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Welcome to the next step.

The Marvel Super Heroes Advanced Set (also called MSHAS if you can pronounce that) is the next step in the evolution of one of
the most popular heroic RPGs of all time. While the Marvel Super Heroes Original Set (MSHOS -the yellow box) was a down-anddirty,
cola-and-pretzels, dirt-simple introduction to role-playing, this product is different.

This product assumes you know what youre doing.

Unlike the Original Set, this set starts with the basic assumption that you have played RPGs before, most likely the Original Set. (For
those who have wandered into this book despite the big letters declaring that this is an Advanced set, dont worry we summarize
the major points from the previous set as we go along, both for your benefit and players of the Original who dont want to be flipping
between two books.) You know what role-playing is. Youve had characters that could web-spin up a storm, could wall-crawl with the
best of them, and those that were the best at what they did (snikkt!). Now youre ready for more than your standard going toe-to-toe
with the Hulk. This set of two books (a 96-page Players Book and a 64-page Judges Book), along with additional cards, maps, and
stand-ups is for you.

Dont let the size of this product, the amount of text included, put you off. Some is familiar ground, further explanations of FEAT rolls
and abilities that have developed in the two years since the creation of MSHOS. Ideas that have worked their way in by a variety of
support products, by a number of different hands, are brought together here, clarified, and codified. Most are new expansions on the
rules of the game, retaining the basic mechanics of the game but breaking them out into a fuller campaign sense, Resources.
Popularity. The new Contacts section, All of these are brand new, designed to add depth to your characters and campaigns.

The nature of your own heroes is changed, as we fill in the gaps in the Universal Table, allowing for more rapid advancement, and
concentrating on the hero that YOU want to create. New combat strategies are dealt with, along with the use of Powers in combat.

But before I spin off into comic-book hyperbole, let me state: this is an expansion, not a revision. Certain game mechanics have been
modified, but the game is designed to retain the flavor and basic rules of the original, and any adventure written previously for the
Original Set should be equally at home with the Advanced Set, The only difference is the players have a lot more options available to
them, The Original Set is neither reduced nor outdated by this product, and will remain as an introduction to Role-Playing, the starting
point from which this only offers new frontiers and options.

This new book provides a lot of options. New combat tactics, including blindsiding, shockwaves, and the ever-loving fastball special.
New equipment, new weapons, and new vehicles, New ways for the characters to spend their money, New things to build. A lot of
new Powers, and more information on the old ones,

All in all, there is enough in here to give you, the players, a new lease on your super-heroic lives, and enough ideas to keep you, the
Judge, hopping. Of course, the Judges Book contains a similar amount of information on how to handle the players. Fair is fair.

As noted above, this book comes from the thoughts, comments, and input of a number of sources. Kim Eastland developed the magic
system in the form which you see here and beyond, Jerry Epperson provided the basis for the section on building and invention.
David E. Martin provided the ideas for Plant Control. The Turning Page and Polaris Comics gave us help with support materials, Chris
Mortika supplied us with one of our favorite sections and least-known super-heroes, Kate Novak, Roger Moore, Joe Karpierz, Dave
Collins, Ed Sollers, Steve Winter, and Harold Johnson provided feedback in an incredibly short time. Margie Neville and Peter
Sanderson of Marvel Comics Group provided review, comment, and official approval. Most of the Mighty Marvel bullpen fielded
questions ranging from the mundane to the bizarre. Karen, Jeff, Dennis, Diesel, Colleen and Betty slaved away through the long
hours to convert the original manuscript into a readable, presentable form,

And most important of all, thanks to those who have sent comments and questions, wrote long epistles, and button-holed me at
conventions, who offered support and ideas and started me thinking on this project in the first place. A special thanks to you. This is
the result of your effort and input as much as mine, The MARVEL SUPER HEROES Role-Playing Game is a growing entity, a game
that should continue to grow as long as people are interested in telling the tales of their favorite heroes.

This is the next step in that growth.

Jeff Grubb
10 March, 1986

Game design by Jeff Grubb

Editing by Karen Martin
Graphic design by Dennis Kauth
Typography by Betty Elmore
Cartography by Dave LaForce
Cover art by Jeff Butler
Interior art by Jeff Butler and the Marvel Bullpen
Layout by Colleen OMalley

TSR, Inc. PDF Version 1.0

ISBN 0-88038-368-2 6871XXX1902
Table of Contents
1: What is a Judge?. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3
Judging Situations . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4
FEATs and Intensities` . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4
Judging Combat . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 7
Judging and Healing . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 10
Judging Power Stunts . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 11
Fire and Ice . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 12
Contacts and Resources . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 13
Judging and Building Things . . . . . . . . . . . . 14
Special Requirements . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 14
Judging and Other Dimensions . . . . . . . . . . 15
2: Campaigns . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 17
The Marvel UniverseAn Overview. . . . . . . 17
Running a Marvel Universe Campaign . . . . . 17
A Marvel Universe of Your Very Own . . . . . . 17
Running Adventures . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 17
Night of the Dreadnoughts . . . . . . . . . . . . 18
Running the Bad Guys. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 19
Villains and Karma. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 20
Villains, Popularity, and Resources . . . . . . . 21
Random Events . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 21
Final Summary for Judges . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 22
3: Characters . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 23
Heroes . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 23
Villains. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 42
Entities of Great Power . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 54
Animals, Aliens, and Supporting Cast. . . . . . 58
Character Sheet . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 64
Index . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . inside back cover

This book is protected under the copyright laws of the United States of
America. Any reproduction or other unauthorized use of the material or
artwork contained herein Is prohibited without the express written
consent of TSR, Inc., and Marvel Comics Group. Distributed to the
book trade in the United States by Random House, Inc., and in Canada
by Random House of Canada, Ltd. Distributed to the toy and hobby
trade by regional distributors.
The names of characters herein are fictitious and do not refer to any
persons living or dead. Any descriptions including similarities to
persons living or dead are merely coincidental. All Marvel characters
and the distinctive likenesses thereof are trademarks of the Marvel
VILLAINS are trademarks of the Marvel Comics Group, a division of
Cadence Industries Corporation. All Rights Reserved. Game design
copyright 1986 TSR, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Printed in U.S.A.

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game can see. In the above example, the
player may ask "Do I see any other robbers
in the bank?" The Judge would respond,
"None that you can see." Such literal
answers have the dual purpose of creating
the illusion of reality (the players are not
omnipotent) and driving the players crazy
(the players are not omnipotent). As a rule
of thumb, if a player looks for exact details,
changes position to gather more
information, or asks more than three
general questions, the Judge can rule that
that character's action for that round is
observing and go to the next round.

Role-Play the NPCs: A non-player-

character is any character not controlled by
the players. This includes all the bad guys,
as well as the innocent bystanders, the
forces of the law, animals, and other
heroes as well. In role-playing the NPCs,
the Judge gets a chance to do a little play-
Any role-playing game, adventure, or Answer the player's questions and acting, so have fun. Use different voices
store-bought module or accessory is only as clarify statements. and accents, try to sound like the character
good as the Judge that uses it. The Judge Role-play the various non-player you are portraying (be it Doctor Doom or
is the key to the entire operation; without characters (NPCs) the player-characters the Irish Chief o' Police). Voice can transmit
him (or her, for there are excellent judges of encounter. clues as well as anything else.
both genders), the best RPG in the world Handle game mechanics.
Often the decisions of the NPCs are
becomes no more than interesting reading. Make rulings when called upon in game
determined by die rolls, particularly in the
So, what is a Judge? A Judge is the case of Popularity FEATs. Work these
stage-setter, the tale-teller, the mediator, results into your character. If a character
Describe situations: The Judge is the eyes,
and the narrator. The Judge fills in the has been Friendly to the players throughout
ears, and other senses of the players. The
background, describes what the player the adventure, and suddenly gets a bad die
Judge tells the players what they see from
characters see, and operates the roll, that character does not suddenly
the viewpoint of the characters. If a hero
non-player characters, ranging from become Hostile (in most circumstances).
walks by a bank in the middle of a hold-up
ultimate menaces to the universe to The character would like to help, but does
the Judge might say, "You see a brown
small-time crooks to innocent bystanders to not know the information, cannot give it out,
sedan in front of the Last National Bank, its
other heroes and forces of the law. The is uninterested, has a pressing engage-
engine running. Looking through the plate
Judge decides if a character's action is ment, or simply changes the subject.
glass window into the bank, you see a pair
successful or if a villain escapes. The of men in stocking masks with handguns Finally, when role-playing NPCs, use the
Judge provides the challenges for the making an illegal withdrawal. The bank same approach for what they know as for
heroes and the information that lets patrons are lying on the floor." From the what the players know. Their information is
them triumph. players' viewpoint, a third robber just inside limited as well. A low-level flunky might not
the door is not visible, so the Judge makes know exactly what Doctor Octopus is up to
To say that the Judge works against the no mention of him until the player-character
players, since he (or she) runs the bad and no matter what prodding the players
is in a position to sense him (or the third bring to bear he cannot reveal more.
guys, is misleading and downright wrong. robber makes himself known by attacking
Rather, the Judge works with the players to the hero). Handle Mechanics: The Judge runs the
produce a pleasing, entertaining tale that
combats, determines what everyone is
can be related later with a smile ("Hey, Answer questions and clarify statements: In doing in a single round, and handles the
remember the time I had Teflon Kid and any described situation, there will always be attacks for the NPCs. The Judge also
challenged Spider-Man to a duel?"). questions. It's the nature of the game for determines what FEAT rolls need to made
players to try to gather as much information at which time. The standard mechanics that
Entertainment is the key. The Judge and as possible because it a) gives them the
players, working together, produce the are the Judge's province are handled in the
best chance to understand the situation and next section.
script for their own comic book. Together, react accordingly, and b) it eats up time until
Judge and players produce a final product they or their comrades can come up with an Make Rulings: This is the hardest of the
worth talking about. idea to handle the situation. With both of Judge's jobs, since there will always be
these practices in mind, the best type of decisions where the Judge must make a
The specific roles of the Judge are: answers to give are clear and brief, again,
Describe the situation to players, from judgment call, where the rules could permit
based upon what the characters in the either of two results. Whether actions are
the player-characters' viewpoint.


possible, whether a character can attempt a characters already have their limitations modified Powers.
Power stunt, what type of result is required, stated in their character descriptions (for
whether a character can add a Power, example, Nightcrawler's "Blending" Power Character Modeling: Modeled characters
Talent, or Contact, all are judgment calls the only functions in dark locations). Suggested are probably the most difficult to create.
Judge must make in ordinary play. The thing limitations, and the maximum rank to which a because they are a joint project between
about such calls is that what you allow and Power should be raised by these limitations, the Judge and the player. Either the player
do not allow is up to you. You can have a are detailed on page 9 of the Players Book. has some favorite hero that has not been
"wa-hoo" campaign with every character covered. or has created one of his own
performing all manner of Power stunts, or a In general, when assigning limitations, the with Powers beyond the bounds of those
hard. gritty game where character interaction Judge should think of them as difficult but covered in this text.
is supreme and characters do not try to use not impossible. Wall-crawling that only
their Powers in new and strange ways. works in deep space is nearly useless to As noted in the Players' Book, the player
the player with that Power. in particular if can "set" the abilities of a hero by checking
The other thing about making such rulings the player is creating a character for an the character's abilities against those of the
is that the Judge should be fairly conversant urban-style campaign. Use the limitations characters and descriptions listed in the
in the rules. The Judge does not have to be to form the tenor of your own campaign, Power Roster Tables. The Power Rosters
an absolute expert in all manner of Powers, and to prevent Powers that are too strong are a guideline only.
but should be knowledgeable about what from upsetting the balance.
they do (especially the ones the players For characters native to the Marvel
control). Being able to find the rule you are If a player is raising a Power by accepting Universe. this table is fairly complete. Just
looking for in the books is more important limitations, the player may reject the about everyone has fought everyone else
than remembering the rule verbatim. The Judge's limitation and choose to have his in the Marvel Universe, so a good idea of
players will quickly become absolute Power at the original unenhanced level (no comparative strengths and weaknesses
experts on their characters' Powers. and, in second chances). A player may not so has already been established. For
the case of those running denizens of the reject a limitation when the limitation is completely original characters, no such
Marvel Universe, will acquire examples of called for by the Power. Powers that history of their actions exists. As a
their characters pulling off some incredible require limitations are generally more recommendation to Judges, be prepared to
Power stunt or another. powerful than most. The Judge should set knock down the initial abilities of these
the restriction according to the initial Power "new" characters by one rank each. This is
While there will be self-appointed experts rank of the limitation-requiring power. (This for no reason other than to provide some
on all manner of Powers, there will also be is a case where taking a Power at a growth for the character in the campaign.
those playing the game who have read just relatively low rank with a minor limitation
enough to know what is going on, and and increasing it through experience is Powers for modeled characters may be
enjoy playing the game. This is the other in the player's best interest.) similar to those listed in the Players Book,
reason the judge should be aware of his derived from those Powers. or similar to
rulesetnot every player will inform the To determine the limitations on a character Powers that are noted specially for
Judge of what he or she can and cannot attempting to raise multiple Powers with a particular Marvel Super Heroes. Totally
do, until (perhaps) after the fact. Being single limitation. take the highest maximum original Powers may be developed, but it is
aware of your players' potential and how it rank and raise it by +1CS for each highly recommended that such Powers
affects your campaign is critically important. additional Power being raised to determine have a limitation equal to the initial Power
a suitable limitation. If a character had three rank +1CS.
Powers, the highest of which would be
Judging Situations raised one rank to Excellent, but wishes to
raise all three Powers by a limitation, then
Finally, modeled characters should have
their initial Karma and Health set as pre-
Judging and Character the Judge would look under the Maximum generated characters if they have a "track
Situations of Incredible table for suitable limitations. record" in the Marvel Universe (even so
brief a one as the Osprey). If a modeled
The first "hurdle" for a Judge is when the Judge's Option: If most or all of a character is completely new to the Marvel
players begin to design their own character's super-human Powers are Universe, set initial ability scores at the
characters. For first-time Judges it is combined under a single limitation, the minimum values, as for generated
recommended that pre-generated characters Judge may assign as a limitation the Power characters (with the equivalent lowering of
chosen from those listed on cards be used. Alter Ego. How can an Alter Ego. defined Health and Karma).
After a few encounters to give you a feel for as a Power. be a limitation? In this case the
the game, give your players the option of
creating their own heroes.
Judge controls the transformation from the
Alter Ego to the hero and vice versa, either
Creating generated characters is fairly
by some action, word, deed. or situation. In Intensities
addition, there may be unique situations
straight-forward. The Judge is called into (such as exposure to exotic radiation, or The success of character actions is based
the process when dealing with limitations. being struck by lightning) that may force a on the FEAT roll. A player may be trying for
transformation from hero to alter ego a green, yellow, or red result on a particular
Limitations are a method of controlling a involuntarily. The player may negate these FEAT to determine success. What color is
powerful or enhanced Power in the player effects by "purchasing" the Alter Ego Power needed is determined by the Intensity of the
character's hands. Pre-generated at the level equal to the maximum of the FEAT. So who determines the Intensity?

Power Rosters
Rank Description Examples
MN Able to press up to 80 tons Thing
FB No training or ability Children
UN Able to press up to 100+ tons Hulk
PR Normal human ability Professor X
TYl Minimal training or Vindicator
natural ability Dr. Octopus FB Reduced or impaired ability Elderly
GD Some formal training Captain Marvel Disabled
Hawkeye PR Minimal ability or exercise Children
Police Officers TY Occasionaly exercise Normal humans
EX Regular, formal training Cyclops GD Moderate exercise Black Knight
Nightcrawler Mockingbird
RM Superior talent Spider-Man EX Regular exercise Daredevil
She-Hulk Human Torch
IN Superior talent with training Nick Fury RM Intensive exercise Captain America
Wolverine Cyclops
AM Maximum human potential Captain America IN Enhanced abilities Spider-Man
Silver Surfer Doctor Doom
MN Super-human maximum potential Galactus AM Enhanced and trained abilities She-Hulk
Mephisto Loki
UN Super-human with intensive Thor MN Rarely tires, great fortitude Hulk
training Hercules Thing
UN Never tires Silver Surfer
Agility Thor
FB Physically limited Disabled
Elderly Reason
PR Clumsy, inaccurate Children FB Couch potato. Good grasp of Hulk
TY Normal human reactions Mister Fantastic native language, simple machines Klaw
Baron Mordo PR Limited exposure to technology, Aurora
GD Some training in dexterity and Colossus understands complex machines
accuracy Invisible Woman TY Operate 1980's technology Captain Marvel
EX Intensive training in dexterity Captain Marvel Daredevil
and/or accuracy Cyclops GD Repair and install 1980's Captain America
RM Olympic athlete Hawkeye technology, comprehend terran Doctor Strange
Iron Man languages
IN Olympic gymnast Captain America EX Modify existing 1980's technology Beast
Daredevil Box
AM Super-human sense of dexterity Nightcrawler RM Understand advanced 1980's Shadowcat
or accuracy Spider-Man technology including computer/ Vulture
MN Super-human sense of dexterity Silver Surfer circuitry design
and accuracy Mephisto IN Understand non-terran Iron Man
UN Movement and reactions in a Odin technologies Professor X
flash, rarely misses Celestials AM Create leading-edge technologies, Mister Fantastic
such as stardrive or time travel Doctor Doom
Strength MN Improve and modify advanced Mephisto
alien technologies
FB Able to press up to 50 lbs. Children
Elderly UN In effect, IS an alien technology Watcher
PR Able to press up to 100 lbs. Normal humans
Mastermind Intuition
TY Able to press up to 200 lbs. Doctor Strange FB Unaware of surroundings, Man-Thing
Invisible Woman limited or impaired senses
GD Able to press up to 400 lbs. Daredevil PR A little slow on the uptake Iceman
Human Torch TY Normal human levels Black Knight
EX Able to press up to 800 lbs. Captain America Angel
Maximum human ability GD Above average intuition Captain Marvel
RM Able to press up to 2000 lbs(1 ton) Beast Human Torch
Doctor Doom EX Fine eye for detail Nick Fury
IN Able to press up to 10 tons Iron Man Mister Fantastic
Spider-Man RM Detective skills or background Cyclops
AM Able to press up to 50 tons Rogue Spider-Man

IN Strong empathic sense; Captain America PR Freelance, poor credit risk, Spider-Man
gut feeling Doctor Doom lower middle class, students Daredevil
AM In tune with all surroundings,strong Professor X TY Salaried employment, middle class Iceman
hunches in regard to subjects Ben Urich
MN Senses beyond all normal Daredevil GD Professional employment, Doctor Strange
limitations Wolverine middle class Foggy Nelson
UN In touch with universe, cannot Watcher EX Small inheritance, small business, Box
be blindsided upper middle class, Avenger's Captain America
stipend Tony Stark
Psyche Circuits Maximus
RM Large business or chain of Angel
FB Easily dominated or programmed Dreadnought
businesses, established trust fund, Wasp
PR Young, untrained, or hampered in Rogue
upper class TSR, Inc.
sense of will Aurora
Williams Electronics
TY Normal human willpower Captain Marvel
Human Torch
IN Standard corporation, millionaire Kingpin
GD Resist ordinary mesmerism Captain America
Stark/Stane International
Fantastic Four, Inc.
EX Some experience with mental Beast
Brand Corporation
control and/or mystic forces Nightcrawler
AM Large corporation, small country Doctor Doom
RM Trained in resisting outside Hulk
will-dominating forces Mister Fantastic
IN Highly trained, or posessing Spider-Man
MN Multi-national corporation, Annihilus
great strength of will Wolverine
government branch or military Roxxon
AM Indomitable willpower Marvel Girl
of major country, billionaire S.H.I.E.L.D.
Doctor Doom
playboy Great Britain
MN Intense training in mental powers, Professor X
experience in wielding those Loki UN Major country, mega-corporation United States
powers Soviet Union
CL 1000+ Extra-dimensional realm, galactic Shi'ar
UN A closed mind, practically Doctor Strange
uncontrollable by outside means Mephisto empire or entity Asgard
* These organizations are either out of
FB Reduced circumstances, Aunt May business or under uncertain ownership and
unemployed, on Social Security Power Pack are included as examples.
or allowance

The Judge does. If time is of vital import to an automatic point the Judge has to wing it.
action being permitted.
Standard Intensities and the abilities to If the action being impossible would As Judge, first determine in your mind what
which they apply are listed on the Intensities result in certain death of the character. that FEAT Intensity should be, without
Table. These are the basics, the default Example: If a hero had an Intuition of Mon- regard to the abilities of the character
conditions, of these various objects and strous, finding a hidden passage would be making that FEAT. A rain-lashed surface
situations. If the ability of the character is of automatic. But, since time is of the import, would be a bit more slick than a normal steel
a higher rank (not rank number) than the the Judge can call for an Intuition FEAT, with surface listed as Good in the Intensity tables
Intensity, a green or better result indicates failure indicating the door is found next and under wall-crawling), but less slick than
success. If the ability of the character is of round. Similarly, if the entrance to the room is a surface coated with oil (Remarkable).
equal rank of the Intensity, a yellow result or suddenly sealed and the room fills with toxic Hazarding a guess, the FEAT Intensity might
better is needed. If the Intensity is greater gas, such that the only way for the player to be Excellent. In the second case, unless the
than the ability or Power, then a red result is survive is to find the hidden door, the Judge character can Power stunt into the range of
needed. There can be Automatic FEATs and may permit a FEAT roll to find the door even heat radiation, the missiles will find the
Impossible FEATs as well. though the hero's intuition may be Typical or invisible hero. If the hero tries to Power
less, making the FEAT impossible. stunt, he may have a Power rank -1CS
Determining Automatic and Impossible chance of evading the missiles.
FEATs: The Players' rules state that a This brings up one of the basic guidelines of
FEAT can be considered Automatic if the Judges: "Give the Players an Even Break." In cases where there is too much information
Intensity is three ranks lower than the This is not to say the Judge should give missing, go to a "default condition." This is
Ability being checked, and Impossible if the them what they want on a silver platter the last resort of Intensities, and states that,
Intensity is more than one rank above the they have to work (and spend Karma) for it, it the Intensity is unknown and likely unknow-
one being checked. This is a general rule only that situations will exist where the able, the Intensity of the FEAT is equal to the
for handling FEATs, though the Judge may Judge may have to permit them attempts to ability of the character trying to make the
bend it at his discretion. A Judge may ask survive. What happens in a situation which FEAT. In other words, a yellow FEAT roll
for a FEAT roil for Automatic actions, or is unprepared or uncalled for, such as result is needed for success. Since most
permit a FEAT for impossible actions under Spider-Man wall-crawling on a rain-lashed important Intensities are usually determined
limited circumstances: steel surface, or an invisible character being in advance by the Judge or in the adven-
pursued by heat-tracing devices? At this ture itself, this "default condition" helps to


speed play while not slowing down the Example: Turk (NPC) and Daredevil (PC) raised to Remarkable (26), one of Poor (4)
players. (Of course, there is no rule saying are in a fight in a barroom. There is a gun raised +2CS is Good (8)). A negative CS to
your have to tell the players it is a default lying on the floor. You (the Judge) decide damage lowers the damage to the standard
condition this is merely a shortcut you Turk (the character you control) should rank number of the rank below. (An attack
can use.) make a dive for the gun. The Daredevil of Excellent (17) damage that gets a -1CS
player decides to kick the loose gun away to damage inflicts Good (10) damage.)
Judging Combat and tells you so. The Daredevil player
Column shifts that affect all FEAT rolls
grabs initiative. Daredevil will likely kick the
The greatest amount of judging involves gun away before Turk reaches it, so it is affect all FEATs in the noted round.
conflict, in particular with the player- time to reexamine Turk's options. Using Damage is not a FEAT roll, so it is not
characters on one side and the Judge- Daredevil's distraction to dive for cover affected, but Endurance FEATs, defensive
controlled NPCs on the other. The basic sounds like a good idea. Make a yellow FEATs, and any Power stunts are.
format for battling is laid out in the Players' Agility FEAT for Turk. Success indicates the
section, but bears repeating here: attempt to change his action is successful, Special Situations in Combat: The table
and Turk can try to dive behind a table also lists certain situations where external
1) The Judge determines actions. (Agility FEAT at -1CS). Failure indicates factors may affect the combat situation.
2) The Players determine and state that Turk dove for the gun, which was
actions. kicked away by Daredevil. Turk is flat on Dancing in the Dark: There are two types of
3) Initiative is rolled. the floor in front of Daredevil. and -1CS on darkness Night and Dark. A Night
4) Pre-Action rolls are made. any actions he takes that round. At the start situation is a reduction of available light,
5) Actions of the side that has initiative of next round Turk no longer has the -1CS, though light sources exist (city lights, the
are made and resolved. but you, the Judge, should decide Turk's moon, the stars), while a Dark situation is
6) Actions of the side that lost initiative action in this situation. one involving the elimination or total
are made and resolved. reduction of light (in a cavern or
If, in the above example, the Judge deter- windowless building with the lights out, an
When the Judge determines the actions of mined to go ahead with Turk trying for the overcast night in the country).
the characters he controls, he is effectively gun, on the off chance that Daredevil might
role-playing those characters. As such, the miss the kick, no penalty would apply, though Night is considered Typical Intensity
Judge's actions are limited to what those if the gun were kicked away Turk would be in darkness for FEAT rolls. Maximum sight
characters may know or see. The Judge the same general position as if he tried and range is 5 areas, so weapons and Powers
may know that Spider-Man is hanging failed (on the floor in front of Daredevil). may not be fired beyond that range. Firing
directly above the head crook in the in darkness is done at -1CS, though normal
shadows of the warehouse, but since the The Pre-Action part of the turn is when melee combat may take place.
head crook does not know this, said crook certain actions may occur that are not con-
could not act on this knowledge until the trolled by initiative. These include timed de- Dark conditions are considered Excellent
player running Spider-Man does something vices, such as bombs exploding, trap doors Intensity darkness unless stated otherwise
to bring attention to himself. opening, and timed bank vaults unlocking. (by Darkness Generation Powers, for
These actions can occur here because they example). Normal sight is limited to the
The Judge mentally commits to his action may catch the villains and heroes alike off- immediate area of the character (about 2
before asking the players what their guard, negating their actions for a round. feet). All FEAT rolls are -2CS when in Dark
characters are doing. The Judge can write conditions, including combat and use of
down the actions if he wishes, either as a Column Shifts in combat: The Column Shift Powers.
reminder of special actions the characters Table summarizes the various factors that
should perform or to keep track of may shift the column in combat. Column Combat and Weather: Atmospheric
character actions in long, multi-character Shifts may be applied to hits, to damage, or conditions may also affect fighting. as
battles, The Judge should not change his to all FEATs. noted in the cases below. For intensities,
mind after committing, even if the Players see the Intensity Table.
pull some trick that destroys the villain's Column shifts that affect hits shift the
plans. The simple fact is that the Judge results column used to the right or left, Fog: Fog reduces normal sight to 1 area.
holds most of the cards, and has a large depending on whether the shift is positive Those firing weapons, using distance
supply of bad guys, challenges, and or negative. An attack using Amazing Agility Powers. or throwing objects receive a -1CS
troubles with which to besiege the heroes. that receives a +1CS will be resolved on penalty for fighting in fog.
the Monstrous column instead. Make all
There will be situations where the players may column shifts before the dice are rolled. Rain: Firing objects, using distance
grab initiative and likely negate or foil the bad Powers. or throwing objects receives a
guys' actions. In this case, the Judge may Column shifts that affect damage alter the -1CS penalty. A heavy rain extends this
check to change actions in the Pre-action amount of damage inflicted depending on penalty to all FEATs. Rains slicken normal
section of the turn. Such changes are always whether the shift was to the right (positive surfaces. so FEATs involving climbing or
Agility FEATs, with the limitations as for player- CS) or to the left (negative CS). A positive wall-crawling and control FEATs for
characters noted in the Players' section. Any CS to damage raises the damage to the vehicles are at -1CS.
change of actions requires a yellow FEAT, and lowest rank number in the applicable rank
any actions in that remaining turn are at -1CS, range Ian attack inflicting Excellent (17) Heat: High temperatures reduce the
whether or not the action was changed. damage that gets a +1CS to damage is fighting effectiveness of those involved. A

Intensity Tables Psyche FEATs
Intensity of standard hypnosis and Good intensity
Fighting FEATs mesmerism
Intensity of standard mind control Remarkable intensity
Making 2 attacks/round Remarkable intensity
Making 2 attacks/round Amazing intensity
Intensity of standard terran magic Incredible intensity
Agility FEATs Intensity of standard Asgardian magic Monstrous Intensity

Catching a falling object Feeble intensity Other Intensities

Walking a balance beam Good intensity
Using a dodge manuever against bullets Excellent intensity A single match Feeble intensity
Catching thrown objects Campfire Poor intensity
Walking a tightrope Remarkable intensity Burning room Typical intensity
Attempting to dodge bursts of bullets Incredible intensity Burning house Excellent intensity
Burning warehouse and supplies Remarkable intensity
Catching arrows in flight Amazing intensity
Burning non-explosive chemicals Incredible intensity
Dodging laser fire of energy weapons Monstrous intensity
Catching bullets in flight Unearthly intensity Inside of a blast furnace Amazing intensity
Burning explosive chemicals Monstrous intensity
Interor of a volcano Unearthly intensity
Strength FEATs
Surface of a star Class 1000 intensity
Lifting up to 50 lbs. Feeble intensity Common Cold Feeble intensity
Lifting 51-100 lbs. Poor intensity Common Flu Good intensity
Lifting 101-200 lbs. Typical intensity
Lifting 201-400 lbs. Good intensity Radiation, Ancient A-bomb blast Feeble intensity
Lifting 401-800 lbs. Excellent intensity Radiation, Recent A-bomb blast Excellent intensity
Lifting 801-2000 lbs. (1 ton) Remarkable intensity Interior of an active nuclear reactor Amazing intensity
Lifting 1-10 tons Incredible intensity Radiation of a vial of plutonium Incredible intensity
Lifting 10-50 tons Amazing intensity Radiation of A-bomb blast Monstrous intensity
Lifting 50-80 tons Monstrous intensity Slickness of ordinary concrete
Lifting 80-100 tons Unearthly intensity Slickness of ordinary brickwork Feeble intensity
Lifting 100+ tons Shift X intensity Slickness of glass and steel Typical intensity
Slickness of polished steel alloys Good intensity
Endurance FEATs Slickness of surface covered with ice Excellent intensity
Air pollution alert Feeble intensity Slickness of surface covered with oil Remarkable intensity
Tear gas Typical intensity Slickness of non-stick surfaces Incredible intensity
Snake venom Good intensity Slickness of frictionless surfaces Class 1000 intensity
Spider venom Excellent intensity Darkness under night conditions Typical Intensity
Exposure to vaccum Unearthly intensity Darkness under dark conditions Excellent intensity
Darkness under typical Darkforce Remarkable intensity
Reason FEATs Vision through normal fog Typical intensity
Effects of normal rainshower Good Intensity
Simple machines Feeble intensity Effects of normal thundershower Remarkable intensity
Complex machines Poor intensity Effects of normal thunderstorm Incredible intensity
Communication by gestures Effects of high winds Incredible intensity
Appliances Typical intensity Effects of normal tornado Amazing intensity
Simple Electronics Good intensity Effects of normal hurricane Unearthly intensity
Common Vehicles Excellent intensity Heat, 90 degrees F Good intensity
Computer design and programming Remarkable intensity Heat, 120 degrees F Excellent Intensity
Ability-modifying devices Incredible intensity Heat, 150 degrees F Remarkable intensity
Stardrive, Time Travel Amazing intensity Cold, 30 degrees F Good intensity
Teleportation Monstrous intensity Cold, 0 degrees F Excellent Intensity
Cold, -30 degrees F Remarkable intensity
Intuition FEATs Cold, interplanetary space Monstrous intensity
Obvious items (number of people present, Poor intensity Corrosive, mild acid Good intensity
condition of room) Corrosive, standard acid Excellent intensity
Detail work (position of objects, Excellent intensity Corrosive, concentrated acid Incredible+ intensity
things missing or added) Stunning, ordinary house current Excellent intensity
Discovering typical hidden door Excellent intensity Stunning, typical protection devices Remarkable intensity
or secret passage Stunning, Lightning bolts Incredible intensity
Sense "wrongness" about an area, Incredible intensity Stunning, High tension wires Amazing intensity
person, or object
Sense presence of others that may be Monstrous intensity
hidden, concealed, invisible, or astral

