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MEDICAL TECHNOLOGY LAWS 7. President who signed RA 5527?

Professor Rodolfo R. Rabor President Ferdinand Marcos

June 7, 2016 June 21, 1969

8. Exclusive practices of RMT professionals?

1. Why does MT perform laboratory test? Analysis of blood, urine & other secretions
To diagnose as well as from biological specimen
To treat Bacteriologic, Mycologic, Parasitologic
To maintain health Examination
Histopathology, Cytotechnology
2. Who brought MT practice to the Philippines? Blood Banking
US Army 1945 establish the 1st clinical
laboratory in the Philippines (Quiricada, Sta. Non-exclusive practices of RMT professionals?
Cruz) Specimen collection
After war, closed! Clinical Research involving patients
Dr. Pio De Roda reopened (2nd laboratory Quality Control
Manila Public Health) Preparation & Standardization of Reagents
Offered non-formal training
Formal training (for 6 months issued 9. What government agency recognizes school of MT?
Certificate of Completion) CHED (Commission on Higher Education)
Followed SYLLABUS Dr. Prudencia Sta. Ana Permit to offer BSMT
Recognized status: Performance of 1st batch
3. Who is the founder of MT education in the licensure examination = national passing
Philippines? rate
Dr. Willa Hilgert Hedrick Accredited:
1954 PUC in cooperation with Manila 1. PACUCOA (Philippine Association
Sanitarium Hospital, Baesa, QC of Colleges and Universities
- Offer the 1st BSMT Commission on Accreditation)
- MT as elective subject (BS Pharma 2. PAASCU (Philippine Accrediting
Curriculum) Association of Schools, Colleges
1956 BSMT course and Universities)
Dr. Jesse Umali 1st BSMT course (PUC)
10. What government agency accredits MT training
4. What is the difference between PAMET and laboratory?
PASMETH? CHED (Commission on Higher Education)
PAMET (Philippine Association of Medical Before: DOH (Department of Health)
Technologists) RMT professionals MT training - the last year of course
PASMETH (Philippine Association of Schools 1. Hospital laboratory
of Medical Technology and Public Health) 2. Tertiary category laboratory
association of schools offering MT
11. Composition of Board of MT (BOMT)?
5. What is RA 5527? 3/Three
Philippine Medical Technology Act of 1969 1: Pathologist - Dr. Marietta C. Baccay
1. Laboratory worker ---- Professional 2: RMTs Ms. Marian M. Tantingco
2. Laboratory work ---- Profession - Ms. Marilyn R. Atienza
1. Difference between occupation &
profession? 12. What are the qualifications of the members of the
2. Difference between skilled board?
worker & professional? Filipino citizen
3. Difference between MT & Good moral character
Laboratory Technician Graduate of BSMT/BSPH (Recognized
Laboratory worker skilled worker without school)
license Holder of RMT license (Atleast 9 years)
Professional with formal education, Not a faculty of School of MT
training & license No direct/indirect interest SMT

6. How many sections in RA 5527? What is the term of office of BOMT? ---- 3 years
32 sections without reappointment but may be extended
1: Title
2: Definition of terms 13. What are the grounds of removal of the members
29: Penal Provisions of BOMT?
32: Effectivity Incompetence
Death & Physical Disability 23. Difference between Penalty of Suspension &
Convicted by court (Immoral, Unethical, Penalty of Revocation?
Unprofessional Conduct) Penalty of Suspension maximum of 2
14. Who are not inhibited against the practice of MT? Penalty of Revocation lifetime
Licensed Physician
Foreign Consultants 24. If Penalty of Suspension &/or Penalty of Revocation
US Air Force is imposed to a MT professional, what must he do?
If he fails to do it, what is the punishment?
15. Qualifications of admission to the licensure Surrender Certificate of Registration (COR)
examination? within 30 days
Graduate of BSMT/BSPH If he failed to do it, Perpetual
Filipino citizen Disqualification
Good moral character 1. COR = only once (display in work
16. What is the scope of licensure examination? 2. ID = renewal once in 3 years
Major: 20% (Chemistry, Hematology, ISBB,
Bacte/Para) 25. After Penalty of Suspension has been served, how
Minor: 10% (CM, Histopathology/MT Laws) can a professional be reinstated as RMT?
Written request
17. How can a candidate pass a licensure examination?
Weighted average 75% & above 26. What are considered illegal practices of RMT?
No grade less than 50% in Major subject Work without Pathologist
No failure 60% Work without valid license (unexpired,
18. After 3 failures, how can a candidate qualify for the Making fraudulent laboratory report
licensure examination? False advertisement
1. Choose either 1 year internship or Submitting fake documents to secure a
2. 1 year professional subjects license
Employing MTs, Technicians or Laboratory
19. How many exams are given to 1 candidate? Technicians who are not registered
3/Three Failure to display COR in the work area
How may one be a medical laboratory
technician? *All are enumerated in Section 29
1. Works under RMT
2. Grade of 70-74.9 27. What is foreign reciprocity?
1964 1st and only exam for laboratory Mutual understanding of 2 countries
technician regarding MT

