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Plays by Caryl Churchill published by TOO Blue Heart, Cloud 9 ADream Pay (dap fom Aug Sindbog) Drunk Enough f Say I Love You? Bar Away Light Shining in Buckinghamshire Mac Foret ANumber The Steter ‘This isa Chair LOVE AND INFORMATION Caryl Churchill 208 “The ection shoul be played in the order gen bu the ees ‘Cane played nay oder win ech sean, “There are random senate atthe end whe ean happen any “The characters tien ia very acne The ony pone ‘ReSpson to his ae the random Depreion ene, hich Said be the sme wo peopl, or dhe ame dered person ‘rh iferene bers “Tris etn prs ee cad freon 9 ay flr lh hla a perme secRer Place please tlle plate bene FU neser ona don ake Pi peer tel so mater what ies die before tld ies not you teing even if you dat T woulda’ lee you knowing to afl ean tut tell me became if you dont here hi sere benween ut opt It dere’ hi seeret we're not ple were not clone any mare we ean eer at nobody knows everything about ese a igazce ke dis ie noc such big then tell me sail yout es bg bec you wont llme eitsomeshing you've ont art gusing or someting you want © please ‘oryoutve sen or heard or know or plese sdf ts someting youve dane fic exime oa sin ors. ‘marasing because whichever 0 dont want yout nowt Alig. Albrighe P et you yo dont have fo rtetyou este me because I never ies otthat tele becase Paha alight you. Til hie 5 LOvEAND INFORMATION CENSUS Why do they nec oko al hi tal? “eve ing stench eu heir poly Theo 0 hep people. “They use to el things we dont want No that'he people who phone up. dont answer any of their {gusto Tsay No thnk you here no acd swear a den. je made a mesf tow ama ‘Youll gent rouble you dont do it. hey wot Boa They bnow you exit. FAN Love hi 9 mach lowe him more dan you jump auto te window cacBire cutoff my hand cextdogsit il ny mosher exteatood euch ns oto i iusto | 1 | | one jose hia Jum ohave him ee me, He was born aten pst wo in the moraing and was born at swe pacten how do you know? Mam sy vo pac ten he sd jut ferns ha hati 00 yay e wat born on Today ae was boen on Wednesay nd you were ony bor on Fiday haresupi is toure cobs ve ‘avout fod’ ail ‘vou animals maker forte hay was in Bera wha hi favourte smal? Roses “you're making at op wal wha? Pmasking you you dnt know masking you ‘yu don now doyou ge oll me youre dont know youre me ll ighe dort ow 0 weve gotto find out @—LOVEAND INFORMATION you mean aie of show? Wal igh wel id out ean believe nether of us its in here somentere now Lute krone isitehicken? yu can fn it ean you're nt looking ropeiy ean nd it here lee you ca fide eno there see you ca What are we going toda? ‘wee goto know I wort be blero seep what are we going oda? ‘TORTURE Hes weaing me ou “Takes beak eo you want goin? give him a gsr. Hes pocready tal. Though wet go there yey. 1 ought we'd go there yesterday bate pas that He gett where er anything Were ne pid ex frit to be ee 1 gv im a cigarette while you havea cigar and el Nim you be bck Lap Swe hah buch of eg the Ib and where do you gt the fom the poly breeders who supply dem tothe baery she the iesve yes or some of thm might otf beer way so citer way hey going be ey tvlve weeks he'l be picked and yng onthe backs ima sepermarte, on your able se you nothing hee fo LOVEANDINFORMIATION 1am aking the ie bt evenif you die they'd be hey woul’ vet be old chickens no. So you've goc the chickens and shout a day ld, a yellow thee Easter and you do some experiment on hem? hat we do we ge ther peck becate ce do peck lot they peck a esenhing and what we do is we gt them vo peck ‘Deadline been dipped ether a water of some stl Uat ot pois ot makes tea wpe ter beaks onthe Boor then hey