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Nama : Tiyas Asri Putri (34)

Kelas : X IIS 3
Text 1
Paragraph Main Idea Details

1 Hannah Introduces Herself -Hannah knew Alia from Caroline

- Caroline told Hannah that Alia wanted to
have pen pals from USA
2 Her school and Her family -she is 16 years old
-She attend Thomas Edison High School
there in Menneapolis,Minnesota,USA
- She has two brothers and two hald
sisters and she is the middle school
- Her father died a few years ago so her
mother runs the house and the family
business.Her father was a barista
3 Her hobby and her favorite -She like music,mostly classical music
and folk music.
-She like sports especially tenis and
-Her sister and she have three dogs,a
rabbit,and an Iguana.
4 Hannah go to the mall by train -They can reach the mall very easily a
commuter train runs every is minutes.
-They can also drive to the mall.
5 Hannah love drawing and painting. -Her dont like reading but her love
drawing and painting.
Paragraph Main Idea Details
1 Saidah was happy to receive Alias letter Saidah wants to be Alias pen
2 Saidah tell about her school and family - She is16 years old.
-She attend an Islamic
boarding school
-Her family live in Kuala
-Her eldest sister is a medical
doctor and she get married
-Her younger brother is an
elementary school student in
Kuala Lumpur
3 Saidah tell about her favorite subjects -Her favorite subject are
Social Sciences
-everyday at her school,they
are supposed to use englidh
at all times
4 Saidah tell about her hobbies and favorite artist -She is really into songs and
-Her favorite singers is Yusuf
Islam whose former name
was Cat Steven
-She like Maher Zain with his
religious songs
-Her favorite Malay singer is
Siti Nurhaliza.
-Her favorite actor is Tom
5 Saidah really into books -She like reading novels and
short stories.
-She like some writers in
english like JK Rowling and
Indonesian writers too,like
Andrea Hirata and Ahmad
6 Saidah love to come to Indonesian -She really to come to
Indonesia someday
-A book that she have just
aread mentions that there
are some magnificent places
to visit. Such as, Bali,and etc