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by Satanic Orthodoxy (a Greek website article

translated with Google help- into English language)

- When one has devoted the following obligations:
To consider himself as God, as the center of the
universe and staff to enjoy the material pleasures.
To respect the image and the archetypal symbols of
To try to become similar to Satan, so in essence
embodies it.
To honor, to praise and worship Satan through
ceremonies, but not to offer sacrifices and not kneel him.
To keep the Laws of Satan.
(from the Dedication of the Soul to Satan, Author:
Cagliostro Merovingian Leonard)

Commonplace today (and only) our time, an attempt is

made to '' adapt '' all Orthodox religion (including the
Satanism) in the presence of centuries to date by
changing the contents depending on what usually
convenient fashion of the time and financial or religious
(pan-religion) interests of political elites in our Western
world. But religions having a clear theological
framework in their writings that established the existence
centuries or even millennia, can not be changed like
shirts depending on what is fashionable today or lifestyle
of the world. Rather, the opposite should be the case that

people can choose what religion by expressing his
beliefs, not religion chooses to adapt to its own, because
it is made a deity does not exist (image or thought form)
to serves individual interests (economic, ideological,
political, etc.) of the faithful, even though they may be
called by the same religion that presents! For example, if
you say that it is '' Christian '' or '' Satanist '', but gives
different characteristics to the divinity (Christ or Satan)
that says follow these Bible through which he learned
first the name and specific features, then turned directly
against it when we do things instead of this! To what
then shall be done that, should the believer be addressed
exclusively in religious texts concerning it and not broker
various groups or organizations that say they want
according to their own but interests (economic,
ideological, political, personal etc.). Exactly the same
tactics (what they say religious texts) and follow this
website for this and called Orthodox. Therefore, if you
hear, for example, someone telling you what work is
fascism and racism today within Satanism, you should
know that he does not suits to Satanism if he is '' Satanist
'' or an enemy who does not accommodated in the
presence of Satanism rather it should change Satanism as
a shirt that said or created tens' Satanism '' depending on
what express I of each. In this case, in the example, then
we talk consumables shirts with expiration dates of the
fashion (what should be believed) and not natural for a

After this necessary introduction done to get things in

place, we also understand that we can not apply to
existing religions what they say Masons that '' ... Modern
man must think on a global scale, we need to see beyond

racial, philosophical and religious barriers that often
separate him from the rest. Dogmatism in all its forms
only negative might be in our age ... '' (from the Masonic
website 'Masonic Events''), because in this case we are
talking about made religion (pan-religion) as a shirt
(which fit all media) when they tell us that it '' must '' to
think modern man based on their own interests rather
panreligion based on racial, philosophical and religious
barriers that often separate him from the others for
millennia! And why should not they change their
Masonic views, we say, but to embrace their own modern
man? Because they ask? And why should they care what
they ask and not what we ask? Nothing will therefore not
'' must '' be religious because they ask some today, except
those requested by the religion itself that wants someone
to follow, otherwise let's change religion or we choose
another or let us create a own different, but without using
the name of an already existing (eg satanism) or the
divinity (ie Satan) in order to destroy or distort this
existing because '' must '' be otherwise!

In the case of specific Satanism on and this site by

reading one different religious texts concerning Satan
understands then that the religion (Satanism) can not
exist without fascism (totalitarian or authoritarian
national government) and without racism (tribalism) as
revealed in the articles of this website. Therefore, it is
treated and handled enemy anybody wants to apply
different things, even if followed by devotional Satan,
because there is another and organizations (which is most
notably in America) as the 'Church of Satan' (Laveyans
inspiration handles) not worship (not consider him self-
conscious deity or entity as first reported in the Bible, but

as a symbol or power of their personal opinions). So, the
first religious event followed different things than they
wanted and did Satan as witnessed various religious
texts, while in the second case atheistic talk about
exploitation and abuse of the name 'Satanism' from
atheists. In both these cases, however, because an attempt
to defraud lure Satanists on their side (especially those
who wish to become) away ie actual or Orthodox (based
on religious texts) Satanism, clearly and should be
treated enemy of us ( if we want to continue to exist and
future), even through rival religions or ideological groups
or organizations also face the enemy for their own
reasons, without of course saying that there are Satanists
(No. text our job done).