Column Shift Table Sharp weapon attack with Sharp Weapon +1CS
Modifiers to Hit Skill
Oriental weapon atack wih Oriental Skill +1CS
These are organized from negative CS to positive CS, in Shooting or Thrown attack with +1CS
ascending order. Marksmanship Skill
Melee weapon attack with Weapons Master +1CS
If target dodges successfully -2CS, -4CS, Skill
or -6CS Slugfest attack with Martial Arts B skill +1CS
For multiple attacks on a single roll -4CS Grappling attack with Martial Arts C skill +1CS
Target moving faster than 10 areas/round -4CS Thrown object attack with Thrown +1CS
Agility attacks in Melee -3CS Objects Skill
Target less than 1/4-inch tall -3CS Blindsiding attack +2CS
Target between 1/4-inch and 1 inch tall -2CS Luring target +2CS
Shooting through objects to hit target -2CS Specialized weapon attack +2CS
Target moving between 5 and 10 areas/round -2CS Grappling attack with Wrestling skill +2CS
Target between 1 and 6 inches tall -1CS Point Blank range +3CS
With any weapon beyond 1 area -1CS Flying character who is Diving +4CS
With any power beyond maximum range -1CS
Target moving up to 5 areas/round -1CS Modifiers to Damage
Underwater -1CS
Distance attacks in rain -1CS Successful Block -6CS, -4CS,
Firing bow without Bow skill -1CS or -2CS
Distance attacks in night conditions -1CS Flames up to 2 areas away -6CS
Distance attacks in fog conditions -1CS Flames up to 1 area away -3CS
Charging attack, moving 1, 2, or 3 +1, +2, Attacks in Cold (-0) weather -1CS
areas before striking or +3CS Weapon's material strength greater +1CS
1 round after successful evasion +1CS or +2CS than character's Strength
Catching attempt that gets "miss" result +1CS Unsuccessful Block +1CS
Target between 7 and 16 feet tall +1CS Specific attacks against Enhanced Senses +1CS
Target between 17 and 22 feet tall +2CS
Target over 22 feet tall +3CS Modifiers to FEAT Rolls
Opponent Held or Partially Held +1CS
Attack by ambush +1CS Unsuccesfful multiple combat -3CS
Aiming attack +1CS actions attempt
Shooting attack with Gun skill +1CS Character at less than full Endurance -2CS
Thrown weapon with Thrown Weapon skill +1CS Dark conditions -2CS
Firing Bow with Bow skill +1CS When in partial hold -2CS
Bult weapon attack with Blunt Weapon +1CS When Dodging -2CS
Skill Successful multiple combat -1CS
actions attempt
In Hot (90+ degrees) weather -1CS
In Cold (-0 degrees) weather -1CS
Aided by character of similar power +1CS

temperature over 90 degrees Fahrenheit, or the character was facing away from. Targets in the line of fire of missile attacks
Good Intensity, results in a -1CS for all Straight right and left are at 90 degrees to are attacked if the original target is missed
FEATs. Higher heats may result in those in that position, Back left and Back right are at -2CS to hit. Use common sense here. If
the area checking every 10 rounds to avoid 45 degrees to that position. Straight up and the Human Torch fires a fireball at a
heat prostration if the Intensity of the Heat is Straight down are just what they sound like. Dreadnought standing in front of a broad
greater than the Endurance of the character. Characters may take additional damage for side of a barn, a shot that misses the
charging into walls and other obstructions Dreadnought will likely hit the barn. No roll
Cold: Similarly, cold temperatures affect at high velocity, but do not take damage for is needed in this case. The -2CS is
fighting ability. For temperatures below 0 being knocked through the floor in a determined only for small or movable
degrees Fahrenheit (Good Intensity), all "straight down" result. If the force of the targets that could possibly be missed by
FEATs and damage are at -1CS. Material blow is insufficient to knock a character the blast.
strengths are also reduced by one rank due through the floor, the character is
to cold (except for ice, of course). Staggered instead. In cases where stray shots hit windows,
buildings, and fire hydrants, use a common
Underwater Combat: Battle underwater Ranged Weapons Unintended Targets: sense version of the FEAT roll to determine
reduces thrown objects by half range, and A missile weapon that misses its intended if damage was inflicted. In general, if the
missile weapons are useless unless target does not generally evaporate, but damage rank of the attack was greater than
specifically designed to operate continues on its intended course to the the material strength rank, some damage
underwater. Powers operate at half range limits of its range. Similarly, if a hero or was done. If not, no damage was done. If
as well. Melee combat occurs as for Flight villain fires into a melee. missing one target the two are equal. roll (if it's important) a
(more info in Players section), with all does not guarantee missing other targets. yellow FEAT for damage.
limitations, and at -1CS to hit. Characters For this reason. the Judge may use the
with Water Breathing or Swimming Power Unintended Target rules. The above paragraph notes "some damage
are not limited in fighting and performing is done. How much is some? If the
actions underwater, and may act normally. When firing into a melee (group of situation is critical (the stray shot may
characters fighting, grappling, or in close puncture a pressurized tank filled with
Combat in space and zero gravity: Zero contact with each other), if a ranged attack volatile chemicals), figure damage normally.
gravity situations place their own misses the original target, the Judge should If the situation is non-critical (just ripping up
restrictions on combat. All missile attacks check other adjacent targets for a hit. The sections of New York in a general slugfest)
and thrown objects have line of sight range. check may be made in any order available assume the material is sufficiently
Any character may be stunned or slammed for adjacent characters, but any potential damaged to count against the character in
in zero-gee. Certain characters can survive targets among those Friendly to the firer Bad Karma for destroying property.
in deep space for extended periods of time, should come first, and then others. These
not requiring to eat or breathe. Others must rolls are made at -2CS to hit (as the Example: Cyclops fires a beam of his
deal with Monstrous Intensity cold and total original firer was not aiming at them). Excellent Intensity eye-blasts at a dodging
lack of air in space. Mastermind. The ruby beam continues up
Example: Spider-Man is engaged in to its maximum 1 area range. then is no
Judging Combat Results Staggers, wrestling combat with three goons and the longer damaging. It strikes a window in that
Slams, and Great Slams: Several results Fabulous Frog-Man. an "ally" of the web- range, it will break. If the beam hits a wall
on the Battle Effects Table refer to the slinger. A fourth goon fires a handgun into of Incredible strength steel alloy, it will inflict
chance of Staggering or Slamming an this melee aiming at Spider-Man. The shot no damage. If the beam hits a brick wall.
opponent, or bestowing upon the character misses. The Judge then checks for one of and the strike may be critical (more than
a Great Slam result. In these cases, if the goons (the order is up to the Judge just damaging the neighborhoodsay the
damage was inflicted, the attacker gets to whoever is closest to the fourth goon, brick wall is holding up a decaying
choose the direction of the stagger, slam or whoever is the biggest target, alphabetical building), check to see if the force beam
great slam. Naturally the Judge may wish order. whatever) to see if he is hit. This roll knocks over the wall.
to not slam his player-characters into walls is at -2CS. A miss indicates a check for the
every time they get into combat. so the second goon on the same result column. If Area attack weapons (grenades, webbing,
Judge can use the table below to a miss, then a check for the third goon. explosive devices) affect all targets in the
determine direction of such attacks: Finally. if that one misses, check to see if area of the attack, friend or foe.
the bullet hits the Fabulous Frog-Man, who
Roll 1d10 Direction
1-2 Straight back
is not on the same side as the goon who
fired the gun. Judging and
Back and right
Back and left Similarly, if a missile weapon misses its
7 Straight right target, it will continue to the limits of its Ten turns after taking damage, the
8 Straight left range, or until it hits something. Weapons damaged individual regains his Endurance
9 Straight up and Powers that are Line-of-sight in range rank number as Recovery. For every hour
10 Straight down diminish in potency as they travel farther, after that, the individual regains his
so that if such a Power or missile leaves Endurance rank number as Healing
Directions are taken from the target's point the area of play without hitting anything. (doubled if the character is undergoing
of view. Straight back means the direction consider the missile to have caused no bedrest or medical attention). These rates
the character came from or the direction additional damage. of healing and recovery are according to


the character's current rank number, or if those Powers. As judge, you monitor that Example: Several heroes with superior
that character has lost Endurance ranks, door. and the types of stunts you permit in speed. like Quicksilver or Northstar, can
according to the rank number of the your campaign will in part set the tone of run in a circle very quickly and generate a
reduced value. your campaign. The kind of campaign you whirlwind as a Power stunt. Beast also has
assemble depends completely on your a "speed" Power that he uses to sprint for
The Judge may handle such recovery and nature and that of your players. short distances; The two Powers are both
healing of Health in two fashions. Under Speed related, but Beast's is at a much
the first method, the recovered Health is Power stunts should not be forced on the more severe and limited rank. For Beast to
awarded in a block of points at the defined players by the Judge; rather, they should try the "create a whirlwind" Power stunt
time. Ten turns after the damage is taken, be generated by players coming up with would make little sense. and the Judge
Endurance is recovered. At precisely one unique answers to dangerous situations. or would reject it on that countit does not
hour, the Endurance rank number of Health experimenting with their Powers on their make sense the way the character
points is healed. Being attacked by anyone own. operates. A character with a more powerful
one turn before the healing or recovery speed factor might try it, but generate a
takes place negates the effects until The player comes up with a Power stunt, less powerful column of air and as such be
another similar period of time has passed, OKs it with the Judge, spends the Karma less successful than the two speedsters.
but the hero regains Health in large blocks. and tries the stunt. The question then is,
how do you as the Judge determine if a The above example was an "easy call:'
The second method states that the hero Power stunt is possible? creating a Power stunt that most characters
recovers as stated at the ten turn mark, but familiar with the Beast would not try. There
that healing occurs gradually over a period of A number of listed Powers have possible will be situations where it is purely a
rest (no running around, jumping off buildings. Power stunts listed as potential abilities judgment call on your part. Rather than
flying, or beating up agents of H.Y.D.R.A.). using that Power. These are only possible spend a lot of time weighing pros and cons
Under this method, merely figure the amount stunts using these Powers, and are not (and delaying the game) to decide if a
of time the hero has spent resting, and that "automatic" Power stunts for anyone who certain Power stunt is possible, use the
amount of Health is regained. gains these Powers. The listed Power following method to determine its
stunts are options available to characters possibility:
Recovery/Healing by Resting with those Powers.
Fb 2 pts/hr. 1 pt/300 turns (1/2 hr) Take the Power rank of the ability being
Pr 4 pts/hr. 1 pt/150 turns (15 min.) Players running pre-generated characters used for the Power stunt.
Ty 6 pts/hr. 1 pt/100 turns (10 min.) with a history in the Marvel Universe can Make a FEAT roll for that stunt,
Gd 10 pts/hr. 1 pt/60 turns (6 min.) find a listing of their most common Power privately.
Ex 20 pts/hr. 1 pt/30 turns (3 min.) stunts under those Powers. They are not If the result is white, inform the player
Rm 30 pts/hr. 1 pt/20 turns (2 min.) limited to those stunts alone, and often in that the hero may try the stunt. It will not
In 40 pts/hr. 1 pt/15 turns (1 1/2 min.) their appearances in the Marvel Universe work. The 100 Karma point "price tag" is
Am 50 pts/hr. 1 pt/12 turns (72 sec.) exhibit other stunts that they may perform, refunded to the player
Mn 75 pts/hr. 1 pt/8 turns (48 sec.) As a general guideline, if a pre-generated If the result is green, inform the player
Un 100 pts/hr. 1 pt/6 turns (36 sec.) hero has performed a Power stunt at least that the hero may try the stunt, but it will
ShX 150 pts/hr. 1 pt/4 turns (24 sec.) twice in his own book, it indicates a true not work and he knows it. The Power
ShY 200 pts/hr. 1 pt/3 turns (18 sec.) manifestation of that Power stunt (as stunt will not work.
ShZ 500 pts/hr. 1 pt/turn (avg) (6 sec.) opposed to one totally due to circumstance If the result is yellow. inform the player
or outside influences). and may be that the hero may try the stunt.
Finally, note that Recovery can occur attempted by player characters. The type of Conditions exist that make it possible in
normally for a single character once per FEAT result needed (green, yellow, or red) this specific situation, but these
day. regardless of the number of times that is determined as noted on page 17 of the conditions may not exist the next time he
character is attacked and wounded. The Players' Book. tries the stunt.
character may still Heal normally, but a If the result is red, inform the player that
character may only Recover from injuries But what about situations outside those the hero may try the stunt. Determine
once in a single 24-hour period. suggested for various random Powers or the result needed as noted in Power
detailed in character's listings or their FEATs in the Players' section.
adventures? At this point. the Judge earns
Judging Power his keep and his name: he makes a Use the above method only when you, the
judgment on whether the FEAT is possible.
Stunts Judge, are stumped or willing to give a
random chance for the attempted stunt
Players are by and large as deviously This decision should be based upon the happening. It you rely on random die rolls
creative and cunning a group of people as situation and what the player is trying to for every possible stunt. you will end up
can be found, and the group that you as the have his hero do. As a general rule. the with a random number of Power stunts
Judge encounter will likely be better than effects of a Power stunt should never be of working. In general, use common sense to
most. As such creative and cunning souls, greater effect than the Power it is derived determine if a Power stunt is possible (or
they will come up with as many ways to use from, and will usually be of one rank lower even needed), and rely on the random
their abilities as possible. Power stunts open than the Power it is derived from. The method as a last resort.
a door to a wide variety of abilities and Judge must ask the question, is what the
duplication of other Powers without having player asking reasonable?


(Good Strength) for greater thicknesses. effects and inflicts its damage in one shot.
Fire and Ice Certain Powers such as Ice and Cold Long-term radiation deals with the after-
The following sections deal with particular Generation may produce "stronger" types effects of atomic weapons, and conditions
attack forms and endangering situations, of ice. This material strength is only found around radioactive materials and
and how the Judge should handle them. effective against physical attacks. Against inside nuclear reactors. Long-term
heat and fire attacks. Ice has Feeble radioactivity is a toxin, and its effects are as
Fire: As with most other generally harmful Intensity or material strength, and. in case noted for toxins and poisons above. A
things, fire has different Intensities of ice produced by Powers or otherwise of check should be made once per hour after
according to the size and combustible tougher material strength, of -2CS to the initial exposure. Chemical tags treated to
material (use the Heat Intensity Table). This listed material strength. detect radioactivity normally detect that of
is the damage inflicted to those in the fire. Typical Intensity or higher.
Those up to an area away from the tire take Example: Ice of Remarkable strength is
-3CS damage, while those up to 2 areas attacked by brute force, also of Diseases: Diseases fall into two general
away take -6CS damage. Force fields can Remarkable Strength. The attacker has to categories: minor diseases and major
resist the Heat energy, as can Body Armor make a yellow Strength FEAT to break the (debilitating) diseases. Minor diseases are
(though it may make the owner of that ice. If the attacker had Remarkable Flame those that have a short term and. with rest
protection uncomfortable), and in addition, Powers, a green FEAT would be needed, and normal healing, allow complete
there are heroes with resistance to as the material strength would be Good recovery. These include colds, influenza,
predetermined amounts of heat and flames. (Remarkable- 2CS). and most non-fatal illnesses. If the hero is,
in the Judge's opinion, susceptible to a
Fire spreads one area per round if there is Prolonged exposure to ice and cold is minor disease, have that hero make an
sufficient combustible material. A fire set in detrimental to the Health of the character. Endurance FEAT against the Intensity of
a protected hearth without nearby papers Those in icebound conditions may resist the disease (most minor diseases have an
to ignite is not going anywhere, while a fire the cold for as many turns as their Intensity of Typicalfor variety, use the
in a hanger containing jet aircraft fuel has Endurance rank numbers. Past that point. Ability Modifier Table to raise or lower the
explosive results. make an Endurance FEAT every ten effects). Failure indicates the hero has a
minutes against Good Intensity (greater minor disease. A minor disease lasts 1-10
A fire's Intensity can be reduced by depriving Intensity if the characters are in colder days, the hero feels rotten. and all FEAT
it of air, cooling its heat, or depriving it of fuel. areas. Check the Intensity Table). Failure rolls are at -1CS. Spending a full day
Normal fire extinguishers are of Good indicates the character passes out, and has resting reduces the effects by two days.
Intensity against fire (they reduce the fire's to make Endurance FEATs each round or Example: Spider-Man spends an afternoon
Intensity by 10 points) in a single area. Nor- begin to lose Endurance ranks. chasing Doctor Octopus through the
mal Fire Hoses have Remarkable Intensity sewers of New York in February. In the
and a range of 1 area. Other amounts of Poisons and Toxins: The Intensity tables list Judge's opinion. this is a good time to
water have effects according to the amount several noted or common toxins. but the check for a minor disease. Spider-Man fails
of water used. (Thor summoning a Mon- heroes may encounter other poisons in an Endurance FEAT. Spidey's got the flu for
strous storm to douse the flames will have dealing with forces of evil. Poisons have an (roll randomly) eight days four, if he
Monstrous successhe will also have a Intensity rank, and those subjected to toxin stays in bed for two full days. During this
Monstrous-strength downpour on his hands.) must make an Endurance FEAT against time, all FEAT rolls are at -1CS.
A fire deprived of fuel burns itself out in a that Toxin. Failure indicates immediate
number of rounds equal to its intensity. unconsciousness for 1-10 rounds and loss Major diseases, on the other hand. are rarer.
of an Endurance rank. At the end of 1-10 usually long-term, and often fatal. A major dis-
Effects of fire on a material vary according turns, the hero makes a second Endurance ease may be the result of some radical event
to the material in question. If the flames are FEAT at his lowered rank, with the effects that happened to the character, such as:
lower than the material strength, the fire will halting if the hero makes the FEAT, and Long-term exposure to radiation
not damage the material, though it will continuing to lose Endurance if the hero Exposure to carcinogenic substances
carry the heat through its substance (hence fails. If the hero's Endurance reaches Shift Exposure to diseases to which the
an iron bar with one end in a fire can burn 0 as a result of toxins and poison, the individual was previously unexposed
someone grabbing the other end). If the character dies. Losses of Endurance from Exposure to alien environments
flames are of a higher Intensity than the poisons override other Endurance losses In any case, major disease rolls should be
material strength, then make a FEAT roll to (from losing all Health, or Kill results), and a rare, and limited to only the most extreme
see if the material is "broken" (in this case character may only lose one rank of Health conditions for player-characters. (Spider-
burned through or melted). The material per round, maximum, regardless of cause. Man walking through a crashed alien ship
strength of a burning substance is reduced Poison damage cannot be negated by might not merit such a check, but Spider-
by -1CS for FEATs against it. outside help unless that help has training Man fighting the Punisher in a burning
(first aid or medicine) and available anti- asbestos factory might.)
Ice: The effects of extreme cold on Combat toxins, but can be halted by the affected
are discussed in the Judging Combat character making an Endurance FEAT. A major disease has a cycle of 1-10
section earlier. This section deals with the months. during which time the character
properties of frozen water by itself. Radioactivity: Many attack forms are must make weekly Endurance FEATs.
radiation-based, such as some of the Failing any FEAT results in loss of one
Ice is a Typical-strength material in thick- energy attacks of Captain Marvel and those Endurance rank. If that rank drops below
nesses of up to 6 inches. and is +1CS of Radioactive Man. This has short-term Feeble, the character dies. With each drop


in Endurance, all FEATs performed by that drowning starts will recover upon being White resultNo information available
individual drop by one rank as well (a two- removed with a successful Endurance Green resultTakes 1-10 hours to
rank Endurance loss results in -2CS on all FEAT (at the reduced level). Otherwise. a discover: no or partial information
FEATs). If the character is still alive at the character with Medicine or First Aid Talents available
end of 1-10 months, he or she will make a may revive the character. Yellow resultTakes 1-10 hours to
full recovery in 1-10 weeks. Player discover desired information
characters also have a Typical chance of Vacuum: Similar in effects to Drowning, Red resultInformation desired at hand
catching a major disease (roll against save that normal functions resume once
Endurance). the characters are brought back into a This table may be used for gathering
viable atmosphere. In addition, airless information from individuals other than
Holding Your Breath: In a great number of space has the effect of Monstrous cold, Contacts, by raising the colors required one
situations. such as underwater, in space, or though any kind of Force Field negates that notch for Neutral NPCs, and two notches
in a gas-filled room, the hero holding his or effect on those within. See under Judging for Unfriendly NPCs. This means the
her breath is a good idea. This is obviously Combat in Space and Zero-Gravity. Unfriendly NPCs will at best lose your
an Endurance FEAT, but how is it handled? request and misfile your information, but

Based on what we know about automatic Contacts and that is how a bureaucracy works.

and impossible FEATs, here is what we

come up with: Resources Use common sense with the table above.
Common or well-known information would
Each round a character holds his or her General Resource ranks are listed in the be available with no need to check (you
breath, make an Endurance FEAT. Power Rosters as a guidepost for character don't have to roll to check time and
Failure indicates the hero must breathe abilities. in addition, characters may have temperature). Similarly. a Contact will only
in the next round or pass out for 1-10 access to additional Resources through know about things limited in his field or
rounds (during which normal breathing their Contacts. experience. Calling up a Contact at the
will take place, if possible). Daily Bugle about an invasion from the
Take the number of rounds the hero The type of aid a Contact can provide Dark Dimension may be met with disbelief
has been holding his or her breath as a depends entirely on the situation, the (if not howls of laughter).
rank number. The Intensity of the Contact. and the kind of aid requested. The
required FEAT is that Rank. (Holding types of aid are: Equipment: This is the good stuff.
your breath for 8 rounds is a Good Borrowing a 747 on the strength of your
Intensity FEAT.) Services: Services include things like a slightly-expired Avengers ID card. Dropping
More than three ranks below the hero's pilot flying the characters somewhere, the in on your old friend Nick Fury and seeing if
Endurance in Intensity is an Automatic doctor providing emergency surgery at the he has a lunar lander he can spare.
FEAT. (A character with Remarkable drop of a forcep, or a newsman showing up Checking out the Wasp's wardrobe closet
Endurance can hold her breath for 4 to cover a super-market opening. Services for costume ideas. Getting hold of things
rounds without any sweat.) in the line of the NPC's profession are in your money can't buy and you don't have
From one to three ranks below the the targets' best interest, and as such gain time to build.
Hero's Endurance requires a green a +2CS for response from Contacts.
FEAT. The amount and type of equipment will vary
Intensity equal to the Endurance Example: The Avengers need a doctor to from Contact to Contact and depend on
requires a yellow FEAT. Intensity one diagnose Sub-Mariner's fainting spells. what the player-character is after and who
rank greater requires a red FEAT. Jarvis has a Doctor as a Contact, so in his Contact is in the organization.
If the Intensity is more than one rank calling the doctor gains a +2CS to the Organizations are generally able to lend out
greater it is an Impossible FEAT. If the FEAT. He needs a green FEAT since this is materials that cost less than their own
hero has been holding her breath this a Contact. The tainting spells are a result of Resource rank (use the Power Rosters as a
long, she will automatically have to the flu that's going around, and Subby guide). Organizations will have equipment of
breathe or suffer the consequences. (In should be all right provided he rests and higher Resource rank, but this is the result
our Remarkable example, this is 46 gets plenty of fluids. of long hours and years of work. Further,
rounds. about 4-1/2 minutes.) any such item that exceeds the Resource
Information: One of the invaluable sources rank is considered a Unique item for the
Note that sudden exposure to vacuum or of data for the heroes is their Contacts, purpose of column shifts. (No, you can't
submergence allows the hero to hold his or whether they are in the papers, the halls of borrow the S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier. A bunch
her breath. but being blindsided by a gas government, or the street. Information allows of cockroaches blew it up, anyway.) Within
attack does not until the hero has resisted the heroes to pick up clues and understand these limits, the heroes may try to get as
the effect of the gas for one round. what is going on behind the scenes while much as they can out of the organizations.
they are out chasing bad guys.
Drowning: A character that cannot breathe Judging Floating Contacts: A player may
under water and can no longer hold his or Gathering information from Contacts is leave certain initial or gained Contact slots
her breath starts to drown. Drowning modified by column shifts as for any other empty when first acquired. in order to fill
involves unconsciousness and loss of one Popularity FEAT. In addition, when dealing them in later as the campaign exists. This
Endurance Rank per round until Shift 0 is with a Contact, the type of information may result in the players suddenly turning
reached and the character dies. Characters gained depends on the color-result of the up a long-lost uncle in the military, or a
rescued from the water in that time after FEAT roll. friend from high school that works for the


character can get by with a little help from Neutral the next time the player-character
his (or her) friends, and in general, needs help, and pointedly remind him that
Contacts should be able to help the player- the hero was not willing to help when
characters. The reverse should also be Puffin, his poodle, was kidnapped by mad
true, and it is through Contacts that Judges dog-barbers).
can draw heroes into adventures.
Whenever a hero calls on a Contact for
information, aid, services, or equipment, Judging and
the Judge should make a second
Popularity FEAT, in private, unmodified by
Building Things
Karma. If this FEAT is any color result (not The Hardware section breaks down the
white), note the Contact on a piece of basic costs of research and development
paper to the side of the game for later use. for the various and nefarious inventions the
Do this for all Contacts called on as play heroes create. An invention (in particular,
proceeds, noting if the heroes call on them one of great power) may need a certain
more than once for aid. item, substance, or ability to power it. This
is called a Special Requirement.
Example: Captain America (Popularity
100Unearthly) needs a skymobile to get A special requirement is both a safety valve
across town quickly, and borrows one from to keep the hi-tech wonders from inventing
his friend and Contact, Nick Fury. After everything under the sun and a way of
rolling to see if there is one available Nick providing a basis for adventuring in much
can spare, the Judge makes a second roll the same way Contacts serve. The Fantastic
Daily Bugle. In other words, a fortuitous on the Unearthly column to see it the Head Four entered the Negative Zone in order to
Contact appears just as the hero needs of S.H.I.E.L.D. will want something in get Annihilus' Cosmic Control Rod to help
him. return. A green result comes up, and the the birth of young Franklin Richards, and
Judge notes it to the side as a possible various organizations have tried to mine
That's OK. start for a future adventure. vibranium from the Savage Land (though for
them to do so would require parkas and
Developing Contacts as the game When creating his own adventures, the snow shovels after its recent destruction).
progresses adds more dimension to the Judge can go to this Contact list for ideas
characters than if the Contacts were thrust, and suggestions. Make a FEAT on the Shift
fully formed, onto them at the start. It helps
Special Requirements
X column for each Contact noted. If the
the Judge transmit information, and gives Contact has only been called upon once, a To determine whether a special
the player-character some roots in the red result is needed to "activate" the requirement is needed, consider the
reality of the campaign. Also, the player- Contact. If the Contact has been tapped function of the item. If it duplicates a Power
characters will not generally have that twice by the players, a yellow result will that cannot be duplicated by "real life"
many floating Contacts, so any one that is Activate, and if three or more, a green technology (Teleport, for example), there is
tied down is one less that will suddenly pop result will do it. always a requirement for that item. If the
up at a later date. effective cost is greater than Remarkable,
An "activated" Contact reverses the there is a chance that a requirement will be
Such "instant Contacts" should generally situation on the players in the next gaming needed. Make a FEAT roll for the effective
be at a medium level. Putting an "old session or next adventure: that Contact will cost and look at the table below.
friend" in Doc Ock's mob is dangerous to approach the heroes with a problem, idea,
both the Contact and the Hero who must or emergency. Examples include: Result Remarkable+ Monstrous+
go in and rescue the Contact when Ock A Journalist calls in a hot breaking story White No Special One Special
finds out. Also, any Criminal Contacts may to the Hero HQ, asking for help. Green One Special One Special
cross up the player-characters whenever A Doctor-Contact is reported missing Yellow One Special Two Specials
the Judge feels like it, leading them into a from his home. Red Two Special Three Specials
trap in order to clear the Contact's own A military experiment has gone awry.
neck. S.H.I.E.L.D. calls up the hero's secret ID, The Judge may always overrule the die
saying there is a problem only the hero rolls in cases where the result contradicts
If it is necessary to provide the abilities and can solve, and sends him on a mission. common sense. If the players are building
statistics of a Contact (the Contact gets Kingpin sends the hero information on a a very large and expensive floating
involved in a firefight), use the listed Maggia smuggling operation that is platform, and three specials are required,
abilities under the Supporting Cast section cutting into his profits. the Judge may reduce that number. The
as a guide, or, if you have the time, create Judge may also reduce or eliminate the
a Normal Person from column 2 of the It should be clear that the more powerful specials required in cases where speed is
Generating Primary Abilities table. The the Contact, the more trouble that Contact of the essence (as in kit-bashing).
Contact will always have the talent that the can get the hero in. The Contact that
character picked him for in the first place. approaches the hero will be expecting aid, When a special is called for, the Judge
and if the hero does not help, that Contact should make up something that ties into the
Contacts and Judging: It appears that a will be lost (the character will become device. Options include:


A special material or alloyfor (Example: The characters need extreme

example. a sonic device may require cold to test a device, and they set out for
Wakandan vibranium, or a device of Antarctica. There they find an alien space
Unearthly material strength may need ship, still operational. And still inhabited)
secondary adamantium.
A specific componentfor electronic
devices, a certain tailored piece of Judging and Other
circuitry may have to be developed as
a separate invention of no less than
the effective cost -1CS, or acquired The Astral Dimensions are dimensions
(villains get what they need the old- made of quasi-material ectoplasm as
fashioned waythey steal it). opposed to physical matter, and as such
A consultant who is knowledgeable in are difficult for physical beings to enter.
the fieldin dealing with size control. These may be penetrated by individuals in
Henry Pym may be called on. while in astral form, either by the Mental Power (as
matters of radiation, Michael Morbius, with Professor X) or mystical ability (as with
Bruce Banner. or Doctor Octopus are Doctor Strange).
the field experts. Getting these experts
to consult is the players' problem. Individuals in astral form may enter an
A unique process to fire the reaction astral dimension by making a Power rank
zero gravity, solar flares, exposure to FEAT, Powerful mentalists and magicians
cosmic radiation, even magic might be choose to duel in the Astral Plane when
a requirement. Tell the players what is possible, as effects of the Astral Plane do
required ("Gee, to finish the seals in not reach into other planes. and so allow plane is a Power stunt, and reaching a
the spacecraft you need a heat source them use of large amounts of Power different mystic dimension consists of a
of at least Unearthly Intensity."). Let without inflicting peripheral damage. separate Power stunt. Just because a hero
them figure out how to deal with it. can reach Asgard does not indicate he can
A device to use as a modelthis is Magic operates in the Astral Dimensions as reach the Dark Dimension as easily. An
particularly useful when trying to in the normal worlds, but at -1CS for astral form may reach another dimension,
duplicate another invention, or a hero's effects. Magical items on the body of an but remains astral (though it may be visible
Powers. The instruments needed to individual that enters the Astral Dimension in the mystic plane).
analyze this model may be rather also have astral analogues, and may be
used as well. Mental Powers are Mystic dimensions are more amenable to
expensive as well.
unaffected, but other super-human Powers magic-use, but mages from other planes
may not be used. Any form of energy or must adapt their own magics to the natural
One of the reasons for special
matter control or telekinetic Powers may be magical laws of the plane. Hence a mage
requirements is to put the inventor into
used to manipulate the ectoplasm into in a non-native plane is -1CS on all magical
adventure situations, as well as justify the
useful shapes (as a Power stunt). attacks and FEATs.
actions of the villains who commit major
crimes in order to finish their doomsday Because dimensional travel allows the
devices. Use the requirements as Damage on the Astral Plane is reflected in
reductions of the individual's Health. As physical body to pass into another plane,
springboards for further adventures. ail abilities and Powers should pass into
Health is reduced, the body the character
has left behind may perish, as may also that plane as well. The natural laws of a
happen if he leaves the body unguarded for plane may affect Powers, increasing or
too long. Should the body perish. the astral reducing them in specific cases. For
form must make a Psyche FEAT or example, the solar energy in Asgard was
dissipate as well, and may not reform intense enough to increase the New Mutant
unless it has a suitable body to inhabit. The Sunspot's Powers there.
late Waiter Langkowski had his astral form
Microverses are alternate dimensions
rescued but lost his body, and so for a brief
reached by reduction in sire (through
time he inhabited the Box armor.
compressing the space between atoms) to
Mystic Dimensions operate by natural laws an atomic or subatomic level. Once a
that make the dimension amenable to certain point of reduction has been reached
magical effects and mystic operations. (called the Pym barrier, in game terms Shift
Asgard, Olympus. and the Dark Dimension X or higher), the shrinking individual is cast
are all mystic dimensions. into another universe, where the reduction
immediately stops.
Mystic dimensions are accessed primarily
through magical or mystical dimensional Microverses differ from the normal universe
travel, though natural or mutated in that different physical laws are in
dimensional Powers may also provide operation. Though the planets of these
access. Access to any particular mystic micro-worlds may be Earthlike in nature,

their arrangement is not necessarily in the anti-matter and vice versa so that living Time Travel: The precise workings of time
form of planets orbiting a sun, but may beings may travel between the two universes. travel in the Marvel Universe have not been
appear as flat landscapes or twisted belts A Force Field will negate this distortion. fully explained, and there are several
of planetoids resembling DNA molecules. theories currently under consideration. It
The Negative Zone is the home of a does appear possible to travel into your
Individuals can escape a microverse by number of races. Unlike our space, the own past, future, or into a past or future of
rapid expansion of the same degree that space of the Negative Zone supports life. a similar Earth-like dimension (such as by
originally reduced them. Several nexus- and various mutated monsters make their using the Time Machine of Doctor Doom or
points have been discovered to various lairs in rocky areas of the Zone. The Reed Richards).
microverses, and certain individuals have Negative Zone is the home of Annihilus,
access to technology that allows them to who lives to destroy our universe by linking A character operating in the past cannot
travel between our continuum and theirs it with his own. change his own past, which continues to
(such as Henry Pym and the Fantastic exist as it had before. Any actions the
Four). Alternate Earths: There exist a wide variety character takes to modify the past instead
of alternate and parallel Earths to that of cause a divergent timeline to exist, parallel
Negative Zone: The Negative Zone is an the "mainstream" Marvel Earth (the one to the character's "original" timeline. A
anti-matter universe that was originally that is home to most of the heroes in this future cannot be negated by moving into
discovered and accessed on Earth by book). Several heroes have come into the past, and upon return to his own time,
Reed Richards of the Fantastic Four. The contact with the alternate universes through the character will find his world unchanged.
devices by which he accessed this Zone visits. or by contact with emissaries (and
were contained in the Baxter Building, and sometimes attackers) from these planes. Similarly, there are many "alternate futures"
with that building's destruction, the Zone Travel between alternate Earths can be that a character may reach from the
portal was placed in near-Earth orbit, and done by Dimensional Travel, each alternate present time, such as the divergent realities
then finally dosed. Whether the zone can Earth being a separate Power stunt. of Phoenix and Deathlok. The main time
be accessed by others is a matter of line of the Marvel Universe can take any
debate. In running a Marvel Super Heroes number of alternate future paths. and the
campaign, the players and Judge are fate of those who live in it has yet to be
Anti-matter and matter explode when they creating their own Alternate Marvel Earth revealed.
collide, so there is a distortion area between where the adventures of their characters
the Zone itself and our universe. This take place.
distortion area converts matter that enters to

At this point, you should have all the the existence of super-powered heroes and
component pieces of the game Running a Marvel villains, very similar to our own Earth.
characters, combat, and the Judging to
know how to run them. Now comes putting
Universe Campaign (Earth-Reality? No, that's too silly.) There is
a New York City in both Earths of similar
all the pieces together into a full Campaign. The Marvel Universe is a rich tapestry with appearance and construction. There are
In particular. a campaign based in or near a history that encompasses 25 years of also Chicagos, Pittsburghs, Birminghams,
the Marvel Universe. hundreds of comic-titles, and finds its roots and San Franciscos in both Earths. If you
in the Captain America comics of WWII. If want to run a campaign in a familiar area,
use the neighborhood you know. The
The Marvel you are new to this universe, here are a
few things that will help you. The Marvel Original Marvel Super Heroes Game this
Universe An Saga is a concise history of the Marvel
Universe. The Official Handbook of the
designer ran was based in West Lafayette,
Overview Marvel Universe is an encyclopedic
catalogue of major characters. The Marvel So if you are inclined in that direction,
What makes the Marvel Universe, and the Indexes are a Summary of "what has gone create a Marvel-Universe version of your
Earth of the Marvel Universe, so special? before" in the major titles of the Marvel home town. Any maps you have of the area
Universe, an issue-by-issue summary of can be used to show locations of your
First, there was a visit in mankind's dim the plots of such luminaries as Spider-Man heroes in battle (1 area = 1/20th of a mile).
past by a powerful space-god race known and the Fantastic Four. Finally, there are There will be differences, of course, since
as the Celestials. The Celestials took the Marvel Comics themselvesthe Marvel the Marvel-city is not the real world. The
primitive man and created two related Universe is a continually growing entity. Hero's secret base on the 23rd floor of an
races, Eternals and Deviants. The filled with new ideas and adventures as the office building is in reality an Engineering
Celestials also put a half-twist in one of the heroes develop and grow. office. and the Invading forces from Saturn
genes of Marvel Universe humanity as well, tore up the Marvel Earth Version of the
giving mankind the potential to mutate in a A Marvel Universe of riverside park, not the real one.
positive manner under increased ambient
radioactivity. The slight rise in background
Your Very Own The City maps provided in this and
radioactivity since the war accounts for the The old comic line of "What If?" played with previous products can be used to create
ever-growing number of Mutants that are these possible variant universes, where the your own space for bad guys and good
popping up in the Marvel Universe, as well Avengers never happened, Spider-Man guys to battle. The maps do not have to
as the genetic potential that converted joined the Fantastic Four, or Jane Foster represent New York (though most of them
Bruce Banner into the Hulk and created the found the Hammer of Thor. do in our encounters) but can simulate
Fantastic Four. It may be speculated that anywhere you want to have the heroes
the Celestials are unique to Marvel-Earth's Similarly, when you begin a Marvel Universe duke it out with villains. In addition, you can
dimension, and similar dimensions, such as campaign, you are creating your own "What use the maps for models of your own
that of the Squadron Supreme. evolved a If" line. Your player-characters are tree from campaign city.
far fewer number of heroes as a result. what happens in the "mainline" Marvel
Universe after the campaign has started, Using New York as opposed to a general
Second, Marvel Earth is the home of more and in addition, you can add your own area is up to the Judge, and each has its
than the human race. In addition to embellishments, villains, and actions. In your own advantages. In a known city you can
Eternals and Deviants. there are the Kree- universe, Doctor Doom may reform and use a well-known location that all the players
spawned lnhumans and the aquatic people become a good guy, or the Red Skull may are familiar with as a backdrop for a crime,
of Atlantis. still be alive. And just because some great and tie in small crimes that occur about the
misfortune occurs to a character in a comic city with the campaign. Using New York
Third. Marvel Earth is aligned with the book, that same misfortune does not have to (assuming you the Judge are not a native of
Cosmic Axis, a great wheel of inter- occur to the characters in your universe. New York) is advantageous in that it is far
dimensional power that makes Earth critical Your universe can reflect actions in the away, and the battles are (for the most part)
to other-dimensional beings, including Marvel Universe, and benefit from its history imaginary, plus the fact that New York is
Asgard, Olympus. Limbo, and Mephisto's and heritage, but is not tied down to it. crawling with super-powered foes and
realm, and the Dark Dimension of our own. felons. Either option works just as well.
Now that you have a whole Universe to play
Lastly, Marvel Earth is located neat a with, where do you start? It's highly recom- Running Adventures
prominent natural warp nexus-point, a gap mended you start with the Heroes' main
into hyperspace that makes it easy to travel stomping ground. wherever that may be. Once you have the world and the players,
between the stars. This warp nexus-point is you need a script for them to follow: an
used by the Shi'ar, Skrulls, and Kree, Most of the heroes are grouped in New adventure. An adventure is a set of
bringing them into interactions with the York City. with contingents on the West preplanned encounters that make up an
natives of Marvel Earth. Coast and in Canada. You do not have to evening's (or several evenings') enjoyable
run a New York-style campaign unless you playing of the Marvel Super Heroes game
For these reasons, Marvel Earth is the place want to. In fact, you can base your heroes system. As Judge you can set up your own
to be for a heroic campaign. It has a rich in your home town. adventures. or use ones that have been
background and the potential for a great published by TSR as adventures or bases
number of super-powered heroes and foes. The Marvel Universe Earth is, except for for your own designs.