ie ein al of eoure we're weg all ais down which cick ‘ick bead and ow many pec ane hen my caleage injec. listiny amount of sry tig radeacve gid int each side sf ieee’ bain oh nop ow bu they done se they doe show any cso what’ ori glng show up something tir traine because what we've injected hat a ugar in tha gets ed by the nerve esl ad te more sugar stake up the more brain Seiya the aoc acts a waeer he na seaner so Jou con measure tat and steely wee in he brain the a he ide eit erent in he erent what we hope ee ou se dha lerent epenng on wl hye learned about the oxe ot yes beeaue we give them the beads agin and shy have earned Eetae the ner who ed dhe bends wah wer come back ned peck it aguin ad he ons hey wot pe it she ones that ha the Bier bead hate karned no to peckit hatte. Bue cha ot what we finding out, what we'e Sing ont exactly wha changes in the brain crrpond to hat memory sete dothat you haveto ye ld debit in my let hand and quel cot of is head ih big pai of eos and drop the body in bucket and ale the head and peel ‘tek te in sd crud thes ad here's te bean she he brain so patina dt of ie and ey ealleague cuts icin ab ‘a razor bade and then he sect out iy samples dat he unt te ees and theyre immedi Gozen whe ‘anil Pr aking de brain out ofthe mex chick 1 and has who do -Anvshen you analyse yes and here isa soba incease you can meauve sd ot jut the neeae but exaey where Because i you sce sce the bain sce te Fozen rani hin seionsand pt them on ses yougepenees youeansee 12 LOvEAND INFORMATION you can sce exactly depending on how dark and you can convert Ii fie colour hich of couse loks pretier preter es and ease read though the infrmaon isthe ich that he leaning takes place on the el seo the brain and you can ee snd there another verson where you sain de spl wih ‘eras and then you ean count Oe ner pines onthe ‘endites which ae este ite iy becaase a that degree of magication 2 dhunboal would be ‘vo handed and ity meres wide so you can ae the memory ‘yes you can ee the atl changes ce hat he ci earn about the bea, SLEEP ean ep Hoc mil hate enw Book? ‘haven go one The Issel tere and breathe. My hess to il of tlt Are you asleep? Noo, what ie se. You can't sleep? Tink 1 ge up and go on Faebook. REMOTE You don't stmt havea re “Thee used tobe one bit it topped working The region’ no red anyone rong my lace You might hive a reception problem dere eso that I eed there's no phone sgl there? ou have got town, Or ik someone si here's spot bout neo mies p the rad you go dowm foward the ei” Sind and on rock, you'd have know it ‘We a item othe radia, Dose work? 1 eld ware you ae Weguet here Tie eauie. You cn alway oye dw and get a newspape, Weal ight I dontthave time you se. Dn ou sometimes want a weather esas? [want you tobe happy here Tam happy here. oul fd you cn fe i aig IRRATIONAL [ean eratonl umber real? eres tome ‘Bucean you havea raion number of ranges? Nac thing tne no mmo comfortable wth he whole idea ‘There was someone ale Hippavsin Grek tenes who found cutabou the lagna of quae sd ey drome hin tecause noone wanted o know about things ie that Lie wba? [Numbers hat make you uncomoable and dnt eae to orange: Team se hoe they igh want to do that. Drown him? Maye he should have kept que about ii he knw they cout and i eehae what you do? AREA, 1 do ow if [shold el you. Wa? Buyout my end more han she i. What ie Wht do you think your? ist beer to naw things 0010 row dip? Ii beerjasto le things ete way you thik thoy ae the way they ae really besa someone tll you fomethng at might change ceryhing and do you want at? Doyo tik ity inteiring ovis t what fend ought odo? ‘out going have oe me now you kn ha But sme people might sy you shoud