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AC500-eCo: your PLC from ABB

Unique scalable concept, optimal costs...

Change for more!
How can the AC500-eCo contribute
more to your success?

In small industrial applications and mechanical engineering,

small PLC solutions are often used in standalone operation.
These solutions control drives and functional sequences and
ensure that the required efficiency is attained.

Attractive technical features like interrupt I/O, fast counter

and PWM output are available as standard.

ABBs new AC500-eCo PLC range now offers you a small

scale PLC system that can be ideally adapted to meet your
specific needs. Thanks to scalability and a modular platform
concept, you can optimally configure the control system to
suit your applications.

The benefits that make the AC500-eCo so extremely economical,

flexible and user-friendly:
- Complete PLC without limitation
- The entrance for stand-alone solutions
- High functionality integrated with digitals and analogues onboard
- Configurable I/Os for interrupt, fast counter and PWM
- High performance for low budget: 128 kByte user program
- Easy data backup without battery
- High compatibility: free combination of all I/Os
- Cost efficient distributed expansion (Modbus, CS31)
- Easy wiring with pluggable clamps (spring or screw)
- Download of user program via SD card without programming tool
- One programming tool for whole AC500 family, based on CoDeSys
- Up to two serial ports for programming and communication

AC500-eCo | ABB
How could you benefit more
from the AC500-eCo?

With various markets and a wide range of applications, the AC500-eCo suits your application for:
AC500-eCo has become a must for everyone. It meets all the - Textile machines
requirements that a PLC unit for small applications should - Pump stations
meet: small and compact design, possibility of modular ex- - Cranes
pansion, low cost and easy-to-use engineering, service and - Gate control
logistics. As a result, it has a large range of uses. - Food production
- Thermosolar plants
The AC500-eCo is ideally suited to applications in the textile - Solar tracker
and food industries, in water, in building, warehouse and - Building automation
transportation automation, and in energy and environmental - Water treatment
technology. - Air conditioning and cooling systems

14 different types of S500-eCo I/O modules available (limitation to 7 extensions)

Program memory size 128 KB 2 counters (30 kHz) or 1 encoder input (max. 12 kHz single
Integrated data memory 10 KB (retained data) pulse, 10 kHz for quad pulse)
Plug-in a memory SD card 512 MB for storage user data PWM outputs (2x max. 20 kHz)
and program Max. number of centralized inputs/outputs (max. 7 expansion
Data buffering in flash modules)
Real-time clock (option with battery back-up) Digital inputs/outputs 224+8 / 168+6
Program execution: cyclical + 1 interrupt task Analog inputs/outputs 112 (+2) / 112 (+1)
Cycle time for 1000 instructions Decentralized I/O modules on CS31 bus interface
Binary: 0.1 ms COM1: Serial interface RS485 sub-D9 programming,
Arithmetic calculation with floating point modbus, ASCII CS31
Approvals CE, cUL (in preparation) COM2: serial interface in option RS485 terminal block
4 interrupt inputs programming, modbus, ASCII
How can AC500-eCo be tailored
to grow more with your needs?

The new, compact AC500-eCo offers an introduction to the

AC500 PLC range as an optimal cost-performance solution
for small applications. The CPUs have integrated I/Os and can
be configured to accommodate up to seven S500 I/O expan-
sion modules.

The system functionality can be enhanced by simply selecting

Scalable & compatible
a more powerful CPU and/or additional I/O modules.

All modules can be simply mounted on DIN rails or fixed using

screws. System configuration is carried out using the inte-
grated system software (PS501 Control Builder).

The AC500 has a unique architecture which allows either

CPUs and/or I/O modules to be upgraded to more powerful-
components as per application requirements.

AC500 Programming and diagnostic tool

PS501 Control Builder
PS501 Control Builder is the engineering tool for the entire
AC500/S500 PLC family and all field buses available, de-
signed for standardized IEC 61131-3 programming in six
different languages. Other features of this tool are: configura-
tion of the overall system including field buses and interfaces,
extensive diagnostic functions, alarm handling, integrated
visualization, OPC server licence and open software inter-
faces.The Programming Tool PS501 also allows you to select
between different languages such as English, German, Spanish,
French, Italian, Russian and Chinese.

Programming language representations:

- Function Block
- Ladder Diagram
- Instruction List
- Sequential Function Chart
- Structured Text
100% P
- Continuous Function Chart

Additional Tools:
- Trace-Function
- Offline-Simulation
- Engineering Interface
- Interface Configurators
- Visualization
- Webserver

ABB | AC500-eCo
AC500-eCo CPUs
Onboard I/Os Digital Onboard I/O Analog Onboard I/O
Type Power supply Order code
DI/ DO/AI/AO Input signal Output signal Input signal Output signal
PM554-T 8/6// 24 V DC Transistor, 24 V DC, 0,5 A 24 V DC 1TNE 968 900 R0100

