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LGBTQ+ College Guide

Senior Edition

Questions to ask:
Are the re LGB TQ+ -inc lus iv e W he re ca n LGB T Q+ s tude nts go fo r
po licie s ? Do non-discrimination policies s upp ort? Is there a specific LGBTQ+ center on
include LGBTQ+ students? Do housing campus, or is LGBTQ+ support housed in a
policies allow for gender-neutral living larger diversity or human rights center on
situations? Has the school ever requested a campus? Where are the LGBTQ+ safe spaces
Title IX exemption for discrimination based on campus?
on sexual orientation? Are the re any cla sses yo u ca n take on
Are the re resources on cam pu s? the LG BTQ+ com m u nity? Does the school
Does the school host or support any pride offer a major or minor in Queer or LGBTQ+
events? Is there a staff member on campus studies? Is there a major or minor in Women,
who provides resources and services Gender and Sexuality? Are there professors
specifically for LGBTQ+ students? Are there who incorporate LGBTQ+ experiences into their
LGBTQ+ student groups, and if so, how curriculum?
many different kinds? W h o c an y ou tu rn to if y ou ne ed s upp ort?
W ha t is the c am pu s c lim ate for What kind of counseling is available to students?
LG BT Q + stu den ts ? If you were able to If you experience discrimination, is there an
visit the school, did you feel safe? Can you administrator you can turn to? In the case of
speak with any current LGBTQ+ students institutional discrimination, who is the Title IX
and gauge their comfort levels? coordinator you should report it to?

Scholarship Resources for LG BTQ+ Students

Human Rights Campaign has a database of scholarships available to LGBTQ+ students. You can choose to
filter based on national, state or school scholarships.
o Website:
FinAid lists scholarships specifically for LGBTQ+ students in several different categories, such as general,
academic or athletic.
o Website:
General Resources for LGBTQ + Students
Human Rights Campaigns website has several pages geared toward navigating college as an LGBTQ+
student. This is a good place to start:
College Explorer has written a few pieces on attending college as an LGBTQ+ student. This page offers some
One of the best single resources for LGBTQ+ students is Campus Pride, a non-profit founded to serve
LGBTQ+ college students and prospective students. Their entire website is full of useful resources, but to
begin with, be sure to check out these two areas:
o this page offers lists of the best and
worst colleges for LGBTQ+ students, factors students should consider when looking at schools, tips on
financial aid and many other resources for LGBTQ+ students heading to college for the first time.
o the Campus Pride Index, or CPI, rates how well individual
colleges meet the needs of LGBTQ+ students. CPI is based on self-reported data, which means
schools get to choose whether or not they want to be on it. If a school isnt on the CPI, it is because the
administration did not assign anyone to the task of filling out CPIs survey. This does not necessarily
mean the school is unfriendly to LGBT students, but you should be a little more wary of schools who
are not on the Campus Pride Index it may be a sign that the school is not as concerned with
explicitly including and considering the needs of LGBT students as school who are on the CPI.

Compare three local schools

H ar va rd Co lle g e U Mas s Am he rs t Bo sto n Un ive rsity

Campus Pride Rating: Campus Pride Rating: Campus Pride Rating:

None did not report 5/5 Stars None did not report

Support for LGBTQ+ students: Support for LGBTQ+ students: Support for LGBTQ+ students:
Full-time staff person for LGBTQ+ support Support groups, safe spaces, and staff Delta Phi chapter (fraternity geared
and resources dedicated to supporting LGBT students toward gay and bisexual men)
Annual Pride Month Policies in place to protect students from Q Collective, support for queer students
LGBT-based violence by queer students
Deficits in support:
Gender neutral housing only available to Deficits in support: Deficits in support:
upperclassmen No gender-neutral showers Gender neutral housing only available to
No LGBTQ+ fraternities or sororities upperclassmen
LGBTQ+ Support Center: No specific LGBT administrators
Office of BGLTQ Student Life LGBTQ+ Support Center:
Stonewall Center LGBTQ+ Support Center:
Course Offerings: Center for Gender, Sexuality and Activism
LGBT Literature, Queer Practice Course Offerings:
Intro to LGBT Studies, Queer Theories of Course Offerings:
Power and Temporality Arts of Gender, Gender and Sexuality