thus indicating some religious examples of our articles

explaining in more detail the whole thing would initially
say that in the case of fascism (or outright authoritarian
national government), we have only to look back and
follows only religious texts:

- ACTS Z.: 14 And they all fell to the ground, I heard a

voice saying to me in Hebrew: "Saul, Saul, why
persecutest? It is hard for thee to kick goad ". 15 Then I
said: "Who are you, Lord?" And the Lord said: "I am
Jesus, whom you are persecuting. 16 Arise, though, and
wait on your feet.Because for this purpose I was visible
to you, to to elect as a servant and a witness both of
things you have seen and the things that will make you
see about me, 17 releasing at from this people and from
the nations in which I sending you, 18 to open their eyes,
to the shifts from darkness to light and from Satan's
power to God to receive forgiveness of sins and

inheritance among those who are sanctified by faith that
point to me ' (en National and Temporal of the Religion
of Satanists)

Here clearly says that Christ releases from the nations

that were under the power of Satan. Now, if Satan was
one anti-authoritarian or nation destroyer as to his
intentions as the current globalization and other
internationalist ideologies (Anarchy, Left, Liberalism,
etc.) who wish this (scrapping nations), not only will the
ruled ( contrary will destroy them), but will not be
offered this power in Christ if he worshiped (to bow
down to Satan):

- Jesus Christ referred to Satan as the "prince of this

world", in which he generally obeys humanity by giving
attention to the promptings of contempt of God's
requirements. (Jn. 14: 30; Eph. 2: 2) The Bible also calls
him "the god of this system of things," who is honored
with religious acts of people who support this
system.The-2 Cor. 4: 4; 1 Cor. 10:20
When the devil tried to make Jesus into temptation, "the
staged and showed him all the kingdoms of the inhabited
earth in an instant of time; and the Devil said:" I will give
you all this authority and their glory, because it has been
delivered to me, and to whomever I wish I give. If you,
then, do an act of worship before me, you will all be
yours. ' " (Lk. 4: 5-7) Revelation 13: 1, 2 reveals that
Satan gives 'power, throne and great authority' to the
global political system of government. Subsections
Daniel 10:13, 20 show that Satan had set demonic rulers
the main kingdoms of the earth. Ephesians 6:12 refers to
these as the "governments, powers, the rulers of this

darkness, the wicked spirit forces in the heavenly
No wonder that verse 1 John 5:19 says: "The whole
world lies in the power of the evil one."

What was now the constitution of these kingdoms with

the demonic lords set by Satan to them? To recall
through history:

'' The existence of many gods does not necessarily imply

democracy nor is it obvious, as they see the Neopagans
that promotes democracy. Not only because every city
persecuting anyone who does not worship the gods of
OWN, but for other reasons ...
The promotion of democracy from polytheism would
happen only if all the gods were completely equal to each
other. This equivalence, however, does not occur in no
mythology. There are many gods and equal to each
other.Everywhere, in all Panthea, there are superior and
inferior gods, stronger and weaker. The same happens in
the ancient Greek pantheon. The fact of the existence of
the twelve gods, does not mean that the twelve gods
decide together equally, having one vote! Jupiter, being
not only stronger than anyone god, but a total of all the
gods, impose by force its will ...
Sometimes democracy, then, does not mean the ancient
Greek polytheism. Weak gods subdued the powerful
Zeus, having no illusion of democracy. Not invoke no
equality and no democracy. Not create democracy
polytheism.Only Christianity, which emphasized the
ontological equality of people before God, and the triune
consubstantial (= the eminently sociable equal, dld
democracy) Godhead enables the actual, without

