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My contribution to the collection of tandem-

Please think of an activity that you did with your tandem partner and that you can recommend to
others. Your activity shall be a contribution to our collection of tandem activities on our website.

Please send your contribution to the collection of tandem activities as a word-document to this e-
mail address:

Title of your tandem Please think of a title for your tandem activity
Objective: e.g. to practice speaking on the phone in the foreign language

Please select a language level:

Language level: beginner (A1/A2)

intermediate (B1/B2)
advanced (C1/C2)

Please indicate which word fields will be practiced / used, e.g.

Word fields: education and school

What grammar is practiced? For example:

tenses (past, future, etc.), different verb modes (imperative,
Grammar: indicative, subjunctive), different types of sentences (questions,
declarations, complex sentences with conjunctions etc.)

What materials are needed? For example paper and pencils,

Materials needed: index cards, etc.

How do you do the activity? For example:

How: First, you think of .
Then One person starts and asks

Vocabulary can be given / particularly special words or

Vocabulary: expressions needed for the activity

How can you alter the activity to make it more or less

Tipps & variations: demanding or more varied?
My contribution to the collection of tandem-

Title of your tandem



Language level:

Word fields:


Materials needed:



Tipps & variations: