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F 39 66 017

Park Distance Control (PDC)

fr BMW 5er-Reihe, touring (E39/2)

Nur zum Gebrauch in der BMW HO bestimmt.

Einbauzeit ca. 3 -3,5 Stunden, die je nach Zustand und Ausstattung des Fahrzeuges abweichen kann.
Elektrokenntnisse sind Voraussetzung.

BMW Parts and Accessories Installation Instruction

Park Distance Control (PDC)
for BMW 5 Series, touring (E 39/2)
Instructions de montage des pices et des accessoires BMW
Contrle de distance au stationnement (PDC)
pour la BMW Srie 5 touring (E 39/2)
BMW Onderdelen en accessoires Montagehandleiding
Park Distance Control (PDC)
voor BMW 5 serie, touring (E 39/2)
BMW Delar och tillbehr Monteringsanvisning
Park Distance Control (PDC)
BMW 5-serie touring (E 39/2)
Ricambi e accessori BMW Istruzioni di montaggio
Park Distance Control (PDC)
BMW Serie 5 touring (E 39/2)
BMW piezas y accesorios instrucciones de montaje
Sistema de Control de Distancia Posterior (PDC)
para BMW Serie 5, touring (E 39/2)
Peas e Acessrios BMW Instrues de Montagem
Park Distance Control (PDC)
BMW Srie 5, touring (E 39/2)

Best.-Nr. 01 29 9 410 887 IX/00 Printed in Germany

Park Distance Control (PDC), rear
for BMW 5 Series, touring (E 39/2)

(Only for use in the BMW trading organisation). Contents

Installation time approx. 3 - 3.5 hours, which can
vary according to the condition and fittings of the Section
vehicle. 1. Preparations
Electrical knowledge is required. 2. Overview of the additional wiring harnesses
3. Overview / To install the wiring harnesses
4. To connect the ultrasonic sensor wiring
General notes harness
5. To connect the power supply wiring harness
In the event that ground pins or specified PIN 6. Coding
clamps are assigned, bridges, double crimping or 7. Circuit diagram
parallel terminals will have to be made
Deburr edges of drill holes and coat with
corrosion-protection paint. Remove all traces of 1. Necessary preparatory work on
drilling chips.
the vehicle
The installation instructions are represented as
being carried out on a left-hand drive model. For a - Print out error memory.
right-hand drive model, installation under certain - Remove load floor (optional equipment)
circumstances must be carried out in mirror-image. - Entirely remove boot trim panel on right
- Remove folding boot trim panel on left
- Remove covering for spare wheel and
Important bootspace floor
Ensure that the painted components are not - Remove subwoofer (optional equipment)
damaged or scratched during the installation work.
- Remove plastic supports for bootspace floor
on right longitudinal carrier
Required tools and auxiliary materials - Disconnect battery
- Dismantle right cheek of the rear seat back
Phillips screwdriver and rear seat bench
Flat-tip screwdriver - Remove sill strips rear and front right
Hammer - Remove B and A-pillar trim panelling on lower
Centre punch right
Corrosion protection paint - Disassemble glove box and panels lying
1/2 inch reversible ratchet behind it
1/2 inch extension - Dismantle bumper at rear
1/2 inch wrench insert SW 16, 17 mm
1/2 inch universal joint
Drilling machine
Twist drill 3.5 mm, 9 mm
Special tool for removing socket contacts
Special crimping tool
1/4 inch reversible ratchet
1/4 inch extension
1/4 inch socket wrench insert SW 8, 10 mm
1/4 inch universal joint
Step drill 40 mm

2. Connection overview of the
supplementary wiring harnesses
F 39 66 018

Cable colour/ Code designation/

Item Designation Connection point in vehicle
cross-section Plug-in place
A Ultras. sensor wiring harness
A1 3-contact black connector Ultrasonic sensor rear left B34 X18020

