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Pr i n t e d at . C h e n n a i . C o i m b ato r e . Be n g a lu ru . H y d e r a b a d . M a d u r a i . No i da . V i s a k h a pat n a m . Th i ru va n a n t h a p u r a m . Ko c h i . V i j ayawa da . Ma n g a lu ru . Ti ru c h i r a pa l l i . Ko l k ata . H u b b a l l i . Mo h a l i . Ma l a p p u r a m . M u m b a i . Ti ru pat i . lu c k n ow

2006-2017 Kasturi & Sons Ltd. -Arun Soman -9872374973



2006-2017 Kasturi & Sons Ltd. -Arun Soman -9872374973
follow us: saturday, august 26, 2017 Kochi
City Edition 28 pages O 6.00

Six passengers injured 71 dead in Myanmar Lee Jae-Yong, Samsung P.V. Sindhu cruises into
as suburban train as Rohingya militants heir, jailed for bribery last four of World
derails in Mumbai ambush border posts and embezzlement Badminton Championship
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Pr i n t e d at . C h e n n a i . C o i m b ato r e . Be n g a lu ru . H y d e r a b a d . M a d u r a i . No i da . V i s a k h a pat n a m . Th i ru va n a n t h a p u r a m . Ko c h i . V i j ayawa da . Ma n g a lu ru . Ti ru c h i r a pa l l i . Ko l k ata . H u b b a l l i . Mo h a l i . Ma l a p p u r a m . M u m b a i . Ti ru pat i . lu c k n ow

30 die in protests after Dera chief convicted of rape
Army out in Panchkula, over 600 Security forces open fire after teargas, water Godmans supporters set ablaze parked
personnel deployed, curfew imposed cannons fail to quell mobs on the rampage vehicles, torch public property
Supreme Court
Over 30 people were killed
All eyes in Kerala are on the and more than 250 injured in
Supreme Court as it prepares Panchkula and other parts of
to give a ruling on the fee Haryana on Friday when
structure to be followed for supporters of the Dera Sacha
MBBS admissions in the State Sauda sect went on the ram-
on Monday. The allotment page after their chief Gur-
itself has proved to be a meet Ram Rahim Singh was
cliffhanger as a final and convicted of rape by a CBI
binding picture about the fee special court.
structure is yet to be had by All hell broke loose after
the thousands of students. Ram Rahims followers pel-
ted stones on security forces
DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD and set ablaze several parked
Closed liquor vends vehicles and public property.
to be reopened They also damaged OB vans
belonging to TV channels
The State government has
and attacked members of the
ordered that shuttered
public. Security personnel
licenced liquor vending
fired teargas shells, used wa-
outlets abutting National
ter cannons and batons and
and State Highways passing
opened fire in an attempt to
through municipal localities
bring the situation under
be allowed to reopen.
The Army was called out
LDF to take out personnel deployed across
Statewide marches the city. Tens of thousands of Free for all: Broadcast vans of TV news channels going up in flames in Panchkula on Friday. (At right top) a policeman opens fire at rioters and a security man injured in the violence. * AKHILESH KUMAR

the godmans supporters had
The ruling LDF has decided to
take out two Statewide jathas
on October 1 to highlight the
converged on Panchkula in
anticipation of the court ver-
dict over the past few days,
from this, seven deaths were
recorded at PGIMER Hospital
in Chandigarh and four
engulfed Panchkula, the dis-
trict administration imposed
curfew. Dera will have to CMs took preventive
achievements of the Pinarayi
Vijayan government.
leading to widespread appre-
hension of trouble and viol-
deaths took place at Chand-
igarhs Government Medical
College and Hospital, offi-
Ram Rahim was said to
have been airlifted to Rohtak
after his conviction, and is foot bill, warns HC steps, says Rajnath
DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD Ram Rahim, who drove cials said, requesting an- being kept at the Police Vijaita Singh special court on Friday. A
from his Sirsa headquarters onymity. Training College rest house Press Trust of India ruled on Friday. The full New Delhi Home Ministry official said
KSRTCs wet-leased
to Panchkula in the morning, CBI judge Jagdeep Singh, in Sunaria, Rohtak. Chandigarh bench, which will hear the Home Minister Rajnath alerts and inputs by intelli-
buses from Sept 1
was taken into custody im- while holding the Dera chief In neighbouring Punjab, If followers of Gurmeet Ram matter again on Saturday, Singh said the Chief Minis- gence agencies were sent to
mediately after the verdict. guilty of rape, fixed August curfew was imposed in Rahim Singh are found asked Dera to submit the list ters of Haryana and Punjab the Haryana government a
The first lot of the 10 multi-
The allegations against 28 as the day for pronounce- Ferozpur, Mukhtsar, involved in causing loss to of assets which can be had told him that they took month in advance. It was
axle buses being wet-leased
him surfaced in 2002 when ment of the quantum of sen- Bathinda and Mansa after in- properties, the damages attached in case it is found adequate preventive meas- asked to prepare for unpre-
by the Kerala State Road
anonymous letters reporting tence, CBI counsel H.P.S. cidents of arson. Dera follow- will be recovered from Dera that they and their followers ures to contain the viol- cedented violence in case
Transport Corporation
the rape of two sadhvis came Verma told reporters. ers attempted to set railway Sacha Sauda, the Punjab are responsible for ence that erupted after Gur- of an adverse verdict.
(KSRTC) will be operated
to light. A CBI probe was Ram Rahim, who has been stations on fire at Malout, and Haryana High Court damaging properties. meet Ram Rahim Singh was
from major depots in the
ordered against the politic- convicted under Sections Balluana and Gidderbaha in convicted of rape by a CBI CONTINUED ON A PAGE 10
State to Mangaluru,
ally savvy godman in 2003 376 and 506 of the IPC, could Mukhtsar district. Violence
Bengaluru, Mysuru,
by the Punjab and Haryana serve a minimum of seven was also reported from Ra-
Coimbatore, and Chennai
Court. years in jail. The court had jasthan and Delhi.
before Onam.
At least 17 people died in last week reserved its judg-
DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD Panchkulas civil hospital ment and directed the Dera MAYHEM DESTROYS PEACE IN
and nearly 250 have been in- chief to be present on August PANCHKULA A PAGE 11
METROPLUS A 6 PAGES jured, said Vivek Bhadu, 25 for the judgment. GODMAN ENJOYED BJP
PROPERTYPLUS A ON PAGE 2 Chief Medical Officer. Apart As death and destruction PATRONAGE A PAGE 11

State to lay down road map CM writes

to PM on
to handle campus issues violence
Staff Reporter
No bar on peaceful protests on campuses, says affidavit Thiruvananthapuram
In a letter written to Prime
KOCHI B Government will soon on the violence in north
The State government will convene a meeting to Indian States, Chief Minis-
soon come out with a com- discuss the issue ter Pinarayi Vijayan has
prehensive road map to requested him to take im-
B Wants functioning of
handle situations arising out mediate and necessary ac-
campuses to be free,
of agitations and other is- tion to ensure that the life
open, and democratic
sues at higher education in- and property of all cit-
stitutions, in consultation B Will make sure that izens in these States are
with stakeholders. discipline is maintained on protected.
In an affidavit filed in the campuses It is worrying that
Kerala High Court on Friday, DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD widespread instances of
the government said it violence, rioting and ar-
would soon convene a meet- and discussions held in a seek the help of law enforce- son are being reported in
ing of officials of the Higher peaceful manner on cam- ment agencies whenever re- several north Indian
Education Department, in- puses are not suppressed. At quired. It said that peaceful States, following the ver-
stitution heads, teachers, the same time, the govern- protests by students, teach- dict convicting Gurmeet
and students in this regard. ment will ensure that activit- ers, and other employees of Ram Rahim by a CBI Spe-
The affidavit was filed in ies do not cross the barriers institutions on the campuses cial Court at Panchkula.
response to a court directive of law and will intervene to could not be barred. Reports indicate that
seeking explanation on the address any issue, the affi- deaths and number of in-
steps taken by the govern- davit said. Law violation jured are increasing by the
ment to maintain law and or- It added that the govern- In fact, whenever the law hour. I have personally
der in educational ment would also make sure was violated during such been receiving calls from
institutions. that discipline was main- protests, strict and prompt Malayalis who are in fear
tained on campuses to foster action had been taken by of their life and property
Government policy academic excellence and fra- law enforcement agencies. from the affected areas,
The policy of the govern- ternity among students. The government had en- Mr. Vijayan said in the let-
ment is to ensure that the sured that such actions were ter posted in his Facebook
functioning of campuses is Seeking assistance taken without prejudice, page.
free, open, and democratic, According to the affidavit, bias, or discrimination, it
and that protests, dialogues, the heads of institutions can added. Ensure protection
May I request you to take
immediate and necessary
steps to ensure the life
Supplyco gets rice from Andhra and property of all our cit-
izens and action against
those who indulged in vi-
There will be transparency in supply of food items: Minister olence, Mr. Vijayan said
in the letter, a copy of
Special Correspondent The rice was brought State in two days. This is for which was released to the
Kochi from the East Godavari dis- the season. But we intend to media here on Friday.
Supplyco has received the trict of Andhra Pradesh sign a detailed pact with the He further said that
first consignment of 5,000 without intermediaries. Andhra Pradesh government strict action should be en-
tonnes of rice imported from Mr. Thilothaman said for continued supply of food sured against those be-
Andhra Pradesh for Onam. there would be transparency grains after the season gets hind these unprecedented
Food and Civil Supplies in supply of food items and over, he said. acts of violence.
Minister P. Thilothaman re- PDS stores would soon have Measures that evoke
ceived the consignment at electronic system that would Subsidy for rice the confidence in our pub-
the Onam market of Sup- enable people to ascertain Ration card holders will get lic that our constitution
plyco at Kaloor. the quantity of items re- the rice at subsidised rate of will be upheld and that
He said that provision ceived by them. Supplyco 25 a kg. Without subsidy, the law will be allowed to
would be made available at Chairman and Managing Dir- the rice is priced at 37.50 a take its due course will un-
economical rates. The re- ector A.P.M. Mohammed kg. doubtedly be much appre-
mainder will be brought Hanish said the rice would ciated, he said in the
over the next two days. be made available across the PHOTO ON A PAGE 5 letter.
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Kochi saturday, august 26, 2017


Nightlife in Thiruvananthapuram could boost economy, writes M.L. Mahesh

71 years and counting
Lighting up nightlife in the capital In the 71 years since India
gained independence, the
countrys real estate market
In addition to the real es-
tate market, the market for
housing loans has become
erties - Housing loan interest
rates have become ex-
tremely attractive
KK COVER K K has changed tremendously. competitive too. - RERA is clearing fly-by-
While it has not always Moreover, property night operators from the
been consumer-favouring prices have also rationalised market
throughout this period, it is across the country after the For a long time, India's in-
so today. Cities have expan- governments demonetisa- dependence did not have
ded, new economic drivers tion move late last year. too many favourable con-
have come in, and jobs are Many major changes to notations for aspiring home
being created at all levels. positively impact home buy- buyers.
Likewise, appropriate hous- ers in India so far have been Their disadvantageous
ing is now being developed at the policy level, while oth- position had a lot to do with
for all income levels by the ers have been induced by ad- the fact that the real estate
current Government that vances in technology: market was held hostage by
has various policy initiatives - Thanks to the Internet, developers. Today, this
in place to ensure home- people can do their own ba- scene has changed.
ownership becomes afford- sic research and short-list Anuj Puri
able and desirable. locations, projects and prop-

A laid-back wayside eatery as above is all the nightlife Thiruvananthapuram now has as against a
metro like Chennai (right) where a busy market area buzzes with life even well past midnight.

open past midnight that will

hours. Several of the techies
and corporate employees air be seriously considered, says
similar views as him. the Mayor. The State capital
hopping for house- What do the may soon have its first food- kept open at least till 2.00 It will also boost employ-
hold groceries past authorities say? vending zones at multiple a.m., says Vijayakumar. ment opportunities, as
midnight or floodlit A bill favouring 24x7 work- locations to cater to the night But Y. Vijayan, District round-the-clock malls and
streets with chain of ing of shops, movie halls, food lovers. General Secretary, Kerala outlets will require addi-
buzzing eateries and business establishments Extending their working Vyapari Vyavasayi Ekopana tional staff to work two-to-
serving savouries during the in Mumbai city will be tabled time past midnight could be Samithi, hints at the trading three shifts. College students
early hours are regular in the Maharashtra Assembly mulled over and the city po- community being skeptical could earn extra money tap-
scenes in foreign metropol- soon. lice could be requested for about the day-and-night ping this opportunity, which
ises. But for the people of This is an add-on to the the supportive security scenario. will evolve a new work cul-
Thiruvananthapuram, which Model Shops and Establish- cover, according to the Round-the-clock opera- ture that the Keralite youths
is on it way to soon be a ments (Regulation of Em- Mayor. Thiruvananthapuram tions require double the cost are generally not used to.
Smart City yet is infamously ployment and Conditions of may not have the required as wages. Other operational Special nightlife zones
tagged a 10-to-8 city, such Services) Act, a Bill cleared buzz that other Indian met- expenses may also mount may be earmarked at Tham-
urban realities is still a dis- by the Union Cabinet last ros have to demand round- that no ordinary trader could panoor, Palayam, East Fort,
tant thought. year under which States are the-clock shopping facility bear. Any change towards and Medical College, the
For regular train com- free to either adopt the but city police will sure this will only help large places which are accessed by
muters who arrive at the Model Bill or modify its pro- provide the necessary secur- multi-national retail chains public day and night.
Thiruvananthapuram Cent- visions. Nevertheless, situ- ity cover if late-night activity to take away the already App-driven transporta-
ral station during the late ation is not that grim as ex- comes about in the city, says shrinking market share of tions like Uber and Ola will
hours of night, shopping for pected, going by the words P. Prakash, the citys newly small and marginal traders. get more business and also
necessary groceries is near- of the citys law enforcers appointed Police Commis- Sea of opportunities minimise late-night travel
impossible. Same is the case and the civic body. If the so- sioner. But in general, the Model and drunken driving risks.
with Technopark employees ciety aspires for extended Hoteliers and traders Bill is hailed as a welcome le- Contrary to general per-
who have irregular work shopping hours, the citys The capital has a formid- gislation for shops and com- ception, more people on the
shifts. All supermarkets and civic body will support it, able foodie community that mercial establishments, as it roads make the city safer as
shops down their shutters says Thiruvananthapuram enjoys night life, says B. Vi- will encourage trade and our metro experiences cor-
latest by 9 p.m. Corporation Mayor V.K. jayakumar, commerce, more specifically roborate. Tax sops may be
In contrast to this, Kochi Prasanth. Currently the Thiruvananthapuram Dis- in the area of retail. given to shops that operate
has several shops and eater- shops are made to down trict Secretary, Kerala Hotel If supported well by the 24x7.
ies that are opened towards their shutters latest by 11 and Restaurant Association. administration and respons- The civic society too may
midnight, says Roshan p.m. as per the city police Keeping open catering facilit- ibly enjoyed by the public, be taught to bring out their
Menon, of E&Y. direction. If there is a public ies till early hours of the day 24x7 shopping will give a fil- best of the civilised beha-
After relocating to the cap- demand to keep a few of the could evolve a new city cul- lip to tourism and help to im- viour while living the night
ital, he finds it really hard to grocery shops and eateries ture. It will also help if three prove the retail sector and up.
shop after his hectic office or four grocery shops are the local economy.

2006-2017 Kasturi & Sons Ltd. -Arun Soman -9872374973



Violations on weight, pricing to invite action

KOCHI Timings
Saturday, August 26
RISE 06:16 SET 18:37
RISE 10:01 SET 22:12
Sunday, August 27
RISE 06:16 SET 18:37 Legal Metrology dept to conduct special drive from August 29 to September 3
RISE 10:49 SET 22:54
Monday, August 28 Special Correspondent The special drive that begins of the Department of Civil ter if they [customers] have
Fire safety preparedness at
RISE 06:16 SET 18:36
RISE 11:37 SET 23:38
The Legal Metrology Depart-
ment will keep a close watch
on August 29 will be on till
September 3.
A 24X7 control room will
Supplies and the police. Sur-
prise checks will be conduc-
ted at commercial establish-
the original bills. Even
without bills, they can alert
officials who will take im-
shops in city to be reviewed
over shopkeepers trying to function in the district where ments to check attempts to mediate action, Mr. Ram Special Correspondent have piled up stocks. Last shops have adequate fire-
fleece customers by cheating consumers can put forth dupe customers. Mohan said. Complaints re- KOCHI year, textile materials were fighting installations at crit-
on weights, measures, and complaints against violators. According to Packaged ceived at the round-the- The Department of Fire and found stocked along emer- ical points. They will direct
maximum retail price (MRP) The public can call 0484- Commodity Rules, 2011, it is clock control room will be Rescue Services will check gency exit routes and stair- shop managements to clear
printed on packaged com- 2428772 to lodge com- mandatory for manufactur- passed on to the mobile fire safety preparedness at cases at textile shops in the pathways and exit routes
modities during Onam plaints, said R. Ram Mohan, ers to provide details, includ- help desk. The mobile team textile shops in the city, es- city, blocking the smooth immediately. The measures
season. Deputy Controller (Central ing MRP, content, net will take immediate action. pecially those on Broadway, passage of people in case of have been initiated consid-
A three-tier mechanism Zone), Legal Metrology weight, and expiry date, on While the control room will ahead of the Onam rush. an emergency. Such materi- ering the huge rush expec-
will be put in place in the dis- Department. packaged commodities. Cus- function 24X7, the mobile Inspections will be con- als were also found stocked ted towards the end of the
trict to check violations on Shopkeepers who hoard tomers can lodge complaints team and the special squads ducted on the inference near electrical circuits. week.
weight, packing, and pricing provision and sell old stocks in the absence of such details will be available from 9 a.m. that textile shops would Officials will check if SEE ALSO A PAGE 6
of packaged commodities. will come under the scanner on packets. It would be bet- to 9 p.m.

Call to recapture farming culture Pitfalls in

Onam Organic Mela opens at Rajendra Maidan plant plan
Special Correspondent
KOCHI Special Correspondent
IN BRIEF Onam Organic Mela, organ- KOCHI
ised by Jaiva Jeevitham, the Arguments for and against
Minister visits CPI(M)-steered organic the proposed waste-to-en-
evicted couple farming commune, and fea- ergy plant at
KOCHI turing organic farm produce Brahmapuram poured in at
Tourism Minister for the festive season, was the public hearing organ-
Kadakampally Surendran on opened by Tourism Minister ised by the Kerala State
Friday visited an elderly Kadakampally Surendran at Electricity Regulatory
couple at Thripunithura who Rajendra Maidan here on Commission (KSERC) here
were forcibly evicted by the Friday. on Friday.
police but were taken back to Organic vegetable pro- Barring a few individuals
their house on the duce, rice, and eggs are sold and an official of the Kerala
intervention of Chief Minister at the mela. Besides, self- State Electricity Board
Pinarayi Vijayan the other help groups and cooperat- (KSEB), most participants
day. Mr. Surendran assured ives have set up 30 stalls to Organic vegetable produce, rice, and eggs are sold at the highlighted the need for
the couple, Raman make available almost mela that began in the city on Friday. THULASI KAKKAT *
the project but pointed out
Korangattu, 77, and wife everything needed for the the reported pitfalls in the
Vilasini, 70, of government season. The attraction this rice, lime, curry lime, cucum- a need to recapture the proposal.
support. They faced eviction year is the unadulterated ber, passion fruit, yam, and farming culture of the State KSERC Chairman R. Pre-
in the wake of a court order coconut oil brought out by banana, also in the form of to get rid of terminal ill- man Dinaraj and member
after they defaulted on a the Varapetty Service Co- upperi, are available at the nesses like cancer. Jaiva K. Vikraman Nair sat
loan taken from the operative Bank at Kotham- stalls. Also on offer are or- Jeevitham chairman P. Ra- through the session.
Thripunithura Housing angalam. It is priced at 185 ganic veggie and paddy seeds. jeev presided over the Addressing the gather-
Cooperative Society. per kg. Beaten rice, dried Mr. Surendran said there was function. ing, Giby George, man-
aging director of GJ Eco
seized from Assam native is implementing the pro-
The Perumbavoor police on
A day to remember ject, argued that the pro-
ject would be
Thursday seized 30 fake nature-friendly.
currency notes of 2,000 Poornima Narayan,
denomination from an Assam chairperson of the Educa-
native following a search at tion Standing Committee
his home in Dharmadom, of the Kochi Corporation,
Kannur. Based on a tip-off, wondered how the com-
the police arrested Jayar-Ul- pany arrived at the project
Haq, 25. cost of 295 crore.
C.M. Joy, environmental
Ship repair yard activist, said the techno-
winner at cultural meet logy proposed for the plant
KOCHI was earlier rejected as un-
The Naval Ship Repair Yard suitable for Kerala by an ex-
(NSRY), Kochi, was adjudged pert panel appointed by
winner of the Southern Naval the State government.
Command Civilian Employees The KSEB representative
Cultural Meet held between described the power tariff
July and August. The base suggested for the project as
station INS Venduruthy was exorbitant and blamed it
declared the runners-up. on the high project cost.
Vijayalakshmi from INS Kochi Corporation Sec-
Venduruthy was adjudged the Varied tunes: A music concert held during Ganesh Chathurthi festival organised at Kannada retary A.S. Anuja was
best performer of the meet. Sangha in the city on Friday. THULASI KAKKAT *

Staff Reporter
The district administration
has settled 1,637 out of the
2,671 complaints received
at the mass contact pro-
grammes held across seven
taluks, said District Col-
lector K. Mohammed Y.
He was delivering the in-
augural address at the
ninth and final such mass
contact programme held
for Kanayannur taluk at
Town Hall here on Friday.
The programme held for
Kanayannur taluk con- 0
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pending 48 complaints this newspaper, does not vouch for the
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departments for follow-up the Owner, Publisher, Printer, Editor, Dir-
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action. Deputy Collector company be held responsible/liable in
(Land Revenue) Suresh Ku- any manner whatsoever for any claims
and/or damages for advertisements in
mar presided. this newspaper.

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All eyes on Supreme Court Order to reopen Govt aiding
bar owners:
Ruling on fee structure for MBBS admissions on Monday 466 liquor vends Sudheeran
G. Mahadevan
HC order on SC clarification a relief for State govt
Special Correspondent
Pensions to be raised by KOCHI
100 annually
BDS spot Former KPCC president V.
THIRUVANANTHAPURAM All eyes in Kerala are on the Special Correspondent The government has also M. Sudheeran has alleged
The government has decided Supreme Court as it pre- admission Thiruvananthapuram decided to drop its move to that the LDF is delivering
to increase all welfare pares to give a ruling on the The State government has redesignate State and Na- the promises given to bar
pensions by 100 every year, fee structure to be followed Special ordered that shuttered li- tional Highways passing owners by deciding to de-
Labour Minister for MBBS admissions in the Correspondent cenced liquor vending out- through municipal localities notify certain stretches of
T.P.Ramakrishnan has said. State on Monday. Kochi lets abutting National and as major district roads. State Highways, including
Inaugurating a social security The allotment itself has State Highways passing The State, following a pat- bypass roads that pass
A Division Bench of the
board for unorganised proved to be a cliffhanger as through municipal localities tern set by Karnataka, had through city Corporations
Kerala High Court on
workers here on Friday, a final and binding picture be allowed to reopen. received legal opinion that a or municipalities.
Friday said the spot
Mr.Ramakrishnan said boards about the fee structure is yet Additional Chief Secret- 1983 Indian Road Congress In his address at a Nilpu
admission for the BDS
had the autonomy to to be had by the thousands ary, Excise, Tom Jose said in (IRC) notification stipulated Samaram organised by the
courses in self-
enhance the pension rates of students who have sub- Moreover, if there is a SC- Then it will be smooth his order dated August 25 that National and State Madya Virudha Samithi of
financing dental
depending on their financial mitted course-college op- mandated fee hike, the stu- sailing for the students who that the Supreme Court had Highways automatically be- the Kerala Catholic Bish-
colleges in the State be
capacity. tions to the Commissioner dents will be left with pre- will finally get an idea as to now clarified that its mo- came notified as arterial, ops Council (KCBC) and
conducted on
for Entrance Examinations cious little time to mobilise how much they should mentous verdict banning sub-arterial or Collectors the Kerala Madya Virudha
September 2 and, if
Pukasa demands action (CEE). additional funds. cough up to become a doc- the sale of liquor in the (district) roads when they Ekopana Samithi here on
necessary, on
against tantri CEE M.T. Reju told The tor. proximity (500 m) of Na- entered or passed through Friday, Mr. Sudheeran
September 3 in the
THIRUVANANTHAPURAM Hindu that the next round of Students fears Meanwhile, the govern- tional and State Highways urban areas. blamed the government for
same manner as
The State committee of the allotment to MBBS would be The situation of the stu- ment has directed the Dir- did not apply to licenced es- The apex court clarifica- aiding the interests of bar
ordered by the court
Purogamana Kala Sahitya done on Sunday and stu- dents is pitiable. For days on ector of Medical Education tablishments within muni- tion has come as a relief for owners while taking de-
Sanghom has demanded dents would have to join col- end now the question of a fi- that all institutions under it cipal areas. The purpose of the government beset by cisions that permitted the
The court ordered
action against the tantri of leges on Tuesday and Wed- nal fee structure has dangled should function on August the order was to prevent fear of increased sale of reopening of new bars and
that the students be
the Chettikulangara temple nesday. But what if the like sword of Damocles over 28. The DME has also been sale of liquor along high- bootleg liquor of dubious smooth functioning of the
allowed to give options
and the Devaswom Supreme Court strikes down their heads. They dont directed to instruct all insti- ways that link cities, towns, quality in the run-up to existing ones.
for BDS courses and
Commissioner who had the fee structure 5 lakh know what the fee is, they tution heads to provide and villages to reduce road Onam. Terming the Supreme
NRI seats within the
blocked the appointment of a for 85% seats and 20 lakh dont know who will clarify it transfer certificate and other accidents caused due to Officials said the reopen- Courts clarification that
time limit already
non-Brahmin as priest. for the NRI quota first put for them. With each court legal/ necessary documents drunk driving. ing of shuttered outlets the liquor sale ban did not
A press note issued by the in place by the R. Rajendra verdict things have only be- to students and that neither The government has would make illicit liquor sa- apply to municipal areas
The court passed the
Sanghom said the incident Babu Fee Regulatory Com- come more confusing for the the students nor parents are hence withdrawn its plea loons that mushroomed in as one that dilutes its
directive on a writ
was part of the Sangh Parivar mittee? students for no fault of put through any seeking further clarification the wake of semiprohibitive earlier position on the is-
petition filed by three
agenda to capture control of theirs. Each notification of inconvenience. on the Supreme Court ver- climate imposed by the pre- sue, Mr. Sudheeran said he
temples and revive practices SC deadline the CEE says the fee will be dict. Excise enforcers said vious government unten- would submit a complaint
that had been dismantled. Since the SC-mandated last subject to a final verdict of HC nod for admissions the order had paved the way able. Moreover, the policy before the apex court
date for admissions to close the courts. It is getting dan- Meanwhile, the Kerala High for the immediate reopen- would help the government against it.
Malaysian investment is August 31, the CEE will be gerously close to the SC- Court on Friday allowed Hospital, Thodupuzha, and ing of 466 licensed outlets in revitalise the ailing hotel
sought left with virtually no time to mandated deadline for ad- three self-financing medical Mount Zion Medical College, the State. and tourism industry and
Kerala has urged Malaysia to
call for fresh submission of
missions to close, a senior
official associated with the
colleges to conduct admis-
sion to the MBBS course.
According to the petition-
They included four bars,
276 wine and beer parlours
generate employment.
The Excise Department Vinayakans
For the students it will be allotment process said here. The court issued the order ers, the Medical Council of (previously two-star bar ho- has received several fresh
invest in Keralas
infrastructure initiatives and a last-minute dash to the fin- Of course it is also pos- on a petition filed by the DM India had granted them per- tels), 148 toddy shops, 25 applications for new bar li- death:
tourism sector. Chief Minister ish line of an allotment pro- sible that the SC okays the Wayanad Institute of Medical mission after rectification of State-run liquor retail out- cences. Many are from two-
Pinarayi Vijayan put forth the cess pock-marked with fee structure of the Rajendra Sciences, Al-Azhar Medical certain deficiencies pointed lets and several private star bars, which had doctors hint
suggestion when Malaysian uncertainties. Babu committee. College and Superspecialty out by the council. members clubs. shuttered in 2015.
High Commissioner Hidayat at torture
Abdul Hamid called on him
here on Friday.
LDF to take out

D-Cinemaas land: final Tigers on Onam trail Thrissur

Forensic surgeons who
argument on Sept 14
Closing arguments in the land
Statewide marches conducted post-mortem
examination on
Vinayakans body, the Dalit
issue of D-Cinemaas, a Special Correspondent ing support to corporates. youth who committed sui-
multiplex owned by actor THIRUVANANTHAPURAM Instead of fighting the BJPs cide in July here, have in-
Dileep in Chalakudy, will be Ruling Left Democratic anti-people policies, the dicated that he was subjec-
held on September 14 in the Front (LDF) has decided to Congress was playing ted to severe torture.
presence of District Collector take out two Statewide second fiddle to it and In their testimony to the
A. Kaushigan. jathas on October 1 to high- claiming that several of the Lok Ayukta, Head of the
A.C. Santhosh of Aluva has light the achievements of policies being implemented Forensic Department at
alleged that D-Cinemaas was the Pinarayi Vijayan govern- by the Modi government Thrissur Government Med-
constructed encroaching on ment and to expose the di- were initiated by it, he said. ical College N.A Balram
government land. visive agenda of the BJP-led and Assistant Professor
government at the Centre. On KSRTC K.B. Ragin said there were
140.76 crore for Briefing reporters after The LDF convener said the injuries caused by punches
Sabarimala roads an LDF State committee panel had also discussed the on his body.
THIRUVANANTHAPURAM meeting here on Friday, steps being taken to tone up
The relay and maintenance of convener Vaikom Viswan the functioning of the Kerala Two under suspension
37 roads, including 17 major said the marches would State Road Transport Cor- Two civil police officers of
ones, to Sabarimala travel across the State from poration (KSRTC). the Pavaratty police station
recommended by the High October 1 to 15 after com- Mr. Viswan said the alleg- are under suspension in
Court will be completed mencing from ations against Transport the case.
before the forthcoming Thiruvananthapuram and Minister Thomas Chandy The Lok Ayukta directed
Mandala-Makaravilakku Kasaragod. and Health Minister K.K. the Rural SP to take action
season, Minister for Public Apart from pursuing a di- Shylaja did not figure in the against the Pavaratty Sub-
Works G. Sudhakaran has said. visive politics, the BJP gov- deliberations of the commit- Inspector who failed to
The Cabinet has cleared the ernment was engaged in tee and the LDF panel did produce the case diary be-
works estimated at 140.76 destroying the countrys not think that they had done fore it. It asked the Pavar-
crore. federal structure and offer- anything amiss. A Pulikali team from Thrissur performing at the seventh edition of Athachamayam celebrations in Kottayam on Friday. * atty police to submit the
complaint register from
July 1 to July 8.

