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Chapter 11: Personality

What is personality
How is consistency relevant to personality
Explain Distinctiveness.
Understand the Five Factor model of personality. Dont just memorize them, know how to apply
Understand the foundation of Freuds psychoanalysis. How to apply psychodynamic personality
to behavior.
Differentiate between the ID, Ego, and Superego.
What is the person of defense mechanisms? Know how to assign certain behaviors to each
category. Ex. Employee at work starts screaming in anger because she was not granted a sick day
is an example of? Regression.
Know Carl Rodgers and the principles of Humanism.
Understand the theorist associated with Social cognitive theory. What are the major components
of it?
Explain B.F Skinner Behaviorism and punishment and reinforcement.
Who is Adler, and what was his contribution to behavior?
Why is Jung behavioral contributions of unconsciousness important?
Understand all of Freuds psychosexual stages of development.

Chapter 12: Social Behavior

Define and explain social psychology.

What are stereotypes?
Explain the Illusory correlation effect.
Differentiate between in-group and out-groups.
Explain the attribution process.
Difference between collectivism and Individualism.
Know the types of love?
What is attachment? What are the different types?
What do males and females value in mates?
Explain the different kinds of attitudes.
What is groupthink?
Understand conformity.
How is cognitive dissonance applied to social behavior?
What is the bystander effect and diffusion of responsibility?