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Stress and Strain Physics

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1. Introduction: The Nature of Science a

1.1 Physics: An Introduction Another
1.2 Physical Quantities and Units
force in
1.3 Accuracy, Precision, and Significant Figure everyday
life is the
1.4 Approximation
force of
drag on an
2. Kinematics object when
2.1 Displacement it is moving
in a fluid
2.2 Vectors, Scalars, and Coordinate Systems
(either a
2.3 Time, Velocity, and Speed gas or a
liquid). You
2.4 Acceleration
feel the
2.5 Motion Equations for Constant Acceleratio drag force
when you
2.6 Problem-Solving Basics for One-Dimensio move your

2.7 Falling Objects

2.8 Graphical Analysis of One-Dimensional Mo water. You
might also
3. Two-Dimensional Kinematics feel it if you
3.1 Kinematics in Two Dimensions: An Introdu move your
hand during
3.2 Vector Addition and Subtraction: Graphical
a strong

3.3 Vector Addition and Subtraction: Analytical wind. The

faster you
3.4 Projectile Motion move your

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