20. What is the age requirement to be issued a RMT 28. How many employers may RMT have?
license? 2/Two
21 years old
29. To whom do we report illegal practices of MT
21. Why does the board refuse to issue a license to a profession?
candidate? Report to authorities
Underage Report to ethics committee
Unsound mind
Common disease 30. What is the law that created PRC? What are the
Convicted by court (Immoral, Unethical, roles of PRC?
Unprofessional Conduct) PD 223
PRC = under the office of the President
22. Who may conduct an administrative investigation of 1. PRB (Professional Regulatory
a RMT? Boards) administer licensure
2 members of BMOT exam
1 legal officer 2. CPEC (Continuing Professional
1. UNANIMOUS VOTE: 3/3 agreed = Education Council) renewal of
to impose penalty of revocation license
2. MAJORITY VOTE: 2/3 agreed = to OLD: Professional practice = supervised by
impose penalty of suspension Civil Service Commission (CSC)
3. 1 VOTE: verbal/written reprimand NOW: Professional practice divided into 2:
= warning 1) Private practice supervised by PRC
2) Government practice supervised by CSC
31. What is TOS? Government Blood Bank
Table of Specifications Commercial/Private BB
should be close
32. What is CPE? 2. Only voluntary donors are
Continuing Professional Education accepted
Walk-In donors
33. For RMT, what are the required units of CPE for the Replacement donors
renewal of license?
60 units MT 39. What are the kinds of blood donors? Type of donors
30 units Laboratory Technician encouraged by government?
40. Kind of BB phased out by RA 7719?
34. What is RA 4688?
Clinical Laboratory Law 41. What is RA 8504?
Philippine HIV/AIDS Law prevention &
35. 3 types of laboratory according to function? control of HIV/AIDS
Clinical Pathology Laboratory blood, urine,
CSF (usual) 42. How can HIV/AIDS paralyze the immune system?
Anatomic Pathology Laboratory tissues, A retrovirus infecting/kills T helper cells = T
organs (biopsy, autopsy) helper count decreases
Forensic Pathology Laboratory T helper cells convert B cells to plasma cells
medicolegal examinations (not popular in to produce antibodies
the Philippines)
What are the common methods of HIV
36. Who may manage a clinical laboratory? transmission?
Authorized/licensed Physician Sexual intercourse
Pathologist Blood transfusion
Perinatal transmission
37. Service capabilities of primary, secondary & tertiary Parenteral transmission
1 - basic laboratory, routine tests (CBC, 43. What is AIDSWATCH? What is Pink Ribbon Society?
fecalysis, UA, GS) AIDSWATCH maintains statistics of AIDS
2 - 1 tests plus chemistry tests Pink Ribbon Society community of AIDS
3 - 2 tests plus culture & sensitivity as well patients
as special tests
44. What is anonymous testing?
Free Standing Hospital Based Owner of the specimen is not known
(outside the
hospital) 45. Difference between RA 6425 & RA 9165?
1 Pathologist Licensed RA 6425 Comprehensive Drugs Act of
Physician 1972
2 Pathologist Inadequate RA 9165 Comprehensive Drugs Act of
Pathologist = 2002
Physician 46. What is the validity of drug test result?
Adequate 1 year
Pathologist =
Pathologist 47. Difference between mandatory & random drug
3 Pathologist Pathologist testing?
*Maximum of 4 laboratories Mandatory Police, Armed Forces,
Candidate in Election, Fire Arms License
38. What is RA 7719? Random Students, Interns
National Blood Services Act of 1994
Before: RA 1517 Blood Banking Law of 48. Difference between screening & confirmatory drug
1956 (old BB law) testing laboratory in terms of capability? In terms of
1. 2 kinds of Blood Bank personnel?
Private/Commercial Screening result is POSITIVE or NEGATIVE
Government Blood Bank - MT, Pharma, Chemist
2. 2 kinds of blood donor Confirmatory Qualitative & Quantitative
Professional/Paid donors - should always have Chemist
Voluntary donors
Repealed by RA 7719 (new BB law) with 49. What is RA 7170?
policies & guidelines Organ Donation Act
1. Only recognizes 1 BB
What are the transplantable parts of the body? 59. What are the sources of funds for the NVBSP?
Kidney NVBSP - National Voluntary Blood Services
Heart Program
Liver 1. Government
Eyes 2. PAGCOR (Philippine Amusement