A2 3-contact black connector Ultrasonic sensor rear centre left B35 X18021

A3 3-contact black connector Ultrasonic sensor rear centre right B36 X18022

A4 3-contact black connector Ultrasonic sensor rear right B37 X18023

A5 12-contact white connector PDC control module A81 in boot on right X18013
above the battery
B Power supply wiring harness
B1 Connector with twin-lead white/grey/ Plug-in connector X322 in boot at rear left X322/4
terminal I/K bus yellow and unpinned pin contact of connector
0,5 mm2 X322
B2 Plug contact green/white Fuse F21 in the fuse strip I A46 under the X10015/42
0,35 mm2 glove box
B3 Plug contact brown/black Ground post X13075 in boot on right on X13075
0,5 mm2 wheel arch
B4 2-contact black connector PDC speaker H40 in boot on right over the X362
B5 12-contact black connector PDC control module A81 in boot on right X300
over the battery.
C Adapter cable

3. Overview of laying of wiring When drilling, care should be taken to comply

harness precisely with the measurement ( 30 mm) and to
see that the paint film of the trim panel does not get
F 39 66 019 damaged.
Ultrasonic wiring harness A:
From the ultrasonic sensors in the rear bumper to F 39 66 022
the PDC control module in the boot, right, above
the battery. Plug support (1) for the ultrasonic sensors into the
drill holes which have been made (2) in the trim
Power supply wiring harness B: panel.
From PDC control module to fuse holder I A46
under the glove box, to ground post X13075 in
boot on right, to plug-in connector X322 in boot on The support with the number 8219 207 takes
left and to PDC speaker in boot on right above the the left sensor. The support with number 8219 208
battery. is designed for the right sensor. The slanting edge
(3) of the ring (4) in the supports (1) for the
ultrasonic sensors must be at the top when the
4. Connect ultrasonic sensor wiring bumper is mounted. The notch (5) in the supports
harness (1) must be on the left in the direction of travel for
the left support when the bumper is mounted and
F 39 66 020 for the right support must be on the right.
Pre-drill closing panel at punch point (1) under the
F 39 66 023
right rear light and using a step drill redrill to 40
1mm, deburr and treat with customary BMW rust
Place holding plates (1) on support (2) for the
ultrasonic sensors. In doing so the angled edge (3)
of the holding plate (1) has to fix on to the upper
F 39 66 021
edge (4) of the ultrasonic sensor mount (2). Mount
the support for the bumper again.
Dismantle the support of the trim panel (2) for the
bumper. Pre-punch the marked places (1) on the
inside of the trim panel (2) and pre-drill with a 3.5
Before mounting the support, check once
mm drill. Redrill carefully to 30 mm from the
more for the correct positioning of the holding
painted side with a step drill.
plates and supports for the ultrasonic sensors.

F 39 66 030
For cars after 09/2000 only
Install the painted ultrasonic sensors (1) and the Install branch cable B2 along the main wiring
painted bumper guards (2) carefully to ensure that harness to the right sill forwards into the front
you do not scratch or damage the painted finish. passenger footwell and secure with the cables ties
of the main wiring harness. Install branch cable B2
F 39 66 024 to the fuse strip A46 (1) and insert it at fuse plug-in
place no. 21, X10015/42. Insert 5 A fuse at fuse
Remove the side bumper guards from the trim plug-in place no. 21, X10015/42.
panel. Press the ultrasonic sensors (1) into the new
bumper guards (2) and install the new bumper
guards (2) in the trim panel (3). In the event the PIN42 is already assigned as
F 39 66 025 a result of optional equipment, connect branch
cable B2 to the lead at PIN42 with the aid of the
Press ultrasonic sensors (1) into the support. Install
supplied insulation-piercing connector.
ultrasonic sensor wiring harness A as shown and
secure it with the clips (2) and the retaining clip (3)
F 39 66 031
to the bumper. Connect branch cables A1 to A4 to
the ultrasonic sensors and install branch cable A5
Install branch cable B1 along the main wiring
through the cable lead-through in the closing panel
harness above the spare wheel recess to the left
into the boot space. Press rubber grommet (4) into
side of the vehicle and secure it with the cable ties
the closing panel and attach bumper. Install
of the main wiring harness. Unpin pin contact (1) of
branch cable A5 to installation location of the PDC
the plug-connector X322, PIN4 (2) and connect
control module over the battery.
with pin housing (3) to the socket housing (4) of
The PDC wiring harness A has been modified. The branch cable B1. Insert pin contact (5) of branch
two former branches A2 and A3 to the centre cable B1 into the connector X322, PIN4.
sensors are no longer required.
The centre sensors are now connected using two Reassemble vehicle in the reverse order of
adapter cables C, which are connected to the plug disassembly.
casings (1) tied back on the PDC wiring harness A. Connect battery.
F 39 0126 EVA Carry out function test.

