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The Secretariat of Public Education (SEP) announced the launch of the Pilot It is well that we allow teachers to

Program of Curricular Autonomy, which seeks to be the schools that define part choose the subjects to be taught but
of the curriculum that will be taught as part of the New Educational Model.
should not give as much freedom, as
Aurelio Nuo Mayer, head of the unit, said from the Puebla primary school in the curriculum and syllabus serves as a
Zaragoza that 1,000 schools "will begin with this program so that in the 2018- very important guide for the
2019 school year we can be ready throughout the country to formally start the
New Educational Model ". development of student skills

He explained that previously 100% of the curriculum was national and The new educational model will allow
compulsory, "imposed" from the SEP, and today they seek 80% of the subjects greater flexibility for teaching learning,
are compulsory and the other 20% "is that each of the schools define and
decide according to their needs, what the school community decides and what although it will require a greater effort
is most convenient for them. " on the part of the teachers since it is
"Our country is very culturally diverse, in its productive vocations, so it is very centered in the inclusion of all the
important, having confidence in our teachers, in the school communities, allow students including the children with
these degrees of autonomy that allow part of the curriculum to be defined
special needs
according to what need, "he said.

In a later interview, Nuo Mayer said that Curricular Autonomy allows students
to deepen academic learning, such as language teaching, Spanish or English, as
well as mathematics, social and natural world, and personal and emotional

He explained that the experts who participated in the creation of the

educational model and the plans and curricula determined that it was "worth"
that 80% of compulsory subjects at the national level continue to be delivered.

"And then the rest, which was 20%, remained for curricular autonomy, is a
technical decision based on what is considered that all children should be
taught equally," he said.

Likewise, Nuo Mayer said that the selection of 1,000 schools seeks to have a
sample of the diversity reflected in urban, rural schools in marginalized areas of
the entire geography of Mexico.