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Ian M.

23969 County Road L Available for Summer 2018 Co Op
Archbold, OH 43502 419-708-1415
University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, Ohio, Class of 2019 GPA 3.22/4.00
Electrical Engineering, on track to complete MS by Spring 2019
Research at UC Nanotechnologies Lab, senior project on optical and electrical effects on bacteria
Relevant Coursework: Optics for Engineers, Quantum Computing, Digital Image Processing, Intelligent Systems

Fayette Local Schools, Fayette, Ohio, Class of 2014 GPA 3.8/4.00

National Honor Society, diploma with honors
50 credit hours of PSEO completed at Northwest State Community College and University of Toledo

Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL), Dayton, Ohio. January July 2017, Full Time
Designed and performed experiments on a low power laser to eventually be replaced with high power lasers
Characterized and calibrated measurement devices, high voltage power supply, and custom chiller system
Identified possible obstacles in future experiments; proposed, designed, and implemented preparations
Developed and improved LabVIEW programs to manually and autonomously control experiment set-ups
Composed written and visual power point reports from experiment and calibration data
Designed and built load banks for high voltage and multi-phase power applications
Documented and made purchases for project supplies, contacted prospective suppliers
Contacted external companies for equipment support and to request repairs

NASA Glenn Research Center, Summer Intern, Cleveland, Ohio. June 2016 August 2016, Full Time
Characterized DFB laser diode for deep space Optical Communications
Worked in laboratory and office environment
Wrote programs for laboratory experiments to control & read external instruments
Used oscilloscopes, BERT tools, spectrum analyzers
Constructed circuits and controllers to regulate laser diode current and temperature
Wrote instructions for co-workers and successors on usage of created programs and systems
Presented research findings peers and superiors at end of term conference
Published report of research and findings to NASA student research journal

Advanced Micro Devices (AMD), Co-Op Engineer, Austin, Texas. August, 2015 December, 2015, Full Time
Wrote and optimized programs to test microprocessors
Worked in laboratory and office environment
Analyzed and organized large datasets to identify problems in products & product testing
Handled specialized equipment to test microprocessors
Made formal proposals based on statistical analyses of test data
Presented proposals along with findings to management and peers
Developed new method of large scale data organization, taught this method to peers in different departments

MATLAB C ++ Python Arduino
XML Microsoft Office LabVIEW Digital Design
Optical Spectrum Analyzers Bit Error Rate Testing Oscilloscopes Optical Alignment
Large Scale Data Analysis Laser Pointer Building Soldering Signal Generators
NI-DAQ and NI-CRIO Dewesoft Sirius DAQ Circuit Design Power Meters

Schrock, Ian M. Characterization of DFB Seed Laser for iROC Testbed. NASA Student Online Research