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1. Compare and contrast the funeral orations of Brutus and Mark Antony?

Julius Caesar is one of the most famous plays of Shakespeare. This tragic play deals with
Mark Antonys avenging for Caesars murder. Julius Caesar defeats the sons of pompey and
returns to Rome Victoriously. Cassius, Brutus and others fear that Caesars victories would
make him autocratic so, they plan to kill him. Despite the warning given by the soothsayer and
his wife Calphurnia, Caesar goes to the senate house, where the conspirators surround and kill
him at the Senate house. When Caesar sees his friends Brutus with a sword, he dies with an
anguished cry you too Brutus? Brutus justifies the murder of Caesar. Mark Antony, Caesars
friend moves the public to avenge Caesars murder.


Julius Caesar is known for the oratorical skill of Mark Antony. The Funeral speeches of
Brutus and Antony are perfect contrasts to each other. Brutus talks to the people to explain his
stand. It makes some impression on the Roman Mob. Addressing the mob as Romans,
countrymen and lovers, he appeals to them to hear him for his cause and judge him by their
He asserts that his love for Caesar is greater than anybody in the crowd. But he had to kill
him because he loved Rome more. If Caesar were to live, the Romans would become slaves.
Now they are free. He points out that he had to kill Caesar for his ambition and ends stating
that he is equally country are good.

As he was valiant, I honour him; but

As he was ambitious, I slew him.


Antony in his long speech disproves Brutus charges. Stating that he has come to bury
Caesar and not to praise him, he points out how Caesar had sent the captives ransoms to the
public treasury, went when the poor had suffered and refused to accept the crown thrice. He
convinces his audience that Caesar was not ambitious. Sensing that there is a considerable
change of heart in the assembly; he suddenly produces Caesars will and refused to read it for
fear consequences against the honourable men.

There are several points of contrast between two speeches. Brutus talks to a willing
audience. Antony talks to a hostile audience. Brutus object is to calm their minds. Antonys
object is to rouse their spirits. Brutus speech is short. Antonys speech is long. Brutus makes
no pauses. Antony makes many pauses. Brutus appeals to their reason. Brutus had killed
Caesar. By saying This was the most unkindest cut of all,


There Antony says that he is not a great orator like Brutus, he succeeds in his attempt with
his eloquence, and wins the public over to his side. Eventually a riot breaks out and people are
moved to frenzy to avenge the murder of Caesar.