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Lord Krishna Teaches a Lesson /mystical/lordkrishnateachesalesson/

Around year 1900 there was a temple of Lord Krishna in the city of Vishakhapattan, where Swami Dharamdas
was the chief priest. One day a 12 year old orphan boy came to him and became his disciple. He had run away
from his uncles house to escape torture. He was named Garibdas by his guru, Dharamdas.

Garibdas was a thorough blockhead. He did not study anything or involve himself in any temple rituals. He ate
hearty meals, drank milk, took the cows for grazing, and generally spent a satisfied happy-go-lucky life.

One day, Dharamdas told Garibdas that as it was Ekadashi that day, no lunch will be cooked in the ashram. So
he will be given kg flour and 20 potatoes for his lunch. Also, there will be no salt in the food. The guru also
explained how the food was to be cooked and partaken properly.

Dharamdas: Today, you will cook the food yourself in the jungle. Collect dry twigs and branches and light a fire.

(Understood was Dharamdass catchphrase that he repeated after every sentence!!)

Garibdas: Yes, understood.

Dharamdas: Roast the potatoes in the fire, peel them, and then mash them. Understood?

Garibdas: Yes, understood.

Dharamdas: Knead the flour on your towel, make four round tikkars and cook them on the fire. Understood?

Garibdas: Understood. Why do you keep repeating this I understand everything.

Dharamdas: After cooking, lay out the tikkars in front of you, put some mashed potatoes on each. Understood?
Then bring out your amulet (tabeez)hey, where is the amulet I put round your neck? Understood?

Garibdas: I took off the amulet because while sleeping it felt as if it would strangle me. Understood?

Dharamdas (in an agitated voice): You fool, I had put Gopalji inside the amulet for your protection and well-being.
Understood? Have you thrown it?

Garibdas: Gopalji? The fellow who stole butter in Vrindavan? How a thief can protect me? Understood? And I
dont want thieves hanging around me, one should be wary of them. Understood?

Dharamdas: You are a complete fool. Understood? Where is the amulet?

Seeing Dharamdas so angry Garibdas got scared that he might be thrown out of the ashram. He quickly went
and brought the amulet from his room.

Dharamdas tied the amulet on his right arm, and said, Once you have prepared the food, close your eyes and
say Gopalji accept my offerings before eating. He gave him lunch supplies, added sweets because he had
been a good disciple, accepting even his catchphrase and sent him off.

In the jungle Garibdas bathed in the stream, did all he was told and offered food to Lord Krishna. When he
opened his eyes, there were still all four tikkars there. Garibdas took that to mean that his offering had not been
accepted. So he closed his eyes and said again, Gopalji accept my offering. On opening his eyes he saw all
four tikkars intact.

Garibdas kept repeating the process from 12 noon to 4pm. Lord Krishna or Gopalji thought that this fool would
not eat till I actually go and eat he is too dumb headed to understand connotations. So he went.

When Garibdas opened his eyes next, he saw a 12 year old boy eating a tikkar. He said, Gopalji, you are so
beautiful I feel like hugging you. Understood? But tell me, why you took so much time, I am dying with hunger.

Gopalji said, Okay, I will come on first call the next time but bring 3/4 th kg of flour next time because Radhaji will
also come with me. Understood?

After He finished eating, Gopalji asked, Hope you wont go hungry?

Garibdas always had kg flour for lunch but he said bravely that he will be fine.

Lord Krishna wanted to teach Dharamdas a lesson that following rituals blindly, without any deep understanding,
was not the way to reach God. You had to offer yourself completely and willingly to the God to know Him, to
understand Him.

Any ways, when the next Ekadashi came, Garibdas asked his guru to give him more flour because Radhaji
would also be coming with Gopalji. Dharamdas paid no heed to what he said. He assumed that Garibdas must
have remained hungry last time, so he wanted more. He gave extra flour without any thought to it.

In the jungle, Garibdas made 6 tikkars. As soon as he closed his eyes and offered bhog to the Lord, He came
with Radhaji. After they had finished eating tikkars, Krishna asked again, hope you wont go hungry?

Garibdas said, That day only three tikkars were left and today I have four. Understood? So I will not go hungry.

Gopalji smiled and said, Bring more flour next time because two more people will accompany me. Understood?

Garibdas forgot about extra people the next Ekadashi and had to go hungry again!! Because Rukmini and
Satyabhama had also come.

While going Gopalji said, Bring more flour next time Garibdas. Understood? Two of my friends also want to
come and see how you offer bhog. Understood?

Garibdas: Hey, I offer bhog to you, not your whole family.

But Lord Krishna smiled and went away.

When the next Ekadashi came, Garibdas was agitated. He said to his guru to give him 3 kg of flour otherwise he
will not go. Dharamdas was surprised. He asked, What do you do with the flour? Throw it in the river or sell it?
Here you eat only kg flour for lunch. Understood?

Garibdas: What do you know? So many people come with Gopalji. Understood? This time two of his friends will
also be coming. Understood?

Dharamdas gave him the flour and decided to go and see for himself what the game was.

Dharamdas saw that Garibdas made 12 tikkars out of the flour he did not save anything. Then, the moment he
closed his eyes and offered the bhog, Lord Krishna came with Radhaji, Rukmini, Satyabhama, 16,000 queens
and two friends. They all ate off all 12 tikkars and nothing was left for poor Garibdas.

Sweat poured down Dharamdas on witnessing this scene. The moment they went away, he ran to Garibdas and
held his feet. Garibdas was dumbfounded. He had nothing left for him to eat and now this.

But Dharamdas would not let go of his feet and kept repeating, You have actually been serving Lord Krishna.
You are great to have seen Him with your eyes. From today you are the guru and I am your disciple.

When they came back to the temple, the story spread in the town and eventually, Garibdas was appointed the
chief priest and Dharamdas went to the jungle to graze the cows. And every Ekadashi he offered bhog, hoping
Lord Krishna will appear to him.