KAU develops fertilizer from human hair Contractor commits Meanwhile, National
Commission for Scheduled
Castes chairman Ram

Organic substitute for chemical fertilizers; a way out for waste management issue as well
suicide in Kollam Sankar Katheria, who
called on Vinayakans fam-
ily at Engandiyur on
Thursday, directed the
T. Nandakumar KAU, said the university dark solution with the smell lanikkara campus of the Rajendran said. The univer- Delay alleged in clearing of bills State Police Chief to take
Thiruvananthapuram would set up a pilot plant of rotten eggs. The chemicals KAU. sity had embarked on the re- action against the Pavar-
Having a haircut is not only after more extensive tests. were then neutralised. D. Girija, who led the ex- search project following a re- Special Correspondent and the people of the area atty Circle Inspector and
about looking smart, it could The experiments carried The resultant solution periments said the plants quest from barbers KOLLAM had expressed satisfaction Sub-Inspector in connec-
also spell good news for the out at the Department of Ag- was found to contain a high sprayed with the solution associations. A 47-year-old civil con- with the work. tion with the case.
plants in your garden. Sci- ricultural Microbiology, KAU, percentage of nitrogen were found to have more vig- Like chemical fertilizers, tractor, Santosh, attached to But the officers allegedly The commission called
entists at Kerala Agricultural involved a thermochemical (9,000 ppm), with po- orous growth and early human hair provides nitro- the Pathanapuram block kept dilly-dallying when it upon the government to
University have developed process for treatment of hair tassium and phosphorous in flowering than the plants gen and other nutrients for panchayat, has committed came to clearing his bills. In give 50 lakh compensa-
an environment-friendly waste. The hair supplied by lesser quantities. It also con- treated with normal fertiliser plants as it decomposes. But suicide purportedly owing May, Santosh submitted a tion and a monthly pen-
method to convert human barber shops was rinsed, tained low levels of calcium, package. hair degrades very slowly, to the delay on the part of complaint to the Path- sion of 5,000 to
hair into liquid fertilizer. washed with chemicals and magnesium and sulphur, Dr. Besides providing an or- sometimes taking years to re- block panchayat officers in anapuram Block Develop- Vinayakans family. It also
Preliminary field tests of heated. Rajendran said. ganic substitute for chemical lease its nutrients. Left to ac- clearing the bills pertaining ment Officer alleging that suggested that the govern-
the plant tonic derived from The liquid fertilizer made fertilizers, this also repres- cumulate, it clogs drainage to a road work he had car- after the contract was awar- ment provide job for one of
discarded hair have shown Rich in nitrogen from hair was applied as fo- ents a breakthrough in man- systems and waterbodies, ried out. ded to him, there was pres- his family members.
encouraging results. P. Ra- Most of the hair is dissolved liar spray on bhindi in the aging the waste generated by posing a menace in urban The police said Santosh sure from an assistant en- The government should
jendran, Vice Chancellor, at this temperature to form a Olericulture field on the Vel- discarded human hair, Dr. areas. was found dead hanging gineer to entrust the work to provide financial support
from the beam of the well in a benami contractor. for the education of
his residential compound at The amount of 5 lakh for Vinayakans brother till he
Friday morning. from the Flood Relief Fund. commission said.

Caricaturist draws 933 people live for 12 hours Last January, he com-
pleted the contract work
from the block panchayat
His relatives said Santosh
was seen depressed and
stayed away from home. On
The family was given a
financial aid of 4 lakh
from the Scheduled Caste
for constructing the 141-m- Thursday, he returned on Welfare Fund, the District
Bahumukham, Bahurasam a tribute to hospitalised mother, his biggest fan long Karavoor Cemetery appeal from his family Collector told the commis-
Road. members. The autopsy was sion.
S. Anandan supported the drive by held on Uthardam day at The work was supervised conducted at the Punalur Vinayakan, 19, commit-
Kochi chipping into register Thrikkakara in 2010 had by the Karavoor ward bene- Government Hospital and ted suicide at his house at
Marathon caricaturing is a people, click pictures, and earned him a place in the ficiary committee and San- the body was handed over Engandiyur following al-
piece of cake for cartoonist maintain order. Limca Book of Records. He tosh was the convener of the to relatives. He is survived leged custodial torture by
Sajjive Balakrishnan who has We made it a point not to had drawn full-length committee. The committee by wife and a son. the police.
a sweet tooth. have more than 100 people caricature of some 651
But not on Friday, when in the queue at any time, as people then.
he sat down at Layam
Koothambalam in
Thripunithura to draw 933
the time taken to draw each
person was between 40 to
45 seconds, said Sudheer
He was meant to draw
just the face on Friday, but
he chose to sketch people in
Drop in Mullaperiyar water level
faces in Bahumukham, Nath, secretary of the Kerala full as well, said Sudheer A Correspondent ment said the State was affected areas such as Theni,
Bahurasam a day-long live Cartoon Academy, who Nath. The beauty of the drawing only minimum wa- Madurai, Sivaganga and
caricaturing event organised along with cartoonist event was that absolute The southwest monsoon has ter for meeting the drinking Ramanathapuram districts
by the Thripunithura Unnikrishnan, stayed strangers, who had turned made little impact on the wa- needs of the districts. This and the farmers had to suffer
municipality as part of the Cartoonist Sajjive Balakrishnan on a day-long mission to through the event in up to watch the ter level in the Mullaperiyar was to help keep the water losses.
Athachamayam festivities. caricature people as part of the Athachamayam festivities at solidarity. Athachamayam festivities, dam which irrigated five dis- level from falling to the min- The main areas of cultiva-
His flair for instant Thripunithura on Friday. THULASI KAKKAT * It was a 12-hour non-stop just walked in to be drawn, tricts of Tamil Nadu, in addi- imum level. tion in Theni district that in-
caricaturing intact, though, drive, from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. seeking immortality. Years tion to meeting the drinking Since the rain was poor cluded plantain, vegetables
Sajjives mind was with his mumbling if she was aware Nearly a 100 people stood Sajjive, a deputy later, they will still water needs there. this year, Tamil Nadu ab- and coconuts were severely
91-year-old mother, his of the task he had in the queue at any time of commissioner with the remember the day looking at The catchment area of the stained from drawing water hit by lack of water.
biggest fan by his own undertaken, before getting the day and Sajjive drew Income Tax Department in their caricature, with a smile dam received one of the low- for irrigation purposes and if The farmers who had
account, who was battling down to quickly sketch, one without interval, as some 40 Ernakulam, addresses on their lips. Thats my est rainfalls this season and the situation continued, cleared the land for veget-
for her life at a city hospital after the other, the sundry cartoonists, fellow members himself as fatoonist self- inspiration, Sajjive said. The the water level remained at a large stretch of cultivated able cultivation focussing on
for a month now. people who had queued up of the Kerala Cartoon deprecatingly laughing at his India Book of Records low of around 115 ft. areas would remain without the Onam season in Kerala
He started off the day in front of him, seeking to be Academy Sajjive is its vice rotund figure. A similar officials were in attendance An official of the Tamil water. left the land idle for lack of
drawing his own mother, caricatured. president and well-wishers instant caricaturing drive he to record the event. Nadu Public Works Depart- The drought had severely water.
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KSRTC wet-leased buses soon Chitra moves

High Court for
Saudi nationals HC order to
Cash-strapped public utilitys aim is to bring down employee-bus ratio compensation body taken to Kochi vacancies
S. Anil Radhakrishnan
Special Correspondent
To be flown home on Saturday Special Correspondent
Athlete P.U. Chitra filed a Special Correspondent children had been on a tour The Kerala High Court has
The first lot of the 10 multi- writ petition in the Kerala KOTTAYAM of India since August 18 when directed the Travancore
axle buses being wet-leased High Court on Friday seek- The body of a four-year-old they landed in New Delhi. Devaswom Board (TDB) to
by the Kerala State Road ing a directive to the Ath- Saudi national who died at After their tour of the report all the regular and
Transport Corporation (KS- letic Federation of India the baby pool of a resort at north, the family arrived at other vacancies to the Ker-
RTC) will be operated from (AFI) to pay her a com- Kumarakom has been taken Kumarakom on August 23. ala Devaswom Recruitment
major depots in the State to pensation of 50 lakh for to Kochi after completion of Alaaddin was the fourth child Board within three months
Mangaluru, Bengaluru, denying an opportunity to formalities. The family will fly of the couple. The boy was The directive follows a
Mysuru, Coimbatore, and represent India in the to Saudi Arabia on Saturday. playing alone in the pool petition complaining about
Chennai before Onam. World Athletic Champion- The accident occurred on when the accident occurred. the inaction of the Board in
Euro 4-compliant luxury ship held in London. Thursday evening when Though he was taken to a finalising the selection and
buses of Swedish auto- According to her, des- Alaaddin Hamidaddin private hospital in the town, appointment to the posts
mobile giant Scania will be pite the High Court direct- Ibrahim was playing in the his life could not be saved. of Lower Division Clerk
deployed for the services. It ive to the Athletics Federa- baby pool. The cause of The body was then kept at cum Sub Group Officer-
has been decided to intro- tion of India to ensure death has not been ascer- the mortuary of a private hos- Grade II.
duce the services from participation of Chitra in tained so far, though the fam- pital and taken to Kottayam
September 1 to take on the Euro 4-compliant luxury buses of Swedish automobile giant Scania will be deployed for the the 1,500 m race in the ily and another person who Government Medical College
inter-State private operators
who charge exorbitant rates
Along with the bus, the Rajamanickam told The plans to bring down the em-
world championships, the
Federation had failed to
tried to rescue the child al-
leged that it was a case of
Hospital for post-mortem on
Three held
from non-resident Keralites automobile firm will provide Hindu. ployee-bus ratio from 8.5 to comply with the court electrocution. The body which has been
coming home for Bakrid and the driver and take care of The KSRTC will pay a rent the national average of 5.5, directive. Staff Reporter
The person who tried to moved to Kochi will be taken MALAPPURAM
Onam. the maintenance. The KS- of 30.24 per km for 600 to to dispense with separate save the child said he suffered along with the family by an
RTC will have to deploy the 649 km that the buses will categories of drivers and Guidelines electric shock while trying to Air India flight to KSA on Sat- The police have taken
Approval given conductor and provide high- ply, 27.72 per km for 650 to conductors and to increase Chitra also sought a direct- rescue the child. urday evening. three persons into custody
The KSRTC director speed diesel. 699 km, 26.60 per km for daily collection from the ive to the Union govern- According to a representat- A person speaking for the in connection with the
board has given approval for The formalities to sign 700 to 749 km, 24.95 per 6,300-odd fleet from exist- ment to frame necessary ive of the tour operator, the family said they stood by murder of Bipin Kundil at
the wet lease of 25 Scania the wet-lease agreement are km for 750 to 799 km and ing 5.47crore to 8 crore. guidelines for selection of family of seven, Ibrahim their complaint that it was a Tirur on Thursday. An RSS
buses. In case of accident or on and efforts are on to roll 23.82 per km for 800 km The remaining 15 wet- athletes for national and in- Hamidaddin, an officer work- case of electrocution. worker, Bipin was the
snag, a spare bus will be out the service before and above. leased buses that will joint ternational competitions ing for a pharmaceutical The police have registered second accused in the
made available to the trans- Onam, Chairman and Man- The wet lease is part of the fleet later will also oper- and to publish it on the company, his wife Hajar Jihan a case and started murder of P. Faizal on
port utility within 24 hours. aging Director, KSRTC, M. G. the cash-strapped KSRTCs ate on the inter-State sector. website. Mohammed and their five investigation. November 19 last year.

Special rice,
Festival stock sugar for
Special Correspondent
The government has de-
cided to supply special ra-
tion items, apart from the
regular ration allocation, to
cardholders in the State in
connection with Onam.
As much as 5 kg of food-
grains (rice or wheat) will
be given free to the Priority
and AAY categories, while
the same will be given to
non-priority-subsidy and
non-subsidy categories at
the approved rate. All card
Food and Civil Supplies Minister P Thilothaman receives the first consignment of 5,000 tonnes holders would get 1 kg
of rice imported from Andhra Pradesh at the Onam market of Supplyco at Kaloor in Kochi on sugar at 22, the Director
Friday. of Civil Supplies said.

GST a boon for spirit smugglers

G. Anand possibility of spirit being State spirit mafia chieftain, warehouses.
Thiruvananthapuram sneaked into the State in as likely conduits for the The illicit spirit could be
Bootleggers are likely to multi-axle trucks container contraband spirit. spurious and the bootleg
squeeze maximum advant- trucks returning to Kerala, They have also warned could turn toxic if the mixing
age out of the relaxed scru- particularly from Maha- that the sale of bootleg toddy process went awry as in the
tiny of freight at border rashtra, Madhya Pradesh could abound in Kollam, past. Enforcers said that as a
check-posts following the ad- and Punjab. Alappuzha, Kottayam and general rule of thumb, boot-
vent of the Goods and Ser- Enforcers have in their in- Thrissur districts this festival leggers mix 100 litres of
vices Tax (GST) regime to ternal reports spotlighted at period. The danger to public genuine toddy with 70 litres
smuggle illicit spirit into Ker- least 30 toddy shops in Alap- health was in the hurried of illicit spirit and 100 gm of
ala this Onam, according to puzha district, allegedly run and furtive process of using artificial sweetener and wa-
Excise Department officials. by the nominees of a contraband spirit to make ter to make 1,000 litres of ar-
They have flagged up the Kayamkulam-based inter- artificial toddy in secret tificial toddy.


Vibrant show of art, colours

10-day festivities at Thripunithura follow the green protocol
Special Correspondent
The 10-day Onam festivities
got under way at
Thripunithura on Friday,
with Tourism Minister
Kadakampally Surendran
hoisting the flag at the
Government Boys High
School ground, described
during the season as
Athachamayam ground.
The sky was overcast, but
it did not rain, as thousands
thronged the streets of the
royal township to catch a
glimpse of the annual
Athachamayam procession
organised by the
municipality as early as 10
Though the festivities this
time around are said to be
strictly tailored to follow the
green protocol, street
vendors of festoons and
knick-knacks mostly from
other States had loads of
plastic in what they sold.
As always, the procession
retained its vibrancy, with
artistes dressed in Theyyam,
Mayilattom, Kummi,
Pulikkali, Kathakali, Thullal
and Karakattom attires
forming part of it.
The 19 tableaux that were
paraded covered a range of
themes from traditional to
contemporary happenings. Artistes perform during the Athachamayam procession,
Jostling for space with marking the start of Onam festivities at Thripunithura, on
Mahabali, Vamana, Friday. THULASI KAKKAT

Haunaman, Vivekananda,
and Parasurama were new- departments. The occasion
age icons such as Bahubali The procession went commemorates the journey
and Kattappa. around the town before of the erstwhile King of
Schoolchildren also took returning to the Kochi, with his entourage,
part in the procession in Athachamayam ground. from Thripunithura to the
large numbers. So was the Traffic was regulated in the Thrikkakara Vamana temple
participation by staffers of town for most part of the for attending the festival at
various government day. the temple.

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Probe into double IAF plans
to improve
WB mission sees good
progress in KSTP work
Cases against
18 hospitals
nativity certificates safety record
Special Correspondent
Govt to implement action plan
Special Correspondent
The Legal Metrology De-
partment has registered
cases against 18 hospitals in
Flying accidents in the IAF Special Correspondent sessment by the WB team. Central Kerala, including
9 medical candidates have submitted them in T.N. & Kerala have progressively fallen THIRUVANANTHAPURAM We are encouraged by the six leading institutions in
every decade and now The World Banks Interim improved quality of project Ernakulam, for using
Deuba wants startup R. Sujatha guilty of malpractice, hover at five a year, about Mission to the Kerala State administration in recent weighing and measuring
incubator in Nepal CHENNAI <
> Abeen
complaint has
sources said. eight times lower than Transport Project (KSTP) months. The government instruments not verified
HYDERABAD A complaint has been lodged Director of Medical Edu- what they were in the Phase II has noted some does recognise that much and certified by the depart-
Nepalese Prime Minister Sher with the Chennai Commis- Details are being cation A. Edwin Joe said the 1960s and 1970s. This was good progress made over more needs to be done to ments officials.
Bahadur Deuba on Friday sioner of Police A.K. sent to police for candidates named in the disclosed by Chief of Air the past six months in the bring the project back on Cases were registered
expressed appreciation for Viswanathan that nine can- scrutiny complaint, who had ap- Staff, Air Chief Marshal Bi- ongoing upgrade of 363 km track, said Karla Gonzalez against 12 hospitals in
T-Hub, a startup incubator didates featuring in the peared for counselling on render Singh Dhanoa, here of State highways into Carvajal, Practice Manager, Thrissur, Palakkad and
launched by the Telangana MBBS and BDS merit list against the nine candidates Friday, had maintained that on Friday. worldclass ones at a loan of Transport, World Bank. Idukki districts coming un-
government, and evinced have submitted nativity cer- and that details were being they had not applied for We look forward to re- $216 million. We look forward to der the central zone of the
interest in setting up such a tificates for counselling in sent to the police for scru- nativity elsewhere. Those ducing it even further, he The WB team, which working closely with the department. R.Ram Mo-
centre in his country. PTI Tamil Nadu and Kerala. tiny. who appeared for coun- said. The rates of flying ac- ended its interim mission on government, as it imple- han, Deputy Controller,
According to the police, Y. After the complaint was selling today provided proof cidents were about 20 in Friday, welcomed the gov- ments a set of priority pro- Legal Metrology (Central
Tech Talk series Amjad Ali of Tindivanam, a received on Thursday, the of their nativity in Tamil 1980-90, came down to 10 ernments decision to imple- jects in the coming months, Zone), said that the hospit-
THIRUVANANTHAPURAM Deputy Director of Health, legal wing of the Directorate Nadu. However, we are send- and were half of that in ment a time-bound priority focusing on stronger con- als should have produced
The ICT Academy of Kerala, in lodged the complaint, saying of Medical Education has ing their details to the police 2015-16. action plan to hasten the tract management and pay- the weighing and measur-
partnershhip with the this made them eligible for drafted an undertaking to be for verification, he said. The IAF chief lauded his pace and quality of project ment processes, staff capa- ing instruments before the
Technology Industry body medical seats in both States, signed by students who Dr. Radhakrishnan told re- aviation medicine research implementation, which has city, and overall quality department to get them
G-Tech, will launch Tech Talk which is illegal. claim nativity in Tamil Nadu. porters that a thorough scru- group and the Indian Soci- experienced delays since its assurance, the WB said, checked. These 18 hospit-
series of lectures at all One of the candidates is tiny of credentials of the can- ety of Aerospace Medicine launch in 2013. The project quoting Carvajal, a former als had failed to comply
affiliated institutes of the ranked in the top 30 in the Undertaking drafted didates would be done to for this. They are instru- has shown a steady trend of Minister of Public Works in with Sections 24, 25, and
A.P.J. Abdul Kalam Tamil Nadu merit list and re- The undertaking says the ascertain their genuineness. mental in keeping fighter improvement in the civil Costa Rica. The mission also 33 of the Legal Metrology
Technological University. ceived the allotment order candidates take full respons- He also said annexure 3A pilots mentally agile, phys- work component, with in- held discussions with Chief Act, 2009, he said.
Varsity Vice Chancellor K.P. on Friday. ibility for their action and of the prospectus provided ically fit and being able to cremental disbursement in Minister Pinarayi Vijayan He said the Legal Metro-
Isaac will launch the Medical Education offi- that they are aware that they the details and format for ob- quickly resume flight du- the last six months being the and Minister for Public logy Department would
programme at 3 p.m. August cials acknowledged that they would have to forego their al- taining the nativity certific- ties after health setbacks, highest during the project Works G. Sudhakaran in the impose fines on the hospit-
29. had received a complaint lotted seat if they were found ate. he said. tenure, according to an as- capital on Friday. als for violating the rules.

New technique to control offensive suggestions on web Two Nigerian nationals

Scientists at Microsoft and IIIT, Hyderabad, have proposed a mechanism to make browsing safer, especially for children arrested in Bengaluru
Staff Reporter forces, were recovered. Ac-
R. Ravikanth Reddy artificial neural networks Given a query, the C-BiL- confrontation. Our research Bengaluru cording to the police, Alloy
Hyderabad trained to mimic the beha- STM uses a convolutional outcome is sensitive and A 43-year-old Nigerian na- had entered the city on a
Can offensive, sexual, racist viour of the human brain. layer for extracting feature gives only appropriate sug- tional was arrested by the business visa and continued
and violence related sugges- These networks can learn to representations for each gestions. officials of the Central Crime to stay on even after it ex-
tions thrown up during a represent and reason over query word, which is then The advantages of the C- Branch on Thursday for his pired.
search on the web be con- the various inputs given to fed as input to the BLSTM BiLSTM include the fact that alleged involvement in drug He had created several
trolled? them. layer. it doesnt rely on hand-craf- peddling. fake documents to enable
A joint research by scient- The research was presen- This captures the sequen- ted features, is trained end to The accused, identified as him to purchase mobile SIM
ists at the Microsoft and the ted at the recent Pacific-Asia tial patterns in the query, end as a single model, and ef- Alloy Uchemchu cards.
International Institute of In- Conference on Knowledge and outputs a richer repres- fectively captures both local Kwuoguejiofor, used to pose
formation Technology (IIIT), Discovery and Data Mining entation encoding them. and global semantics. as an officer of the Nigerian Online fraud
Hyderabad, promises to (PAKDD) 2017 held in Seoul This representation then The technology is being military, the police said. The In another case, the team
control inappropriate sug- where it received the best passes through a fully con- used in Microsofts search arrest was made based on a raided a house in Krish-
gestions by search engines paper award from among nected network that predicts engine Bing and will be tip-off. nappa layout in
making web browsing safe Safe search: Deep Learning involves building artificial neural the 450 papers presented. the target class before giving launched soon as Applica- Ramamurthynagar and ar-
for everyone, particularly networks trained to mimic the behaviour of the human brain. The DL architecture that the output suggestion. tion Programming Interface Cocaine recovered rested Hillary Ifebiora, a 50-
children and women. the team proposed is called in Microsoft Cognitive Ser- Alloys rented house in T.C. year-old man, also a Ni-
The team of Harish Yen- Development Manager, Mi- known as Deep Learning Convolutional Bi-Direc- Reasoning ability vices. Palya in K.R. Puram was gerian national, suspected to
ala, research student in IIIT crosoft, India, have pro- (DL). This aims to build ma- tional LSTM (C-BiLSTM), For example, Dr. Manoj says The team is sure that the raided and 75 g of cocaine, be involved in online frauds.
Hyderabad; Manoj Chin- posed a promising tech- chines that can process data and is a combination of the a child trying to search kite new architecture will be 52 g of MDMA, 3 passports The police recovered 71
nakotla, Senior Applied Sci- nique for automatically and learn in the same way as strengths of both the Convo- can see suggestions like highly effective in online and fake identification pa- SIM cards, 4 passports, 21
entist, Artificial intelligence identifying such suggestions our human brain does. lution Neural Networks killing, using the first two platforms such as chatbots pers, including papers debit and credit cards of
and Research, Microsoft In- based on a new field of com- Dr . Manoj says the DL es- (CNN) and the Bi-directional letters. Socially offensive sug- and autonomous virtual identifying him as a mem- various banks, 10 bank pass-
dia; and Jay Goyal, Principal puter science research sentially involves building LSTMs (BLSTM). gestions can actually lead to assistants. ber of the Nigerian armed books and cash of 44,750.