invocation of force / violence, democracy. As is the
neopagan unfounded claim that polytheism gave citizens
the right to reject a god and choose someone else from
the rest, equally unfounded is the New Age-
neopaganistkos assertion that democracy was the
brainchild of polytheism.
After polytheism leads to democracy and monotheism to
absolutism, then:
Why the polytheistic Sparta was not democratic?
-Why the polytheistic Macedonia was not democratic?
-Why the polytheistic Continent was not democratic?
-Why the polytheistic Thessaly was oligarchic, not
-Why the polytheistic Corinth was not democratic?
-Why the polytheistic Crete was not democratic?
-Why the polytheistic Mycenaean Greece was not
-Why the polytheistic Roman empire was not
-Why are polytheists Frangos (before Christianized) had
no democracy?
-Why are polytheists Bulgarians (before Christianized)
had no democracy?
Why the Russians polytheists (before Christianized) had
no democracy?
-Why the polytheistic Persia was not democratic?
-Why the polytheistic Egypt was not democratic?
-Why the polytheistic Assyria was not democratic?
-Why are polytheists Maya had no democracy?
Why the Aztecs were polytheists not a democracy?
Why the African animist had not a democracy?
-Why are polytheists Indians were not a democracy?
Why the Japanese were not polytheists (until 1945)

-And why even in "democratic" Athens of the Classical
era, the majority of citizens were SLAVES? And yet he
imposed Athenian hegemony of democracy with
weapons in other cities? Where was the democratic?
If antiquity explain the above examples on non-religious
grounds (based on economic or other factors), then we
can assume that the identification monotheism and
absolutism they do is pure lie. The polytheism is not
necessary nor sufficient condition for the emergence of
democracy, then.Rather, it is the incarnation of the jungle
laws of society ''
(from the 'Orthodox Dogmatic Research Group' ')

The above text through our literature course extends to

all other polytheistic (pagan) religions who also currently
promoting inside and from Neopaganism (beyond
Satanism) antifascist ideologies that do not naturally
have nothing whatsoever to do with polytheism nor with
Satanism. Nowadays now until the Last Days (End of our
world), continue to dominate the fascist states of
Satan. In chapter 12 of the Revelation of the beasts and
Satan, we read for example that:

11 Then I saw another beast coming up out of the earth,

and he had two horns like a lamb, but spoke like a
12 And all the power of the first beast to act before him.
15 And he was given to give spirit to the image of the
beast, so to speak, and the image of the beast and those
that do not worship the image of the beast to be killed.

No democracy and freedom of choice not we see those
who do not worship the image of the beast, situation that
ends contrary to those advocated by every anarchist,
democrat and anti-fascist widely to represent us
'Satanists' today asking crushed or ousted fascism from
Satanism. Even if it makes a small exception in this case
as a lover of Satan, then again they have to reject their
anti-fascist beliefs about if will follow upon the action of


The prophet Daniel, interpreting the dream of the huge
statue which Nebuchadnezzar saw, spoke about a series
of "kingdoms" that would appear on the world stage. The
first of these kingdoms was Babylonian, under the
leadership of the same Nebuchadnezzar (Daniel 2: 28-
38). They would follow other three kingdoms (ed.39-
40). Comparing history with other Bible prophecies, we
can understand that these four kingdoms were, in order,
the Babylonian, the Medo-Persian, Greek, and Roman.

Speaking of the fourth and final kingdom, the Roman
Empire, Daniel said it would be "strong like iron, like
iron cut and be off everything, even as iron that crushes
everything so you cut and crush" (vs. .40).Rome indeed
proved to be the stronger and lasted much longer than
those preceding, engulfing their remnants in a reign that
lasted centuries.
However, Daniel revealed some fascinating prophetic
details about this kingdom. He said the legs and feet of
the statue in Nebuchadnezzar's dream represented this
kingdom, which later appeared to be the Roman
Empire.The statue had feet and toes that were "in part
clay and part of iron," which showed that "the strength of
iron will be in the" but also that "the kingdom shall be
divided" and would be " aside strong and partly brittle.
" Also, "such as iron is not mixed with clay," the
components of this kingdom will not hold firmly together
for long (ed.41-43).
Then, Daniel says, "in the days of those kings the God of
heaven will set up a kingdom that will never be
destroyed, and this kingdom will not be passed on to any
other people.It will break in pieces and help all these
kingdoms, and it will reside forever "(ed.44).
It is a clear prophecy about God's Kingdom, which will
become a reality on earth by Jesus at His return. Only
then "the kingdom of the world became our Lord and of
His Christ, and shall reign forever and ever" (Apok.11:
Is there anything wrong with this sequence of
events?Surely God's Kingdom is not established the days
of the ancient Roman Empire. Jesus is not enthroned as
the supreme ruler of the world (A Ioan.5: 19). Did Daniel
made a mistake about the chronology of these events?

