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Wear resistant, high tensile steel punch
plate on top deck prolongs screen life.
End tensioned bottom deck allows ease
of screen change.

Heavy Duty Scalping Screener STOCKPILING ABILITY

The 123 Sizer is able to stockpile to
heights of 11 for maximum production.
The McCloskey 123 Sizer is ideal for
quarrying and mining applications where only
very heavy duty equipment will meet your
Heavy duty all bolted screenbox offers the
The high strength, bolted construction largest range of working angles.
screen box is 10 ft. x 7 ft. (3.05 m x 2.13
m) and features a high tensile steel punch
plate on the top deck to handle the heaviest TRACK PROTECTION
of materials. A woven mesh of your choice Complete track recess protected by
makes up the bottom deck which is end cover plate, eliminates any potential
damage to the tracks.
tensioned to allow for fast screen changes.

A tracked option allows for high mobility

on difficult sites, while the optional second Separate feed provides more controlled feed,
conveyor gives you heavy duty three-way split reducing blockage and stoppages to the
heavy duty 48 wide separate incline belt.

Engine 100 hp (74 kW) Diesel

Transport Height 11 0 (3.36 m)
Transport Length 39 2 (11.95 m)
Transport Width 8 6 (2.60 m)
Stockpile Height 11 0 (3.36 m)
Weight* 51,800 lb (23,500 kg)

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