Karnataka, U.S. researchers 4 Nepalese

develop cheaper plastics for robbery
Special Correspondent
It will lead to more fuel-efficient cars, planes: researchers Bengaluru
Four youth, hailing from
Mohit M. Rao posite materials is that it is crospheres and composites Nepal, were arrested by
Bengaluru done in controlled condi- are lighter and cheaper, the police here on Friday for
Applying high-end technolo- tions in the laboratory which challenge facing the team stealing valuables worth
gies of the laboratory to the cannot be replicated in the was to ensure the micro- 80 lakh from the house of
cruder machines used in in- industry. But with the tech- spheres remained intact des- a businessman on August
dustries, a team of research- nique we have developed, pite the processes of indus- 13.
ers from the National Insti- low-cost, light-weight com- trial moulding. According to Banaswadi
tute of Technology, posites can be produced at police officials, the owner
Karnataka, and the New any industry using the nor- Hollow spheres of the house, Raghurah L.,
York University, U.S., have mal compression moulding By successfully imbibing hol- had gone out of station
developed composite machines, said Mrityunjay low spheres into otherwise with his family when their
plastics that are up to 36% Doddamani, lead researcher solid plastic base, Prof. Dod- security guard and four ac-
lighter than those being and an assistant professor in damani said the density of complices broke into the
used. the Mechanical Engineering the material was brought house and decamped with
The team focussed on in- Department of the institute down by nearly half. The valuables, which included
corporating hollow micro- in Surathkal. end material was found to around 2.5 kg of gold orna-
spheres into high density The research done have a significantly greater ments and 10 kg of silver
polyethylene, the most com- along with M.L. Jayavardhan ability to absorb energy. articles.
monly moulded plastic from NITK; B.R. Bharath Ku- The researchers believe The police tracked the
product. Through a trial and mar from the Jain College of that this could see the pro- security guard, Harkha
error method spanning two Engineering and Technology duction of more light-weight Shahi, a 23-year-old from
years, researchers have at Hubbali; and Ashish K. material and the reduced Nepal, in Pune three days
managed to shed plastic use Singh, Steven E. Zeltmann use of plastics. In cars and after the robbery.
by 20%. They have replaced and Nikhil Gupta from NYU planes, for instance, the re- Another team arrested
it with fly ash cenospheres was published in the duction in weight signific- the four accomplices based
and glass microballoons. journal, Composites Part B, antly improves fuel effi- on the information shared
The problem with com- recently. While hollow mi- ciency. by Shahi.

A neighbour returns after 26 years

Perarivalan, a convict in the Rajiv assassination case, gets rousing reception
Staff Reporter mal. I have heard her talk
VELLORE about him all these years, and
It is 10.30 in the morning, last night, I saw him for the
and number 11/9 on K.K. first time. I asked her if I
Thangavel Street in Jolarpet could take aarthi as he is re-
is witnessing endless visit- turning home after so many
ors. Mangamma, a tenant in years as that is our tradition,
this house for the last 17 she said.
years, is excited on seeing As police personnel
the sudden flurry of activity. guarded the house, and the
It looks like a festival, she street, residents including
remarked. Gowri and Fathima have been
The neighbourhood, in observing how this usually
fact, is glad that one of its quiet neighbourhood has
residents has arrived after changed overnight.
more than two decades. I know Arivu (Perarivalan)
Years after his arrest, A.G. To catch a glimpse: Visitors wait outside the house of A.G. since his childhood. He
Perarivalan, one of the life Perarivalan, a life convict in the Rajiv Gandhi assassination hardly spoke to anybody and
convicts in the Rajiv Gandhi case, after he was granted parole on Thursday. The visitors was very quiet. I saw him last
assassination case, stepped were allowed to meet him only after they registered their night after so many years,
into his home on a rainy contact details with the police. C. VENKATACHALAPATHY
* and I am glad he is here, said
night on Thursday after the Gowri.
State government decided to visitors since Friday morn- their turn to be let inside the He should be released
grant him a 30-day parole. ing. house after registering their from prison. He has already
He was arrested at the age of Friends, relatives and names, address and phone spent so many years in jail,
19 for his alleged role in the neighbours, many of whom numbers with the police. added Fathima. Neighbours
assassination. are meeting Perarivalan Mangamma has only felt that he should be released
Perarivalan Illam is wit- after 26 years and some for heard about Perarivalan so that he could live with his
nessing a steady stream of the first time, waited for from his mother Arputham- parents in their old age.
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6 injured as Mumbai suburban Loco pilots warned
train derails near Mahim against use of phones
Railways have laid out guidelines for a Zero Accident regime
Priyanka admitted to Services on Wadala-Andheri route disrupted, restoration work on
hospital with dengue S. Vijay Kumar and every possible measure are obtained before starting
NEW DELHI Vedika Chaubey running normally. The CHENNAI should be taken to step up the train.
Congress president Sonia Mumbai work for the restoration is The Railways have warned safety, duly giving import-
Gandhis daughter Priyanka Six passengers four wo- being carried out on a war of action against loco pilots ance to train operation and Safety drive
Vadra has been admitted to men and two men suffered footing and the track safety if they are found to be using loco maintenance, he said, Advising all Zonal Railways
Sir Ganga Ram Hospital here minor injuries after four work has also been started, mobile phones on duty. A adding that renewed efforts to conduct a safety drive for
for treatment of dengue, a front coaches of a suburban Ravindra Bhakar, chief PRO, couple of days after the should be given to attain 15 days on the prevention of
senior doctor said on Friday. local train from Chhatrapati Western Railway, said. Utkal Express derailment, Zero Accident regime. signal passed in Signal
She is down with dengue Shivaji Maharaj Terminus to In a series of tweets, West- which claimed the lives of at Passed at Danger, Mr.
fever and is recovering, a Andheri derailed at Mahim ern Railway said five com- least 24 passengers and left Call details Sharma said safety action
hospital official said. PTI on Friday morning affecting muters were injured in the many others injured, the Mr. Sharma said loco pilots plans should be devised at
traffic on the Harbour Line. derailment and sustained Ministry of Railways issued a should not use mobile the zonal level itself based
AIFB faction registers The derailment which minor injuries. They were series of safety guidelines to phones while on the run. on existing safety rules and
new party with EC took place at 9.55 a.m. adds given first aid. Denying that a avert accidents, particularly Random checking of call de- local conditions.
KOLKATA to the list of train derail- larger number of people those caused while crossing tails of the crew while on According to railway offi-
A break away faction of the ments in the past week. The were injured, the Western the red signal. duty should be conducted cials, the use of mobile
All India Forward Bloc (AIFB) accident occurred when the Journey cut short: A view of the derailed suburban train in Railway spokesperson said In a note to all General and disciplinary action initi- phones, stress and poor vis-
has registered its recently train was near the Mahim Mumbai on Friday. VIJAY BATE*
sometimes people from Managers, Anupam Sharma, ated against defaulters. ibility were some of the reas-
floated party, Samajwadi Yard of the Western Railway. nearby localities pretended Executive Director (Mechan- Urging the running staff ons why loco pilots passed
Forward Bloc (SFB), with the The train was moving at a Due to this derailment, the said in a series of official to be injured in order to ical), Railway Board, said the (loco pilots and guards) not the red signal.
Election Commission. SFBs speed of 15 kmph at the time services between Wadala tweets. claim compensation. Offi- recent derailment of Train to use walkie-talkies to get In the case of the derail-
parliamentary board chairman of derailment. and Andheri were disrupted. cials said although the acci- No. 18477 (Utkal Express) at information about signal or ment of Train No. 79301 in
S.P. Tiwari alleged that the The train belongs to the The work for re-railing is on Other routes unaffected dent had taken place during Khatauli in Northern Rail- other operation related in- Western Railway, an inquiry
AIFB had drifted away from Central Railway but the in- and the services will be re- Services on other routes peak hour, the number of in- way had tarnished the image structions from station staff, into the incident revealed
the ideology of its founder, cident took place in the stored in the next three Virar to Churchgate adja- jured were fewer because of the Railways. he said they should ensure that the loco pilot had
Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose. Western Railways territory. hours, the Western Railway cent to the affected line are Friday was a public holiday. It is essential that each proper signals for the train passed the red signal.

SC orders 1 lakh to Digital companion for novel Talks with Bengal govt.
under GMCC banner
child rape victim The Re: Reader aims to transport the reader into the world of Roys new novel
Special Correspondent Re:Reader may act as a cata- tion. They are there to Move to end impasse in Darjeeling
The 10-year-old gave birth recently New Delhi lyst to read the book, and for tempt, to intrigue, to trans-
Arundhati Roys new novel those who have read it, it port the viewer to the Ut- Special Correspondent heading the movement to
Legal Correspondent the rape victim. On July 27, The Ministry of Utmost Hap- would add an experiential most world, not to reveal or Kolkata make the talks more trans-
NEW DELHI faced with a medical opin- piness, which was published layer to it, she said. substantially replace it, said Political parties in the hills parent and fruitful, the State
The Supreme Court on Fri- ion that an abortion would recently to critical acclaim, It can be accessed on a a note shared by ICD studio. on Friday decided to hold government should extend
day ordered the Chandigarh endanger the lives of both now has a digital compan- smart phone by logging on talks with the West Bengal invite to the GMCC, Neeraj
administration to disburse the victim and her 32-week- ion, the Re: Reader. to its website. The visitor is 6-minute film government not as indi- Zimba, spokesperson of the
an immediate compensation old foetus, the Supreme Created and designed by Arundhati Roy in a film on greeted by a floating menu The platform also features a vidual parties but as mem- Gorkha National Liberation
of 1 lakh to the 10-year-old Court was compelled to re- visual communication spe- the Re: Reader platform. of different chapters, each six-minute film on the differ- bers of the Gorkhaland Front and member of the
rape victim who gave birth fuse the medical termina- cialist Lisa Rath and her *
OCTAVE COMMUNICATIONS with its own set of animated ent landscapes of the novel, Movement Coordination GMCC, said.
to a child recently. tion of the pregnancy. team at Itu Chaudhuri icons, sound effects, music, directed by Sanjay Kak and Committee (GMCC). Mr. Zimba said that so far
A Bench comprising Ms. Jaising had argued Design (ICD), the Re: Reader Ms. Roy, who attended the and a carefully chosen ex- Tarun Bhartiya of Octave The GMCC is a 30-mem- four parties the GNLF, the
Justices Madan B. Lokur and that the Chandigarh author- is mounted on a separate launch and read from the cerpt. Communications. ber body comprising repres- Gorkha Janmukti Morcha ,
Deepak Gupta said the iden- ities were insisting on a website, www.theministryo- book, described the Re: Re:Reader has snippets This is primarily an ex- entatives of all parties in the the Jan Andolan Party and
tity of the minor victim as charge sheet before consid- Reader as a new, fun way of of text from the 12 chapters periment about the reading Darjeeling hills and social the Gorkha Rastriya Nirman
well as her family members ering the question of pay- The Re: Reader platform introducing a book to people of the book. Animations experience, Ms. Rath told organisations, set up in June Manch had received let-
should not be revealed. It ment of any compensation. was launched in Delhi on who havent read it. show the text in a new light; The Hindu. 2017 after a fresh movement ters from the government.
asked the authorities to look Earlier, in the 10-year- Wednesday evening at a Ms. Rath said that it was music brings the period to Unlike with a hard copy, for separate State of Gorkha- There are at least six major
after her medical and edu- old's case, while expressing gathering marked by book an attempt to offer a unique life, and with portions read in the Re:Reader, you jump land started. political parties in the hills
cation expenses. its inability to intervene on readings and a conversation experience of the book, to by Arundhati Roy, it makes from chapter to chapter in The government has and several apolitical bod-
The court order came on her behalf, the apex court on literature and the digital those who havent read the for a dreamy, heady ride. But no particular order, and you called for talks to end the ies, the GNLF leader
an application filed by had urged the Centre to set experience between Ms. novel as well as to those who none of these bits of media can see what that does for impasse in Darjeeling on Au- said.The next meeting of the
senior advocate Indira Jais- up permanent medical Rath and artist Shuddhab- have. are presented as content you, what kind of pictures it gust 29. Since the GMCC GMCC will be held on Au-
ing highlighting the plight of boards in all States. rata Sengupta. Navigating through the for independent consump- builds in your mind. has been collectively spear- gust 27.

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The Constitution, refreshed

In upholding privacy, the Supreme Court has squared up to some of its most regressive judgments
social fact but of being a product of homosexual activity.
morality, of representing a set of Ultimately, however, the judg-
larger ambitions and ideals. ments in Puttaswamy will perhaps
Target Section 377 The court recognises that the
constitutional guarantees of a right
be remembered best for their vin-
dication of three glorious dissent-
The SC has laid the foundation to to personal liberty and of a right to ing opinions of the past. First,
freedom of expression, while ab- Justice Fazl Alis opinion in AK Go-
decriminalise consensual gay sex suhrith parthasarathy stract in their wording, are sub- palan v. State of Madras (1950),
sumed by deep moral values cent- where he ruled that fundamental

ame-gender sex remains a crime in the country
hen delivering the 12th ral to the very conception of rights cannot be slotted into water-
due to a flagrant judicial mistake committed by the
Supreme Court in 2013. The time has come to W Justice K.T. Desai Me- citizenship. Whats more, as Justice tight silos that are mutually exclus-

morial Lecture on dissent- Sanjay Kishan Kaul notes in his sep- ive, but rather that they have to be
undo it. Ever since the constitutional validity of Section ing judgments in Mumbai last year, arate opinion, the Constitution read as a collective whole, as rights
377 of the Indian Penal Code was upheld in Suresh Ku- Justice Rohinton F. Nariman de- was not drafted for a specific time that give and take meaning from
mar Koushal (2013), the correctness of the retrograde scribed the great dissenters on the period or for a certain generation, each other. The rights to equality,
verdict has come under doubt twice. The latest criti- Supreme Court of the 1950s and it was drafted to stand firm, for to freedom of speech and expres-
cism from the court is strident and explicit. While de- 1960s as persons who had chiselled eternity. The notions of good- sion, and to life and personal
and added meaning to the Consti- ness, fairness, equality and dignity liberty, he therefore held, together
claring that the right to privacy is a fundamental right
tutions fundamental rights. They can never be satisfactorily stand as a bulwark against the tyr-
and an inherent component of human liberty and dig- did this, he said, by, more than any- of Financial and Other Subsidies, ded to incorporate a right to pri- defined, he adds. They were left annical powers of the state. This
nity, the nine-judge Bench has observed that the ra- thing else, appealing to what the Benefits and Services) Act, 2016 vacy, and therefore, to read such a abstract for the reason that these foresight in Justice Fazl Alis find-
tionale behind the Koushal judgment is flawed and un- former Chief Justice of the U.S. Su- or the Aadhaar Act that is right as intrinsic to the right to life rights, by their very nature, are not ing, Justice Nariman writes,
sustainable. It has said the rights of LGBT persons are preme Court, Charles Evans presently pending but also on a and personal liberty under Article static. To disregard privacy as a simply takes the breath away.
real rights founded on sound constitutional doctrine Hughes, had called the brooding slew of other issues, ranging from 21, or to the rights to various fundamental right would, there- Second, the court affirms Justice
and not so-called rights as the earlier Bench had de- spirit of the law and the intelligence matters concerning the collection freedoms, such as the freedom of fore, fail to make the best sense of Subba Raos voice of dissent in
of a future day. of private data to invasions that go expression, guaranteed under Art- the Constitution as a legitimate Kharak Singh, where he held that
scribed them disdainfully. The astounding claim made
Now, on August 24, Justice Nar- to the root of our bodily integrity icle 19, would amount to a rewriting basis for government. nothing is more deleterious to a
in Koushal that there was no need to challenge Section iman and eight of his colleagues, and individual autonomy. of the Constitution. Second, it The argument that privacy is a mans physical happiness and
377 because the LGBT community constitutes only a who heard arguments in Justice K.S. The reference to the nine-judge claimed that since privacy, as a purely elitist concern is also found health than a calculated interfer-
minuscule minority has been completely discredited. It Puttaswamy (Retd) v. Union of India, Bench emanated out of the larger concept, was vague, amorphous, to be unsustainable. Here, Justice ence with his privacy.
was unreasonable to advance the view that constitu- have brought to life the brooding challenge to the validity of the and incapable of precise definition, Chandrachud, for example, leans
tional protection is available to a group based on its size. spirit of three such dissents. In do- Aadhaar Act. There, during the it cannot be elevated to the status of on Amartya Sens work to show us Burying ADM Jabalpur
Yet, in a show of uncharacteristic reticence and con- ing so, they have not only con- course of hearings before a three- a fundamental right. Third, it con- that liberty and freedom are values Finally, though, comes the
signed some of the courts most re- judge Bench, the Union of India tended that privacy was, at best, a that are not only inherent in our clincher: a specific, explicit avowal
trary to the history of the evolution of constitutional jur-
gressive judgments to the dust raised a rather alarming plea: it purely elitist concern, and that, in a constitutional order, but that they of Justice Khannas daring minority
isprudence, the earlier Bench had suggested that the heap of history, but have also de- said, in response to arguments that land like India, rife with poverty, it also serve a larger instrumental opinion in ADM Jabalpur v. Shivkant
provision can be diluted only through the legislative livered a rousing affirmation of the the legislation infringed the right to can never be considered as a value purpose, in creating conditions Shukla. Here, he ruled that the
route. This weeks ruling on privacy rights contains a critical place that the right to pri- privacy, that there simply existed worth universally cherishing. that best further the cause of equal- right not to be deprived of our life
clear enunciation of the constitutional basis for protec- vacy enjoys in the penumbra of no such fundamental guarantee. ity and social justice. and personal liberty without the
tion of rights based on sexual orientation. liberties that the Constitution guar- The government predicated this ar- Unanimously rejected The idea that privacy is amorph- authority of law was not a creature
Transgenders, even though insignificant in numbers, antees. gument on the basis of two previ- Although the court speaks through ous and vague is similarly made of the Constitution. Such a right in-
ous judgments of the court, M.P. six separate opinions, marked by short shrift of. Privacy, as a heres in us as human beings. Now,
are entitled to human rights, another Bench had ob-
A slew of consequences Sharma v. Satish Chandra (1954) occasionally disparate reasoning, concept, the court finds, involves the court in Puttaswamy has held
served in National Legal Services Authority (2014), in a Perhaps it ought to be a matter of and Kharak Singh v. State of U.P. each of the states arguments not merely a simple right to be left that privacy is one such liberty,
subtle hit at the minuscule minority formulation in shame for us that well into our sev- (1962), rendered respectively by a stands unanimously rejected. On alone, but extends to protecting a which is fundamental to our very
Koushal. At another point, it said Section 377 had been enth decade as a constitutional Bench of eight and six judges, the first argument, the court recog- number of different values integral existence. The court recognises
an instrument of harassment and abuse, something the democracy, we needed the Su- which, it said, had conclusively nises that much of the text of the to a persons most intimate that each of us has, at the least, a
earlier judgment had refused to accept. Significantly, it preme Court to tell us whether we held that there existed no funda- Constitution, particularly of the choices; it constitutes a bundle of kernel of personality, of identity,
advocated the adoption of the Yogyakarta Principles possess a fundamental right to pri- mental right to privacy. Accord- rights enlisted in part III, are ab- liberties, including, as Justice Nar- that we have a right to preserve.
vacy or not. But this unanimous ingly, it contended that subsequent stract statements of privileges that, iman points ought, the right to How the court applies this verdict
norms on gender identity and sexual orientation adop-
verdict delivered through six separ- judgments rendered by Benches of in any event, require interpretation abort a foetus, the rights of same- in the future, to different cases, not
ted by human rights experts in 2006 in Indonesia. A key ate opinions nonetheless marks a lesser strength which had recog- for us to make sense of them. To sex couples, the rights as to procre- least the Aadhaar challenge, would
principle is that discrimination based on sexual orient- watershed moment in our constitu- nised a fundamental right to pri- hold, therefore, that privacy is in- ation, to contraception, and so no doubt present a significant test.
ation and gender identity must end. By commending tional history. Collectively, the vacy were wrongly decided. trinsic to personal liberty does not forth. This holding, in and of itself, But, for now, its time to celebrate,
this norm, the court has located sexual orientation not judgments could well herald a new Before the nine-judge Bench, in tantamount to rewriting the Consti- should be sufficient to overrule the and to commend the Supreme
only as a freedom flowing from the right to privacy, but dawn. The verdicts consequences seeking to further its plea, the gov- tution. On the other hand, it would courts judgment in Suresh Kumar Court for its truly momentous rul-
as demanding of non-discriminatory treatment. Both for civil liberties are potentially ernment made a number of claims, merely be a natural product of a Koushal v. Naz Foundation, where it ing.
enormous. They are likely to have three of which were particularly proper interpretive exercise, upheld the abominable Section 377
these verdicts correctly refrained from ruling on the an effect not only on the challenge noteworthy. First, it argued that the where the Constitution is seen as of the Indian Penal Code, which, Suhrith Parthasarathy is an advocate
validity of Section 377, as it was not the primary ques- to the Aadhaar (Targeted Delivery Constitutions framers never inten- not merely representing a matter of among other things, criminalises practising at the Madras High Court
tion before them. However, it is quite apparent that a

Mother Teresas universe of grace

strong body of constitutional jurisprudence is now
available to target Section 377, as and when a five-judge
Bench takes up the reconsideration of Koushal. By the
latest verdict, sexual orientation is an aspect of the right
to privacy and an inalienable part of human dignity, For her, behind each case of leprosy was a person who had suffered abject misery and humiliation
freedom, and personal liberty. Under the 2014 reason-
get set by the World Health Organ- once told me she wished she had rosy colony near the industrial
ing, it is relatable to both dignity and equality. Read to-
isation. Unfortunately, with this met. She visited here almost each town of Titagarh near Kolkata.
gether, they have laid the foundation for restoring the achievement dropped funding for time she came to Delhi. I mostly ac- Over the years, the leprosy-
Delhi High Court judgment of 2010 in Naz Foundation, critical medicines that were still companied her as she mingled stricken, driven further and fur-
which read down Section 377 to decriminalise consen- needed to combat the remnants of with the residents listening to their ther away from Kolkata, had no
sual sex among adults irrespective of gender. the disease. The work done by the sorrow, their little joys and often choice but to built their huts on the
National Leprosy Eradication Pro- their anger, directed not at her but edge of this town, along the railway
navin chawla gramme (NLEP) has begun to at the cruelty of a world that had lines. Over 500 families had found

erode as new cases have emerged. abandoned them. refuge here. When Mother Teresa
Lessons not learnt
n my long association of 23 Late last year, a sustained cam- One afternoon a woman learned of this, she arrived and
years, some of the most endur- paign was conducted by the NLEP reached out to her from her cot. helped them with shramdan, to
ing images that I have of Mother in as many as 149 districts in 19 She had hidden the early signs of build dormitories, a hospital and a
The high H1N1 flu toll points to a failure to put (now Saint) Teresa concerned her States. This was the result of an leprosy. When they manifested weaving centre. Today the centre is
necessary systems and precautions in place compassion for those afflicted by astounding 127,326 new cases de- themselves, her two sons threw a hive of activity as dozens of men
leprosy but cured of the disease, tected in 2016. her out of her house. Somehow and women produce the distinct-

he number of influenza A (H1N1) virus cases and who still carried its ravages in their someone brought her to this shel- ive white saris with three blue
deaths reported from across India this year has destroyed limbs and lives. Leprosy A life behind each case to avoid deformity. Even those who ter. Through tears she repeatedly stripes for which the Missionaries
already crossed 19,000 and 900, respectively. is a word that most people con- For Mother Teresa, leprosy was not may have been lucky to find a cure asked Mother Teresa whether her of Charity hold the copyright.
These are lower than the 2015 toll of 32,000 cases and tinue to dread. Yet this was St. a matter of cases. Behind each in city hospitals would continue to sons would visit her on Diwali, I sometimes encounter criticism
2,000 deaths, but the revived spread is alarming. In the Teresas special constituency case was a human being who had be shunned. The average city barely a few weeks away. Mother of Mother Teresa but to all those
last month or so there has been a sharp increase in the within her world of abject poverty suffered the misery of abject humi- jhuggi cluster will seldom admit said she would pray that theyd who do so I would ask one ques-
and destitution. To this day the Sis- liation, not merely by society at even the leprosy-cured in its midst: come. As we left the hall, Mother tion: how many of us actually bend
number of cases and deaths over 6,000 and 300. Gu-
ters and Brothers of the Missionar- large but most often by their own they must live as complete outcasts told me that the lady had been a down to help those in need with
jarat is the worst-affected, with about 250 deaths recor- ies of Charity continue to touch, families. This would occur when in their own ghettoes under the teacher in a renowned girls our own hands? How many of us of-
ded so far: Rajasthan, Punjab and Maharashtra and feed, treat and offer succour to the telltale signs of leprosy could shadow of their own special school. Her family had abandoned fer succour to these unfortunate
Delhi too have been badly hit. The number of H1N1 them just as their founder had no longer be hidden. By then, the stigma. her to her fate. They would never brethren? Like Baba Amte, St.
cases in the southern States is also high compared with done in her days. disease had destroyed the nervous It was for them that Mother come. She died soon after, I sus- Teresa her birth anniversary falls
last year, with Tamil Nadu reporting nearly 3,000 cases system. Fingers and feet could no Teresa knocked on the doors of the pect not from leprosy, but from a today spent her life in actually liv-
about a month ago. According to the Pune-based Na- Leprosy is back longer feel pain or heat or cold. Delhi government in 1975 to plead broken heart. ing Swami Vivekanandas concept
Most of us are not aware that we They became susceptible to injury. for some land where she could of Daridra Narayan, in the service
tional Institute of Virology, the virus has not undergone
continue to face a rising leprosy Eventually hands became stumps build a shelter for them: proper The handloom centre of god through service to the poor,
any significant mutation and the virulence has re- problem in our midst. In India the and the telltale bandages would dormitories and a small hospital to To this day the handloom saris destitute and marginalised.
mained nearly unchanged. It has however undergone disease stood formally eliminated give them away. The irony was (and provide for reconstructive surgery. worn by the Missionaries of Char-
point mutations which resulted in a new strain the as a public health problem in 2005, remains) that the dread of the dis- She was as good as her word. She ity sisters are woven by former lep- Navin Chawla is the author of the
Michigan strain replacing the California strain that when the caseload dropped to one ease caused people to hide the fittingly named her Delhi ashram rosy patients at a weaving centre biography of Mother Teresa and former
has been prevalent since the 2009 pandemic. While case per 10,000 population, a tar- early signs until it became too late after Mahatma Gandhi, whom she set up by Mother Teresa in a lep- Chief Election Commissioner of India
both strains were co-circulating last year, as per surveil-
lance data only the Michigan strain has been circulating LETTERS TO THE EDITOR Letters emailed to must carry the full postal address and the full name or the name with initials.
this year. The increased caseload and mortality this
year compared with last year could be because pre-ex- Court ruling on privacy and political rights of the dont even have ownership may also bring to an end the elusive when it comes to the jubilation welcoming the
isting immunity through exposure to the California The decision of the Supreme poor, the top court has again or sanctity over our own tendency of insisting on the inhuman job of manual court verdict is unnecessary
strain is no longer effective, and people are therefore Court to uphold privacy as a affirmed the fact that no bodies! With the Aadhaar card as a matter of scavenging, where hype.
not immune to the new strain. More research is needed fundamental right has come discrimination on the basis governments dissembling, routine for any kind of upholding the core concept N. Ramamurthy,
as a huge relief to all those of class, caste or gender can prevaricating response to transaction. The of human dignity is Chennai
to fully understand the epidemiology of H1N1 caused by
who have been concerned be tolerated in respecting this landmark pro- governments orders and essential. The time has
the Michigan strain, and who may be more vulnerable. about the governments fundamental and human democratic verdict (Verdict instructions from banks on come too to put an end to it; Trade deficit
Despite the high numbers, there is no system in place strategy of coercion to bring rights. reflects govts vision: Amit Aadhaar issued earlier need if it does, it will be a sign of a While promoting free trade
to release data periodically and frequently. Compare people under the Aadhaar Firoz Ahmad, Shah, August 25), the to be re-examined. healthy democracy. is a virtue, the trade deficit
umbrella (Privacy is a New Delhi Constitutional Bench itself stems from non-tariff
this with the regular updates provided by the U.S. Cen- K. Natarajan, Gunasekar T.,
fundamental right, declares deserves wholesome praise Madurai Chennai barriers imposed on Indian
ters for Disease Control and Prevention, especially dur-
ing an epidemic. There has also been a near-complete SC, August 25). The petty Indias citizens owe deep for enlarging upon what the goods by China. Contrary to
arguments made by the gratitude to the nine-judge right to privacy could mean The fear of people of a The PIL was filed against the assertions made (Dont
failure on the part of governments to spread awareness
government have been well Constitutional Bench for on the ground, in their six totalitarian state is justified the government rule of fear trade deficit, August
about prevention strategies. Uptake of influenza vac- answered by Justice D.Y. strengthening our concurring judgments. Yes, considering the quality of making Aadhaar mandatory 25), as against the $50
cination by people, especially by those belonging to the Chandrachud, who has democracy by upholding we Indians should celebrate political leadership. Those for social benefits, filing tax billion trade deficit
high-risk category, has been extremely poor, with only reasoned that privacy is privacy as a fundamental the fact that India is now a in power are pursuing a kind and other social occurring annually, the
about 10,000-12,000 doses of H1N1 vaccine sold in the needed to safeguard the still right. Seventy years after better democracy. of politics to promote their requirements. But if one cumulative Chinese FDI into
last six months by the Pune-based vaccine manufac- prior value of human India wrested its freedom Vinod Kumar B., power and hence the goes through the Aadhaar India over the period 2000-
dignity. The fact that it was a from under the colonial Bengaluru apprehension of ordinary enrolment form, it only asks 16 stood at a paltry $1.6
turer. Since the 2009 pandemic, H1N1 has become a
unanimous judgment adds boot, it was ironic that our citizens about intrusion into for personal data which a billion. Further, trade and
seasonal flu virus strain in India even when the temper-
to the power and grace of government, elected with The resounding verdict their privacy. The judgment person is normally required investments occur in dollars
ature soars during the summer months. Vaccination of the decision. One hopes that the strongest mandate in will definitely serve as a gives us hope. to submit while applying for and not in the yuan. Not
health-care workers and people in high-risk categories the Bench looking into the decades, chose to warning to those in power K.T. Krishnaswami, a driving licence, passport only does it lead to large
is the only way to reduce the toll. That guidelines for constitutionality of Aadhaar relentlessly negate our right who may attempt to trifle Kancheepuram, Tamil Nadu or even bank account. Only transfers of hard-earned
H1N1 vaccination of people belonging to high-risk cat- would now take its cue from to privacy. Not only was it with our fundamental rights the biometric details are foreign exchange from India
egories such as pregnant women, very young and old the Constitutional Bench conveyed that the right to as if some sections of the The recent judgments by extra, which is mandatory to China but it also stifles the
people and those with certain underlying illnesses were and put an end to this privacy was an elitist, trivial, people can be deprived of the Supreme Court on triple for passport and some visa growth of the
perfidy of biometrics and even deviant concept but in them on some ground or the talaq and the issue of applications. Aadhaar does manufacturing sector and
released only last month by the Health Ministry is evid-
surveillance in the name of also defending the other. Similarly to suit privacy revolve around the not have any classified creation of jobs in India.
ence that India has not learnt any lessons from the 2015 reducing corruption and collection of biometrics for administrative convenience, basic premise of the personal data such as Karthik S.P.,
H1N1 epidemic. Urgent measures are needed to ramp helping the poor. By Aadhaar, the government citizens should not be asked Constitution the income, property, details Haveri, Karnataka

