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Bengali (Rohingya) Terrorists movement

The Bengali-Muslim ( Rohingya) have been terrorists since 1942.

The statement that "Rohingya" become terrorists because of oppression and discrimination against
Rohingya is wrong as "Rohingya" has been already terrorists before Burma military regime born in
This is quoted from a British officer, at that time in 1942 (World War Two), who wrote a report:
"I have been told the harrowing tales of cruelly and suffering inflicted on the Arakanese
(Buddhist) villages in the Buthidaung area.About 30,000 Rakhine Buddhist were killed in this absolute
genocide, and Most of their villages on the west bank of the Mayu river have been burnt and destroyed
by the (Bengali-Muslim) V Force.
In 1946 they (Bengali-Muslim) formed the Muslim Liberation Organization (MLO) and started their war.
In 1948 they changed the name of the party to Mujahid Party, and the insurgency then became known
as the Mujahidin Insurgency. (Mujahadin means: Muslim fighters engaged in a Jihad). ( Jihad means:
holy war in the name of Islam).
During the 1950's, the Rakhine identity's 'Rohingya' was hijacked by Mujahadin , and it started to
spread around, slowly becoming a replacement word for Bengali-Muslim, or Chittagong-Muslim, but
only much later it became the common name.
In 1960 the Mujahid insurgency aka Rohingya Solidarity Organisation (RSO) was finally defeated by
General Ne Win. Then the Muslim leadership realized that they needed a new story about the Muslims
in Arakan - and they embraced a new identity - and they now called themselves 'Rohingya'.
The Bengali-Muslim ( Rohingya) RSO terrorists have a long and well-documented history of attacking
the Burmese security services in Maungdaw area.
Bangladeshi Army Trained Rohingya Terrorists RSO on the Border in 2012.
That murderous ambush on Burmese Armys road-building crew on November 6,2012 by Bengali-
Muslim terrorists from RSO (Rohingya Solidarity Organization), the OIC-supported and Al-Qaeda-
affiliated terrorist group based in Bangladesh, killed one engineering officer from Burma army.
The Rohingya RSO terrorists have also kidnapped and beheaded three Burma army soldiers and fled
back into Bangladesh. The cross-border terrorist attack took place in the Maungdaw Township of north
Bangladesh-trained and based RSO terrorists have been committing brutal cross-border raids inside
Burmas Arakan frequently. They ambushed on the Burmese police patrol inside Duchiyardan Bengali-
Muslim Village on 13 January 2014 and kidnapped, beheaded Burmese Police Sergeant Aung Kyaw
thein .
Aqa Mul Mujahidin (AMM) group linked to RSO and local Bengali terrorists provoked the attack on the
police On October 9, 2016. They took 50 guns , ammunition and killed and beheaded nine policemen

International Crisis Group (ICG) has revealed that a well-funded armed Islamist group named Harakah
al-Yaqin (Faith Movement, HaY)
which is led by a committee of Rohingyas living in Saudi Arabia and is commanded on the ground by
Rohingyas with international training and experience in modern guerrilla war tactics.
They are using the human rights tactic as shield; but, they are definitely creating instability of the
country and committed crime against humanity!

Aqa Mul Mujahidin (AMM) group linked to RSO and named Harakah al-Yaqin (Faith Movement, HaY)
have trained local Bengali Rohingya villagers in secret Maungdaw area since 2012 violence.
Now they are called Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army ( ARSA).

On 11 October 2016, Rohingya terrorists four soldiers attacked and killed nine border police officers .

Bengali ARSA terrorists launch series of attacks on police stations and police outposts in Maungtaw
Township on 25 August 2017.
The government of Bangladesh is actually encouraging Bangladeshi influx into India and Burma, there is
no doubt that the government looks at this phenomenon and makes no effort to prevent it. Successive
heads of the government including Sheikh Hasina and Gen. Ershad have flatly denied the very existence
of the problem.
On the other hand, certain intellectuals of Bangladesh have been propagating the concept of
"Lebensraum", a German word meaning "Living Space", for the exploding population of
Bangladesh. According to Sadeq Khan, a former Foreign Secretary of Bangladesh, writing in
"Holiday", (Oct. 18, 1991) "the natural trend of population overflow from Bangladesh is towards
the sparsely populated lands of neighboring countries.
Here is the link

Bangladesh PM admits Rohingya Muslims are NOT from Burma

They are only thinking to make population grow, relocating into other countries for the propagation
of Islam.
Bengali (Rohingyas) Muslims do not respect the law of the host country Burma and insult Burmese
According to the Islamic law, they have four wives and multi-kids system.
Their reproductive rate, which approaches 6.08/family although one sees families of 8-100 children.
The reproductive rate of the Burmese is about 2.06 trending toward 2.
These cultural differences are greatly resented by the natives and are a root cause of the problem. The
huge population increase has brought considerable pressure on limited resources in a poor,
agricultural/fishing area and is the simmering source of resentment. Burmese government has
attempted to limit their reproductive rate with legislation, which has not worked. Salafi Islamic influence
has increased considerably resulting in more mosques, Islamic schools, beards, threats and attempts to
expand the Islamic influence, forced conversions of Buddhist women, making Rhankine Buddhists feel
unsafe in their own communities. As is true in many Asian countries, birth does not automatically
confer citizenship. The parents have to be documented citizens and the Bengali Muslims have no
documents. So, they are considered illegal aliens and resented. Rohingya supporters (UN, HRW,UNHCR,
INGO..) have blamed the Burmese government for not doing more about the uprising, but it is not
possible for a government to legislate what is in people's hearts.
This is a brutal situation for both sides. The Bengali (Rohingyas) Muslims have reproduced at a horrible
birth rate, far outstripping that of the Buddhists in a province of limited resources .
They are creating their own problems.

Here is the proof.

The mass illegal migration from Bangladesh
The Bengali Muslims are never invited to stay in Rakhine. They are invaders and illegal immigrants from

On 23 December 1975, the then Bangladesh Ambassador to Burma Khwaja Mohammed Kaiser admitted
that there were upward of half million Bangalee trespassers in Arakan whom the Burmese had some
right to eject. Therefore Bangladesh government should also take full responsibility for this
Chittagonian Bengalis issue,
as a good neighbor.
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