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ASP Practice Exam Questions

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Given a molecular weight of 112, convert 2.8 pounds of a material fully evaporated in a 3,000 ft3
confined space to parts per million. Note: The space occupied by a mole of gas at STP-Industrial
Hygiene is 24.45 liters.

A. 5,465 ppm
B. 3,265 ppm
C. 2,500 ppm
D. 912 ppm


Safety requirements for the general public require a use zone of 6 feet to surround stationary
playground equipment. If a second set of monkey bars were to be placed with the 8 foot sides
facing each other, the minimum area needed would be _________.

A. 8 feet x 18 feet
B. 20 feet x 18 feet
C. 20 feet x 33 feet
D. 20 feet x 36 feet


Your plant manufactures electronic parts. These parts are moved throughout the plant using two
types of four wheel handcarts, type "A" which weigh 65 pounds and type "B" which weigh 105
pounds. The coefficient of friction for both carts is 0.12. What weight can be carried in the "A"
cart with a 22 pound pushing force? Use Formula F = N

A. 167 lbs
B. 118 lbs
C. 135 lbs
D. 15 lbs


A tank filled to capacity is 16 foot wide, 20 foot long and 4 foot high. What is the total force acting
on the end of the tank? Use Formula F = P/A

A. 20,000 lbs
B. 16,000 lbs
C. 12,000 lbs
D. 8,000 lbs

In three years, $400,000 will be required for EPA modifications to your plant. How much money
should you invest at 10% to have the required amount when needed? Use Formula

A. $310,789
B. $300,526
C. $287,565
D. $293,824


You are proposing to replace an old piece of equipment with a newer model, because you are
having a high accident rate on the old equipment. The useful life of the new equipment is 10
years and the annual cost of the accidents averages $1,000 per year. Considering only the cost
of accidents and that the annual rate for monies is 8%, what is the maximum investment above
the cost of the new equipment that would justify the purchase? Use Formula

A. $6652
B. $7265
C. $6710
D. $6842


If a source of Co-60 was discovered in a laboratory and had a reading of 2 Ci, and the half-life of
Co-60 is 5.24 years, what was the original reading for the source? Paperwork found in the Lab
indicates that the source was obtained 10 years ago. Use Formula

A. 3.4
B. 5.2
C. 7.5
D. 8.0


Your company needs a shimshot machine. After searching you find two options. First, you can
lease the machine for 10 years at $1,500 per year. Second, you can buy the machine for
$10,000 with a maintenance agreement that costs $500 per year. After 10 years, you can sell the
machine as scrap for $5,000. Assuming the value of money will be 15% for the ten years, is
buying or leasing the better option? Use Formula

A. $7634
B. $7389
C. $7528
D. $7495


If $1,000 is invested in an investment account paying 8% interest. How much will be

accumulated in the account at the end of 10 years? Use Formula

A. $2535
B. $3125
C. $2159
D. $2076

A vessel exhibits a vacuum pressure of -7 psig at sea level and STP, what is the pressure
expressed in psia?

A. psia
B. 14.7 psia
C. 7.7 psia
D. 19.7 psia


What radioactivity would remain from 1 Ci (curie) of Co-60 (5.24 years half-life) after a 20 year

A. .0071
B. .071
C. .71
D. 7.1


Assuming complete evaporation and no air change, what is the concentration in PPM given the
following conditions? A one half gallon beaker of Benzene falls to the floor and breaks in a lab
room that is 20 feet by 20 feet by 10 feet. The MW of Benzene is 78 and the SG is 0.6.

A. 3795 ppm
B. 4160 ppm
C. 3150 ppm
D. 2710 ppm


Find the velocity pressure in a 1.5 inch (actual diameter) open ended pipe with 250 gallons per
minute of water flowing? Use Formula

A. 11.4 psi
B. 14 psi
C. 4.4 psi
D. 25.4 psi


During a flow test on a fire supply water system the flow at 3,000 gpm has dropped the flow from
69 psi to 34 psi. What flow is available at 20 psi residual? Use Formula

A. 1,800 gpm
B. 2,400 gpm
C. 3,600 gpm
D. 4,800 gpm

How much pressure would be lost to friction for 200 feet of 6-inch Schedule 40 steel pipe having
a inside diameter of 6.065 inches and a C factor of 100 and providing a flow of 1850 gpm?

A. 18 psi
B. 31 psi
C. 22 psi
D. 11 psi


You have discovered an Acetone leak in one of your facilities, the room is closed with no
ventilation taking place. It measures 10m x 10m x 20m and your CIH tells you that she has a
6000 ppm reading on her analyzer. How many liters of Acetone has leaked from the container?

MW = 58.08, SG= 0.79, Temp = 25C, Barometric Pressure = 1 ATM

A. 36L
B. 58L
C. 78L
D. 360L


You passed the CSP Core Examination with a score of 192. The cumulative statistics for this
examination are as follows: Mean 180, standard deviation 32. How many safety professionals
taking the exam have scored higher than you? Use Formula

A. 25%
B. 35%
C. 16%
D. 45%

Your plant manufactures electronic parts. These parts are moved throughout the plant using two
types of four wheel handcarts, type "A" which weigh 65 pounds and type "B" which weigh 105
pounds. The coefficient of friction for both carts is 0.12.

Modifications to the operations would allow a push with 42 pounds of force. Consider an
additional 10% of the rolling friction is required for starting. What weight could be carried in the
"B" carts when pushed by employees?

A. 144 lbs
B. 158 lbs
C. 213 lbs
D. 245 lbs


What is the molecular weight of dry air?

A. 30
B. 45
C. 1
D. 90


If the $500 per year maintenance agreement was required for leasing, as well as buying the
shimshot machine, which would be the better option (buying or leasing) and what would be the
percentage saved?

The cost to buy the machine is $11,273. The present expense of leasing the machine for 10
years is $7,528. The present value of the maintenance agreement expense is $2,509.

A. Buying 13.21%
B. Leasing 12.31%
C. Buying 11.45%
D. Leasing 10.90%

What is the failure rate of a device that has four components connected in parallel? Each
component has a failure rate of 0.005.

A. 0.02
B. 6.25 x 10^-10
C. 0.000000625
D. 6.25


Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) is a mixture of gases and may be a mixture of propane and n-
butane. Based on the following LELs and that a sample was found to be 2% LPG, what is the
fractional volume of propane in the sample? Acetylene 2.5% Benzene 1.2% Methane 5%
Propane 2.1% n-butane 1.8%

A. .30
B. .60
C. .67
D. .85


The results of a fault tree analysis performed for a assembly line system identified five basic
initiating events having probabilities of occurrence depicted in the table. The minimal cut sets
from the fault tree analysis are shown below.


What is the TOP event probability for this fault tree?

A. 4.0 x 10^-9
B. 1.2 X 10^-10
C. 3.0 X 10^-32
D. 3.3 X 10^-30


Calculate the incidence rate for a company if the recordable accidents are 40 and the total man
hours are 1,500,000:

A. 5.3
B. 8.7
C. 10.2
D. 11.5


A class of safety professionals received the following scores on the ASP examination. 58, 68, 78,
45, 55; Compute the standard deviation:

A. 55
B. 12.64
C. 60.8
D. 11.3


You are a safety professional in an industrial facility. During your inspections you have
determined some improvements are required that will cost $100,000. You decide to put this in a
five year strategic plan and know that the cost of the project will be $150,000 in five years. How
much money would you need to invest on a quarterly basis into an account that receives 10%
annual interest compounded on a quarterly basis to cover the cost of the project in five years?

A. $5872
B. $5761
C. $5963
D. $6020


Given the following conditions, what is the velocity at point C?

A. 7500 fpm
B. 6940 fpm
C. 4354 fpm
D. 5020 fpm


Which of the following truss members could be replaced with a cable and a turnbuckle tensioning

A. Members AB and FH
B. Members BD and DF
C. Members BC, DE and FG
D. Members DG, CD and GH


A tank filled to capacity is 8 foot wide, 20 foot long and 8 foot high. What is the total force acting
on the end of the tank?

A. 20,000 lbs
B. 16,000 lbs
C. 12,000 lbs
D. 8,000 lbs


The data below shows the costs and risk reduction benefits associated with installing a new safer
system in your plant. The cost-benefit ratio is defined as the cost in dollars associated with the
reduction of each fatality gained by installing the new system, then what is the cost-benefit ratio
for installing the system? New system $25,000 Average fatalities if not installed .025 Average
fatalities if installed .011

A. 1 million/fatality
B. 1.786 million/fatality
C. 2.273 million/fatality
D. 0.694 million/fatality


An automotive parts distributor purchases parts from overseas locations and markets these parts
in the U.S. The distributor receives 25% of its parts from country "A" who has a 10% reject rate,
25% from country "B" who has a 5% reject rate, 12.5% from country "C" with a 15% reject rate,
and 37.5% from country "D" with a 1% reject rate. If you purchase a defective part what is the
probability it came from country "D"?

A. 10%
B. 12%
C. 6%
D. 8%


A failure rate for each component is listed in the table. Assume the minimum cut sets are AB, CD
and EF. What is the TOP event probability for this system?

A. 1x10^-7
B. 1x10^-10
C. 1x10^-7
D. 2.001x10^-7


A 20-foot-wide, 40-foot-long small barge, weighing 12,000 pounds is transporting three stacks of
cargo, each weighing 3,000 pounds. To what depth will the barge sink in the water with this

A. .5 feet
B. 5 inches
C. 9 inches
D. 2.3 feet


Find the velocity pressure in a 1.5 inch (actual diameter) open ended pipe with 250 gallons per
minute of water flowing?

A. 114 psi
B. 14 psi
C. 44 psi
D. 254 psi


Your Environmental Safety and Health plan provides for a expenditure of $300,000 in 3 years
from now. How much must be set aside in each of your annual budgets for this expenditure?
Money is currently worth 11% and will remain constant for your computations.
A. $90,430
B. $110,560
C. $140,900
D. $89,760


According to the moment concept of biomechanical lifting equivalents, various loading, results in
bending moments on the sacro-lumbar joint. The theory is developed based on a variable "D",
which is the distance from the joints of the lumbar spine to the front of the abdomen. The variable
is adjusted for each individual. The "L" is a measured distance from one side of a cube of
uniform density, shown as "W". With appropriate units the formula (D +1/2 L) (W) = ME yields a
lifting equivalent measured in inch pounds. What would the ME be for a lift of 15 lbs. if D=8 and

A. 195
B. 250
C. 155
D. 270


You have just received a report on the percentage of your workforce affected by a chemical's
toxicity. The toxic effects criteria are defined as a function of concentration (C) and time (T),
which yields dose (d) or d = C x T. Toxic doses are as indicated below. If your workforce is
exposed to a release of Gas Z for 30 minutes, what is the predicted minimum concentration that
will cause fatalities in 50% of your personnel?

LTL50 50% population mortality

LTL05 5% population mortality
TL50 50% population irreversible effects

A. 63 ppm
B. 3171 ppm
C. 733 ppm
D. 663 ppm


The minimum energy for ignition of a corn dust cloud is 38 millijoules. Given the formula E = 1/2
CV2, what would the energy be for a 50,000 volt static spark, if the capacitance of the material
involved was 95 micro microfarads?

A. Not enough to cause ignition

B. Barely enough to cause ignition
C. Twice as much as is required
D. Three times as much as is required


The rule of thumb for determining the pressure exerted by a column of water is:

A. multiply each inch of rise by 0.433

B. multiply each foot of rise by 62.4
C. divide each foot of rise by 62.4
D. multiply each foot of rise by 0.433

Using the truss show above, what is the force in DG and is it in compression or tension?

A. 3.13 tons, compression

B. 3.13 tons, tension
C. 1.25 tons, compression
D. 1.25 tons, tension


A automobile brake master cylinder fails 4 times out of 1,000,000 operations. What is its success

A. 9.99996 x 10^-1
B. 99.9999 x 10^-2
C. 99.9 x 10^-3
D. .99 x 10^-1


There is a 20 foot tall holding tank at your facility comprised of 4 foot by 6 foot panels. The tank
is 40 feet in diameter and contains a 50-50 mixture of oil and water. If the oil weighs 87.4 lbs/ft3,
what force is exerted on a panel whose long edge is ten feet below the liquid level?

A. 1,500 lbs
B. 1,800 lbs
C. 17,975 lbs
D. 21,570 lbs


A safety and health consultant has the opportunity to bid on a contract with a profit value of
$5,000. The cost of submitting a bid is $350. The chance of getting this contract needs to be at
least_________ before bidding is economically feasible.

A. 9%
B. 7%
C. 5%
D. 3%


If the loading at point "D" is increased from 2 Kips to 8 Kips, what would the reaction be at RH?

A. RH = 10 kips
B. RH = 8 kips
C. RH = 5 kips
D. RH = 2 kips


Which of the following truss members have compression forces applied?



What reading would you expect 10 feet from the wreckage?

Distance you must travel into the tunnel to reach the wreckage is 500 feet. Radiation readings at
the tunnel entrance are 1.8 mR.

A. 0.0002 R
B. 0.09 R
C. 4.5 R
D. 4500 R


During the course of an inspection you observe the following conditions: an exposure to
methylene chloride of 30 ppm (TLV=50), methyl chloroform of 200 ppm (TLV=350) and an
exposure to methyl alcohol of 150 (TLV=200). Assuming the effects of these exposures are
additive what is the percentage of TLV for this concentration?

A. 192%
B. 100%
C. 90%
D. 65%


How much Toluene (MW of 92) would have to be evaporated in a 15,000 ft3 room to reach the
LEL of 1.2%? Assume a safety factor of 10.

A. 4.2 lbs
B. 15 lbs
C. 18.4 lbs
D. 2.4 lbs


Assuming complete evaporation and no air change, what is the concentration in PPM given the
following conditions? A one gallon beaker of Toluene falls to the floor and breaks in a lab room
that is 20 feet by 20 feet by 10 feet. The molecular weight of Toluene is 92 and the SG is .8.

A. 1117 ppm
B. 117 ppm
C. 7100 ppm
D. 710 ppm


A motor vehicle carrying hazardous materials was required to apply all wheel brakes and make
an emergency stop on a straight, level section of interstate highway. The area was under
construction and posted at 45 MPH. The investigating official measured the average skid mark
as 232 feet. Assuming a coefficient of friction of .66 (dry asphalt), approximately what speed was
the vehicle traveling prior to the emergency stop?

A. 50 MPH
B. 60 MPH
C. 70 MPH
D. 80 MPH


Which of the following equations describes the deterioration of radioactive nuclei?


An analysis that is a thorough study of an organization or specific job/task to determine how

training can help the organization to improve its safety, effectiveness or efficiency or if the
specific job/task can be enhanced is called a?

A. Organizational analysis
B. Training analysis
C. Needs analysis
D. Task analysis


The company management has established a safety performance goal of reducing one of the
company's annual incidence rates to 0.50 recordable injuries. The company has defined a
recordable injury as any injury that requires treatment of first aid or higher. The index this
company uses in calculating annual incidence rates is 100 employees working 40 hours per
week for 50 weeks.

What can be concluded from this 4-year safety performance trend?

A. The company's safety performance has not achieved the management goal.
B. The company's safety performance is improving and has met the management goal.
C. The company's safety performance is worsening but has met the management goal.
D. The company's safety performance has improved but has not met the management goal.

The purpose of the Delphi technique is to elicit information and judgments from participants to
facilitate problem-solving, planning, and decision-making. It does so without physically
assembling the contributors. The Delphi technique includes all the following except:

A. The process is completed in one iteration

B. The questions are structured for short written responses
C. There is generally a guarantee of anonymity
D. Information is generally exchanged via FAX, mail or e-mail


Loss reduction means any action which reduces the losses incurred. The reduction may be by
decrease of the physical destruction (e.g. as by reducing the amount of material burned or the
number of individuals injured) or by reducing the operational loss from a given amount of
destruction (e.g. by having stand by equipment or more effective medical care for the injured).
Which of the following is not considered loss reduction?

A. Having a CPR-First Aid person on each work team

B. By installing a modernized fire suppression system
C. By doing emergency planning for possible scenarios
D. By storing back up files at an off site location


Which of the following ANSI standards deals with Accident Reporting?

A. ANSI Z16.1
B. ANSI Z87.1
C. ANSI Z12.1
D. ANSI Z358.1


Your company is having above average incident and accidents at one of your locations. You
have been instructed to implement action to reduce these rates. What is your first action?

A. Survey the facility to determine the probable cause of the injuries

B. Bring a safety committee on-line to handle the problems
C. Train all line supervisors in accident/incident prevention
D. Schedule a meeting with upper management to discuss the situation.


A CIH is involved in a monitoring operation using a carbon monoxide direct reading instrument.
The instrument has been reading 35 ppm for 4 hours. Suddenly without any change in the
conditions in the plant the indicator increases rapidly to 65 ppm and has remained constant for 5
minutes. Which of the following is the most appropriate action?

A. Shut down all production operations immediately

B. Quit monitoring
C. Continue monitoring
D. Stop and recalibrate instrument

Which of the following is true concerning the 95% confidence level when conducting hypothesis

A. There is a 95% chance of being correct

B. There is a 95% chance of being incorrect
C. One will be wrong 1 time out of every 20 decisions
D. One will be right 19 times out of every 20 decisions


Which of the following is the common language of client/server database management?



Which of the following is true concerning the use of Halon 1211? Bromochlorodifluoromethane
(Halon 1211) is considered hazardous because it may release __________________ during

A. Hydrogen
B. Silicone
C. Hydrogen Fluoride
D. Bromide


Which of the following statements is most correct concerning electrical Ground Fault Circuit
Interrupters (GFCI)?

A. GFCIs will trip at about 5 milliamps line-to-line fault current

B. GFCIs will trip at about 5 milliamps line-to-ground fault current
C. GFCIs will protect against line to ground and line to line faults and trip at about 15 amperes
D. GFCIs are required on all construction sites


What is the failure rate of a device that has four components connected in series? Each
component has a failure rate of 0.005.

A. 0.625
B. 0.05 x 104
C. 0.2
D. 0.02


A sub-contractor is erecting scaffolding without an approved erection plan. The sub-contractor is

the only one involved in assembling the scaffold. The scaffold is being built and put together
correctly, although not in the proper sequence, but the sub does not have a plan. Under the
OSHA rules for multi-employer worksites and assuming there is other than a general duty clause
violation, who would be cited for the situation described?

A. The sub-contractor
B. The general contractor and the owner
C. The sub-contractor and the general contractor
D. The general contractor


When a liquid is used in a packed tower or scrubber and dissolves or reacts chemically with the
gas or vapor that is to be removed the process is known as:

A. Adsorption
B. Absorption
C. Combustion
D. Condensation