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Narrator : (Once upon a time, in the town of Persia, a mother living with her son called
Aladdin. One day a woman came close to playing Aladdin. Then she admitted Aladdin as his
nephew. She took Aladdin out of town with Aladdin's mother's permission to help. road traveled
so far. Aladin complained to his uncle's tired but he instead shouted at and told to look for
firewood, or we'll be Aladdin kills. Aladin finally realized that she was not his aunt, but a
magician. sorceressthen light a fire with firewood and began to utter incantations.)

Witch : "abrakafitri cayaaa oo cayaa.." Kraak "" (the land suddenly

becomes hollow like a cave.)
Witch : "Let's get into! Get me an antique lamp in the cave",
Aladdin : "No, I'm afraid to get down to it"

Narrator : (witch was then pulled out a ring and gave it to Aladdin.)

Witch : "This is a magic ring, this ring will protect you"

Narrator : (Finally Aladdin's cave into the fear. Once inside he

found fruit trees gem. After the fruit gems and lights are brought there,
he soon moved out of the cave. But, I've covered most of the hole.)

Witch : "Quick give the lamp!"

Aladdin : "No, it will give light after I come out"
Witch : "aladin come on, give me the lamp! I would later spend on you after you
give it light! "
Aladdin : "no, not going to give me before I was out of this cave!"

Narrator : (After the debate, the magician became impatient and finally "Brak!"
Opening the door was closed by the magician and Aladdin left trapped in the cave. Aladin
becomes sad, and sat lost in thought.)

Aladdin : "I'm hungry, I want to meet her, Lord, help me!", (As he pressed his
hands and rubbed his fingers.)

Narrator : (Suddenly, around a red and billowing smoke. Along with that came a fairy.
Aladdin was so scared.)

Fairy ring : "Forgive me, having been surprised, sir, I was a fairy ring"
Aladdin : "Oh, then take me to come home."
Fairy rings : "Good lord, lord pejamkanlah eyes, we'll get out of here ',`
Narrator : (In a short time, Aladdin had reached the front of his house.)

Fairy ring : "If the host requires me to rub the magic ring panggilah gentleman."

Narrator : (Aladin tell all the things in the natural to the mother).
Mother : "Why did the witch wanted the lights are so dirty?" (Rubbing the lamp
to clean it.)

Narrator : (Suddenly a lot of smoke and lights up a giant elf).

Giant : "List the command Mistress",

Mother : "You who?"
Giant : "My fairy magic lamp lady"
Mother : "Oh, then please prepare food for us we are hungry".
Giant : "good lady".

Narrator : (In a short time fairy lights bring a delicious, delicious food and then serve.)

Giant : "If anyone wants more, just call me to rub the lamp".

Narrator : (So the day, month, tahunpun changed, Aladin living happily with his
mother. Aladin has now become a young man. One day a princess passing in front of his
house. He was stunned and fell in love with the Beautiful Princess. Aladdin and his desire to
her mother to marry a princess.)

Alladin : "Mommy, last time aladin was sitting outside, I see girls who look
so enchanting. Does mom know who that was passing in front of our
house? Aladin seems like it .. "
Mother : "ohm, yes mother had a chance to see you, son. it is his daughter the
king, aladin. If you like mother will help to mempersuntingnya. "
Aladin : real lady? Real well. Bu I can not wait! "
Mother : "Quiet Aladdin, I'll working on it".

Narrator : (Mother went to the palace of the king to bring the jewels belonging to

Mother : "Your Majesty, this is a gift to the king of my son."

King : (king very happy.) "Well ... your son must be a handsome prince, tomorrow
I will come to you with a palace and my princess".
Mother : "banginda well, I wait for the king along with his daughter's arrival tomorrow."

Narrator : (After I got home she immediately rub the lamp and asked for the lights to
bring a fairy palace. Aladdin and his mother waited on the hill. Soon the fairy lights come
with a magnificent palace at his back.)

Mother : (rubbing the lamp) "fairy lights, you can grant my request?"
Giant : "well lady what can I do for you?"
Mother : "I'm a magnificent palace"
Giant : "good lady".

Narrator : . (in a moment the little house turned into a magnificent palace).

Mother : "Aladdin, Tomorrow the King and his daughter would come to visit here."
Aladdin : "wah? Real lady? I'm very glad to hear that mom."
Mother : "yes son, do not forget that tomorrow you are dressed neatly. Do not be
embarrassing mother son well. "
Aladdin : "ready mom"

Narrator : (the following day the king came to the palace's magnificent)

Mother : "good-day king, delighted to be visited by the king this afternoon."

King : "happy to be able to visit the hostess."
Mother : "Please sit king, the princess"
Princess : yeaahh.."
Mother : princess, you're really pretty today "
Princess : heuhhh .. thanks mom. (Smile)
Mother : briefly, the mother would call Alladin. "

Narrator: (not long after, came aladin)

Mother : "princess introduced, it aladin, the only child of the most handsome women."
Aladdin : "mother may be .princess, you look so stunning, I love you!"
Princess : Thanks Aladin, you also look so stunning. "
Mother : "the king, they seem to like each other."
King : "seems so."
Aladdin : "heuuhhh ...! hehehee "
King : "aladin, Will you make my son a wife?"
Aladdin : "heuh? what? what? is this a dream? "
King : "Aladdin's really not, it's real .."
Aladdin : "I'm very happy to hear it, I want to marry her!"
Narrator : (Aladin very happy to hear that. Then they both perform the wedding. Nan much
there, the witch turned out to see all events through a crystal ball. He then went to the Aladdin
and pretend to be a salesperson in front of the Aladdin's
lamp.she shouted the empress who saw Aladdin's magic lamp worn out soon andexchange it
for something new)

Witch : (shouting) "trade for your old lights with new lights".
Princess : "sir, I want to exchange it with a new light."
Witch : "Here the princess, I will redeem it with a new light."
Princess : "This light mam"

Narrator : (As soon as the witch ordered rub the lamp and fairy lights and bring the
castle and its contents to his wife Aladin. When Aladdin returned from touring, he was very
surprised. Then call the fairy ring and asked him what had happened.)

Aladdin : "fairy ring, where my empress?"

Fairy ring :"your wife was at home the witch. He also has taken and the contents of
your palace. "
Aladdin : "Then please return it to me again"
Fairy ring : "Sorry sir, my energy was not as big fairy lights,"
Aladdin : "Fine then I'll get it. But please Take me there"

Narrator : (Arriving at the Palace, Aladdin slipped inside to find the room where the
Princess locked up. And finally Aladin also find the queen)

Aladdin : "where the witch is my wife?"

Princess : "The witch is asleep due to drinking beer"
Aladdin : "Good, do not worry I'll take back the magic lamp, we will be victorious"
(as he settles close to the sleeping witch.)

Narrator : (It was a magic lamp sticking out of his pocket. Aladin then took it and rubbed it

Aladdin : "Take away this villain!"

Narrator : (Witch woke up, then attack the Aladdin. But the fairy lights were immediately
slammed the witches to death.)

Aladin : "Thank you fairy lights, and bring us back to the Persian Palace"

Narrator : (Arriving in Persia Aladin happy life. He uses the magic of fairy lights to
help the poor and distress.)
Aladin : Huuuuaaahhhhh! Hi people! I will enchant the trouble people helping people!
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