The answer will be found when we examine other
prophecies that speak about this fourth kingdom. We see
that the Roman Empire, not only not forgotten and did
not disappear, but is destined to rise again and again!
The apostle John, approaching the end of his life, had an
amazing vision of Jesus Christ (Apok.1: 1) what would
happen to the rest of human history. John, like Daniel,
inspired by God to write about the events leading to the
second coming of Jesus. Revelation in the 19th chapter
describes the glorious return of the land which would
result in the overthrow and destruction "of the earth
kingdoms and their armies," a great religious pseudo-
prophet, and something called "the beast" ( Apok.19: 19-
This "beast" corresponds to the fourth kingdom, the
Roman Empire, symbolically saw Nebuchadnezzar and
Daniel interpreted. And the beast that John saw and the
kingdom of iron and clay, as Daniel interpreted, there
will also be destroyed by Jesus Christ at His
coming. This prophecy indicates that the power of the
beast and the Roman Empire are one and the same.
- an empire that will rise AGAIN
The 17th chapter of Revelation gives us additional details
to help us understand the nature of this empire and how it
could exist in ancient times and during the time of Jesus'
return. This chapter describes a "beast red ... that had
seven heads and ten horns" (ed.3). Indicated that there
was at some point in time, after that there will not, and
yet ultimately there again (ed.8,11). This gives us the key
to understand these prophecies, which often seem
confusing.The Roman Empire was in the past, there now
existed for centuries, but there will be again.

Verse 10 tells us that the seven heads of the beast
represent "seven kings" who ruled for a long time. A
study of European history shows that after the dissolution
of the Roman Empire in 476 AD, several emperors tried,
starting in 554 AD by Justinian, with varying success, to
revive the grandeur and power of that empire . These
prophecies of Daniel and Revelation indicate that the
Empire will resurrect again.
The image of the statue, which was interpreted from
Daniel had feet and toes of iron mixed with clay. In
Revelation (Chapter 17) we see that these 10 toes
correspond to the 10 horns of the beast that John
saw. "And the ten horns that you saw are ten kings who
have received no kingdom, but receive authority for one
hour as kings with the beast. They have an opinion, and
will deliver to the beast power and their own
power. They will fight with the Lamb, and the Lamb will
overcome them, because he is Lord of lords and King of
kings "(Apok.17: 12-14).
Now the picture becomes clearer. Shortly before the
return of Christ all 10 "kings" (word meaning in general
"leaders", not necessarily "kings") will unite in a
political, economic and military alliance. Some are
stronger than others, such as iron is stronger than
clay. Because they represent various nationalities and
cultures will be divided on other issues, apart from their
alliance with the beast. The strength and power from
their confederation will last only a short time before they
make the fatal mistake to resist the Messiah at His return,
so it will be broken and destroyed.
It is possible that a group of 10 leaders, through alliances
or other agreements, to create a compound that will
fulfill these eschatological events. The prophecy of

Daniel shows that these leaders will preserve their
cultures and languages, and will not form a uniform
federation like the United States, but 10 individual
political and cultural entities united politically and
militarily for a common purpose .
(from the Jewish blog '' Love for Zion '')

