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General Psy.

Study Guide Chapters 1-2

Chapter one:

Parents of Psychology
Know the book definition of psychology
Father of Contemporary Psychology and how he defined it
Differentiate between Structuralism and Functionalism
What contributions were made by women in psychology in the late 19 century?
Know the four major disciplines of psychology discussed in Chapter one.
What is cognition?
Know the following theorist B.F Skinner, John B. Watson, William James, Sigmund
Freud, Abraham Maslow, Carl Rogers, and Martin Seligman
Know the various principal professional specialties in psychology (clinical, counseling,

Chapter Two:

Understand the scientific approach

Know assumptions of science.
Explain variable, theory, and hypothesis
Know the 5 steps in the scientific investigation
Explain the difference between control group and experimental group
What is correlation and how does it work?
Types of methods scientist use to conduct research.
How is ethics and deception discussed?