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The Newsletter of Minnesota Wing, Civil Air Patrol April 2007

A Cadet Color Guard proudly posts the colors of the new St. Cloud Composite Squadron during the merger of the
North Star Cadet and St. Cloud Senior Squadrons. Photo: Capt Rich Sprouse

Squadrons Become One in St. Cloud

St. Cloud’s North Star Cadet and St. Cloud Senior Squadrons joined forces during a ceremony April 9, 2007 at the local
armory to become the St. Cloud Composite Squadron.

Civil Air Patrol squadrons across the country have moved to a composite format to better share resources and centralize
operations. The North Star Cadet Squadron was one of the last of its type in Minnesota. The newly formed St. Cloud
Composite Squadron consists of 46 officers and 24 cadets.

Also during the event, US Congresswoman Michelle Bachmann, Minnesota State Senator Taryl Clark and Minnesota State
Representatives Larry Hosch and Sondra Erickson received their Civil Air Patrol membership certificates.

Honored guests and speakers at the event included Col. Stephen Miller, Minnesota Wing Commander, Lt. Col. Tom
Kettell, Minnesota Wing Vice Commander and Maj. Alan Matson, Group 2 Commander. Group 2 includes CAP squadrons
in St. Cloud, Blaine, Brainerd, Hutchinson and Willmar.

Also attending the event were Minnesota State Representatives Dan Severson and Steve Gottwalt.

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In this Issue of WingTips:

• Valley Helps Welcome Newest Citizens
• Member Recognition
• Commander’s Column
• Around the Wing and Much More!!!!!
Commander’s Column Kegel Recognized for Service
Colonel Stephen Miller as Wing’s ES Officer
Commander, Minnesota Wing
With Wing Conference
behind us I want to
again thank the entire
conference crew for
the excellent job they
did on organizing this
year’s conference.
Most members do not
know the amount of
work and planning that
go into putting on an
event such as this one.
There were over 340 attendees this year, up from 275 in
2006. Feedback has been very positive on the new
learning lab format. Lt. Col. Stan Kegel, former Wing Emergency Services
Officer was recognized for his 6 years of service with the
At the Wing Conference this year we announced the Meritorious Service Award by Col. Miller at the April
implementation of the Wing Banker’s program. National 2007 Wing Staff Meeting.
Headquarters has put together this program and in the
next 18 months, it will be implemented by all 52 Wings. Maj. Jay Craswell took over Kegel’s duties in mid
It’s not optional. The overall goal of this program is for February.
the Civil Air Patrol Corporation to receive an
“unqualified” audit. Lt. Col. Kegel will be staying involved in Emergency
Services as an Incident Commander and will be
Minnesota Wing will be implementing this program developing a series of ES training videos as well as
beginning in May, 2007. We will begin with a few working on a variety of special projects for the ES area.
smaller squadrons. The small scale start is designed to
get any operational issues worked out prior to the entire
Wing rollout. We have assembled a great team for this Red Wing Cadet Earns
implementation. There may be some bumps in the road.
But with a positive, can-do attitude you will find the Milestone Award
program will work and reduce some of the reporting now
required of squadrons. In April 2007, Cadet Chief Master Sergeant Alex Walker
received the Brig. Gen. Billy Mitchell Award and was
As we come up on the major CAP activity months let’s promoted to Cadet 2nd Lt.
keep the safety factor in mind on all that we do. Our
check pilots recently completed their annual training.
Our SAREXs are all scheduled. Our cadets are
extremely active. There’s a lot going on.

My priorities have not changed since I took command.

1) Be safe, 2) Don’t break the rules, and 3) Have fun.

Let’s have a great spring.

Semper Vigilans

From Left to Right, 1st Lt. Rodney and Annette Walker,

C/2nd Lt. Alex Walker, Col. Miller and Capt Stacy
Wegner, Red Wing Deputy Commander for Cadets.

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Squadrons Become One
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Col. Miller presents State Representative Sondra Erickson

(Princeton) with a membership in the Minnesota Wing
Col. Miller presents US Representative Michelle Bachman with Legislative Squadron.
a membership in CAP’s Congressional Squadron.

