiment. It is also used for
Stomachache. Fruit are also used Antipyretic.
88. Zizyphus sativa Used as blood purifier.

S No. Name of plant Family name Local name

1. Acorus calamus L. Acoraceae Skhawaja

Ajuga bracteosa
2. Boote Lamiaceae
3. Artemisia vulgaris L. Asteraceae Tarkha
4. Berberis lyceum Royle Berberidaceae Kawaray
5. Bergenia ciliata Haw. Saxifragaceae Gutpanra / Zakhmi Hayate
6. Corinadrum sativum linn Apiacea Dhanial
7. Corydalis govaniana Wall Fumariaceae Mamerra
Crataegus sonagarica /
8. Rosaceae Barsenga
9. Foeniculum vulgare Apiaceae Kaga /sonf
10. Datura stramonium L. Solanaceae Harahanda
11. Fumaria indica Husskn. Fumariaceae Papra
12. Geranium wallichianum Geraniaceae Sara Zela
13. Hedra nepalensis Araliaecea Palul
14. Heracleum candicans Apiaceae Skhwara
15. Mentha arvensis L. Lamiaceae Pudina
16. Podophylum emodi Wall. Podophyllaceae Kakora /bankakri
17. Picea smithiana Wall. Pinaceae Mangazia
18. Quercus incana roxb Fagaceae Banj
19. Rheum emodi Wall Polygonaceae Chutayal
Polygonaceae Shalkhay
20. Rumex dentatus L.

21. Rosa webbiana Rosaceae Jangali gulab

Solanum nigrum var.
22. Solanaceae
nigrum L. Karmacho
23. Taxus wallichiana . Teaxacea Banya
24. Urtica dioca Linn Urticaceae Sezonkay
25. Xanthoxylum armatum Rutaceae

26. Zizyphus sativa Rhamnaceae Makhrania

S.No Name of plant Family name Local name

Aconitum heterophylum Wall.Ex

1 Ranunculaceae Zahar mora
Adiantum Capilus veneris l/
2 Polypodiaceae Persosha/ sumbal
venustum D.Don.
3 Asparagus filicinus Asparagaceae

Anjabar / Tarwa
4 Bistorta amplexicaulia D.Do Polygonaceae
Caltha alba Ranunculaceae Makanpath
5 Colchicum luteum Colchicaceae Suranjan talkh
6 Dioscorea deltoidea wall Dioscoreaceae Kanis
Dryopteris jaxtaposta Chirt. Pteridaceae
7 Kawanjay

8 Juglans regia Juglandaceae Ghuz /Akhrot

9 Mentha longifolia L. Lamiaceae Waylanay
10 Morchella spp Morchellaceae Gogia
11 Paeonia emodi Paeoniaceae Wardan / mamaikh
12 Polygonatum verticilatum Convallariaceae Noor alam
13 Quercus incana roxb Fagaceae Banj
Skimmia laureola Dc.Sieb and
14 Rutaceae Namair / Nazar panra
Zucc.ex walp.
Trillium govanianum
15 Trilliaceae Materjari
Valeriana Jatamansi Jones.
16 Valarianaceae Mushkbala/ shangitia

Viola canescens Wall.ex Roxb.

17 Violaceae Banfsha

S.No. Diseases) Botanical Name

Dioscorea deltoidea wall,Euphorbia

wallichii Hook, Grateola officinalis
1 ,Jasminium officinale ,Valeriana
Jatamansii Jones ,Viola canescens
Wall.ex Roxb

Berberis lyceium.Nepeta erecta

BenthOlea ferruginea .Plantago
Burnt, Cut and wound lanceolata Oxyria digyna ,Rumex
2 dentatus LSkimmia laureola Dc.Sieb and
Antiseptic Zucc.ex walp ,Ficus racemose linn,
Verbascum thapsus,.Salvia
moorcroftiana Wall

Ajuga bracteosa, Chenopodium

botrys,,Datura stramonium,Paeonia
Chest pain, Cough, emodi Pinus willichiana,Senecio
Fever & Asthma chrysanthemoides,Persea duthiei King ex
Hook chrysanthemoides,Thymous linears
Benth, Melia azedarach

Hedra nepalensis, , Bergenia ciliata

Diabetes and liver
4 Haw.Taxus wallichiana,Taraxacum

Aconitum heterophyllum.
Backache, General millefoliumAdiantum Capilus
5 body tonic & veneris,Colchicum luteum, Morchella
aphrodisiac sp.Polygonum avicular Rheum emodi
Wal, Trillium govanianum

Geranium wallichianum D.Don.ex

sweet.Geranium ocellatum Camb.Urtica
Kidney Stone and dioca Linn ,Fragaria nubicola Lindle .
Kidney Problem Quercus incana roxb

Euphorbia helioscopia, ,Heracleum
7 Poisonous plants

Liver diseases and

8 Onosma hispida,Rheum emodi

Podophyllum hexandrum, Hypericum

perforatum,Hypericum oblongifolium,
9 Nervous disorder
ChoisyCannabis sativa,Hyoscyamns
niger, Atropa acuminateRoyal

Skin diseases, Itching, Solanum nigrum var. Onosma

scabies and eczema dichroantha Boiss.

Abis Pindrow Royal, Acorus calamus

LArtemisia vulgaris,Asparagus filicinus
Bunch,Caltha alba,Cichorium intybus
linn,Corinadrum sativum linn , Diopyrus
lotus,Foeniculumvulgare ,Indigofera
Stomachic & Gastro- Wall.ex Brand heterantha, Mentha
11 longifolia,Nasturtium officinale
intestinal problems
R.Br,Rumex hestatus D.DonDryopteris
jaxtaposta Chirt.Inula
grandiflora.Phytolacca acinosa Roxb

Xanthoxylum armatumElsholtzia
fruiticosa (Roxb.ex D.Don)

Arisaema utile Hook.f.ex Schoot.

Fumaria indica Husskn,

Blood purification and
13 Zizyphus sativa
Heart tonic
Crataegus Oxyacantha ,

Sonchus asper

Betula utiliss D.Do.Bistorta

Rheumatism&Joint amplexicaule,Polygonatum
disease verticilatumL.Allioni,picea smithiana

Platanus orientalisnus,Plectranthus
16 Tooth ache
rogosus Linn, Juglans regia

Primula denticulate smith,Corydalis

17 Eyes disease
govaniana , Rosa webbiana