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ISQua Fellowship Programme


The ISQua Fellowship Programme

The ISQua Fellowship Programme is an internationally recognised and respected programme delivering
content to participants from leading experts in the quality and safety in healthcare arena. With
participants from over 60 countries worldwide, this Programme has a truly international reach and
provides participants with a platform to network with peers and experts with similar professional interests
to themselves. The opportunity for learning with the ISQua Fellowship Programme is vast and for those
of you eager to learn about current innovations in quality and safety, this is the programme for you.

Accessed on-line through our Moodle-based Learning Management System, FELIX (Fellowship in
Excellence), this learner-led programme offers total flexibility for the busy healthcare professional.
Resources can be accessed 24/7, so participants can fit learning into their own busy schedule rather
than the other way round.

The ISQua Fellowship offers content under seven topical tracks:

- Governance, Leadership and Health Policy

- Patient Centred Care
- Patient Safety
- Education and Research
- Health Information Technology
- External Evaluations
- Quality and Safety in Developing Countries

Each track features a host of materials created to give the participant a varied and interesting mix of
activities that will enhance their skills in their chosen areas of expertise.

New resources are constantly added to our existing content to ensure that participants are as current as
possible in developments in healthcare safety and quality around the world. The practical nature of
ISQuas materials enable participants to learn new and innovative ideas from experts in the field and use
these to make real and effective changes in their own organisations.

Our ISQua Experts and partners in Accreditation and Patient Safety worldwide are on-hand to deliver
webinars, case studies, act as mentors and tutors and give this programme a truly global identity. ISQua
Education has also partnered with 14 partner organisations who provide us with free access to content in
the form of courses and webinars which further enriches the learning experience for the user.

With three different levels of study to choose from:

- Fellowship;
- Associate Fellowship; and
- Certificate of Achievement, the ISQua Fellowship Programme offers an excellent opportunity for
professionals in quality and safety in healthcare, no matter what their prior experience is, to further their
knowledge and grow with the programme.

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ISQua Fellowship Programme

How the Programme works

The ISQua Fellowship Programme requires participants to achieve a certain number of credit points
before they achieve their initial award. Credit points are awarded for the completion of programme
activities. The current credit requirements for the first year are:

Level Credits Duration Cost LMIC

Required Cost*
Fellowship ddd
60 12 months 500 250
Associate Fellowship 40 12 months 200 100
Certificate of Achievement 20 12 months 150 75
ISQua Membership & 60 12 months 450 225
Fellowship Package

The Programme content is presented in seven tracks:

1. Governance, Leadership and Health Policy

2. Patient Centered Care
3. Patient Safety
4. Education and Research
5. Health Information Technology
6. External Evaluations
7. Quality and Safety in Developing Countries

Each track contains core modules as well as ISQua and partner activities for Fellowship Participants to

Core Modules:

A Module is a collection of related resources. Core Modules form a compulsory part of our Programme
for the first year and there is a certain number of Modules that must be completed to achieve your
award. The number of compulsory Modules is determined by the level of the Programme that you
register for. Each Module carries 10 credits and participants must successfully pass the entire Module
before their credits will be awarded.

A typical Module includes:

Two webinars
A case study
A publication review
An assignment
There will be a number of recommended reading resources and a post course survey.

Modules are available under every track and Participants can choose Modules from multiple tracks if they
wish to do so.

Module requirements:

Level Modules to be completed

Fellowship 4
Associate Fellowship 2
Certificate of Achievement 1

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ISQua Fellowship Programme

ISQua Content:

The ISQua Content refers to individual activities within the Programme. There is a wealth of Webinars,
Case Studies, Publication Reviews and Partner Activities available under each track.

Each activity/resource carries its own number of credit points (see the credit breakdown table here).

The maximum number of credits that can be claimed for ISQua Content in the first year are:

Level Maximum credits that can be achieved

Fellowship 20
Associate Fellowship 20
Certificate of Achievement 10


The Elective element of the Programme allows Participants to move away from the set content provided
and gain credit for additional professional development activities they may undertake. These activities
must be related to quality and safety in healthcare and must be completed within the Fellowship
subscription period. So, activities completed before you enroll on the Programme may not be submitted
for credits.

