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Color Pencil Techniques Worksheet Name: _________ Period__

1. What should you place down under your hand as you draw to keep your hand and paper clean?

2. How do you hold your pencil when using the broad shading technique?

3. How to do get colors darker with color pencil?

4. Explain how you use a watercolor pencil:

5. When using the circles technique your pencil should be what? (circle one below)
Dull sharp flat held on its side

6. What kind of effect does the circles technique create?

7. Explain how you create the cross hatching technique:

8. Name two things that you can use cross hatching on:

9. What do diagonal lines from left to upper right mean?

10. What do diagonal lines from upper right to lower left mean?

11. What is the difference in the meaning of vertical and horizontal lines?

12. Burnishing gives and area what?

13. What does the heavy application of color do to the paper?

14. What is the problem with burnishing too much?

15. What other problem can happen to the paper when burnishing?

16. What is a light application of color called?

17. How does transparent layering look?

18. Whenever you color a shape what should you do to the contours of the object?
19. The tapping technique of the lead creates a series of dots that is called what?

20. Below look at the technique and label what it is.

21-25. Practice each technique in the shape below- use the shapes contour and color your lines in
the direction of the shape.

Burnishing Watercolor Pencil Crosshatching

Transparent Layering Pointillism Broad Shading