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Learning while earning

THE ongoing and voluntary pursuit of choose to pursue further studies soon after where you may obtain help from when and recognising what to sacrifice to
knowledge while also building a career is a getting a job while others who have been facing challenges in handling both aspects. accommodate both study and work should
journey that requires self-motivation. in the workforce for a number of years People considering pursuing further be included in your preparations before
An increasing number of people in the may choose to further their studies to studies should consider a few issues before going down this path.
workforce are opting to further their qualify for a promotion or new taking the leap, including financial and Lastly, keep in mind that both studies
studies while working full time or part opportunities in their career. emotional costs, type of commitment (part and work are of equal priority, and
time, leading to more tertiary education As a student pursuing your postgraduate time or full time), options of distance readjusting your commitment in both
institutions offering work-study options. studies while working, your classes will learning, how much time you are able to aspects to suit your abilities is perfectly
Skills learnt in the workplace lend depth most probably be made up of people of allocate to studying in a week, whether acceptable.
and perspective to theoretical studies in various ages from many different your job allows you to take time off when Undoubtedly, it will be challenging to
the classroom while theory learnt in the professional backgrounds while your you need to study and how much free time work and study at the same time, but it can
classroom allows one to perform professional life may not contain a lot of you can give yourself. be done. Using your time strategically and
professional duties with more people sharing the same experience. Working and studying at the same time being fully dedicated to your goals will
understanding and consistency. If your education institution of choice requires one to focus on the end goal. help give you the best chance in achieving
Some fresh university graduates may offers counselling services, be aware of Perfecting your time management skills them.
2 Work & Study THE STAR, TUESDAY 26 SEPTEMBER 2017

ADVANCE Tertiary College (ATC)

offers the opportunity to study
Bachelor of Business
Administration (BBA) (Hons) and
Bachelor of Accountancy (BACC)
(Hons) in collaboration with
Gaining business knowledge
Infrastructure University Kuala Management Accountants (CIMA), and various local employers.
Lumpur (IUKL). The BBA CPA Australia and the Malaysian These programmes are

It also offers the Bachelor of Institute of Certified Public approved by the Malaysian
Science (BSc) in Business and Accountants (MICPA). Qualifications Agency and
Management programme
by the prestigious University of
focuses on the The business degrees offered
at ATC will help equip students
the Higher Education
Ministry. Students are eligible
London (UOL) at its campuses professional with holistic knowledge in the to apply for the National

employment skills.
in Kuala Lumpur and Penang. current corporate arena. In Higher Education Fund
The BBA programme addition, the leadership skills Corporation (PTPTN) loan.
focuses on the professional acquired as part of the curriculum Students who have
employment skills that a student prepare graduates for their completed their diplomas
needs in a rapidly changing challenging careers, says ATC's are eligible for exemptions
business environment with School of Business and and are welcome to
emphasis on communication, about financial accounting, Management programmes register for any of these
presentation and problem-solving management accounting, taxation coordinator Anna Matthew. programmes.
skills. and finance. Through industrial Studying under the University In light of ATCs 30th
Meanwhile, the BSc Business placements at established of London International anniversary, applicants are
and Management programme corporations, students will Programme will give you a entitled to apply for the Tan
entails subject-specific knowledge be able to have valuable competitive edge in the global Sri P. Alagendra scholarship.
and important transferable skills experience in working job market. Graduates from UOL ATC is also offering 15% to
such as critical thinking, problem- environments. have obtained jobs in many 25% rebates for the diploma
solving, ability to think creatively The BACC programme is areas such as banking and and degree programmes.
and assimilate new ideas as well recognised by professional bodies financial services, major
as strategic thinking and analysis. such as the Association of technology companies, n For more information,
The BACC programme provides Chartered Certified Accountants international agencies, call 1800 889 292 or visit
students with knowledge (ACCA), Chartered Institute of multinational companies


