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Power electronics

Power electronics is a branch from electronics that related to control and process of electric power that
done in electric way. Power electronic is convert electric power to electric power by controlling or
modifiying the shape of voltage or current with software. Scoop of area in power electronics are
electronics, electric circuit, control system electromagnetic, electric machine, electric power system,
semiconductor component, and computer.

Electronic system : The fundamental part of power electronics , electronic system will discuss
about electronic devices that consist of semiconductor and another component in electronic circuit. To
delve power electronic we need to comprehend about digital and analog electronic circuit.

Electric power system: one of main object of application of power electronic which device and
system have big power(voltage and current). So that to delve about power electronic we need to
comprehend about electric power system.

Control system: generally power electronic application will perform application in industry. So
that we need control system comprehension to understand devices in industry. For example electric
motor controller for adjusting rotation, electric motor for adjusting torque, electric motor controller for
adjusting oil and gas flow, adjusting temperature, adjusting pressure, adjusting speed of conveyor, etc.

Computer system: nowadays, this application mostly already integrated with computer system.
To do control in various devices in industry, it done with remote and the result could be monitored with
integrated desktop and database processed by computer.

Power conversion
Power Conversion

There are four types of power conversion or there are four different types of energy utilization, ie rectifier, DC
chopper, inverter, and AC-AC converter.

1. Rectifier: serves to rectify the electric current back and forth into direct current electricity.

2. DC Choper: also known as DC-DC converter. Electric current is changed in a direct current with different

3. Inverter: ie converts direct current electricity into electric alternating current at adjustable voltage and frequency.
4. AC-AC Converter: that is to convert the electric energy of alternating current with certain voltage and frequency
to be alternating current with other voltage and frequency. There are two types of AC converters, namely AC
voltage regulator (voltage change, constant frequency) and cycloconverter (adjustable voltage and frequency).

Power Electronics Components

a. Dioda
b. Transistor

c. Thyristor

d. IGBT ( Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor)

Power Application

Power Electronics Application

Applications from power electronics such as AC voltage controllers, dimer control, and IGBT
applications for inverters.

1.AC Voltage Controller

Phase control techniques provide ease in AC control systems. AC line voltage controllers are
used to vary the rms voltage values of ACs that are attached to the load by using Thyristor as a
switch. The use of this tool, among others, includes:

-Lighting control 290

-Control of heating appliances
-Induction motor speed control

2. Control Dimer
Control that can be done using this method is limited to only one phase load. For larger loads,
control methods, then developed again using a three phase system, either half-wave or full-wave
(bridge circuit).

3. IGBT Applications for Converter

The Cycloconverter circuit in which 3 phase AC voltage is rectified to DC voltage by six Diodes.
Next nine IGBTs form a configuration that will generate 3 phase AC voltage with adjustable
voltage and frequency, by setting ON time by PWM generator. This VVVF circuit is used in
HOLEC brand KRL in Jabotabek.