TSR produces a wide variety of products secret IDs or in costume, and be expected only to the fact they must be on one of the
for use with the Marvel Super Heroes game to do something about the situation. The two maps provided in the Original and
system. The Adventure Module line problem can be an unexplained mystery Advanced sets (the two maps join along
(signified by MH in the upper left corner) that the hero happens upon, such as a rash Hayes Street), The warehouse described in
stars specific heroes in particular of disappearing buildings in the area. The the problem is the Overton storage facility, so
adventures. The Accessory Line problem can be purely hero-oriented, such if you want to make sure they will be in that
(designated MHAC in the upper left corner) as an old foe coming back to get area. go ahead. The heroes may be in their
provides various rosters, Judge's Screens, vengeance or a new one seeking to prove secret IDs, "on patrol" in their costumed
additional fold-ups, and non-hero specific he is the "top gun" by bouncing a big name identities, or making a connection with a
adventures. The Special Line (MHSP) hero off an office building. Finally. the Contact. That part is up to them.
features special adventures like those problem can be created by an invention
based on Secret Wars and Secret Wars II. (Special Requirements) or by a Contact with The hero closest to the Overton Storage
The Guidebook line (designated MA) is a problem (which may be another mystery). Warehouse will see a man running from the
designed specifically for the Marvel Super building and down the street, shouting at
Heroes Advanced Set and consists of full The conflict is the meat of an Encounter. the top of his lungs. He is followed by a
guidebooks to the major groups of the where the heroes act and react. Conflict is huge, silvery robot that is studded with
Marvel Universe (X-Men, Avengers, etc.) the action phase of the Encounter, but is not spikes. The man is very scared, but tiring,
plus adventures for those groups in large- necessarily a fight scene (though it often is). and the robot is catching up. Ask the player
scale source-book formats. Conflict may involve talking to NPCs, what his hero is doing. From the Overton
gathering information. performing research Storage area there are loud explosions that
All of the above products are compatible on clues, or seeking help. it also involves can be heard for blocks (notifying the rest
with the Marvel Super Heroes Advanced fighting back against the villains that may of the assembled heroes that something is
set. though only the MA series is designed have jumped you, walking into traps, and up). There are gunshots and the loud
specifically for the Advanced Set. This avoiding the effects of deathtraps. ringing of burglar alarms (the thug running
means there is a wealth of information down the street sprung the alarm when
available for the starting Judge to use. The resolution is the part of the encounter leaving the warehouse).
that ties up the encounter. the aftermath of
In running a prepackaged adventure, feel the battle or discovery of the mystery. At the There are three robbers who broke into the
free to manipulate it as you like to fit the close of a session of conflict and action, storage warehouse through a skylight (their
playing styles. character abilities, and Karma is awarded, wounds are healed, the ropes and tools are still there). They have
capabilities of your players. An adventure status of Contacts, Popularity, and Resour- thug stats (page 62) and are named Morris.
such as Murderworld (MH-3), designed with ces may be affected. The players should Lawrence. and Curly (or Hubert, Dewey,
the Fantastic Four in mind, can be modified have a feeling at the end of an Encounter and Louis, if you prefer). They are armed
to fit your own group of heroes in Omaha that they have accomplished something with handguns, and have found that these
with a minimum of fuss. The basic plot (even if that "something" is to decimate most are woefully inadequate against
outline, for those who missed it, was that "a of the East Side in a mistaken battle). Dreadnought armor.
mysterious someone" hires Arcade, the
master assassin, to put the heroes on ice, Heroes are often first assembled by a There are as many Dreadnoughts as there
while that "someone" breaks into the hero's common threat they all respond to, such as are heroes involved on the map plus two.
HQ --there are a few more twists. but that the Avengers were by a reported rampage The Dreadnoughts have the following
is the gist. In addition, the adventures in of the Hulk. If you are pulling disparate programming: Eliminate anyone witnessing
the MA books are created to be specific to heroes together for the first time, this is a their activation, then proceed to Guthrie
a particular type of group (mutants, heroes recommended introduction. Mansion map in this set. corner of
banded together as Avengers, etc.) but not Buchanan and 7th). They are to blast the
to any particular heroes. Night of the Dreadnoughts cornerstone away and take that cornerstone
to the fountain in Buchanan Park where
When creating your own adventures, keep Problem: A group of small-time crooks they are to dump it into the Fountain. Two
in mind that an adventure is basically a break into a warehouse. In searching Dreadnoughts are to remain behind to take
string of encounters (combat or otherwise) through the materials stored there, they care of the thugs still in the warehouse,
organized around a common theme. An open a few large crates. Inside they find a while the others move on the Mansion.
adventure should have the potential for number of large, silvery robots
resolution in the space of a few gaming (Dreadnoughtstheir stats are on page Initial Conflict is saving the thug, Moe, who
sessions. with a definite resolution. 45). Unable to find any way of operating is about to be killed in the middle of the
the robots, they search the rest of the street by a Dreadnought Second Conflict is
An Encounter is made up of three parts: a building. While their backs are turned, the to save Larry and Curly (let's assume they
Problem, a Conflict, and a Resolution. eyes of the Dreadnoughts glow and the are hiding on top of a tall stack of crates
disconnected robots slowly begin to move. with two Dreadnoughts toppling the base
The problem is the "hook" that brings the when the heroes enter). How do you the
players into the Encounter. and likely carries Getting started: Inform your players that it is Judge know this? You the Judge make it
the adventure to the next encounter as well. a warm summer evening in the city, a perfect up, as the idea of providing background
A problem can be made known to the hero time for long walks and theatres. Also a and what the heroes seethe key fact is
through a number of means. Heroes can be perfect time for leisurely criminal activity. Ask that the other two thugs are not deceased
in the area of a disturbance, either in their your players where they are limiting them (yet) when the heroes enter. If the hero (or


heroes) save Morris, he will tell them about The cornerstone is hollow, and contains perpetrating his crimes and getting what he
his friends in the warehouse being papers placed there by the late Sam wants out of the world (which sometimes is
threatened by the big "Sentanels" (as Moe Guthrie. These papers show definite to rule it).
calls them). If not. the alarms and proof of criminal activities by the Kingpin
explosions (Dreadnoughts ripping the of Crime. Either the Kingpin or. more The point is, the Marvel Super Villains are
building up looking for Larry and Curley) likely. one of his lieutenants. discovered as unique and individualistic as Marvel
should bring the heroes running. the location of the papers and arranged Super Heroes. Only the most simple of
to have the Dreadnoughts go after them. robots use nothing but brute force to reach
The Dreadnoughts will engage the heroes The cornerstone contains information their ends (which is why they were used in
one-to-one, with any extra robots continuing about a Plodex survivor in the Mid- the example above). Doctor Doom's way of
to move down the street to the Mansion. It West. The Master of the World is after handling a problem is not Doctor Octopus's
will take them two turns to carve the block that information, and using his which is not Baron Mordo's. When running
out of the wall. if they get to the fountain advanced technologies, activated the a villain, try to capture the flavor of that
and dump it in, it will "mysteriously vanish" Dreadnoughts which were stored in the villain. Kingpin makes sure he is not the
(dissolve? Be pulled through a secret warehouse by the Maggia, and bent one caught red-handed and acts through
compartment? Be teleported away?). them to his will. his agents. Doctor Octopus is driven by
The Red Skull is alive (aw, come on), manic rages and pathological fears of
(As an aside, the Advanced Set map does and setting up operations in the area. Spider-Man. Crimson Dynamo serves the
have some dandy areas where heroes can The cornerstone contains nothing, and Soviet State. And so on. When running a
set up their urban bases, including the the purpose of the exercise was to test villain role-play that villain. just as you
Guthrie Mansion and One Simon Tower.) the capabilities of the heroes in the expect the Players to role-play their heroes.
area. Television spy eyes have been Doom may not take a certain action
Resolution: If the Dreadnoughts defeat the planted along the battle route. because he is Doom. For example, he
heroes, they will drop the cornerstone in As above. save the Dreadnoughts were once spared the lives of the Fantastic Four
the fountain and then return to their lairs in activated by a mysterious benefactor because a battle might damage his
the Overton Storage area (now a who needs a team of super-powered priceless art collection. Doom may be a
shambles, though Larry and Curley may heroes to handle emergencies in the world-dominating maniac, but he has class.
have escaped). They are not interested in area. This mysterious benefactor paid Play him that way.
killing or capturing any heroes, just getting to have the three thieves (actors) break
them out of the way of their mission. in, and will cover the damages incurred Villains also plot. It is the villains' plots that
in the battle, as well as provide a make up the mysteries the heroes must
The three thieves can tell the police and the meeting place for the heroes. The solve. What is Doctor Doom up to? Why
heroes what happened in the warehouse, Mysterious Benefactor is 1)a harmless are electrical supplies disappearing without
but will not really want to hang around. All eccentric, 2) a golden age hero now a trace? A good way of planning an
three will thank the heroes and try to fade retired, 3) a mad scientist, 4) a villain adventure is to figure out a villain's plot.
into the woodwork as quickly as possible seeking to use the heroes as his Villain's plots have a number of options,
(which gives the heroes the added problem pawns, 5) an alien or extra dimensional including:
of defeating the Dreadnoughts and keeping student examining this race of beings Defeating a hero that has defeated him
an eye on the thievesthey are robbers, at close range, or 6) all of the above. before.
after ail, and turning them over to the police The whole thing was a terrible Testing a hero's abilities in case he
means additional Karma). Play the robbers accident; the robots were accidentally wants to use the hero, or the hero
for humor valuethey are obviously out of activated, and were not meant to trash fights him.
their league messing with silver-plated most of the area. Acquiring Material Resources for
robots and guys in long underwear. further criminal activities.
This should give you a few ideas on how to Taking over the world (always a favorite).
Defeating the Dreadnoughts leaves the Acquiring some special requirement for
handle the situation. Pick one or (noting
heroes with their first victory as a team a particular invention, usually an
that players will probably be reading this as
(surely someone will suggest staying invention that involves taking over the
well), make up your own.
togetherif nothing else, the press will world/defeating the heroes/increasing
refer to them as Robot-busters or the villain's own Powers to the point
something). They also will have a lot of Running the Bad Guys
where he can rule the world.
scrap metal and a bunch of questions. Who As Judge, you are responsible for running
put the Dreadnoughts in the storage area? all the non-player-character in the Here are a few villain conventions.
Who activated them? What was their campaign. all the individuals not directly
mission? What was important about that controlled by the players. Of these The Cat's-paw: The villain has someone
cornerstone? This is the grist for future individuals, the most interesting (and else perform his dirty work for him. This
encounters that make up a full campaign. certainly the most deadly) are the villains. works best for planners with a large
organization like Kingpin, but other villains
OK, OK. not to leave you hanging. The The villains of the Marvel Universe are use cat's-paws as well. Doctor Doom has
Judge can go in a number of directions among the mast nefarious and intriguing of created or modified a number of villains to
with this beginning, according to the style those found anywhere. They span from the test and defeat the Fantastic Four. Often a
of campaign he wants to run. Here are mischievous (Loki) to the sinister (Kingpin). cat's-paw is unaware of who is using who,
some suggestions. Each of these villains has his own way of and this provides a level of mystery as well.


The Proclamation: Villains are as aware of true identity is revealed. addition, being defeated reduces the
their negative reps as the heroes are of villain's Popularity by 30 points,
their positive ones, and many will go to Generated villains begin play with Typical regardless of whether it was a public or
great lengths to maintain the negative Resources, unless other modifiers (or private defeat. This reduction is always
Popularity. The Titanium Man broadcasting Judge's intentions) increase that amount. toward zero. (A villain with a -40
a challenge to Iron Man from Rockefeller The Judge should modify the Resource Popularity is reduced to -10 Karma.)
Center is such a proclamation. rank to fit his campaign, but the Resources Being convicted for a crime, equal to
of a bad guy should always be such that the amount of successfully carrying out
The Deathtrap: Long-time readers are well the criminal has motivation to engage in that crime.
aware that, once the villain defeats the robbery to maintain his standard of living. The villain loses 10 Karma points per
hero, the villain does not just rub the hero month in prison or other incarceration
out, even if the hero is a long-time foe. The Finally, as for generated heroes, fill in the or restraint (in other wordsout of
villain places the hero in a Deathtrap blanks for your bad guy. Who is this guy, action). A villain cannot earn additional
situation. A Deathtrap is any situation that anyway? Why does he want to take over the Karma when so incarcerated.
places the hero's life in danger. The villain world/beat up the good guys/make himself A villain loses 30 Karma points for
gains Karma for putting the hero in a rich? Does he have any pet peeves or killing, including slaying lackeys,
deathtrap, whether the hero escapes or not. phobias? Would he emulate anyone in par- henchmen, and other underlings that
ticular in his criminal style? How would the have displeased them. (This flagrant
Deathtrap design: Deathtraps are situations hero first encounter him? In answering these spending of Karma is the hallmark of
where the Judge can threaten the hem and questions, the Judge should be able to make short-tempered villains such as Doctor
force loss of Karma and Health, but should a villain that the heroes will not soon forget. Doom and the Red Skull.)
not be air-tight killers. There should always
be a way out a deathtrap (and, given the Villains and Karma A villain may form a special type of Karma
ingenuity of the players, there usually is a Pool with his henchmen and cat's-paws that
way the Judge did not consider). A The Judge should not have to keep track of
are working for him. In this Karma pool, all
deathtrap that works too well bumps off the Karma for every NPC in his campaign, only
villainous Karma earned by the gang is
player-characters, which is not very for the major bad guys, as they are the ones
kept, but only the leader of the gang (the
entertaining. An ideal deathtrap should foil who spend it most often. Ordinary criminals
head villain or mastermind or the operation)
the player's obvious forte and force the will possess the Karma listed in their stats,
may spend it. Any member may leave the
player to think (and likely spend Karma) in as will super-powered villains the first time
pool, taking his "share" with him, though if
order to escape (or to survive long enough they appear (or their actions and plots first
the villain immediately disposes of the
to be rescued). occur, for those using cat's-paws).
traitor, that Karma is retained in the pool.
The Judge may create his own bad guys to Villains receive Karma as follows:
Villains spend Karma in four specific
deal with the specialized heroes in his Karma for committing crime equal to
campaign. Villains are generated in the the hero's total for preventing that
To build things. Hi-tech villains will
same fashion as good guys, and may be crime. Mass counts of robbery assault,
channel their Karma into the rapid
pre-generated, generated, or modeled. or murder count as one total for Karma.
completion of their latest world-
Defeating Heroes as for heroes
threatening device, and in addition
Villains' abilities, Powers, and Talents are defeating the villain.
spend Karma to make sure it works
generated as for heroes, though the Judge Placing heroes in Deathtrap situations.
properly. Villains therefore rob both to
may deliberately select particular abilities to The villain does not receive Karma for
acquire special requirements for
fit his own situation or the opponents the killing heroes (surprise), but gets an
inventions and to enhance their own
villain will meet. (For example, make sure amount equal to that for defeating
Karma to make them work.
an opponent of Captain Marvel has heroes if they are placed in a
To reduce damage. A villain who may
Darkforce Powers, or the guy squaring off Deathtrap situation. The villain loses
spend Karma may spend 40 points to
versus Sub-Mariner in the North Atlantic nothing if the hero escapes or is
reduce the effects of an attack by one
can breathe water, or does not need to rescued from that deathtrap.
color rank. This spending must occur
breathe at all!) Bragging. Villains are by and large an
before the attack is made, though the
insecure lot, and feel they must share
players do not have to be informed of
The Judge selects the Contacts for villains. the vital points of their recent decision
this expenditure. If such spending is
If a villain has criminal Contacts, the Judge to take over the world with listeners of
done, the villain reduces a red attack
may provide him with 1-10 henchmen to worthy caliber (usually heroes in
to yellow, and a yellow to green, but
serve as the villain's goons and hired help. Deathtrap situations). Give the villain
green and white results still apply. This
20 Karma points for doing so.
prevents the heroes from destroying
New villains start with 0 Popularity, though However, the Judge is obligated to
the villains in one Karma-laden shot,
may quickly drive it into the negative. Those pass on useful information to the
forcing them to reduce the villain's
with a secret identity (no one knows that Players in this fashionsuch as where
Karma total in battle.
respected stock analyst Dennis McDennis is to find the villains when they have
To arrange an Escape or Mysterious
reallyThe Corporate Raider!) may escaped the deathtrap.
Death. Good villains are hard to come
maintain normal relations and Contacts
by, and if one is forced into a full-fledged
through that identity, though the Contacts of Villains lose Karma by:
retreat by the heroes, the Judge should
the secret ID may be severed if the villain's Being Defeated, as for the Heroes. In
try to keep the villain among the living.

The Judge may spend all the Villain's as a guide) to purchase other items. This is 3) Burglary: It is night and a burglar alarm
remaining Karma (no less than 100 points) a shorthand guide to what villains can siren goes off down the street. Looking in
to effect an escape or mysterious death. acquire. Remember, villains also rob for that direction, the heroes see a group of
The villain can escape by dropping through special requirements for their inventions, as seven enforcers quickly loading a truck with
the floor on a previously unrevealed lift, this provides both the Resources and the goods from an open store (furs, jewelry,
being teleported away by a third party, or requirement in one fell swoop. frozen meat, etc.).
through a twist of fate (a collapsing wall)
separating him from the heroes long 4) Media attack: A full fledged assault on
enough to make good an escape. A Random Events the hero's good name by a paper or other
mysterious death will vary according to the A plot that runs through several encounters media operation. -5 Popularity.
villain in question. Some will find to a set resolution is entertaining, but the
themselves in an inescapable trap of their 5) Windfall!: A Resource Modifying FEAT.
Judge may want to spice things up with
own devising, others will be "crushed" by The hero has been named in the will of an
Random Encounters aimed specifically at
falling debris or caught in an explosion with admirer. Raise the Hero's Resources by
the heroes. MHAC6, New York, New York,
no remains found, or, in cases of Ultron, one Rank (maximum Remarkable). Said
provides one method of generating random
almost totally destroyed to recreate inheritance may also include other items,
events and presents a large number of
themselves later. The good Doctor Doom is such as an old house in the country said to
suggested encounters. These are small
a master of the mysterious death, as he be haunted; a pendant that is a mystic
"one-shot" adventures that should take up
has been irrevocably sent off to die at least artifact with a powerful curse, sought by a
an evening of play or less, and may deter
a dozen times, but always survived. All more-powerful evil entity; or a clause in the
the characters from moving too quickly
super-powered villains will seek to maintain will saying that the money is forthcoming
through the main adventure you have
a 100-Karma-point buffer to make this form only if the hero performs a certain act.
of escape.
Judge's Prerogative. This is a 6) Police on the Beat: The hero encounters
New York, New York concentrates on urban
dangerous area, so treat it with care. two of New York's finest on foot patrol, or a
encounters, mostly combat situations. A
The Judge may have villains spend pair in a squad car. The police only hassle
more free-form method of encounters is to
Karma when it is absolutely essential the hero if he is wanted by the police, or
create a group of small one-shot
for the villain to perform particular has a negative Popularity. Otherwise, they
encounters to throw at the heroes, alone or
actions successfully. Such actions are friendly, and pass on information about
in groups, to keep them occupied and
cannot be directed against the player the area (such as a rash of cat burglaries,
provide a good way of gaining Karma
heroes ("I'm going to score a Kill result or the fact O'Malley thought she saw a
without fighting Galactus. You, the Judge,
on Spider-Man"), though they may flying saucer three days back).
can create a number of these for your
endanger the hero ("I'm going to hit the heroes, as a list, similar to the ones below.
button opening the cage of the 7) Rampaging Villain: Out of nowhere he
When you feel you need a random comes! (And to nowhere he may go.) Some
Rogerian slime monster across the encounter (say, at the start of the game, or
room"). Judges should use this option villain is out to prove himself the A-Number-
when the hero is heading home for the 1 Head Honcho bad guy by beating up
with the greatest care. evening, or trying to get across town for an some hero. This can be any of the less-
important appointment) roll a ten-sided die, powerful villains (such as Blacklash or
Villains, Popularity, and look down the list, and run that encounter Electro, but not someone like Kingpin or
Resources the next time the hero or heroes are in a Doctor Octopus --they have better things to
situation to which it applies (for example, do with their time), or a character of your
As noted above, villains prefer the fear that a as Power Outage is better at night, when it
large negative Popularity provides, and as own devising (creating your own villains is
is rolled, wait until dark to spring it). Only similar to hero creation, and has an
such will try to maintain that rep. Villains' one random event should be in operation at
changes in Popularity are summarized below. advantage in that the heroes don't know
a time. Here are some examples. who this guy is).
Defeated by hero -30 Pop
Defeating hero +10 Pop 1) The Robbery: The hero is in the vicinity 8) Power Outage: The lights go out in a
Defeating other villain +5 Pop of a store (pick one) when the alarm goes three-block section of the mapa faulty
Imprisoned -5 Pop off. Three thugs come out of the store, circuit. A mixture of helping people out of
Making Proclamation or guns blazing, holding bags of loot. They elevators and general good deeds and
challenge +5 Pop run to the end of the block, where a fourth arresting common criminals seeking to
man is waiting with a car, the engine make hay while the lights don't shine.
These numbers are larger than those for running. The car will head for the farthest
player-characters, because villains get less edge of the map, and if it makes it, the trail These are only examples, and the Judge is
play in general than player-characters. will be test. encouraged to come up with his own small
encounters to season the campaign,
Villains acquire Resources to make 2) The Contact: The hero gets a note from tailored to his particular operation and what
purchases and fund inventions. A single one of his Contacts to see him. This can be the players are doing.
robbery of a target will provide a one-shot a springboard for another adventure, as the
use of that target's Resource rank. If the Contact may have some mystery to present
villain robs a bank and gets away, he can to the hero, or disappear himself before the
use that Resource rank (Judge-determined hero can reach him.
according to amountuse the Power rank


follow, or who to attack with what. This is part Powers are listed as Known Powers: that
Final Summary for of the game, and there is no need to rush the which it is known the hero can do, and the
Judges players into your latest deathtrapthey will
come along eventually of their own volition. A
Power stunts that the hero normally per-
forms. An exhaustive list of Power stunts
In summary, there are no fool-proof rules for Judge who provides the information and sits would triple the size of this section, so those
judging the Marvel Super Heroes game, or back waiting for player response is as particular stunts that the characters have
any other role-playing game. The best we effective (if not moreso) as one who rushes used on occasion are not listed, and left to
can do is provide examples, instances, and the players into one slugfest after another. the players to develop.
guidance in how to run combat, special situ-
ations, and the campaign in general. Here are The remainder of this book is filled with a Talents are summarized and noted to the
a few guideposts this Judge has used in his variety of characters from the Marvel Talents section of the Players Book when
campaigns, which may work in yours as well. Universe, for use in your campaign, possible, When dealing with a Talent that
including Heroes, Villains, Entities of Great does not exist in the Players Book, it is
Give the Players an Even Break: This has Power (Big Guns), Animals, Alien Races, explained in full.
been said before, and it applies. The Judge and members of the Supporting Cast.
has all the cards and most of the Contacts are initial Contacts and based on
information. He knows where the hidden The heroes are summarized on the card- the history of the character and those that
traps are and how badly wounded both sheets provided, and are presented here in the character has relied upon in the past.
heroes and villains are. Wiping out heroes full. The cards, which may be cut along the Other Contacts may be argued, but these
wholesale is a problem, in particular with dotted lines, are for use by the players as a are the starting Contacts for such
such world-destroying guns as Galactus handy reference, and include a few characters: others may be added as play
wandering around. Give the players a way additional cards to be used by the players progresses. For example, Bruce Banner
out of that infallible Deathtrap (Marvel for their own creations. Note that along the may retain some Contacts in the Military as
Super Villains are not infallible, though base of each of these sheets is a range- a result of his long service on various
Judges usually are), Send in the Cavalry if marker for those who use ranged distances projects including Hulkbusters, but that is
the heroes are being too badly chewed up as opposed to area markers. not listed under his entry of the Hulk, and if
(but reduce their Karma if they need Thor the player running Banner desires such a
dropping by to handle a group of street While on the subject of the card-sheets, there Contact he must pay for ft.
toughs), Remember that the campaign is are four panels that contain the Adventure
only as good as the Judge and players. Fold-Up figures for use in the campaign. The Background section provides a
These figures may be assembled as follows: complete a history as space permits for the
No Buffaloes: Those familiar with the original Cut apart each figure along the solid hero, villain, or entity, to give the players a
books know this one. Just as you should not lines indicated in black. feeling of the characters roots and his or
ride roughshod over the players, do not let To make it easier to fold the figure on a her motivations for role-playing.
them ride roughshod over you, Your rulings straight line, you should score the line
are just thatrulings. Decisions that you of the fold. Scoring is creating a crease The sections on Aliens, Animals, and
have made under the circumstances of the in the paper on the line of the fold by Supporting Cast are similarly presented,
game. Right or (perhaps proved later) using an artists stylus or an old ballpoint but in a shortened form to put as many as
wrong, they are the way the game is played pen that has dried up. To score, use a possible in the text.
in your campaign. You control the amount of ruler to help you draw a straight line and
information in the campaign, and can restrict then, using the stylus or an old pen, Finally, it should be noted that the abilities,
as necessary for your adventures. draw along the fold line pressing down ranks, and powers may be different from
to leave a crease in the paper. This previous works, and that future mentions of
Be Prepared: Players are a sneaky bunch, makes it easier to fold the paper. these characters may differ in small ways
end will always surprise you with some When gluing, spread the glue evenly from those that have appeared here. This
action they believe you haven't thought of over the flap and then wrap the figure is because the Marvel Universe is not an
(hence the Karma award when you are around. Place it against the indicated unliving thing that may be carved up and
caught flat-footed), in such cases, be surface and hold it together. A paper clip examined, but a living creative entity that is
sensible, be reasonable, and be prepared, if will hold the figure until it has dried. still evolving over time. Player characters
a villain is going up against Captain Marvel using these heroes should not benefit from
and knows it, perhaps a Darkforce-projecting The character stats listed here include a further changes after play has begun, but
device or ally may be called for. Similarly, if summary of the abilities for each character. should not be penalized by further
Spider-Man comes calling, shouldn't the The initial Power ranks for these abilities, reductions in abilities that may occur to the
detection devices include the walls as well and all abilities and Powers of these char- characters in the future, (Just because
as floors? Prepare your adventures so you acters, are set at the mid-point or average Storm loses her abilities in the
have a good idea what should come next, value for when play begins. They may be mainstream Marvel Universe, does not
no matter what the players do. increased through normal advancement, and mean that she will lose them in YOUR
the character cards modified accordingly. version of the Marvel Universe.) As the
Patience is a Virtue: Let the players come to Marvel Universe continues to evolve, TSR
their own decisions, correct or not. With The Health, Karma, Popularity, and Resource products will try, with the help of the Marvel
many players, there will always be an inter- ranks are similarly starting values and may Comics Group, to stay on top of the latest
play between the player characters, as to change over the course of the campaign. developments, twists, and turns in the lives
who will lead, which way to go, which clue to of people that make up that Universe.


Warren Kenneth Worthington III Jeanne-Marie Beaubier

F EX(20) Health: 90 F EX(20) Health: 66

A RM(30) A EX(20)
S GD(10) Karma: 26 S TY(6) Karma: 18
E RM(30) E EX(20)
R GD(10) Resources: Rm(30) R PR(4) Resources: Ty(6)
I TY(6) I GD(10)
P GD(10) Popularity: 10 P PR(4) Popularity: 6


Flight: Angel flies by means of two birdlike Flight: Though Auroras Powers are currently
wings, aided by his aerodynamic body and greatly reduced, she may still fly at the speed
bone structure. He can fly at Typical air of sound (Shift X Speed). While in flight she
speeds (6 areas/round). Acceleration and has Good Body Armor.
fatigue are handled as in Running. While in
flight, he may carry up to 200 pounds without Light Generation: Beaubier can generate light
straining, though greater weights require a of Monstrous Intensity. Targets blinded by this
Strength FEAT roll. Angels flight is relatively light are -3CS on all FEATs for 1-10 rounds
silent, such that he may blindside opponents afterwards.
on the ground who are unaware of him.
Non-Detection: Aurora cannot be as a mutant,
TALENTS: Angel is skilled in Aerial Combat since those mental waves (psionic signature
and Martial Arts B. Despite his control of a used by Professor Xavier, Cerebro, and Sen-
large corporation, Worthingtons business tinels) are suppressed with Class 1000 ability.
skills seem minimal, as he depends on She registers as a normal human on mutant
talented underlings to run things. detectors.

CONTACTS: Warren Worthington III is the LIMITATIONS: Jeanne-Marie is a classic case

chairman of the board of Worthington of multiple personalities. Two distinct
Industries, a major corporation. Worthington personalities have already appeared, and she
Industries is the parent company of X-Factor is currently manifesting a third. The original
Mutant Control Services, which is a cover for persona, Jeanne-Marie, is shy, reclusive,
X-Factor, the original X-Men. Angel was the prim, stern, and speaks English with a heavy
sponsor and part-time leader of two defunct accent. Her Aurora personality is more
hero groups, the Champions of Los Angeles aggressive, fun-loving, and adventurous. Her
Iceman, Hercules, Black Widow, Darkstar, current persona is a mixture of these two (and
and Ghost Rider (Johnny Blaze) and the leans toward Aurora), but stress may result in
Defenders Iceman, Beast, Gargoyle, switching personalities (Psyche FEAT to avoid
Valkyrie, Andromeda, and Cloud. this effect).

BACKGROUND: Angels wings and flying Jeanne-Marie loses the use of her Powers for
ability appeared in his teens, and all of the 1-10 rounds upon contact with her brother,
original X-Men, only Worthington had a Northstar.
previous career as a crime-fighter before
joining the team. As the Avenging Angel, CONTACTS: Aurora is a founding member of
Worthington battled criminal activities for a Alpha Flight.
short time before being recruited by Cyclops
and Iceman. Angel left the team after a BACKGROUND: Jeanne-Marie and her
number of new recruits had joined, but his brother, Jean-Paul, were twins separated
adventuring spirit encouraged him to form and soon after birth. Jeanne-Marie was raised in a
fund other super-powered teams, including very strict religious school for girls, and it was
the Champions of Los Angeles and the new there that her Powers first manifested
Defenders, He is currently the major sponsor themselves, She was disbelieved and firmly
of X-Factor (a division of Worthington punished for her tales of flying, and so the
Industries), as well as a member of that team. super-powered persona fractured off in a split
personality. Located by Wolverine and
recruited into Department H, Aurora was
reunited with her brother (Northstar). Aurora
and Northstar originally had similar Powers,
but Jeanne-Maries were modified by her
lover, Sasquatch.



Henry McCoy Dane Whitman Roger Bochs

F IN(40) Health: 130 F RM(30) Health: 70 F RM(30) Health: 210

A IN(40) A EX(20) A RM(30)
S RM(30) Karma: 50 S GD(10) Karma: 22 S MN(75) Karma: 40
E EX(20) E GD(10) E MN(75)
R EX(20) Resources: Rm(30) R GD(10) Resources: Ex(20) R EX(20) Resources: Ex(20)
I GD(10) I TY(6) I GD(10)
P EX(20) Popularity: 10 P TY(6) Popularity: 40 P GD(10) Popularity: 10/6


Modified Body Parts: Beasts feet are well- Body Armor: Black Knight wears a full of Body Armor: All of Boxs abilities from his
developed and may be used as hands to chain mail armor, providing him with Good Body Armor. When not in his armor, Roger
handle objects or to attack. Bochs has the following stats:
protection from physical attacks.
Climbing: Due to his simian stance and PR PR TY GD EX GD GD
Unique WeaponEbony Sword: Merlin
capabilities, Beast can climb with Remarkable himself forged and enchanted the Black
ability. The armor provides Amazing protection from
Knights sword. It is made of Unearthly physical and energy attacks, and Monstrous
material strength meteoric iron, and in the Resistance to Heat, Cold, and Radiation,
Lightning Speed: Beast can move at up to Black Knights hands inflicts 10 points Edged
areas per round, accelerating to that speed in Bochs merges physically with the Box armor
damage, or 16 points Blunt damage with the (takes 1 round), Remaining too long inside
a single round.
flat of the blade. The sword has special anti- Box may cause the merger to be permanent.
magical properties, allowing it to deflect spells Make a Psyche FEAT for each hour after the
TALENTS: Hank McCoy is an expert in
and energy as if it were a shield of Unearthly first three to leave the armor.
Biochemistry, Genetics, and Electronics. He
Strength, as well as cut through mystic
uses Acrobatics, Tumbling, and Martial Arts C
in combat. barriers and ensnarements as if they were Flight: Box flies by means of jet-thrusters in
normal materials. The sword has a blood- the legs, and can fly at Incredible speeds. If
CONTACTS: The Beast is a current member curse on it: if the wielder takes a life, he used as a weapon, the boots inflict
of X-Factor, and a former member of the becomes more violent and bloodthirsty Remarkable damage.
Avengers and Defenders. His Contacts with (Psyche FEAT to avoid this effect).
his former employer, Brand Corporation, and Recovery: The Box armors internal circuits
with with universities where he has acted as a Limited Teleport: Through ceremony or allow it to regain lost Endurance ranks at a
campus speaker, are tenuous at best. complete concentration (red Psyche FEAT), limited rate. In addition, Madison Jeffries, who
the Black Knight may summon his sword to has the ability to manipulate metals, can
BACKGROUND: Hanks large feet and him or teleport himself to the sword with Class repair Unearthly damage to the Box armor.
simian stature were noticable at birth, but 3000 ability, crossing time and dimensions to
Hank led a relatively normal life, even do so. Computer Link: The Box armor allows the
becoming a football star in high school. user to tap into available computer hardware
Recruited into the original X-Men, Hank has Atomic Steed: Brought back from Mountain by with Remarkable ability.
since served with the Avengers and the Beast, this device was repaired by Dane
Defenders and is now a member of X-Factor. and is used as his mount, The vehicles stats Sensors: Box has active detection gear that
are: ranges from microwave to hard radiation
During his brief employment with the Brand
Control Speed Body Protection detection. He has Amazing infravision, radar,
Corporation, Hank was further mutated into a
RM ShX EX None and radiation detection. His on-board radio
blue-furred, ape-like form. He has since been
has a 200-mile range across all standard
given a more humanoid form through
bands, and can jam other radio sources within
experiments by a former co-worker. TALENTS: Dane is a Weapons Specialist with
5 areas with Incredible Intensity.
his sword (+2CS), and has Horsemanship
skills (used to control his Atomic Steed), TALENTS: Roger Bochs is an expert in Elec-
Whitman is also an accomplished geneticist. tronics, He has Engineering and Repair/Tink-
ering ability to help build and maintain Box.
CONTACTS: Black Knight is a member of the
Avengers, and a close ally of Doctor Strange, CONTACTS: Bochs was a member of Beta
He still has ties to the extra-dimensional realm Flight and is a current member of Alpha
of Avalon. Flight. He is also the owner of Bochs Elec-
tronics, a private firm with Remarkable
BACKGROUND: Dane Whitman inherited the Resources.
persona of Black Knight from his criminal
uncle, Nathan Garrett, Determined to use the BACKGROUND: Handicapped Roger Bochs
Powers of the Ebony Sword for good, Whit- plans for a powerful robotic suit came to the
man joined the Avengers following a long stay attention of James Hudson, who recruited
in the 12th century, and is a member of the Bochs and his invention into Beta Flight. Box
current team. later joined the main team.