PM554-R 8/6// 24 V DC Relay, 24 V DC, 120/240 V AC, 2 A 24 V DC 1TNE 968 900 R0200
PM554-R-AC 8/6// 24 V DC Relay, 24 V DC, 120/240 V AC, 2 A 100-240 V AC 1TNE 968 900 R0220
PM564-T * 6/6/2/1 24 V DC Trans 24 V DC, 0,5 A 010 V: 10 bits 010 V, 020 mA, 420 mA 24 V DC 1TNE 968 900 R1100

PM564-R * 6/6/2/1 24 V DC Relay, 24 V DC, 120/240 V AC, 2 A 010 V: 10 bits 010 V, 020 mA, 420 mA 24 V DC 1TNE 968 900 R1200
*All Analog inputs on AC500 CPU PM564 can be configured as digital inputs. ** in preparation

Software and cable

Type Descriptions Order code
PS501 Programming package PS501. Control Builder AC500 1SAP 190 100 R0002
License for runtime visualization package. For installation and visualization of images created
PS541-HMI with the programming package PS501. Delivery includes license code and documentation. 1SAP 190 500 R0001

TK503 Programming cable USB => RS485 SUB-D, 5 m 1TNE 968 901 R1100
TK504 Programming cable USB => RS485 terminal block, 5 m 1TNE 968 901 R2100

S500-eCo I/O
Type DI/ DO/ DC Input signal Output signal Terminal block Terminal block Order code
9 poles 11 poles
DI561 8DI / / 24 V DC 1 - 1TNE 968 902 R2101
DI562 16DI / / 24 V DC 1 1 1TNE 968 902 R2102
DI571 8DI / / 100-240 V AC 1 1 1TNE 968 902 R2103

DO561 / 8D0 / 24 V DC Transistor, 24 V DC, 0,5 A - 1 1TNE 968 902 R2201

DO571 / 8DO / Relay, 24 V DC, 120/240 V AC, 2 A - 1 1TNE 968 902 R2202

DO572 / 8DO / Triac, 100-240 V AC, 0,3 A 1 1 1TNE 968 902 R2203

DX561 8DI / 8DO/ 24 V DC Transistor, 24 V DC, 0,5 A 1 1 1TNE 968 902 R2301

DX571 8DI / 8DO/ 24 V DC Relay, 24 V DC, 120/240 V AC, 0,5 A 1 1 1TNE 968 902 R2302

Transistor, 24 V DC, 0.1A, HE 10-20

DC561 / / 16DC 24 V DC connector for prewiring system interfast HE10-20 - 1TNE 968 902 R2001

-2.5...+2.5 V, -5...+5 V, 0...5 V,

AI561 4AI /- 0...10 V, 0...20 mA, 4...20 mA 1 1 1TNE 968 902 R1101

AO561 - / 2AO -10...+10 V, 0...20 mA, 4...20 mA - 1 1TNE 968 902 R1201

-2.5...+2.5 V, -5...+5 V, 0...5 V,

AX561 4AI / 2AO 0...10 V, 0...20 mA, 4...20 mA -10...+10 V, 0...20 mA, 4...20 mA 1 1 1TNE 968 902 R1301

PT100, PT1000, Ni100, Ni1000,

AI562 2AI /- Resistance: 150, 300 - 1 1TNE 968 902 R1102

Thermocouples: S, T, R, E, N, K, J,
AI563 4AI /- Voltage range : 80 mV 1 1 1TNE 968 902 R1103

** in preparation. Teminal block ( 9 or 11 poles) is necessary for each S500 I/O. They are delivered separately

S500-eCo terminal blocks

Type Descriptions Order code
L44460901501 9 poles terminal block for S500 I/O modules, screw front / cable side, 1SSS 444 609 R1100
L44461101501 11 poles terminal block for S500 I/O modules, screw front / cable side, 1SSS 444 611 R1100
L44440901501 9 poles terminal block for S500 I/O modules, screw front / cable front, 1SSS 444 409 R1100
L44441101501 11 poles terminal block for S500 I/O modules, screw front / cable front, 1SSS 444 411 R1100
L44470901501 9 poles terminal block for S500 I/O modules, spring front / cable front, 1SSS 444 709 R1100
L44471101501 11 poles terminal block for S500 I/O modules, spring front / cable front, 1SSS 444 711 R1100

All other options

Type Descriptions Order code
MC502 SD Memory card 512 MB 1SAP 180 100 R0001
MC503 SD Memory card adapter 1TNE 968 901 R0100
TA561-RTC Real-time clock 1TNE 968 901 R3200
TA560-BAT Lithium battery 1TNE 968 901 R3201
TA562-RS Serial communication interface COM2, RS485, terminal block 1TNE 968 901 R4300
TA562-RS-RTC Serial communication interface COM2 with real-time clock, RS485, terminal block 1TNE 968 901 R5210
TA566 Wall mounting accessory for AC500 CPU and S500 I/O modules 1TNE 968 901 R3107
TA567 Option cover for AC500 CPU module 1TNE 968 901 R3202

Starter kit
Type Descriptions Order code
1x CPU PM554-T with ABB CR-E 24/0.75 power supply, 1x TK503 programming cable, 1x PS501 promotion CD,
PM554-STAKIT 1x E-learning DVD, 1x simulator, 1 screwdriver
1TNE 968 903 R0100

ABB | AC500-eCo
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