ay anything because you might noe want to eat anything agains your best fend but do keep eng tem ogetber and ast ght Las having ‘dk with he aller work and be jut oe timed op ander licihey lt ogetir they hardy bothered to come up ith ‘ory jut wondered I'm probably imgiaing things and ‘hold pat ea ini your head because may abe ‘evel aight, t'm sory maybe I should have kept quiet bt ‘ex, Te wld ou now Theyre having anal “They ae? you know ha? you knew aa? ‘ve kaow that quite a whe How eng? ‘Three years ‘Ad you'e ok with ‘Yesiteall ot. Thank hough 1) LOYEANDINFORMATION MOTHER ‘Whi Mm’ out hae re something tl you ok 5 so you ned to lock st me Prntinening 1 need el yu'e realy paying atenion 1 ean py tention sind do oer things the same ine, tot brides, team see ad hear and everything wil you tite Vn itening,fck of his going ote long? ‘Don't pay attention then, Im just ling you, you ke {oun Ra's ot yur mote your mater, us your i ok? Dd youl otha? Does Mu ko you ling me? us decided. Are we ging ttl er you od me? 1 don't know Do you hil? Why she say Before she doesnt want me ok she tog to go crny ibe ok ‘sno my fae con Blame me for knowing tN be of, ether ol you, i’ yk How old were you, wat thiten, You were hie? Tinea Yes thats why es probably beer han not being born “Wot my dad den? [Hit seh any moe he went dlfeen school He was ‘oh ot shin fel ke you'e my mar though dont have a ‘Sher do' lke tae Bo ou want me fel leer about ad ust dd want so be something oud neve 5a. ke iif everthing could goon ike twas. ou mean note Mam? Rowe hive? then you'd have something you could never. Te gota stomach ache, dont eae i she goes erany Soong at's you she goes crazy wih Tean el er oleae ou alone because I'm your mum. ow hk da woes FIRED ‘ou shou fie people by ema You cant come burg in here and shouting, sory 1 o appreciate, but Tm busy atthe moment i you could ned to be looked in he eye and you ay yout ing me redundancy isnt ty to mye, youre red jt ay yout a coma joneant sy ‘why dost you peak tomy pa, and make an appoinment 2 LOVEANDINFORMATION MESSAGE Weamesage ‘Sting people esbecause then they understand ling yours they derstand what your ling them tut hey dont a hey, they ut because the deat show how important itis no they jst sy you've a teroistor and the teroris a menage ‘bt they don't get it do they dhe just pas an ad lack people epand {iF eoough people dit became they do realy feel wren do they they don't vei tere if hey edi errr they e tng the message ‘Would you dot yourse? 1 dont tink I would no. Because you'e sated? 1 do shink dat message what Tanto onass ‘What you do hat for? I hough What do you hin going to happen to you? ow bat nd tome and the cilzen dd you ink abou tha? hazed ke he ight hig do So wil we have to change who we ae and go and ve somewhere ee Ide ay ae youl bea protected wines and all ori we'lbe ving Infetrin mati home ina desert in America? 1 id say who Iwas, [jt made the phone cll {om your own phone? oof courte nt fom my ow phone, im nt api swell you ae but ok, Gem apublc yeset couse ‘bt nearhee liken dhe igh eet ro ook tin you tok a wala? when? (ody omake thecal I went Bighton why Brighton? 