Steve Rogers Monica Rambeau

F AM(50) Health: 140 F GD(10) Health: 70

A IN(40) A EX(20)
S EX(20) Karma: 60 S TY(6) Karma: 22
E RM(30) E RM(30)
R GD(10) Resources: Ex(20) R TY(6) Resources: Ex(20)
I IN(40) I GD(10)
P GD(10) Popularity: 100/6 P TY(6) Popularity: 20/5
Unique WeaponShield: Caps chief weapon is Body Transformation: Energy, Monica can
a disk made of adamantium and vibranium. The transform her entire body into any form of
shield is Class 3000 material, and is immune to
electro-magnetic energy, including visible
harm from any damage save that of magic and
light, cosmic radiation, gamma rays, X-rays,
psionics, Captain America uses this weapon as
a shield, though he is still subject to the effects ultraviolet and infrared radiation, neutrinos,
of Stuns and Slams while using it. Captain and microwaves and radio waves, She may
America may throw his shield up to 3 areas perform a number of Power stunts at up to
away, inflicting Remarkable damage. One of Unearthly ability with these transformations,
Caps established Power stunts is to bounce including:
the shield off a number of hard surfaces and Light of Unearthly Intensity
have it return to him the following round. lnvisibility of Unearthly rank
Projection of intangible illusions of herself
Motorcycle: Caps motorcycle is a Davidson Transmitting radio messages without a set
Custom Special, built by Jonathan Coulson Overloading sensor devices with
and further modified by S.H.I.E.L.D. The Unearthly ability
vehicle has the following stats: Passing through objects as X-rays with
Control Speed Body Protection Unearthly ability (may be blocked by
GD RM TY None force fields) While in energy form Captain
Captain America wears protective headgear Marvel may not be harmed by physical
while on the road (lessens damage from attacks, but may be hurt by magical
crashes by -1CS). attacks, psionic attacks, and energy
attacks of the same type as her current
Van: Caps van is a custom-built van modified energy state, She may shift energy
by the Wakandan Design Group. The van has states at will.
the following stats:
Control Speed Body Protection Flight: While in her energy state, Marvel may
GD EX RM EX travel at Class 3000 (near light) speeds, She
The van contains first aid kits, a storage area may move up to 50 areas in a round, but
for the cycle, fire fighting equipment, an on- attacking still takes a round.
board computer with cruise control, auto-
mobile information files, and a terminal which Energy Attacks: When in an energy state,
allows him to tap into a national computer net. Captain Marvel may project a concentrated
The van has changeable license plates and a
blast of Force or Energy of up to Monstrous
crystal film paint job that allows it to appear
red, white, blue, or yellow.

TALENTS: Cap is a Weapons Specialist with TALENTS: Monica Rambeau has Law
his shield, receiving a +2CS in FEATs using Enforcement as a talent.
it. He is skilled in all the martial arts available,
as well as having leadership, artist, and CONTACTS: Monica Rambeau is a former
military skills. member of the New Orleans Harbor Patrol.
She gained her Powers when rescuing
CONTACTS: He is a vital member of the physicist Andre LeClaire, and is a current
Avengers, has a long-standing relationship member of the Avengers.
with the U.S. Army, and is a friend of Nick
Fury of S.H.I.E.L.D. BACKGROUND: Monica Rambeau gained
her Powers when she destroyed a discovery
BACKGROUND: At the start of WWII, Steve of Prof, LeClaires that was being used as a
Rogers was injected with the Super Soldier weapon. Taking the name Captain Marvel (no
Formula, An accident at the end of the war relation to the Kree captain), she sought out
froze him in an iceberg and he was later the Avengers for aid in controlling her Powers,
rescued by the Avengers. Cap sees himself and is now part of the current team.
as a hero for all of America.

Tyrone Johnson Peter Nikolaievitch Rasputin Scott Summers

F TY(6) Health: 76 F GD(10) Health 145 F EX(20) Health: 76

A GD(10) A GD(10) A EX(20)
S EX(20) Karma: 36 S MN(75) Karma 32 S TY(6) Karma: 80
E lN(40) E AM(50) E RM(30)
R TY(6) Resources: Fe(2) R TY(6) Resources: Pr(4) R EX(20) Resources: Gd(10)
I EX(20) I TY(6) I RM(30)
P GD(10) Popularity: -3 P EX(20) Popularity: 0 P RM(30) Popularity: 6
Dark Dimension Control: Cloaks of darkness Body Transformation: Peter Rasputin can Optic Blasts: Summers eyes constantly emit
should not be confused with the Dark Dimen- transform his body into an organic form of a ruby-colored beam of pure concussive force
sion, a extra-dimensional realm ruled by Clea.
osmium steel. His stats while in that form are from his eyes. These ruby beams inflict
Cloaks darkness is an extra-dimensional space
listed above. His normal abilities are: Excellent Force damage at a range of I area,
that may or may not be related to the Dark-
force. He may ensnare victims in his cloak, F A S E R I P Using a specially-constructed visor, he may
plunging them into his dark dimension, with a GD GD EX EX TY TY EX project a beam of up to Amazing Intensity up
successful wrestling attack. They may also to three areas distant. This beam can affect a
enter if they make a charging or grappling Peter may transform in a single round. single target or multiple targets. Targets in
attack on Cloak. Inside the dimension, the Damage taken in human form carries over into different areas are treated as multiple attacks
character is confronted with his deepest fears of armored form. Damage taken in armored form and require a Fighting FEAT to hit. Cyclops
Amazing Intensity, and in addition loses 1 En- is healed in transformation, unless Peters receives a +2CS to hit with his optic blasts,
durance rank and 5 points of Health a round. Health in armored form is below 60, in which and may bounce his beam off materials of
Upon leaving the cloak, the target must make a case that Health is used once transformed. If higher material strength than the current
Psyche FEAT or be paralyzed by fear for 1-10 Peter is stunned or knocked unconscious Power rank used as a Power stunt (each
turns. Health lost by targets is absorbed by while in armored form, he reverts to human target in the path of a multiple bounce
Cloak to restore his Health, up to his maximum. form. While in armored form, Colossus has requires a separate Agility FEAT to hit; one
minimal need to breathe, and as such can miss negates any other attacks or bounces).
Body Armor: Cloaks non-corporeality hold his breath for an indefinite time. Cyclops is invulnerable to his own optic blasts
provides Amazing protection from physical (and the effects of his brother, Havok), but
and energy attacks, He is still subject to Body Armor: Colossus steel-like hide provides may still be stunned and slammed by them.
magical and mental attacks as normal, Amazing protection from physical attacks, and
Incredible protection from energy attacks. TALENTS: Scott is an accomplished Pilot of
Darkness Generation: Cloak can release his aircraft, As a member of the X-Men, he has
darkness into our dimension, covering up to Resistances: In armored form, Colossus developed Leadership, Martial Arts A and C,
three areas with Amazing Intensity darkness, Monstrous Resistance to Fire and Cold, and and Resist Domination Talents.
Those unable to see in this total darkness and Remarkable Resistance to Electricity
those without light-bearing Powers are -3CS (conductive) and Radiation. CONTACTS: Cyclops has led the present
on all FEATS, team of X-Men as well as the original team
TALENTS: In his career as an X-Man, (now known as X-Factor). He is not on good
Teleport: Cloak may move within his dimension Colossus has Martial Arts A, B, and Resist terms with Magneto, the X-Mens current
of darkness, effectively teleporting with Un- Domination skills. He also has artist skill, and mentor. Scotts father, Alexander Summers, is
earthly ability and a maximum range of a half- paints to relax. the leader of a group of intergalactic freedom
mile. Unless protected by Daggers light (which
fighters known as the Starjammers. Scoffs
feeds the hunger of the cloak), those teleport-
CONTACTS: Peter Rasputin is a member of brother is the mutant hero Havok, a member
ed with Cloak are affected by the dimension.
the X-Men. His little sister, Illyana, is a of the X-Men.
LIMITATION: Cloaks darkness has a hunger member of the New Mutants, His exact
for the living light contained in living bodies. relationship with the Soviet government of his BACKGROUND: Scott and his brother were
His effects on criminals, as well as homeland is unknown, pushed out of their parents plane when it was
contributions from Daggers own Powers, feed attacked by a Shiar scout ship. The boys had
this hunger, but if 24 hours pass with no such BACKGROUND: Piotr Rasputin first a parachute, but the fall injured Scott,
light, Cloak will have to make a Psyche FEAT demonstrated his mutant abilities in crippling that section of his mind that would
against Good Intensity desire to absorb that adolescence on the Ust-Ordynski collective in later be needed to control his mutant Powers.
light from another, criminal or not. Siberia. He was recruited by Professor X to These Powers surfaced in his teens, and the
form his second team of X-Men, and has youth was recruited by Professor X to be the
CONTACTS: Cloak is Daggers partner, and served with the team since then. He has team leader of his X-Men. Scoff has served
worked with Mayhem. He is not on good served as the teams strongman since then, as team leader for both old and new teams.
terms with Father Delgado. but is often plagued by self-doubt as to his He left the group to marry Madelyne Pryor,
abilities and contributions. who resembled his former love Jean Grey,
BACKGROUND: Cloaks origin is similar to thought dead, Upon Jeans return, he left his
Daggers, and he shares her vigilante attitude wife to become a member of X-Factor.
(double all Karma awards for preventing/solving
drug-related crime).

Tandy Bowen Matthew Michael Murdock

F EX(20) Health: 76 F IN(40) Health: 110

A EX(20) A IN(40)
S TY(6) Karma: 30 S GD(l 0) Karma: 91
E RM(30) E EX(20)
R GD(10) Resources: Fe(2) R TY(6) Resources: Pr(4)
I GD(10) I MN(75)
P GD(10) Popularity: 2 P GD(10) Popularity: 6


Light Generation: Dagger can generate light of Enhanced Senses: Murdocks senses of taste,
Remarkable lntensity, filling up to 2 areas, This hearing, and smell have been enhanced to
light can stun opponents who fail an Endur- the Monstrous rank, He can identify
ance FEAT for 1 round, and gives those who substances by taste, read raised printing on a
are attacking her glowing form a -2CS to hit. page, or track by a specific odor on a Power
rank FEAT roll, Overloading these senses
Light Daggers: Dagger can generate and (excessive noise, for example) reduces his
throw daggers of living light. These daggers Intuition by -1CS, and any FEATs against
inflict Excellent damage, and can penetrate specific attacks are at -2CS, Murdock uses
up to Good Body Armor (they have no effect his enhanced hearing in a Power stunt to
on Body Armor of higher rank), The target determine if a character is lying (he listens for
must make an Endurance FEAT against an erratic heartbeat) with Amazing ability.
Excellent Intensity. Failure indicates
unconsciousness for 1-100 rounds and -3CS Radar Sense: In addition to his enhanced
on all FEATs by the target for 3 days. Success senses, Murdock has developed an
indicates only a -1CS for 1-10 rounds, omnidirectional sense that operates as
primitive radar, He can see three-
Targets hit by these light daggers are purged dimensional images up to 3 areas away,
of foreign substances, provided those regardless of light conditions. Rapid
substances are not long-term mutations or movements and chaotic conditions reduce this
alterations (no effect on Hulk or Captain Power and Intuition by -2CS, Daredevil
America), Individuals with negative Popularity cannot be blindsided.
may repent while under the effects of the
light daggers, This repenting reduces WeaponBilly Club: Daredevil carries a billy
negative Popularity to 0, and eliminates any club made of Incredible Strength material that
Karma possessed by the target. NPCs he wields or throws for Excellent Blunt
repentance is determined by a Psyche FEAT damage. Internal workings that permitted the
against Excellent Strength, club to shoot a line have been removed.
Dagger may fire up to 4 daggers in a single LIMITATION: Murdock is blind. He is
round at up to 4 separate targets in the same
unaffected by light-based attacks, illusions,
area. She may control the flight of these
and hypnosis for this reason.
daggers up to 4 areas away,
TALENTS: Daredevil is a master of
TALENTS: Tandy Bowen was a talented
Acrobatics and possesses Martial Arts A, B,
dancer before her transformation, and uses
and E. He is a specialist with his Billy Club
her Talents in a unique fighting style that
and receives a +2CS to hit with it, Though
combines Acrobatics, Tumbling, and Martial
disbarred, Murdock retains his legal training.
Arts C.

CONTACTS: Tandy is the partner of Cloak, CONTACTS: Murdocks old partner, Foggy
and the sometime partner of Mayhem, a super- Nelson, is still active in law, and Murdock is
powered vigilante. Dagger and Cloak take also close to reporter Ben Urich of the Daily
refuge in the church run by Father Delgado. Bugle. Daredevil also had extensive contacts
in the criminal world, including a small-time
BACKGROUND: Tandy Bowen was a young hood named Turk Barrett,
runaway who was kidnaped and used as a
human test animal for a new Maggia drug. BACKGROUND: Matthew Murdock lost his
This drug modified her body, turning her into a sight in a truck accident involving radioactive
creature of light. As Dagger, Tandy hunts material. This accident provided him with his
down drug-related criminals and punishes radar sense, which he used to become
them (double all Karma awards for Daredevil.
preventing/ solving drug-related crimes).

DOCTOR STRANGE Cloak of Levitation: A magical device NICK FURY
Stephen Strange presented to Dr, Strange by his mentor and Nicholas Joseph Fury
later destroyed and reconstructed, the Cloak
F GD(10) Health: 66 permits Flight of Shift X Speed (a small spell F IN(40) Health: 100
A EX(20) allows the doctor to breathe at this speed), A EX(20)
S TY(6) Karma: 185 The Cloak may be commanded to perform S GD(10) Karma: 50
E RM(30) discrete actions, and in combat it has E RM(30)
R GD(10) Resources: Gd(10) Incredible material strength and may act as if R EX(20) Resources: Am(50)
I MN(75) it possesses Incredible Strength. I EX(20)
P UN(100) Popularity; 10 P GD(10) Popularity: 50
Eye of Agamotto: An occult object contained
KNOWN POWERS: within an amulet worn by the Doctor and KNOWN POWERS:
controlled by a psychic link. The Eye has
Magical Ability: Doctor Strange is the Sorcerer several functions: Body Armor: Nick normally wears a protective
Supreme of the Earth Dimension. He may use Serves as a combination of all Detection vest of Kelvar armor at all times, giving him
any listed Power as a spell, subject to the Powers with Class 1000 ability, and in Typical protection from attacks.
limitations of Personal, Universal, and Dimen- addition reveals illusions, enchantments,
sional energy restrictions. He uses these and disguises Weapons: Nick uses a variety of weapons
abilities at the Amazing level, unless otherwise Provides a +2CS on all Mental Powers available in the S.H.I.E.L.D. armory, including
noted as Power stunts. In addition, Doctor used by the Doctor machine pistols and force pistols. His person-
Strange regularly uses the following spells: Places one unconscious target in same alized weapon is a needle gun, which shoots a
AlterationAppearance (P)as a minor area in suspended animation (no actions or stream of finely honed slivers up to 6 areas
illusion of Amazing Intensity that changes loss of Health) with Monstrous ability away for Excellent damage on the Edged
the Doctors appearance and that of his Opens a Dimensional Aperture with Throwing column, The needle gun contains
companions, usually hiding their costumes Unearthly ability 300 rounds, is made of Excellent Strength
Astral Projection (P)as Power of same materials, and has mother-of-pearl handgrips.
name, with Unearthly ability Orb of Agamotto: Another powerful mystic
Levitation (P)as Power of same name, artifact, the Orb has Class 3000 Magic TALENTS: Fury has acquired a number of
with Incredible ability Detection (as the Power), and may be used to talents in his careers in the Military and
ShieldIndividual (P) as Personal Force view any place known to the user. Espionage fields, He is a Pilot of air and space
Field, able to repel magical attacks craft, a demolitions expert (+1CS on all
Telepathy (P)as Power of same name, TALENTS: Doctor Strange was a noted matters involving explosives), is trained in First
with Unearthly ability surgeon before becoming the Sorcerer Aid, is a skilled Marksman, and has Wrestling
Conjure (U)a specialized Teleport of Supreme, and retains his Medicinal Talents, Talent and Martial Arts A, B, D, and E.
Amazing Intensity that brings the item, He is an expert on Occult and Mythological
character, or being to the caster. The being Lore, and has been taught Martial Arts A and CONTACTS: Nick Fury is the Executive
in question may make a Psyche FEAT to E by his manservant, Wong, Director of S.H.l.E.L.D. (Supreme
avoid the conjuration Headquarters International Espionage Law-
Eldritch Beams/Bolts (U)As Force or CONTACTS: Doctor Stranges mentor was Enforcement Division), an espionage
Energy Missile weapon, of Amazing power the Ancient One, who has since merged with organization with Monstrous Resources. He
and range the universe but on rare occasions has has ties with various parts of the U.S.
Dimensional Aperture (D)Creates an returned to advise, Stranges own pupil Clea Government, as well as old ties with OSS
is now the ruler of the Dark Dimension, (now ClA), military, and M15 (Englands spy
opening into, and permits passage to and
from, another stated dimension, with Among the beings that Strange calls upon to
Monstrous ability, Requires a FEAT roll work his Dimensional spells are Cyttorak,
BACKGROUND: Nick Fury first made
only for unfriendly or hostile dimensions or Raggadorr, the Seraphim, and the Vishanti
headlines during World War 11 as a Sergeant
unwilling travelers (Agamotto, Hoggoth, and Oshtur), all of whom
and leader of his team of Howling
Mists of Morpheus (D)Generates vapors are considered Friendly entities for the
Commandos. During that time he was
of Monstrous Intensity, which induce sleep purposes of conjuration.
injected with the Infinity Formula a serum
in those failing an Endurance FEAT in two
that has slowed down his aging process so he
areas. Strange is unaffected, unless he BACKGROUND: Stephen Strange was a
remains in top form today. Following the war,
chooses to undergo the mists, in which talented and egotistical surgeon who lost his
Fury engaged in numerous military and
case he sleeps deeply for 1 -10 hours but fine motor skills in a car crash. Sinking into espionage operations, until he was contacted
heals as it three days have passed under alcoholism, Strange heard of the Ancient One, by a still-mysterious Board of Directors to
full hospital rest and sought him out for a cure. Instead, create and direct S.H.I.E.L.D. Since that time,
Spell of Silence (U)Prevents subject of Strange became the Ancient Ones pupil and Fury has remained the head of S.H.I.E.L.D.
spell from speaking of certain matters or inherited from him the mantle of Sorcerer operations, overseeing an espionage network
subjects. Only characters of Amazing or Supreme. He operates out of Greenwich that includes major bases in most cities in the
greater Psyche may receive a FEAT roll to Village, seeking out magical threats to the free world, an orbital space station, and, until
avoid its effects Earth dimension. recently, a flying fortress known as the
Helicarrier. The original was destroyed, but a
smaller version, the Behemoth, is still in
operation. Fury has recently discovered
widespread corruption in his organization, and
has been working toward eliminating it.

Clint Francis Barton Heracles of Olympus

F GD(10) Health: 70 F UN(100) Health: 320

A RM(30) A EX(20)
S GD(10) Karma: 22 S UN(100) Karma: 50
E EX(20) E UN(100)
R TY(6) Resources: Gd(6)
I GD(10) R GD(10) Resources: Ty(6)
P TY(6) Popularity: 45 I GD(10)
P RM(30) Popularity: 70
Enhanced Senses: Hawkeye has Remarkable
vision. Body Armor: The natives of Olympus are
denser and tougher than the inhabitants of
Protected Senses: Hawkeye is 80% deaf the Earth dimension, Hercules has Excellent
when not wearing his hearing aids, giving him protection from physical damage.
Excellent protection from sonic attacks but
making him unable to hear normal sounds Resistance to Fire: Hercules has Excellent
more than one area away, Resistance to Fire.
Unique WeaponsArrows: Hawkeyes quiver Invulnerability: Like all Olympians, Hercules
contains 36 shafts, 12 of these are standard does not age nor is he susceptible to disease
shafts (Throwing Blunt 20 points). 6 are (Class 1000 Resistance to Disease).
broad-blade heads (Shooting 20 points),
and the remainder may be equipped with Immortality: Olympians are immortal in this
specialty heads. Hawkeye has a range of 7 plane, and as such, if reduced to 0 Health and
areas, and may call his shots as a Power Shift 0 Endurance, do not die, Their Karma
stunt. His specialty heads are: reserves (including that in pools with others)
Explosive Amazing Grenade damage are reduced to 0, and they automatically
Tear Gas Excellent Intensity, 1 area begin healing, In the dimension of Olympus
Electro-arrow Amazing electrical damage and in other planes, the immortal Olympians
Smoke Bomb Covers one area in smoke (including Hercules) may be slain.
Sonic Excellent Intensity sonic attack;
stuns all in target area for 5 rounds WeaponGolden Mace: This enchanted
Flare Lights 2 areas with Remarkable adamantine weapon, forged for Hercules by
Intensity light the Olympian Hephaestus, is made of Class
Acid Arrow Remarkable Intensity 1000 material, and in Hercules hands inflicts
Cable Fired 3 areas, lncredible line Shift X damage.
Putty Remarkable Strength adherence,
carries line up to 2 areas TALENTS: Hercules is a master of wrestling,
Bola Successful hit indicates target sharp weapons, and blunt weapons, and has
grappled by Incredible Strength cable
a +1CS when using these attack forms, In
Net Successful hit indicates all targets
ancient Greece he was also a master of the
in area bound by Remarkable Strength net
Bow, but now has a personal dislike for it,
Rocket Range of 15 areas, may use
with other heads
CONTACTS: Hercules is the son of Zeus,
Boomerang returns to firer in one round
ruler of the extra-dimensional realm of
Olympus, home of the Greek gods. He is a
Skymobile: Hawkeyes sky-cycle stats are as
former member of the defunct Champions of
listed in the Players Book.
Los Angeles and a member of the Avengers.
TALENTS: Hawkeye is a Weapons Specialist
with Bow and a Marksman, giving him +3CS BACKGROUND: The modern hero Hercules
with his weapon to hit, He also is trained in is the same being who was written about in
Martial Arts A and E. ancient Greece, Son of Zeus and a mortal
woman, Hercules performed many tasks
CONTACTS: Hawkeye is the leader of the before becoming a true immortal in Olympus,
West Coast Avengers. Hercules today is a member of the Avengers,
and lives for adventure to bestow his gift (a
BACKGROUND: Inspired by Iron Man, mighty punch) on miscreants.
Hawkeye decided to use his bowmanship for
good. The brash bowman has made good,
married the hero Mockingbird, and is leader of
his own team.

Robert Bruce Banner Johnny Storm Robert Drake

F RM(30) Health: 215 F GD(10) Health: 60 F GD(10) Health: 66

A GD(10) A EX(20) A GD(10)
S UN(100) Karma: 38 S GD(10) Karma: 26 S TY(6) Karma: 20
E MN(75) E EX(20) E RM(30)
R FE(2) Resources: Fe(2) R GD(10) Resources: Rm(30) R GD(10) Resources: Ty(6)
I TY(6) I GD(10) I PR(4)
P RM(30) Popularity: -10/10 P TY(6) Popularity: 50 P TY(6) Popularity: 6


Body Armor: Hulks gamma-irradiated skin Body Armor: The Human Torch wraps himself Ice Generation: Iceman has Ice Generation
provides him with Monstrous protection from in a sheath of flame that serves as Incredible abilities of Remarkable level, allowing him to
physical attacks and Amazing protection from Body Armor against all material weapons, generate ice in any region with sufficient
energy attacks. unless those weapons have a material water vapor (including desert terrain). Drake
strength of Amazing or greater, All energy, can perform a number of Power stunts.
Astral Detection: Hulk may detect beings in blunt, grappling, and charging attacks affect Create Shields of Remarkable protection
the Astral Plane with Unearthly ability. Johnny normally, but the attacker may suffer Create Weapons of Remarkable material
up to Incredible damage if he touches the strength. Wielding such a weapon, Drake
Invulnerability: Hulk is Invulnerable to Cold, flaming form, is +1CS to damage, making either an
Heat, Fire, and Disease, giving him Class edged or blunt attack.
1000 Resistance to these items, Generate Fire: Johnny can generate flame Create structures and supports of
over all or part of his body, up to Unearthly Remarkable material strength, These ice-
Leaping: Hulk can leap 40 areas in a single lntensity, without difficulty, He can shoot flame constructs have a basic lifespan of 5
round, with Class 5000 ability. up to 3 areas away. rounds (4 rounds in hot weather, 15 rounds
in cold) +1-10 rounds,
Adrenaline Surge: The listed abilities are for the Control Fire: Johnny has Unearthly control Project Cold with Remarkable ability, up to
Hulk under normal circumstances. Hulks over all forms of fire. He may perform a 3 areas distant
Fighting ability and Strength may be raised by number of Power stunts using this ability, Create areas of Remarkable Intensity
+1CS, to a maximum of Shift Z to hit and dam- including absorbing heat and flame, producing slickness
age under special circumstances, Every round multiple flaming images, and creating flaming
Hulk is in combat with the same opponent or cages. Invulnerability: Drake has Class 1000
group of opponents, he receives this shift. If the Resistance to Cold, Body Armor: By icing
opponent or opponents are defeated, Hulks Invulnerability: Johnny has Class 1000 up, Bobby provides Remarkable protection
abilities return to normal in the next round. Resistance to Heat and Flame. for himself from physical attacks. He has
Good protection from energy attacks, but heat
Special Detection: For some unknown reason, Flight: The Human Torch may fly at up to and fire-based attacks weaken his armor by
the Hulk is able to locate the place he was Excellent speeds (10 areas/round). the rank number of the attack.
born Desert Base, New Mexico with
Class 3000 ability, Nova Flame: As a Power stunt using his Fire Movement: By creating ice slides, Bobby can
Generation Powers, Johnny can explode in a move at 4 areas/round (Typical ground
Alter Ego: Hulk has been able to revert to his burst of super-heated flame, inflicting up to speed).
alter ego, Bruce Banner, in the past, Banners 500 points damage to everything in his area,
state are: and 150 points in every area up to 5 areas TALENTS: Bobby is skilled with thrown
F A S E R I P away. His flames are reduced to Feeble for 1- weapons (+1CS to hit, usually snowballs). He
PR TY TY TY RM GD TY 10 rounds afterwards, and unless he makes a also has training as an accountant.
red Endurance FEAT, the Torch passes out for
TALENTS: Hulk has no talents, Banner is an 1-10 rounds. CONTACTS: Iceman is a member of X-
expert in physics and radiation. Factor, and a former member of the
TALENTS: Johnny is an expert mechanic, an Champions of LA and the Defenders.
CONTACTS: Hulk has no contacts, Banner is authority on automobile design, and a race
the leader of the Hulkbusters, and has close car driver. BACKGROUND: Icemans mutant abilities
ties with the Avengers and Fantastic Four (the surfaced in adolescence, and he became the
latter through his cousin, Jen Walters). CONTACTS: Johnny Storm is a founding youngest of the original X-Men. Since then he
Banners close friend is Rick Jones. member of the Fantastic Four, and also counts has served in a number of teams. He is more
as friends the Avengers and Spider-Man. wary now of creating massive ice construc-
BACKGROUND: Banner was caught in the tions, from the damage their weight and melt-
blast of the first gamma bomb test, BACKGROUND: Johnny Storm was a off can cause.
transforming him into a supremely powerful passenger on the rocket trip that created the
but mindless creature called the Hulk. Banner Fantastic Four, Normally hot-headed and
has been in varying degrees of control of the brash, Johnny was the youngster of the team,
Hulk, but Is currently free of the being, with but has matured over the years.
the result that the Hulk is a rampaging beast.

Susan Storm Richards Anthony Stark

F GD(10) Health: 46 F EX(20) Health: 165

A GD(10) A RM(30)
S TY(6) Karma: 40 S lN(40) Karma: 66
E EX(20) E MN(75)
R GD(10) Resources: Rm(30) R IN(40) Resources: Ex(20)
I EX(20) I EX(20)
P GD(10) Popularity: 50 P TY(6) Popularity: 20


Invisibility: Sue Richards can make herself All of Iron Mans Powers derive from his
invisible with Excellent rank ability. She has state-of-the-art armor, Tony Starks normal
performed the following Power stunts a stats are:
number of times: Made others invisible, made F A S E R I P
portions of an object invisible, and made TY TY PR TY IN EX TY
invisible things visible. No Karma needs to be
spent for these stunts. Body Armor: The Iron Man Mark VI armor is
made of Remarkable Strength material
Force Fields: The Invisible Woman can form a stiffened by a personal force field, This armor
projected Force Field of Monstrous Strength provides Amazing protection from physical
over one area, reduced by -1CS in strength attacks, Incredible Resistance to Corrosives,
for each additional area it encompasses. The Amazing Resistance to Heat and Cold,
Invisible Woman may project her force field Monstrous protection from energy attacks,
around herself or others, and can soften it to and Unearthly protection from radiation and
create a cushion that can absorb up to electrical attacks.
Monstrous damage. Unless the field is
mentally braced (I round), Sue suffers a Stun Force Field: In addition to the force field
and Slam results of attacks on the field. The stiffening the armor, energy may be shunted
field drops if Sue is incapacitated. from other systems to provide the suit with a
personal force field of Monstrous protection
Flight: This is an established Power stunt of from physical damage and Unearthly
Sues Force Field Power. By creating a protection from energy damage.
column of invisible force beneath her and
allowing that column to topple and elongate, Flight: The armor generates an anti-gravity
Sue can fly at 2 areas/round. She may carry field. Stark uses thrusters in the boots and
others with her, up to a total weight of 10 tons. backpack for steering, The armor can exceed
Mach 1 speeds, and is considered to move at
TALENTS: Susan has Performer abilities, Shift X speed, a maximum of 50 areas per
and, due to the nature of her Powers, Martial round flying in clear areas. The boot thrusters
Arts E. may be used as weapons, inflicting
Remarkable damage at a range of 1 area,
CONTACTS: Susan is a founding member of
the Fantastic Four, and in addition has close Repulsors: The main armament of the suit is
ties with the Avengers (who put up the group a pair of medium density plasma projectors,
when the Baxter Building was destroyed) and located in the gauntlets, which may inflict up
the Sub-Mariner (who still carries a torch for to Amazing damage at a range of 10 areas.
Mrs. Richards).
Pulse-Bolts: An intensified and experimental
BACKGROUND: Sue Storm was a passenger version of the repulsors, the pulse bolts inflict
on the flight that gave the Fantastic Four their Monstrous damage at a range of 10 areas.
cosmic-ray-derived Powers. First as the
Invisible Girl, and more recently as the Disruptor Field: A secondary weapon system
Invisible Woman, Sue has been the backbone projected from the gauntlets, with a range of 2
of the team. She is married to Reed Richards areas, this is a wide spectrum
and they have a son, Franklin. electromagnetic/gravitic beam that disrupts
electrical devices with Remarkable Intensity.

Energy Absorption: Up to 400 points of MAGNETO MARVEL GIRL
energy damage may be absorbed and stored Real Name Unrevealed Jean Grey
for up to 4 rounds, and redirected through any
available weapons systems as Monstrous F GD(10) Health: 125 F GD(10) Health: 56
damage or Intensity. Retaining such energy A RM(30) A GD(10)
beyond 4 rounds requires an Endurance S GD(10) Karma: 100 S TY(6) Karma: 80
FEAT, or there is an involuntary discharge, E MN(75) E RM(30)
inflicting Good damage to all within one area R IN(40) Resources: Am(50) R GD(10) Resources: Ty(6)
(including the wearer, whose Body Armor is I GD(10) I EX(20)
ineffective in this case). P AM(50) Popularity: P AM(50) Popularity: 0

Protected Senses: The armor provides KNOWN POWERS: KNOWN POWERS:

Amazing protection from sonic and light-
intensity attacks. Polarized lenses drop over Magnetic Control: Magneto manipulates iron Telekinesis: Jean has telekinetic Powers of
the eye slits in event of a light-based attack, and iron-based alloys with Unearthly ability. Incredible Intensity, allowing her to move objects
causing one round of blindness (no other He has used this ability to perform a variety of of up to 10 tons by force of her mind. She can
effects). Power stunts. also perform precise detail work. Power stunts
Scrambling non-sentient machinery with she has exhibited using this ability include:
Chest-beam: Another weapons system, this Unearthly ability Flight at Remarkable speed by levitating
one mounted in the front of the chest, can Inflicting Shift X (126) damage to sentient herself and others
perform several functions: Remarkable iron-based or alloyed characters Levitation of others as an attack (Strength
Intensity light, Energy beam of Amazing Detect magnetic fields with Monstrous FEAT to avoid if opponent is able to hold
damage, or Thermal (energy) beam of ability on to something)
Incredible Intensity. All functions have a range Use metal objects to attack or enwrap Using objects as thrown weapons with
of 3 areas. others (damage no greater than material Incredible range and inflicting Incredible or
strength of the object manipulated) material strength damage, whichever is less
Air Supply: The suit has an internal air supply Use magnetic fields to manipulate non-
that will last up to 2.5 hours. ferrous objects, with Monstrous ability Force Fields: By telekinetically deflecting
attacks, Marvel Girl simulates a force field that
ECMs: The armored suit has Remarkable Energy Control: Magneto may manipulate provides Incredible protection from energy
protection from electronic detection, and other forms of energy to a lesser degree. He attacks and Excellent protection against
Unearthly protection against hostile signals has in the past manipulated light, heat, radio physical attacks. She must will such a field
(including disruption beams). A holographic waves, X-rays, and gamma rays with into being, and it lasts as long as she
projector provides Remarkable Blending Monstrous ability and effects, but rarely does concentrates on it.
ability (as the Power). so.
Force Bolts: By projecting a wave of
LIMITATION: Tony Stark is an alcoholic, Force Field: Magneto may use his magnetic telekinetic force, Jean can inflict up to
though is currently not drinking. Powers to project a force field of Unearthly Incredible Force damage up to 3 areas away.
strength over one area. Magneto may use his
TALENTS: Stark is skilled in Electronics and magnetic and energy Powers through this TALENTS: As a former X-Man, Jean has
Business, and has Engineering skill as well, force field. Resist Domination talent. In her brief periods
which he uses to test new devices. when not a hero, she was a fashion model.
Flight: By manipulating the magnetic/gravitic
CONTACTS: Iron Man is a founding member lines of force, Magneto may fly at Remarkable CONTACTS: Jean is a member of X-Factor. Her
of the Avengers, and Stark supports the (15 areas/round) speeds. former contacts from before the appearance of
organization through a trust fund in his late Phoenix are negated and must be regained.
mothers name. He is the former head of TALENTS: Magnetos Reason is +1CS in
Stark International (disposition of that matters of Electronics and Genetics. In BACKGROUND: Jean Greys mutant abilities
corporation is undisclosed), has set up a now addition, he has Engineer talent, allowing him were awakened early by trauma, and the girl
aero-space company on the West Coast, has to construct new devices. was trained by Professor Xavier before the
long-running contacts with S.H.I.E.L.D. formation of his X-Men. She later joined that
through its director, Nick Fury, and is a well- CONTACTS: Magneto has cut most of his team and served as a mutant heroine
known figure among the jet set. previous criminal contacts. He is a member of alongside Iceman, Beast, Angel, and Cyclops.
the X-Men and the mentor of the New On one mission with the new X-Men, Jean
BACKGROUND: Tony Stark was wounded by Mutants. chose to pilot a rescue shuttle through a solar
Communist insurgents in Southeast Asia, and radiation storm. The shuttle crashed in Jamaica
built the first suit of Iron Man armor to save BACKGROUND: Magneto began his career Bay, and while most of the team survived, Jean
his own life. Since then the armor has been with the intention of protecting the mutant was apparently reborn as Phoenix. Actually,
modified through 6 distinct models, though minority by dominating the human majority. this was an alien energy force that used Jeans
additional tinkering is always being done. The The XMen repelled several of his attempts. body and mind as a template. After Phoenixs
current suit is a recent development, following Coming to realize that his actions increased death, the energy cocoon protecting Jean was
a period when Stark slid deeply into his the fear and hatred of mutants, Magneto has discovered by the Avengers who released
alcoholism and passed his armor to another. changed his approach and has inherited the Jean. Her telepathic abilities were lost. Jean
X-Men and New Mutant teams from Charles has been instrumental in the reforming of the
Xavier. original X-Men as X-Factor.