up preparedness in dealing with epidemics. dismissing the contempt of put forth the sinister to part with their core individual and his dignity. about your personal life and more letters online:
the government for the civil argument that we Indians personal data. The verdict However this dignity is still family. The all-round

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Marooned: Stretched over 10 km from Dumri to Buddha Nagara Radha to Rajwara, the embankment is the lifeline for the flood-hit villagers, mostly poor and daily-wage agricultural labourers. (Top) Flood-hit residents of Muzaffarpur in Bihar go in search of dry land.
(Below) Tents on National Highway-77 in Sitamarhi district provide temporary relief. RANJEET KUMAR *

When home is a highway

Floods in Bihar have claimed over 350 lives and rendered more than 12 million people homeless. Amarnath Tewary travels from Patna to Muzaffarpur,
criss-crossing through Sitamarhi, to report on what it is to live on embankments and highways

he whirring sound of moving rotor the entire area has snapped and no offi- ari Charitable Foundation at Rohua. ment of rivers they just believe in
blades of the helicopter in the sky cial has bothered to visit. Their meagre Nobody is sure how long the flood will raising embankments, levees, roads and <
> At night it becomes dark and
the speeding vehicles light
alerts everyone in the colony on food ration has run out. The survivors take to recede... we had never seen any- highways to stop flood and, above all,
blinds us momentarily our
the Buddha Nagara Radha embankment talk about how they eat snails, fish and thing this big before, says Mahendra nobody is held accountable for the
in Mushahari block of Muzaffarpur dis- rats anything they can lay their hands Manjhi while taking a packet of chhura floods. Today, floods in Bihar ironically cots shake as they whizz past.
trict in Bihar. This is a colony only five on, and drink the floodwaters, use mo- (beaten rice) and gur (jaggery). His fam- mean distribution of food packets, All the time we hold them
days old. Marooned by floodwaters bile phones as torches and wait for days ily will have to make do with this and a compensation, aerial surveys by lead- (children) tightly to our chests.
from all sides, breached at two places, for help to reach them from some- few packets of Parle-G biscuits for the ers, and misuse of government funds in Ram Bhajan Sahu
the 10-feet-wide embankment has be- where. No one comes here wholl night; tomorrow is another day. the name of raising heights and plug-ins Flood victim on NH-57
come a new colony of flood-hit victims come to this death trap surrounded by of embankments, highways and roads,
a ragtag cluster of hastily erected floodwaters on all sides with the bund Politics of tokenism he says. But what is the solution? Were find any work.
bamboo shanties and tarpaulin tents breached at two places? says Lal Babu The floods in Bihar have rendered 12.6 so centrally surrounded by rivers that A week ago, Manoj Mallick and
precariously perched even as the swirl- Rai of Manika Chand village, which plastic-covered shanties seeking shade million people homeless in 21 districts we cannot escape floods, but we can Ramesh Kumar saw a helicopter drop-
ing waters of the Burhi Gandak greedily shares boundaries with the from the oppressive heat and humidity. with recorded deaths of over 370 minimise destruction to life and cattle, ping food packets at some distance on
nibble away stretches of earth. embankment. The swollen floodwaters furiously lap people till August 24. The State govern- says Mishra. Veteran RTI activist Ma- the highway but before they could reach
With arms aloft and eyes looking up At several places on the embankment against the walls of the embankment. ment claims to have evacuated over hendra Yadav, who has been working there, the food was claimed by some
to the sky and ears adjusting to the the flood-hit new settlers crowd around The dwellers complain of snakebites 7,76,000 people. It has also been run- for the welfare of victims of the 2008 passengers on a bus. The government
sound of the helicopter blades, the new us mistaking us for government offi- and swarms of insects who have also ning 1,385 relief camps and 2,569 com- floods in Madhepura, Saharsa and Su- declares that relief camps have been set
settlers hope for something to fall from cials. The government has not given us made their home here. Diseases like munity kitchens. Overall, over 4,21,000 paul, says, Nobody cares for the flood up for people like us but can you direct
above sign of some helping hand from the black tarpaulin sheets to cover our diarrhoea and viral fever have gradually people have taken shelter in 1,385 relief victims except providing them the cus- me to any of those camps nearby
the State government. But the heli- heads which people of other flood-af- started surfacing. camps and around 4,23,000 people are tomary 1.5 kg packet of chhura-gur and those camps in faraway villages have ba-
copter soon becomes a blip. Hope is fected areas have got what to talk of The other challenge is arranging fod- eating in those community kitchens. Al- setting up these unhygienic relief sically been usurped and controlled by
quickly displaced with despair. Its our food or anything else! Were left at the der for the cattle. Cows, buffaloes and together 28 teams of NDRF with 118 mo- camps. He rues that forget the gov- upper-caste, well-off people, says one,
fate that this government too has be- mercy of the elements, says Ram goats can be seen munching, almost tor boats, 16 teams of the State Disaster ernment, even NGOs distributes relief adding, They sell the relief stuffs to ra-
come insensitive it just triggers hope Pravesh Kumar. His father Sivan Bhagat mechanically, without fodder in their Response Force with 92 boats, and materials to places where they can tion shops and we buy them from there,
but delivers nothing, not even in the is ill and had taken to the only cot the mouth. They are starving earlier we seven teams of the Army with 70 boats reach conveniently. paying money borrowed from well-off
time of crisis, Sudha Devi, sitting under family has. Life for us here is hell- waded through the floodwaters to get and two helicopters have been pressed people on heavy interest.
a tatty awning, says. worse than hell, Bhagat says in a something for them to eat but now into service for relief and rescue opera- Highway to despair On National Highway-77, which con-
hushed broken tone. He has been suf- everything is submerged, says Janak tions in the flood-affected areas. Prime This looks true as we travel on National nects Vaishali to Sitamarhi, the flood-hit
Life on an embankment fering from diarrhoea for the past two Sahni, adding, its a battle to save Minister Narendra Modi is scheduled to Highway-57, which connects Muzaf- families are living in rows under black
Stretched over 10 km from Dumri to days. either our life or our cattle. make an aerial visit of the flood-hit farpur to Purnea. Hundreds of thou- tarpaulin sheets near Basaitpur bridge
Buddha Nagara Radha to Rajwara, the The squalid, filth-ridden narrow The government records put animal areas of north Bihar on Saturday and sands of flood-hit people have taken of Runni Saidpur block, badly affected
embankment is the lifeline for the flood- pathway on the embankment is marked deaths in the State at 192; compensation hold meetings with Chief Minister Nitish shelter near Darbhanga on both sides of by the swirling waters of the Bagmati
hit villagers, mostly poor and daily-wage by open defecation and a fetid stench of 30,000 for the loss of every milch Kumar, who has regularly been making the highway under black tarpaulin- and Lakhandayee rivers this year. There
agricultural labourers. The devastating filling the air. Stray dogs scuttle through cow and buffalo and 3,000 for a goat aerial surveys of the marooned districts covered tent houses. Here, theyre not is just one handpump half a km away
floods having snatched away almost the crowded settlement while men and has been announced. Its all bakwas and inspecting relief distribution opera- as unlucky as those living on the Budha for drinking water. About 500 families
everything, they took refuge here women lounge listlessly under the (nonsense) when they cannot reach tions. Opposition parties, Rashtriya Nagara Radha embankment in Muzaf- have taken shelter on the highway but
clutching their meagre belongings. us, how do they know our cattle have Janata Dal and Congress, have deman- farpur. Someone had come to distrib- no one has come to take notice if it
Some managed to rescue their cows, died? The government officials make ded that the Central government de- ute this black polythene to us, says persists for a few more days, well die of
buffaloes and goats, now tied to a bam-
boo keel by the side of their shanties.
> Were so centrally surrounded
by rivers that we cannot
money in the name of relief and com-
pensation to flood victims, complains
clare Bihar floods a national calamity.
The tragedy behind this recurring
Garbu Ram, who along with his family
of eight members took shelter here after
hunger one by one, says Sanjay Ram.
His newborn baby is sleeping just few
Blank wooden cots, torn plastic mats, a escape floods, but we can Thakur. narrative is best explained by flood ex- torrents of floodwater gushed into his inches away inside the tent from the
few utensils and earthen stoves make minimise destruction to life The flood in Muzaffarpur has left the pert Dinesh Mishra, convenor of Barh village Kumarpatti, 15 km from speeding tyres of vehicles on the high-
up the rest of their possessions. Land is and cattle. villagers marooned in misery. Even the Mukti Abhiyan, an NGO challenging top- Darbhanga town. Until a fortnight ago way. A child aged nine met with an acci-
scarce and the first one to reach gets the Dinesh Mishra
relatively well-off could be seen queuing down flood control policymaking: Un- Ram had a thatched house, three goats, dent a few days ago with a speeding bus
right to erect a tent. Latecomers frantic- Convenor of Barh Mukti Abhiyan, an NGO challenging for relief food packets distributed by a like the British, our elected govern- a cow and 4,000 in hand, but today he but survived miraculously. As a precau-
ally vie for vacant spots. We waited till top-down flood control policymaking social organisation named Sant Nirank- ments do not keep records of move- is penniless, living with his family under tion, the highway dwellers have put ce-
we lost everything now life is on a temporary canopy of black tarpaulin. ment boulders, bricks, banana stems
loan, says Dinesh Thakur, an agricul- Most of the areas in Darbhanga- and logs outside their dwellings to keep
tural labourer. Madhubani districts are flooded this the speeding vehicles at bay.
More than 50,000 people have taken year. Like Ram, over 50 other families of The condition of Sanjay Rams neigh-
shelter on this embankment built in his village too have made NH-57 their bours on the highway, Shambhu Manjhi
1954. If this had not been here, ima- home for the past 10 days. and Ramesh Manjhi, are quite similar.
gine our fate, says Subodh Kumar Su- Just inches away from the speeding They have been surviving on a handful
man, a primary school teacher of trucks, lorries, luxury coaches, vans, of chhura-gur and snails and fish caught
Roshanpur Chakki. His village and cars and SUVs passing on the highway, from the floodwaters. In 2004, there
school are under water but he has been the flood-affected families live in con- was a similar flood that hit Sitamarhi. At
helping fellow victims settle down on stant danger of being crushed. Their that time, the highway was in a poor,
this embankment. buffaloes, cows and goats loitering dilapidated condition. But the restora-
Suman offers us a ride on his motor- around are at greater risk. At night it tion work on this stretch in the interven-
cycle from one breached place of the becomes dark and the speeding ing years has now helped those fleeing
embankment to another. At both the vehicles light blinds us momentarily the floodwaters. At least here we can
breached places Rajwara and Rohua our cots shake as they whizz past, says hide our head and wait for someone to
villagers are scrambling to get on the Ram Bhajan Sahu, who, along with his come with a packet of chhura and gur,
motor boats run by two different teams family of 12, has taken shelter on NH-57. says Ram. He and other families also
of the National Disaster Response Force All the time we hold them tightly to our fear the dark for another reason: antiso-
to cross the river. It is a stampede-like chests, he says of the children in his cial elements are on the prowl.
situation but there is little one can do to family. As darkness falls, silence descends on
bring order. An NDRF man helming a Pointing towards their submerged NH-77. Suddenly, a van materialises
motor boat appears helpless as he fer- thatched houses in the nearby Shobhan laden with khichdi (a mash of rice and
ries more people beyond the prescribed village, the NH-57 residents say that lentil). The highway dwellers quickly
capacity of eight. Yes, its a risk of life only three things have been on the rise surround it, but the van suddenly picks
but what are our options? he says. in the last 10 days: our hunger and debt up speed and vanishes into the dark-
There is no sign of government or and the floodwaters. Most of them are ness. Life has been a cruel joke for us,
non-government relief reaching out to daily-wage agricultural labourers who says Sanjay Ram as another hungry
those taking shelter on Buddha Nagara make 50-60 rupees a day, but ever since night beckons and they all trudge back
Radha embankment. The electricity in the floods, they have been unable to to the tarpaulin tents they call home.
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Political cut and thrust over verdicts SC verdict to
affect ban
CMs took preventive We won, claim both government and Opposition in triple talaq and right to privacy rulings of SC on slaughter
steps, says Rajnath SANDEEP PHUKAN
Union Ministers had congrat-
ulated the Supreme Court on
Uttar Pradesh government
when the judgment was
court to rule even with re-
gard to Muslim men being al-
Press Trust of India
New Delhi
Asked why the Haryana ad- tence can be delivered Barely 24 hours after the Su- the right to privacy verdict. passed. lowed to marry more than The landmark judgment
ministration failed to pre- through video conferencing preme Court declared the Any Central government once. We argued that it can declaring right to privacy a
vent the supporters of the as taking him to the Panch- right to privacy a funda- Ministers congratulating the Adityanaths view be done only by making a fundamental right would
Dera chief gathering in large kula court by road could mental right, Kapil Sibal, Supreme Court for the right U.P. Chief Minister Yogi law and the court order pro- have some bearing in
numbers leading to viol- again trigger violence, said senior lawyer and Congress to privacy judgment like the Adityanath credited the tects the personal law of all matters relating to
ence, Mr. Singh said, [We] the Home Ministry official. leader, tweeted to target the triple talaq one, he asked. Modi government for the communities, Mr. Sibal told slaughter of cows, bulls
cannot blame the adminis- The official said there were Union government. talaq judgment as it took a The Hindu. and bullocks in Maha-
tration for this. How can you one or two cases of self-im- History will never forgive Warning signal firm stand on the issue in The BJP leaders countered rashtra, the Supreme Court
stop movement of people. molation also. There is a Narendra Modis govern- Congress leader Salman court. it by saying there should said on Friday.
Its a democracy. history of Dera followers in- ment for their opposition to Khursid, who had assisted Mr. Sibal, who represen- not be any politics over the The Bombay High Court
Home Secretary Rajiv dulging in violence. We had the most fundamental of all the Supreme Court in the ted the All India Muslim Per- top courts order. Nalin had on May 6 last year
Mehrishi said vehicles and sent several alerts to the rights: the right to privacy, triple talaq case, used a sonal Law Board in the triple Kohli, senior Supreme Court struck down Sections 5(D)
property were burnt in and Haryana government anti- said Mr. Sibal in his tweet on Hindi idiom to convey that talaq case and the Congress- lawyer and BJP spokesper- and 9(B) of the Maha-
around Panchkula and the cipating a verdict against the Friday. institutions of democracy ruled States such as son, said, Whether it is the rashtra Animals Preserva-
situation remained tense. Dera chief as it was a metic- Two landmark Supreme were sending a warning sig- Kapil Sibal Karnataka and Punjab in the triple talaq or the right to tion (Amendment) Act,
Another Home Ministry offi- ulously investigated case, Court judgments, delivered nal to the Modi right to privacy case, said privacy, the Congress will do 1995.
cial said they were exploring said the official. in a span of two days, have government. ber of triple talaq, crores of both verdicts were in partys well not to project it as a vic- While Section 5(D) crim-
the option of a video confer- Mr. Singh appealed for become a subject of intense The series of tweets on Muslim women were re- favour. tory or loss for anyone. The inalises possession of flesh
ence for August 28, when peace and said the Haryana political debate. Former the right to privacy verdict joicing the freedom and In the triple talaq case, triple talaq verdict expands of cows, bulls or bullocks,
the court would pronounce and Punjab governments Jammu and Kashmir Chief were actually a counter to thanking Prime Minister we had condemned the prac- the rights of our Muslim sis- slaughtered outside Maha-
the quantum of sentence. had not sought additional Minister Omar Abdullah those on triple talaq. Modi, said Siddharth Nath tice of instant talaq, but the ters and is not a religious rashtra, Section 9(B) im-
We will see if the sen- forces. tweeted to check how many U.P. has the highest num- Singh, Health Minister in the government wanted the matter. posed burden on the ac-
cused to prove that meat or
flesh possessed by him/her

Political freedoms necessary: SC Privacy realms span from

does not belong to these
animals. The State govern-
ment had filed an appeal in
the top court.

Says the right to dissent is important to end the malaise of corruption abortion to euthanasia The SC observed this
while hearing a batch of
appeals filed against the
sures to the benefit of those HC verdict decriminalising
> Conditions for
Legal Correspondent
realising rights who monopolise scarce eco- Chelameswars judgment throws light on implications the possession of beef in
A free environment for exer- nomic resources. case of animals slaughtered
dont postulate
cising political freedoms On the other hand, condi- Krishnadas Rajagopal which fall within the zone of outside the state.
such as the right to dissent is subversion of tions where civil and polit- NEW DELHI the right of privacy, Justice
necessary to end the malaise political freedom ical freedoms flourish en- The realm of the funda- Chelameswar wrote. Right to eat
of corruption and diversion sure that governmental mental right to privacy span The judge condemns any A Bench comprising
of funds and welfare benefits Aadhaar aids the economic policies are subjected to cri- from womens reproductive State intrusion into what a Justices A.K. Sikri and
that re meant for the poor, right of the poor to get their tique and assessment, he ad- choice and choice of food or person should read or Ashok Bhushan was told by
the Supreme Court said in its wages under the Mahatma ded. faith to euthanasia. Neither think as a conditioning senior advocate Indira Jais-
privacy judgment on Gandhi National Rural Em- It is this scrutiny which the State nor private persons process of the masses ing, representing some of
Thursday. polyment Guarantee sub-serves the purpose of have any business to in- thoughts. This, he held, is a the petitioners, that after
Government leaders in Scheme, shelter and food. ensuring that socio-eco- trude, Justice J. violation of privacy. yesterdays privacy verdict
authoritarian states who D.Y. Chandrachud Only a few elite are con- nomic benefits actually per- Chelameswar wrote in his Insofar as religious be- by a nine-judge constitu-
choke citizens political cerned about the collection meate to the under-priv- separate judgment on liefs are concerned, a good tion Bench, the right to eat
freedoms find themselves of- Amartya Sen, Justice D.Y. and use of biometric details ileged for whom they are privacy. deal of the misery our spe- food of ones choice was
ten ill-prepared to resolve Chandrachud said: His [Mr. for Aadhaar. meant. A womans freedom of J. Chelameswar cies suffer owes its existence now protected under
national crises. Sen] analysis reveals that the For the poor, Aadhaar is a choice whether to bear a to and centres around com- privacy.
This is because lack of free political immunity enjoyed god-send. Assertion of rights child or abort her pregnancy barred if the pregnancy has peting claims of the right to Senior advocate C.U.
flow of information and criti- by government leaders in au- Conditions of freedom and are areas which fall in the crossed 20 weeks. propagate religion," Justice Singh also told the apex
cism has crippled the ability thoritarian states prevents Transparent systems a vibrant assertion of civil realm of privacy, Justice Similarly another burning Chelameswar observed. court that the privacy
of the leadership to intro- effective measures being But Justice Chandrachud, in and political rights promote Chelameswar observed. issue in the Supreme Court The freedom of the be- judgement would have to
spect on their actions and taken in critical situations his judgment, The condi- a constant review of the just- The judgments observa- is a persons right to active lief or faith in any religion is be looked into while decid-
self-correct, the apex court like famine. tions necessary for realising ness of socio-economic pro- tion comes when the Su- euthanasia. a matter of conscience fall- ing the issue. Yes, that
added. The court was replying to or fulfilling socio-economic grammes and of their effect- preme Court is seized with This is a crime under at- ing within the zone of purely judgement will have some
the Centres argument that rights do not postulate the iveness in addressing the cases of numerous wo- tempt to suicide. A person private thought process and bearing in these matters,
Enabling atmosphere privacy of a few should be subversion of political free- deprivation and want. Scru- men who are fighting for who helps a terminally ill is an aspect of liberty, the the Bench observed. The
An enabling atmosphere for sacrificed at the altar of gov- dom. The reason for this is tiny of public affairs is foun- their right to reproductive person to take his own life is judge wrote. An individuals Supreme Court had yester-
citizens to dissent and scru- ernments drive to end cor- simple. Capture of social ded upon the existence of choice. booked under abetment to political belief form part of day said nobody would
tinise government measures ruption and money-launder- welfare benefits can be obvi- freedom. Hence civil and These women and girl suicide. his freedom of conscience like to be told what to eat
add to the vibrancy of ing. Attorney-General K.K. ated only when political sys- political rights and socio- children, including victims An individuals rights to and comes under the funda- or how to dress while rul-
democracy. Venugopal had argued in the tems are transparent and economic rights are comple- of rape, are fighting a battle refuse life prolonging med- mental right to life and ing that these activities
In the judgment often context of Aadhaar. when there is a free flow of mentary and not mutually for the right to abort their ical treatment or terminate liberty of which privacy is a come under the realm of
quoting from Nobel laureate Mr. Venugopal said information. Opacity en- exclusive. foetuses. Abortion is legally his life is another freedom core value. right to privacy.

Khehar will
come back in
Ex-officer alleges nuclear treason Claims on Bt cotton need
new avatar
Krishnadas Rajagopal
Writes to PM that Vice-Admiral guilty of nepotism was welcomed in Naval HQ
Josy Joseph ted in the office of the In-
to be probed, says panel
New Delhi New Delhi spector-General, Nuclear
Attorney-General of India A Navy officer, who recently Safety, the letter said. Dur- Picture painted by govt. agencies far removed from truth
K.K. Venugopal on Friday left service after proving that ing his visit, he interviewed
commended Chief Justice a Vice-Admiral manipulated various officers who had Special Correspondent The duality of the claims U.S., Brazil, Argentina,
of India J.S. Khehar for his the system to promote his rendered reports on me and New Delhi about the increase in yield of Canada, China and India. If
initiative to hold the triple son-in-law and in the process held discussions with senior Reigniting the debate on GM cotton needs further exam- GM technology was so good
talaq hearings during the almost wiped out all Russian- officers of the personnel crops, a parliamentary ination, the committee said. then why would all the
summer vacations and in- trained nuclear submarine branch. He was also shown panel headed by Congress It slammed the govern- countries not embrace it?
dicated that the top judge operators, has now written various documentation, MP Renuka Chowdhury in a ment for its casual ap- Ms. Chowdhury asked.
will, after his retirement, to the Prime Minister nam- ACRs and board proceedings report released on Friday proach to the need for a sci- The Agriculture Ministry
make a comeback in a new ing at least three serving of- which are of confidential said the government agen- entific study of GM crop conceded to the committee
avatar. ficers who actively assisted Big muddle: INS Chakra, a submarine from Russia. It is nature and not supposed to cies have portrayed a rosy impact on health. Can you that herbicide-tolerant gene
The revelation by the in the subversion. Lieuten- alleged that India has lost an entire generation of Russian- be shown to a retired officer, picture on Bt Cotton which imagine they did not think it may escape through pollen
countrys top government ant-Commander S.S. Luthra trained submarine operators. AP * more so to a civilian, it said. is far removed from the fit to carry out any study on into farm and fields, to GM
law officer was made dur- has called upon the Prime Lt. Commander Luthra truth. impact of GM crops on hu- or non-GM crop. So if we al-
ing the farewell ceremony Minister to deal with the Principal Bench of the nuclear submarine India has listed at least three The report of the Stand- man or animal health. All low GM crops in the midst of
held for Chief Justice conspiracy as nuclear tribunal on July 31 ruled leased from Russia in 2010. serving officers who have in ing Committee on Science the studies that the govern- our indigenous crops there
Khehar, who is retiring on treason. against Vice-Admiral Chat- the past assisted the Vice-Ad- and Technology claimed ment have been quoting are is no way contamination can
August 27. In his case before the terjee, former Inspector- Still gets backing miral in manipulating the that the government cited done in other countries be stopped, which means
Today was the last work- Armed Forces Tribunal, Lt. General, Nuclear Safety, and In his letter to the Prime rankings. Calling it nuclear only overall cotton output growing GM crops, Stand- that we could lose the com-
ing day of Chief Justice Commander Luthra estab- the Navy, and said it was dis- Minister, Lt. Commander Lu- safety treason, the retired and not the average yield in ing Committee chairperson petitive edge of unique
Khehar. lished that Vice-Admiral P.K. turbed by the fact that the thra said that despite the commander alleged: The area. Indias cotton yields Renuka Chowdhury said. products, she added.
The post of the top anti- Chatterjees efforts to pro- force does not have an in- court order, the Navy con- greed for personal gains by a increased by 69% in the five Finally, unless bio-safety
corruption ombudsman, mote his son-in-law resulted built system to prevent tinues to assist and support few senior officers has led to years (2000-2005) when Bt Very few takers and socio-economic desirab-
Lokpal, which a former in the wiping out of an al- nepotism. The Bench im- the accused rather than the systematic failure of the Cotton was less than 6% of The committee noted that ility studies are done
Chief Justice of India is eli- most entire generation of posed a fine of 5 lakh on the victim. Naval system that has not total cotton area, but by only 20 years after introduction through a participatory, in-
gible to occupy, has been Russian-trained nuclear sub- Vice-Admiral. Vice-Admiral Chatterjee, only jeopardised the nuclear 10% in the 10 years from of GM crops in 1996, only six dependent and transparent
lying vacant. The Lokpal marine operators of India Lt. Commander Luthra accompanied by a civilian, safety of Indian nuclear sub- 2005-2015 when Bt Cotton countries continue to ac- process, the committee has
law has been in limbo for out of service. was a nuclear reactor oper- visited the Naval headquar- marines but has caused a grew to 94% of the total cot- count for over 90% of all GM recommended that no GM
the past few years. In a rare judgment, the ator aboard INS Chakra, the ters last week and was hos- huge loss to the nation. ton area, the report noted. crop area globally including crop should be introduced.