Electives include activities such as attending conferences, presenting at conferences, publishing books
and articles, further education courses etc. and they do not have to be specific to any particular track.
Online courses provided by our Partners can also be claimed for under the Electives heading. Click
here to see the list of elective activities that credits are awarded for.

Elective activities are not a mandatory component of this Programme but should you choose to claim
credits for them, there is a limit as to the maximum number you can claim in your first year.

Level Credits to be achieved

Fellowship 10
Associate Fellowship 10
Certificate of Achievement 5


The ISQua Fellowship is a Continuous Professional Development Programme and as such, participants
are expected to maintain their Fellowship on an annual basis after completing the initial Programme.
There are no restrictions in place as to how these credits are achieved so any number of relevant
electives and combination of ISQuas individual activities and/or Modules can be taken.

Level Credits required to Duration of maintenance Cost LMIC

maintain Cost *
Fellowship 40 12 months 350 175
Associate Fellowship 30 12 months 150 75
Certificate of Achievement 15 12 months 100 50
Membership & Fellowship 40 12 months 300 150

Keeping track of your progress:

ISQua Fellowship Participants use FELIX, the ISQua Learning Management System to access
resources, log their credits and monitor their progress. FELIX is Moodle-based and is a one-stop-shop
for our Participants to:
Be able to locate the resources they require;

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ISQua Fellowship Programme
Automatically log points for activities completed;
Access a comprehensive progress report;
See news, forthcoming events and a calendar of all the Fellowship activities for the weeks ahead
View feedback from tutors on activities that require assessment.

Benefits of the ISQua Fellowship:

The following are the benefits of the Programme for all of our Participants:

Mentoring by internationally recognised experts in Quality and Safety in healthcare;

An opportunity to showcase your research and network with other experts/Fellowship
candidates around the globe;
Avail of discounts on partner courses and events;
Exclusive Events at the ISQua Conference;
Interaction with Fellowship Programme peers via FELIX, ISQuas Learning Management
System; and
Bi-monthly Fellowship Newsletter.

As a Fellowship Programme Graduate you will:

Have your name displayed on the ISQua Meet the Fellows page on the ISQua website;
Receive a Fellowship Certificate;
Be offered the opportunity to present your own work as an ISQua webinar;
Be eligible to apply for an internship position with a global quality and safety organisation; and
Be able to take advantage of the opportunity to participate in the work of the ISQua Education

Graduates at Fellowship Level will also:

Be able to use the post nominal FISQua as a Fellow of ISQua;
Have the option of receiving their Fellowship certificate at an official ceremony at the ISQua
Annual International Conference; and
Receive and ISQua Fellow lapel badge.

Membership and Fellowship Package:

In addition to the Fellowship benefits outlined above, ISQua Membership and Fellowship package gives you
all of the benefits of Membership also! They include:

Receive online access to the peer reviewed International Journal for Quality in Health Care;
Receive a discount on the International Conference registration fees;
Attend Member/Fellows/ISQua Expert exclusive sessions at the Conference;
Receive ISQua newsletters and ezines;
Network with ISQua Members online via the LinkedIn Group which is available for ISQua Members
Exclusive Access to presentations from the International Conference;
Membership Certificate and Lapel Badge; and
Board Elections: be eligible to vote and nominate candidates.

How to register
Registration couldnt be easier click here and fill in the required details. Once your payment has been
successfully processed you can start on your Fellowship Journey right away!

We look forward to welcoming you to the ISQua Fellowship Programme.

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ISQua Fellowship Programme


*LMIC cost is available to participants from low income and lower middle income countries as rated by
the World Bank. To qualify for this discount, applicants must have been both born in and currently work
in a low income or lower middle income country. Applicants will be asked to submit supporting
documentation so that we can verify that they qualify for the discount. The supporting documentation
requested is the first page of their passport to verify country of birth and a letter from your current
employer on headed paper, showing that you work in a qualifying country.

Individuals born in a qualifying country but not currently working in such a country will not qualify for this
discount. Likewise, individuals born in a middle income or upper/high income country and working in a
low income country will not qualify.

Contact Eveline Holmes to discuss this discount if you are eligible to receive it.

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