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Conflict and Peace

Pupils guide
Summary 3. What are rules for? Are the rules useful? If so,
why? If not, why not? Why do we need rules?
Pupils consider the process of creating and Discuss these questions with your
maintaining peaceful environments through fair classmates.
rules and practices. They collaborate to produce
a set of rules that would promote and develop 4. Imagine you are setting up an international
intercultural understanding, and take action to school. What rules (written and unwritten)
apply learning to their own educational setting. would you create for the classroom? With
your partner class, write a joint set of rules
for your international school classroom.
Instructions to pupils 5. Imagine someone breaks one of the rules.
1. Imagine some of the children from your How will you sort it out? Why is that the best
partner school are coming to your class. way? Role play and video different scenarios
What are the unwritten rules (the things and send to your partner class. Do both
that everyone does without anyone telling schools have similar or different solutions?
you to), e.g. sitting in a specific place, putting Why?
your hand up to talk? Tell your partner class
6. If someone from a different country joined
exactly what to do and how to fit in. Role play
your imaginary international school class,
and, if possible, video your actions, and
how would you find out what they think is
explain what you are doing.
normal? What would you do? How would you
2. Exchange videos. When you receive the adapt so that everyone is included?
video from your partner school, watch it and
7. Are your joint rules for the international
discuss which rules are familiar. Which are
school relevant to your own school? Are you
new or strange to you? Ask your partner
going to use these rules (or some of them) in
class about the rules and reasons for rules if
your school? Why/why not?
you do not understand.

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