Reed Richards Barbara Morse Barton

F GD(10) Health: 42 F EX(20) Health: 56

A TY(6) A EX(20)
S TY(6) Karma: 100 S TY(6) Karma: 32
E EX(20) E GD(10)
R AM(50) Resources: Rm(30) R EX(20) Resources: Ty(6)
I EX(20) I TY(6)
P RM(30 Popularity: 50 P TY(6) Popularity: 30


Plasticity: Mr. Fantastic has a pliable, Body Armor: Mockingbirds costume is made
malleable body, giving him Plasticity of of Kevlar armor backed by woven Beta cloth.
Monstrous rank. He may use this Plasticity for it provides Excellent protection from physical
a number of Power stunts, including Imitation attack and Good Resistance to Fire.
at Incredible rank ability and Leaping (rather,
bouncing) with Amazing ability. Unique Weapons Battle Staves: Morse
carries a pair of hollow steel-alloy poles in
Elongation: Mr. Fantastic may also stretch his holsters on her forearms. She receives a
body up to 5 areas away (Shift X ability). He +2CS to hit with these poles. The poles are
may attack non-adjacent foes in this fashion. made of Remarkable material, and may be
used in a number of ways.
Body Armor: Mr. Fantastics malleable form Blunt weapons inflicting Good damage
serves him as natural Body Armor of Blunt thrown weapons, range of 4 areas,
Remarkable protection against physical Good damage
attacks and Good protection against energy Fired from springs in the forearms up to 3
attacks. areas away, inflicting Excellent damage.
She may bounce them off solid objects and
TALENTS: Reed Richards is an expert in the have them return as a Power stunt.
fields of Electronics and Physics. He is also, Telescoped and fitted together, they form
through long experience, an expert on an 8-foot-long vaulting pole.
dimensions and dimensional travel (+1CS on
all FEATs involving dimensional travel). TALENTS: Mockingbird is knowledgeable in
Finally, he is a world-class inventor Biology, Law Enforcement, and Detective/
(Engineering Talent). Espionage Talents. In combat, she uses
Acrobatics, Martial Arts B and C, and, as
CONTACTS: Reed Richards is a founding noted above, is a Weapons Specialist with her
member and current leader of the Fantastic staves.
Four, and is on excellent terms with the
Avengers. Reeds father, Nathaniel Richards, CONTACTS: Mockingbird is a former
is ruler of a kingdom in another dimension. operative of S.H.I.E.L.D., and a current
member of the West Coast Avengers.
BACKGROUND: Reed Richards was a
brilliant scientist who invested the bulk of his BACKGROUND: Barbara Morse was
fortune in an experimental star drive of his recruited by S.H.I.E.L.D. soon after her
own design. When complimentary graduation. Soon suspecting corruption in the
government funding was threatened, Reed spy organization, she adopted the identity of
launched the ship early, despite warnings on Huntress (later Mockingbird for a CIA
the strength of the shields and cosmic operation involving Nick Fury), to seek out
radiation, with a crew of Ben Grimm, Reeds that corruption. Following her revelations and
fiancee Sue Storm, and her brother Johnny. reorganization at S.H.I.E.L.D., Bobbi became
The ship encountered heavy cosmic radiation, a free agent. On one mission she crossed
which pierced the shields and transformed the weapons with Hawkeye, the two fell in love,
crew into the Fantastic Four. Determined to and eloped. Mockingbird is now a member of
use their powers for the common good, the the West Coast Avengers.
FF are the oldest super-hero group still in
existence. Reed is the chairman of Fantastic
Four, Inc., husband of the Invisible Woman,
and has a son, Franklin.

Kurt Wagner Jean-Paul Beaubier Rachel Summers

F EX(20) Health: 106 F EX(20) Health: 90 F GD(10) Health: 70

A AM(50) A EX(20) A GD(10)
S TY(6) Karma: 50 S EX(20) Karma: 22 S GD(10) Karma: 115
E RM(30) E RM(30) E IN(40)
R GD(10) Resources: Pr(4) R TY(6) Resources: Ex(20) R GD(10) Resources: Pr(4)
I EX(20) I TY(6) I RM(30)
P EX(20) Popularity: 0 P GD(10) Popularity: 10/20 P MN(75) Popularity: 0


Teleportation: Nightcrawler may teleport with Flight: Northstar can fly at near-light Speed Telekinesis: Phoenix may move objects with
Shift X ability, with a range of 3 miles (Class 3000), though in atmosphere he Monstrous telekinetic strength, which
north/south and two miles east/west or normally restricts that movement to Shift Z encompasses both fine motor skills
vertically. Teleports at these limits require an (200 areas/round, or 16 areas/round in (manipulation of small items) and gross motor
Endurance FEAT to avoid exhaustion and cluttered areas). While in flight Northstar has skills (throwing large objects). A frequent
disorientation (no actions for 1 -10 rounds). Excellent Body Armor. Power stunt is to form a Telekinetic Force
Teleporting into a solid object results in that Field of Amazing Strength.
object inflicting material strength damage as Rapid Attacks: Northstar can land multiple
an Edged attack. Nightcrawlers Power stunts blows against the same target, gaining a Force Bolts: Using her telekinetic abilities to
include: +3CS shift to damage and stunning (but not form bolts of pure force, Rachel may strike
Multiple ports, allowing him to attack slamming) with that Intensity. (Treat Slam targets with up to Amazing damage and
more than one non-adjacent target in the results as Stuns.) range. These bolts strike on the Force
same area. Consider as Multiple Attacks, column.
using Power rank instead of Fighting to LIMITATION: Contact with his sister negates
determine success. use of his Powers. In addition, sudden contact Mental Screen: Similar to the Psi-Screen, this
Carrying others. Those being carried must forces an Endurance FEAT for both or they form of protection provides Amazing protection
make an Endurance FEAT versus become unconscious. Both effects last 1-10 from mental and emotion-based attacks.
Excellent Endurance to avoid being rounds.
knocked out for 1-10 rounds. The X-Men Telepathy: While not on par with Xavier,
may teleport with Kurt (I per round) without TALENTS: Jean-Paul is a world-class Rachel is an accomplished telepath, with
harm. Kurts teleports are accompanied by championship skier. Amazing ability. Power stunts she has used in
a sulfurous small and a bamfing noise. the past include Mental Probes, manipulation
CONTACTS: Jean-Paul was a founding of recent memories, and telepathically linking
Prehensile Tail: Kurt may use his tail as a member of Alpha Flight. In addition, in his a teams minds.
third hand with normal Agility. early years he was a member of a free
Quebec Sepratiste movement. Mutant Detection: Similar to Xavier, Rachel can
Wall-crawling: Kurt adheres to surfaces with detect mutant brain wavelengths with Amazing
Amazing ability. BACKGROUND: Jean-Paul was separated range and ability. This ability made her useful
from his twin sister Jeanne-Marie at an early in her dimension as a mutant-hunting hound.
Blending: This Power is only used in dark age, and grew up without having been told
areas, where Nightcrawlers indigo skin about her. Jean-Paul discovered his mutant TALENTS: Her experiences in her own world
cannot be seen. Power in his teens, and used his ability to have taught Rachel Acrobatics, as well as
shift the kinetic motion of his atoms in one Martial Arts C and E. She has the Resist
TALENTS: Kurt Wagner is a master of direction to win several medals and trophies Domination ability as well.
Tumbling and Acrobatics, in addition to Martial in championship skiing. His records caught
Arts C and Resist Domination talents learned the attention of James Hudson, who deduced CONTACTS: Rachel is a member of the X-Men,
as an X-Man. He also has First Aid, that Northstar was a mutant and recruited him and may still maintain some contacts in the un-
Electronics, Repair/Tinkering, and Sharp into Alpha Flight. Northstar, a vain, pompous, derground of her home world, should it still exist.
Weapons (prefers the epee) talents. and pretentious individual, remains with the
team mainly because of his love for his BACKGROUND: Rachel is a native of an
CONTACTS: Kurt Wagner is a member of the rediscovered sister, Aurora, and concern for alternate timeline, the daughter of Jean Grey
X-Men, but maintains a love of (and contacts her physical and mental health. and Scott Summers. In that timeline, the
with) the circus world. He has recently left his Sentinels were reactivated and took over
childhood sweetheart, but rescued the new North America. The remaining X-Men died
Queen of Ruritania (Amazing Resources) trying to stop them, but Rachel was sent into
soon afterwards. our dimension to prevent it from happening
again. Rachel is a member of the X-Men, and
BACKGROUND: Wagner was rescued from is rather high strung, not only because she is
an irate mob by Professor Xavier to be a part among people she knows are dead in her
of his new X-Men, and has served with the timeline, but because the past is not the same
team ever since, including a brief stint as here as in her world, and her parents are
leader. unaware of her.

Charles Xavier Eugene Judd

F PR(4) Health: 50 F RM(40) Health: 90

A GD(10) A EX(20)
S TY(6) Karma: 165 S GD(10) Karma: 56
E RM(30) E EX(20)
R IN(40) Resources: Rm(30) R TY(6) Resources: Ty(6)
I AM(50) I EX(20)
P MN(75) Popularity: 10 P RM(30) Popularity: 6


Telepathy: Charles Xavier is one of the Mystic Prison: Pucks body and psyche are
worlds most powerful telepaths, with the prison of a powerful magical being known
Unearthly Power rank ability. Due to a shift in as Razer. This is a Class 1000 mystic spell.
the worlds magnetic field, his Powers are Razer cannot escape without Judds
slightly reduced, but he can contact the minds permission. Razer can make his presence
of others and read their surface thoughts at a known by inflicting pain on Judd (Psyche
range of 250 miles without difficulty. He can FEAT to avoid being unable to perform other
alter the thoughts of other beings (he is loathe actions in that round). Should Razer escape
to do so he loses all personal Karma if this his prison, his stats are:
occurs), as well as generate mental illusions F A S E R I P
and induce imaginary paralysis in sentient MN EX GD MN TY TY MN
beings, all with Unearthly ability.
Razer has Amazing Body Armor in his
Mental Bolts: In combat, Xavier uses bolts of gaseous form, Remarkable Darkness
mental energy that attack with a range of 2 Generation, and wields an ebony blade that
areas, and inflict up to Unearthly damage on reduces Endurance by one rank and reduces
the Force column. This form of attack ignores the target in size by half a foot each time it
Body Armor but not Force Fields. strikes. Once released, Puck returns to his 7
foot stature and true age, and Razer may be
Mutant Detection: Mutants project a distinct recontained on a successful Psyche FEAT by
mental wavelength to which Xavier is attuned. Judd. While containing Razer, Judd does not
Unaided, his Mutant Detection has Monstrous age or does very slowly.
range and ability. Enhanced by his Cerebro
machine, that range is worldwide. Xavier can TALENTS: Judd has picked up a number of
identify those mutants who are known to him. talents in his long and checkered adventuring
career, including Tumbling, Acrobatics, Occult
Astral Projection: Xavier can enter the astral Lore, Languages, and Martial Arts B, C, and
state with Monstrous ability. D. He also has a unique fighting style involving
spinning himself in cartwheels and charging
Psi-Screen: As the worlds premier telepath, the opponent. When making this attack, Puck
Xavier has a psi-screen of Shift Z. In addition, makes a Charging attack using his Fighting
he teaches his students the Resist Ability +1CS, and inflicts Endurance damage.
Domination skill to increase their own survival Judd also has Detective/Espionage abilities.
CONTACTS: Judds early contacts in the field
TALENTS: Xavier is skilled in Electronics, of espionage are not revealed, nor are his
and is considered an expert in Genetics. He present standings with them. Judd rose
has Engineering ability. through the ranks of Gamma and Beta
Flights, and is now a member of Alpha Flight.
CONTACTS: Professor X is the mentor of the
New Mutants and X-Men, though he is BACKGROUND: Puck is the oldest member
currently working with the Starjammers and of Alpha Flight, though he is apparently
his ladylove, empress Lilandra of the Shiar, A ageless as a result of his curse. In 1939 he
former love is research geneticist Moira sought to steal the Black Blade of Bagdad,
MacTaggart. unaware it was a mystical prison for Razer.
Accidentally freeing Razer, Puck sacrificed
BACKGROUND: Professor X formed the himself to become a living container for
original X-Men as a group of mutants banded Razers force. Since then, the now diminutive
together for their own protection and to offset Judd has served various masters, finally
public fears of a mutant menace. Xavier is ending up a recruit in Department H. Having
currently fighting alongside the Starjammers, risen through the ranks, Judd is now a
leaving care of his charges to Magneto. member of Alpha Flight.

Real Name Unrevealed Katherine Pryde Michael Twoyoungmen

F GD(10) Health: 90 F EX(20) Health: 56 F GD(10) Health: 50

A EX(20) A GD(10) A GD(10)
S AM(50) Karma: 20 S TY(6) Karma: 46 S GD(10) Karma: 110
E GD(10) E EX(20) E EX(20)
R TY(6) Resources: Pr(4) R RM(30) Resources: Ty(6) R EX(20) Resource: Ex(20)
I GD(10) I GD(10) I AM(50)
P PR(4) Popularity: 0 P TY(6) Popularity: 0/10 p IN(40) Popularity: 20
Power Absorption: Rogue absorbs the Powers, Phasing: Kitty can move her body out of Spirit Magic: Shaman has magical Powers of
memories, and Talents of other beings on phase with her surroundings with Incredible Amazing level, but is limited strictly to
flesh-to-fiesh touch. She cannot control the
ability, allowing her to pass through solid Dimensional energies spells and entreaties.
absorption, and it occurs automatically against
objects. The amount of time she may remain He may only cast spells by appealing to
beings of less than Unearthly Psyche. Each
round of contact results in 4 rounds of posses- out of phase is the length of time she can specific Indian and Inuit spirits. More
sion, during which time the target is uncon- hold her breath. Shadowcat cannot be specifically, he may only appeal to spirits for
scious. Contact beyond 1 round is dangerous: harmed when phasing by physical and most Powers that those spirits naturally possess
Rogue must make a Psyche FEAT to avoid energy attacks, but can be harmed by multi- (asking house spirits for information about the
effecting a permanent transfer. Failure of that dimensional, magical, psionic, or out-of-phase house, wind spirits for the Power of Flight).
FEAT results in the targets mind and Talents attacks. Force fields require a FEAT roll to Finally, he may only appeal to a particular
being wiped clean, and the targets Powers pass through. Kitty has developed a number spirit or group of spirits once in 24 hours.
and persona are permanently Rogues. As a of stunts using this Power. Shaman has no Contacts among these spell-
result, Rogues Psyche drops one rank: should Moving on air as it solid ground. May granting spirits, and must deal individually
that Psyche reach 0, she ceases to be avail- engage in normal movement regardless of with them, but as long as he has his familiar,
able as a Player Character. If Rogue affects lack of floors. only Hostile spirits will attack him.
multiple victims, she may take the best Powers Disruption of electrical equipment. Non-
and abilities. She may absorb body modifica- sentient equipment is disrupted on a Power Eagle Crest: Shamans hat transforms into the
tions such as wings and tails. She may not rank FEAT roll. Sentient electronic beings shape of an eagle, which acts as a familiar.
affect energy creatures or those protected by must make an Endurance FEAT or be The spirit eagle may fly at Monstrous speeds,
artifical Body Armor. knocked out for 1-10 points and suffer 30 and enter the Astral Plane. Non-hostile spirits
points of damage. Battle-suits, computers, will not attack Shaman (as the result of a
Flight: Rogue has Excellent flight abilities, and and other systems with back-up systems failed entreaty) as long as the eagle is
can move 10 areas/round. are out for 10 rounds. present. The eagles stats are as those of a
Reduce others to out-of-phase status, on normal bird, but it cannot be slain.
Body Armor: Rogues flesh has Incredible touch. They remain out-of-phase as long
protection against Physical attacks and as she is in contact with the character. Spirit Staff: By means of this staff Shaman
Excellent protection against Energy attacks. Wielding out-of-phase objects as may battle beings in the astral, spirit, or other
weapons, then letting go, bringing them planes, including out-of-phase and intangible
Combat Sense: Rogue has a Seventh Sense into phase. Such objects will inflict material beings. The staff has Monstrous material
of the Incredible rank, that may be used strength damage on the target, rolled on strength, and in Shamans hands inflicts
instead of Intuition in combat situations. the Edged Attack column, regardless of the Excellent damage, ignoring Body Armor.
Rogue cannot be blindsided. type of weapon.
TALENTS: Doctor Twoyoungmen retains his
Psi-Screen: Multiple conflicting personalities
LIMITATION: Kitty is near-sighted. Anything medical training, and in addition is a master of
give her a Class 1000 Psi-Screen.
beyond 3 areas is blurry and indistinct. She mystic lore, in particular lore concerning
LIMITATION: Rogues Flight, Body Armor, and has yet to get corrective lenses. Canadian and Inuit (known as Eskimo) tribes.
Seventh Sense abilities were originally Ms.
Marvels, whom Rogue permanently drained. TALENTS: Kitty is a computer whiz and CONTACTS: Shaman is a founding member
hacker par excellence, receiving a +1CS on of Alpha Flight and the father of Talisman. His
TALENTS: Ms. Marvel had the following talents; matters of computers. In her training with the mystic abilities have given him the contacts of
Military, Journalism, and Detective/Espionage. In XMen, she has developed Martial Arts C, E, the Inuit Pantheon, as he helped deliver
addition, Rogue has Martial Arts E. and Resist Domination Talent. Snowbird into this dimension. The Inuit
Pantheon is trapped behind a mystic force
CONTACTS: Ms. Marvel had Contacts in CONTACTS: Kitty is a member of the X-Men, field and cannot directly interact with humans.
S.H.I.E.L.D. Rogue is a member of the X-Men, and has contacts with the New Mutants via
and a former member of the Brotherhood of her roommate, Magik. Her boon companion is BACKGROUND: Physician Michael
Evil Mutants (now the Freedom Force). an alien dragon named Lockheed. Twoyoungmen turned to the mystic sorcery of
his ancestors when his medical skills failed to
BACKGROUND: Rogue left Mystiques BACKGROUND: Kitty Pryde was recruited save the life of his wife. Following a crisis of
Brotherhood and sought out Professor X to into the X-Men following the death of Phoenix. his faith, he has returned with new abilities.
help her control her Powers, and has The youngest of the X-Men, she has proved
remained with the X-Men since then. her worth to the team time and again.

Jennifer Walters Norrin Radd

F RM(30) Health: 175 F AM(50) Health: 325

A EX(20) A MN(75)
S MN(75) Karma: 36 S LIN(100) Karma: 135
E AM(50) E UN(100)
R TY(6) Resources: Ex(20) R EX(20) Resources: Pr(4)
I GD(10) I MN(75)
P EX(20) Popularity: 30 P IN(40) Popularity: 20


Body Armor: She-Hulks gamma-ray-thickened Power Cosmic: Silver Surfer has the ability to
hide gives her Incredible Body Armor, with channel and manipulate huge quantities of
Excellent protection from energy attacks. cosmic Power with Unearthly ability and effect,
in Line-of-sight range. This Power is both great
Leaping: She-Hulks powerful legs give her and far-reaching, in that a number of Power
Shift Z Leaping ability, able to leap 4 areas stunts may developed using this Power.
areas in a single bound. Power Blasts of Unearthly Force or Energy
Raising any single ability score (his own
Resistances: She-Hulk has Amazing or anothers) to Unearthly for 1 -10 rounds
Resistance to Heat and Cold, and Excellent Healing up to Unearthly damage (though
Resistance to Disease. he has no effect on Endurance Rank
Alter Ego: (No longer in use) She-Hulk had Reconstruct existing matter in his own
the ability to transform herself from her green- fashion (he cannot transmute elements)
hued state to Jennifer Walters. She had more Perceive any energy source of more than
recently chosen to remain in She-Hulk form, Unearthly levels, anywhere on the planet
and was locked in that form when she Surfer has no need to eat or breathe.
prevented the nuclear core of the crashed Other Power stunts may be developed. All
S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier from exploding. Karma losses to the Surfer are TRIPLED.
Jennifer Walters stats were:
F A S E R I P Flight: Silver Surfer can fly at up to Class 5000
TY TY PR GD GD GD TY speeds in space. In atmospheric conditions,
he flies at Shift Z speeds maximum, He nor-
TALENTS: She-Hulk retains her knowledge of mally uses a surfboard made of Unearthly
the law from before her transformation, and in material to fly, which he may control mentally.
addition is training in Martial Arts C.
Body Armor: Surfer has Monstrous protection
CONTACTS: A native of California, Jen from energy and physical attacks, which he
Walters is still a member of the bar (legal may boost to Unearthly for 1 -10 rounds. He
system), and her father is Sheriff of Los is Invulnerable to Heat and Cold (Class 1000
Angeles County. She is a joint member of Resistance) and may survive in space for long
both the Fantastic Four and Avengers, and periods of time.
remains close to her cousin Bruce Banner
(the Hulk). LIMITATIONS: The Surfer is bound to Earth
and cannot leave our atmosphere.
BACKGROUND: Attorney Jennifer Walters
was shot by hoods and saved from death only TALENTS: Norrin Radd was a space pilot. In
by an emergency transfusion from her cousin, addition, his meditative practices give him
Bruce Banner. Banners gamma-irradiated Martial Arts D.
blood affected Walters, turning her into the
She-Hulk. Though branded a menace initially, CONTACTS: Surfer is a native and hero of
SheHulk eventually cleaned up her reputation Zenn-La. He is on good terms with the
and established herself as a hero alongside Fantastic Four, as well as being on as good a
the Avengers and Fantastic Four. set of terms as possible with Galactus.

BACKGROUND: Space Pilot Norrin Radd

offered his services to Galactus the World-
Eater in return for sparing his world, and was
transformed by Galactus into the Silver Surfer.
Rebelling against his master, the Silver Surfer
joined forces with the Fantastic Four and
protected Earth from the Eater of Worlds.

Peter Parker Ororo Munroe Namor of Atlantis

F RM(30) Health: 160 F EX(20) Health: 106 F IN(40) Health: 185

A AM(50) A RM(30) A RM(30)
S IN(40) Karma: 70 S TY(6) Karma: 36 S MN(75) Karma: 76
E IN(40) E AM(50) E IN(40)
R EX(20) Resources: Pr(4) R TY(6) Resources: Pr(4) R TY(6) Resources: Gd(10)
I GD(10) I EX(20) I RM(30)
P IN(40) Popularity: 30/6 P GD(10) Popularity: 0 P IN(40) Popularity: 6


Wall-Crawling: Spider-Man can adhere to Weather Control: Storm had the mutant ability Body Armor: Sub-Mariners flesh can
vertical and upside-down surfaces with to manipulate existing weather patterns with withstand the pressures of the deep ocean,
Amazing ability. Amazing ability. Power stunts she performed providing him with Good protection against
with this ability included: physical attacks.
Spider-Sense: Spider-M an has a Combat Fog and rain of Amazing Intensity
Sense of Amazing at all times. This spider- Amazing Strength winds Resistance to Cold: Namors physiology also
sense determines potentially dangerous Raise or lower temperature with Amazing protects him from extreme cold. He has
situations and warns the hero by a mental ability Excellent Resistance to Cold.
buzzing. The Intensity of the buzzing is Predict weather up to three days in
determined by the rank of the potential danger. advance Swimming: Namor may maintain a speed of 4
Spider-Man cannot be blindsided while this Reduce weather effects by Amazing rank areas/round while swimming (Good water
form of Combat Sense is in effect, and may number Should Ororo regain her Powers, speed).
perform defensive actions if he makes a she must relearn these Power stunts, at a
successful Intuition FEAT roll. If this sense is cost of 50 Karma points per attempt. When Flight: Namor may fly at 4 areas/round (Poor
denied him, then his Intuition is as listed, and using this Power, Ororos moods were Air speed) by unknown means.
all Agility FEATs are at -1CS for success. often reflected by the weather.
Water Breathing: Namor can breathe water as
Web-Shooters: Hidden beneath the wrists of Flight: By using her wind Power, Ororo was able well as air.
his costume are a pair of devices that shoot a to fly at Incredible speeds (20 areas/ round).
stream of ensnaring webbing. The webbing She carried others by making a Weather Control LIMITATION: Dehydration. If Sub-Mariner is
has Incredible Strength in the round it was FEAT at -1CS per person carried. not immersed in water, in a damp
fired, and hardens to Monstrous Strength in environment, or partially wet, he suffers a
the next round. Spider-Man uses the webbing LIMITATION: At the time of this writing Ororo 1CS penalty per hour on each physical ability
to restrain opponents, make swing-lines (can has lost her mutant abilities. Her Agility is and Power. His Health is unaffected. If totally
travel 3 areas/round in this fashion), as Good, her Endurance Excellent, and her deprived of moisture (by artificial means
missiles inflicting Excellent Blunt Throwing Health is 56. She may not use her super- even a desert has some ambient moisture),
damage, and make shields of Monstrous human Powers. Namor loses 1 Health point per hour, and may
material strength. The webbing dissolves after perish of dehydration. Immersion in water
one hour. TALENTS: Ororo is a skilled thief, escape restores the lost Health and eliminates the
artist, and lockpick, and receives a +1CS to penalty.
Spider-Tracer: Spider-Man carries a number Agility FEATs involving these actions. She has
of small homing signals shaped like spiders, Martial Arts A and C, and is skilled in Aerial TALENTS: Namor is skilled in Underwater
tuned to his Spider-Sense. He may track them Combat (+1CS versus other flying targets). Combat and suffers no penalties for fighting in
with Amazing ability up to a mile away. She has the Resist Domination ability and has that environment. He is an expert with Edged
developed Leadership. weapons, and is also knowledgable on the
TALENTS: Parker is a graduate studies variety of sea life.
chemist who supports himself by photography. CONTACTS: Storm is the team leader of the
X-Men and titular ruler of the Morlocks, a CONTACTS: Namor is the former Prince of
CONTACTS: As Parker, Spider-Man has group of mutants living beneath New York City. Atlantis, and commands some respect in that
contacts in the Daily Bugle and with his Aunt underwater kingdom. He is a current member
May. As Spider-Man, Parker is a loner, but on BACKGROUND: Ororo Munroe is the of the Avengers, and an ally of varying worth
good terms with Doctor Strange and the daughter of an American photojournalist and a to the Fantastic Four (he still carries a torch
Human Torch as well as other heroes. Kenyan tribal princess. Orphaned in a war- for Sue Richards).
related incident, Ororo learned to survive as a
BACKGROUND: Parker gained his amazing thief on the streets, and in her teens traveled BACKGROUND: The son of Princess Fen of
abilities after being bitten by a radioactive south on foot. At the foot of Mount Kilimanjaro Atlantis and an American sea captain, Namor
spider. He first turned his thoughts to making she was regarded as a goddess for her is a hybrid homo sapien/homo mermanus with
a profit, but with the death of his Uncle Ben mutant Powers, and it was there Professor X exceptional Powers and abilities. Proud and
has learned that with great power comes recruited her for his new X-Men. She served haughty, he fought alongside the Allies in
great responsibility. He now devotes himself with the team and is today, as team leader, WWII, but has frequently attacked the surface
to fighting for good. despite the fact her Powers were taken from world for offenses real and imagined. He is
her by a mutant neutralizer. currently a member of the Avengers.

Benjamin Ben J. Grimm Thor of Asgard

F IN(40) Health: 200 F UN(100 Health: 320

A GD(10) A EX(20)
S MN(75) Karma: 50 S UN(100 Karma: 76
E MN(75) E UN(100
R GD(10) Resources: Ex(20) R TY(6) Resources: Ex(20)
I GD(10) I EX(20)
P RM(30) Popularity: 50 P AM(50) Popularity: 75


Body Armor: Bens skin has mutated into a Body Armor: All Asgardians have denser flesh
thick, rock-like hide, which provides Incredible than mere mortals, which provides Excellent
protection against physical attacks and protection from physical attacks and Typical
Excellent protection against energy attacks. protection from energy attacks.

Resistance to Fire: This same thick hide Unique Weapon: Thor wields a hammer made
provides Incredible protection from fire and of the mystic material Uru, a Class 3000
fire-based attacks. material. The enchantments on this mystic
mallet grant Thor additional Powers.
Protected Senses: Ben has no visible ears, Thor may throw the hammer up to ten
but his hearing is unimpaired. He has areas away, with the hammer returning in
Remarkable protection from sonic and sound- the following round.
based attacks. By throwing the hammer and catching its
thong, Thor may fly at up to Shift X
Alter Ego (no longer in use): Ben Grimm had Speeds, and by spinning it, hover in place.
on occasion reverted to his original human By spinning the hammer, Thor may use it
form, whether by treatment, the effects of the as a shield of Remarkable strength.
environment, or personal attitudes. The Alter Only one who is worthy may lift the
Ego had all the talents and contacts but no hammer of Thor. The wielder (other than
Powers. Thor) must have 1000+ Karma,
F A S E R I P Remarkable Strength, and positive
EX GD GD GD GD GD RM Popularity. A non-living object must have at
least Remarkable Strength to lift the
The Thing has lost the ability to revert to his hammer.
human form at the time of this writing. The Hammer provides Unearthly rank
Weather Control. Thor uses this Power to
TALENTS: Ben is an accomplished pilot of summon storms and lightning.
both air and space craft. He is, in addition, Dimensional Travel: By spinning the
well-versed in combat and has Martial Arts B hammer, Thor may move into adjacent
and Wrestling Talents. dimensions with Unearthly ability. With the
current separation of Asgard and Earth,
CONTACTS: Ben is a founding member of travel between the two is a red FEAT.
the Fantastic Four, and has also served as an
ally of the West Coast Avengers. At other TALENTS: Thor receives a +1CS with Edged
times, he has worked as a star attraction for Weapons, and is a Weapons Specialist (+2CS
the Unlimited Class Wrestling Federation and to hit) with Mjolnir.
Project PEGASUS, a US government agency
dedicated to investigating new and powerful CONTACTS: Thor is the son of the lost ruler
energy sources. of Asgard, Odin, and the primal Earth spirit
Gaea. He is also a founding member of the
BACKGROUND: Ben Grimm was the pilot on Avengers.
the fateful space shot that created the
Fantastic Four. Altered by cosmic radiation BACKGROUND: Trapped by aliens in a cave
into his present rocky form, Ben considers in Norway, Dr. Donald Blake discovered the
himself a hideous mockery of a man, and Hammer of Thor, transforming him into the
though his strength has saved the team time Asgardian warrior. It was later revealed that
and again, he feels alienated from his Thor had been transformed into Blake to
partners. teach him humility. Thor tries to serve as a
protector of both Asgard and Midgard (Earth).

Greer Grant Nelson Heather McNeil Hudson Janet Van Dyne

F EX(20) Health: 130 F TY(6) Health: 96 F GD(10) Health: 60

A IN(40) A IN(40) A EX(20)
S IN(40) Karma: 56 S RM(30) Karma:40 S GD(10) Karma: 40
E RM(30) E EX(20) E EX(20)
R TY(6) Resources: Ty(6) R GD(10) Resources: Gd(10) R GD(20) Resources: Rm(30)
I RM(30) I EX(20) I EX(20)
P EX(20) Popularity: 26 P GD(10) Popularity: 6 P GD(10) Popularity: 50


Enhanced Senses: Tigras senses of vision, Personal Force Field: All of Vindicators Shrinking: Wasp can shrink with Incredible
hearing, and smell are at Monstrous level. super-human Powers derive from the ability, reaching a minimum size of 1/2 inch. In
battlesult she wears. Made of Good Strength
She may track opponents with Amazing ability this minimum size she can attack for normal
material, the suit provides no intrinsic
using these skills, but suffers a 1CS on damage at +2CS to hit, but normal-size
protection, but is equipped with a Personal
FEAT rolls against attacks of these types. Force Field that provides Amazing protection opponents are at -2CS to hither.
from physical attack and Incredible protection
Night Vision: Tigra has Incredible rank infra- from all energy attacks. The force field must Flight: When Wasp shrinks, wings extrude
vision, and can perceive objects clearly even be activated to provide this protection, and is from her back, allowing her to fly 4
in almost total darkness (some dim light must considered on when in flight or combat. areas/round (Poor Speed). These wings
be available). She suffers no penalties when remain with Wasp between the half-inch and
fighting in the dark. Flight: Vindicator flies by manipulating 4 foot mark, allowing her to fly when almost
electromagnetic energy, and can reach Shift X fully-grown. She retains her Strength when
Claws: Tigras hands and feet end in claws of Speeds in this fashion. reduced in size, but her wings prevent her
Good material strength that inflict Good from lifting any extra weight when flying.
Edged Attack damage. She may make normal Energy Bolts: The Vindicator battlesuit can
blunt attacks as well. project bolts of Incredible Force with a range Insect Communication: Wasp possesses the
of 10 areas. ability to communicate and command all
Empathy: Tigra can detect the emotions of forms of insect life at Typical ability. This is a
others with Excellent ability. In addition, she Digging: The original purpose of the suit was seldom-used Power, as it does not fit in with
communicates on an emotional level with cats for oil exploration. Due to this, Heather may her self-image.
and cat-like creatures with a +2CS. tunnel 3 areas per round (2 areas if forming a
tunnel for others to follow). Wasp Sting: The Wasp can generate bio-
Lightning Speed: Tigra can move three areas electric bolts of energy from her hands,
per round, accelerates to that speed in one Protected Senses: Heather wears a set of inflicting up to Remarkable energy damage at
round, and can run without tiring as if prescription goggles that provides Remarkable a range of 1 area maximum.
possessing Monstrous Endurance. protection from light-based attacks.
TALENTS: Janet Van Dyne is an
Alter Ego: Tigra may transform herself back LIMITATIONS: Heather is nearsighted. accomplished businesswoman, and has
into her human form by means of a cat amulet Without her glasses or goggles she is -2CS to Excellent Reason in business matters. She
she wears on her top. This amulet mystically hit, and cannot clearly make out images has learned Martial Arts D and Aerial Combat
changes her physical form. She retains her farther than 1 area away. (+1CS fighting against another airborne
stats and abilities. This mystic disguise has a opponent) in her career as a hero.
TALENTS: Heather has developed
Remarkable rank.
Leadership skill.
CONTACTS: Janet Van Dyne is chairperson
TALENTS: Greer Nelson is trained in Biology. of the current team of Avengers. She is on
CONTACTS: Heather is the leader of Alpha
Flight, and maintains close contacts with the Good terms with her ex-husband, biologist
CONTACTS: Tigra is a member of the West Canadian government. Henry Pym, and is a major shareholder in a
Coast Avengers. She was given her present number of companies, including NEVELL.
powers by the Cat People, an extra- BACKGROUND: Heather McNeil was a
dimensional race, who see her as their warrior secretary at Am-Can Petrochemical when BACKGROUND: Janet Van Dyne was given
and agent on this plane. James Hudson stormed out after a dispute over her Powers by biologist Hank Pym, and the
his cybernetic helmet invention. Hudson later pair were founding members of the Avengers.
BACKGROUND: Greer Nelson first operated retrieved the only prototype of the helmet and Janet and Hank married and then divorced,
as the hero Cat, using a powered suit, when destroyed the plans. McNeil discovered this, and while Janet leads the present team, Hank
she was grievously injured and saved by the and convinced the Canadian government to helps the West Coast Avengers on science
Cat People who bonded her spirit with that of support Hudsons creation of a team of matters. Jans Ditzy Brunette act conceals a
one of their legendary heroes. This cat/human Canadian heroes. Hudson and McNeil married very shrewd business mind and an able leader.
hybrid now experiences an increasing amount soon after, and Heather supported her husband
of cat-like behavior in her actions. in his later formation of Alpha Flight. With
Hudsons death in battle, Heather led the team,
finally taking up the role of Vindicator with a suit
designed by Roger Bochs and Madison Jeffries.

Logan Simon Williams

F IN(40) Health: 110 F GD(10) Health: 215

A RM(30) A RM(30)
S GD(10) Karma: 121 S UN(100) Karma: 18
E RM(30) E MN(75)
R Typ Resources: Ty(6) R TY(6) Resources: Pr(4)
I MN(75) I TY(6)
P IN(40) Popularity: 0 P TY(6) Popularity: 30


Regeneration: Wolverine recovers 30 points Body Armor: Williams super-hard skin

of Endurance every minute (10 turns, or 3 provides Amazing protection from all forms of
points per turn). This regeneration is only damage, including physical and energy
possible if Wolverine has complete rest. damage. Mental attacks are resolved normally.