1 do’ kno, i's somewhere you ean go quicly on wala 10 yo dd’ goo work? Vou werent at wor you cule got the fom shoal asia Brighton ave thea day outin Brighton ‘wasn't a day outin Brighton, made the allon ape hone in Brighton, Thad s cole ad othe rain back Ae what i you say? 1st gate hem the name, sd hiss he person you wantin onnecon with, no I wos’ gve my name tank ou, goodbye ‘Thats Buti hey ow the all ame rom Brighton and hey could {ind out who neve him who wert Brighton they wont doa they n't eed how who Tam, hey jst ‘ead oknow who took at 22 LOVEAND INFORMATION bt he finds on you went Brighton Lute’ ot ging to now what did in Bighton ‘Sho ye we gota tipi sas you, ame om Brighton and Someone cle ellen they sw You ge on arin Yo p10 Bagiton| how ikely is tha? why woul he havea matin the pice? of ure be doc have amate he pice, do T havea matin thepele, youve makings whole hing up has nt going to happen, I don’ ae why you bad to doc Tas en ce what he i wa Hes end of yours Hes nota fiend of mine He's nt nove He doen know he's noc nowy what if you see bin? wot Tste hin? wha he comes round bere and aps thepole ate on tome what am going todo can you help me? You'e making thing: op ain [Nom not. Tha what’ ging happen. ‘TERMINAL ‘Doctor one ding before Ig. Can you tll me how longve “There's not an exet answer to that, le grater anything you can give mean es "We et me say en pe ent of people with his onion are 1s nar the ye "That lpi, hank you SCHIZOPHRENIC How do you know Tm ev? Te been tlie Who by? Who by? You know he talicigh tthe corner? 5m ging signals The one o the lef 28 you go up rom here ‘Ok and what do hey 09? won tell you, Wy no? ‘Because f+ abou you it what you're Hk, and you know tat youre im not gig 037 Do they tel yu ohare people? Not peopt. You ‘ut you know when you take your medication that doesnt happen “That's wy stopped because twas making hard to ge the information, ‘You doko you i {ve een ld tae So we wentto waren compleiely yest how were dey know ‘thy kno hey ke, ed already admit wast ue th sid othe Germans and the CLA knew ut Bath and sid now id want to know they ba rly ey wantedtc be true they tug i as tre,everone thought ot rerone no plesy of people Ido, Ina Anew ie you eae have knows new it wall made and how id you know? cate of what America’s, what i wanted 1 do youd’ kw itwas made wp, you wane it tobe made up {Bass whar you wanted tobe wee Artarmon Te igh, ida ‘Doyo think you've just von an argument? 26 LOVEANDINFORMATION DREAM a dhs dream st nigh was ia garden and here were Hackers big hoes of brambles, vas icing them, end they few aces and ou se thi orange lack tery realy arly ona yew rose but hen de woe thing tras dance become {war adhe ballet. And looked al hose {Ring vp on 2 wate abou reams, beter, bert; ‘abe and every ge one mean ily So now knoe he's cheating ‘So yu don fe you have to Be ah thie any moe? No, why should P So at eaves thew clea for? Don yu think? Unless mo sb im, Who then? You. You and me “That would mean wer deftly oingto doit So ther way. Either way. RECLUSE Ti ini oe ht et co eh Dont answer ievonly oo ough he pole You'e ight Inge was the Boy dlverng the don't answe dost ofcourse on answe, don't pan “Helo. Hel Ma Roshmere. bebeve this where you Iie. We Sy you gong, we Brow the ear ouside is mak him go aay shal speak to im? snd ofcourse Irepet your deste for privacy and it would 30 ‘ch ep your tows of admazerso understand i you ald sya fw words ou about thn privacy aut hot els (oie herein a free mies Tm going odie ia ihe five mines of your ine I could explain to the wood wy Youve chen oleae al bend and wide to his emote Tshouldhave ap case that would enable you tose he reco straight about your excite allegation of Tm going bed to confi or deny that you si ofthe Queen tha she i have thie in the copboard to pan endo speculation one and forall about your Ail yal but ey wie a obtary shal el him to ono becouse then hey 'l we abou you ie does hey masini they knw about yout you tat ther, never se you again becatte we nea photograph af you taken ast week in the soy dont ALL RIGHT. wae? Hil, Mr Rushmore? have thee things ts. am now a cizen of China. have sixilegimat len Ihave recy been abducted by aes tnd turned earth nbarmed