Bones and Gaming Corporation)
3. PCSO (Philippine Charity
50. What is immediate family? Sweepstakes Office)
Decides if the body or parts will be donated 4. Duty Free Shop
or not
1. Spouse 60. What is the kind of blood donor encouraged by the
2. Children government?
3. Parents Voluntary donors (Walk-In & Replacement
4. Siblings donors)
5. Relatives
61. What are the lead agencies for professional
51. How can one execute a legacy to donate part of his education of voluntary blood donation?
body? PAMET (Philippine Association of Medical
18 years old with sound mind Technologists)
PNA (Philippine Nurses Association)
52. What is RA 9288? PSHBT (Philippine Society of Hematology
Newborn Screening Act of 2004 and Blood Transfusion)
NBs should be screened on heritable PSP (Priority Setting Partnership)
Performed after 24 hours of life but not 62. What are the lead agencies for public education of
later than 3 days voluntary blood donation?
Exemption: NBs in ICU 7 days/1 week PBCC (Philippine Blood Coordinating
53. How can one refuse NB screening? What are the PNRC (Priority Setting Partnership)
results of undetected & untreated heritable DOH (Department of Health)
Religious beliefs 63. What are the blood transmissible diseases?
Results of undetected & untreated heritable HIV, Syphilis, Malaria, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis
conditions: C
1. May Die/death
2. Physical deformities 64. What old law is repealed by National Blood Services
3. Mental retardation Act of 1994?
RA 1517 repealed by RA 7719
54. What is the minimum requirement for technical
staff of Hospital Category A BB? Hospital Category B 65. What is the National Blood Services Act of 1994?
BB? RA 7719
A = 4 (1 am, 1 pm, 1 night, 1 off)
B = 5 (2 am, 1 pm, 1 night, 1 off) 66. How many members are there in PNAC? Who is the
permanent Chairperson of the PNAC? Vice
55. What is National Blood Services Program Chairperson?
Committee? Philippine National AIDS Council groups of
Committee that implements the voluntary people helping in the prevention of
blood donations HIV/AIDS
26 members
56. What is the composition of the Hospital Blood Chairperson: DOH Secretary
Transfusion Committee? Vice Chairperson: anyone from the other
QC officer (RMT), hematologist, Hospital members
Training Officer, Attending Physician, Nurse
67. Who is the overseer of an integrated &
57. Who is the head of BB? comprehensive approach to HIV/AIDS prevention &
Licensed Physician/Pathologist control?
PNAC (Philippine National AIDS Council)
Technical staff members?
RMT & 1 recruitment officer (Nurse, RMT, 68. Difference between AIDSWATCH & Pink Ribbon
MD) Society?
AIDSWATCH updates statistics of AIDS
58. What type of BB is to be phased out by RA 7719? Pink Ribbon Society HIV/AIDS victims
Commercial/Private BB
69. Lead agencies of HIV/AIDS education in 81. When will the confirmed result become a
communities? permanent record?
DILG - Department of the Interior and Local If not challenged within 15 days
82. Technical staff of a screening drug testing
70. Lead agencies of HIV/AIDS education in workplace? laboratory?
PNP ( Philippine National Police) RMT, Pharmacists, Chemists
DOLE (Department of Labor and
Employment) Technical staff of a confirmatory drug testing
Armed Forces laboratory?
71. Lead agencies of HIV/AIDS education for Filipinos
going abroad? 83. Who may head drug testing laboratory?
DFA (Department of Foreign Affairs) Licensed Pathologist
DOLE (Department of Labor and
Employment) 84. Who should undergo mandatory drug testing?
Police, Armed Forces, Candidate in Election,
72. Lead agencies of HIV/AIDS education information as Fire Arms License
health service?
DOH (Department of Health) Random?
Students, Interns
73. What are the lead government agencies for
HIV/AIDS education in schools? 85. Difference between screening & confirmatory drug
IBE (International Bureau of Education) testing laboratory?
86. Difference between screening & confirmatory drug
74. What is informed consent? test?
Properly informed what kind of tests to be Screening POSITIVE/NEGATIVE results
done/perform Confirmatory Qualitative/Quantitative