Recovery: Should Wolverine lose Endurance Invulnerability: Wonder Man has Class 1000
ranks, he may recover one per day, providing Resistance to Heat and Cold.
he makes an Unearthly FEAT roll.
Life Support: Wonder Man does not require
Resistances: Wolverine has Unearthly food, water, or air to survive, and is
Resistance to Toxins and Disease. He cannot considered to have Class 1000 Life Support
get drunk in a conventional manner. for this reason. He can survive in deep space
for short periods with no ill effect.
Claws: Wolverine has three foot-long claws of
solid adamantium, a Class 1000 material. Flight: Wonder Man flies at 8 areas per round
Against living targets, Wolverine wields his (Good Air Speed) by means of a jet-powered
claws for Excellent Edged Attack damage. flying belt. Wondy can hover in place using
this belt.
Tracking: Wolverines acute sense of smell
coupled with his knowledge of the wilderness TALENTS: Simon Williams is a performer with
and hunting give him Monstrous tracking ability. sporadic experience in stunts, stage, and
childrens TV shows. He is also a
Adamantium Skeleton: Wolverines skeleton is businessman of middling worth.
somehow impregnated with molecules of
adamantium. He is +1CS to damage in blunt, CONTACTS: Wonder Man is a member of the
charging, or any combat which uses his body West Coast Avengers, and is also a known
as a weapon. He may stun or slam any face in Hollywood society.
opponent that he can damage.
BACKGROUND: Simon Williams inherited his
TALENTS: Wolverines background includes familys electronics firm at an early age.
service in the military and in espionage Unfortunately, this was a result of poor
organizations. He has Martial Arts B, C, D, management and the superior designs of
and E, and is experienced with oriental competitors, including Stark International.
weapons. He has the Resist Domination Simon was caught embezzling funds from his
talent as well. firm and soon fell in with Baron Zemos
original Masters of Evil. Given his super-
CONTACTS: Wolverine is a member of the X- human Powers by Zemo, Williams, as
Men, and has good relationships with the Wonder Man, infiltrated the Avengers as
Canadian group Alpha Flight through its leader, Zemos agent. In combat with the Masters of
Heather Hudson. Logans long-time love is Evil, Williams could not betray the Avengers,
Mariko Yashida, matriarch of the powerful and apparently gave his life to save them. In
(Amazing Resources) Yashida clan of Japan. reality, Zemos process placed him in
suspended animation. Wonder Man returned
BACKGROUND: How Logan gained his to the Avengers, but his inordinate fear of
skeleton is a mystery. He was found in the death prevented him from reaching his full
Canadian Rockies and became a super- potential as a person or a hero. Conquering
powered agent for that country. He left that fear, Wonder Man has joined the West
Canada to join the X-Men, and has remained Coast Avengers and serves, alongside Iron
with that team ever since. Wolverine is short- Man, as that teams resident muscle.
tempered, hard-edged, and thinks nothing of
taking drastic (Karma-reducing) steps to get
the job done.



Annihilus of Anthros, Negative Zone Karl Amadeus Mordo Abner Jenkins

F IN(40) Health: 205 F TY(6) Health: 48 F GD(10) Health: 70

A IN(40) A TY(6) A GD(10)
S AM(50) Karma: 70 S TY(6) Karma: 90 S RM(30) Karma: 56
E MN(75) E RM(30) E EX(20)
R RM(30) Resources: Mn(75) R GD(10) Resources: Ty(6) R EX(20) Resources: Ex(20)
I GD(10) I RM(30) I RIVI(30)
P RM(30) Popularity: -30 P AM(50) Popularity: -5 P TY(6) Popularity: -10


Body Armor: Annihilus insectoid hide provides Magical Ability: Baron Mordo is a powerful Body Armor: All of Jenkins super-human
him with Incredible protection from physical or sorceror who may wield most Powers listed Powers derive from his microwave-powered
energy attack. as available as magic spells with Amazing armor. Jenkins normal stats are:
Power rank. He has the following spells F A S E R I P
Flight: Annihilus can move at Remarkable available to him at all times. GD GD TY TY EX RM TY
Speeds (10 areas/round) in atmospheric Astral Projection (P) as Power, with
conditions. He can move at higher rates (up Monstrous ability. The armor provides Excellent protection from
to Class 1000) in space, using the Cosmic Shield, Individual (P) as Personal Force physical attacks and Remarkable protection
Control Rod. Field, repels magical attacks from energy attacks. As it is powered by
Telepathy (P), as Power, at Unearthly rank microwaves, he jams microwave transmissions
Cosmic Control Rod: As Annihilus chief Conjure (U), a specialized teleport of within 3 areas with Incredible Intensity.
weapon and source of his power, the Cosmic Incredible Intensity that brings the item,
Control Rod allows the wielder to manipulate character, or being to the caster. The target Wall-Crawling: Suction cups on the gloves
vast amounts of cosmic energy. With this may make a Psyche FEAT to avoid this and feet allow Beetle to wall-crawl with
energy, the wielder may perform various teleport. Excellent ability.
functions. Eldritch Beams/Bolts (U), as Force or Ener-
The wielder does not age, and is Invulner- gy attack of Amazing Intensity and range Flight: Beetle normally flies at Poor Speed (4
able to Disease, Radiation, Heat and Cold. Mesmerism (U), as Hypnotism of areas/turn). This is raised to Good Speed (8
The wielder may increase any one Monstrous Intensity. areas/turn) if power is shunted from all other
physical ability to Unearthly rank. Necromancy (U), creation of Zuvembies systems. The wings are made of mylar (Good
The wielder may fire bolts of cosmic from corpses, with Incredible ability. Stats material strength).
energy (either Force or Energy) of up to are:
Unearthly Power rank. F A S E R I P Electro-Bite: By placing the second and third
The wielder may manipulate non-organic Gd Ty Gd Pr N/A N/A N/A fingers of each gauntlet together, Beetle may
matter (but not transmute elements) with Teleportation (U), as Power, at Unearthly fire an Excellent electrical (Energy) attack up
Unearthly ability. If deprived of the Cosmic rank to 10 areas away.
Control Rod, Annihilus is -3CS on all FEATs, Demonic Entreaty (D), adds +1CS to effects
and in addition begins to age and lose of any spells if he entreats any powerful Battle Computer: Mounted in the chestplate of
Endurance at a rate of one rank per week. extra-dimensional being of an evil nature. the battle-suit, Beetles battle computer can be
programmed with the fighting styles of particular
Minions: As the conqueror of a large section TALENTS: Mordo is a master of sorcerous foes, so that Beetle can anticipate their move-
of the Negative Zone, Annihilus commands an and occult lore. His Reason is +1CS when ments and attack accordingly. Against program-
army of alien creatures. Typical stats for these dealing with these matters. med foes, Beetle is +2CS on Fighting FEATs,
minions are: +1CS on Agility FEATs, and +2CS on Intuition
F A S E R I P CONTACTS: Mordo may entreat the following FEATs, including initiative. The fighting style
RM TY GD PR PR PR PR beings as Friendly: Denak, Ikonn, Satannish, must be filmed and analyzed by computer to be
and Valtorr. He has no allies, though has programmed for these abilities. Programs exist
These creatures may have claws, wings, and, served as a lackey for Dormammu. for Spider-Man, Daredevil, Iron Man (Tony
occasionally, superior powers, though nothing Stark, old suit), and Captain America.
above the Remarkable level. Such Minions BACKGROUND: Mordo was the Ancient
are often armed with energy pistols Ones disciple before the arrival of Stephen TALENTS: Beetle has Electronics and
(Remarkable damage). Strange. The Ancient One recognized that Repair/Tinkering skill.
Mordo was motivated only by lust for power,
TALENTS: Annihilus has Engineering Talent. yet accepted him in order to keep watch on CONTACTS: Beetle is a former employee of
him. Strange discovered Mordos plan to slay Justin Hammer and a former member of
CONTACTS: Annihilus has no contacts. the Ancient One and stopped it. Mordo left the Eggheads Masters of Evil.
Ancient Ones tutelage, but remains a rival of
BACKGROUND: Annihilus is an insectoid Dr. Strange, and the two have fought BACKGROUND: Jenkins was a master
being who mastered control of the Cosmic repeatedly. Mordos goal is to defeat Strange mechanic who turned to crime to alleviate the
Control Rod. He is completely paranoid, and be Sorceror Supreme of the Earth boredom in his life. Working as a super-
fearing his own death (through theft of the rod). Dimension. human criminal for more powerful masters,
Beetle is always trying to increase his rep.

Mark Scarlotti Fred Myers

F RM(30) Health: 80 F EX(20) Health: 80

A GD(10) A RM(30)
S GD(10) Karma:34 S GD(10) Karma: 26
E RM(30) E EX(20)
R EX(20) Resources: Ty(6) R GD(10) Resources: GD(10)
I GD(10) I GD(10)
P PR(4) Popularity: -8 P TY(6) Popularity: -5


Body Armor: Blacklashs steel mesh body suit Boomerangs: Myers carries at least seven
provides Good protection from physical attacks boomerangs prominently on his costume,
and Excellent protection from energy attacks. each with special properties. Unless otherwise
noted, they are of Excellent material strength.
Whips: Blacklashs arsenal centers around a Shatterang detonates on contact,
pair of specially designed titanium whips. Amazing damage to all in one area.
These whips are stored in holders in his Gasarang Monstrous Intensity tear gas,
gloves. He may use these custom-designed affects one area.
whips in a number of ways. Razorangs Incredible material strength,
As whips, with +2CS (Weapons inflict Remarkable Edged Throwing
Specialist), for Remarkable Blunt weapon damage.
damage. They may grapple an opponent Bladerangs similar to Razorangs, but
as with Incredible Strength. inflict Incredible Edged Throwing damage,
As nunchaku, for two separate attacks at and have no effect on Body Armor of Good
Excellent damage each. or higher or equivalent material strength.
If wound about an opponent, the whip Screamerangs Excellent Intensity sonic
may detatch from its handle and explode attack
for Incredible damage to target (Excellent Gravityrang creates local gravity field
to all within one area). The concussion of Incredible Intensity
explosion may be timed up to 3 rounds. Reflexrang solid-weighted boomerang.
The whip may be stiffened to form a Bullseye result on Blunt Throwing column
vaulting pole allowing 1 -story vaults. indicates target must check for Stun or be
The whip may be spun to form a Shield of knocked over. Myers can throw his rangs
Excellent protection. The whips are made so they will return to him with no risk of
of Incredible strength material. damaging himself.

Other weaponry: Flight: Myers has boot-jets that allow him to

Gravity Bolo: Bolo with artificial gravity fly at Poor Speed (4 areas/round) max, and if
devices. If it hits a target, the target is held used as a weapon, inflict Remarkable
down with Amazing Strength. Made of damage to his opponent.
Amazing strength material.
Necro-Lash: If this whip grapples a target, TALENTS: Myers is a Weapons Specialist
Blacklash can channel Amazing Intensity with his boomerangs, gaining a +2CS to hit.
electricity through it to the target. He also has a +1CS to hit with other thrown
TALENTS: As noted above, Blacklash is a
Weapons Specialist with his whips. He is also CONTACTS: Boomerang is a freelance
trained in Martial Arts A, C, and E, and in criminal operative with Contacts in most mobs.
engineering, specializing in weapon design.
BACKGROUND: Myers was a talented
CONTACTS: Blacklash has criminal contacts, baseball pitcher from Australia who was
though those with the Maggie are no longer kicked out of the major leagues for taking
as good as they once were. bribes. Initially equipped by the Secret Empire
as a costumed agent, Myers practiced his
BACKGROUND: Mark Scarlotti was recruited skills with the boomerang and equipped
by the Maggie out of college as a weapons himself with his specially-built arsenal
designer. Equipping himself as Whiplash, provided by Justin Hammer in exchange for a
Scarlotti battled Iron Man to an even draw on percentage of the take. Myers bills himself as
several occasions. He cut his Maggie ties to a freelance assassin, the killer who keeps
go fully freelance, but has since experienced coming back.
numerous defeats. He is seeking to re-
establish his credentials with the Maggia.

CRIMSON DYNAMO DOCTOR DOOM Warrior robots have Good Strength Body Ar-
Dimitri Bukharin Victor Von Doom mor, carry Force or energy blasters of Remark-
able Intensity and travel in patrols of ten.
F RM(30) Health: 195 F (30) Health: 120
A IN(40) A (20) Imitation Doom robots with combat capabili-
S AM(50) Karma: 40 S (30) Karma: 140 ties have the following stats:
E MN(75) E (40) F A S E R I P
R GD(10) Resources: Gd(10) R (50) Resources: Am(50) EX EX EX RM EX EX EX
I EX(20) 1 (40)
P GD(10) Popularity: 5/(25) P (50) Popularity: -40 These imitation Dooms have Remarkable
Body Armor, Amazing Intensity force fields,
KNOWN POWERS: KNOWN POWERS: and Incredible Strength force beams.

Body Armor: All of Bukharins Powers are Body Armor: Doctor Dooms Powers are Doom robots that operate in a diplomatic
gained through the Crimson Dynamo armor he derived from his nuclear-powered, computer- function have the following stats;
wears. Bukharins stats without the armor are: assisted, titanium-alloy armor. He never F A S E R I P
F A S E R I P removes this armor. Dooms armor provides GD GD GD EX EX RM RM
TY GD TY EX GD EX GD him with Incredible protection from physical
attack. Equipped with Remarkable Body Armor, and
The Crimson Dynamo is constructed of a Good Intensity force beams, Doom robots are
carborundum matrix alloy (Amazing material Force Field: The armor can project a programmed to think as if they were Dr.
strength) that provides Amazing protection from Monstrous Intensity personal force field Doom, save for when in the presence of the
physical and energy attacks, and Amazing around him. The force field is effective against real Doctor Doom or another Doom android.
Resistance to Fire, Heat, and Cold. The suit all physical and energy attacks, including
has Unearthly Resistance to Radiation. magnetism, but not against magical and Other Equipment Doom is the inventor of a
psionic attacks. time machine capable of sending up to one
Flight: Mini turbo-fans in the armors boots ton of material forward or backward in time, or
allow the wearer to fly at Good Speeds (8 Force Beams: Dooms gauntlets are equipped into an alternate time line. He has also
areas/round), and, if used as weapons, inflict with miniature particle accelerators. These fire developed a shrinking gas of Class 1000
Excellent Force damage to targets in the force beams of Amazing Intensity and range. Intensity.
same area.
Flight: Doom has a jet-pack built into his TALENTS: Victor Von Doom is a scientific
Blasters: Electrical discharge from the gloves armor, allowing him to fly at Excellent Speed genius who has built time machines, space
inflicts Incredible damage at a range of 3 areas. (10 areas/round) in the atmosphere. craft, robot servants and guards, mind control
devices, and innumerable super-weapons. His
Air Supply: The armor has an internal air Air Supply: When sealed, the armor contains Reason is +1CS in all applied sciences and
supply for 1 hour, but its Chemical/ enough air for 4 hours. occult lore, and he has Engineering and
Biological/Radiation system will function for Repair/Tinkering skills, as well as Resist
450 hours before failing. Transfer: This is an ability taught or provided Domination.
him by the Ovoid race, by which Doom may
Sensors: The upmoded Dynamo armor has exchange his consciousness with another hu- CONTACTS: Doom needs no allies, but has
light amplifier lenses (Incredible Infravision), mans. Doom does this with Incredible ability. on occasion used super-powered pawns in
wide band communicator, and microwave As far as it is known, Doom has performed his baffles. Doom is recognized as the ruler of
detector (Excellent). this transfer twice in his career, but prefers his Latveria, and as such enjoys diplomatic
own body. immunity, in addition to numerous defense
ECMs: The Dynamo armor may jam ordinary treaties with the United States government.
radar with Incredible ability. Magic: Doom is self-taught in magic, and has
never had a mentor. He has no friendly BACKGROUND: Victor von Doom is a self-
Shoulder Rams: The shoulder joints of the extra-dimensional Contacts, nor has he ever taught tyrant, who rose from humble
armor are heavily armored to protect the seals evinced any Personal abilities. He may use beginnings as the son of gypsies to his
and allow a +1CS on damage from charging magical items correctly, if they have been present status as an international madman.
attacks. properly researched. Doom is a technological genius, and is
Eldritch Beams/Bolts (D): As force or energy continually modifying his armor with new
TALENTS: Bukharin has Detective/Espionage attacks of Amazing Power rank and range. inventions and devices. He is a man of honor
Skill from his service in the KGB. and his word, and specializes in schemes to
Weapons: Doom carries a 9 mm Mauser (treat destroy his enemies. He has three goals in
CONTACTS: Bukharin serves the Soviet as Handgun) for dispatching of sundry tasks life: to rule the entire world; to destroy his rival
State and KGB, and may draw Resources unworthy of his armors weapon systems. Reed Richards; and to rescue the spirit of his
from them. mother, which is trapped in a netherworld
Robots: Doom uses a wide variety of devices, dimension. He is not someone to offend, as
BACKGROUND: Bukharin is the fifth man to but is most noted for his warrior robots and im- he will take the time and effort to hunt down
bear the name and armor of the Crimson itation Doom robots. Warrior robots are obviously and destroy his enemies.
Dynamo, but the first to wear this improved non-human, and have the following stats:
suit. His loyalty to the state is unquestioned, F A S E R I P
and he will fight to protect it. EX GD GD EX PR PR PR

Otto Octavius
F RM(30) Health: 165
F TY(6) Health: 66 A EX(20)
A GD(10) S IN(40) Karma: N/A
S RM(30) Karma:46 E MN(75)
E EX(20) R FB(2) Resources: N/A
R EX(20) Resources: Gd(10) I EX(20)
I TY(6) P FB(2) Popularity:
P EX(20) Popularity: -5
Body Armor: The Dreadnought robot is
Tentacles: Doctor Octopus can mentally control constructed of Amazing Strength titanium
a harness with four tentacles worn at his waist. steel, which provides Amazing protection from
This device is made of titanium steel (Amazing physical attacks and Remarkable protection
material strength) and the tentacles end in from energy attacks. Dreadnoughts have
pincers made of Remarkable strength material. Monstrous Resistance to Heat, Cold, and
Radiation attacks. Their limited programming
Doc Ock can use his tentacles in combat in a causes mental attacks and illusions directed
number of ways. against them to fail. They are equipped with
He may make up to four multiple attacks simulated human senses of hearing, sight, and
on a successful Fighting FEAT. smell, and so may be attacked in this fashion.
He may engage in blunt attack, wrestling,
or a combination of those attack forms. Weapon Systems: The Dreadnought is
He may attack non-adjacent foes up to equipped with a host of weapon systems.
one area away. Flame-throwers located in gauntlets:
A single tentacle has Remarkable Strength. Range 1 area, Incredible fire damage,
Multiple tentacles used to attack have sufficient fuel for 6 attacks
Incredible Strength. Sharpened spikes fired from knuckles:
Multiple attacks are resolved on a single Range 4 areas, Typical shooting damage,
die roll, but are at +1CS for each arm used. maximum of 8 such attacks
If Doc Ock uses two of his arms for Electrical Field: range Contact only,
bracing, his Endurance to avoid Stuns and Amazing electrical damage
Slams is +2CS. Gamma ray projector behind eyes: Range
3 areas, Incredible Intensity
Doc Ocks arms may be used to carry him up Freon gas dispenser in mouth: Range 2
to 4 areas/round, and may rise above 2-story areas, Amazing Intensity cold, 2 rounds
buildings. Punching handholds in buildings attack before reloading is necessary
lets him move vertically 3 stories per round.
TALENTS: Dreadnought robots have no
Ock is in constant mental contact with his talents. However, their programming is
tentacles, and may command them from great designed to simulate Martial Arts B, that of an
distances (a range of 900 miles has been American boxer.
reported). He has tactile sensation through
these arms, and, if the arms are damaged, CONTACTS: None. Dreadnoughts are used
must make an Endurance FEAT or pass out as lackeys and dont know any better.
for 1-10 rounds. The arms do not have to be
attached to receive mental commands. BACKGROUND: The Dreadnought robot was
designed by HYDRA for use against
TALENTS: Doc Ock has skill in mechanics, S.H.I.E.L.D., but later the Nefaria Crime
robotics, and radiation research. He also has Family of the Maggia under Madame Masque
Engineering and Repair/Tinkering skills. bought the plans and began manufacturing
their own Dreadnoughts. Dreadnoughts are
CONTACTS: Doctor Octopus maintains perfect guards, following orders from
criminal contacts as a leader of his own authorized individuals (voice-print
criminal gang. identification) without complaint. In fact they
dont talk very much and have no individual
BACKGROUND: A freak nuclear accident personality, creativity, or interests (unlike more
gave Otto Octavius control over his tentacle- dangerous robots, like Nimrod). Their high
like harness and warped his mind towards Intuition is the result of their combat-oriented
criminal activity. Since that time he has programming.
hatched numerous criminal plots, usually
foiled by Spider-Man, so that Doc Ock equally
hates and fears the wall-crawler.

Maxwell Dillon Real Name Unrevealed Wilson Fisk

F GD(10) Health: 100 F EX(20) Health: 130 F RM(30) Health: 100

A EX(20) A RM(30) A GD(10)
S EX(20) Karma: 36 S IN(30) Karma: 50 S EX(20) Karma: 40
E AM(50) E IN(30) E IN(40)
Ft GD(10) Resources: Ty(6) R EX(20) Resources: Ex(20) R GD(10) Resources: ln(40)
I EX(20) I GD(10) I EX(20)
P TY(6) Popularity: -12 P EX(20) Popularity: -20 P GD(10) Popularity: 31


Electrical Generation: Electro has the ability to Body Armor: Hobgoblins costume is made of Body Armor: Through his fighting disciplines,
generate and channel large quanitities of insulated chainmall, providing Excellent Fisk has Poor Body Armor.
electrostatic energy, with Amazing ability. He protection from physical attacks and
uses this to perform various Power stunts. Remarkable protection from energy attacks. Weaponry: Kingpin has been known to carry a
Fire bolts of lightning from his fingertips. few weapons for his own defense. He usually
His range is 5 areas, and he is +1CS to hit. Weapon Systems: Hobgoblin uses a wide carries a walking stick made of Remarkable
These bolts inflict Incredible damage to variety of weapons. His throwing blades, material containing a 3-shot laser, range of 2
grounded targets, Good damage to bombs, and grenades are carried in a pouch, areas, which inflicts Excellent Intensity energy
insulated or otherwise ungrounded targets. with a maximum of 12 of these items. damage. The walking stick also carries two
Administer an electric shock on touch of Glove Blasters: Range 2 areas, doses of an Amazing Intensity sleep gas
Monstrous energy damage. Electro must Remarkable energy damage (range 1 area, Endurance FEAT or sleep for 1
grapple his target to do so. Random Firing mechanism. Fires series of -10 hours). Kingpins diamond stickpin also
Ride lines of high electro-magnatic bolts in a general direction (activator on contains a dose of sleep gas, which may be
potential (such as power lines) with chest). Bolt hits at -1CS for Remarkable used against opponents Kingpin is grappling.
Monstrous ground speed (9 areas/turn). He damage, 2 area range, but negates effects
must accelerate to that speed in normal of Dodging and any form of Combat Sense Minions: Kingpin rarely travels alone, and
fashion, and may move along vertical (including Spider-Sense). maintains a private army of goons (check out
surfaces. Pumpkin bombs: Explode for Excellent thug stats on page 62) for fighting practice
Override electrical systems with Amazing damage, may explode on contact or up to sessions, small duties, and delaying heroes
ability, including shutting down alarms and 2 rounds after thrown (detonation who invade his turf.
reprogramming electrical ly-powered determined by timer on bomb).
robots. Targets with an Endurance stat may Goblin grenades: Grenades with light TALENTS: Fisk practices a grueling regimen
make an Endurance FEAT against plastic mantle that makes them resemble that keeps him in top fighting form. His great
Amazing Intensity to avoid the effects. wraiths in flight. These grenades have a mass is muscle, not fat, and Kingpin has Martial
variety of charges. Arts A, B, and C, as well as Wrestling skill.
Invulnerability: Electro has Class 1000 Smoke Grenades: standard
Resistance to all forms of Electrical energy, Knock-Out Gas: Incredible Intensity CONTACTS: Kingpin has Criminal Contacts,
and in addition Excellent Resistance to other Incendiary: Incredible Intensity Heat and prides himself on knowing what is going
forms of energy. Spider-Sense Negator: Unearthly Intensity, on in his city in crime. His contacts also
removes spider-sense for 24 hours include Business/Finance in his role as Wilson
Throwing Bats: Bat-winged blades inflict Fisk, humble spice dealer. His agents can
TALENTS: Dillon has no applicable talents.
Good Edged Thrown damage. Multiple infiltrate most businesses, law enforcement
blades may be tossed, but at -1CS to hit agencies, and other organizations.
CONTACTS: Dillon has served as a partner
per blade tossed in that round.
In crime with a great variety of villains: Dr.
BACKGROUND: Wilson Fisk rose from self-
Octopus, Sandman, Kraven, Vulture,
Transportation: Hobgoblin uses a lightweight described poverty to ruthless ruler of the
Mysterlo, Leapfrog, Matador, Gladiator, Stilt-
Goblin Glider with the following stats: largest independent crime operation on the
Man, Wizard, Trapster, Blizzard, and the
Control Speed Body Protection East Coast. He considers the City of New York
Purple Man. He is considered to have
In Ty Gd None his fiefdom, with himself as the feudal lord
Criminal connections.
dispensing favors and ordering punishments.
He also has a specially designed battlevan Kingpin has no criminal record, as he has his
BACKGROUND: Maxwell Dillon gained his with full communications relays and auto-pilot, organization perform the dirty work for him,
super-human Powers when a bolt of lightning equipped with a Force Cannon of Remarkable leaving him a respected member of the
transformed him into a living electrical Strength on top. Other stats are: business community (though the public knows
capacitator. Seeking to turn his abilities to Control Speed Body Protection Kingpin is Fisk, nothing has been proven).
monetary gain, he began a career as a In Rm In In
costumed criminal, and has fought the likes of Kingpin is a deadly opponent, and has hired
SpiderMan, the Fantastic Four, Captain TALENTS: Repair/Tinkering ability. super-powered operatives as agents and
America and Falcon. Electro is a team player, assassins. Upon discovering the secret
often joining forces with other powerful BACKGROUND: Finding a cache of equip- identity of his foe, Daredevil, Kingpin used his
criminals to take on heroes. ment previously owned by the Green Goblin, connections to stop his bill payments, turn off
an unknown individual seeks to become the his utilities, and have him thrown out of work.
boss of all crime as the Hobgoblin. Then he blew up his house. Nice guy.

Ulysses Klaw Sergei Kravinoff

F GD(10) Health: 135 F IN(40) Health: 140

A EX(20) A RM(30)
S RM(30) Karma: 14 S RM(30) Karma: 66
E MN(75) E IN(40)
R FB(2) Resources: Ty(6) R EX(20) Resources: Gd(10)
I TY(6) I IN(40)
P TY(6) Popularity: -3 P TY(6) Popularity: -10


Body Transformation: Klaws organic body has Running: Kraven can move up to 4
been irreversibly replaced with a material sonic areas/round when running.
energy form. Though solid, this form does not
need to eat, drink, breathe, or sleep. It cannot Weapons: Kraven uses a number of weapons
be damaged except in certain specific cases. in his hunts: usually hidden in the terrain
Exposure to vaccuum inflicts Remarkable where he intends to hunt his prey.
damage each round (sound must have a Axes (10 points Edged Thrown weapon)
medium to travel through). Manacles (Remarkable strength, Bullseye
Attacks with weapons of sound-dampening results in automatic Grapple)
vibranium inflict full and normal damage. Spears (10 points Edged Thrown weapon)
Presence of more than 10 lbs of sound- Whips (Typical strength)
absorbing vibranium causes Endurance Darts (2 area rangs, Typical damage)
FEAT or loss of all Health. Knock-out potions of Amazing Intensity
Sonic attacks will reduce Klaws Health by (used to coat weapons)
an amount equal to the Intensity of the Poison gas of Good Intensity
attack. Klaw may not be affected by other Vest containing narcotic dust sprayer
physical and energy attacks, though he (victim-3CS on all FEATs), must be
may still be stunned or slammed (kill adjacent to target to use. Amazing
results are considered stuns). He has Intensity.
Incredible rank Body Armor for determining Electro-Blaster: Incredible Energy attack,
the effects of physical attacks. Should one area range, used infrequently
Klaws Health be reduced to 0, he loses Kraven NEVER uses bows or guns.
corporeal shape and is absorbed by his
sonic converter. TALENTS: Kraven is a master chemist,
specializing in herbal poisons and paralytics.
Sonic Converter: Klaws right hand has been He has Martial Arts A, D, and E, and in addition
replaced with a prosthetic device made of knows a Nerve Punch. Individuals who are
molybdenum steel and vibranium (Incredible Stunned in blunt attack combat must make an
material strength). This device can manipulate Endurance FEAT against Remarkable Intensity
sound in distinct fashions. or be stunned for 2-20 rounds. Finally, Kraven
Sonic blasts of Incredible Intensity at a is able to train wild animals, and often has one
range of 10 areas. or two lions or tigers in his lair who respond to
Projecting Sonic force fields of Incredible his verbal command.
Creation of Sonic objects of Remarkable CONTACTS: Kraven has no allies or
material strength organizations he feels he can depend on.
Create sound creatures, quasi-living
beings of solid sound that Klaw may BACKGROUND: Kraven is a hunter who has
control. These creatures take damage stalked the deadliest animals of Earth and is
normally, and have these stats: searching for a new challenge. The hunting of
F A S E R I P super-human prey excites him, and he has
TY TY RM RM N/A N/A N/A entered this country illegally a number of
times in order to battle the likes of Spider-Man
Destroying the sonic converter forces Klaw to and Tigra. Kraven seems to be torn between
make a FEAT roll or become unconscious. his desire for excitement and his sense of
honor, and often allows an opponent to
TALENTS: Klaw is a former physicist. escape if the kill would not be honorable.

BACKGROUND: Klaw was changed into his

present form by leaping into a massive sonic
converter. He has fought the FF and Avengers
numerous times.

Samuel Sterns Curtis Connors Loki Laufeyson of Asgard

F GD(10) Health: 56 F EX(20) Health: 140 F RM(30) Health: 150

A GD(10) A RM(30) A EX(20)
S TY(6) Karma: 125 S IN(40) Karma: 44 S AM(50) Karma: 115
E RM(30) E AM(50) E AM(50)
R AM(50) Resources: Rm(30) R PR(4) Resources: Gd(10) R EX(20) Resources: Rm(30)
I RM(30) I GD(10) I EX(20)
P IN(40) Popularity: -15 P RM(30) Popularity: 3/-10 P MN(75) Popularity: 25
Increased Mental Capacity: The Leaders
super-developed brain is his chief gamma-ray Body Armor: All of Connors super-human Dense Flesh: Loki is the diminutive son of an
mutation. His logic is always accurate, and his Powers result from his Lizard incarnation. As Asgardian frost giant. His superhuman flesh
hunches are usually true. He has total recall the Lizard, his alligator-like hide provides affords him Excellent protection from physical
of anything he has seen or read. Good protection from physical attacks. and energy attacks.

Weapons: Leader has developed a number of Tail: As the Lizard, Connors grows a 6 1/2- Mental Abilities: Loki possesses a number of
weapons and other inventions for his world- foot-long tail. He is +1CS to hit with this tail, highly developed mental powers that are non-
conquering bids, including: and inflicts Amazing damage. magical in origin. They include:
Stun Pistols of Amazing Intensity Thought-castingLoki may communicate
Force Rifles of Amazing Intensity Wall-Crawling: The pads and retractable telepathically (but not read minds) with
Entangling gun that fires an Amazing claws on Lizards hands and feet give him Class 1000 ability, reaching across
strength cable Incredible ability to adhere to vertical dimensions. He may plant suggestions with
Mind Control devices of Remarkable rank, surfaces, and in addition allow him to inflict Amazing ability.
range of 5 areas damage on the Edged Attack column. Enhanced Sensesallowing him to
Omnivaca sentient computer with a perceive happenings in distant regions and
Reason of Incredible which maintains Reptile Control: Lizard communicates and other dimensions.
Leaders base of operations, an orbiting controls other forms of reptile life with Project a mental image of himself, similar
space station with Monstrous laser defenses Amazing ability. His maximum range of this to astral projection.
control is 1 mile.
Minions: Disappointed with human lackeys, Magical abilities: Loki has developed a host
Leader has created his own set of plastic Alter Ego: Lizards human alter ego, Curtis of magical Powers over the long years. His
robots known as humanoids. These pinkish
Connors, is a noted biologist and biochemist. level of mastery is Monstrous unless
human-form creations have the following stats:
F A S E R I P He has the following stats: otherwise stated.
TY TY CID GD FB FB FB F A S E R I P Shape-Shifting, Unlimited (P)Loki can
TY TY TY GD RM GD TY transform himself into any size animal or
These humanoids have spongy, elastic bodies plant, gaining the stats and abilities (but
that provide Amazing protection from physical TALENTS: Lizard has no talents. Connors is retaining his Health).
attacks and Remarkable protection from an expert in biology, biochemistry and Imitation (P)as the Power with Unearthly
energy attacks. Humanoids have been known herpetology (reptile study), and retains his ability. Loki does not gain Powers or abilities.
to combine into larger humanoids. For every Medical Talent. Matter Rearrangement and
ten humanoids that are combined, the Transformation (U)Loki may alter
physical stats (F, A, S, E) are raised by +1CS, CONTACTS: Lizard has no contacts. Connors material with Unearthly ability (cannot
along with recalculated Health for the new has contacts with Spider-Man. affect materials of more than Unearthly
form. Physical abilities may reach a maximum material strength, such as adamantium) as
of Unearthly in this fashion, provided enough BACKGROUND: Army surgeon Curt Connors well as made molecular changes.
humanoids are available. Leader controls lost his right arm as a result of a gangrenous Animate Objects (U)as the Power, with
these humanoids by mental command. war wound. Researching the regeneration Unearthly ability.
properties of certain reptiles, Connors injected Eldritch Blasts (U)Loki can fire bolts of
TALENTS: Leaders incredible intellect gives himself with the compound that controlled that up to Monstrous force or energy damage,
him all scientific talents, though he specializes regeneration. Connors regained his lost arm, up to 10 areas away.
in gamma radiation. Leader also has but the chemical further mutated him into a Shield, Personal (U)as personal force
Engineering and Repair/Tinkering skills. reptilian form of almost mindless rage. As the field, providing Monstrous protection from
Lizard, Connors baffled Spider-Man on a physical, energy, and mystical attacks.
CONTACTS: None number of occasions, and has been cured of Enhancement (U)Loki can increase the
his affliction, only to become the Lizard again. abilities of others (usually mortals he uses
BACKGROUND: High-school drop-out Sam
Sterns was explosed to gamma radiation, He has currently reverted to his human form, as pawns) and invest them with temporary
which mutated his brain and gave him a though how long he will remain in that form is mysticbased powers. Loki may enhance up
greenish hue. Seeking to establish himself as up to debate. to the Monstrous rank in this fashion. Make
a criminal mastermind, Leader has engaged a Psyche FEAT roll for nature of enhance-
in several schemes to take over the world. In ment; Loki may add Karma to the roll:
the most recent attempt Leader was believed
slain, but no body was found.

