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Personal Info
June 2014 Jan 2017 Chief Surveyor
PT. Jaya Konstruksi M.P.
Terminal Pulogebang Lead and supervise in the execution of Address
Access | Jun 2014 Jan surveying and inspection for project needs Kedungwesi Street no 18,
2015 (bench mark, polygon, boundary, etc) Talunkidul, Sumobito, Jombang,
Bridge, Flyover, road, Assign task and assignment to the surveying East Java
team and monitor their performance and
Car Park Bintaro Plaza | Jan
2015 April 2015 work output to ensure that works are done Phone
Building, ramp, steel effectively 085649981255
Check calculation of quantities for project 0811548339
Terminal Pulogebang
Access II| April 2015 Dec activity (cut and fill, elevation, asphalt, bridge
2015 girder, etc)
Bridge, Flyover, road,
Prepare reports to manager and staff for
Six Inner Toll Road Jakarta daily surveying data
First Section | Dec 2015 Check shop drawings prepared to ensure the
Jan 2017
completion of the required activities
Bridge, Flyover Skills
March 2017 Present Quantity Surveyor
PT. Nusa Konstruksi Enjiniring Measuring
Corridor Road, Tunan price/forecast the cost of the different
Bridge, And Province Road materials needed for the project Topography
Overpass prepare tender documents, contracts,
Location : Penajam Paser GPS
Utara, East Kalimantan
budgets, bills of quantities and other
Bridge, Logging Road documentation Bathymetry
track changes to the design and/or
construction work and adjusting budget Drone/UAV
projections accordingly
measure and value the work done on site
pay subcontractors
select and/or source construction
materials Autocad Civil 3D
write reports
Project Micro Surveying CAD
Corridor Road, Tunan Boad Overpass
2009 2014 Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember Hydropro

ITS Surabaya
MS office
Geodetic Engineer
GPA 3.06/4.00 Adobe Flash
Toefl Score 477
2015 IHT Communication and Interpersonal Skill Corel Draw
2014 Adobe Flash