- Ezekiel Ch. 38-39

The Magog, Meshech, Tubal, and Gomer were all sons
of Japheth (son of Noah). They gave their names to the
people who lived in the Black Sea / Caucasus, the
northern limit of the known world. Ezekiel depicts an
invasion of these barbarian hordes from the north, which
leads to the unknown Gog, perhaps to personalize the
cosmic forces of evil. In alliance with the armies of
distant and nearby countries (Iran, Sudan and North
Africa, will try to fight the people of the Lord. And then
God will reveal His power in front of everyone,
addressing himself all the evil forces, and destroying
them once and for all. the "Gog" is responsible for the
project, but it is the hand of the Lord, always check the
Chapter 39 repeats and develops the 38. it's so large army
of Gog, that his weapons provide fuel supplies in Israel
for seven x permanently. And the carnage is so terrible,
they need seven months to cleanse the country. The
judgment of God is something terrible, and Ezekiel
attributes with images of horror. The fact that these funds
immediately preceding the vision of Ezekiel , the new
temple, in which God dwells among his people, explains
the choice of John, who puts Gog and Magog to
represent all those who are opposed to God in the great
last battle, that motivated by Satan at the end of times

(Revelation 8.20).
426. 1993 PERGAMOS")

1 And I saw an angel coming down from heaven, having
the key of the abyss and a great chain in his hand.
2 And he took the dragon, the serpent ancient, who is the
Devil and Satan, and bound him a thousand years,
3 and threw him into the abyss and shut, and sealed it
over him, not any more deceive the nations until they run
out of a thousand years . After that he must be resolved
for some time.
7 And when you run out of a thousand years, will solve
Satan from his prison
8 and will come out to deceive the nations which are in
the four corners of the earth, Gog and Magog, to gather
them to the war, whose number them is like the sand of
the sea.
9 Then went up across the width of the earth and circled
the barracks of the saints and the beloved city. and then
fire came down from heaven and devour them.

The new heaven and the new earth
1 And I saw a new heaven and new earth. Because the
first heaven and the first earth were gone, and the sea is
no more.
2 And the city, the holy Jerusalem new I saw coming
down out of heaven from God, prepared as a bride
adorned for her husband.

3 And I heard a great voice from the throne saying, "Now
the dwelling of God is with men, and camped with them,
and they shall be His people, and God himself will be
with them their own God.
4 And he will wipe every tear from their eyes, and death
will not exist any more, nor sorrow, nor crying, nor pain
will not be there anymore. because the first left. "

So, as we understand from all the above documents, there

will be no World Globalization with state and no New
Age world peace and brotherhood with equality etc. by
Satan in this earth, as there was also not and in the
past. Therefore, he should be crushed and removed with
kicks from Satanism all these antifascists as we
understand one whose views are in direct conflict with
those that did would make Satan.

Finally, as regards the issue of racism, ie meaning the
tribalism (different races and unequal between them) and
not the racial hatred of a race against another called
racialism in Genesis of the Old Testament we learn of the
existence of two first created human beings (Adam and
Eve) with two children where one kills the other (Cain
Abel) without indicating the existence of other people as
occurs after the Flood with Noah etc. where people
complete genealogies given us. This gap (human
existence before the Flood) in solved some other
religious texts like the Apocryphal Gospel of John and
like those of Christian guilds of the Cathars and
Bogomils testify creating people from Satan the
downside (outside Paradise) world we are living today
who were made likeness own and throughout God's
image (putting the image of God) in the case of Occult
Gospel of John and likewise angels of God within human
bodies made by Satan (lime instead of clay as God) in the

case of the teachings of the Cathars and Bogomils we
published. From these and yet only theological events
racism can not be established because in both cases it can
claim that someone from the same blood come from all
without racial discrimination and inequality, as witnessed
by the New Testament for the first created humans:

- Barnabas, so as disciple and collaborator of Paul,

known as the 'Cypriot interim general "(Acts. 4.36), he is
not Paul disclaims not its origin (Gal. 1.13 e.) After the
god of Christians, the "father" of Jesus (I John. 2, 23),
"He created from a blood every nation people dwelling
on any face of the earth, ... designate Taq demarcation of
these residence" (Act. 17, 25 e.). With this unity of the
human race is declared because of the common ALL
origin ( "on a" blood or human) and therefore unfounded
and anti-Christian of tribalism. Formed historical -and
into the dynamics of paradise falling- "nationalities" and
any differences between them - discrimination does not
come from the one creator God, but from sin. This
expresses as orthodox experience the "butt" of Pentecost:
"Now when descended Tash confused language shares
nations" the Almighty when he fire Tash shares
language, he called all men into unity ... ".Juxtaposed
therein the fact of Babel (Gen. Chap. 11) and Pentecost
(Acts. 2, 1e.). In the spirit of Pentecost (Act. 2.1 e.) The
Church lives, in the original expression, as Orthodox ''
(from: Nation - Nationalism and Orthodox morale, failed.
George Metallinou, Dean of Theol. School of Univ.
Athens )
- God did not create people to be lords and incipient,
ladies and slaves. At the beginning of creation, man was
not divided into tribes and nations, nor was competition

between them. These are all fruits and results of human
drop, the output from Paradise, the loss of God
SESSION 1872 FOR phyletism, Metropolitan.
Nafpaktou n. IEROTHEOU S. Vlachou)

So what is this sin that is responsible for these

ethnoracial discrimination within the dynamics of the fall
of this world we live from God which does not come
from a creator and God as we read, an event that came to
be correct then Christ?
(TO GALATAS III, Chapter 3.28: '' There is no longer
Jew nor Greek, there is no slave nor free, there is man
and woman. You are all one in Christ Jesus '')

To get the answer, we must go back again in Genesis of

the Bible, where it says:

B. 3.14 and said, Lord God to serpent; that concocted

such, cursed in from everywhere the beasts and all the
beasts of on earth; t on your chest and t koili porefs
fag earth and all the days of your life .
General. He said 3.14 then the Lord God the serpent
"because you committed this treachery, you will be
cursed Council among all the beasts and all the beasts
that are upon the earth. You syresai the soil with chest
and belly and gravel will eaten Olas days of your life.
B. 3.15 and enemies thiso you and Per average per
medium of the woman and by means of your sperm and
by means of its semen; you this honor capita, and in
compliance with this heel.
B. 3.15 will not lime put enmity between you and the

woman, between your offspring and its descendants. A
descendant of the woman is not alone, he will crush your
head and thou shall bruise His heel of this. "

So we read and Satan's offspring was as yet only Adam

and Eve, so we see Satan doing child with Eva (Cain
who then killed Abel) to display human descendants:
B. 3.13 and said, Lord God t women; what Tutu
concocted?Then said the woman; the serpent ipatise
with, and ate.

General. He said 3.13 then the Lord God to the wife,

Evan "wherefore hast it?" Eva apintisen "The serpent
deceived me, and I did eat."

In the Hebrew text said that '' ipatise '' means '' seduced ''
(sexually) and the fruit is the fruit of sexual union with
Satan is their child Cain, as witnessed by the New
Testament to its origin of the Devil (from the evil HN):

A John. 3,12 Cu as Cain from the evil HN and slew his

brother; and instance what esfaxen him? that such
projects not wickedly, and the brother that law.

The whole thing is completed more clearly in the

following religious texts published:

In Hebrew Zohar (I, 286) we read:

"The snake was more crafty than" all animals to Heaven
", etc. (Genesis III, 1)" More crafty however, "with
respect to bad" than "all animals", ie. the pagans of all
the earth.Because they are the descendants of the
primordial serpent that seduced Eve '' (ie. The devil in

the form of the serpent, called Sammael (see. Targum
Iobi, XXVIII, 7) . Rabbi Maimonides writes in "More"
(Lib. II , chap. 30) that Sammael (Samael) took the form
of a snake and seduced Eve. also called the Angel Death
"and the head of the infernal Assembly." the Debbarim
Rabba (208c) in-72- named Sammael, the wicked ",
the" prince of all devils. "Rabbi Bechai (in Mikkets) calls
him" Whatever wicked Sammael, the Prince of Rome "]