White result2 abilities raised +2CS MADCAP
Green result3 abilities raised +2CS Real Name Unrevealed
plus one random Power
Yellow result3 abilities raised +3CS F GD(l 0) Health: 60
plus two random Powers A EX(20)
Red result4 abilities raised +3CS plus S GD(10) Karma: 66
three random Powers This enhancement E EX(20)
lasts as long as Loki concentrates on the R TY(6) Resources: Pr(4)
spell, and may be made permanent only I RM(30)
by use of Magical talismans. P RM(30) Popularity: 0
Dimensional Travel (D)Loki may move
between the dimensions with Monstrous KNOWN POWERS:
ability, and, given a powerful enough
talisman, cast spells between the Regeneration and Recovery: Madcap has
dimensions as well. Shift Y Regeneration and Recovery Powers,
and is able to regain 20 points of Health in a
Life Protection (D)Lokis body can be
single turn. Madcap cannot be slain, and may
injured, even slain, without affecting the life
attempt to regain lost Endurance by a FEAT
force of the Asgardian god of mischief. The roll every ten turns. Stun results against him
precise workings of this spell have not yet are considered Slams and, considering his
been revealed, but Loki may suffer a Kill Recovery abilities, Madcap never spends
result and still reanimate his body at a later Karma to make Endurance FEAT rolls.
time. Massive destruction of his form
(chopping it into little pieces and jumping Emotion Control: Madcap has a specialized
on them) may kill him. form of emotion control that operates at
Unearthly level. To make this form of emotional
Magic Talismans: Lokis spell abilities only last attack Madcap must make eye contact with his
as long as he concentrates on them. This target (to this end he wears garish clothing and
proves unfortunate to the enhanced agent if uses weapons such as a bubble gun to
Loki gets distracted while the agent is in attract attention). The target must make an
combat with Thor. For this reason, Loki uses Intuition FEAT, with failure resulting in the
talismans to effect powerful and long-lasting character acting crazy for 10 rounds plus 1-10
changes. A Talisman has a rank equal to the rounds. In game terms, inform players that
highest ability of its possessor, or the highest their characters are pleasantly looney, and
rank of the item itself. This Talisman Rank will award Karma for good role-playing. While
allow Loki to maintain spells of lower ranks. For under the effects of Madcaps Power, the
example, Loki used the Sword of Surtur (about affected heroes may not engage in combat, but
Class 1000) to transform Thor into a frog, but may find themselves in dangerous situations
could not affect Mjolnir with this talisman. as a result of their actions (tap-dancing up the
on-ramp of an interstate may prove perilous). If
TALENTS: Loki knows extensive occult and the character succeeds with the FEAT, he is
mythological lore. He is not adept at physical still light-headed and performs all FEATs at
attacks. -1CS for the next 1-10 rounds.

CONTACTS: Loki is the adopted son of Odin, WeaponBubble Gun: This is an ordinary
and uses this connection to get away with all bubble gun with no special properties, which
Madcap uses to call attention to himself. He
sorts of mischief in Asgard. He also has ties
lets people believe it is the bubbles that cause
with the Frost Giants and other Asgardian
looney behavior.
TALENTS: None Revealed
BACKGROUND: Loki was found by Odin
upon his defeat of the Frost Giants and CONTACTS: None admitted to
adopted as a companion to Odins son Thor
Lokis sibling rivalry with Thor grew into a BACKGROUND: Madcap gained his Powers
deep hatred, and Lokis later life has been when the church bus he was riding was
devoted to his acquisition of power, both to rammed by an AIM tanker truck containing
take over Asgard and to destroy his hated Compound X07. Hurled clear of the explosion,
brother. Loki is known as a god of mischief, he was the sole survivor of the crash, a fact
as well as a god of evil, since most of his which shattered his belief in a rational
actions seem directed at harassing his universe. He was driven deeper into insanity
opponents with style. As a near-immortal, Loki by the discovery he was resistant to pain and
becomes bored easily, so an enhanced agent could recover instantly. Dressing himself in
may find his powers stripped after the first or gaudy clothes, Madcap set out to prove that
second failure. things happen without cause and effect, there
is no justice or reason, and everyone should
be mad as a March hare.

Real Name Unrevealed Real Name Unrevealed
F 01)(10) Health: 70
F RM(30) Health: 90 A GD(10) F RM(30) Health: 100
A EX(20) S RM(30) Karma: 18 A EX(20)
S GD(10) Karma: 60 E EX(20) S EX(20) Karma: 80
E RM(30) R TY(6) Resources: N/A E RM(30)
R IN(40) Resources: Am(50) I TY(6) R IN(40) Resources: In(40)
I GD(10) P TY(6) Popularity: 0 I GD(10)
P GD(l 0) Popularity: -12 P RM(30) Popularity: 0
Body Armor: The Mandroid armors osmium
Force Field: Mandarins costume projects a steel construction provides Incredible Plodex Technology: The Master has access to
thin, powerful force field of Monstrous protection from energy and physical attacks. the technology of an advanced, hostile race
Intensity. He may not fire his weaponry known as the Plodex. The Master has used
through the field, but may attack physically, Life Support: The wearer of the suit can this technology to create for himself several
gaining a +2CS to damage when it is survive on filtered air for two months, and in installations and devices to aid him in world
employed. addition has Amazing Resistance to Heat and conquest. A typical installation is of Huge
Radiation. capacity, and is defended by grapples of
Weapons: Mandarins ten rings, recovered Incredible strength and laser and force
from a crashed alien ship and modified, are Weapons Systems: The Mandroid suit is cannon of Amazing Intensity. The stats of his
the source of his Power. Their abilities, from equipped with a number of weapons systems. Submersible vehicle, now destroyed, were:
left hand, little finger to the right are: Neuro-Stunnerrange I area, projects Control Speed Body Protection
Ice BlastRemarkable Intensity cold, Incredible Intensity stunning. Ex Gd Rm Rm
Endurance FEAT to avoid being stunned; Tracker/Repeller fieldsrange 3 areas,
Range 2 areas. may manipulate objects at a distance with The Master controlled his installations directly
Mento IntensifierRemarkable Mind Remarkable Strength. It may also generate by means of controls built into his cybernetic
Control, Range 1 area. a personal force field of Amazing Intensity, helmet, and as such was aware of any
Electro-BlastRemarkable energy attack, but may not fire other weapons systems. activities within those areas. This contact may
Range 3 areas. Laser TorchRange of 7 areas, inflicts be broken by damaging his helm.
Flame-Blast -Remarkable Intensity heat, Excellent Energy damage.
Range 2 areas. Punch-BlastersRange of 1 area, inflicts Immortality: As long as the Master remained
White LightRemarkable Intensity light or Remarkable Force damage. within his Plodex-programmed sanctuary, the
radiation up to 5 areas away machines provided him with virtual
Mafter-RearrangerRemarkable Intensity Sensors: The Mandroid armor has immortality. Whether that ability continues
matter manipulation, but not transmutation. Remarkable Protected Senses, and has now that he has been removed from the main
This ring cannot work on force fields. Infravision of 3 areas, radar/sonar of complex is unknown.
Impact BeamIncredible Force attack, Remarkable ability, and full range radio/
Range 2 areas. communications system, including TALENTS: The Master has Martial Arts A, D,
Vortex BeamRemarkable Air Control, loudspeakers for crowd control. and E, and is an expert in the alien
permitting flight by the user at Excellent technology of the Plodex. He also has
speeds and other Power stunts. Remote Control: Should the wearer be injured Repair/Tinkering.
DisintegrationMonstrous disintegration, or knocked out, the suits may be programmed
with no effect on living targets. One area for specific action(usually escape). CONTACTS: None
range, and requires 20 minutes to recharge
after use. TALENTS: According to the wearer, usually BACKGROUND: The Plodex are an
Black LightRemarkable Intensity Dark- military, detective/espionage, or law aggressive, hostile alien race that conquers
force, 2 area range. Mandarin has a strong enforcement. other planets by imitating the dominant life
psionic link with his rings, such that only he form. The Plodex ship send to Earth was
may use them, and may monitor activity CONTACTS: None damaged and released its preprogrammed
occuring around them should they be eggs early, but still summoned the most
removed. BACKGROUND: The Mandroid armor is the dominant life form to its location in the Arctic.
super-suit of choice for organizations that may This was a successful Ice Age hunter who
TALENTS: Mandarin has Martial Arts A, D, and be going up against super-powered foes. had been cast our from his tribe. The Plodex
E. He is also skilled in Electronics, Biochem- Designed by Tony Stark and later produced ship captured the hunter and destroyed him in
istry, Engineering, and Repair/Tinkering. by Stane International, plans have also fallen study, keeping his mind alive (but insane) in
into the hands of criminal elements, and they its memory banks. That hunter overcame his
CONTACTS: None may have constructed their own suits. insanity and took control, reintegrating his
S.H.I.E.L.D. currently has 5 operational suits, body in its present form. With this new form,
BACKGROUND: Mandarin, a long-time foe of which they use for hazardous missions and the technology of the Plodex at his
Iron Man, derives his Power from the rings (of involving the capture of super-human beings. disposal, the hunter retitled himself Master of
modified alien technology) he wears. the World. The Masters motives seem
Mandarin seeks the destruction of Iron Man shaped by his hatred of the Plodex and his
and subjugation of the West. desire to rule.

Jason Wyngarde Ivan Kragoff

F PR(4) Health: 44 F GD(l 0) Health: 90

A TY(6) A EX(20)
S PR(4) Karma: 120 S GD(10) Karma: 46
E RM(30) E AM(50)
R GD(10) Resources: Gd(10) R RM(30) Resources: Rm(30)
I GD(l 0) I TY(6)
P UN(100) Popularity: -10 P GD(10) Popularity:


Illusion Generation: Mastermind is a mutant Intangibility: Red Ghost may break down the
with the ability to generate three-dimensional atoms of his body to form an intangible,
illusions with visual, olfactory, and tactile translucent, mist-like form. In this form, Kragoff
components, with Unearthly ability. His Power may pass through solid objects with Amazing
is such that those confronted with an illusion ability in a manner similar to Shadowcat. While
must make an Intuition FEAT to disbelieve. intangible, Kragoff may not be affected by
Damage caused by Masterminds illusions is physical or energy attacks, and while intangible
imaginary, but reduction to 0 Health or he may go for extended periods without need-
Endurance by illusionary attacks results in ing to eat, drink or breathe (unlike Shadowcat,
unconsciousness for 1-10 rounds. Mastermind who must breathe even while in phase-form).
uses his Power in the following stunts. Red Ghost may make inanimate objects
Creates multiple images of himself, one of intangible with Amazing ability, on touch.
which may or may not be his real form
Become invisible by blending with the Minions: Kragoff is served by three super-
background, with Unearthly ability apes with the following abilities:
Creates imaginary entrapment devices. If
believed, these items have the apparent MIKLHO: Gorilla with super-strength
material strength of the actual item F A S E R I P
(unfortunately, most steel alloys are similar GID GID AM IN FB FB FB
in feel, so that bands of Adamantium would
have only Incredible strength). Miklho has Incredible protection against
Mask his own or anothers appearance physical and energy attacks.
with Unearthly ability
Creates illusions of attack forms (flames, IGOR: Baboon with shape-changing Powers
giant scissors, etc.) within 10 areas F A S E R I P
Masterminds illusions appear to all within the
target area. He cannot selectively affect Igor can change shape into forms roughly the
certain targets. His illusions do not appear same size as a baboon, with Amazing ability.
over cameras or technological devices.
PEOTOR: Orangutan with Magnetic abilities
F A 3 E R I P
Weapons: Mastermind was equipped for a
while with a Mindtap mechanism that
allowed him to broadcast illuiions directly into
Peotor has Amazing Intensity Magnetic
one particular mind, with +2CS ability. He also
Control, and uses that Power to attract and
carries a handgun.
repel objects as with Amazing Strength.
TALENTS: None revealed
The super-apes have little initiative, and must
be controlled by a third party (usually Kragoff
CONTACTS: Wyngarde retains his contacts or one of his agents) to perform specific tasks.
in the circus.
TALENTS: Kragoff is a scientist specializing
BACKGROUND: Carnival mentalist Jason in cosmic radiation.
Wyngarde was recruited by Magneto to form
his original Brotherhood of Evil Mutants. Since CONTACTS: None
the folding of that group, Wyngarde has
worked as an independent, attempting to BACKGROUND: Soviet scientist Ivan Kragoff
subvert Phoenix as his bid for entry into the and his crew of simians gained their Powers in
Hellfire Club. He has learned to work behind a cosmic radiation storm similar to that which
the scenes, playing mind games with his created the Fantastic Four, Now a criminal in
opponents. exile, Kragoff is trying to work on his plans
without interference of super-powered foes.

Johann Schmidt MacDonald Gargan Boris Bullski

F EX(20) Health: 80 F RM(30) Health: 150 F RM(30) Health: 185

A EX(20) A IN(40) A RM(30)
S GD(10) Karma: 125 S IN(40) Karma: 22 S AM(50) Karma: 40
E RM(30) E IN(40) E MN(75)
R RM(30) Resources: ln(30) R TY(6) Resources: Ty(6) R 01)(10) Resources: Gd(10)
I EX(20) I TY(6) I EX(20)
P MN(75) Popularity: -75 P GD(10) Popularity: -15 P GD(10) Popularity: -30


Weapons: In his career, Red Skull used a Wall-crawling: Scorpion may crawl along Body Armor: All of Comrade Bullskis Powers
number of weapons and devices. They vertical surfaces with Excellent ability, derive from the the titanium/titanium steel
included: provided he can get a grip on the surface armor he wears. Bullskis normal abilities are:
Dust of death, a Remarkable Intensity (unlike SpiderMan, Scorpion cannot climb a F A S E R I P
poison that causes those who fail the glass wall, but he can climb masonry or GD EX GD RM GD EX GD
Endurance FEAT to resemble a Red Skull. concrete).
He may fire the dust in pellet-form from a The armor provides Incredible protection from
specially-designed handgun. Body Armor: Scorpions insulated costume physical attacks, and Monstrous protection
Skull infection: A mutated disease of provides Excellent protection from physical from energy aftacks. The armor has Monstrous
remarkable Intensity that causes the victim attacks and Remarkable protection from Resistance to Heat, Cold, and Radiation.
failing an Endurance FEAT to resemble the electrical attacks.
Red Skull and be more susceptible to his Flight: All-titanium jet engines in the suits boots
mind control devices (-3CS on all Psyche Scorpions Tail: Scorpions costume is allow Titanium Man to fly at Monstrous Speed
FEATs). equipped with a seven-foot-long tail, which (30 areas/round). If used as weapons, these
Mind Control devices of Amazing Intensity Gargan controls cybernetically. This tail is boot-jets inflict Remarkable force damage.
Sleepers: Preprogrammed war machines made of Incredible-strength material and has
built by the Third Reich in the event of their a number of uses and properties. Weapons Systems: The Titanium Man armor
defeat to be used against the allies. These Used as a blunt weapon, the tail inflicts is equipped with systems, including:
machines were controlled by the Red Skull Amazing blunt attack damage, with +1CS Gauntlet-Blasters of Amazing Force
for his plans of world domination. These to hit. damage at a range of 10 areas.
Sleepers are giant robots with Monstrous Coiled as a spring, the tail allows Gargan Helmet-mounted heat beam, inflicting
physical stats, and Incredible material to Leap as if having Amazing Strength. Incredible Heat (Energy) damage at a
strength. The tip of his tail is equipped with a range of 5 areas.
plasma projector capable of inflicting Gauntlet-mounted tractor beam, allowing
TALENTS: The Red Skull has Marksmanship Remarkable Energy damage at a range of the wearer to exert Incredible Strength at a
and Martial Arts A, C, and E. He also has 10 areas. range of 5 areas.
Leadership ability. Radar Rings of coiled metal fired at a
TALENTS: Gargan is a former private range of 5 areas which, if they hit, Grapple
CONTACTS: Red Skull has used many lesser detective, and despite his madness has the opponent with Remarkable Strength.
criminals as his pawns over the years, and Detective/Espionage ability.
retained a reputation among criminal Cloaking Device: Creates an Illusion (of
scientists. His closest ally is the master of CONTACTS: Gargan is primarily a loner, Invisibility) of Amazing Intensity over the
genetic manipulation, Arnim Zola. given the fact his primary residence is the wearer of the armor. May be used as an ECM
mental institution from which he escapes. as well against radar devices.
BACKGROUND: Bellboy Johann Schmidt
was chosen by Adolf Hitler to become a BACKGROUND: J. Jonah Jameson offered TALENTS: Boris Bullski is skilled in
Perfect Nazi, and was totally immersed in Gargan ten thousand dollars to undergo bureaucracy and Detective/Espionage.
Nazi training and beliefs. As the Red Skull, mutagenic modifications that would turn
Schmidt exceeded Hitlers expectations in Gargan into a super-powered opponent that CONTACTS: After a lengthy period of exile,
cruelty and evil, rivaling the madness of Hitler could combat and defeat Spider-Man. After the Titanium Man has renewed ties with a faction
himself. Kept in suspended animation until transformation that increased Gargans in the Soviet government which may provide
recently, Skull returned to battle his old physical abilities, it was discovered that these him with Amazing Resources.
nemesis, Captain America, a number of times. modifications affected Gargans mind as well.
In their final battle, The Red Skulls life- Gargans mental stability and ability to BACKGROUND: Bullski was an out-of-favor
sustaining formula ran out, and he died of old distinguish right from wrong quickly eroded, Soviet official who sought to regain the partys
age. His body was burned by his daughter, and Scorpion became a super-powered villain. good graces by building the Titanium Man
but the nature of the Red Skulls evil is so Scorpion was defeated by Spider-Man a armor and defeating Iron Man. After several
eternal it is unknown whether the world has number of times and placed in a mental defeats, Bullski went freelance in his vendetta
seen the last of the Red Skull. institution by Jameson, who feels responsible against the armored avenger. A recent
for Gargans fate. Gargan agrees that Jameson reverse in a battle with Beta Ray Bill may
is responsible, and has broken out a number of have destroyed Bullski and/or the armor, but
times to take his revenge on Jameson. that is uncertain at this writing.

Adrian Toomes
F EX(20) Health: 200
A RM(30) F EX(20) Health: 110
S AM(50) Karma: 54 A RM(30)
E UN(100) S EX(20) Karma: 50
R IN(40) Resources: Rm(30) E IN(40)
I GD(10) R RM(30) Resources: Ty(6)
P PR(4) Popularity: 0 I GD(10)
P GD(10) Popularity: -3
Body Armor: The exposed surfaces of Ultrons
body are pure adamantium, a Class 1000 Flight: Vulture takes his name from the flying
material that provides Invulnerability to harness he wears, an electro-magnetic
physical and energy attacks. His joints and antigravity generator that allows him to fly
internal workings are less resistant, so have silently at Typical Air Speed (6 areas/round). He
only Shift X protection from bullseye missile or may blindside unsuspecting opponents from
wrestling attacks directed against them. Ultron above, as his flight makes no noise. Vulture is
is Invulnerable to Heat, Cold, Radiation, and welltrained with his wings, such that he may
Corrosives. make airborne FEATs at +1CS for success.

Weapons Systems: Ultron possesses a LIMITATION: Vultures harness raises

number of weapons systems developed over Toomes abilities to the listed levels. Once
the years, including: deprived of the harness, Toomes abilities
Concussion Blasters mounted in the return to more normal levels. In game terms,
hands capable of inflicting up to Monstrous Toomes physical abilities (and resultant
Force damage at a 4 area range. Health) are reduced by 1CS per week for the
Tractor Beams mounted in the hands, first two weeks with no further effect after that
allowing Ultron to exert Remarkable time. They are regained immediately upon
Strength up to 10 areas away. donning his wings.
Induction installed within armor that allows
Ultron to absorb external energy with TALENTS: In addition to his prowess with his
Unearthly ability. An unlimited amount of wings, Toomes is an expert in Electronics.
energy may be stored, and upon absorbing
it Ultron regains that amount of Health and CONTACTS: Toomes maintains criminal
is +1CS on all FEATs for 1 -10 rounds contacts at the street level, and has on
following the absorption. several occasions organized gangs of thugs
Encephalo Beam mounted in Ultrons to help him in his crimes.
head allows him Mind Control Powers of
Incredible ability. Ultron uses this ability to BACKGROUND: Adrian Toomes invented a
put antagonists to sleep, and to control flying harness that boosted his abilities. He
minds to help him rebuild his body. first used it to harass and terrorize his
embezzling business partner. The feeling of
TALENTS: Ultrons programming is extensive power Toomes enjoyed in his robberies were
enough for him to be considered to have matched by his increase in wealth, and as
Engineering and Repair/Tinkering Talents. Vulture, Toomes began a long criminal career.
Despite several defeats at the hands of
CONTACTS: Ultron has no Contacts, though Spider-Man, Vulture remains a crafty foe.
he has used super-powered felons as pawns Toomes has retired from his career on several
before. Ultron maintains a large number of occasions, but has returned to crime, usually
complexes across the country where he spurred on by some airborne pretender to his
stores additional bodies and repair programs aerial abilities. Other individuals, using the
to restore his form after defeats. designs of the Vulture suit, have endeavored
to set themselves up as heirs to the Vultures
BACKGROUND: Ultron-I was developed as a throne, but he has always returned to deal
sentient robot with open-ended programming with such pretenders.
designed by Hank Pym. Ultron soon became a
long-running foe of the Avengers, continually
refining his body and programming with the lo
ng-range goals of destroying his Father
Pymand destroying organic life on Earth.
His most recent incarnation was destroyed by
Wonder Man, but he may yet return.


Entities of Great Power DEATH ETERNITY

The following characters are major forces in F CL5000 Health: 20000 F CL500 Health: 20000
the Marvel Universe, the ones that players A CL5000 A CL500
should encounter very rarely at best, as they S CL5000 Karma: Unlimited S CL500 Karma: Unlimited
will likely be overmatched if they attempt to E CL5000 E CL600
fight them directly. These great Powers have R CL5000 Resources: N/A R CL500 Resources: Unlimited
their own rules and laws by which they play, I CL5000 I CL500
unknown to us mere mortals. P CL5000 Popularity: -1000 P CL500 Popularity: 0


F MN(75) Health: 6175 Death can use any of the Powers listed within Eternity may perform any of the Powers or
A UN(1100) these books as it sees fit at Class 5000 ability. actions listed in these books with Class 5000
S CL3000 Karma: 3000 It does not usually use these Powers directly, ability, though it does not do so with any
E CL3000 as it prefers to operate through other agents regularity. Eternitys form cannot be perceived
R CL1000 Resources: CL3000 or to wait for its prey to fail and eventually die. unless it so wish es it, as it is an abstract being.
I CL1 000 Death may manifest itself as a humanoid
P CL1000 Popularity: N/A being of either gender, but is normally BACKGROUND: The origin and precise
presented as female. nature of the abstract being known as Eternity
KNOWN POWERS: is unknown and unknowable. It is the sum
BACKGROUND: The origin and true nature total of collective consciousness of all living
Body Armor: Celestials have Class 3000 of Death is unknown. It is apparently one of things in the universe, the embodiment of
protection against physical and energy the basic forces of the universe, along with their life as Death is the embodiment of the
attacks. They have Class 3000 Resistance to Eternity. Death is the name of the universes ending of that fife.
Heat, Cold, Radiation, Toxins. Disease, and conception of death-forces: and embodies
Corrosives. A Celestial cannot be slain, even the principles of mortality and decay. Unlike Death, which Eternity refers to as its
if reduced to 0 Health or Endurance. In this sibling, Eternity does not often take an active
state, a necessary component of their armor Deaths motives are unknown and unknow- hand in the dealings of the trillons of lives that
may be removed, placing them in suspended able. However, it has appeared on several make up its total. However, since controlling
animation until that piece is restored. occasions under defined circumstances to the being Eternity allows the controller to
achieve certain ends. These ends include: wield Eternitys unlimited Powers over the
Energy Powers: Celestials have Class 1000 Challenging those who create the undead, beings that make it up, this entity is a target
abilities to manipulate all forms of energy, creatures that are neither alive nor dead for extra-dimensional attackers of various
including all forms of radiation, light, and and as such not under its control. This abilities. Often Eternity can deflect such
psionic power. They may perform any energy- includes those who create vampires and attacks without significant exertion, but on
related Power at Class 1000 ability, including zuvembies. occasion has had to bring its own servants
force and energy rays, force fields, all mental Presiding over the death of a long-lived or into play. While not as organized as the
Powers, teleportation, levitation, and weather immortal being. Death has engaged in a death-gods that serve Death, these servants
control. Five or more Celestials ay combine game of chance with an Elder of the are usually powerful individuals, such as
their forces to gain a +1CS (to lass 3000) in Universe for the spirit of another Elder. Doctor Strange, who may combat the
effect. Following their last visit to Earth, the Dealing with extradimensional beings of attackers on their own mortal levels. These
Celestials used their Powers to eradicate all the Death-god type, such as Hela. The servants have a vested interest in seeing
memory and evidence of their presence from precise relationship between Death and Eternity survive intact, as their own existence
the minds of mankind. such deathgods is unclear; such gods makes Eternity possible.
seem to be agents of Death in that they
BACKGROUND: The origin of the armor-clad actively harvest individuals in return for a As Eternity is the sum total of all living forces,
Celestials is unknown, nor has anyone seen percentage of the take. destruction of Eternity may eradicate the
what they look like beneath their distinctive Appearing to those capable of wielding game universe, and with it all other
2000-foot-high armor. They are a star-faring great destructive power, such as Galactus quasiphysical entities. The two exist as
race that locates nascent sentient races and or Thanos of Titan. These individuals, while partners, not competitors, and Death has
manipulates their genetic make-up, then not agents of death, have served it well by never shown any rivalry against its sibling.
returns in the future to judge whether they are destroying a great deal of life. Death has Eternity, for its part, has rarely shown any
a threat. If judged a threat to the universe, also appeared, and was destroyed for a interest in the pieces that make it up, though it
then that race is destroyed. On Earth, the short time, by the Beyonder. Whether this given sufficient threat (on the level of the
Celestials created the alternate human races was in its own interests is unknown. Beyonder) would willingly sacrifice part of its
of Eternals and Deviants, and placed the infinite existence (and the planets, stars, and
potential for benign mutation in mainline One specific way of dealing with Death is lifeforms that make up that existence) to foil
humanity. In other visits, they sank Lemuria to shown by those with Valkyrie Powers, such as such a foe.
prevent the success of the Deviant line, and Mirage of the New Mutants. The Valkyrie
threatened to seal the dimensional nexus to gained their special position as choosers of
prevent the interference of extra-dimensional the slain through an unknown agreement, but
beings. The Celestials are enigmatic, and can apparently stave off Death even though
except for their master plan, take no notice of the individual who is dying would normally
the life they tower over. pass into the great beyond.

GALACTUS possible for Galactus to die of starvation, but
upon reaching the Shift X level,
F MN(75) Health: 4150 he will take any measures necessary to prolong
A MN(75) his life. Galactus may devour a planets
S CL1000 Karma: 3000 energies by using specially-built devices, or by
E CL3000 absorbing the energy (the last leaves Galactus
R CL1000 Resources: CL3000 immobile for 1-10 days). The process takes 24
I CL1000 hours to initiate and complete.
P CL1000 Popularity: -1000
BACKGROUND: Galan of Taa survived the
KNOWN POWERS: destruction of his universe and the big bang
that created ours. Created at the same time
Body Armor: Galactus armor provides Shift X as the entities of Death and Eternity, Galactus
protection from physical and energy attacks. can be considered a sibling of these two great
In addition, Galactus is Invulnerable to Heat, powers. Galactus is spurred by his great
Cold, Corrosives, Toxins, Disease, and hunger, and must consume planets to survive.
Radiation. His desire to consume Earth has brought him
into conflict with Earth heroes on a number of
Energy Manipulation: Galactus has Class occasions. On the last occasion, Reed
3000 ability to manipulate all forms of energy. Richards saved Galactus life and the
He has used that ability for a number of Earthwoman Frankie Raye volunteered to
Power stunts. serve as his Herald (see below).
Transform and transmute living and non-
living matter. NOVA
Project Energy or Force with unlimited Frankie Raye of Earth
Teleportation of self or other objects F AM(50) Health: 325
Creation of Force fields A MN(75)
Endow others witMk portion of his power S UN(100) Karma: 135
Manipulate objects as if having Unearthly E UN(100)
Telekinesis R EX(20) Resources: N/A
Flight at Class 3000 Speeds I MN(75)
Galactus does not use his Powers at full P IN(40) Popularity: -50
levels of ability as they drain his cosmic
energies, preferring to rely on his KNOWN POWERS:
Fire Generation and Control: Nova may
Telepathy: Galactus has Unearthly Telepathy, generate and wield flame with Shift Z ability,
but may only read a mind that is not being and may perform all Power stunts listed for
read by another. Fire Generation and Fire Control in the
Players Book.
Technology: Galactus has an unbelievable
amount of technological devices available to Body Armor: Nova has Unearthly protection
him, noted by the high Resources rating. He from physical and energy attacks. She is
has a spherical shuttle ship that may carry Invulnerable to Heat, Cold, Flame, and
him between the stars, and carries equipment Disease, and can survive without air or food.
to allow him to eat planets without expending She is normally wrapped in fire of Amazing
any of his own energies. His solar system- Intensity, so that weapons of less than this
sized world ship, Taa 11, was destroyed in a material strength will melt and persons
conflict with the Beyonder. grappling will take Amazing damage.

LIMITATION: Hunger. In order to survive, Flight: Nova can fly at Class 3000 Speeds,
Galactus must consume the bio-energies of opening jumps into hyperspace to span the
planets that support (or have the potential to stars.
support) life. Galactus hunger is so severe he
must feed every 30 Terran days or begin to BACKGROUND: Frankie Raye is the step-
suffer reductions in abilities. Use of his Powers daughter of the man who originally created
at full abilities reduce this time by 1 Terran day the android Human Torch of WWII, and was
for each instance. After 30 days Galactus Class the girlfriend of Johnny Storm. She gained her
3000 abilities will slip to Class 1000, with own flaming Powers from exposure to
resultant reduction of Power and Health. After chemicals. When Galactus visited Earth last,
another 30 Terran days, all Class 1000 abilities Raye offered to serve as his Herald. The
diminish to Shift Z (one of the few cases when Devourer of Worlds agreed and increased her
such a shift is possible). After 90 days, they Powers to their present levels. She has
lessen to Shift Y, and so on. It is theoretically served him as such since then.

Hela of Hel and Niffleheim Odin of Asgard
F MN(76) Health: 3225
F AM(50) Health: 1200 A MN(75) F UN(100) Health: 3250
A AM(50) S MN(75) Karma:250 A UN(100)
S UN(100) Karma: 170 E CL3000 S AM(50) Karma: 3080
E CL(1000) R MN(75) Resources: CL3000 E CL3000
R RM(30) Resources: Mn(75) I MN(75) R IN(40) Resources:Class 1000
I IN(40) P UN(100 Popularity: -1000 I IN(40)
P UN(100) Popularity: -75 P CL3000 Popularity: +90
Body Armor: Mephistos body has Amazing
Body Armor: As all Asgardians, Hela has protection from physical and energy attacks. Body Armor: As a powerful Asgardian, Odin
Good protection from physical and energy He is Invulnerable to Toxins, Disease, Heat, has Excellent protection from physical and
attacks. In her province as a Death Goddess, Cold, and Corrosives. energy attacks. He also is Invulnerable (in his
she is Invulnerable to Heat, Cold, Disease, native Asgard) to Disease, Fire, Cold,
Radiation, Corrosives, and Toxins. Mystic Powers: Mephisto has a number of 11 Corrosives and Toxins. In battle situations,
super-Powers he may wield with Unearthly Odin wears armor that provides him with
Death-Goddess Powers: Hela is a servant of ability. They include, but are not limited to: Amazing protection from physical and energy
the quasi-physical being Death, through an Increase any physical ability to Unearthly attacks.
unknown pact or arrangement. Her province Fire bolts of mystic force
is the dead of Asgard, and she ruies over the Levitate, fly, and teleport Mystic Powers: Odin is the most powerful of
deceased spirits in Niff leheirn and Hel (the Invisibility and Illusion Generation his race and may perform the following:
honorable dead dwell in the realm of Growth (self and others) Place enchantments; of up to Unearthly
Valhalla). As a death-goddess, Hela has the Matter manipulation and transmutation power on objects. Such a spell lasts until
following Powers: Dimensional Travel (when in another he rescinds the enchantment or it is
Complete control over the dead of dimension, Mephistos maximum negated by mystic power of Class 1000 +.
Niffleheim and Hel (Class 3000 Mind Endurance is Unearthly) Mephisto may use Dimensional Travel at Unearthly rank.
Control). other Powers listed in the Judges Book. Project his image across space and
Class 5000 Illusion Powers, including However, he cannot dimensions with Unearthly ability.
masking the nature of the lands of Hel. Engage in Mind or Emotion control, or use Absorb or Restore Health of Asgardians
Death touchTarget must make any Power that forcibly brings ones will on touch. Absorbed Health may increase
Endurance FEAT against Class 1000 under his control his total Health. He has no effect on those
Intensity or begin losing Endurance levels. Engage in Telepathy or in any way read or claimed by Hela.
Aging RaysUnearthly Intensity rays shot scan the thoughts of sentient beings
from the hands that age the target 100 Weapons: Odin carries two weapons, both
years per hit. Sustained combat will BACKGROUND: Mephisto is among the most made of Class 1000 Uru metal:
destroy longlived Asgardians. powerful of the extradimensional creatures Gungir, a spear inflicting Amazing damage
Hand of GloryAttack of Unearthly mystic known as demons, and is the ruler of a pocket Thrudstock, a mace inflicting Shift X
strength delivers as Edged attack. Can dimension he refers to as Hell. Mephisto is damage
scar even tough Asgardian flesh. not the ultimate force of evil as presented in
Flight and Levitation at Unearthly rank. several faiths, but portrays himself as such a Servants: In addition to ruling the poeple of
being in order to exploit the mortal masses. Asgard, Odin has several special minions:
LIMITATION: Hela preserves her own life Munin: A Raven (stats as Eagles) who
force by means of a cape and headress. Mephisto seeks the voluntary surrender of flies at Monstrous speeds and survey the
Depriving her of this garment results in her human spirits to him, and to that end realm for its lord.
Strength and Endurance being reduced to encourages despair and misery. Of particular Sleipnir: Odins eight-legged steed moves
Feeble, and the goddess of death unable to interest are the spirits of exceptionally moral at Unearthly speeds, and may span the
use any of her super-human Powers. It is and heroic characters of great power, such as dimensions with him.
unknown whether she herself can die, or, if Thor and the Silver Surfer. Their defeat would Mimir: An all-seeing well of knowledge, a
this would occur, whether Death itself would be a great boon to his Powers, and as such being with Class 1000 Resources as far as
claim the occupants of her realms or assign a he often sends his agents to contest and knowledge is concerned. Mimir has its own
new Asgardian deathgoddess. harass them (Mephistos power may be priorities, and has been known to lie.
limited outside of his pocket dimension, hence
BACKGROUND: Hela is said to have been his reduction of ability by -1CS). LIMITATIONS: Odin must sleep once per year
born in a half-living, half-dead state, and for a week or lose Endurance Ranks at the
requires her mystic garments to function Mephisto draws strongly upon mortals belief rate of one per week.
normally. She is always seeking to expand in his power to strengthen that power; hence
her realm, and while mortal souls are beyond his guise as the supreme evil. Mephisto may BACKGROUND: There are several stories as
her responsibility, she has trafficked in them in be slain, even fully destroyed, but will to the origin of Odin, ruler of Asgard and most
the past. eventually return to existence based on the powerful of the Asgardian gods. He served as
strength of mortals beliefs in him. that lands lord until his recent disappearance
in battle with the fire-demon Surtur.