Me Rushmore, if you could ju ope the door Fra moment hat’ alight you see hat fine i el hm ies ha fine haven tld them anything about myself at all ha fe Feel fine abo that Think tha’ fie Tuk elie about and when excl were you lt in China? that ine that ine 00d good Im gad you fel ok about and willbe go away now? ina while e's sure to go aay in a wile i we kep Me Reshmore Tine pes Hes gone Hes gone ‘Well hac’ al ight hen you handled that very ol fel hae el eile He buryou dst him bute know he doer’ ow ang Ihe know I'm the person that ld hos is to because he doen now twa es eae yesbut he now id ‘you mean el work oe ier and whichever whicever he knows said hore words he kone ‘rain ths room wel hve to mave he now was me he owe I shouted ut howe you do elas good 3 you ponent eel | i | | | f cop's vorce God tld you doi? Hed, ys How? low do you mean, how? Did you ear words? Tear the word of Gad. But ke seething you coud hear with your er, etal words Tom outide you? ‘They came into me ‘The werd What God sid Soyou di esc hea. aay bear ‘Seow does hat wotk then? {aa praying about it invert somemes in words, sometimes just slenly {he word were sen was praying in in yourhead i you ke, ay head my eae sometimes in words and sometines sometines just beingin ste where Tas praying 1 don ow wha ate dat ie well yout have wo take fom me there issuch a sate oso here you are praying praying and not knowin, seeing guance, open guidance Foe God ok and he told me what odo. What's hie oie ke? Firm, Kind He speaks English? What sor of a question is tht? ow bu does he speak sp or havea repanal ecen? Tin trying to undesand what you hear lesan hearing ike Theat you bu twas eating ‘Aad he deftly sid doi He sid doit Tn words and inside me in knowing was the ight hing ta In your hea? Right hough my whole being In your tee? ‘Yesin my toc el you tp 200? ‘THE CHILD WHO DIDN'T KNOW FEAR npr il ome (Once pon ime there wa ill who did't now what fear ‘wa and be wanted find ou. So hi fiend snd, Cldshiver ‘dum your bck leg ofan sometimes our hands no not Jour hand yes your hand gl, more Your head Cin SJourstmach, your bely yout yourself you can breathe, Jour sin your i rep, sa shiver a shudder do yourealy ovkow whats? Av the cd sd dot kao wt you ‘ean So hey ook het big daskempy howse everyone ‘Sid was haunted. The sai No one ever been ble oy ‘eral morning you won stay ight, you wos our and heel sak, Wy, whar'ging to happen? And they ‘Si, You know what we mean abot beng Frightened. And {he chil i, Good, thats what T want to know So ine ‘orn sends came back and here waste cil singin ‘he dusty rom. And hey sid, You'e sill here? what. happened? And the chid si, There ere ngs walle hour dead thingy some of therm dd have beads ad trons ith lowing = and i end i, Did you ran Sway? andthe lds, There were weed nase srs Sd ike muse bat not msi, ad his ends sald, What you Fee and the ch sai, Te care igh up ome and pc eats an and bis end, Di your al your mach the ‘cof your ner youre werent you ghened? Aad he (hd sd, Noy is to god, I dn el yen, ont low wht ears, And on hea home he me on sn the ewan br 32 LOVEANDINFORMATION 1 ran 4 Ickes high psig lion ears get ere So wer aking two pit et lion yas 5. Ie ight atte there col eed by no So who ging tose a? Inmight not even be people by then. The sun's oly eight In he morning let's wat eight minutes and ae is ere non. WEDDING VIDEO Seva ple “Tiss the bit ‘hiss the fanny bie wate wher pile shah baa ba gessmecvery time and look lok eset amd wae shee hen {usta ny gi in epi and now e's my god you shoul sce and her boyeend have you met him he the mest nd hee’ that oman swe never knew who she was yesh’ there inthe vdeo but who invited somone who