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Individual Assignment 1
WEEK 2 SEM 1 2017/2018

Case study:

Your junior, Aisyah need your helps to plan her apps project.
Her project is to create the health apps that will helps Malaysia people to monitor their health.
The module consist of:
a) User information
b) User Health Screening
c) User Health Record
d) General information of Diseases

e) Do you think that she should use) elements of Multimedia in the courseware? Explain which
elements suitable for her project

Yes, I think she should use the elements of multimedia to create the health application that
looked attractive and most useful to the user. All of these elements are important in the web
application to enhance the ability of the system to the user.

First element is tText, its mostly used in any application. It may be an easy content to forget but
it mostly helps the application to tell the user the function of the health apps future. The text
can be used to tell the user information about their record and how to use the application.

Second element is images, people love graphic or picture to looked for. It makes the
application become more attractive to be used. Images will display the information and
become the part of form contents.

Third element is animation. This element can catch the eyes of user while the images play
the animation. The application will play the information or headline of the storyboard by the
animation to encourage user to stay with the system and keep want to know the use of the

Fourth element is video. In this application video can be used between a patient and the
doctor for user health screening by video call with the doctor based on appointment.
The video can be used to show general information about the diseases to the user. It will
become easier for a person who does not love to read the text more.

Lastly, Audio is the great effect to interact with the user. It commonly be used in the video
about the information that user looked for and the best quality audio of video call to hear an
advice from the doctor after the appointment. Formatted: Font: Century Gothic, 10 pt
[5 Marks]
f) Clarify how your selected elements of Multimedia can contribute to promote the health of
Malaysia people?
[5 Marks]

In my opinion, all the elements in the application can be useful to promote the health of
Malaysia people. It had been used widely although we can see it in the multimedia social to
encourage people become more care about their health.

The news about the health and diseases always used the elements of multimedia to realize the
people. Nowadays people become more attractive to text effects, graphic and visualization.
Color of the text also play the roles to take user attraction. People will get more attention to
read about the information provided in the application.

Images always show the content of the information and guide the user to lead them read the
information. Then the animation will run the text or the images to make the interface of the
application get engaged with the user frequently. It also can promote the health to the people
while they see these elements run in the application.

Video and audio always related in the application. It was very important to make user get
general knowledge while listening the audio. whenever the user wants to know about any
research or information they will use it easily and frequently.


1. This assessment is an individual assignment.

2. Answer the above questions and submit in a Word Document on 15 SEPTEMBER 2017.
3. You should follow standard report writing format.
4. Put at least 5 citation and references to support your answer. NO PLAGIARISM is allowed.
5. Submit your document in a hardcopy in the box in front of my room.