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Nov 14, 2013

Prepared for:

Mission: Axis provides Unique Selling Proposition: Axis provides tourism, corporate transportation,
reliable and custom public school transportation and other services with its line of buses and limos in
transportation and tourism the United Arab Emirates. The company develops strong relationships with
services. It is focused on its corporations, hotels, schools and tourism agencies and maintains its quality with
friendly staff and quality
highly professional staff and reliable vehicles to retain clients in the long-term. It
autos that are always
punctual and professional.
will secure large clients with expert sales teams and retain them with reliability.

Trends: Tourist
Key Team Players: Corporations Events
arrivals in the GCC
region has grown at
Thomas Ankin: fifteen years CAGR of 8.5% over
experience in the hospitality 2002-2011, relative to
industry, with ten in global growth of 3.7%
accounting and finance. Public Schools School buses [1]. Tourist arrivals to
the UAE 7.9% y-o-y in
Maurice Tompson: Three 2011 [1]. UAE makes
years experience in strategic up 30% of tourist
marketing at P&G, MBA Tours arrivals in GCC region
from a top university in Tourism Airport pickup [1].
Northeastern US.
Competition: Key
players in the region
Vision: Axis will become the premier company for group are similar bus rental
Action Plan
transportation within the United Arab Emirates. The companies, our
The business has a three-
company will be recognized for its highly trained staff, advantage is the staff.
phase action plan to be
implemented within each punctuality, cleanliness and all around professionalism.
Growth Stages: The
growth stage, the market- Through this, its vision is to achieve a leading market share.
company will immediately
entry plan will be: promote its website and
develop sales materials.
Development Marketing Plan: The business will be promoted through:
These will be conveyed to
Find and investor clients and they company
Obtain financing B2B Sales: Giving strong sales presentations, trained staff and
will focus very heavily on
Purchase key assets materials focusing on the advantages of Axis to hotels, travel
training and development.
Develop website agencies, schools and corporations.
Rent office and garage
Online: Focusing on primarily web marketing techniques to
Growth target travel groups for the UAE, corporate events and a
Begin sales implementation separate area locally for employee shuttles. Net Income
Begin with advertising Projections (mil):
Meet customer demand Legal Structure: The Target Market: The
business will be filed in the company will target Year 1 8.396
Sustainability UAE by two managing corporations for Year 2 31.458
Maintain auto reliability partners holding employees and events, Year 3 42.387
Focus on staff development ownership. There is no hotels for tourism and Year 4 165.838
Ensure clients are satisfied business tax in the UAE. the public sector for Year 5 160.677
Have performance reviews Profits will be distributed school corporations in
Consider expansion options in the form of dividends. the United Arab