5. Connect power supply wiring

harness 6. Coding
F 39 66 026 Cars before 09/2000 only
Attach PDC control module A81 (1), as shown, to To ensure that the PDC retrofit system will operate
the bracket (2) with the plastic nuts (3). perfectly with the other systems in the car, the
PDC control modules must be coded. The mobile
F 39 66 027
diagnostics computer MoDiC (III) or the DIS with
Insert PDC control module A81 (1) with bracket as CD version 16 (or above) must be used for the
shown and secure it with the plastic nuts (2) and coding procedure, it is not possible to compete the
the expanding rivet (3). Connect branch cables A5 coding using an older version.
and B5 to the PDC control module A81 (1).
For cars before 09/2000 only. Connect the MoDiC (III) or DIS to the diagnostics
plug in the car and switch on the ignition.
F 39 66 028
Install branch cable B4 along the main wiring Select the menu point Coding/Program
harness via the fuse holder and secure with the
cable tie (1) of the main wiring harness. Coding ZCS <Enter>
Connect branch cable B4 to the PDC speaker H40
(2). Screw PDC speaker H40 (2) to the holding Coding using central coding key (ZCS)
plate (4) with hexagon nut (3) as shown. version 16.0 (or above) <Enter>
For cars after 09/2000 only.
Select Series E39 <Enter>
F 39 0125 EVA
Lay branch B4 along the main wiring harness over Retrofit <Enter>
the fuse holder and secure it using the cable tie on
the main wiring harness. PDC <Enter>
Clip the PDC speaker H40 (1) into the speaker
Automatic coding <Yes>
mounting (2) in the ventilation grille sound
insulation (3).
Connect branch B4 to the PDC speaker H40 (1).
After completing the coding, switch off the ignition
F 39 66 029 of approx. 10 seconds. Then conduct a function
Install branch cable B3 along the main wiring test.
harness via the fuse holder and secure with the
cable ties (1) of the main wiring harness. Cars after 09/2000 only
Connect branch cable B3 to the ground post The control module is not coding-relevant.
X13075 (1) on the right wheel arch.

7. Circuit diagram
F 39 66 032


A46 Fuse holder I

A81 PDC control module
B34 Ultrasonic sensor rear left
B35 Ultrasonic sensor rear centre left
B36 Ultrasonic sensor rear centre right
F21 5A fuse
B37 Ultrasonic sensor rear right
H40 PDC speaker
X300 12-contact black connector
X322 Black connector
X262 2-contact black connector
X10015 Fuse holder A46
X13075 Ground post
X18013 12-contact white connector
X18020 3-contact black connector
X18021 3-contact black connector
X18022 3-contact black connector
X18023 3-contact black connector

7. Stromlaufplan
A46 4 X322 X322 X13075 H40
A46 Sicherungshalter I
F21 A81 PDC-Steuergert
B34 Ultraschallsensor hinten links
15 21
42 WS/GR/GE B35 Ultraschallsensor hinten Mitte links
B36 Ultraschallsensor hinten Mitte rechts
1 2 X362 F21 5A-Sicherung
B37 Ultraschallsensor hinten rechts
0.35 0.5 0.5 0.35 0.35
H40 PDC-Lautsprecher
X300 12poliger schwarzer Anschlu-
1 4 6 8 2
A81 X322 schwarzer Anschlustecker
15 21 I/K-BUS 31 LS - LS +
X362 2poliger schwarzer Anschlu-
HL+ HL- HL HML+ HML- HML HMR+ HMR- HMR HR+ HR- HR X10015 Sicherungshalter A46
12 3 11 5 1 9 4 7 8 6 2 10 X18013 X13075 Massesttzpunkt
X18013 12poliger weier Anschlustecker
X18020 3poliger schwarzer Anschlustecker
X18021 3poliger schwarzer Anschlustecker








X18022 3poliger schwarzer Anschlustecker
X18023 3poliger schwarzer Anschlustecker

1 3 2 X18020 1 3 2 X18021 1 3 2 X18022 1 3 2 X18023

B34 B35 B36 B37

F 39 66 032

2 3

4 5

6 7

8 9

10 11

12 13