stepping stone
WORKING professionals need
to upgrade their academic
credentials and embrace lifelong
WOU currently
learning if they want to remain offers more than
50 undergraduate
relevant in todays constantly
evolving work environment.
Wawasan Open University
(WOU) provides the right and postgraduate
platform for adult learners to
gain industry-related knowledge
and skills at an affordable cost
while working. WOUs part-time,
open distance learning (ODL)
mode of study allows learners to industrial-age university to
have online access to course cater emerging job demands
materials from anywhere and in a fast-changing, technology-
any time. driven work environment.
According to WOUs We are engaging and partnering
vice-chancellor Prof Datuk Ho with the private sector to keep
Sinn Chye, WOU takes advantage up with the emerging market
of the technological affordances needs for new knowledge and
for higher education to produce skill sets, says Prof Ho.
graduates with skills and traits WOU currently offers more
such as analytical thinking, than 50 undergraduate and
creative thinking, effective postgraduate programmes in
communication, collaboration areas such as management,
with partners, problem-solving, accounting, psychology,
personalised learning, ethics, electronics, banking and finance,
accountability as well as subject, early childhood education,
technological and social media logistics and supply chain
fluency. management, construction
WOU has taken on the management, manufacturing,
challenge to transform and administration and English
position itself to become an studies.
Today's learners are seeking
programmes with shorter
completion periods and added
values such as academic
Prof relevance and recognition, low
Datuk fees, full-/part-time switch
Ho Sinn options, and online learning,
Chye. says Prof Ho.
WOU has been collaborating
with local corporate clients in
customising and delivering
accredited academic
programmes to meet their
needs. Several overseas ODL
universities are now using the
quality courseware developed by


THE STAR, TUESDAY 26 SEPTEMBER 2017 Work & Study 3

Down the road less travelled

IN the age of fake news and
independently produced
content online, higher education
plays a vital role in helping us
understand what responsible
and ethical modern-day
journalism can and should be. how those events linked in and media production skills. Now
Journalism is a valid and different ways and impacted one that I have graduated, those skills
necessary area of study that is another. have proven to be relevant.
relevant today and in the future. One of the more memorable Within a year of being a
Yet, journalism study remains assignment tasks required me full-time working adult, I found
a little under the radar for to create audio stories using myself writing freelance, delving
prospective students and audio blocks and sound clips into travel writing and taking
parents as a higher education found on the Internet. Through up projects requiring videography
option in Malaysia. this simple audio editing task, work.
Sarah Anne Lee Cui Ying (pic), I managed to produce a corny The critical research skills
a Bachelor of Arts and Social western horror audio piece that I have acquired in my
Sciences graduate from the consisting of stampedes, cowboy degree have taught me to
School of Arts and Social whoops, beastly growls and appreciate the intricacies of
Sciences at Monash University screams. news production in fast-evolving
Malaysia, shares some insights: Being creative 24/7 can be media landscapes.
As a person who took the mentally exhausting, but the I feel much more prepared to
path less travelled and majored opportunities before me have differentiate fake and real news.
in journalism and writing, I gave me an awareness and producing stories returned to the kept me busy. Out of my writing More importantly, I know how to
have learnt that the way people understanding of global spotlight. I was tasked with keeping portfolio, I managed to get a produce the latter in a responsible
receive and understand news production that included up with different news standards short story published in a local and ethical fashion.
important news items largely business news, a unique form around the world. Understanding anthology titled Champion Fellas.
depends on how they are of journalism that I personally those nuances proved to be Having had the ambition of n For more information
produced, written and found difficult due to lack of challenging. becoming a creative writer, about the School of Arts and
published. interest but later enjoyed. In addition, world events occur I made the decision to undertake Social Sciences at Monash
In the first year of study, Unlike hard news, these at great speeds and all at the same journalism studies at Monash University Malaysia, visit
I was exposed to the practical areas have fewer demands for time. It was fascinating to learn Malaysia to develop my writing
aspects of journalism and learnt immediacy and require ongoing
how to write and publish news research of global and local
using different media platforms businesses.
such as radio, television and I also learnt to interpret
the Internet. To do this, I also company and stakeholder
had to learn how to use various reports. Checking facts and
recording equipment and confirming them through
editing software. external news sources proved
The School of Arts and to be important and part of
Social Sciences provided me the research process, which
with these resources, which took a lot of patience and
allowed me to acquire insight practice.
into key broadcasting industries, When year three came
and I learnt to work in distinct around, the topics focused
reporting scenarios that more on world events and
included studio set-ups and live assignments became
updating of news online. increasingly fun. Key journalism
My second year of study skills such as editing and

