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Answer Key
Entry Test 12 (Can I suggest you think about it a bit more? / Why not
give it another month or two?)
Listening (10 marks) 13 (OK, Ill think about it.)
1 Germany (accept Berlin)
2 Thursday, Friday Language (18 marks)
3 Wednesday, 2 pm
4 b 15 automated security system 24 c
5 Wednesday lunchtime 16 global marketing strategy 25 a
6 Wednesday, 9.30am / in the morning 17 tight monetary regulations 26 a
7 briefing for management trainees 18 annual sales revenue 27 b
8 as soon as possible 19 retail sales franchise 28 overcharged
9 b 20 a 29 mismanaged
10 after lunch 21 c 30 outvoted
22 b 31 upgraded
Language (21 marks) 23 b 32 underestimated

11 b 17 c 22 c 27 e Vocabulary (26 marks)

12 a 18 a 23 c 28 i
13 c 19 b 24 d 29 f 33 facing 46 b
14 b 20 a 25 a 30 h 34 duplicated 47 c
15 c 21 c 26 g 31 b 35 wastes / is wasting 48 a
16 a 36 share 49 talk at cross purposes
37 breaks down 50 put you in the picture
Vocabulary (19 marks) 38 interrupted 51 beat about the bush
39 trust 52 heard it on the grapevine
32 apply 42 decline 40 save 53 on the same wavelength
33 advertised 43 boost 41 develop 54 drawing up
34 CV / curriculum vitae / resume 44 amend 42 allocate 55 call it off
35 experience 45 b 43 a 56 set up
36 responsible 46 c 44 b 57 count on you (not count you on)
37 temporary 47 a 45 c 58 let us down
38 interview 48 a
39 consider 49 c Skills (7 marks)
40 resign 50 b
41 grow 59 c 60 a 61 b 62 f
63 d 64 e 65 g
Reading (10 marks)
Reading (15 marks)
51 d 56 a
52 a 57 f 66 F 67 T 68 F 69 T
53 b 58 e 69 T 70 F 71 T 72 T
54 c 59 b 73 F 74 F 75 F 76 a
55 c 60 d 77 c 78 c 79 a 80b

Writing (20 marks) Writing (20 marks)

See page iii for model answers. See page iii for model answers.
See page 42 for examiners guidelines. See page 42 for examiners guidelines.

Speaking (20 marks) Total marks: 100

See page 41 for examiners guidelines.

Total marks: 100

Progress Test 2
Listening (10 marks)
Progress Test 1
1 e 6 extract 4
Listening (14 marks) 2 a 7 extract 2
3 d 8 extract 3
1 a 4 f 9 extract 5
2 a 5 h 10 extract 1
3 b
4 c
5 b
6 c
7 (Could I have a word with you?)
11 (I quite understand)

Photocopiable Pearson Education Limited 2006 MARKET LEADER UPPER INTERMEDIATE TEST FILE i
Answer Key

Language (25 marks) 15 repeating

16 doing
11 global globally 28 in 17 developing
12 fantastically fantastic 29 for 18 to expand
13 30 to 19 applying
14 high highly 31 in / of 20 You cant predict when a crisis might happen, although you
15 hardly hard 32 from can make sure you are prepared for it when it comes. or:
16 flexibly flexible 33 to Although you cant predict when a crisis might happen, you
17 call will have 34 of can make sure you are prepared for it when it comes.
18 will get 35 on 21 The company has not been successful in increasing sales at
19 expanded would be (or expand will be) home despite spending huge amounts on advertising.
20 are would like 22 Peter Clark always asks his team for their opinion before
21 had done would have found out making a decision, whereas Mary Jones is a much more
22 should autocratic manager.
23 cant 23 Many companies are moving jobs offshore; this doesnt mean,
24 must however, that there will be a shortage of jobs at home.
25 neednt / shouldnt 24 Before agreeing to a merger, companies need to be sure they
26 would have common strategies and goals. In addition, there are a
27 in number of practical issues to consider.
25 GE profits are up / have gone up by 15%.
Vocabulary (25 marks) 26 The EU and US will / are going to resume talks about flights.
27 Nokia and China Putain have announced a joint venture.
36 play 28 The new Chief / Chief Executive Officer of Burberry has been
37 hit awarded / has received a pay package of $27 million.
38 borrow 29 China and the US have failed to strike a deal on textiles.
39 solve 30 The boss (leader / chief ) of ASCO has been told to increase
40 share profits or resign (accept quit / leave) or: ASCOs boss has
41 carry been told he must / should (either) increase profits or resign.
42 Charlie (honest = open and trustworthy; stable = doesnt 31 We are certain to (or: We are certain that we will) have the
panic or get excited; reliable = always gets the job done) results by Friday.
43 Barbara (communicative = able to explain things clearly; 32 Our profits will probably fall in the next quarter.
sociable = enjoy working with people; flexible = adapt quickly 33 It is possible (that) our competitors will launch their
to changing situations) product first.
44 Donna (decisive = take control when something goes wrong; 34 It is unlikely (that) anyone will notice the mistake.
tough = able to deal with all kinds of difficult situations; 35 Theres no chance of me / my getting to the meeting.
focused = keep a clear head and not get distracted)
45 Alex (organised = knows where everything is kept; efficient = Vocabulary (25 marks)
good at handling everyday routines; practical = can suggest
the best way to do things) 36 monitor 49 nitty-gritty
46 c 54 hire purchase 37 compensate 50 ground rules
47 f 55 government grant 38 set 51 get to the bottom of it
48 e 56 cash flow 39 disclose 52 steam-rollered
49 a 57 delivery charge 40 handle 53 ahead of its time
50 b 58 merchant bank 41 take 54 joint venture
51 g 59 business angel 42 hands-on 55 MBO (=management buyout)
52 d 60 invoice discounting 43 empowering 56 acquisition
53 bank overdraft 44 task-oriented 57 bid
45 collaborative 58 stake
Skills (9 marks) 46 delegating 59 liability
47 at the cutting edge 60 contingency
61 c 62 h 63 d 64 e 65 a 66 b 67 g 68 i 69 f 48 pass the buck