China may attend Govt.s target

Chennai science meet
How Adityanath took a right turn in politics on housing
A biography says he was on the verge of joining SFI, but a senior student persuaded him to join ABVP scheme cut
Jacob Koshy Swayam Sevak-linked Vijn-
NEW DELHI ana Bharti and the Ministry Nistula Hebbar was interested in student contest the student body and mother, Savita Devi, Sobhana K. Nair
Despite the border tension, of Science and Technology. NEW DELHI politics and his sisters elections in his college but were upset to see him in the New Delhi
China is among the coun- This year, for the first The saffron-robed Chief Min- brother-in-law, Jai Prakash, was denied ticket for the garb of a monk. Only after Midway through the gov-
tries invited by India to a time, we are having such a ister of Uttar Pradesh, Yogi an SFI member in his col- post of secretary as it had persuasion by Mahant ernments ambitious Pra-
Science and Technology ministers conclave and in- Adityanath, could well have lege, influenced him to a cer- been promised to another Avaidyanath were they re- dhan Mantri Awas Yojana
Ministers conclave in Chen- vited the Science and Tech- turned left politically, in- tain extent to consider join- student. He contested as an conciled to this new role for (PMAY), which promises
nai next month. nology Ministers from stead of right, but for one ing the organisation. Independent rebel candidate their son. Two months after housing for all by 2022, the
The Science Ministers of neighbouring countries, in- long conversation with a and was defeated. that meeting, Mr. Adityanath Urban Development Min-
Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Nepal, cluding Pakistan and senior student in PG Govern- Life-changing talk travelled to his village for the istry has cut down the
Bangladesh and Indonesia China..., Jayakumar A., sec- ment College, Kotdwar, in It was a long conversation Family in the dark customary bhiksha or alms schemes target.
are among those invited to retary, Vijnana Bharti, told 1991. with Pramod Rawat, also In one of the vignettes about from his mother, a tradition When the project was
the meeting that will discuss The Hindu. The Hindu could A biography, The Monk known as Tunna, in the lib- the politician, the book says for sanyasis set by Adi Sank- launched in June 2015, the
how science and technology not establish if the countries Who Became Chief Minister, rary of the college that per- that in November 1993, he ara. His parents now call him government had promised
can address the common have confirmed participa- by Shantanu Gupta, hitting suaded him to join the ABVP Yogi Adityanath left his village in Uttarakhand Maharajji, rather than the to construct 1.87 crore
challenges in these tion. An e-mail and calls to the stands this week, says instead, Mr. Gupta says. As without a word to his family name they gave him. houses.
countries. Arabinda Mitra, Head of the the five-time Lok Sabha MP an ABVP member, Mr. Sampradaya of the Gorakh- or friends to join the Gorakh- Not much is known about The estimation of 1.87
The conclave is part of Department of Science and was on the verge of joining Adityanath came into con- nath Peeth. nath Peeth as a monk. His his early life. Though always crore houses was based on
the India International Sci- Technologys bilateral sci- the Students Federation of tact with Mahant Avaidy- The long association with parents managed to locate outspoken, he is not an easy a 2012 survey. When we
ence Festival (IISF), a three- ence cooperation division, India before he was per- anath during the Ram Janm- the student wing of the RSS, him in late 1994 when they fit in the drawing rooms of did a ground survey, which
year-old mela of students were not returned. The IISF suaded by Pramod Rawat to abhoomi movement, however, gives an early clue saw a report in a local news- Lutyens Delhi. His rise to is still going on, we found
and scientists, that show- will be held at the Indian In- join the Akhil Bharatiya Vidy- impressing the latter enough to his rather maverick career paper about the successor to prominence has raised curi- that the demand is less. We
cases contemporary and stitute of Technology, arthi Parishad. to make the future Chief Min- in the BJP, where he has not Mahant Avaidyanath. Reach- osity about him, which this now peg it at 1.2 crore,
historical achievements of Madras; Anna University; The book reveals that Mr. ister his disciple and suc- always been in sync with the ing Gorakhpur soon after, his book may go some way in Housing and Urban Affairs
Indian science. It is organ- and the National Institute of Adityanath, then Ajay Bisht, cessor as head of the Nath party. In 1992, he wanted to father, Anand Singh Bisht, fulfilling. Secretary Durga Shanker
ised by the Rashtriya Ocean Technology. Mishra said.
2006-2017 Kasturi & Sons Ltd. -Arun Soman -9872374973



Flash point: (From left) Followers of Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh gather in Sirsa on Friday after the court verdict; an injured follower being taken for treatment to a Panchkula hospital; and a broadcast technician attempts to escape from a mob. *

Mayhem destroys peace in Panchkula The farm to prison

story of Baba of bling
Violence, arson by supporters of Dera Sacha Sauda chief bring back chilling memories of the Jat agitation last year
He is a curious amalgam of reel & real
Press Trust of India
Panchkula Press Trust of India blurring of lines between
Death and destruction des- Chandigarh the larger than life image of
cended on Panchkula, other- He glides through the air the man of bling who would
wise a peaceful city of Hary- dressed in pink robes in his be god and superstar. For
ana, as soon as the self-styled promotional videos and in somebody who commands
godman, Gurmeet Ram real life is known to ride so much attention, the per-
Rahim Singh, was convicted powerful, souped up bikes sonal details are just a few.
by a special CBI court here in to congregations, the per-
a rape case. sona as flashy as the vehicle The only child
The violence and arson by itself. He was born in Sri Gurusar
supporters of the Dera Sacha But Friday was judge- Modia village in Rajasthans
Sauda chief brought back ment day for Gurmeet Ram Sri Ganganagar district on
chilling memories of last Rahim, head of the Dera August 15, 1967, to a land-
year when this city, on the Sacha Sauda sect, who was lord father. An only child,
outskirts of Chandigarh, wit- convicted in a rape case and Gurmeet helped his father
nessed an agitation by the left two states in a state of in the farm in his early
Jats over reservation. The fol- siege. Some of that tinsel years.
lowers of Ram Rahim, who aura may fade for the baba Gurmeet, it is said, was
had gathered here in thou- of bling, who is not the reg- always spiritual. When he
sands over the past four ular godman in saffron but a was seven, he was picked
days, went on the rampage, curious amalgam of reel and out by Shah Satnam Singh,
hurling stones, vandalising real defying easy then head of the Dera Sacha
media vehicles and setting description. Sauda in Sirsa, who anoin-
afire several two-wheelers. His Twitter profile de- ted him Ram Rahim.
near the road and gone if the injuries were had gathered here gave a At least three OB vans of ability to maintain law and scribes him as Spiritual Sixteen years later, in
Residents stay inside nearby for some work, due to police action or tough time to the police and private television channels order in the State ahead of Saint/Philanthropist/Versat- 1990, Satnam Singh invited
Thick smoke billowed high in said a young man working violence by Dera paramilitary personnel. were damaged. Two vans the CBI court verdict and ile Singer/Allrounder his disciples from all over
the sky as terrified local res- with a private company. followers. Immediately after the ver- were overturned by a mob. pulled it up for not imposing Sportsperson/Film Director/ the country for a grand sat-
idents locked themselves in- A steady stream of ambu- At least one person was dict, many of the Dera The Punjab and Haryana Section 144 of Cr. PC in time Actor/Art Director/Music sang where 23-year-old Gur-
side their homes. lances was bringing scores of seen lying motionless by the chiefs followers broke police High court had come down to prevent the huge gather- Director/ Writer/Lyricist/ meet Ram Rahim was
My motorcycle has been injured people to the local roadside. Many women barricades and security heavily on the Haryana gov- ing of Dera followers in Autobiographer/DOP. chosen as his successor.
burnt down. I had parked it civil hospital. It was not clear among the followers who cordons. ernment for its apparent in- Panchkula. For his followers, who The Dera chief, who com-
gathered in the thousands in pleted his high school, is
Panchkula ahead of the ver- married to Harjeet Kaur.

Probe was a game of Godman enjoyed BJP patronage dict in the case of rape and
criminal intimidation, their
leader is all this and more.
They have two daughters,
Charanpreet and Aman-
preet, both of whom are

wits: ex-CBI official Special Correspondent Rahim ji & his team. Will mo- normalcy and provide all BJP leaders like Kailash Vi-
The bejewelled head of the
Sirsa-headquartered sect,
who turned 50 this Inde-
married, and a son Jasmeet.
He also adopted a girl.
New Delhi tivate people across India to possible assistance that is re- jayvargiya and Manoj Tiwari
Press Trust of India Sometimes we won and Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh, join Swachch Bharat Mis- quired, Mr. Modi said in his were present. pendence Day, holds sway
New Delhi sometimes we lost but, at the chief of Dera Sacha sion, Mr. Modi had tweeted. tweets. The website of Dera Sacha over millions in Haryana,
With a senior directing them the end, todays verdict Sauda, whose supporters The Dera chief supported Sauda says its a spiritual or- Punjab and Rajasthan.
to close the case and the wo- showed that no one can es- went on the rampage in PM condemns violence the BJP during the 2014 As- ganisation and the sect has As curiosity grew about
man who alleged sexual ab- cape the law of the land, Haryana, Punjab and Ra- On Friday, Mr. Modi put out sembly election and Hary- a huge following among Dalit the man at the centre of the
use getting married, it was a Mr. Narayanan said. jasthan to protest the court a series of tweets con- ana Chief Minister M.L. Khat- Sikhs. frenzied storm,
game of wits for the CBI Mr. Narayanan was pos- verdict convicting him of demning the violence in tars association with the Haryanas Education Min- Gurmeet, who
team that probed the rape ted as Deputy Inspector rape, has enjoyed the pat- Haryana. The instances of self-appointed cult leader is ister Ram Bilas Sharma had drove to
case against Gurmeet Ram General of Police (Special ronage and support of the violence today are deeply an open secret. On May 6, said last week that Dera fol- Panchkula in
Rahim, recalled a retired of- Crimes) in Delhi when the Bharatiya Janata Party gov- distressing, I strongly con- Mr. Khattar launched a spe- lowers were peace-loving a large convoy
ficer on Friday. Punjab and Haryana High ernment in Haryana as well demn the violence and urge cial cleanliness drive with people. A few months ago he of scores of
As a special CBI court in Court handed the case to as Prime Minister Narendra everyone to maintain peace. the Dera chief at his constitu- handed a cheque of 51 lakh vehicles, put out a
Panchkula convicted the the CBI in September 2002. Modi. The law and order situation ency in Karnal. to the Dera chief as a mark of tweet appealing
Dera Sacha Sauda chief of He also spoke about the On October 29, 2014, Mr. is being closely monitored. I Known for flashy clothes support. A year ago, Health for peace and say-
rape, it was flashback time difficulties in investigating Modi had lauded the Dera reviewed the situation with and producing films where and Sports Minister Anil Vij ing he would go to
for former CBI joint director the case. He said he was un- chief for he Swachh Bharat NSA & Home Secretary. he is the main protagonist, drew flak from the Congress court even though
Mulinja Narayanan, who der pressure even from his (clean India) mission. Ap- Urged officials to work the Dera chief has held suc- for donating 50 lakh to the he had a backache.
headed the investigation. juniors. preciable effort by Baba Ram round the clock to restore cess parties where senior Dera chief. It was the familiar

3 killed in Khattar admits to lapses

in handling of situation
clashes near CHANDIGARH
Under fire over the handling
of the situation arising out of
Dera HQ Dera Sacha Sauda chief
Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singhs
Ashok Kumar conviction, Haryana Chief
SIRSA Minister Manohar Lal Khattar
Three persons were killed on Friday admitted that there
and four sustained injuries were lapses but asserted
in violent clashes between appropriate action was being
the supporters of the Dera taken. Mr. Khattar ducked a
chief and the police in Sirsa question on how thousands of
as violence erupted near Dera followers managed to
the Dera headquarters reach Panchkula despite
here on Friday evening, Section 144 being imposed
soon after the CBI court much earlier. Mr. Khattar also
pronounced its verdict said the government would
holding Dera chief Gur- assess the damage. PTI
meet Ram Rahim Singh
guilty in a rape case. Smriti warns media
The clashes took place against creating panic
around 5 p.m. after a mob NEW DELHI
torched a milk plant, a pa- Union Information and
per mill and a power sub- Broadcasting Minister Smriti
station near Shahpur Begu Irani through a tweet on
village. A Hindi news chan- Friday night warned
nel journalist was also Wanton destruction: Firemen stand next to a coach set on fire by supporters of Dera Sacha Sauda chief Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh television channels against
manhandled by the mob. at the Anand Vihar railway station in New Delhi on Friday. SPECIAL ARRANGEMENT * creating panic and undue
fear even as the unrest
3 in serious condition continued in Haryana and
One of the deceased has
been identified as Wazir
Chand, a resident of Sukh
Violence hits Delhi, CM calls for calm Punjab. Minutes after her
stern message, she tweeted,
Attack on media, damage to
Sagar Colony. The identit- property condemnable.
ies of the other two de- Two coaches of a train and a DTC bus among those damaged by protesters Appeal to all to maintain
ceased were yet to be es- peace.
tablished. Three of the Jatin Anand lice including the dog squad No injury or deaths were maintain peace.
injured are serious and Shubhomoy Sikdar were seen inspecting the site reported. However, incidents kept Cong. slams violence,
have been referred to the New Delhi of the blaze. L-G Anil Baijal and Chief being reported sporadically, calls for CMs resignation
medical college hospital in Around a dozen incidents of In Khayala, a DTC bus was Minister Arvind Kejriwal ap- seven of them almost within NEW DELHI
Abroha, said Deputy Dir- violence were reported from set on fire near the Khayala pealed for calm even as re- an hour between 4-30 p.m. The Congress called for the
ector, Haryana Public Rela- large parts of Delhi after a bus stop. ports about more such incid- and 5-30 p.m. resignation of Haryana Chief
tions Department, Satish Haryana court convicted ents from all parts kept The Hindu had reported Minister M. L. Khattar, with
Mehra. Dera Sachcha Sauda leader Shoot and scoot pouring in on Friday on Friday that intelligence party president Sonia Gandhi
The violent protests Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh The police categorised these evening. inputs suggested that the expressing grave concerns
against the verdict, how- in a rape case. as shoot and scoot cases of I appeal to all to main- Delhi police would keep an over the violence in the State.
ever, mostly remained con- Among the major incid- sporadic violence, primarily tain peace & have directed eye on an estimated 20,000 Congress vice-president
fined to the neighbour- ents was the setting ablaze of those of arson and damage Commissioner of Police to supporters of the Dera chief Rahul Gandhi stressed that
hood of the Dera Sacha two coaches of the Rewa Ex- to public property, triggered take effective measures to at a dozen locations in the violence and brutality had no
Sauda premises on the out- press at the coach care by the verdict and what fol- ensure protection of life & capital. place in society. @PMOIndia
skirts of the city. Gurbaksh, centre of the Anand Vihar lowed in Punjab and Hary- property, tweeted Mr. Prohibitory orders under must put the interest and
one of the Dera followers, Railway Station of East Delhi. ana. However, they also said Baijal. Section 144 of the Criminal safety of Indians before his
said the verdict was not ac- Several teams from the some instances of vandalism Mr. Kejriwal also took to Procedure Code were im- partys interests. @mlkhattar
ceptable to him and lakhs Delhi Fire Service and the could have been done by twitter and posted: I urge posed in all 11 revenue dis- must resign, the party said
of the supporters. crime units of the local po- mischief-mongers. everyone to stay calm and tricts. on Twitter. PTI
2006-2017 Kasturi & Sons Ltd. -Arun Soman -9872374973


71 killed in Myanmar militant attack Pakistan population has

30 police posts and Army base in the restive Rakhine State came under assault by Rohingya insurgents surged by more than half
YANGON Early census results show it now has 207 million people
Muslim militants in Myan- Bangladesh
mar staged a coordinated at-
pushes back Agency France-Presse
tack on 30 police posts and
Nawaz warns of a
an army base in Rakhine
state on Friday, and at least Rohingya Pakistans population has
surged by more than half to
59 of the insurgents and 12
members of the security Haroon Habib
207 million, according to
provisional results of the
repeat of 1971 debacle
forces were killed, the army countrys first census in al-
and government said. Bangladeshs border most two decades released Press Trust of India
The fighting marked a ma- guards pushed back 146 by the statistics board on Lahore
jor escalation in a simmering Rohingya refugees who Friday. Pakistan may face
conflict in the northwestern were coming to the Once confirmed in the fi- another
State since last October, country in the wake of nal report, Pakistan could dismemberment like
when similar attacks promp- fresh tensions between be set to overtake Brazil as the one it witnessed in
ted a big military sweep be- Rohingya insurgents and the worlds fifth most popu- 1971 if the peoples
set by allegations of serious Myanmar security forces. lous country, according to mandate is not respected,
human rights abuses. Border guards statistics on the U.S. Census ousted Prime Minister
The Arakan Rohingya Sal- intercepted and sent back Bureau website. Pakistans Nawaz Sharif warned on
vation Army (ARSA), a group Caught in the middle: Rohingya people from Myanmars Rakhine State gather near the border refugees from different Prime Minister Shahid Friday as he took a dig at Nawaz Sharif
previously known as in Ukhiya town, where Bangladeshi guards were stopping them from entering, on Friday. AFP *
points of the Naf river on Khaqan Abbasi praised the the Supreme Court for
Harakah al-Yaqin, which in- Friday, said Major Saiful work of census officials and disqualifying him. He also targeted the
stigated the October attacks, ganised than those in Octo- The militants also used mitted crimes against hu- Islam Jamaddar, deputy called for early comple- Mr. Sharifs outburst countrys intelligence
claimed responsibility for ber will spark an even sticks and swords and des- manity in the offensive that commander of the Border tion of the final figures, a came a day after the agencies the Inter
the early morning offensive, more aggressive army re- troyed bridges with explos- began in October. On Friday, Guard Bangladesh (BGB) statement from his office Lahore High Court Service Intelligence and
and warned of more. sponse and trigger com- ives, the army said. the UN condemned the milit- battalion in Teknaf. said. No date has yet been banned the broadcast of the Military Intelligence
The treatment of approx- munal clashes between ant attacks and called for all Guards gave the 146 announced for the release. anti-judiciary remarks for being part of the
imately 1.1 million Muslim Muslims and Buddhist ethnic Illegal immigrants parties to refrain from refugees, including women by him and his party Panama Papers
Rohingya has emerged as Rakhines. The Rohingya are denied cit- violence. and children, primary care Bickering by politicians cadre. investigation against him.
majority Buddhist Myan- In the early morning at 1 izenship and are seen by The military said about before sending them back Mr. Abbasi also lauded the
mars most contentious hu- a.m., the extremist Bengali many in Myanmar as illegal 150 Rohingya attacked an to their country, the BGB victims of several attacks tar-
man rights issue as it makes insurgents started their at- immigrants from army base in Taung Bazar said. geting census officials, in- map, raising fears over 132.35 million.
a transition from decades of tack on the police post... Bangladesh, despite claiming village in Buthidaung An estimated 87,000 cluding a bomb blast in power bases and federal Central Punjab province
harsh military rule. with the man-made bombs roots in the region that go township. Rohingya have fled Lahore in April which killed funding. remained far and away the
It now appears to have and small weapons, said the back centuries, with com- The attack took place Myanmar and come to at least seven people. The provisional results most populated, home to
spawned a potent insur- army in a separate state- munities marginalised and hours after a panel led by the Bangladesh since late last Pakistan had not held a published by the Pakistan more than 110 million
gency which has grown in ment, referring to the Ro- occasionally subjected to former U.N. chief Kofi Annan year, following a military census for nearly two dec- Bureau of Statistics showed people or more than half the
size, observers say. They hingya by a derogatory term communal violence. advised the government on offensive in Rakhine that ades due to years of bicker- an average annual growth of country but it also showed
worry that the attacks implying they are interlopers The UN said Myanmars long-term solutions for the began in October. ing by politicians concerned 2.4% since 1998, when the the slowest average annual
much larger and better or- from Bangladesh. security forces likely com- violence-riven State. it could redraw the political total population was put at growth rate, at 2.13%.

Top aide breaks ranks

with Trump on neo-Nazis
IS kills 20 in attack on Shia mosque Maldives jails its last
remaining Oppn. leader
Militants reportedly began stabbing worshippers after running out of bullets
Exposes deep unease in White House Ibrahim sentenced to 38 months
Agence France-Presse attack is over and the site has
Agence France-Presse sistently and unequivocally been cleaned up by our po-
Washington condemning these groups A suicide bomb and gun at- lice, deputy spokesman Agence France-Presse sentenced to 38 months in
Donald Trumps top eco- and do everything we can to tack claimed by the Islamic Najib Danish told AFP, con- Colombo jail. The guilty verdict also
nomic advisor criticised his heal the deep divisions that State on a Shia mosque in firming three attackers were The Maldives last remain- disqualifies Mr. Ibrahim, 65,
failure to unequivocally con- exist in our communities, Kabul killed 20 people and killed by security forces. ing Opposition leader in the from holding a seat in
demn neo-Nazi and white Mr. Cohn told the Financial wounded over 50 on Friday, country was handed a Parliament.
supremacist groups, break- Times, without specifically officials said. It is the latest Detonation in mosque prison sentence on Friday
ing ranks with the President naming Mr. Trump. assault to highlight deterior- Kabul police spokesman Ab- as President Abdulla Fighting Yameen
and exposing deep unease ating security situation in dul Basir Mujahid told AFP a Yameen stepped up a crack- The JP is one of four parties
inside the White House on Pressure to quit Afghanistan. suicide bomber detonated down on political dissent in in the archipelagos Opposi-
Friday. Mr. Cohn, a former Gold- Gunshots and explosions himself inside the mosque. South Asias troubled trop- tion coalition that wants to
Gary Cohn head of the man Sachs executive, said could be heard during the at- People gathered outside ical paradise. defeat Mr. Yameen at elec-
White House national eco- he faced tremendous pres- tack that lasted around four had tried to call women and Qasim Ibrahim, who tions next year and sees the
nomic council and one of sure to quit after the Pres- hours and witnesses repor- children trapped inside but heads the Jumhooree Party impeachment of the
the most prominent Jewish- ident appeared to draw ted seeing worshippers their mobile phones were ( JP) and lost his bid for the Speaker as a first step to tak-
Americans in Mr. Trumps moral equivalence between smash windows to escape. Heart-in-mouth moment: Afghan policemen try to rescue a not responding, an AFP re- presidency in 2013, was ac- ing control of Parliament to
administration went pub- white nationalist demon- The mosque, in a residen- child at the site of a suicide attack in Kabul on Friday. REUTERS * porter at the scene said. cused of leading a failed bid ensure free and fair polls.
lic with his displeasure over strators and anti-racism tial area in the north of the Eyewitnesses described in March to impeach The coalition, led by
the President's response to counter-protesters. city, was believed to have Heavily armed security initially put the death toll at horrific scenes inside the Speaker Abdulla Maseeh, a former President Mohamed
recent deadly violence in Mr. Trump drew wide- been packed with dozens of forces stormed the building 12, including 10 civilians. mosque as the attackers ran close ally of Mr. Yameen. Nasheed, who also heads
Charlottesville, Virginia. spread condemnation when men, women and children and rescued more than 100 Among the security short of bullets and began He was convicted on Fri- Maldivian Democratic Party
This administration can he suggested there was when the assailants struck worshippers, according to forces, two were killed and using knives to stab day of bribing lawmakers to from London, condemned
and must do better in con- blame on both sides. during Friday prayers. the Interior Ministry, which seven others wounded. The worshippers. impeach the Speaker and the courts decision.

Former Thai PM India in

Batten down the hatches Afghanistan
Yingluck flees abroad not a threat
Was facing verdict in a negligence trial to Pakistan
Reuters who is also a member of her Press Trust of India
Bangkok Puea Thai Party. The Washington
Ousted Thai Prime Minister sources did not say where Indias economic activities
Yingluck Shinawatra has she had gone. in Afghanistan pose no
Macrons makeup costs fled the country ahead of a direct threat to Pakistan, a
prompt criticism verdict against her in a neg- Turbulent decade senior U.S. official has said,
PARIS ligence trial brought by the Ms. Yinglucks brother, adding that Islamabad
French President Emmanuel junta that overthrew her, Thaksin Shinawatra, who needs to change some of its
Macrons office has confirmed sources close to the heads the political clan, was unhelpful behaviour by
a report that the leader spent Shinawatra family said on overthrown in a 2006 coup cooperating with the U.S.
26,000 on makeup during Friday. and fled into exile to escape in achieving counter-ter-
his first three months in Ms. Yingluck, 50, whose a corruption conviction that rorism goals in the region.
power, and says its trying to family has dominated Thai he said was aimed at demol- U.S. President Donald
find a cheaper alternative. It politics for more than 15 ishing the populist move- Trump has sought an en-
was first reported by the Le years, failed to show up at ment he founded. hanced role for India in
Point magazine. AP court for judgment in a case The struggle between bringing peace in Afgh-
centred on the multi-billion that movement and a anistan as he ruled out a
Germany bans website dollar losses incurred by a Bangkok-centered royalist hasty withdrawal of troops
over G20 violence rice subsidy scheme for and pro-military elite has while announcing his Afgh-
BERLIN farmers. been at the heart of years of anistan and South Asia
Germany has banned a far- Overthrown in 2014, Ms. turmoil in Thailand. The policy on Monday.
left website, which it said was Yingluck faced up to 10 verdict against Ms. Yingluck Mr. Trump had said that
used to organise violence at years in prison if found could have reignited ten- a critical part of his South
the G20 summit in Hamburg, guilty. Her former Com- sion, though the Army has Asia policy was to further
after raids on its supporters merce Minister was jailed in largely snuffed out open develop Americas strategic
early on Friday turned up a related case for 42 years opposition. partnership with India. He
knives, batons and catapults, on Friday. Cambodian immigration also sternly warned
Interior Minister Thomas de She has definitely left police said she had not Bracing for impact: Water from Hurricane Harveys surge crashes through pylons at a fishing pier in Port Isabel, Texas, on Friday. Pakistan for providing safe
Maiziere said. REUTERS Thailand, said one source, entered their country. Texans got ready for a prolonged battering from the storm, which could be the fiercest to hit the U.S. in nearly a dozen years. AP * havens to terrorists.

12 dead in Saudi coalition Dealing with Islamabad

Toxic debate in U.K. demonises immigrants

air strike in Sanaa While we welcome Indias
DUBAI role in Afghanistan, it has a
An air raid by the Saudi-led lot of goodwill, they are do-
coalition struck a building in ing developmental pro-
Yemens capital Sanaa on jects. They have given $3
Friday, killing 12 people, six of Hate rhetoric and xenophobia make it harder for newcomers to integrate with British society, warns report billion in aid and U.S. ap-
them children, when an preciates that and wants
adjacent apartment block Vidya Ram up leading parallel lives dressing valid concerns teaching for all and greater ment to justify a tough im- migrant communities in Bri- that to continue. But again
collapsed, residents said. The LONDON anti-immigrant rhetoric and about the impact of immigra- power for local government migration regime for stu- tain about the shift in the we do not see that a direct
attack took place in the citys A toxic debate on immigra- xenophobia are making it tion on public services, some to promote integration. dents, in spite of calls from political debate. threat to Pakistan, the
Faj Attan area. REUTERS tion in Britain is hindering harder for immigrants to be- of which can contribute to universities, opposition White House official said
integration in Britain, with come full members of British local tensions, he said on Overstaying students parties and even Conservat- Less tolerant on condition of anonymity.
IS pushes back advancing rising anti-immigrant senti- society, warns the report, Friday. We must start by The report comes a day after ive cabinet members to ease Sixty-two per cent of I am not going to dis-
Syrian troops near Raqqa ment and the demonisa- Integration Not Demonisa- valuing the contributions of the government faced criti- the rules. second generation migrants cuss the steps and meas-
BEIRUT tion of new comers, a scath- tion by the All Party Parlia- all ethnic and minority com- cism for vastly overestimat- The debacle has also been feel that Britain has become ures that the U.S. is consid-
Islamic State militants pushed ing report by a group of mentary Group on Social In- munities to the U.K... rather ing the number of interna- seen as an example of how less tolerant since the Brexit ering pursuing with
back government forces cross-party parliamentarians tegration, chaired by Labour than being seen as security tional students overstaying incorrect figures and as- vote, says the report. Pakistan, the official said
advancing on one of the last has warned. MP Chuka Umunna. risks, immigrants should be their visas. New figures sumptions were being used We must act radically when asked about the crit-
towns still in IS hands in the The poisonous nature of viewed as Britons-in-waiting showed that just 3% of inter- to inflame and misinform the now at this crucial juncture ical statements coming out
province of Raqqa, killing our immigration debate, far Peddlers of hatred keen to participate in their national students over- already highly emotionally in our nations history to of Pakistan after Mr.
over two dozen soldiers and from encouraging people to We must act now to safe- community, he added. stayed, compared to the gov- charged debate on immigra- craft a new immigration and Trump announced his
seizing vehicles, a Syria integrate into the life of our guard our diverse communit- The report sets out 56 ernments initial estimate of tion in Britain. integration policy settlement South Asia strategy. We do
monitoring group and the country, increases the likeli- ies from the peddlers of policy recommendations, in- nearly 100,000, which had The report points to in- to bring our brilliantly di- have areas where we co-
extremists said. AP hood that new comers end hatred and division while ad- cluding compulsory English been used by the govern- creasing concerns from im- verse country together. operate that will continue.
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Task Force
formed to Immediate priority is to bring in stability to Infosys
study AI for Nilekani lays equal stress on putting in place a long-term corporate governance structure, mending boards strained ties with co-founder Murthy
development Jay Shankar
would get a full briefing on refusing to disclose why they I am representing the full Zehnder to work with the
the Panaya investigations got a clean chit, Mr. Murthy board, 100% of the share- Nominations and Remunera-
Special Correspondent Nandan Nilekani, the 62- and an appropriate course 71, had written in his letter. holders and all the tions Committee to review
New Delhi year-old non-executive chair- of action will be decided. The board responded by stakeholders. and identify a right CEO can-
Commerce and Industry man of Infosys, said on Fri- Mr. Nilekani returned to stating that Mr. Murthys Mr. Nilekani said he would didate, he said.
Minister Nirmala Sithara- day that his top priority was the Bengaluru-based soft- campaign against the Board work to mend the boards The committee will also
man has constituted a Task to find a new managing dir- ware services company on and the company has had whole relationship with deliberate on the long-term
Force chaired by V. Ka- ector for the crisis-hit com- Thursday in the wake of a the unfortunate effect to un- Mr. Murthy, who estab- governance structure of the
makoti of IIT Madras to ex- pany, to put in place a long- bitter spat between Mr. dermine the companys ef- lished the culture and ethos board and present its recom-
plore possibilities to lever- term corporate governance Murthy and the board over forts to transform itself. of Infosys. mendations at the meeting of
age Artificial Intelligence structure, and to repair the Vishal Sikkas abrupt resigna- Mr. Nilekani acknow- It is a complex environ- the board in October. The
(AI) for development strained relations with co- tion as chief executive officer ledged that the circum- ment with multiple factors at board also appointed D.N.
across various fields. founder N.R. Narayana and MD on August 18. stances in which he was re- work, he said. The current Prahlad as chairman of In-
The task force on AI for Murthy. turning were far from situation is very complex. I fosyss subsidiary EdgeVerve.
Indias Economic Trans- The immediate priority is Panaya probe normal and said his biggest will decide (on the investiga- A strategic consolidated
formation will submit con- to bring in stability and an Mr. Murthy, who co-foun- source of strength in taking tion reports) with an open plan to put the company on
crete and implementable environment where employ- ded Infosys in 1981 with Mr. on the challenge was the all- and fair mind. Murthy is an the growth track by merging
recommendations for gov- ees can continue to do what Nilekani and others, had Mission mode: Former CEO Nilekani says he has come back with round backing he had iconic figure and he is the all the current initiatives
ernment, industry and re- they are doing, Mr. Nilekani, questioned the board on cor- no time limit but only the determination to fulfil all tasks. received. father of corporate gov- would be in place by Octo-
search institutions, an offi- a former CEO who returned porate governance issues in ernance in the country. ber, he said.
cial statement said. to the firm he co-founded the run up to Mr. Sikkas Sikkas decision to step tice of the Infosys board. Represent everybody The board would also en- I have a record of doing
The task force will have after eight years, told journ- resignation. He had also down. Mr. Murthy had re- Several shareholders I am representing every- gage in broad-based share- things successfully, Mr.
official participation from alists. Give me the freedom wanted that the probe report acted sharply to the boards who have read the whistle- body. The board was unan- holder consultations to de- Nilekani said. Also, I believe
NITI Aayog, Ministry of to run the company and get relating to the $200 million charges, saying in a letter last blower report have told me imous in its decision to invite termine what further, if in consensus building.
Electronics and IT, Depart- it back to the path of pro- acquisition of start-up week, that his primary con- that it is hard to believe a re- me to this position. The insti- any steps Infosys could take The man who oversaw the
ment of Science & Techno- gress. Panaya be made public. The cern was the deteriorating port produced by a set of tutional investors also asked to ensure that it continued to Aadhaar project asserted he
logy, UIDAI and DRDO. The In its second meeting in as stand-off turned into a full- standard of corporate gov- lawyers hired by a set of ac- me to take up the position. adhere to high governance had come with a mission.
members include Anuj many days, the board on Fri- blown crisis when the board ernance, which I have re- cused, giving a clean chit to Mr. Murthy also asked me, standards, Mr. Nilekani said. I have no time limit. I will
Kapuria, High Tech Robot- day decided that Mr. Nilekani blamed Mr. Murthy for Mr. peatedly brought to the no- the accused and the accused Mr. Nilekani said. It had also appointed Egon fulfil all the obligations.
icSystemz Ltd., Anurag
Agarwal, Institute of Gen-
omics & Integrative Bio-
logy, CSIR; Ashish Dutta,
IIT Kanpur; Ashwini As-
Data law panel report Samsungs Lee given 5-year jail term for bribery
okan, Mad Street Den,
Chennai; Gautam Shroff, by year end: Prasad Billionaire head of South Korean conglomerate also found guilty of embezzlement and perjury
vice-president & chief sci-
entist, TCS Innovation Reuters Lee Jae-yong and Samsung Court, likely next year.
Labs, Gurgaon; G.H. Rao, May lend norms for Google, Facebook SEOUL Group executives, who had The five year-sentence
HCL Technology; G. The billionaire head of South been steadily preparing for one of the longest given to a
Madhusudan, IIT Madras; Yuthika Bhargava helping in empowering cit- Koreas Samsung Group, Jay Lees succession ... bribing South Korean business
G.V.N. Apparao, ex-chief New Delhi izens, they will need to re- Y. Lee, was sentenced to five the president, Seoul Central leader is a landmark for
technology officer, Cogniz- The Centre expects the ex- spect and follow the law of years in jail for bribery on District Court Judge Kim Jin- South Korea, where the fam-
ant; Komal Sharma Talwar, pert committee working on the land. A top government Friday in a watershed for the dong said, using Mr. Lees ily-run conglomerates or
founder, XLPAT; Kunal a framework for data pro- official said the panels re- countrys decades-long eco- Korean name. chaebols have long been
Nandwani, founder & CEO, tection to submit its report port would clear the air on nomic order dominated by Judge Kim said that as the revered for helping trans-
uTrade Solutions; Shant- by the end of this year. This laws that would apply to powerful, family-run groups heir apparent, Mr. form the once war-ravaged
anu Chaudhary, IIT Delhi, could lend greater clarity on such firms. conglomerates. Lee stood to benefit the country into a global eco-
Department of Electrical data privacy requirements The committee has After a six-month trial most from any political fa- nomic powerhouse.
Engineering; Vijay Kumar that could be imposed on already met twice, the offi- over a scandal that brought vours for Samsung. Samsung, a symbol of the
Sankarapu, founder & companies like Google and cial, who did not wish to be down the then president, Mr. Lee denied wrongdo- countrys rise from poverty
CEO,; Ajay Kumar, Facebook. named, said. Whether Park Geun-hye, a court ruled ing, and one of his lawyers, following the 1950-53 Korean
Additional Secretary, Min- We expect the commit- there is a need for a separ- that Mr. Lee had paid bribes Steep fall: The heir to one of the biggest corporate empires was Song Wu-cheol, said he War, has come to epitomize
istry of Electronics & IT; tee, led by former Supreme ate law or introducing regu- in anticipation of favours charged with bribing former President Park Geun-hye. REUTERS *
would appeal. the cosy and sometimes cor-
Amandeep Gill, Ambas- Court judge Justice B.N. lations under the IT Act from Ms. Park. rupt ties between politicians
sador/PR to CD, Geneva; K. Srikrishna, to submit its re- the government is open to The court also found Mr. bribed Ms. Park to help se- Mr. Lee, who emerged Verdict is unacceptable and the chaebols.
Nagaraj Naidu, Joint Secret- port by the end of this year, both options, but that will Lee guilty of hiding assets cure control of a conglomer- stony-faced from the Seoul The entire guilty verdict is The ruling is a turning
ary (ITPO), Department of IT Minister Ravi Shankar totally depend on the nature abroad, embezzlement and ate that owns Samsung Elec- courtroom in a dark suit, but unacceptable, Mr. Song point for chaebols, said
Economic Affairs; and Prasad said. of the recommendations. perjury. tronics, the worlds leading without a tie, and holding a said, adding he was confid- Chang Sea-jin, a business
Aloke Mukherjee, DRDO. Asked about protection of The Centre had formed a Mr. Lee, the 49-year-old smartphone and chip maker, document envelope, was es- ent his clients innocence professor at Korea Advanced
Ravinder, Joint Secret- user data with firms such as 10-member panel to identify heir to one of the worlds and has interests ranging corted by justice ministry of- would be affirmed by a Institute of Science and
ary, DIPP, Ministry of Com- Google and Facebook, Mr. key data protection issues biggest corporate empires, from drugs and home appli- ficials back to his detention higher court. The case is ex- Technology. Lees ruling
merce & Industry is the Prasad said while he appre- and propose a framework has been held since Febru- ances to insurance and centre. pected to be appealed all the sets a precedent for strict en-
convenor. ciated how these firms were for a data protection law. ary on charges that he hotels. This case is a matter of way up to the Supreme forcement of laws.

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MPs fret over trade deficit with ASEAN DLF to sell 40% stake
Parliamentary panel urges that India should seek better market access for its products and services
in rental arm to GIC
Vikas Dhoot must aim towards better $9.56 billion. 11,900 cr. largest private equity deal
NEW DELHI market access, it asserted. The committee also found
The Parliamentary Standing As per official data, that while exports of agricul- Special Correspondent
Committee on Commerce among the essential com- tural products from India NEW DELHI
has questioned the govern- modities cited by the gov- faced high import tariffs and The DLF board on Friday
ment for suggesting that the ernment, imports of coal fell barriers, leading to a sharp approved the sale of 40%
LLadro to start online countrys increasing trade by 2.5% in 2016-17 from a drop in trade, Indias food equity held by DLFs pro-
sales in India from Oct. deficit with ASEAN nations is year earlier, while vegetable processing sector had raised moters in its rental arm DLF
KOLKATA due to imports of essential oil imports grew by 3.7% to concerns about the near ab- Cyber City Developers Lim-
Spanish luxury brand LLadro commodities and has touch $6.19 billion in 2016-17. sence of quality norms for ited (DCCDL) to an affiliate
will sell its products online in strongly recommended that Crude petroleum imports import of cheap processed of Singapore-based GIC Real
India from October. LLadro India seek better market ac- rose by almost 50% in 2016- food products from ASEAN Estate for 11,900 crore,
plans to start online sales in cess for its products and ser- 17, but exports of petroleum countries. terming it one of the largest
India through its own vices with the 10-nation bloc. products (Indias top export private equity transactions
platform This is The Association of South- product to the ASEAN bloc) Processed food imports in Indian real estate.
at an advanced stage of East Asian Nations (ASEAN) surged 58.4%. The Committee recom- In a statement to the The proposed transaction
designing and we are trying comprises of Indonesia, Uneven field: India has suffered a trade deficit in respect of Among the other top 10 mends the Department to stock exchanges on Friday implies an enterprise value
to start from this October, Singapore, Philippines, five ASEAN members. GETTY IMAGES/ISTOCK
commodities imported from look into cheap import of evening, DLF said the ex- of 35,617 crore for DCCDL.
Spa Lifestyle CEO Nikhil Malaysia, Brunei, Thailand, ASEAN, consumer electron- poor quality processed food pected post-tax considera-
Lamba said. Spa Lifestyle is a Cambodia, Lao PDR, Myan- resulted in biggest trade defi- ant percentage of Indias im- ics grew at the highest pace products. It desires that ap- tion from the deal is expec- 33.34% equity shares in
joint venture between Spa mar and Vietnam. cit from India amongst all ports and that if these essen- in 2016-17 (18.33%), followed propriate quality norms may ted to be in excess of DCCDL.
Agencies and LLadro. LLadro, India has suffered a trade ASEAN member States. tial commodities are by ships and boats (12.82%), be fixed for import of such 10,000 crore, a substantial GIC is Singapores sover-
a maker of handcrafted deficit in respect of five The committee chaired by excluded, India will have a electronic components products from ASEAN as well portion of which will be in- eign wealth fund.
porcelain-based gift items, ASEAN members Malaysia, BJP MP Bhupender Yadav better or positive balance of (11.72%) and telecom instru- as other regions of the vested in the company. DLF said the transaction
has been selling its products Indonesia, Thailand, Brunei has said India must seek bet- trade position. ments (9.17%). Indias world, its report said. shall create one of the lead-
via eight boutiques. PTI and Lao PDR over 2015-16 ter market access for goods Taking a strong exception second-largest export com- Similar concerns have Debt reduction ing platform play for rental
and 2016-17, with the biggest where India has an edge over to this stance, the committee modity to ASEAN buffalo been raised by the commit- DLFs net debt is close to properties, with rent yield-
Coal India, unions settle deficit emerging in trade ASEAN nations, like leather held that if this approach or meat saw a 4.92% increase tee about the imposition of 26,000 crore, hence the ing assets of 26.9 million
salary increase issue with Indonesia, the commit- goods and pharmaceuticals, argument is subscribed, then in 2016-17 to reach $2.78 safeguards and non-tariff deal which has been in the square feet (msf ).
NEW DELHI tee has noted. to improve the trade bal- there was no need for the billion. barriers by ASEAN nations works since late 2015 could
The stalemate between Coal ance. The committee trade agreement with on exports of Indias textiles come as a boost in the arm Development potential
India management and Indonesia tariffs stressed that its examination ASEAN. Fourth-largest partner and pharmaceuticals, while for its deleveraging plans. The portfolio, currently, has
unions over salary raise has Under the existing trade of the Indo-ASEAN trade dy- The import of essential ASEAN is Indias fourth demanding that the govern- The proposed transac- an under development
come to an end as both have agreement, Indonesia has namics assumed significance commodities will continue largest trading partner with ment must ensure recipro- tion, that will still need cor- pipeline of approximately
reached an understanding. committed a tariff elimina- given that this year marks 25 with or without the trade total trade in 2016-17 at city in the reduction of tariffs porate and regulatory ap- 2.5 msf with further devel-
We have reached an tion on 50.1% of its items years of the formal partner- agreements. The better mar- $71.69 billion, constituting al- in products like steel. provals, implies an opment potential of 19 msf,
understanding with the Coal which is the least in compar- ship. ket access in terms of higher most 11% of Indias overall It has also sought efforts enterprise value of 35,617 it added.
India management for 20% ison to other ASEAN mem- The Ministry of Com- export has not materialised global trade of $660.6 bil- to improve Indias access to crore for DCCDL. Separately, the board also
minimum guaranteed ber States, the committee merce apprised the panel and this is a matter of con- lion. Total exports to ASEAN services trade in ASEAN, Following the completion approved raising 2,500
benefit, D.D. Ramanandan, said in its report on Indo- that the imports of essential cern. The Committee would in 2016-17 stood at $31.07 bil- with a focus on increasing of the deals various aspects, crore through debt instru-
general secretary of All-India ASEAN trade issues released commodities coal, petro- like to impress on the De- lion, while imports were the footprint of Indian banks DLF would hold 66.66% ments such as non-convert-
Coal Workers Federation, on Friday. The least tariff leum and edible oils from partment that various trade $40.63 billion, creating an and financial institutions in equity shares and GIC affili- ible debentures, subject to a
said. The central trade unions elimination by Indonesia has ASEAN constitute a signific- instruments/agreements adverse trade balance of the region. ate Reco Diamond shall hold nod from its shareholders.
at the coal PSU had been
demanding 25% increase on
gross wages as on June 30,
2016, plus 4% as perks. PTI TRAI orders Idea to pay 3 cr. RBI to boost Britain back to Brexit table
printing of
FDI proposals worth
5,000 crore cleared
for overcharging customers 200 notes with economy in decline
The Centre has approved
nine Foreign Direct Firm had leveied excess charges for calls to BSNL, MTNL SPECIAL CORRESPONDENT
Investments proposals, Mumbai Conditions are in contrast to what the other side is seeing
including that of Amazon Special Correspondent ferential tariff. COAI and The Reserve Bank of India
Retail India, envisaging NEW DELHI some operators had chal- (RBI) on Friday said pro- Reuters
foreign investments of about The Telecom Regulatory Au- lenged this before Telecom duction of the newly-circu- London
5,000 crore. According to thority of India (TRAI) has Disputes Settlement and Ap- lated 200 note is being Britains economy is begin-
the Department of Industrial imposed a penalty of almost pellate Tribunal (TDSAT) ramped up by currency ning to feel the Brexit pinch,
Policy and Promotions 3 crore on Idea Cellular for and kept charging higher printing presses and will or perhaps given the strong
(DIPP) Foreign Investment overcharging subscribers for tariffs for calls to BSNL and be made available in ad- performance of the rest of
Facilitation Portal, four calls they made to two pub- MTNL, but the TDSAT dis- equate quantities. RBI star- the world economy, it
foreign direct investment lic sector operators BSNL missed their appeal in ted circulating the 200 should be punch.
proposals, including BCP and MTNL. December 2006. note from some of its of- After a prolonged period
Advisors and Aveo Real The penalty is for excess consequent to the dis- fices and banks from of relatively benign eco-
Estate Holdings, have been price charged by the oper- DoT had amended licences to missal of the appeal by the Friday. nomic numbers following
rejected. FDI into the country ator from May 2005 to Janu- permit inter-service area Honble TDSAT, TRAI vide its The production of last years vote to leave the
grew 9% to $43.47 billion in ary 2007. in exercise of connectivity within four Order dated January 15, these notes is being European Union, there are
2016-17. PTI powers conferred upon States. REUTERS
* 2007 sought compliance of ramped up by the currency now signs of a potentially Uncertain future: The pound has lost more than 1.4% against
itthe Authority hereby dir- its earlier Direction dated printing presses, and over serious slowdown. the dollar since Aug 14. REUTERS *

More than 29 lakh ects Idea to deposit the In May 2005, the Depart- February 27, 2006 as well as time as more notes are
returns filed under GST amount of 2,97,90,173, ment of Telecom (DoT) had the date from which Idea printed, it will be distrib- Widening trade gap The performance of Bri- rency. That is at least in part
NEW DELHI charged in excess from its amended licences to permit has been complying with the uted across the country They stretch from retrench- tains pound over that because the U.K. economy is
More than 29 lakh businesses subscribers during the inter-service area connectiv- Direction, the order said. through the banking chan- ing households to hesitant period suggests few people starting to feel the impact of
have filed their first tax period from May 2005 to ity among telecom operators It added that Idea Cellular nels and will be available businesses, from a widening were impressed enough Brexit.
returns under the Goods and January 2007, as computed within four States Maha- had reported that in U.P. for public in adequate trade deficit to lacklustre with them or with the like- Economic momentum
Services Tax (GST) regime by Ms Idea, in TCEPF and re- rashtra, West Bengal, Tamil (West) service area they had quantity, RBI said in a manufacturing. They also lihood they will come to looks uncertain. Monthly
before the filing deadline on port compliance within 15 Nadu and Uttar Pradesh. Fol- complied with the TRAI dir- statement. come just as the EU and Bri- pass to overcome the eco- factory orders this year sug-
Friday, an official said. An days of issue of this Direc- lowing this, calls within each ection with effect from Janu- These notes are avail- tain return to the negotiating nomic signs. gest that the sector is failing
estimated 15-20 lakh more tion, the regulator said in its of these states were to be ary 29, 2007. Further, Idea able only through select table, the latter with a hand- Running through the re- to capitalise from a weaker
may file returns by the end of order dated August 24. treated as local calls for the on January 30, 2007 repor- RBI offices and banks as is ful of new post-Brexit posi- lease of five official Brexit sterling and a pick-up in
the deadline. Under the GST, purpose of call routing and ted that uniform tariff has normal when a new de- tion papers. papers, the pound has lost global trade, Jaisal Pastakia,
businesses are supposed to No refund levy of access deficit charge. been in effect from Novem- nomination of notes is in- Since mid-August, Lon- more than 1.4% against the investment manager at
file monthly sales returns The amount is to be depos- TRAI had concluded that ber 1, 2006 which is the date troduced and the supply don has been releasing offi- dollar since August 14 and Heartwood Investment Man-
and pay due taxes online. ited in Telecom Consumers differential tariff levied by of commercial launch of increases gradually, RBI cial papers on issues such as the euro has gained the agement, wrote in a note.
Since this was the maiden Education and Protection private GSM operators in the their services in U.P. (East) said. trade, customs, the same against sterling. Elsewhere, second
return after GST was rolled Fund (TCEPF) since it can- four states were discrimin- service area, TRAI said. While the notes are European Court of Justice, While the pound weak- quarter economic growth
out on July 1, the not be refunded to the sub- atory and inconsistent with COAI and some providers available from some bank and what the province of ness is not directly linked to figures showed consumer
government gave companies scribers due to non-availabil- the amended license condi- filed a civil appeal before the branches, it will take some Northern Irelands future the papers, their release has spending slumping to a two-
extra time to file returns and ity of rated call detail record tions, and directed them to Supreme Court, which dis- time before it is available border with EU member Ire- clearly done nothing to im- and-a-half year low of just
pay taxes. PTI (CDRs). immediately discontinue dif- missed it. through ATMs. land will look like. prove confidence in the cur- 0.1% quarter-on-quarter.

