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Group 3

Hermano, Kris Aleli Suico, Dominic F.

Israel, Alexis Doreen Suico, Dewi Gillian E.

Rabuya, Liane Angeli Young, Diana Frances


1. Where do you usually study? 3. How many hours do you spend studying

(in a day)? (please check one)

At house

1 hour
At Caf

2 hours
At library

3 hours
At School

4 hours
Others, please specify:________

Others, please specify:________

2. What do you prefer, studying alone? Or

studying in a group? 4. Do you watch online tutorial videos?

Alone Yes

In a group No
5. If so, how many hours do you spend No

watching online tutorial videos? 9. If so, what type of e-materials you use?

Electronic Books (eBooks)

1 to 2 hours
2 to 3 hours
Video Tutorials

3 to 4 hours Online forum

Educational applications
4 to 5 hours
Others, please specify:________
Others, please specify:________
10. On what platform/device you usually

6. Do you use hard-copy materials to open these kinds of e-materials?

study? Laptops

Yes Desktop Computer

No Mobile Phone

7. If yes, what kind of hard-copy materials Tablet

do you use? (please check 2 or more) iPad

Own notes Others, please specify:________

Books 11. Do you use internet when you study?

Photocopied notes Yes

Others, please specify:________ No

8. Do you use e-materials to study (e.g. 12. If yes, how often do you use internet in

ebooks)? studying?

Yes Always
Sometimes 15. What disadvantage/s, if any, have you

Rarely experienced from using the internet for

13. What internet resources do you usually studying? (please select 2 or more)

use for studying? (check 2 or more) Some unreliable sources

General knowledge websites Can be easily distracted from

(e.g. online encyclopedia) playing games or watching

Educational websites (e.g. entertainment videos than educational

Online journals and books Pay-to-view websites

Online tutorial videos Eye strain

14. What benefit/s, if any, have you Others, please specify:________

experienced from using the internet for

studying? (please check 2 or more)

Easier/quicker access to

information needed

Thorough discussion of topic

Topic explained in laymans


Cheaper than owning a book

No need to bring heavy books

Others, please specify:________