as goes to rangers weddings there sheeting to whos hs ehat unl of yours it no sd ok athe dress mean beens nw you would’ dream Feshow you tshisory ‘yes the chen ie because and the grandchildren ate ing and econ go down in the amily an they ean se andl he ones of them shai nde snd al he one fc wediing and bigs we aves gor ranparens! weding ieo cet rest, or evry tha ever ied ides of Henry the Eighth sus waingoa he ofr back i we ad cv i we ad Neder snd doers Det be woking Be camera? and ing coming otf thee and yes then wed now we'd ow econ esp sed now what ‘becane I would’ remember ll bi without the vdeo T ‘would emer hardly any atl about becase {Cavtremerber anything out tat ay th not on he ideo Team rememberpatng the ring ‘no can see hatin my minds and someone ass lnTok it the species now ten to Da spect 36 LOVEAND INFORMATION SAVANT ‘What id you have forlunch on Ocoberthe third 19867 (Chicken soup and salad, Iwas at home. Tha the chicken oup ins Hae bowl The ad had tomatoes etc and ‘tory bt no onan because it want my bres ose ‘of oason when Tent othe mover with ny Brother inthe Semoon, The more begun 3215, What was the move? Godel, What happened int? You ent the whole thing? Shoby shoe (Can you do hae? Lets nto that (Ok. remember Gail, There ard tha ben iracited bbyatmclar explosion wits a monster andi gost New York fd the American mila dope bombs on Tat he one. What i you dosent? ‘We walked back o my brother place and had pouched eggs on toast Ind tw cap of tea in hired ug, hee with chip. ‘What asthe weather ke? Rain ode morning bu it cleared up. Rain inthe evening Raia dhe next moring fete seh 204, x Vim glad wee dont otto se soamt alter al hee years because it was ery important at shee’ been very ‘imporane ‘uhas for meal ye, ery important so never a have sen each ober again would have been ic would have been impose iewould ave been sad anyway. ‘Yu remember the Taian eur? oye on he corner Wasi? wid he bushes oui? no, Ping up ith Tansee the waiter now no, ean get the water {he wae wth the moustache who alway aed 0 much when 1 sed w have spogher enrbonara and you had vongole Tani remember eating no, Twat oo buy looking at you probably rely ved you then owed you Tadvaye remember you standing tht ld wonder whee thar was, wast sata batercop. 38 LOVEANDINFORMATION ve gota eally dear picture of you running ahead of me down {Sueec We were nang fr sb dink ‘Do you remember that hotel we oak 2 room fora coupe of ours ins hotel, thee wa gen walpaper and we stood here remember the fest ime otha got vei y 2 any oor tmes, Tan emer one bya vet we wee practical on 3 public fompah Abe litchen, de itchen a your fends house wich end? Inver knew your ens names wane Ohi? Tey? 1 don't no you remember the chen? 1 might i knew lc house, id we do tina cen? Behind ihe dooe There war soup on the cooker 1 remeber ust ooking at each other. "Theme inthe tren, we just topped 1 was hinking more ane when you were siting on he side of thebed. Ws hat ely on or ner the end? [Near the end I think, Do you know the time I mean? 1 eomedies go pas that coe shop Which oe? ‘The oe ete we ep ing tsa godiye. 1 nk ve Bted hat whole yout rend, we sed 0 ery Didwe? Somedimes FOUR MEMORY HOUSE no but youve gota good my memory to improve forge a lo he names like names he fices weal yeobut ot worth worrying br want earn as tage amount of memesing of course vocabulary ” very imaginable see your paint sack of information whieh Thave somehow somehow squire and retin ‘Sow do ou intend 40 LOVEAND INFORMATION (bis coune this memory {olimprve your lini a eercies ke geting the mses muscles ofthe brain thick ofcourse Toit doen have mls sud more than that a technique foe remembering