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1. Write down three goods and three services.

____________________ ___________________ _______________________

____________________ ___________________ _______________________

2. Order the following words to make correct sentences.

Buy/two blouses/should/one short/you/and.


Not /going/why/eating to a restaurant?


about/going to the/What/mall?


may/help/you /I/Good night/ ?


favorite color/Whats/ your?


is/How/much it?


about/going to the/What/cinema?

5. Complete the empty spaces using the correct comparative and superlative form of the adjective in parenthesis.

Anett: Wow look at that blouse, girls!

Jane: It is the ______________(colorful) I have ever seen and its the _____________ (beautiful) one.

Alice: its too expensive. The one at Palace is as ________ (pretty )__ that one and is much _________(cheap).

Anett: I dont know, I also need some jeans.

Jane: I suggest you to get the jeans at Manchesters, they are _______________ (fashionable) than the ones at Palace.

Alice: No, I dont think so. They are _____________(expensive) there.

Jane: Yes, that is true, but they are ________________(durable) and __________(soft)than the ones at Manchester.

Anett: Ok, girls dont get angry. I will think about it. Lets get some food. Im starving.
Write dowm the correct form of each adjective to make the comparative form.

happy -> than good -> than

high -> than funny -> than

sad -> than well -> than

busy -> than interesting -> than

bad -> than fascinating -> than

small -> than famous -> than

fast -> than ugly -> than

old -> than tall -> than

soft -> than bad -> than

wet-> than salty -> than

young -> than heavy -> than

big -> than easy -> than

respectful -> than intelligent -> than

clean -> than dangerous -> than

smart -> than hot--> than

serious -> than Expensive-> than

curious -> than comfortable -> than

disgusting -> than careful -> than

studious -> than pretty -> than

Write dowm the correct form of each adjective to make the superlative form.

happy -> good ->

high -> funny ->

sad -> well ->

busy -> interesting ->

bad -> fascinating ->

small -> famous ->

fast -> ugly ->

old -> tall ->

soft -> bad ->

wet-> salty ->

young -> heavy ->

big -> easy ->

respectful -> intelligent ->

clean -> dangerous ->

smart -> hot-->

serious -> Expensive->

curious -> comfortable ->

disgusting -> careful ->

studious -> pretty ->

Comparatives and Superlatives

Here are some basic rules for spelling comparatives and superlatives:

Rule 1 - one syllable adjectives or adverbs:

Comparatives Superlatives
Simply add -er Use THE and add -est
Examples: Examples:
smart = smarter smart = the smartest
young = younger young = the youngest
fast = faster fast = the fastest

Rule 1B - One syllable adjectives with a Consonant-Vowel-Consonant Pattern:

If the adjective has a CVC (Consonant

+Vowel + Consonant ), double the
If the adjective has a CVC pattern, double the
consonant and add -er.
consonant and add -est. Don't forget THE!
wet = wetter
wet = the wettest
big = bigger
big = the biggest
* sad = sadder
sad = the saddest.

Rule 2 - two syllable adjectives ending in Y

Change the Y to I and add -er Change the Y to I and add -est.
Don't forget to use THE!
Examples: Examples:
pretty = prettier pretty = the prettiest
happy = happier happy = the happiest
busy = busier busy = the busiest

Rule 3 - Adjectives or adverbs with two or more syllables (not ending in Y):
Examples: Examples:
famous = more famous famous = the most famous
interesting = more interesting interesting = the most interesting
carefully = more carefully carefully = the most carefully

Rule 4
These are the irregular adjectives. There is no system or pattern here, so you'll just
have to remember them.

Examples: Examples:
good = better good = the best
bad = worse bad = the worst
far = farther (further) far = the farthest (the furthest)
well = better well = the best
badly = worse badly = the worst
little = less little = the least