'' Cain was the son of Eve with the serpent, or Satan. His
brother Abel was the son of Adam and Eve, a creature
made of clay that became flesh, while Cain was a
creature of spirit made flesh .... Children of Cain now
named '' Cainit '' and were the ancestors of the Aryans,
while the children of Adam 'adamite' 'who were the other
tribes. So ... .the seeds of Ancient Dragon was Cain, or
else the founder of the White Race. As they say the Jews
in the Torah, Cain, who was, as we said, the eldest son of
Satan and Eve, went to the East with his people after the
curse of God to him after the murder of his brother
Abel. A long time later, he returned to the land of the
Mediterranean and settled here the descendants of Cain
... ''

'' According to tradition (Genesis, chapter 4, verse 17)

Enoch son of Cain and father of Jared, and according to
the lineage of Seth (Genesis, chapter 4, verse 18), was
seventh from Adam, son of Jared and father of
Lamech, grandson of Noah, when he married his wife
had children, tremor seized his soul. The flesh of the
child was white as snow and pink as the rose, while his
hair was white and they. Lamech, fearing it was not his

child but an angel sent his father Methuselah to Enoch,
who already lived with the angels, to consult him. Enoch
assured him that it was his child, his recounted falling
demonic angels and prophesied that Noah would survive
the cataclysm that destroys people and products defiled
compounds with the fallen angels of Satan... ''
(THE '' Occult PAPER Enoch '': Liber Enoch
Apocalypsis Henochi Graece )

- According to the biblical genealogy "Nephilim,"

meaning "fallen man" is an assay that concern again
human descendants of fratricide Cain, meaning strong
and large sized armed warriors like the Kynigos Nemrod
And Filistieim (ex Philistines) Goliath who ' managed
"the Little David. The O'translate the term as Nephilim
Giants because in Greek or pre-Hellenic Pelasgian word
"Giant" means the full-bodied giant armed warrior. And
the main characteristics and ideals of fallen antediluvian
man was rampant violence and rampant filosarkia and

"The children of Cain were the first to built cities belted

with walls to steal the land of other people and to defend
themselves against the mercy of drowning children.
These are invented by the masters and established a
hellish society despotism and slavery. To devour calmly
human smooth that fell below the arrows Nimrod.
And since the dawn of the world to this day, the children
of Cain still kill the children of Abel.
But divine vengeance seeks to turn the killers and their
marks on the forehead.
(Eliphas Levi, The Bible of Liberty, pp. 31-32, Tetraktys

We understand so what was this sin that led to
ethnoracial discrimination and inequality between
people, but also the ongoing fascist behavior of the
White (in the apocryphal book of Enoch as read) Cain's
offspring (son of Satan and Eve) as witness and the
above text of Eliphas Levi towards the children of Abel,
to arrive then to the conclusion that Satanism without
fascism (or outright authoritarian national government)
and without racism (tribalism) can not exist, so those
called as 'Satanists' and not following these traits are
turned directly against Satan!Whoever therefore
disagrees with this, and therefore with his obligations to
Satan during the dedication of the soul to Him as we
recalled at the beginning of this article ( '' To try to
become similar to Satan, so in essence embodies the '
'and' 'to respect the Laws of Satan' ') simply has no place
in the Satanism and should follow another religion if they
will not fought brutally (and by us). It is so simple

- The SS officer Otto Rahn wrote a book entitled
Luzifer's Hofgesind [Servants of Luciferian
"He spoke in front of a large audience on January 9, 1938
in Dietrich-Eckart Haus in Dortmund in Germany. Rahn
put a new limit on the spirit associated with the Romans,
the belief in a life after death and the fear of hell. He
rejected the god Yahweh and Jewish teachings and
professed Luzifer's Hofgesind in whose name the Kurt
Eggers ended the evening with the following greeting:
"Your greeting Lucifer." (Westfalia Landeszeitung,
January 9, 1938 , Dr. Wolff Heinrichsdorff)