Uatu of the Lunar Blue Area
F MN(75) Health: 325
A MN(75) F AM(50) Health: 250
S MN(75) Karma: 7000 A AM(50)
E UN(100) S AM(50) Karma: 300
R CL1000 Resources: Class 5000 E UN(100)
1 CL1000 R UN(100) Resources: Un(100)
P CL5000 Popularity: 0 I UN(100)
P UN(100) Popularity: 0
Body Armor: The Shaper of Worlds has
Monstrous protection from physical attacks, Mental Abilities: The race of Watchers may
and Amazing protection from energy attacks, use all Mental Powers listed in the Players
By manipulating reality, he can become Book with Unearthly ability. When a Watcher
invulnerable to any form of damage. is involved with another mind, he provides
that mind with Class 1000 protection from
Reality Manipulation: The Shaper of Worlds other mental attacks.
has Illusion Generation Powers of Class 5000
ability, such that for most of the normal world, Energy Manipulation: Watchers may
his illusions are indistinguishable from reality. manipulate energy at Class 1000 level,
His initial range is one area, but increases at allowing them a number of Power stunts.
one area per turn, so that at the end of 21 Teleport at Class 5000 level, spanning
Terran hours he can convert a planet the size galactic distances
of Earth to his reality. It remains in that state Generate force fields of Class 1000
for 4 Terran years, at which point it reverts to Strength
its initial state (unless the Shaper himself Alter their form with Class 1000 ability
negates the change). Fire force blasts of up to Class 1000
The Shaper, however, has no imagination, Raise physical abilities to Unearthly
and as such depends on the dreams and
imaginations of others to form templates for Body Armor: Watchers have Class 1000
his worldshaping. Upon choosing such a protection from physical and energy attacks.
template, he begins to manipulate reality to They are Invulnerable to Heat, Cold,
that mold with his Illusion Powers. If he Radiation, Corrosives, Toxins, Disease, and
latches onto a mind that wishes to be king of Mental and Magical Powers.
the world, reality is suitably manipulated in
that fashion. Grandiose, interesting, and BACKGROUND: The Watchers are an
unusual dreams intrigue him. If convinced that ancient race that evolved early in the life-span
the dream is bad or harmful, the Shaper may of our universe. The Watchers sought to aid
negate it. the primitive races around them, but after a
disastrous encounter with a race to whom
LIMITATIONS: Shaper moves by means of a they gave nuclear technology (which the race
tractor-like device that may or may not be part used to create genocidal weapons), they are
of his body. He moves 1 area/turn. He spans now committed to observing. They see
cosmic distances in his starship (Class 5000 themselves as the cosmic recorders of the
movement). passing of this universe, not the rulers, and to
that end do not interfere with their charges,
BACKGROUND: The Shaper of Worlds is the even if that results in massive disaster. Adult
adult version of the energy of the type Watchers are entrusted with a Solar System
captured in the Terran Cosmic Cube. Any to monitor.
being possessing such a nascent cube-
energy may manipulate Reality in a similar Uatu, the Watcher of the Sol system, is a
manner, but only as long as he or she juvenile deliquent amoung his people. He has
concentrates on it. The Shaper has the soul more than once interfered on behalf of the
of an artist but no inherent creativity of his humans of Terra to warn them of danger or
own, so must rely upon the dreams of others indirectly point out solutions to world-
as models for the worlds he creates. While he shattering threats. Uatu seeks to aid in
may prolong the illusion of a world beyond the discreet fashions, such that appeals for direct
4-year mark, he does not normally perform aid will be ignored. However, he may reveal to
such alien work. His last appearance on Earth the heroes the location of the solution.
was to help the Terran Cosmic Cube hatch,
from which may evolve a similar reality-
manipulating being.


Animals, Aliens, Criminals, and Other like senses that allow them to navigate at a Kill result against human targets. They
Supporting Players night with Remarkable ability. They are move 2 areas/turn.
normally harmless unless surprised or
This section details in full a large, but not controlled by an external force. A single bat Cattle (Herd Animals)
exhaustive, list of other individuals that may inflicts Edged attack damage, but cannot F A S E R I P
be found in the Marvel Universe, including score Kill results, while a flock inflicts Pr Ty Gd Ex Fb Fb Fb
wildlife, alien life, low life, and everyday life. Edged attack damage in full to reflect the Health = 40
large number of possible bites per round. Stats for cattle apply to all manner of
Animals Bats are found throughout the US. They similar herd animals, including bison,
move at 3 areas/turn. zebras, gnu, and the ever-popular
Alligator Guernsey Cow. Cattle are by and large
F A S E R I P Bear inoffensive, but if spooked (by gunshot, for
Pr Gd Rm Ex Fb Fb Fb F A S E R I P example) can stampede (those in the way
Health = 64 Gd Ty Rm Rm Fb Pr Fb take a Charging attack of +3CS Strength
These large, lethal lizards are normally Health = 76 and Endurance to hit).
peacable, but have been known to attack if Bears include the grizzly, brown bear, and
their territory is threatened, they sense a polar bear. These large carnivores have been Dinosaur, Giant Plant-eating
meal, or are commanded by a more known to attack unwary tourists, and inflict F A S E R I P
powerful being with animal control abilities, Edged attack damage with their teeth and Gd Pr Am Un Fb Fb Fb
such as the Lizard. Alligators inflict Edged claws as well as Grappling attacks (Hugs). Health = 164
attack damage with their teeth. They move They move 2 areas/round at top speed.
1 area per turn on land, 2 areas per turn in Dinosaur, Giant Flesh-eating
water. These stats also apply to the Behemoth F A S E R I P
crocodile or other cold-blooded lizards. F A S E R I P Rm Gd In Un Fb Fb Fb
Alligators are found in tropical rivers and, in Am Ty Un Un Pr Pr Pr Health = 180
the sewers of New York City. Health = 256
Behempth is a name fpr a large variety of Dinosaur, Giant Armored
Ape sea monsters capable of walking on land, F A S E R I P
F A S E R I P and include the whale-like Giganto used by In Ty Am Mn Fb Fb Fb
Ty Ty Gd Ex Fb Ty Pr the Sub-Mariner in his initial invasion of the Health = 171
Health = 42 surface world, and the spawn of that These are the flashiest of the large lizards
Apes describe mans close cousins: the creature. These beasts move 1 area/round that once dominated this Earth. They
chimp, the orangutan, and gorilla (gorilla on the surface and 3 areas/round in water. survived until recently in the Savage Land,
Strength = Excellent, Health = 52). These Behemoths have Amazing protection from and regions of Africa are still said to be
creatures have human-like hands, and can physical and energy attacks, and inflict home to these beasts. The Giant Plant-
manipulate tools. Blunt attack damage. They can be Eater includes such favorites as the
controlled by certain devices available to brontosaurus. They move 1 area/round,
Armadillo Atlantean technology. inflict Blunt damage, and, according to
F A S E R I P recent studies, travel in herds similar to
Fb Fb Fb Fb Fb Fb Fb Bird, individual cattle (check under Cattle for stampedes).
Health = 8 (and this is being generous) F A S E R I P Giant Flesh-Eaters include the al[0saurus
Armadillos are natives of Texas and other Fb Fb Fb Fb Fb Fb Fb and the tyrannosuarus rex. They inflict
south-western states. They are slow (1 Health = 8 Edged attack damage with their teeth and
area in about 3 turns) and have Feeble claws, and move 2 areas/turn. The Giant
Body Armor from their protective shell. Bird, Flock of ten Armored Dinosaurs include the
(They also answer mail.) Unprepossessing F A S E R I P stegosaurus and triceratops, which have
as individuals, in huge herds they are even Gd Ty Fb Ty Fb Pr Fb plates that provide Excellent Body Armor,
less so. Armadillos attack on the Blunt Health = 24 and inflict Edged attack damage with their
attacks column, but cannot score Slam or The description applies to all non-hunting horns and sharp tails.
Stun results against human-sized targets. birds, ranging from sparrows to ducks to
Armadillo stats apply to most other forms of geese. Birds attack on the Edged attack Dinosaur, Giant Radioactive
small, inoffensive life. column, but individuals cannot get Stun or F A S E R I P
Kill results. Birds fly up to 4 areas/turn, and Rm Rm Un Un Pr Pr Pr
Bat, Individual are inoffensive against human targets Health = 260
F A S E R I P unless controlled by outside forces. The Giant Radioactive Dinosaur is a mutant of
Fb Pr Fb Fb Fb Pr Fb unknown origin that survives today in various
Health = 10 Cat inaccessible reaches. The Giant Radioactive
F A S E R I P Dinosaur has Amazing Body Armor, inflicts
Bats, Flock of Ten Fb Gd Fb Gd Fb Ty Fb Edged attack damage, and breathes a 10-
F A S E R I P Health = 24 area-long stream of Unearthly radioactive
Gd Pr Fb Gd Fb Pr Fb Cats include most ordinary house cats and energy. This is a moderate example of one
Health = 26 small wild cats. They inflict Edged attack such creature, though large ones have
Bats are winged mammals who have radar- damage with their claws, but cannot score plagued Japan and the American West Coast.

Dog move 3 areas/turn while carrying a rider. Octopus and Squid
F A S E R I P Certain individual horses (usually those F A S E R I P
Gd Ty Ty Gd Fb Gd Fb associated with heroes) may have superior Ex Rm Gd Rm Fb Fb Fb
Health = 32 talents of higher Reason, Intuition, or Health = 90
The above stats are for guard dogs, and Psyche than their brethren. The above stats; are for the giant-
smaller animals may have lesser stats. Dogs economy-size octopi that underwater
inflict Edged attack damage, move 2 Insect, Swarm geniuses leave around to threaten heroes
areas/turn, and track with Remarkable ability. F A S E R I P and heroes allies. The high Fighting and
Ex Fb Fb Ex Fb Fb Fb Agility reflects the large number of arms
Dolphin Health = 44 that may be brought to bear. In addition,
F A S E R I P Insects are Iisted as a swarm of about 100 octopi may shoot inky clouds of Excellent
Gd Ex Gd Gd Ty Gd Ty creatures, minimum. These insects attack Intensity.
Health = 50 on the Edged Attack column, but cannot
Dolphins are highly intelligent, aquatic get Stun or Kill results. Instead, any insect Rat, individual
mammals that have a language of their attack against unprotected flesh (including F A S E R I P
own. Undersea races use the dolphin in those that get underneath artificial Body Fb Fb Fb Fb Fb Fb Fb
much the same way as humans use dogs Armor but excluding those against natural Health = 8
or horses: for transport (swim 3 areas/ Body Armor) forces the target creature to
round), protection (Blunt attack damage), make an Endurance FEAT (during the pre- Rat, pack of 10
and companionship. action part of the turn) or be unable to F A S E R I P
perform any actions or concentrate. The Ex Ty Fb Ex Fb Fb Fb
Eagle Intensity of this attack is Typical for most Health = 48
F A S E R I P insects, but for particularly nettlesome
Gd Gd Pr Ex Fb Ty Fb pests (such as red ants, m0squitos, or Rats and other rodents and vermin are
Health = 44 bees) the Intensity may reach Good or found in sewers beneath every major city.
Eagles include all large predatory Terran Excellent. Some, but not all, insect swarms An individual rat attacks on the Edged
birds, including vultures, hawks, owls, and fly at 1 area/turn. attack column, but cannot score Stun or Kill
condors. They are not dangerous unless results. A pack of rats also attacks on this
threatened or under the control of another Killer Whale column, and may score Kill results from
individual. Eagles inflict Edged attack F A S E R I P multiple attacks. Rats are normally not so
damage, and fly up to 4 areas/round, at top Rm Ty In Mn Pr Gd Ty bold (they prefer to push around frogs), but
speed. Health = 151 will attack when externally controlled.
Killer Whales are large killers of the deep,
mammals adapted to the ocean Sharks
F A S E R I P environment as efficient predators. They F A S E R I P
Gd Gd In Am Fb Pr Fb inflict Edged attacks when they bite with Gd Gd Rm In Fb Fb Fb
Health = 110 their toothy jaws, and swim at 3 Health = 90
Elephants include the Indian and African areas/round. The other standard threat protecting
varieties, as well as their prehistoric underwater lairs and sunken treasure is
cousins, the mastodon and mammoth. Lions sharks. The above stats are for your
They move 1 area/turn, and can inflict F A S E R I P everyday killer-type shark. The Great
either Blunt or (if they have tusks) Edged Ex Gd Gd Ex Fb Fb Fb Whites in the movies weigh in at +1CS on
damage. Health = 60 all physical abilities. Sharks are drawn by
Lions include all the big catstigers, blood in the water, often travel in packs,
Fish pumas, and leopards. They are, in their inflict Edged attack damage, and travel at 3
F A S E R I P natural state, predators which avoid man, areas/round. Their mortal enemies are the
Fb Fb Fb Fb Fb Fb Fb though there are man-killing versions of dolphins, and dolphin attacks against
Health = 8 each. The big cats may be trained to hunt, sharks gain a +1CS to hit.
This classificaiton is a catch-all for all sea attack and protect by someone with
life not covered elsewhere. Most sea life appropriate skills, such as Kraven the Hunter. Snake, Constrictor
has no special Powers beyond moving 1 Lions and their kin attack on the Edged attack F A S E R I P
area/turn, and will rather flee than fight. column, and move 2 areas/round. Ty Ty Ex Ex Fb Fb Fb
Health = 52
Horses Monkeys
F A S E R I P F A S E R I P Snake, Poisonous
Ty Gd Rm Rm Pr Ty Pr Gd Ty Pr Gd Fb Ty Pr F A S E R I P
Health = 76 Health = 30 Gd Pr Fb Pr Fb Fb Fb
Horses run from Shetland ponies to beer- Monkeys, for the purpose of this game, Health = 20
wagon-pulling Clydesdales. Horses may include all small primates not covered under Most snakes are fairly small and inoffensive
make Blunt attacks if threatened, but the Ape category. Monkeys do not possess (see Armadillos, above). Large constrictor
n0rmally seek to flee threatening situations the strength of the apes, and cannot make snakes (like the anaconda) attack their
(such as fires and battles). Horses may be Kill or Slam results in their attacks, but can prey by grappling attacks, crushing the life
trained to withstand such challenges. They manipulate objects and be trained. out of it. Poisonous snakes are smaller, but

their bite (Edged attack, no Stuns or Kills) Asgard, a mystic dimension once connected Atlanteans scavenge lost technology and
carries a deadly venom (Good Intensity to Earth by Bifrost, the rainbow bridge. All magic from the sea floor, and as such have
poison). Both varieties will attack if Asgardians have Good protection from access to lost treasures of Atlantis and
threatened, or if controlled by an outside physical and energy attacks, provided by Deviant technology, but most are not
force (such as the Lizard). the denser materials of their worlds. While inventors in their own right. Any Atlantean
Asgardians are long-lived, they are not hero must take Edged Weapon or Blunt
Wolves immortal like the Olympians. Weapon skill as his first Talent.
Ex Gd Gd Gd Fb Fb Fb Asgard has a warrior society and has come Denizen of the Dark Dimension
Health = 50 under assault by its enemies many times in F A S E R I P
Wolves are relatives of dogs, and usually its recent history. Any Asgardian character Ty Gd Ty Ty Ty Gd Gd
travel in packs to bring down their prey with Weapons Talents must choose Edged Health = 28 Karma = 26
Wolves move 2 areas/turn, attack on the or Blunt Weapons Skill as his first choice.
Edged attack column, and can track with Gunpowder works in the Asgardian KNOWN POWERS: Mystic Origin
Excellent ability. dimensions, but has only recently been
introduced. The Dark Dimension is a series of pocket
Aliens and Non-Human Races dimensions that have been expanded and
Asgard has Class 1000 Resources though conquered by the Dread Dormammu. This
The following listings apply to typical low levels of technology in a 20th-century realm was later ruled by Umar the Unspeak-
members of the various alien, extra- sense. With the disappearance of Odin in able, Dormammus sister, and presently by
dimensional, and variant human races that battle with the fire demon Surtur, Asgard is Clea, Umars daughter. The ruler of the Dark
have appeared in the Marvel Universe. ruled by Balder the Brave. Dimension is recognized by the flames of
These are typical values only, and there regency about his or her head.
are superior examples of these various Atlanteans
races in existence, much the same as there F A S E R I P A collection of pocket dimensions with
are a wide variety of humans. Gd Ty Rm Rm Ty Ty Ty various populations, natural laws, and
Health = 76 Karma = 18 sizes, the Dark Dimension appears as a
Alien Hero Option: This is an option that collection of large floating islands, each
may be chosen by the player with the KNOWN POWERS: with its own localized gravity, all connected
Judges permission, if the player has rolled Water Breathing by a variety of mystic bridges and
the Alien category. The player picks a Swimming at 2 areas/turn passages. One section of the Dimension is
race with the Judges approval. The hero Resist Cold: Excellent walled off by a mystical force fieldthe
has the listed abilities, modified by a roll on domain of the Mindless Ones, a
the Ability Modifier Table, page 5 of the The origins of homo mermanus are nonsentient destructive race.
Players Book, making one roll for each unknown, though their own legends claim
ability. Any Powers possessed by the race that the Olympian Poseidon modified them The Dark Dimension is inherently and
are automatic Powers of the hero, to their present form. In any event, the powerfully magical in nature, such that
occupying random slots. (A pre-Secret largest group of this race has settled the magical Powers are +1CS when operating
Wars Skrull would have Imitation as one ruins of ancient Atlantis on the Atlantic within it, and dimensional apertures may be
Power, filling one random Power slot.) seabed, though there are small settlements formed from it to any other known
Talents should be chosen with an eye throughout the ocean. They have been ruled dimension. The normal citizens of the
towards the race involved. As Contacts, the in the past by Namor, the Sub-Mariner, dimension have no inherent magical ability,
hero may either choose the race he/she though he has been sent into exile by his but may be easily trained, as magic is as
belongs to, or no initial Contacts (in which advisors, and they in turn were overthrown available a force as technology is on 20th
case the character is a renegade). by the Atlantean barbarian Attuma. century Earth.

Characters generated in this fashion tend Atlanteans are water-breathers, such that Deviants
to be more limited and weaker than those exposure to air is similar to a humans F A S E R I P
created by the method listed in the immersion in waterthey can suffocate out Gd Ty Ty Gd Gd Pr Pr
Character Creation section, but have the of water (Namor, given his half-breed Health = 32 Karma = 18
advantage of having an organized and blood, is an exception). Atlantean
existing racial background. technology has produced water tanks that AVAILABLE POWERS:
operate as scuba gear in reverse, allowing Strength of +2CS or 2 additional super
Asgardians Atlanteans to survive out of water for up to Powers rolled randomly
F A S E R I P 4 hours before more water is needed.
Rm Gd In In Gd Gd Ex Atlanteans also have a chemical compound When the Celestials first landed on Earth,
Health = 120 Karma = 40 that allows normal breathing in air, while they modified human genes to produce two
turning the flesh from normal blue to distinct separate races, the Deviants and
KNOWN POWERS: human flesh-tones. This chemical allows the Eternals. The Deviants were created
Body Armor: Good airbreathing for 24-hours. An Atlantean with a genetically unstable gene structure,
hero that gains water-breathing ability as so that each generation will be radically
Asgardians are the most human-looking a Power can breathe air normally. different from previous generations. Any
and powerful of the intelligent races of Deviant character has the choice of

additional strength benefits (in addition to More than a hundred Eternals in one when the first mammals had appeared on
any rolled for the character) or two location can form the Uni-Mind, an energy Earth. The Kree are naturally blue-skinned,
additional Powers. creation that resembles a huge brain with though a paleskinned mutation has
Class 1000 abilities under the control of the flourished to the point that the original Kree
Deviants have a warped sense of beauty, Eternal leader. This creation has Class are a powerful minority.
regarding hideousness as attractiveness 1000 Reason and is used as a
and vice versa. Corruption is valued. parliamentary device to gather a consensus Kree possess extremely powerful
Deviants judged unacceptable are slain by for Eternal affairs. The Uni-Mind also has technology including interstellar drive and
their society, so those with exceptional offensive Powers, but when it challenged genetic manipulation devices, but not time
appearance or Powers may be renegades the Celestials, it was destroyed and the travel. They are responsible for the Terran
at best. They rule large areas of controlling force, Zuras, was slain. Less Inhuman race and the Blue Area of the
underground caverns, with their main base than 100 Eternals can create a Uni-Mind of Moon. They have created powerful robotic
being the Lemurian City of Toads. They are a power equal to their percentage (80 Sentries that act as recorders and
at this writing ruled by Kro. Eternals create a Uni-Mind of 80% power). protectors of their installation. They have
interest in Earth not only for its native
Deviant technology is highly advanced, but Eternals have for the most part departed races, but for its location near a natural
the race has yet to understand how to Earth. The Terran Eternals have departed space warp nexus and advantageous
correct its genetic curse. their homes in Olympia, Oceana, and position in regard to the Skrulls.
Polaria in order to explore the universe as
Eternals the Uni-Mind, leaving a handful of The Kree are ruled by a group organism
F A S E R I P adventurers and renegades behind. An made up of the minds of past rulers, called
Gd Ex In Am Ex Rm Rm Eternal outpost on Saturns moon Titan is the Supreme Intelligence. Like the Kree
Health = 120 Karma = 70 ruled by Mentor, father of Starfox and themselves, the Supreme Intelligence
Thanos, and is still recovering from a seems limited in imagination, and the
KNOWN POWERS: recent war. development of the Kree race has hit its
Invulnerability apex.
Cosmic Energy Manipulation Inhumans
Flight (Unearthly: 40 areas/round) F A S E R I P Lemurians
Gd Ex Ex Rm Gd Gd Gd F A S E R I P
The Celestials other experiment in early hu- Health = 80 Karma = 30 Gd Ty Ex Rm Ty Ty Gd
manity were the highly advanced and super- Health = 66 Karma = 22
humanly powerful Eternals, a long-lived, Inhumans are a divergent human race
clearly human-looking race that wields great created by the Kree on the model of the KNOWN POWERS:
Powers of cosmic energy manipulation. Eternals. While generally superior to Water Breathing
mainstream humanity, the discovery of Swimming (2 areas/round)
All Eternals are Invulnerable to Heat, Cold, Terrigen mist and exposure of the Inhuman Resist Cold: Excellent
Energy, Electricity, Radiation, Toxins, and populace to that chemcial accounts for their Mystic Origin
Disease. They do not age. They can still be widespread differences in abilities.
affected by Stun, Slam, and Kill results, but The Lemurians are a branch of homo
only by scattering their ashes over a wide All Inhumans may be considered Altered mermanus that migrated to the Pacific
area of space can they be permanently Humans when generating Powers and Ocean and settled in the ruins of ancient
slain. They are still vulnerable to mental Talents. Inhumans may inherit their traits Lemuria. They are similar to their Atlantic
and magical attacks. from their parents, or gain them from cousins in their air-breathing limitations.
exposure to the mist, either at the wish of
Eternals can manipulate Cosmic Energy in their parents, or upon reaching the age of The Lemurians are set apart from their
a number of discrete fashions. Any Eternal consent (31 Terran years). Atlantic relations by the discovery or
character created may be considered to development of the Serpent Crown, an
draw his or her individual Power from Inhuman technology is highly advanced, artifact of ancient power that places the
Cosmic Energy manipulation, including in particularly in the area of Genetics. The user in mystic contact with Set, an
some cases such forms as Shape-Shifting, Inhumans home city of Attilan was snakelike elder demon. Veneration of this
Teleportation, and Matter Manipulation. originally in (not under) the Atlantic Ocean crown and its use in rulership have made
Eternals may project cosmic energy as at a similar time as Atlantis. They have the Lemurians skin greenish and scaly. It
Force Bolts of Amazing range and Intensity. moved Attilan twice, once to the has also given them a greater potential to
Eternals may perform Power stunts with Himalayans, and the second time to the wield magic. They can perform magic of a
their cosmic energy abilities to assume Blue Area of the Moon. Dimensional type by invoking Set.
other super-human Powers, though most
stay within their self-imposed limits, Kree The Lemurians are currently ruled by
working to increase their Powers in discrete F A S E R I P Karthon the Questor. It is unknown what
personalized areas. Gd Ty Ex Ex Gd Gd Ty relationship, if any, the Lemurians have
Health = 56 Karma = 26 with the Deviants and their City of Toads.
Eternals fly by means of Levitation, mentally
projecting themselves through the air. They The Kree are a race of aliens that were
may lift and carry others with them as well. carving an interstellar empire at a time

New Men The Olympians are ruled by Zeus, the and an as-yet-undiscovered (or extinct)
F A S E R I P mythological head of the Pantheon. race of Skrull Eternals. The skrulls lost their
* * * * Gd Gd Gd Olympians such as Hercules and Venus shape-shifting ability in a recent battle in
Health = special Karma = 30 still walk among humans. the Skrull Civil War, when a bomb was
detonated which mutagenically locked their
The New Men are an artificial race of Shiar shapes.
mutagenically altered, human-size animals, F A S E R I P
created by the High Evolutionary, given Gd Gd Rm Gd Gd Gd Gd Who rules the Skrulls changes with the
humanequivalent minds and Health = 60 Karma = 30 location in the remains of the Empire. After
consciousness. Their initial physical stats the resolution of the eons-long Kree-Skrull
are those of their original animal stock The Shiar are an expansionist alien race war (final declaration: a tie), Nova brought
(original Armadillo stock is Feeble in all whose empire is still developing, the Eater of Worlds, Galactus, to the Skrull
physical abilities), but the New Men will emcompassing a wide variety of other alien Throneworld, which he then consumed,
have the listed nonphysical abilities, plus races. The Shiar themselves are destroying most of the Skrull ruling class.
any special traits they possessed before. descended from avian ancestors, and Various factions have attempted to seize
though mammalian in appearance retain control of the remains, including planetary
The New Men were first created on some avian vestiges. governors, starship admirals, and galactic
Wundergore Mountain, in Trasnia, and pirates. The victor has not been declared,
trained by the High Evolutionary in knightly The Shiar are highly advanced, and have but the battle is being watched by the Kree
arts and virtues to combat the demon warp drive ships and instanteous and Shiar, the other two dominant empires
Chthon. The High Evolutionary built atomic teleporters with intergalactic range, called in our part of the universe.
steeds as mounts for these knights. One stargates. Their interest in Earth is based
was rescued from the mountain by the purely on its location near a natural space Thugs, Crooks, and Supporting Cast
Beast and repaired, and is now used by the warp nexus, and they have in the past
current Black Knight. cared as much for Earths inhabitants as The following list is of supporting players
humans care about apes gathered near a for your campaign: common criminals,
The New Men have left Earth and currently jungle railway station. goons that are used by major villains, as
have colonized Wundergore II, a planet well as the forces of conventional law and
orbiting Sirius, the Dog Star. The Shiar count a number of alien races in order and normal folks. Normal folks can
their empire, with varying degrees of be generated randomly on column 2 of the
Olympians freedom dependent on their loyalty to the Primary Abilities table, page 5 in the
F A S E R I P throne. The ruler of the empire commands Players Book. This handy reference deals
Gd Ex In Am Ty Ty Rm the Imperial Guard, an organization of with with common types, talents, and
Health = 120 Karma = 42 super-powered aliens (Shiar and others) equipment.
who keep the peace in the empire. The
KNOWN POWERS: current ruler of the Shiar is called Thug
Body Armor Deathbird, who desposed her sister F A S E R I P
Immortality Lilandra Neramani from the throne with the Gd Ty Ty Ty Pr Pr Pr
aid of the Badoon and Brood, other alien Health = 28 Karma = 12
The Olympians are the superhuman resi- races. Neramani is on the run from Abilities: None
dents of the pocket dimension of Olympia. Deathbirds forces, with her lover Charles Notes: Run of the mill criminal rank and
Like the Asgardians, who were also Xavier and the intergalactic freebooters file. May carry knives or handguns.
worshipped as deities by early civilizations, called the Starjammers.
they have Good protection from physical Henchman
attack, but unlike the Asgardians, the Skrull F A S E R I P
Olympians are true immortals, and as such F A S E R I P Gd Ty Ty Gd Pr Ty Pr
are very difficult to slay. Gd Ty Ty Ty Gd Ty Ty Health = 32 Karma = 14
Health = 28 Karma = 22 Abilities: Weapon skill
The pocket dimension of Olympus has its Notes: These are the product of the
earthly terminus in Greece, and it was here The Skrulls are an ancient race with an training academy of Taskmaster, a super-
and throughout the Mediterranean that ancient empire. They were not warlike powered villain who specializes in training
these beings were venerated. They used originally, but the long wars with Kree, who the henchmen that other super-powered
the Eternals of Olympia as their stole their original technology, have made villains (such as Doc Ock) use in their
representatives among men, which resulted them militaristic and cruel, bending their gangs, This training includes some weapon
in confusion between the Eternals and the technology to weapons of war. skill, and familiarity with the high-tech
Olympian pantheon (made worse by equipment (blasters, lasers, exoskeletons
similarity in name and appearanceZeus Until recently, Skrulls had the natural power that amplify natural ability) used by these
and Zuras, Athena and Thena, Mercury and of Shape-Shifting/Imitation with Amazing villains.
Makkari). The Olympian pantheon is no ability. This is due to Celestial interference
longer worshipped save for Neptune/ in their planets history similar to that which
Poseidon, who is venerated by the on Earth produced the Deviants and
Atlanteans. Eternais. This modification produced the
present Skrulls, the race of Dire Wraiths,

Young Tough Health = 46 Karma = 16 institution or on a college campus. There
F A S E R I P Abilities: Military skill and Contacts Notes: are specialists in their fields that have
Ty Gd Ty Ty Pr Pr Pr Soldiers include elements of the US Army, higher Reason abilities, but they are
Health = 28 Karma = 14 Navy, and National Guard, trained to fight generally loners, usually because their
Abilities: None en masse. They have access to higher advancements are so far beyond the
A younger version of the standard thug. destructive technology (bombs, tanks, etc.). bounds of modern science, or their pet
Travels in packs to make up for low theories are ridiculed, that they reject the
Fighting ability. Often carries knives and Mercenary establishment. (Many super-powered
blunt objects, rarely handguns. In rural F A S E R I P villains got their start in this fashion.)
areas uses motorcycles. Ex Gd Gd Gd Ty Ty Pr
Health = 50 Karma = 16 Lawyer
Enforcers Abilities: Military and Shooting weapons skill F A S E R I P
F A S E R I P Notes: Mercenaries are trained specialists Pr Ty Ty Ty Ty Gd Ty
Gd Ty Gd Ty Ty Ty Ty who fight for a living (unlike soldiers, who in Health = 22 Karma = 22
Health = 32 Karma = 18 general serve for a relatively short time). Abilities: Law
Abilities: None Mercenaries sell their services to the Notes: Most hero organizations (and a
Notes: Large, tough goons used by criminal highest bidders, and drift from war to war in bunch of villains as well) have a lawyer on
organizations as soldiers in their battles search of employment. retainer: that is, they pay the man to be
against each other and as threats in shaking around when they need representation in
down merchants. They carry a variety of Fire-Fighter court. The Avengers and Fantastic Four
weapons: knives, handguns, clubs, and F A S E R I P both used the services of Murdock and
other heavy instruments of destruction. Ty Ty Gd Ex Ty Gd Ty Nelson, until that operation folded. Hiring a
Health = 42 Karma = 22 lawyer is an Excellent cost, though there
Hit Men Abilities: First Aid are avenues available to those who cannot
F A S E R I P Notes: Fire-fighters arrive on the scene of a afford this.
Ty Gd Ty Gd Ty Ty Ty fire with fire trucks and other equipment,
Health = 32 Karma = 18 including fire hoses, extinguishers, Businessman
Abilities: Marksmanship asbestos suits, and other protective gear. F A S E R I P
Notes: These are specialists, contracted Pr Ty Ty Ty Ty Ty Ty
assassins who are used when the need Paramedic Health = 22 Karma = 18
arises, usually against non super-human F A S E R I P Abilities: Varies
targets. These individuals use assault rifles Pr Ty Ty Gd Gd Ty Ty Notes: Your typical New Yorker (or San
with sniper sights. Health = 26 Karma = 22 Franciscan or Clevelander). Standard
Abilities: First Aid human stats. Good for crowds or
Policeman Notes: Paramedics operate out of ambu- endangered passers-by. Includes
F A S E R I P lances equipped with medication and other politicians, secretaries, ice cream vendors,
Gd Gd Ty Gd Ty Ty Ty life-support equipment. Their job is to get the and the entire spectrum of normal everyday
Health = 36 Karma = 18 sick and injured to the hospital in stable (or people.
Abilities: Law Enforcement skill better) condition. They carry oxygen, a power
Notes: Standard agent of law-enforcement. saw, and a hydraulic jack winch. Federal Agents
Walks a beat or patrols in a squad car. F A S E R I P
Equipment includes a billy club and Doctor Gd Ex Gd Gd Gd Gd Gd
handgun. May make arrests. F A S E R I P Health = 50 Karma = 30
Pr Gd Ty Gd Gd Gd Gd Abilities: Law Enforcement, Marksmanship
SWAT Operative Health = 30 Karma = 30 Notes: Federal agents include investigative
F A S E R I P Abilities: Medicine agents of the FBI, CIA, OSS, KGB, and
Ex Gd Gd Ty Ty Ty Gd Notes: Doctors are the conventional other alphabetized agencies. They normally
Health = 46 Karma = 22 method of stopping loss of Endurance in carry handguns, but generally in the field
Abilities: Law Enforcement and critically wounded characters, as well as they act in an information-gathering
Marksmanship skills. taking care of diseases and illness. There capacity.
Notes: Special Weapons and Tactics teams are diseases that are beyond present
are attached to most modern police forces to technology to cure, though, and the special
handle volatile situations. Members wear flak problems of super-powered individuals may
jackets for protection and are expected to require equally specialized treatments.
fight under dangerous conditions. In dealing
with super-powered opponents, some SWAT Scientist
teams are equipped with mechanical F A S E R I P
exoskeletons and nullifying restraints. Pr Ty Pr Ty Ex Gd Ty
Health = 20 Karma = 36
Soldier Abilities: Any one Scientific Talent
F A S E R I P Notes: The above stats are for the typical
Ex Gd Ty Gd Ty Ty Pr scientist to be found in a research

Character Information Sheet
Player Name

Heros Name Group Affiliation Base of Operations

Heros Identity Secret Public Age Origin

Primary Abilities Secondary Abilities

Initial Initial Current Current
Roll Rank Rank Rank Number Health Karma Resources Popularity
F +A+ S + E R+I+P
Special Abilities


Talents: Contacts:
Advancement Fund

Karma Pool
INDEX Disease, 12 I
C Drowning, 13 Ice, 12
Character Modeling, 4 Intensities Table, 8
Combat Column shifts, 7 E
Table, 9 Encounters J
results, 10 conflict, 18 Judges roles, 3
special situations, 7 problem, 18
and weather, 7-8 random, 21 L
underwater, 10 resolution, 18 Limitations
zero-gravity, 10 raising single Power, 4
Contacts F raising multiple Powers, 4
activated, 14 FEATS
floating, 13-14 automatic, 5 N
getting equipment from, 13 impossible, 5 NPCs, 3, 58-63
getting information from, 13 Fire, 12 villains, 19-21, 42-53
Fold-ups, 22 and Karma gain, 20
D and Karma loss, 20
Deathtraps, 19-20 H and spending Karma, 20
Default condition, 6 Healing, 10 Popularity, 21
Holding ones breath, 13

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Blunt Edged Shooting Throwing Throwing Energy Force Grap- Grab- Escap- Charg- Dodging Evad- Blocking Catching Stun? Slam? Kill?
Attacks Attacks Attacks Edged Blunt pling bing ing ing ing
BA EA Sh TE TB En Fo Gp Gb Es Ch Do Ev Bl Ca St Sl Ki
Endur- Endur- Endur- Endur-
Fighting Fighting Agility Agility Agility Agility Agility Strength Strength Strength ance Agility Fighting Strength Agility ance ance ance
White Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss None Autohit -6 CS Autohit 1-10 Gr.Slam En. Loss
Green Hit Hit Hit Hit Hit Hit Hit Miss Take Miss Hit -2 CS Evasion -4 CS Miss 1 1area E/S
Yellow Slam Stun Bullseye Stun Hit Bullseye Bullseye Partial Grab Escape Slam -4 CS +1 CS -2 CS Damage No Stagger No
Red Stun Kill Kill Kill Stun Kill Stun Hold Break Reverse Stun -6 CS +2 CS +1 CS Catch No No No
0 Fe Pr Ty Gd Ex Rm In Am Mn Un X Y Z 1000 3000 5000 B
Exce- Remark- Incre- Amaz- Monst- Unear-
Shift Feeble Poor Typical Good llent able dible ing rous thly Shift Shift Shift Class Class Class Beyond
0 2 4 6 10 20 30 40 50 75 100 150 200 500 1000 3000 5000
0 1-2 3-4 5-7 8-15 16-25 26-36 37-45 46-62 63-87 88-125 126-175 176-350 351+