New opportunities
WOU offers
WOU has gained local and RM1,000 fee
rebates to all new
international recognition for
higher education. It is rated Tier
5: Excellent by the Discipline-
Based Rating System (D-Setara) undergraduate
from the Higher Education
Ministry for the quality of its
students and
undergraduate teaching and special rebates of
In addition, students are up to RM1,530 to
assured of quality education at
WOU as all its programmes are
those who enrol for
accredited by the Malaysian its postgraduate
Qualifications Agency and
approved by the Higher programmes.
Education Ministry.
WOU offers RM1,000 fee
rebates to all new undergraduate
students and special rebates of
up to RM1,530 to those who campus, regional centres and
enrol in its postgraduate support centres nationwide
programmes.To date, more than every weekend of this and next
20,000 students have seized the month.
ODL opportunities provided by
WOU. n For more information,
Interested individuals can call 1300 888 968 or
visit WOU Info Day at the main visit
4 Work & Study THE STAR, TUESDAY 26 SEPTEMBER 2017

Champions of
AS global interactions and performances
grow increasingly efficient, the demands on
society have also risen in recent years.
The need to do more and to do it faster

peoples well-being
and better has left many people unable to
cope with expectations and reeling from
emotional and psychological difficulties.
The fabric of society is changing and a lot
of people face difficulties in their
professional and social lives, says Assoc Prof
Shamsul Haque, head of discipline
(psychology) at the Jeffrey Cheah School of
Medicine and Health Sciences, Monash
University Malaysia.
We can see that the demand for
psychological services is increasing because
as people face more difficulties, they are
unable to cope and need professional help. Through Monash
The Master of Professional Counselling is Malaysias Master
offered at Monash Malaysia. Areas of study of Professional
include human growth and lifespan Counselling
development, mental health issues programme,
surrounding grief, trauma and substance individuals become
abuse, counselling of children, adolescents,
competent in
individuals and couples, cognitive behaviour
the areas of
therapy, group psychotherapy, career
development counselling, and counselling
mental health
research design.
and relationship
In this broad-based course, students are
taught to counsel across various areas, be
counselling as well
they organisational, mental health or as research.
relationship counselling.
One unique feature of this course is that
it also equips students to understand and The course incorporates 504 hours of counselling to help the community by relationships between co-workers,
conduct research in the field of counselling, clinical placements in government agencies addressing the various mental illnesses and contribute to crisis management and
says Dr Tam Cai Lian, course coordinator for and private organisations, of which 192 family problems she saw around her. manage work stress, thus playing a major
the masters programme. hours would involve direct, face-to-face At Monash Malaysia, students benefit role in reducing job dissatisfaction and
These skills may be used to pursue client contact. greatly from a diverse team of highly improving performance, he says.
further academic research and enable Dr Tam says that the course is open to experienced and accredited academics At the community level, counsellors can
evidence-based counselling practice. anyone with a bachelors degree in any field, and psychologists. deal with relationship problems through
She adds that the course is accredited including recent graduates or working They also have access to world-class marriage or couple counselling as well as
by the Australian Counselling Association professionals seeking to know more about laboratories and facilities. These include manage personal grief, trauma and various
and the Psychotherapy and Counselling counselling. group and individual counselling rooms types of mental health issues.
Federation of Australia. It has also been Students need to have a passion and equipped with two-way mirrors, observation At schools, they can help modify students
submitted for approval by the Malaysian desire to know more about human beings side rooms and recording devices. academic behaviour and address peer-
Board of Counsellors (Lembaga Kaunselor and the problems they face, and be According to Assoc Prof Shamsul, relation problems.
Malaysia). interested in helping themselves and the counsellors can promote mental health
These accreditations give graduates ample people around them, says Dr Tam. both at the organisational and community n For more information on the Master
opportunities to practise in Malaysia as well Although she graduated with a degree levels. of Professional Counselling,
as Australia. in mathematics, Dr Tam chose to pursue In an organisation, they can help improve visit