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Fragrance Chart Fragrance List

Facilitates Healing and Opening of Heart Chakra: Agarwood clears hostile/discordant energy systems from environment
Gardenia Lavender Amber cleansing for internal organs, benevolent, calming and protecting
Rose Tuberose
Cedar purifying aroma that cleanses spiritual vibrations

Calms, Soothes and Strengthens Mental and Emotional States: Copal resin used by Aztecs and Mayans to purify and to invoke energies in
Amber (internal organs) Myrrh rituals and ceremonies
Frankincense Narcissus Frankincense invokes strength of conviction while dispelling moods of
Jasmine Rose depression, uncertainty and irrational behavior
Lavender Sandalwood Gardenia sweet, uplifting, purifying aroma facilitates healing of heart
chakra states
Stimulates Crown, Third Eye and Etheric Consciousness: Gum Benzoin resin used to clense and to invoke benevolent energies
Gum Mastic Musk
Gum Mastic resin used to intensify etheric consciousness
Henna Myrrh
Jasmine Sandalwood Henna sweet-scented stimulant of dream states
Lotus Jasmine invigorating, intoxicating aroma aids in lessening mental stress
and depression
Facilitates Evolution of Lower Chakra States: Juniper cleansing, fresh-scented agent used to dispel discordant energies
Agarwood Jasmine
Lavender soothes and calms the nerves
Amber Rose
Lotus opens crown chakra and aids in awakening third eye perceptions;
Purifies and Cleanses Environment of Discordant Energies: stimulates intuitive and conscious states of ethetic presence
Agarwood Juniper Musk aids in developing personal will and conviction; helps to
Cedar Sage stimulate psychic energy
Copal Sweet Grass Myrrh provides atmosphere that stimulates mental activity and heightens
Gum Benzoin clarity of perception
Narcissus offers transformational energy to sooth emotional energies
Invokes Benevolent Energies and Spirit Presence:
Amber Gum Mastic Rose opens the heart chakra with sweet, purifying aroma
Copal Sandalwood Sage removes discordant vibrations from the environment
Gum Benzoin Sweet Grass Sandalwood provides calming vibrations and aromas conducive to
Meditation and Spiritual Invocation
Generates Atmosphere Conducive for Meditation:
Sweet Grass provides cleansing energy that invokes benevolent
Frankincense Myrrh
Gum Benzoin Sandalwood
Gum Mastic Sweet Grass Tuberose sweet, benevolent scent that facilitates healing of heart chakra
Musk energies
Violet softens charged emotions of aggression, hostility and
Ylang-Ylang calms emotions of anger and disappointment