Medical Confidentiality? 87. What is the chain of custody?

Any tests performed to the patient should From the collection up to disposal
never be shared to others
88. Comprehensive Drug Act of 1972?
75. Methods of Transmission of HIV/AIDS? RA 6425
Sexual intercourse
Blood transfusion Of 2002?
Perinatal transmission RA 9165
Parenteral transmission
89. Transplantable organs?
76. Anonymous testing? Liver, Heart, Kidney, Eyes, Bones
Owner of the specimen is not known
90. Authorized to remove transplantable organs?
Contact tracing? Pathologist/Physician
Past records/investigate previous sex
partners 91. Manner of executing legacy or donees of human
bodies or parts?
77. What are the human rights & civil liberties of a Hospital
person with HIV/AIDS? School/University
Privacy Organ Donation Bank
No discrimination
92. Who may execute a legacy of all or part of his body
78. What is the Philippine AIDS Prevention & Control for the purpose of transplantation?
Act of 1998? 18 years old with sound mind
RA 8504
93. Who can declare if a person is medically & legally
79. What is NRL? dead?
National Reference Laboratory Heart & Respiratory Dead Attending
80. What is the validity of drug test result? Brain Consulting & Attending Physician
1 year
94. Difference between decedent & testator?
Decedent person has died
Testator alive
95. Organ Act of 1991?
RA 7170

96. What are the treatable genetic, hematologic,

endocrinologic, metabolic diseases of NB which are
expected to be eradicated with the NB screening
Congenital Hypothyroidism
Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia
G6PD Deficiency
Maple Syrup Urine Disease (MSUD)

97. Specimen for NB screening?


98. Where is the secretariat of the Advisory Committee

on NB screening?
NIH (National Institutes of Health)

99. What are the possible consequences if heritable

conditions are left undetected/untreated?
Physical Deformities
Mental Retardation

100. When to refuse?

Religious beliefs

101. When the NB is placed in Intensive Care Unit,

when is screening be performed?
Must be tested by 7/seven days of age

102. When is the performance of NB screening?

After 24 hours of life but not later than 3

103. Who has the obligation to inform the parents or

legal guardian of the availability, nature & benefits
of NB screening?
MT on duty

104. Advisory Committee on NB screening consists of

8 members including the DOH Secretary as
Chairman. Who is the Vice Chairperson?
Director of NIH (National Institutes of

105. Where is the NB Screening Reference Center?

NIH (National Institutes of Health)

106. What is Newborn Screening Act of 2004?

RA 9288