Okinawa Scooters
to open new facility
Will produce 1 million vehicles a year
M. Soundariya Preetha
Okinawa Scooters, which
manufactures electric
vehicles, will commission a
new manufacturing facility
at Bhiwadi in Rajasthan
next year. According to
Jeetender Sharma, man-
aging director of Okinawa
Scooters, the new plant will
have the capacity to pro-
duce one million vehicles a The company is coming out
year. The existing plant in with high-speed electric
Bhiwadi can manufacture motorcycles and scooters
1.8 lakh vehicles a year, if by end of the financial year.
operated on two shifts.
The company has 60 deal-
R&D centre ers, with focus on the
This will be made into an northern and western
R&D centre when the new States. It plans to have
plant is commissioned. The about 500 dealers in three
company has invested years and will focus on
about 35 crore so far and southern States now.
plans are on to invest an- Awareness on electric
other 300 crore in the vehicles is high in the
next two years. This will be South, he said. Talks are
for capacity increase, ex- on for dealerships in
pansion of dealer network, Bengaluru, Hyderabad and
and to strengthen research Tamil Nadu.
and development, he said. We are looking at an an-
Okinawa wants to nual turnover of about 70
launch two or three new crore this year and sale of
models of vehicles every 12,000 to 14,000 vehicles.
year. This will mean devel- We are coming out with
opment of new moulds and high-speed electric motor-
production lines. Hence, cycles and scooters by the
investment will be a con- end of this financial year,
tinuous process, he said. he added.
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Dont regret changing batting order Another conflict of
Kohli says he wanted to allow Indias other batsmen time in the middle
interest in BCCI
one-down spot.
But asked about this after
Khannas office puts up employee for
the match, Kohli said he has Match Referee post
Press Trust of India no regrets about his decision
Muguruza eager to solve to change the batting order. Vijay Lokapally Ashu Dani, had also been
A change in batting order al- When youre 110 for one New Delhi doubling up as a media as-
US Open puzzle
NEW YORK most cost India the second in a chase of 230, you want In a case of conflict of in- sistant to Khanna.
The hard courts of Flushing ODI against Sri Lanka before to give everyone a chance to terest, the BCCI acting pres- Ghayas was among the
Meadows have been a puzzle it scraped through but Virat bat. I dont have any regrets. idents office has recom- candidates who had applied
for Wimbledon champion Kohli said he has no regrets If I had come at No. 3, I mended one of its for the post of selector for
Garbine Muguruza, who has about his decision as any would have still missed that employees for the post of the forthcoming season but
admitted a natural affinity for skipper would have wanted ball because he (Akila Match Referee. withdrew his name, obvi-
French Open clay and a to give a chance to other Dananjaya) was bowling that Former Delhi leg-spinner ously to back himself for the
reverence for the grass batsmen in that situation. well, Kohli, who was dis- Chetnya Nanda, attached to Match Referees assignment,
courts of Wimbledon. She is From 113 for one in the missed for just four runs, the acting president C.K. a role he had performed in
eager to do well next week. 17th over, India was reduced said. Khannas office, figures in the past too.
I feel like I'm going to try to 131 for seven in the 22nd It was quite an exciting the two-name list submitted According to the BCCI
and not have a lot of over with spinner Akila game of cricket, fans and by the Delhi and District source, Nanda, with an ag-
expectations with New York. Dananjaya taking six wickets players must have been en- Cricket Association (DDCA). gregate of 31 First Class
Every time I have a little bit, in a sensational spell. tertained. It is good for us to A Board source con- matches, can be eligible if
it holds me a little bit back. But a 100-run partnership come through eventually. firmed that Nandas name is he gives up his job in Khan-
Im just going to go out there between Mahendra Singh Two 100-run partnerships in in the list which contains nas office. We have not re-
from zero. Forget about what Dhoni (45 not out) and a chase of 230 with seven Feroze Ghayas as the second ceived any communication
happened previous years. It's Bhuvneshwar Kumar (53 not wickets, thats quite bizarre. candidate. to that effect, added the
a new tournament, she said. out) for the unbroken eighth This kind of thing does not source.
wicket ensured that India happen in this game often, An oversight Incidentally, former Delhi
beat Sri Lanka by three wick- he added. There has been an over- batsman Akash Malhotra,
ets and went up 2-0 in the He gave credit to the un- sight. Nanda cant apply for with an experience of 54
five-match series. heralded mystery spinner the Match Referees post First Class matches, had
As India was cruising at a Dananjaya. We thought he when he is employed by the stayed away from any State
brisk pace in the beginning was the off-spinner with a BCCI, said the source. role (coach or selector) for
of its run chase (231 from 47 good leg-break, but he got Nanda, who served the the forthcoming season
overs under Duckworth- four wickets off googlies. DDCA as a State under-19 since he had applied for the
Lewis method), Kohli made Well be more careful next leg-spinner and reportedly Match Referees job.
changes in the batting order time. Credit to him for pitch- did a good job in the com- Malhotra, however, has
with himself, coming in at ing the ball in the right pany of former India left- not been given any reason
No. 5 instead of his usual areas. Bamboozled! Virat Kohlis citadel is breached by an Akila Dananjaya special. *
AFP spinner Maninder Singh and for being excluded.
Olympic silver medallist
arrested for drug dealing
Australian cyclist Jack
Bobridge, who won silver
MS told me to bat like I do in West Indies edge day one TV PICKS
Badminton World Champi-

Tests, says Bhuvneshwar

medals in the team pursuit at onships: STAR Sports 1 (SD &
the last two Olympics, was Gabriel and Roach scalp four each; Stokes hits 100 HD), 2.30 p.m.
England v West Indies: 2nd
arrested in Perth this week Reuters Test, SS Select 2, 3.30 p.m.
on charges of dealing in Press Trust of India Leeds Belgian GP: Qualifying, SS
ecstasy, local media reported PALLEKELE West Indies was 19 for one in Select HD 2, 5.30 p.m.
on Friday. Bobridge also won Bhuvneshwar Kumar, who reply to Englands first-in-
three World championship played a crucial role along nings 258, a deficit of 239
gold medals, four
Commonwealth Games titles
with Mahendra Singh Dhoni
in rescuing India after a
runs, at stumps on the first
day of the second Test at A futile trip
and still holds the World startling collapse in the Headingley on Friday.
record for the 4km individual
pursuit with the time he set
second ODI on Thursday, Kraigg Brathwaite was 13 to watch
says the former captain ad- not out and nightwatchman
in Sydney in 2011. REUTERS vised him to build his knock Devendra Bishoo one not Tendulkar
like he does in Tests. out.
When I went in to bat, Earlier, England all- Press Trust of India
MS told me to play my nat- rounder Ben Stokes made ex- LEEDS
ural game like I play in Test actly 100 and captain Joe Joe Root still remember his
cricket and dont take any Root, who won the toss, 59 sense of disappointment
pressure as we had a lot of as he led his country for the when he first came to
overs at that time. We knew first time on his Yorkshire watch a Test at Headingley
if we played them out we home ground. in the hope of seeing
would chase easily, Both batsmen, however, Sachin Tendulkar bat, only
Steyn is the bowler Starc Bhuvneshwar said at the were dropped in the slips on for the India great to spend
admires the most post-match press single figures. most of the day in the
MELBOURNE conference. Saviours: Bhuvneshwar Kumar and M.S. Dhoni played with All-rounder Stokes was Failing to capitalise: Joe Root, who departed for 59, will feel dressing room.
Australia pace spearhead I knew there was nothing purpose to rescue India in the second ODI. REUTERS * dropped for a second time he did not make enough of an early reprieve. AFP * The first Test match (I
Mitchell Starc, who is to lose in this situation as we on 98 when a simple chance saw at Headingley) was
currently nursing a foot were already seven down. I whatever was going away wouldnt reach a stage of was spilled at mid-on. SCOREBOARD ENGLAND VS WEST INDIES against India. I think they
injury, has nominated South was just thinking that I could from me I wasnt really wor- needing 6-7 runs per over as Those three misses, which only lost one wicket all day.
Africas Dale Steyn as the rival play and that I had to sup- ried about. we didnt have many bats- equated to 142 runs, took the England 1st innings: A. Cook 258, 9-258. I was desperate for Sachin
c K Hope b Gabriel 11, M. Stone- West Indies bowling: Roach
bowler he admires the most. port MS as much as I could. Initially it was a bit diffi- men left. We werent run- edge off an improved West to get in, said the 26-year-
man c Dowrich b Roach 19, T. 19.5-1-71-4, Gabriel 17-4-51-4,
Hes taken so many wickets, And thats what I tried to cult to read him from the ning extra hard or trying to Indies bowling effort. old Root.
Westley lbw b Roach 3, J. Root Holder 16-5-45-1, Chase 12-1-
hes done it in all conditions. do, he said. hand but later on when I do anything special. We just Recalled fast bowler Shan- This was the match at
c Blackwood b Bishoo 59, D. 59-0, Bishoo 6-0-27-1.
Hes not the biggest or Asked how he countered played him for 10-15 balls I played normally, said non Gabriel took four wick- Malan b Holder 8, B. Stokes c
Leeds in 2002 when India
strongest bloke but hes Dananjaya, who was on fire, could read his variations, Kumar. ets for 51 runs in 17 overs and West Indies 1st innings: K. made 628 for eight de-
Dowrich b Gabriel 100, J. Bair- Brathwaite (batting) 13, K.
played a lot of cricket, taken a Bhuvneshwar said, I had a he explained. I never thought in my new-ball partner Kemar stow c Holder b Gabriel 2, M. clared.
lot of wickets, bowled fast for plan against him. He is an It was a normal plan be- dreams that I would score Roach four for 71 in 19.5. Powell c Cook b Anderson 5, D. And, on the opening
Ali c Chase b Roach 22, C. Bishoo (batting) 1; Total ( for
a long time and unfortunately off-spinner but he was also cause we knew that we fifty in one-dayers. Not just England leads the three- Woakes c Dowrich b Roach 23, day, Tendulkar made only
its starting to catch up with bowling leg-spin and didnt need to do anything fifty, but a match-winning match series 1-0 after an in- one wkt. in 12 overs): 19. 18 of his 193 runs. Rahul
S. Broad b Gabriel 0, J. Ander-
him, Starc was quoted as googlies so it was a surprise different. We tried whatever knock, because one-day is nings and 209-run victory in son (not out) 0; Extras (b-2, Fall of wicket: 1-11. Dravid (148) and Sourav
saying by for us. I just wanted to play opportunity we got for the kind of format that the inaugural day/night Test lb-3, w-4, nb-2): 11; Total (in England bowling: Anderson 6- Ganguly (128) also scored
For someone like that (I him for the wrong one or the singles or doubles. We doesnt suit my batting as I in Britain completed inside 70.5 overs): 258. 3-5-1, Broad 5-1-12-0, Woakes hundreds in the match that
have) a lot of admiration, he googlies, which he was would not leave that because am not the kind of batsman three days at Edgbaston last Fall of wickets: 1-19, 2-26, 3-37, 1-0-2-0. India won by an innings
added. ANI bringing in to me. And by adding singles we who can hit big sixes. week. 4-71, 5-140, 6-152, 7-220, 8- Toss: England. and 46 runs.

CoA to meet on August 29 Sindhu through, Marin out Tricky Europa League
G. Viswanath
The Committee of Adminis-
mittee, but might modify it
on the aspects of the one
State, one member, one
ward for the BCCI to get
maximum revenue as
against e-tendering for the
Son Wan Ho snaps Srikanths run; Lin Dan, Axelsen advance group stage for Arsenal
trators will meet in Mumbai vote issue and the composi- IPL media rights. Agence France-Presse trophy in a pre-recorded
on August 29 to give finish- tion of the selection WORLD CSHIPS Monaco video message shown at the
ing touches to the new BCCI committees. Womens committee Arsenal faces a tricky draw in Monaco.
Constitution, as per the Au- The CoA might also con- A committee comprising Agencies Europa League group stage Europa League groups: A: Vil-
gust 23 directive of the Su- sider maintaining the full- GM-Game Development Rat- with ties against Cologne larreal, Maccabi Tel Aviv, As-
preme Court. membership positions of nakar Shetty, CoA member P.V. Sindhu on Friday as- and Red Star Belgrade as Ar- tana, Slavia Prague.
A few months ago, the Railways, Services and All Diana Eduljee, and players sured herself of a third sene Wengers side plays in B: Dynamo Kiev, Young Boys
CoA had posted a version of India Universities. Mithali Raj, Harmanpreet World badminton champi- Europes second-tier com- Berne, Partizan Belgrade,
the new Constitution on the The NCC and CCI are Kaur and Jhulan Goswami onships medal as she petition for the first time Skenderbeu.
BCCI website, but withdrew likely to make a case for will meet on August 30 to stormed into the semifinals, since 1997. C: Sporting Braga, Ludogorets,
it over some contentious themselves to retain their give shape to a women's to lift Indias spirit after K. The Gunners were also Hoffenheim, Basaksehir.
issues. voting rights. cricket programme. Srikanths exit in the paired with Belarus club D: AC Milan, Austria Vienna,
As it has done in the re- Sources said the CoA has Coach Tushar Arothe will quarterfinals. Bate Borisov in Fridays Rijeka, AEK Athens.
cent past, the CoA will retain filed an affidavit with the Su- be unable to attend the Wo- Defending champion Car- draw that was kinder to an- E: Lyon, Everton, Atalanta,
the by-laws authored by the preme Court, stating that mens Committee meeting as olina Marin was shown the other European giant, AC Apollon.
three-member Lodha Com- closed-bid is the way for- he is travelling. door by Japans Nozomi Ok- Milan, which faces Austria F: FC Copenhagen, Lokomotiv
uhara 21-18, 14-21, 21-15. Vienna, AEK Athens and Moscow, Sheriff Tiraspol, FC
The Rio Olympics siler Rijeka of Croatia. Wayne Zlin.

Two-match ban for Tharanga medallist, assured herself of

at least a bronze with a clin-
ical display against World
Rooneys Everton has a
stern test in a group contain-
ing French club Lyon,
G: Vitoria Plzen, Steaua Bu-
carest, Hapoel Beer-Sheva, FC
Agence France-Presse also been inducted into the No. 6 Chinese Sun Yu. The whose Groupama Stadium H: Arsenal, Bate Borisov, Co-
PALLEKELE squad for the remaining 22-year-old, who won will host the final on May 16. logne, Red Star Belgrade.
Sri Lanka captain Upul matches of the five-match bronze at the 2013 and 2014 Italian side Atalanta and I: Salzburg, Marseille, Vitoria
Tharanga was on Friday series. editions, beat Sun Yu 21-14, Cypriot minnow Apollon Guimaraes, Konyaspor.
handed a two-match ban for Opener Danushka 21-9 in 39 minutes at the complete Evertons group. J: Athletic Bilbao, Hertha Ber-
a slow over-rate offence dur- Gunathilaka, who injured Emirates Arena. Paul Pogba of last sea- lin, Zorya Luhansk, Ostersund.
ing his sides loss to India in his shoulder while fielding The World No. 4 Indian sons winners Manchester K: Lazio Rome, Nice, Zulte
the second one-dayer on in the second match, has will next take on World No. Payback time: South Korean top seed Son Wan Ho had his United was voted the Best Waregem, Vitesse Arnhem.
Thursday. been ruled out as he needs 10 Chen Yufei, who saw off revenge against K. Srikanth in the quarterfinals on Friday. * AFP Player of the 2016-2017 com- L: Zenit Saint-Petersburg, Real
Sri Lanka was found approximately 10 days to former champion Ratchanok petition and received the Sociedad, Rosenborg, Vardar.
three overs short by match Intanon of Thailand. minute clash. match against Sun, who was
recover. out of sorts and nervous.
referee Andy Pycroft as the Earlier, Srikanth went Son Wan Ho will next face
The squad: Chamara the legendary Lin Dan. The The results: Men: Quarterfi-
International Cricket Coun- down fighting 21-14, 21-18 to
Kapugedera (capt.), Dinesh Chinese star, who won the nals: Son Wan Ho (Kor) bt K.
cil rules stipulate that teams World No. 1 Son Wan Ho of
Chandimal, Lahiru Thirimanna, last of his five world crowns Srikanth 21-14, 21-18; Lin Dan
should finish their 50 overs Angelo Mathews, Niroshan
Korea in mens singles (Chn) bt Vincent Wong Wing Ki
within three-and-a-half competition. in 2013, overcame Hong
Dickwella (wk), Danushka (HK) 21-17, 21-1; Viktor Axelsen
hours. The 24-year-old had come Kongs Vincent Wong Wing
Gunathilaka, Kusal Mendis, (Den) bt Chou Tien Chen (Tpe)
into the match with victories Ki 21-17, 21-18. Denmarks
Chamara Kapugedera, Milinda 21-18, 20-22, 21-16.
Kapugedera to lead over Son Wan in June at the Viktor Axelsen also reached
Siriwardana, Malinda Pushpak- Women: Quarterfinals: P.V.
Chamara Kapugedera will umara, Akila Dananjaya, Lak- Indonesia Super Series the last four. Sindhu bt Sun Yu (Chn) 21-14,
lead the host in the absence shan Sandakan, Thisara Perera, Premier and Australia Super Sindhu dished out an ag- 21-9; Chen Yufei (Chn) bt
of Tharanga. Wanindu Hasaranga, Lasith Ma- Series but it counted for gressive game and never Ratchanok Intanon (Tha) 14-21,
Test captain Dinesh linga, Dushmantha Chameera, little as the Korean dished looked in doubt as she led 21-16, 21-12; Nozomi Okuhara Deserving prize: Paul Pogba receiving the Best Player award
Chandimal and batsman Vishwa Fernando, Upul Thar- out a near-perfect game to from start to finish during (Jpn) bt Carolina Marin (Esp) for 2016-2017 in a pre-recorded video message shown at the
Lahiru Thirimanne have anga (for fifth ODI). Chamara Kapugedera. * AP outclass the Indian in a 49- the 39-minute lop-sided 21-18, 14-21, 21-15. Europa League draw in Monaco. REUTERS *

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Farah ends track career in style


SB College retains title (below 17) and veteran

CHANGANASSERY: SB College, categories respectively. The
Neeraj suffers a groin injury; Gatlin and Schippers beaten to the fourth place Changanassery retained the district team for the State
title in the Fr. P.C. Mathew championship, to be held
5000m: 1. Mo Farah (GBr) Memorial Trophy inter- here, will be chosen from
DIAMOND LEAGUE collegiate basketball the two-day meet.
13:06.05, 2. Paul Chelimo (USA)
Raikkonen just wants to Agence France-Presse 13:06.09, 3. Muktar Edris (Eth) tournament at the SB KCA Green
win races, fight for titles ZURICH 13:06.09; 400m hurdles: 1. basketball stadium here on
in command
SPA-FRANCORCHAMPS (BELGIUM) Four-time Olympic cham- Kyron McMaster (IVB) 48.07, 2. Friday. In the final, SB
Taciturn veteran Kimi pion Mo Farah ended his Karsten Warholm (Nor) 48.22, College turned on the heat A fine half-century by Sanju
Raikkonen believes he can track career in thrilling fash- 3. Kariem Hussein (Sui) 48.45. in the last quarter to defeat V. Samson (74) carried KCA
still win races and fight for ion on Thursday with victory High jump: 1. Mutaz Essa Bar- arch-rival Mar Ivanios Green to the verge of
Formula One championships in the 5,000m at the Dia- shim (Qat) 2.36m, 2. Majd Eddin College 79-67. victory against KCA Blue in
after agreeing a contract mond League final while Ghazal (Syr) 2.31, 3. Bohdan Sohul K. Lal, who came the KCA Mixed age cricket
extension keeping him at world 100m champion Justin Bondarenko (Ukr) 2.31; Long from the bench in the last tournament at the
Ferrari next season. I enjoy Gatlin slumped to defeat. jump: 1. Luvo Manyonga (RSA) quarter, turned the match Greenfield Stadium here on
racing and obviously I want to The 34-year-old Farah, 8.49, 2. Rushwal Samaai (RSA) on its head. The scores were Friday.
do well. If I did not feel that I also a six-time World cham- 8.31, 3. Jarrion Lawson (USA) tied at 58 at the end of the Chasing 184 for a win, KCA
can go fast I wouldnt be pion who will now switch to 8.12; Pole vault: 1. Sam third quarter. Sohul Green ended the second
happy in myself... I wouldnt road running, clocked 13min Kendricks (USA) 5.87, 2. Piotr contributed 11 out of the 21 day at 140 for four, needing
06.05sec to defeat Paul Che- Lisek (Pol) & Pawel Woj- points his team scored in a further 44 runs for an
be here. When I dont feel like
ciechowski (Pol) 5.80; Javelin: the last quarter. out-right win.
that, I will be the first guy to limo of the United States and
1. Jakub Vadlejch (Cze) 88.50, The results:
do something else. REUTERS Muktar Edris of Ethiopia. On a day when 18 wickets
2. Thomas Ruhler (Ger) 86.59, Final: SB College,
Chelimo was later fell, Sanju was the stand-out
3. Tero Pitkamaki (Fin) 86.57, 7. Changanassery 79
disqualified. performer scoring the only
Neeraj Chopra (Ind) 83.80. (Sugeethnath 16, Sohul K. Lal
It was also Farahs first ca- half-century in the match to
reer Diamond League Women: 200m: 1. Shaunae 14, Akhil A. Sunny 13, Dony put his side in the drivers
trophy. I wanted to win, Miller (Bah) 21.88s, 2. Elaine Thomas 12) bt Mar Ivanios seat.
Thompson (Jam) 22.00, 3. College, Thiruvananthapuram
and its amazing that I have Me, numero uno! The legendary Mo Farah signed off with the 5000m crown on Earlier, resuming at 69 for
Marie-Josee Ta Lou (CIV) 22.09; 67 (Harikrishnan 22, Prem
won, but it was hard work, Thursday. ROBERT HRADIL/GETTY IMAGES
six, KCA Green was
800m: 1. Caster Semenya (RSA) Prakash 14, Sarath 12).
said Farah. I will miss the dismissed for 83 which left
1:55.84, 2. Francine Niyonsaba Semifinals: SB College 91
track, the people, my fans. I taking part in mens javelin, Neeraj. Asked if the injury Bahamas Shaunae Miller- (Bdi) 1:56.71, 3. Margaret KCA Blue with a lead of 91.
(Jacob Jaison 16, Sam Sunny
James lashes out at have enjoyed running in sta- which led him to skip his last was a minor one or of a seri- Uibo stunned World cham- Nyairera Wambui (Ken) 1:56.87; However, KCA Blue
15, Dony Thomas 12) bt SH
jersey-burning fans diums for a lot of years, but two rounds of the competi- ous nature, he said, It (in- pion Dafne Schippers 100m hurdles: 1. Sally Pearson College, Thevara 45 (Kevin 15, collapsed in the second
now first of all I will enjoy be- tion in Zurich. jury) is not minor, it is much (fourth) and Olympic gold (Aus) 12.55, 2. Sharika Nelvis Rizvan 11); Mar Ivanios, innings as medium pacer
Cleveland Cavaliers superstar ing with my family. The 19-year-old junior more than that. If it was medallist Elaine Thompson (USA) 12.55, 3. Christina Man- Thiruvananthapuram 37 Nideesh (five for 31) and
LeBron James lashed out on While Farah took the ap- world record holders first minor I would have contin- to win the womens 200m. ning (USA) 12.67; 400m (Sarath 15, Harikrishnan 10) bt off-spinner P.S. Anand
Thursday at Boston Celtics plause of the Zurich crowd, it round effort of 83.80m ued and attempted the final The results: hurdles: 1. Zuzana Hejnovr Christ College, Irinjalakuda 19. (three for 18) shared the
fans who burned their Isaiah proved a night to forget for fetched him a seventh place two throws. (Cze) 54.13, 2. Sara Petersen spoils.
Men: 100m: 1. Chijindu Ujah
Thomas jerseys after the controversial American finish in a strong eight-man Neeraj got six Diamond (GBr) 9.97s, 2. Ben Youssef (Den) 54.35, 3. Lisa Sprunger District carrom The scores: KCA Blue 174 & 92
point guard was traded to the sprinter Gatlin who captured field. He fouled his second League points and ended at Meit (CIV) 9.97, 3. Ronnie (Sui) 54.66; 3000m steeple- tournament in 37.4 overs (Nideesh five for
Cavaliers. The burning of the the world 100m title in round throw and came up eighth place in the overall Baker (USA) 10.01; 400m: 1. chase: 1. Ruth Chebet (Ken) THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: The 31, P.S.Anand three for 18) v
jersey thing is getting London. with 83.39m in the third. Diamond League rankings. Isaac Makwala (Bot) 43.95, 2. 8:55.29, 2. Beatrice Chepkoech 33rd Thiruvananthapuram KCA Green 83 in 32.5 overs
ridiculous now! The man was Gatlin was beaten into During the third round He had finished fifth and sev- Gil Roberts (USA) 44.54, 3. Ver- (Ken) 8:59.84, 3. Norah Jeruto district carrom (Sanju Samson 34, Akshay
fourth place in 10.04sec with throw, I had a groin injury. I enth in the Paris and Monaco non Norwood (USA) 45.01; Tanui (Ken) 9:05.31. championship will begin at Chandran five for 18, Sandeep
traded. What do u not
understand? James said in Britains Chijindu Ujah taking tried for the fourth throw but legs of the series in June and 1500m: 1. Timothy Cheruiyot Shot put: 1. Gong Lijiao (Chn) the Peoples Sports and Arts Warrier three for 30) & 140 for
the first of a string of tweets, victory in 9.97sec. (because of the pain) I July respectively. He was also (Ken) 3:33.93, 2. Silas Kiplagat 19.60m, 2. Anita Marton (Hun) Club premises on Saturday. four in 36.2 overs (Sanju
noting also that Thomas had Indias Neeraj Chopra stopped at the run-up, did richer by $7,000 from the (Ken) 3:34.26, 3. Elijah Motonei 18.54, 3. Yuliya Leantsiuk (Blr) Competition will be held Samson 74, Vinoop Manoharan
shown tremendous heart suffered a groin injury while not do running in, said elite meetings this season. Manangoi (Ken) 3:34.65; 18.47. in men, women, junior three for 23).
when playing for the Celtics,
suiting up for the playoffs in
the wake of his sister Chynas
death in a car accident. AFP Gursimar rallies Hamilton
tops practice
Nadal and Pliskova Ramkumar
to triumph Agence France-Presse
Spa-Francorchamps get pride of place Press Trust of India
Ramkumar Ramanathan
Overnight leader Neha is runner-up Lewis Hamilton bounced
back to top the times for
bowed out of the US Open
Mercedes ahead of Kimi
Murray and Federer follow the Spaniard in the seedings qualifying event after losing
In the meantime, his second round match to
HERO WPGT overnight leader Neha, play-
Raikkonen of Ferrari in Fri-
US OPEN Frenchman Nicolas Mahut
days second free practice 6-3, 6-7(5), 6-2 on Friday.
ing in the last group bo-
Press Trust of India ahead of this weekends Ramkumars loss means
Spurs lock up Ginobili geyed second, double bo- Agence France-Presse
Bengaluru Belgian Grand Prix. India will not have repres-
for two more years geyed third and bogeyed the NEW YORK
Gursimar Badwal found her fourth again. Hamilton, who is 14 entation in singles at the
points adrift of Sebastian Spains Rafael Nadal, who re-
San Antonio legend Manu touch in time to return with As Neha dropped four Grand Slam. All Indian
Vettel of Ferrari in this gained the World No. 1 rank-
Ginobili re-signed with the a card of four-under 68 and shots in first four holes, players will stay here for a
years title race ahead of ing on Monday, and current
Spurs on Thursday in a deal grab her maiden title of the Gursimar gained two. The camp for next months
his 200th GP, was second womens World No. 1 Karo-
that should see him play all season, winning the ninth swing of six shots meant the Davis Cup tie against
behind the Finn in the lina Pliskova, were made the
of a 16-year NBA career with leg of the Hero Womens Kapurthala girl had moved Canada in Edmonton.
opening session. top seeds for the US Open
the same team. Professional Golf Tour ahead. on Thursday.
The Spurs did not announce (WPGT). The 24-year-old From there Gursimar Hamilton clocked a best
terms of the deal but Ginobili from Kapurthala, who had
shot 71 and 75 in her first
made no mistakes and des- lap in one minute and
44.753 seconds to finish
Nadal, who captured a
10th French Open title in
reportedly was re-signed to a pite a bogey on ninth she
two-year deal worth $5 two rounds, produced the
days best round to take her
had three fine birdies on the 0.262 seconds ahead of
Raikkonen who marked
June, will be chasing an-
other US Open title to go
million. back nine 12th, 13th and
total to two-under 214. the confirmation of his Fer- with those he won in 2010
The Argentine veteran will 16th. Neha had a bogey on Sports Bureau
This is only the second rari contract for 2018 with and 2013 when the final
join Tim Duncan and Tony the seventh, but had birdies Taipei
win for Gursimar on the a speedy showing round Grand Slam of the season
Parker as the third player in on 12th and 14th. M.A. Siva Anbarasi (Bhar-
Hero WPGT and her first the spectacular Spa-Fran- starts on Monday at Flushing
San Antonio history to play at Gursimar finished at two- arathiar), who won the
win came 18 months ago at corchamps circuit. Meadows.
least 16 seasons with the under 214 and waited for the All fun: US Open top seed Rafael Nadal fools around varsities National gold with
the BPGC, when she won final group, which had The session began in Hes seeded ahead of Bri- during a badminton event in New York. AFP
club. Ginobili is a veteran of *
13m at Coimbatore earlier
the fifth leg of the Tour. Gaurika, who had a chance bright and dry conditions, tains Andy Murray, with
four NBA title-winning Spurs this year, failed to qualify
Interestingly, she had a of picking up another title, but finished in teeming Wimbledon champion Ro- including reigning cham-
teams. AFP American, seeded ninth. for the womens triple
closing 68, even at the but faltered with a double rain. Hamiltons Mercedes ger Federer seeded third. pion Stan Wawrinka and
Switzerlands Federer will be The top 10 seeds: jump final after a 12.20m in
Corporate Badminton BPGC, but that was par-70, bogey on 17th and 18th. teammate Valtteri Bottas two-time winner Novak the qualification round of
seeking his 20th Grand Slam Men: 1. Rafael Nadal, 2. Andy
Challenge while Prestige Golfshire, Gaurika finished with a was third quickest ahead of Djokovic. the athletics competition at
title and his sixth in New Murray, 3. Roger Federer, 4. Al-
KOCHI: where she emerged victori- round of 74 and a total of Max Verstappen of Red Czech Pliskova, runner- the 29th World University
York. exander Zverev, 5. Marin Cilic,
The Corporate Badminton ous today is par-72. 217, and was third behind Bull and championship up last year to Germanys Games on Friday. She fin-
6. Dominic Thiem, 7. Grigor Di-
Challenge, organised by the Gursimar finished two Gursimar and Neha. leader Vettel. But both Murray who Angelique Kerber, leads the ished ninth in her group
mitrov, 8. Jo-Wilfried Tsonga,
Rotary Club of Cochin shots ahead of overnight Amandeep Drall (74) and Daniel Ricciardo, who won the US Open in 2012 womens field ahead of and 20th overall in qualific-
9. David Goffin and 10. John
Technopolis, begins at the leader Neha Tripathi, who Afshan Fatima (71) were tied was 1.32 seconds off the and Federer have battled in- World No. 2 Simona Halep. Isner. ation round. None of the 12
United Sports Centre in tripped on the final day with for seventh at 223, while leading pace, was sixth in juries in the build-up, with Spains Garbine who reached the final
Women: 1. Karolina Pliskova, 2.
Kakkanad on Saturday. a 75 and ended at even Vani Kapoor had her worst the second Red Bull ahead the Briton sidelined since Muguruza, who won her achieved the automatic
Simona Halep, 3. Garbine
Competitions will be held in par-216. Playing in the result of the season on the of Nico Hulkenberg of Wimbledon with a hip injury second career Grand Slam Muguruza, 4. Elina Svitolina, 5. qualification (13.90).
mens doubles and mixed second last group, Gursimar domestic Tour with a final Renault, Esteban Ocon of and Federer skipping the title at Wimbledon and Caroline Wozniacki, 6. An- Other result:
doubles, and 125 teams started five shots behind round of 78, also her worst Force India, Carlos Sainz of Cincinnati Masters with back claimed her first WTA title gelique Kerber, 7. Johanna Tennis, mixed doubles:
representing 45 companies Neha. But, she gave herself a for the week. With 225 she Toro Rosso and Briton trouble. on US courts at Cincinnati, is Konta, 8. Svetlana Kuznetsova, Cheng-Peng Hsieh & Yung Jan
will figure in the two-day good chance with birdies on tied with Suchitra Ramesh Jolyon Palmer in the Injuries have led to a seeded third. Venus Willi- 9. Venus Williams and 10. Ag- Chan (Tpe) bt Paras Dahiya &
event. the first and third. (72) for the ninth spot. second Renault. string of notable absentees, ams is the highest ranked nieszka Radwanska. Eetee Maheta 6-2, 6-1.