Reading (11 marks) Skills (8 marks)

70 a 71 a 72 c 73 b 74 c 75 b 76 a 77 b 78 a 61 h 65 e
79 b 80 c 62 b 66 a
63 i 67 c
Writing (20 marks) 64 f 68 d

See page iv for model answers. Reading (12 marks)

See page 42 for examiners guidelines.
69 Para iv 70 Para v 71 Para vii 72 Para vi 73 Para iii
Total marks: 100 74 c e f (award 1 mark for each correct answer; deduct marks for
incorrect answers)
75 a d (award 1 mark for each correct answer; deduct marks for
incorrect answers)
Progress Test 3 76 b d (award 1 mark for each correct answer; deduct marks for
incorrect answers)
Listening (12 marks)
Writing (20 marks)
1 c 2 a 3 aef 4 b 5 a 6 abf 7 a 8 b 9 c
10 b 11 c 12 c See page iv for model answers.
See page 42 for examiners guidelines.
Language (23 marks)
Total marks: 100
13 Being
14 working
ii MARKET LEADER UPPER INTERMEDIATE TEST FILE Pearson Education Limited 2006 Photocopiable
Answer Key

Exit Test Skills (7 marks)

Listening (14 marks) 63 c 64 d 65 f 66 a 67 g 68 e 69 b

1 1952 Reading (11 marks)

2 Volcano
3 5 70 f 71 a 72 e 73 c 74 b 75 d 76 c
4 10 per cent (accept doubled) 77 a 78 a 79 c 80 b
5 rock concerts
6 e-mail address, mobile phone number Writing (20 marks)
7 4.7
8 $400 billion See page iv for model answers.
9 b See page 42 for examiners guidelines.
10 c
11 b Speaking (25 marks)
12 c
13 c See page 41 for examiners guidelines.
14 b
Total: 125 marks
Language (26 marks)
15 is was
16 high highly Model Answers to Writing Tasks
17 have has [to agree with trading]
18 have had Entry Test
19 owing owed
20 forward back Dear Mr Wilson
21 has had Many thanks for sending details of your travel arrangements. Our
22 of on driver will come to the airport to meet you at 10 p.m. on Sunday
23 of for night. He will be carrying a sign with your name on it.
24 withdrawing withdraw I have now booked a room for you at the Aspen Villas Hotel. This
25 We are looking for a well-qualified professional person. is a small hotel that our company normally uses and I think you
26 In recent months, we have seen rapidly declining sales. will find it very comfortable and quiet. It is just 5 minutes walk
27 He has produced consistently accurate reports. from our offices. I have informed the hotel that you will be
28 The company has demonstrated extremely effective disaster arriving late.
planning (or: planning for disasters). I will come to your hotel on Monday morning to meet you and
29 is a highly successful online service walk with you to our offices. I hope 8.30 wont be too early for
company. you.
30 bring out I wish you a pleasant trip and look forward to meeting you next
31 break into Monday.
32 cut off Yours sincerely,
33 put it off
34 look into it
35 break them off Progress Test 1
36 a
37 a Dear Mrs Radici
38 b It was good to meet you at the conference in Warsaw last week. I
39 c am very sorry that I had to leave early and did not have more
40 b time to talk to you at the conference.
You mentioned that your company might be interested in hiring
Vocabulary (22 marks) our consulting services. I am enclosing our most recent brochure
so that you can learn more about us and what we can offer. You
41 retreat may also like to visit our website at
42 independently As you can see, we have a lot of
43 remuneration experience in marketing on the web and have helped many
44 fringe benefits businesses to launch successful campaigns.
45 rosy If you would like to discuss your companys needs in more detail,
46 succinct I would be pleased to call you at any time, or to visit you at your
47 dire office.
48 uncertain Please do not hesitate to call me if you would like any further
49 old-fashioned information.
50 deal with, handle Your sincerely,
51 take, make
52 achieve, reach
53 give, provide
54 accept, admit
55 damage, jeopardise
56 enter, penetrate
57 severance package
58 income distribution
59 takeover bid
60 distribution centre
61 retail chain
62 auction house

Photocopiable Pearson Education Limited 2006 MARKET LEADER UPPER INTERMEDIATE TEST FILE iii
Answer Key

Progress Test 2 Exit Test

Memo Memo:
To: New ventures funding committee From: Engineering department
From: (name) To: Purchasing Manager
I have investigated three new businesses that are seeking Subject: New motor for pumping system
venture capital funding and this is my assessment of each We need to purchase a new motor for the pumping system and I
business. have investigated three models, all of which would suit our
AccessFace is a security device based on facial recognition. It is purposes from a technical point of view.
the invention of an electronics engineer who wants to As can be seen in the attached table, Model A has the lowest
manufacture and market it to companies. It should have a good purchase cost. However, the running costs for this model are
market if developed in the right way. However, the inventor has high at $3,066 a year. In addition, the guarantee for this motor is
not yet patented the device, and also lacks business experience. only one year, which means we would have to pay a further $80
For these reasons, I feel that this venture would be too risky for per year for a service contract after this guarantee has expired.
us at the present time. Model B has a higher purchase cost than Model A and also a
Bandarama is a computer game developed by a group of young much higher running cost. This would be the most expensive
computer professionals. The game is creative and fun and the option for us.
group seem to have a lot of other ideas. However, this is a highly Model C has the highest purchase cost. However, it is a new
competitive market and it will be difficult for them to enter. This model which offers a high level of energy efficiency. The running
would also be a high risk investment for us. cost for a year is only $2,628, which would compensate for the
Chauffeur-de-luxe is an existing company that offers chauffeur- higher purchase cost after four years. Moreover, this model has a
driven luxury car hire to companies. The two partners are very five-year guarantee, which means we would not have to pay for a
committed and ambitious and have already established a strong service contract during the first five years after purchase. The
customer base. They now want to expand by opening regional overall cost over five years is nearly $1,000 cheaper for this
offices. Expansion can be difficult but prospects for growth are model than for model A.
good if they manage it well. Their success so far demonstrates Conclusion and recommendation
good business skills. My conclusion is that Model C offers the best value and efficiency
Conclusion and I recommend that we buy this model.
My conclusion is that the venture which offers us the least risk
and the best prospects of a good return is Chauffeur-de-luxe. I
therefore recommend that we invest funds in this business.

Progress Test 3
A comparative study of team-work in Hungary and Japan
(As given)
The purpose of the study was to identify areas of difference
which could lead to friction, and to make recommendations for
facilitating better cooperation between the teams.
The study was conducted over a period of two weeks, during
which time our consultants closely followed each team and made
observations on patterns of communication and decision
It was observed that the Hungarian team work as individuals and
each engineer is highly specialised. They rarely hold meetings
but communicate mainly through the team leader who
coordinates and directs the work. Much of the communication is
by e-mail.
The Japanese team, on the other hand, work as a group, hold
frequent meetings and communicate mainly face-to-face.
Engineers are more generalised and ideas are created through
brainstorming and cooperation. Decisions are reached by
consensus within the team.
It is clear that the two teams have very different working
patterns. This could lead to serious problems and the success of
the joint venture could be at risk as a result. It will be important,
therefore, to establish a common approach. We strongly
recommend that, before the project starts up, the teams are
brought together to discuss their differences and to agree on the
ground rules for future cooperation. In addition, a programme of
team-building activities could be set up to facilitate better
cooperation between the teams.

iv MARKET LEADER UPPER INTERMEDIATE TEST FILE Pearson Education Limited 2006 Photocopiable