Lt. Col. Greg Nastrom (right) receives the Commander’s

Commendation Award from Col. Miller for his service as the
Col. Miller presents State Senator Taryl Clark (St. Cloud) with Commander of the St Cloud Senior Squadron.
a membership in the Minnesota Wing Legislative Squadron.

Dunlevy elected as Regional

Council Chair
C/Lt. Col. Matt Dunlevy
of Anoka County
Squadron was elected
chair of the North
Central Region Cadet
Advisory Council at their
April meeting.

Dunlevy was the chair of

the Wing CAC as well as
the Commander of the
15th CTS at last year’s
Col. Miller presents State Representative Larry Hosch (St. Encampment.
Joseph) with a membership in the Minnesota Wing Legislative
Dunlevy’s term starts at the 2007 National Board
meeting in Atlanta.

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He also reminded the new citizens that no one has the
Valley Squadron Presents right to tell them they have to do something on the basis
Colors at Naturalization of their religious or political beliefs. They have a
freedom of choice and the right to vote according to their
Ceremony personal beliefs.

Judge Rosenbaum then said a few remarks, stating that

all citizens of the U.S., except for the Native Americans,
are descended from immigrants. He encouraged the new
citizens to take advantage of what the United States has
to offer them.

This was the first of a series of naturalization ceremonies

that the Civil Air Patrol is being asked to present the
colors for this year. Any squadron that can take
advantage of this opportunity should do so, since it is an
event very few native-born citizens ever get to
participate in, and it is a very strong reminder that the
rights and privileges we take for granted are a new
experience to many of those who come to take up
residence and become citizens of this country.

Interested squadrons can contact Lt. Col. Doug Kilian.

Cadet Encampment
Registration Open until 31
On Wednesday, April 11th, 1300 immigrants from over
100 countries along with their families and friends
converged on the Minneapolis Convention Center to Registration for this year’s Cadet Encampment is
become citizens of the United States in a naturalization underway. To participate a cadet must have been a
ceremony. The ceremony was opened with a graduate of an Encampment Preparatory School or hold
presentation of colors by the Valley Composite the earned grade of C/SSgt or be 14 years of age. Cadets
Squadron’s Color Guard. Participating were Cadets Mark must be approved by their parents and Squadron
Albrecht, Tim Blesi, Brian Kiser, and Kaelyn Olson. Commander.

Chief Judge James M Rosenbaum presided over the Applications are due online 31 May and the
proceedings, administering the Oath of Citizenship to signature/payment form (with check for complete
those present. activity fee) must be postmarked by 1 June. Any
applications not postmarked by that date will be subject
After the new citizens said the Pledge of Allegiance for to the $50 late fee and will be rejected if not postmarked
the first time, Qadir Aware, Director of the Sioux Falls by 15 June.
Multi-Cultural Center, was presented as the keynote
speaker. Mr. Aware had fled Iraqi Kurdistan while the Online Registration is available at
region was under the rule of former dictator Saddam
He spoke of the fact that all citizens in the United States Questions about this year’s encampment or the SDS can
have the same rights, regardless of color, religion, or be directed to:
other factors. All citizens here have the same access to
protection under the law, something he did not receive in
his homeland, and all citizens here have the same rights
Wing Conference Featured in
of access to those who make the laws in this land,
something he pursued in this country even when they did
WingTips Special Edition
not necessarily want to listen to him.
This year’s Wing Conference is featured in a special
edition of WingTips. To view the issue please got to

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Fourteen new cadets have joined the St. Cloud
Composite Squadron in the past year.

“We thought that organizing such an event would be

beneficial since there are so many questions by parents
of new cadets,” said Capt. Ryan Brovold, St. Cloud
Composite Squadron commander. “It’s also a good
recruiting tool for future cadets and senior officers. We
were very pleased with the turnout.”

1st Lt. Michelle Baxter, a member of the US Air Force,

and former St. Cloud Squadron CAP cadet, also
addressed those attending. The 2004 graduate of the US
Air Force ROTC program at the University of North
Dakota is currently stationed at Misawa Air Force Base
Capt. Russ Portele makes a point during the St Cloud
in Japan. She shared with the group the educational
Squadron Open House
opportunities provided through ROTC and how being a
CAP cadet has helped her in her career.
Parents’ Night a Big Success “The principles I learned as a cadet, being a good leader
for St. Cloud Squadron and follower, followed me through college to the US Air
Force,” Baxter said. “I look back fondly, and often, on
A crisp display of the flag by the cadet color guard my CAP experiences and encourage all young people
greeted about 65 family and CAP members as the St. and parents to get involved in a great program.”
Cloud Composite Squadron held its first “Parents’
Night” on April 16. Applications for the 2007
Cadets and senior officers used both PowerPoint Staff Development Squadron
presentations and hands-on, practical examples to
provide their guests with an overview of Civil Air being accepted
Patrol’s cadet program aerospace education, and
emergency services missions, as well as squadron Encampment officials have announced that they have
operations. begun to accept applications for the 2007 Staff
Development Squadron.
Jarren Friedrich of Becker is the squadron’s newest
cadet. His parents, Kyle and Lori Friedrich, found the The SDS is a program for cadets who have already
event helpful and informative. attended an encampment as a basic cadet. The mission of
the SDS is to help prepare cadets to serve on the staff of
“I thought that both the cadets and senior officers did future Cadet Training Group staffs and at the home
a nice job of explaining the major parts of CAP,” said squadron. To accomplish this mission, several tools are
Kyle Friedrich. “I could really see the maturity and used including classroom instruction, practical/hands-on
leadership qualities in some of the older cadets when leadership laboratories, physical training, CTG staff
they spoke in front of the audience. They didn't shadowing and many others. It is a challenging and fun
fidget, look at their toes when they spoke or use the week.
word ‘like’ six times per sentence.” He said he could
also see the excitement and pride both the cadets and Applications are due online 31 May and the
the senior officers had for the program. signature/payment form (with check for complete
activity fee) must be postmarked by 1 June. Any
Lori Friedrich agreed. “This was the most respectful and applications not postmarked by that date will be subject
confident group of young people that I've ever met. I to the $50 late fee and will be rejected if not postmarked
love that the senior officers and older cadets model by 15 June.
expected behavior for the younger cadets.”
This year’s SDS Director is Captain Mark Pomerleau of
“The part that was the most helpful for us was the North Hennepin Squadron. Interested cadets may apply
discussion of how the cadets get their uniforms,” the on line at
Friedrich’s said. “We were pretty confused on that.”

Minnesota WingTips April 2007 Page 5

Cadet Program Awards Officer Promotions
Wright Brothers Award Second Lieutenant
Luke Schiefelbein, St. Cloud Bruce Ansell, Duluth
Mark Albrecht, Valley Jesse Lund, Red Wing

Brig. Gen. Billy Mitchell Award First Lieutenant

Jason Anderson, 130th Robin Helgager, Northland
Matthew Nelson, Viking Caralyn Flack, Northland
Julie Crevier, Viking Paul Wentler, St Cloud

Senior Program Awards Susan Holmgren, Anoka County
Arnold Kwikkel, Pipestone
Gen Benjamin O. Davis Award (Level 2) D Martin, SE Minnesota
Susan Holmgren, Anoka Joshua Waddell, Viking
John Snyder, Duluth
Grover Loening Award (Level 3) Kim Johnson, Wing Headquarters
Stacy Wegner, Red Wing Gregory Sorenson, North Hennepin
Luke Wegner, Red Wing Kenneth Bureau, North Hennepin
Matthew Wiskow, SE Minnesota Clifford Tamplin, St Paul
Ryan Brovold, St. Cloud Ryan Brovold, St Cloud
Blane Pierson, St. Cloud
Lieutenant Colonel
Charlotte Miller, Valley

Wing Staff Members Earn Development Awards

Capt. Tom Lucey, receives the Lt. Col. Paul Adams (l) and Maj. Josh Puhl Capt. Janelle Gates receives the
Benjamin O. Davis Award from Col. (r) receive the Grover Loening Award from Paul E. Garber Award from Col.
Miller. Col. Miller Miller

WINGTIPS is a publication of the

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The views expressed, either written or implied, are not necessarily those of the U.S. Air Force, the Civil Air Patrol or Minnesota Wing.
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Wing Commander: Col. Stephen Miller Wing Public Affairs Officer: Capt. Al Pabon

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