THE HINDU CROSSWORD 12096 (set by Buzzer)

13 Dramatic works of
Shakespeare popular all-round
4 Staple course (4)
Krishna dances on Kaliya
(5) 5 Part with drug, stopping craze
Taking off from the Bhagavata Purana, the dance of Krishna
and finishing, however
14 Recipe of publisher to make on Kaliya is eulogised by Andal in Nachiyar Tirumozhi and
unpleasant it is (6,3)
savoury snacks (9) by Vedanta Desika in his Yadavabhyudaya in glowing terms,
pointed out Kalyanapuram Sri Aravamudhachariar in a dis-
16 Brexit perhaps is all about 6 Name for woman or women
ultimately unwanted quarrel taking care of children
The Bhagavata Purana describes how Krishna climbs up a
with European Union to leave endlessly (5)
lofty Kadamba tree nearby that stands bare because of the
victor (5,4) poisonous vapours emanating from the pool. It is said that
7 Chapter getting more feverish tree springs to life on contact with His lotus feet that de-
18 KOs resulting in grunts? (5) in exciting story (7) votees deem sacred and as the sure solace to the ills of sam-
20 I had gone through Sholay sara. Krishna jumps into the pool causing great agitation in
front to back in leisure time 8 10 is 2 here? (6,6) the waters. Kaliya is angry at being thus disturbed. He stings
(8) Krishna and then entwines His body with his coils. Yasodha,
10 From limo to RV, eh I clean Nandagopa and the other Vraja folk are frightened and
22 One feeling sentimental for any conveyance (5,7) anxious for Krishnas safety. Krishna allows Himself to be
very fine couple (6) bound for some time and then seeing the anxiety of the
14 Express disapproval by people decides to gladden their hearts. He grows in size
24 Crafty writer to term one plot
rejecting role of mine (5,4) causing great pain to the serpent and draining it of all en-
nothing hard (11,3)
ergy. Krishna finds a soft stage on its hoods and begins His
25 To gripe uncontrollably, that 15 Pope to try dancing for famous dance that is symbolic of the Lords leela that per-
inflates self-importance for example (9) Solution to puzzle 12095 Solution to yesterdays Sudoku vades the entire creation and Vedanta Desika calls it Aar-
some (3-4) abhati, a particular dance form performed by males. This
ACROSS 17 Gravity a little lower, not rare spectacle is witnessed by the celestial beings as well
1 Casual wear, straight out a good 26 Encouragement for Spanish oddly, going up for an with wonder and astonishment. With the precious gems on
fit (1-5) learner taking very English astronomer (7) the hood and the red eyes of Kaliya providing the lights, and
5 Support group left off a young GCSE exam (1-5) the waters of the Yamuna giving the laya support or rhythm,
one (4,3) 19 Letter about girl being absent Krishna steps on the each of the rising hoods of Kaliya. This
9 T-square use for instance (7,7) DOWN (3,4) indicates the effort needed to suppress the human senses
11 Freshwater mammals rest that distract one from realising the purpose of life. Only with
2 Close by regular topline public
when temperature gets hot 21 Appliance in a club to turn Gods grace and help can anyone hope to win over the
transport (7)
(6) down volume (5) senses. Krishna emerging from Kaliyas grip is compared to
12 Ridicule penned ably by 3 Blowing top off, quantifier for the sun emerging out of Rahu. Krishna accepts Kaliyas sur-
Goldsmith for one (8) anger? (9) 23 Tillable? (2,2) render, pardons him and sends him to the sea.

2006-2017 Kasturi & Sons Ltd. -Arun Soman -9872374973



Saurav and Joshna in final Katarias award put on hold

Complaint is that he is little known in kabaddi circles
Mahesh Mangaonkar and Lakshya also enter title round
Vijay Lokapally lifter Sanjita Chanu, a gold
Anna University in Chennai. NEW DELHI medallist at the 2014 Glas-
NATIONAL SQUASH After losing the first game, In the latest case of a sports gow Commonwealth Games
Kamesh Srinivasan in which she had led 6-4, award recommendation be- in the 48-kg category, has ap-
GREATER NOIDA Lakshya turned the match ing put on hold, the Govern- proached the Delhi High
Saurav Ghosal and Joshna dramatically in the second ment has decided to take a Court protesting against be-
Chinappa made the mens game that was delicately re-look at the case of Heera ing excluded for the Arjuna
and womens finals of the poised. Nand Kataria in the this year.
74th HCL National squash Urwashi Joshi, who had Dronacharya category. She has claimed that her
championship at the Shiv played many matches with Kataria was recommen- credentials were superior to
Nadar University Indoor Lakshya over the last few ded by a committee headed those considered for the
Complex here on Friday. years, fought back from be- by badminton luminary P. honours.
The two, with 25 National ing 3-9 in that second game Gopi Chand. The recom- India basketball captain P.
championship titles between and held a game ball at mendations were approved Anitha on Friday challenged
them with Joshna having 14, 10-9 before an error of judge- by Union Sports Minister Vi- P. Anitha. * FILE PHOTO the decision of the commit-
will face familiar opponents. ment cost her a stroke. jay Goel on August 22. tee not to consider her case
Lakshya missed another Following objections from turned the recommendation above Prasanthi Singh for
Saurav, who was clinical for the Dronacharya Award
game point as Urwashi certain quarters on Katarias the Arjuna Award.
in defeating Kush Kumar 11-3, for para-athletics coach
placed deftly, but smashed eligibility, the Sports Minis- K. Keerthivasan reports
11-3, 11-4, will be challenged Satyanarayana.
flawless on the next chance ter has asked the depart- from Chennai
by Mahesh Mangaonkar,
to be on par. ment to look into the matter. Satyanarayana is credited Having played in eight
whom he had beaten in the
Thereafter, she ran We have, as of now, put his with coaching high-jumpers Asian championships and
final a few years ago.
Gutsy show: Lakshya Ragavendran, left, who fought her way past Urwashi Joshi in the womens through the next two games, case (for Dronacharya H.N. Girisha, who won a sil- been part of the Indian team
Mahesh, who is based in semifinals. KAMESH SRINIVASAN award) on hold, Goel con- ver at the London Olympics which qualified for the Divi-
even as Urwashi lost steam.
the Hague in the Netherlands firmed to The Hindu here on in 2012 and Thangavelu Mar- sion A category in the FIBA
with the way I am playing the fifth game, arguing with As long as I enjoy playing, The results (semifinals):
as a professional player in re- Friday. iyappan, winner of gold at Asia Cup in Bengaluru re-
after not playing for two the umpire on many calls. which I did today, it is good. I Men: Saurav Ghosal bt Kush Ku-
cent months, was at his fight- The complaint against the Rio paralympics last cently, Anitha, the 32-year-
weeks. am focused on what I am mar 11-3, 11-3, 11-4; Mahesh
ing best as he tamed second Saurav was happy that he Kataria is that he is little year. Mariyappan was old Southern Railway em-
capable of, and not think Mangaonkar bt Harinder Pal
seed Harinder Pal Singh 12- I need to rectify a few could execute his game, es- known in kabaddi circles among the Arjuna Award ployee, is of the firm opinion
about what my opponent Singh 9-11, 11-3, 11-7, 8-11,
10 in the fifth game, convert- things, but I will be ready to- pecially after a smash from 12-10. and is reportedly an official winners this year. that her achievements are
ing his second match ball. morrow, said Mahesh, who close quarters from a tight might do, said Saurav, after
Women: Joshna Chinappa bt of the Rajasthan Wushu As- Satyanarayana was rejected superior compared to those
could combine power with angle by Kush, caught him an exquisite all-round game.
I had beaten Harry last Tanvi Khanna 11-3, 11-7, 11-5; sociation. because of a criminal case in contention.
time in the semifinals and finesse in a thriller. unawares, but luckily hit his It was inspiring fare from Lakshya Ragavendran bt Ur- The awards this year have pending against him in a My performance speaks
lost to Saurav in the final in Harinder played well in racquet. Lakshya Ragavendran, a fifth washi Joshi 6-11, 14-12, 11-4, been dogged by controver- Metropolitan court in Delhi. for itself. All I want is
straight games. I am happy patches and lost his focus in He is really a good player. year Architecture student of 11-1. sies. The Ministry had over- In other cases, weight- justice, Anitha said.

Kings crush Dons to Arjun Maini

qualifies in
Panthers add to U Mumbas misery
Jasvir Singh and Pawan Kumar in scintillating form
emerge triumphant third place
Sports Bureau
the next two minutes.
The first one saw him
ousting all three remaining U
Icon Pagett leads the charge from the front Spa-Francorchamps
Indias Arjun Maini quali-
Amol Karhadkar
MUMBAI Mumba defenders, thus also
fied third for the feature U Mumba would have hoped earning the two-point bonus
CUE SLAM race in the GP3 champion- its maiden home game, that for the home team's all-out.
G. Viswanath ship here on Friday. too on the auspicious day of Jasvir's next raid also resul-
Ahmedabad The teenager, who be- Ganesh Chaturthi, would get ted in a three-pointer.
Virtual no-hopers at one came the first Indian to win its topsy-turvy campaign in
a GP3 race when he took the fifth season of the Warriors hold Pirates
point in the competition,
Gujarat Kings emerged the the sprint race in Bar- ProKabaddi League on track. Later, Deepak Narwal's late
first ever champion of the celona, came up with an However, Jasvir Singh and charge helped Bengal Warri-
Cue Slam Indian Cue Mas- impressive performance to Pawan Kumar compounded ors stage a comeback in the
ters League with a 3-0 tri- qualify behind pole-sitter the miseries of the home last quarter to hold defend-
umph over Delhi Dons in the George Russell and Nirei team with a superlative per- ing champion Patna Pirates
Trapped: U Mumba captain Anup Kumar is checked by an
final at the Rajpath Club on Fukuzimi. formance that resulted in to a thrilling tie.
immaculate Jaipur Pink Panthers defensive unit in Mumbai on
Friday. Driving for Jenzer Motor- Jaipur Pink Panthers regis-
* The results: Jaipur Pink Pan-
sport, Maini was six-tenths tering a 39-36 win here on thers 39 (Jasvir Singh 10,
The Kings team, compris-
shy off Russell and 0.4 Friday. the last time-out seemed to the first two seasons' cham- Pawan Kumar 9, Sunil
ing Andrew Pagett, Daria
tenths of Fukuzimi with a Thanks to captain Jasvir have pepped up the home pion teams. Siddhgavali 6) bt U Mumba 36
Sirotina, Alok Kumar, Sourav
best time of 2:27.741. The and Pawan's scintillating team as Anup Kumar's men After a safe start, the win- (Anup Kumar 7, Kuldeep Singh
Kothari and Brijesh Damani,
A fantastic surge: After barely making it into the last four, first race of the weekend raids, Pink Panthers, having finally showed some spark. ners of the first two PKL sea- 6); Patna Pirates 36 (Pardeep
with Ashok Shandilya as
Gujarat Kings turned it around, winning its semifinal and the will be held on Saturday enforced three U Mumba all- The next five minutes saw sons were locked at eight Narwal 7, Vishal Mane 6, Vinod
coach, took the winners
final in truly imperious fashion. SPECIAL ARRANGEMENT
* with the reverse-grid sprint outs, were sitting pretty with U Mumba registering a 12- points apiece 13 minutes into Kumar 6) drew with Bengal
cheque of 20 lakh, and the
race on Sunday. a hefty 16-point lead with point streak, thus lending a the opening half. Warriors 36 (Deepak Narwal 36,
Sirotina to beat Kelly Fisher Pagett played plenty of around six minutes remain- respectable look to the sco- Jasvir then turned the tide Jang Kun Lee 6, Surjeet Singh
After losing three of their
four round robin league
and Malkeet Singh 16-13,
safety shots in the first frame
which he won 24-11, but
Tomar ing in the game. However, reline in the battle between with two exceptional raids in 6).

matches, the Kings sneaked

crushed Fisher in the
misses out
into the last-four at the ex- The Kings may have been
pense of Hyderabad Hust-
lers, but looked a different
a trifle lucky to take the first
frame, with Malkeet scratch-
ing when the Dons lead 13-
second. Trailing 35-1 and
needing to play out of her
skin to take it into a third on medal
Up for grabs Dembele signs
unit since then, beating
Chennai Strikers 3-0 in the
semifinals on Thursday, and
12, with only seconds to go
for the 10-minute buzzer.
frame, the latter fell apart,
and the Kings found them-
selves up 2-0.
Sports Bureau
for Barcelona
then blanking the Dons in Malkeet actually had the Former Asian champion Agence France-Presse
option of playing a safety Then, in the 9-ball singles,
the title match. Sandeep Tomar lost his Barcelona
shot, but he went for the last Alok Kumar ran up a 3-0
The Kings choice of Pa- lead, but Manan Chandra second repechage bout to Ousmane Dembele brought
gett as their icon player was red and actually potted it, get out of medal conten- an end to protracted
but had the mortification of pulled back three he took
vindicated; like in the semi- the sixth in a break-to-finish. tion in 57kg freestyle cat- transfer talks by signing a
finals where he upended seeing the cue ball roll a long egory in the World wrest- five-year deal with
way and sink into the corner However, Alok returned
Pankaj Advani, the Welsh the favour in the deciding ling championships here Barcelona worth 105m
Wizard rose to the occasion pocket. on Friday. plus add-ons, the Spanish
seventh rack, to close it out
in the title round too. His In the second frame, the Tomar beat Zavur Uguev giant announced on Friday.
in style for Gujarat Kings.
ability to spot the red and Kings pair was unstoppable, of Russia 8-2 before going Dembele signed from
The result: Gujarat Kings bt
make capital of the black, clinching it 50-0 with four down 14-1 against Yuki Borussia Dortmund, where
Delhi Dons 3-0 [Snooker
and his overall class was and half minutes to spare. Takahashi of Japan in the he has been suspended
mixed-doubles: Andrew Pagett
written all over both the In the second rubber, the & Daria Sirotina bt Malkeet next round. With Taka- since he boycotted training
rounds he played. match-up of icons, Pagett Singh & Kelly Fisher 16-13, hashi ensuring a place for on August 10 in protest
In the opening 6-red got on a roll, crushing his 50-0; Icons snooker: Pagett bt himself in the final, Tomar The big prize: The FIFA Under-17 World Cup trophy was after the German club
mixed-doubles rubber, the Dons counterpart Fischer, a Fisher 24-11, 44-1; 9-ball: Alok qualified for the bronze displayed at Sports Minister Vijay Goels residence in New rejected Barcas first bid. Ousmane Dembele. *
35-year-old combined with 6-red specialist, 24-11, 44-1. Kumar bt Manan Chandra 4-3]. medal race. Delhi on Friday. V. SUDERSHAN *

Ankita Raina
loses in
Sports Bureau
Artvin, Turkey
Ankita Raina was beaten
3-6, 6-4, 6-1 by Ayla Aksu in
the quarterfinals of the
$60,000 ITF womens ten-
nis tournament here.
She made it to the
doubles semifinal, though,
in partnership with Gabri-
ela Ce, as did Karman
Thandi and Prarthana
Thombare with their re-
spective partners.
In the Futures tourna-
ment in Istanbul, Sasi Ku-
mar Mukund was beaten in
three sets by fourth seed
Ivan Nedelko in the
The results: $60,000 ITF wo-
men, Artvin: Quarterfinals:
Ayla Aksu (Tur) bt Ankita
Raina 3-6, 6-4, 6-1. Doubles
semifinals: Bergu Cengiz
(Tur) & Karman Kaur Thandi
bt Oksana Kalashnikova (Geo)
& An-Sophie Mestach (Bel) 7-
6(5), 6-4; Ana Veselinovic
(Mne) & Prarthana Thombare
bt Akgul Amanmuradova
(Uzb) & Michaela Honcova
(Svk) 3-6, 6-2, [10-8]; Gabri-
ela Ce (Bra) & Ankita Raina bt
Natela Dzalamidze & Valeria
Savinykh (Rus) 7-5, 6-3.
$25,000 Futures, Istanbul:
Quarterfinals: Ivan Nedelko
(Rus) bt Sasi Kumar Mukund
6-1, 6-7(1), 6-1.
2006-2017 Kasturi & Sons Ltd. -Arun Soman -9872374973




2006-2017 Kasturi & Sons Ltd. -Arun Soman -9872374973



2006-2017 Kasturi & Sons Ltd. -Arun Soman -9872374973




Exploring 10 museums in 10 days Japan undertakers turn
last rites into fine art
Chinese start-up gives children a virtual tour of global landmarks through live-streaming
Mike Ives
Hong Kong
areas often are not generous Practice is believed to purify the spirit
enough. To compensate, ex-
One weekend, they explored perts say, educators in
Mars probe sends the Uffizi Gallery in Florence Chinese cities have been ex-
image of snowy dunes and the Muse dOrsay in perimenting with programs
WASHINGTON Paris. In the next couple of in which lessons are beamed
NASA has released a stunning days, it was time for the Na- into rural classrooms.
picture of dunes on the tional Air and Space Museum The Communist Youth
surface of Mars with snow in Washington, the Museum League, for example, re-
and ice on ridges. It was of Modern Art in New York cently set up a free account
spring in the Northern and the German Historical on WeChat, a messaging ser-
hemisphere when this image Museum in Berlin. vice, that live-streams les-
was taken by the High And thats just the half of sons in Chinese, English and
Resolution Imaging Science it. Children from more than mathematics to primary- and
Experiment camera on Mars 1,80,000 Chinese house- secondary-school pupils.
Reconnaissance Orbiter. IANS holds were recently on a vir- Educational live-stream-
tual tour of 10 famous mu- ing is growing in China as the
seums. medium expands beyond
The two-hour daily broad- purely social uses, according
casts combined slick anima- to a report by Daxue Consult- Final farewell: An undertaker dresses a model during a last
tions, clips from Chinese ing, a market-research firm rites contest in Tokyo. REUTERS *

presenters recent trips to based in Beijing and Shang-

the museums and live- hai. Daxue cited its own ana- Reuters ceased spirit before it is sent
streamed commentary from lysis of the Chinese live- Tokyo off to the other world.
Chinese academics in a Wonder of art: Allegory of Spring by Sandro Botticelli at the Uffizi Gallery in Florence. *
AFP stream platform YY, in which A 23-year-old undertaker Japans ageing society has
Scientists develop super Shanghai studio. 32 of 1,051 live-stream feeds won a contest at Japans increased demand for un-
steel with high ductility the closest town is difficult Its definitely a great has invested heavily in rural on a day in March were re- biggest funeral expo that dertakers with special skills,
WASHINGTON In rural classrooms because their families dont model, said Lingxin Hao, a education over the past dec- lated to education. tested ancient skills in the said Kimura Kouki, head of
Chinese scientists have made The families each paid Aha have money for travel. sociology professor at Johns ade, and the physical results Although the ratio of edu- ritual dressing of the dead. the Okuribito Academy.
a super steel that has high School, an education start- Education experts say the Hopkins University who are clear in many areas, said cation and technology live I practised every day to There are about 2,000
levels of strength and up based in Shanghai that project 1,00,000 Kids studies rural education in Wang Dan, an associate pro- streaming is quite small, its prepare for this competi- undertakers whose expert-
ductility, a breakthrough that produced the shows, the Touring the Worlds Top 10 China, said of the virtual mu- fessor of education at the a change from the beginning tion, said a smiling Rino ise is in dressing the de-
may have a wide variety of equivalent of $2.85 (200) to Museums highlights how seum project. University of Hong Kong. For stages that only featured Terai after her win over ceased, but their skills vary
industrial applications. Its watch, and the company is live-streaming, a technology example, she said, many beautiful girls, the report three other finalists. a lot, he said.
material cost is one-fifth of donating the broadcast feed that is already widely popu- Change of policy schools have received new said. A few urban schools in I took videos and made I wanted this competi-
steel currently used in to 174 rural classrooms as a lar on Chinese social media But all the NGOs and charit- libraries or other infrastruc- China have also begun shar- improvements by asking tion to be a way to spur un-
aerospace applications. IANS public service. platforms, could help im- ies cannot solve the prob- ture upgrades, along with In- ing their lessons with rural myself, does this look beau- dertakers to improve their
The children here dont prove long-distance educa- lems because the problems ternet connections, digital schools through Internet tiful? Am I treating the de- skills.
have access to any museums, tion in China. have to be changed by projectors and electronic feeds, Ms. Wang said. ceased kindly? The contestants, who
let alone famous ones, said But educational projects policy-makers in the central whiteboards. But such initiatives often Japans Shinto religion be- dressed live volunteers,
Ma Xiaoyan, a teacher at the that serve rural areas, how- government. They have to But many rural teachers fall flat in rural classrooms, lieves that the soul is impure were judged on the grace of
Akeli Centre School in a rural ever beneficial, also call at- face the problems and redis- have also moved to urban she said, in part because stu- shortly after death and the their movements and their
corner of the southwestern tention to systemic inequalit- tribute resources, she areas, she added, and gov- dents there have such vastly process of dressing a body ability to dress the body
province of Sichuan. For ies in Chinas education added. ernment incentives to entice different backgrounds and usually in front of close rel- without revealing too much
many of them, even going to system, the experts said. The Chinese government teachers to move to remote learning styles. NYT atives only purifies the de- bare skin.

Tablet shows Greeks not

first to use trigonometry
Greeks were not the first to
invent trigonometry, say
Former Scotland Yard officer runs home for equine retirees
scientists who have found
that a 3,700-year old The police horses are often in the midst of tense situations during crowd dispersal, when demonstrators try to scare them off
Babylonian clay tablet is the
worlds oldest and most Agence France-Presse In keeping with British grew up at a sanctuary for re- lacked confidence, said Mr. The stables longtime pat-
accurate trigonometric table. Brantome policing tradition, the of- tired and abused horses in Phillips. On his arrival in riarch, Walter, recently
The tablet may have been After years of pounding the ficers used horses rather southern England. France, Lewis shied away passed away at 34, making
used by ancient architects. PTI pavement in Britain, four- than tear gas or water can- A year after joining thou- from humans, spending his him a centenarian in human
legged veterans of the coun- non to disperse the crowds. sands of British pensioners days lying in the back of his terms.
trys fight against crime are The last line of defence is who have made their home stall. Keeping horses is a costly
hoofing it across the English the horse, Mr. Phillips in Dordogne, he and his wife Six years later he is one of business and bringing them
Channel to kick back under explained. Alison began taking in the stars of the stables and over from Britain by ferry is a
the sun in southwest France. Some of his other charges equine retirees in 2010. enjoys the pats lavished on further drain on the pocket.
The rolling green hills of saw action during the May him by the hundreds of visit- Its very tight. We just
the Dordogne region are 2016 unrest that erupted Arthritis and stress ors who pass through each about have enough to keep
home to 22 retired police after a football game His most recent acquisition is year. While the police horses going, said Mr. Phillips, who
horses, who are getting their between London side West Ranger, a nine-year-old with are the main attraction, relies on volunteers to help
Oldest Italian wine trace second wind in a sanctuary Ham and Manchester United. a chocolate brown coat and Brantome sanctuary also groom the animals and clean
found in Copper Age jar run by former Scotland Yard Her Majestys police force jet-black mane who was put takes in retired hunters and out the stables.
WASHINGTON officer Roland Phillips. employs dozens of horses, out to pasture after the Up- other abandoned horses. Donations, tours and
Scientists have found traces For some of the retirees, some of whom have become ton Park riot. Gentle touch: Roland Phillips with a retired horse. *
AFP One of the youngest resid- events, such as weddings,
of the worlds oldest Italian the sanctuary situated a few celebrities on social media. Ranger is suffering from ents, five-year-old Bella, was concerts and English-style af-
wine in a large storage jar kilometres from the town of But no provision is made severe arthritis, which Mr. spook him by shining a laser Lewis, a sensitive 15-year- abandoned for failing to in- ternoon teas help cover the
from the Copper Age which Brantome is a place to re- for those that are no longer Phillips believes was brought beam into his eyes. old with a broad white stripe herit her palomino fathers costs. The sanctuary also
reveals that winemaking cover from the riots that up to the job, who risk being on early by having firecrack- Those horses have been bisecting his face, was badly gold coat. runs a scheme whereby
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