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CCA2 Help Videos

Chapter 1 - Investigations and Functions

Linear Equation (Standard Form & Slope Intercept Form)
Domain and Range (Interval Notation and Inequality Notation and More Interval Notation)
Points of Intersection (On a Graphing Calculator)
Quadratic Formula
Zero Product Property (Solving a Quadratic by Factoring)
Triangle Trigonometry (Trigonometric Ratios)
Function (Function Basics and Function Notation & Evaluating Functions)
Asymptote (Vertical, Horizontal, etc.)
Families of Functions

Chapter 2 - Transformations of Parent Graphs

Modeling Non-Linear Data (Curve of Best Fit on Graphing Calculator)
Parabolas (Quadratic Functions)
Graphing a Parabola Without a Table (Graphing Form) (x-Intercepts, y-intercepts)
Forms of Quadratic Equations (Standard, Factored, Graphing/Vertex, Perfect Square)
Exact Radical Form vs. Approximate Decimal Form
Completing the Square with Algebra Tiles and more Completing the Square
Transformations of Parent Graphs
Point-Slope Form for Lines (NOT quadratic)
Even and Odd Functions
Transforming Piecewise Functions
Checkpoint 2A: Finding the Distance Between Two Points and the Equation of a Line
Distance Formula
Equation of a Line Between Two Points
Checkpoint 2B: Solving Linear Systems in Two Variables
Solving Systems of Equations with Substitution
Solving Linear Systems with Substitution
Solving Systems with Graphing/Equal Values Method
Solving Systems by Graphing

Chapter 3 - Equivalent Forms

Equivalent Expressions (Simplifying Exponents and multiplying polynomials)
Area Model for Multiplying Polynomials (Finding Missing Pieces)
Difference of Squares
Holes in Graphs
Open and Closed Sets
Simplifying Rational Expressions (Polynomials & Cancelling aka Giant One)
Multiplying and Dividing Rational Expressions (Polynomials)
Adding and Subtracting Rational Expressions (LCM of Polynomials)
Checkpoint 3A: Expressions with Integral and Rational Exponents
Simplifying Exponents
Simplifying Radical Expressions Involving Variables
Radicals and Roots
Fractional Exponents
Checkpoint 3B: Using Function Notation and Identifying Domain and Range
Function Basics and Function Notation & Evaluating Functions
Domain and Range (Interval Notation and Inequality Notation and More Interval Notation)

Chapter 4 - Solving and Intersections

Strategies for Solving Equations (Rewriting, Looking Inside, Undoing)
Solving Equations and Systems Graphically and More
Extraneous Solution
Finding Multiple Solutions to Systems of Equations (Elimination and Substitution)
Using Systems to Solve Word Problems (Linear and Non-Linear)
Applying Systems of Linear Inequalities
Solving Inequalities with One and Two-Variables (and Non-Linear)
Checkpoint 4A: Writing Equations for Arithmetic and Geometric Sequences
Arithmetic Sequences
Geometric Sequences
Checkpoint 4B: Solving for One Variable in an Equation with Two or More Variables (Isolating a
Re-writing Multi-Variable Equations

Chapter 5 - Inverse and Logarithms

Undo a Function (Inverse Operations) - Guess My Number
Using a Graph to Find an Inverse
Inverse Notation and More
Finding Inverses of Functions (& Justifying Algebraically)
Inverse of Exponential Function
Logarithmic Functions
Transformations of Logarithmic Functions
Checkpoint 5A: Multiplying Polynomials
Checkpoint 5B: Factoring Quadratics
Factoring Quadratic Expressions
Factoring Polynomials (Generic Rectangle & Diamond Problem)

Chapter 6 - 3-D Graphing and Logarithms

3-Dimensional Model (x,y,z)
Graphing Equations in 3 Dimensions and More
Intro to Systems of Three-Variable Equations and Solving Systems with Three-Variables
Solving Systems with 3 Unknowns
Using Systems of Three Equations for Curve Fitting
Using Logarithms to Solve Exponential Equations and More
Properties of Logarithms and Part 2 and More and More
Exponential Function Equations
From Exponential Graph to Exponential Equation
Applying Logarithms
Checkpoint 6A: Multiplying and Dividing Rational Expressions (Polynomials)
Checkpoint 6B: Adding and Subtracting Rational Expressions (LCM of Polynomials)

Chapter 7 - Trigonometric Functions

Graphing Sine Function
Unit Circle to Graph; & How to Remember Unit Circle & Graph to Unit Circle
Graphing Cosine Function and More Graphing Cosine
Intro to Radians, Radians & Degrees
Converting Degrees to Radians and Radians to Degrees
Building Unit Circle (Radians)
Tangent Function and More
Transformations of y=sin(x) and More
Cyclic Function (Period, Midline, Amplitude, Orientation, Horizontal Shift) and More and More
Checkpoint 7A: Finding the x- and y-intercepts of a Quadratic Function
Checkpoint 7B: Completing the Square to Find the Vertex of a Parabola
Completing the Square with Algebra Tiles
Completing the Square

Chapter 8 - Polynomials
Sketching Graphs of Polynomials and More
Polynomials (Degree, Coefficient, Constant Terms) and More Intro to Polynomials
Stretch Factors for Polynomial Functions and More
Imaginary Number Introduction and More
Intro to Rational & Irrational Numbers
Quadratic Equations & Complex Roots
Exponential Form to Find Complex Roots
Roots of Complex Numbers
Complex Axes and Planes
Dividing Polynomials and More and More
Dividing Polynomials with Synthetic Division
Checkpoint 8A: Solving and Graphing Inequalities
Solving Inequalities with One and Two-Variables (and Non-Linear)
Graphing Two-Variable Inequalities
Checkpoint 8B: Solving Complicated Equations
Solving Equations with Absolute Value
Solving Equations with Roots or Multiple Radicals
Solving Equations with Cubes (third power)

Chapter 9 - Randomization and Normal Distributions

Survey Vocabulary & Design (Bias, Population, Census, Parameters, Sample, Statistics)
Types of Statistical Studies
Random Sampling
Convenience Sampling
Observational Study (lurking variables, experiment, treatment, placebo)
Causation vs Correlation and More
Relative Frequency Histograms
Normal Probability Density Function
Normal Distribution
Checkpoint 9A: Writing and Solving Exponential Equations
Exponential Function Equations
From Exponential Graph to Exponential Equation
Checkpoint 9B: Finding the Equation for the Inverse of a Function

Chapter 10 - Series
Basic Sigma Notation
Arithmetic Series and Arithmetic Series in Sigma Notation
Arithmetic Series Sum Notation
Geometric Series and Geometric Series in Sigma Notation
Sum of an Infinite Geometric Series
Infinite Series
Pascals Triangle and More Pascals Triangle
Binomial Theorem
Intro to Combinations
Intro to Permutations
Combinations and Permutations; Comparing Combinations and Permutations
Number e and More
Compound Interest
Continuously Compounded Interest
Checkpoint 10: Rewriting Expressions and Solving Equations with Logarithms

Chapter 11 - Simulating and Sampling Variability

Simulations of Probability and More
Area Model of Probability
Sampling Variability (Sampling Distribution, Margin of Error)
Statistical Hypothesis Test (Claim) and More
Sample-to-Sample Variability
Statistical Process Control (x-bar process control chart, in and out of control)
Checkpoint 11: Solving Rational Equations and More

Chapter 12 - Analytic Trigonometry

Analyzing Trig Equations
Solving Trig Equations
Inverse Sine and Inverse Cosine and Inverse Tangent
Reciprocal Trig Functions and More
Pythagorean Identity and More
Using Trig Identities
Angle Sum Formula and More
Angle Difference Formula