ancient ancient eerie Romans de know they and llsorts Renaissance hey had alto bai then in dhe Leonard da Vin odie? 1 dont noo that he actually dd ote eerique not necezariy hs ata eenique ‘ough e might have dane {ts beside the pin the pine the actual technique the actual technique is you takes place ike you could ke a take a howe? ln your nod this isa ment take «howe you know in your mind Hee my aunts gota howe there you are ak hs hose your mind and youve gota lit fof tings you want 1 remember he wha’ ike arching ike hit ve got here his exerie crocodile pincuion nd you go round the hows in your ind you go round and ou [ut semethingin each oom can't quite remember all he oom cause cant remember the rooms? Sn my aus house Te never take where youve only beable remember de hinge 0 yo coud go ron the room and put one onthe table and ob ee bron have to semeber what oder what onder ping round the ror isha igh? ye Hcould do a. ‘Sov got house wien Iwata chil in my mind aT, ‘lg ogo rund nom and put roc on he dooney ercalle onthe able a pncurbion jut ine on the mat Pineusion onthe chai aif com inthe siagroom onthe sola aif scisors on the other cae axe in the dningrom on he abe sxe on he other chair serine vente 2 LOVEANDINFORMATION ould you justin your head do you mind Leake ‘Von nt bothered br heating yours ep seing your em in ecient naw where ou ved aba child ot doesnt so leans sy ‘eri theps and Tus ‘hank you oko wristwatch inthe Kitchen om the cooker tlephant on thes poundcin nthe baboom bio on thet thd edetg ny bed een the te makes ten So now's go ound Plek hem up on the doorstep erecoile ccocodle pincushien pincushion yes aesor in the singoom scisors wristwatch so nay oh et on the her sits axe ase rinwatch winch elephant poundcoin now where did Tp? oh wha bsdtoom nop of theo payer inthe doom Tsuddeniy tire _yerof couse iro but suey hat saw my aes infisbedoom ny ater geting deed “he mothe wast noit ning ong afl happened youre nt remembering ro nethin tie that at al jot suddenly sow im and sp when yeu last ‘poised es dead and don't ofcourse year ago forgotten Im “pois nt suet he was there inthe bedroom and ats memory sit ‘yet Leppat itis ofcoune its memory from om when you were le es ecatees very monly hal Ns sn so spit thistke a new ‘yea newimemory and Pm selag ‘yuan se with your ee when you wee ay maybe for and che sunlight sauaigt ‘es beat i's sunny in the oom shining in Bind him and on ‘We feor en my fet, ‘youcan ste your fet |W _LovEANDINFORMATION ean see my fet when Twas four which et memory youve ays ove never and you'e sure is not some hrsible some represed noite nati jut a memory iene se the roam fced eat ‘ete morning inthe room and Tut sat some sort of eroted wire Because of course ts ira iro hedghog ve los the hedgehog wat oh in the microwave dont now ere T went net ct kaow onthe pe fold newspaper isa tein the ai. So could we ny thet sight off Fm sure we could snd then do another lst ees ts and hw do we hep the ists separate Pm nocsure yer Te goto ‘becaue'l keep geting the hedgehog inthe microwave sit minate PU fd out Find out what to do net. DINNER 1 iat you you dnt 11 Wednesday we sing td with axyou dit yer boca I remember bce youd A igh Tmt ae forge ory yeyoudd Pm omy PIANO Th rope ‘Tissot, Hale, jennie Here the pian, You an play the piano. {ve never played he piano You sthere Hest He pls ol and JENNIFER sings Het op Helo. ‘Thinner, Hee, Jif 46 LOVE ANDINFORMATION FLASHBACK Breathe shah ah ore breahe shah ve got you, all ight ah alligh Thank you, Sor. hep seeing. ean se. Tan op sesig. I wT could ap if you. Show of emating in my hl “They say ime. you maybe able wo forget, even fis ong ‘Once i’ in dhe, Once you know that sta